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>> No. 6011 Anonymous
4th November 2015
Wednesday 3:02 pm
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Probably being a bit lazy but getting started is key. So can any lads please clue me in on how to get funding for an MA and where people get it from?

I went to York which was an okay uni and seemingly well regarded for the most part, but not quite your Warwick or Durham type uni as much as it tried to be. I presumed that for further study where you did your undergrad probably factored into how well you fare when applying for postgrad, but this isn't the case.

Everybody I know from my course who has gone on to do further study has fired to unis like Cambridge, Durham, St Andrews and the like.

A rumour told me that getting funding for the arts was unheard of unless you did go to somewhere like Oxford and come out with a first, and everybody I've asked has said they got some sort of fee waiver or grant from somebody so clearly the funding is out there.

I'm in no great rush to do an MA, but was just wondering if I wanted to look into it for the next intake where some good places to start looking for funding are?

Cheers, lads.

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