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>> No. 5464 Anonymous
14th August 2014
Thursday 5:02 pm
5464 Uni offers /A level results thread 2014
Come on teenlads and would-be maturestudentlads, tell us how you've done.
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>> No. 5465 Anonymous
14th August 2014
Thursday 5:05 pm
5465 spacer
I've had my results back today. The X-ray was clear and the blood markers were normal.
>> No. 5466 Anonymous
14th August 2014
Thursday 5:06 pm
5466 spacer

I got an A in Human Biology and a B in Chemistry.

My B is being challenged by my lecturer because I got 70%, the threshold for an A, but I didn't get one while my lab partner got 1% more than me and got an A.

Strange one, but we'll see what happens. Starting Applied Science at the end of August, should be good.
>> No. 5467 Anonymous
14th August 2014
Thursday 5:12 pm
5467 spacer
I got an N, E, E and a T.

Hiding the thread because self loathing.
>> No. 5468 Anonymous
14th August 2014
Thursday 5:38 pm
5468 spacer

Lad, I'm >>5466 and I'm 27. I didn't get back into education until I was 25 and had to do National 5s with all the 16 year olds to get into the Access course to get those As, which was shit but worth it in the end.

There was a women on the course who was 38 as well and she got two Bs.

It is never too late and you don't even have to pay for it until you are heading to Uni/doing a HNC/HND, etc.
>> No. 5469 Anonymous
14th August 2014
Thursday 5:42 pm
5469 spacer
Got ABBD last year.

Did a foundation year. Now at Manchester.
>> No. 5470 Anonymous
14th August 2014
Thursday 5:56 pm
5470 spacer
>woman with two Bs
Yeah, but how wide was her back? Put it into proper context.
>> No. 5471 Anonymous
14th August 2014
Thursday 6:03 pm
5471 spacer

The context was already there as we are discussing exam results in a thread about exam results, you tragic sperglord.
>> No. 5472 Anonymous
14th August 2014
Thursday 6:04 pm
5472 spacer

So is this irony or is it sarcasm? No one's told me the difference yet.
>> No. 5474 Anonymous
14th August 2014
Thursday 6:26 pm
5474 spacer
I miss having a purpose and trying to work towards something. Being a NEET is draining. I should just join the army come September. This is numbing.

Stop it.
>> No. 5475 Anonymous
14th August 2014
Thursday 6:33 pm
5475 spacer
>I should just join the army come September.

I hope you like sand.
>> No. 5476 Anonymous
14th August 2014
Thursday 6:36 pm
5476 spacer

Is there a lot of sand in Russia then?
>> No. 5477 Anonymous
14th August 2014
Thursday 7:40 pm
5477 spacer
Anyone got into Nottingham? I'm going to be a mature student as I'm starting my third undergrad degree there because I'm a fuck up.
>> No. 5478 Anonymous
14th August 2014
Thursday 7:42 pm
5478 spacer

That's astounding. What are your other degrees? Why can't you find work with them? Why don't you just do a masters?
>> No. 5479 Anonymous
14th August 2014
Thursday 7:46 pm
5479 spacer

He didn't mention anything about finishing the degrees.
>> No. 5480 Anonymous
14th August 2014
Thursday 7:54 pm
5480 spacer

Surely after you've had to quit your second degree it would be the time to decide whether university is the route for you. It would take some exceptional personal circumstances to justify a 3rd attempt at a degree.
>> No. 5481 Anonymous
14th August 2014
Thursday 8:00 pm
5481 spacer
Started degrees in chemistry and biology, finished neither.
I've done lots of thinking about it, and it basically required a few breakdowns and a bit of therapy to realise I was doing the wrong thing. Pursuing subjects I was good at at school but found boring, because parental pressure to do science to get a good job to get rich. Doing something more aligned to my interests now, so I'm confident this is the right route.
>> No. 5483 Anonymous
14th August 2014
Thursday 8:02 pm
5483 spacer

I got thrown out of uni three times on account of a (then) undiagnosed sleep disorder.
>> No. 5484 Anonymous
14th August 2014
Thursday 8:03 pm
5484 spacer
I failed to finish my Masters. I think I should go back and finish it. I hope the cunts don't make me pay full price. I only need to get the credits I missed.
>> No. 5485 Anonymous
14th August 2014
Thursday 8:06 pm
5485 spacer
You know what they say. Third time's the charm, and all that.
>> No. 5487 Anonymous
14th August 2014
Thursday 8:08 pm
5487 spacer

Doing one you're actually interested in makes a world of difference. I hope you're not doing an interpretive dance degree though.
>> No. 5489 Anonymous
15th August 2014
Friday 2:51 am
5489 spacer
So how are things in the leaping girl stakes this year?
>> No. 5490 Anonymous
15th August 2014
Friday 3:07 am
5490 spacer
Only had one choice as my college was partnered with the university and wanted to finish off my foundation degree and get full honours.

