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>> No. 5792 Anonymous
18th July 2015
Saturday 12:22 am
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Rambly and slightly drunken post incoming.

I graduated the other day and prior had applied to loads of graduate jobs and unfortunately they'd all come back as a big no, despite some interviews. However since then I've applied to a few and been considering Masters degrees and PhDs and other jobs and I've got terribly excited about future prospects, but at the same time I don't half feel like I'm too old for it or that I'm going to waste my twenties despite being in a position no different to anyone else who's done a degree with a gap yah.

Was just sitting outside drinking with my housemates and thinking yeah, I can do all this stuff in a few years time, wait and see it could be really great.

Just wanted to share.
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>> No. 5793 Anonymous
18th July 2015
Saturday 1:50 am
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Are you really so drunk that you've mistaken /uni/ for your LiveJournal?
>> No. 5794 Anonymous
18th July 2015
Saturday 8:59 am
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Make sure you pick what you want and not what you think will be easier. It's always a false economy.
>> No. 5795 Anonymous
24th July 2015
Friday 8:42 pm
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Well it's a week later and now I'm back home with the parents and sober. And now I'm lost and confused.

I want to do uni again and do first year and do all that sex and partying shit again, I didn't make the most of it in first year (especially the sex bit, scratch the 'again'). I have no money and no job and the idea of being stuck in this fucking rural shithole for a year is making my head hurt. Life's static and shit here. There's loads of jobs, great! But what the fuck is the use of spending my early twenties going to work then coming home at my parents house. No friends, no girlfriend, just loneliness, absence of excitement or purpose. I want to go to the gym but I can't afford it or even fucking get there.

Whinge. I want to be where the happening is and meet people again.
>> No. 5796 Anonymous
24th July 2015
Friday 8:57 pm
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I don't remember posting this. I'm pretty sure I was in the shower at the time.

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