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>> No. 6165 Anonymous
24th June 2016
Friday 8:33 am
6165 uni rankings/league tables
So I'm looking at university rankings, there are plenty of them and none agree with each other. Are there ones that are relatively more respected in the UK/align more with popular perception?

I have admits from QMUL, Reading and Sussex - all seem fairly okay, but I find it very difficult to differentiate between them besides rating the cities they're in. And, for example, KCL ranks below these in many tables yet I've been rejected by them.

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>> No. 6166 Anonymous
24th June 2016
Friday 9:13 am
6166 spacer
Ignore the headline rankings. Look at things like quality of teaching and student satisfaction. Ask for opinions on thestudentroom.co.uk. Bear in mind that the quality of courses can vary a great deal within the same university, so try to speak with people who are doing your intended course. If at all possible, go and visit the campuses - some of them are right shitholes. If you're considering QMUL, think about the costs and benefits of being in London. Loads of culture, incredible nightlife, but you'll end up in a lot more debt.
>> No. 6199 Anonymous
3rd November 2016
Thursday 8:50 pm
6199 spacer
I wouldn't worry much about rankings. If you're not going to a top uni then it doesn't really matter. I know people who went to met unis and applied themselves who are now doing far better than plenty of people who went to redbricks. >>6166 is some pretty good advice, although one thing I would say is don't even worry about the debt at all, take every single penny that you possibly can, only consider how you're going to be able to live on what you'll get right now.
>> No. 6200 Anonymous
3rd November 2016
Thursday 9:35 pm
6200 spacer
I concur with the sentiment so far that league tables are not everything. In fact I find them utterly distasteful affairs that give a bias towards universities that badger their students at the end of the course to fill out the response forms. The truth is what university you go to doesn't matter as much as you applying yourself when you get there - even a little wider reading makes a huge difference in what your final grade will be.

If you can manage it I would recommend visiting the campuses like >>6166 suggests. This will not only show you what the campus environment is like (in a disgusting bubbly way) but more importantly its a test for the university administration to organize and if they cock this up then I would side against ever stepping foot there again. You might also pop an email to one of the staff to ask to arrange an informal chat where you can discuss your subject interests which will let you get a feel for how the staff are.

>I have admits from QMUL, Reading and Sussex

Personal opinion if you want it: I would go with Reading. Smaller campuses and towns much better environments to study (I find), you avoid allot of the bullshit of bigger organizations and Reading has a good reputation. QMUL isn't much bigger but there is a total difference given location and it being a Russell group.

I also hated Sussex when I visited, it feels like Milton Keynes and you'll inevitably end up visiting Brighton. Then again you seem to have gone with Southern universities so that might appeal to you.
>> No. 6201 Anonymous
3rd November 2016
Thursday 9:41 pm
6201 spacer
If I could choose a university again my preference would be based on 1. reputation, unfortunately it matters and 2. success rate of students getting internships or placements. The latter will be more valuable than your degree come graduation.
>> No. 6202 Anonymous
3rd November 2016
Thursday 9:44 pm
6202 spacer
I went to Sussex. Best time of my life, Brighton is an amazing place despite all the smelly disgusting degenerates. The campus is disgusting, yes, but it looks nice in the sun. Warwick felt similar except more clinical and equally soulless.
>> No. 6203 Anonymous
3rd November 2016
Thursday 9:48 pm
6203 spacer
Can you stop this? That word means to assign a quantity. The two words you're looking for are "a lot".
>> No. 6204 Anonymous
3rd November 2016
Thursday 10:32 pm
6204 spacer
On the topic of 'words that denote quantities', when people order something why is it always '100 off'?

It's always fucked me off because it makes no sense to me. Either it's something that made sense once and no longer does or it's just something I haven't heard of.
>> No. 6205 Anonymous
3rd November 2016
Thursday 10:37 pm
6205 spacer
I went to Reading and loved it. Close enough to the rural bits for bike rides and rowing while keeping fast train connection home to the smoke. Plus the careers centre and other student support services there are absolutely fantastic.
>> No. 6206 Anonymous
3rd November 2016
Thursday 11:34 pm
6206 spacer
>in the sun

Not very useful when the undergrad year runs from late September to May-June is it though?
>> No. 6207 Anonymous
4th November 2016
Friday 12:29 am
6207 spacer
Summer is the middle couple of weeks in October these days.
>> No. 6208 Anonymous
4th November 2016
Friday 10:12 am
6208 spacer
Well English is full of little weird things that you just get used to and they only seem weird when you actually think about them. I doubt your example is a one off.
>> No. 6209 Anonymous
4th November 2016
Friday 11:32 am
6209 spacer
Using "off" in that way is particular to Britain, not English in general. There's quite a lengthy discussion to be found here:

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