After seeing the rankings table, my uni isn't particularly brilliant. Not even in the top 50. I shouldn't be surprised I got a distinction, I mean I believe I'm not that clever and that grade must not be all that impressive.

Was considering doing a Masters if I do well on the honours but I wouldn't know the first thing about post grad funding. Student finance weren't fond of funding my honours, I imagine post grad funding organizations are a little more stingy than SFE.
>> No. 5493 Anonymous
15th August 2014
Friday 11:45 am
5493 spacer
If your uni course allows you to do an integrated Masters (i.e where you stay at the same place and study for an extra year) then funding is piss-easy - just tell your LEA you need funding for 4 years not 3. Though if you thought this was a possibility you'd have been better off getting 4 year funding right off the bat. An integrated Masters isn't post-grad because you don't graduate until the end of four years.

Unfortunately I have no idea how funding works if you want to take a Masters at a different university. All I know is that in some areas it is possible to go straight from a Bachelors to a PhD where funding is more about finding the right supervisor.
>> No. 5494 Anonymous
15th August 2014
Friday 11:55 am
5494 spacer
>undiagnosed sleep disorder.

I'd be interested to hear more - what were the symptoms and how did you get it diagnosed?

I've missed a lot of lectures due to being unable to get out of bed, or because I have labs straight after and taking an hour's kip first is the only way I can be sure not to cause a nuclear meltdown. I'm sure that most people will read this and just think 'bloody lazy stoodents' but it's not like I spend a lot of time out on the piss, I'd be lucky to go out even once a week.

I kinda realised that this is getting beyond normal recently where I have slept for the recommended 8 hours bang on and still felt knackered the entire day.

Fortunately our lectures aren't particularly helpful but it still gets me down how drained I get. The problem is I'm not sure what a GP or anyone can do to help - I don't want to have to take sleeping pills every night. Maybe some medical grade cocaine in place of my morning coffee would help...
>> No. 5495 Anonymous
15th August 2014
Friday 12:24 pm
5495 spacer
Worth going to the GP to check it's not a symptom of something bigger. Lack of energy and difficulty getting out of bed is a sign of depression, or it could be something like anaemia.
>> No. 5496 Anonymous
15th August 2014
Friday 12:44 pm
5496 spacer
As someone who is realising the benefits of temazepam to help with actual insomnia, I'd recommend you get to your GP. If your sleep hygiene is good, your lifestyle exemplary (exercise, water, non-smoker, balanced and healthy diet, the whole shebang) and you're still having problems feeling rested enough to tackle life it's worth discussing with a doc.

My lack of energy is entirely down to the fact that I cannot fall asleep easily, or stay asleep no matter how much I might want to. I am so very tired all the time and it makes having a life difficult - so I can very much relate to your situation. Fix what you can first in regards to your sleep schedule and overall health, then go talk to a professional.
>> No. 5497 Anonymous
15th August 2014
Friday 1:06 pm
5497 spacer

They prescribe temazepam for insomnia?

If you're tired during the day it's likely because of the effects of the GABAnergic activity of that drug.

I'm no doctor, but I seem to remember reading that alcohol and benzos can induce sleep, but reduce the quality of it (something to do with the phases)

Ask about melatonin, it promotes sleep via regulation of the circadian rhythm. This can also positively effect a reduction in depression and/or seasonal affective disorder symptoms if they are comorbid.
>> No. 5500 Anonymous
15th August 2014
Friday 5:50 pm
5500 spacer
Yeah, I'll try and see if doing more exercise helps, it certainly improves my mood anyway. Seems a bit counter intuitive to regularly make myself physically tired to stop feeling so tired but the human body is a strange thing.

I can say this now while the weather is nice but convincing myself to go into a gym in winter won't be so easy.

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