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>> No. 5637 Anonymous
12th May 2015
Tuesday 11:26 am
5637 Collegiate System
There's something I'm not getting at all. So I managed to get accepted to Oxford (postgrad) and after that, I'm supposed to get a college. They just "forward" your application, nothing else to do but I managed to get rejected from the two colleges I chose semi-randomly based on how nice the building looked, and as a foreignlad I'm wondering what's the point of it, besides cheaper accommodation.
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>> No. 5638 Anonymous
12th May 2015
Tuesday 2:08 pm
5638 spacer
It made sense back in the day, but because we're British we've never got around to fixing it.
>> No. 5639 Anonymous
12th May 2015
Tuesday 2:12 pm
5639 spacer

Can I get this statement on stickers?
>> No. 5640 Anonymous
12th May 2015
Tuesday 4:00 pm
5640 spacer
I've got a few old ones that say "BRITAIN MAKES SENSE". Should fix up a new batch really, but you know how it goes.
>> No. 5641 Anonymous
13th May 2015
Wednesday 1:05 am
5641 spacer
>I'm wondering what's the point of it, besides cheaper accommodation.

I'd say college choice matters much more as an undergrad mainly because much of your teaching and support services are organised through college rather than your department/faculty. As a postgrad you have more freedom to have as much or little to do with college as you like - some/many colleges offer postgrads accommodation either on-site or off and you can choose to eat in hall, use the bar and MCR (grad common room) facilities. On the other hand there's nothing to stop you living in private accommodation and being more self-contained, in which case your choice of college only matters insofar as dealing with admin matters.

Obviously, the old colleges with the pretty buildings and central locations receive a greater share of applications so they often reject perfectly good candidates on that basis. If you plan on living in college and using student facilities then I would strongly recommend visiting a few colleges as the facilities can vary considerably - and as you mention, so does the rent they charge. Otherwise if you don't want to have much to do with college and just focus on your faculty, choose one of the modern colleges on the outskirts of town as they're much less likely to reject you.

Out of interest, are you starting a Master's or PhD?
>> No. 5642 Anonymous
13th May 2015
Wednesday 1:11 am
5642 spacer
One more thing I forgot to metion - as part of college facilities make sure to check out the library if you intend to do any work in there (probably more important if you're taking a taught Master's versus a research Master's/PhD). Most college libraries will have a broadly similar selection of books but some of the older colleges' libraries can be rather dark and dingy. Also ask about the opening hours, many but not all are open 24 hours per day which is useful if you like working late.
>> No. 5643 Anonymous
13th May 2015
Wednesday 4:10 am
5643 spacer
Colleges also often have a particular focus reflected in the staff attached to the college and exclusive-to-one-college societies and grants. The resulting prestige of attending one partiuclar college is a valuable asset when pursuing a career in some niche fields, a well known example being King's College Organ Scholar.
>> No. 5644 Anonymous
13th May 2015
Wednesday 1:20 pm
5644 spacer
Well, if I get rejected from this last one too I'm stuck with the modern ones already. Everything else has FULL written next to its name. I'd rather not have to end up renting privately as it seems to cost shitloads more.

I'll be doing a masters course.
>> No. 5645 Anonymous
14th May 2015
Thursday 12:58 am
5645 spacer
Yeah Oxford is second only to London in terms of rent prices. I wouldn't necessarily be disheartened on being 'stuck' with a modern college - they might lack prestige and beautiful old buildings but they quite often have better quality facilities and a lower proportion of insufferable twats so it's swings and roundabouts.
>> No. 5740 Anonymous
26th June 2015
Friday 4:41 pm
5740 spacer
Ended up getting St. Edmunds Hall. Which means I'm not getting a nice subsidized room in all likeliness. But hey it's old and looks nice.
>> No. 5741 Anonymous
26th June 2015
Friday 5:00 pm
5741 spacer

I'm jealous, it's a really beautiful place and the rooms are spacious. It's quiet, on a bus route, easy walking distance from both the town centre and restaurants on Cowley Road, surrounded by fields. You've lucked out.
>> No. 5749 Anonymous
27th June 2015
Saturday 2:29 am
5749 spacer
I was told that they only have 9 ensuite rooms which are prioritised for those with disabilities and for those with prestigious scholarships (which I took as their way of saying NOT YOU). Now I'm really autistic about sharing a bathroom and whatnot so I might just pay up to get a flat elsewhere to avoid it. Or maybe I'll get over it, we'll see.
>> No. 5895 Anonymous
14th September 2015
Monday 2:00 pm
5895 spacer
Well, the college didn't give me a spot and the letting agent I spoke to said the only central property they had was available on 30th of november while I'll be flying in next week

I am a bit screwed
>> No. 5896 Anonymous
14th September 2015
Monday 2:24 pm
5896 spacer
You had a look at airbnb?
>> No. 5897 Anonymous
14th September 2015
Monday 2:58 pm
5897 spacer

Homeless, eh? Just get yourself some dry shampoo and give your balls a rinse in the public toilets each morning. It's only a couple of months, you dandy.
>> No. 5898 Anonymous
14th September 2015
Monday 8:33 pm
5898 spacer
Flying in from where?
The backpacker's hostel by the station isn't a bad place as far as hostels go. I know a lad who got a room in less than three days of looking just over a fortnight ago, shouldn't be too bad if you're proactive about it.
>> No. 5904 Anonymous
20th September 2015
Sunday 11:51 pm
5904 spacer
The very day I posted that, I got an e-mail from the college saying I was given a room from the waitlist. Now I'm happily posting from the hall room and not bitching about how it is 30 minutes to where my lectures are and how the bed is squeaky and how I have to share a bathroom.

This is a good start, even though I'll probably have to spend the year resisting the urge to pee in the sink instead of putting on pants and walking all the way down the corridor.
>> No. 5934 Anonymous
27th September 2015
Sunday 11:43 pm
5934 spacer
Addendum: Apparently they don't give rooms in the nice main college site to graduate students, so I got shipped off to the edge of Norham Gardens. Bit far away from everything.
>> No. 6411 Anonymous
8th February 2020
Saturday 11:11 pm
6411 spacer
Well this thread is still here.

I can safely say that after actually going there, being part of a college and graduating I still don't understand its function and can't explain it to anyone.
>> No. 6426 Anonymous
13th January 2021
Wednesday 5:41 pm
6426 spacer
I also went to Teddy Hall, before you though. Norham Gardens was alright. Least you didn't end up at St. Cross or Cornflake College. You'd simply never want to wear the college tie at your club.
>> No. 6427 Anonymous
14th January 2021
Thursday 6:23 pm
6427 spacer
I used to work for one of them and still have no idea why the university is structured that way.
Like a lot of odd stuff at Oxford I suspect the answer is that it made sense 300 years ago and we cant change it now because tradition.
>> No. 6428 Anonymous
14th January 2021
Thursday 6:41 pm
6428 spacer
I work here currently, but am unfortunately not engaged with the College system at the moment (But it's not like there's much happening rn anyway).

I was trying to find a picture of a Formal from Hilary last year where the Hall was all decked out with anti-sneeze plastic cubicles and there were about 5 people sitting the length of an entire table.

Oxford is pretty quite these days. I don't think any Undergrads are here this year except Med Students. I think even Post-Grads are being encouraged to stay at home unless they are Research based.
>> No. 6429 Anonymous
14th January 2021
Thursday 8:13 pm
6429 spacer


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