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>> No. 15319 Anonymous
29th October 2013
Tuesday 10:52 pm
15319 Hidden Gems?
I found this bad boy on netflix, I watched for the tits stayed for the rest of the film. Brilliantly funny and touching. Anyone got any other hidden gems?
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>> No. 17313 Anonymous
11th August 2014
Monday 5:02 pm
17313 spacer
Extreme Measures is a film I really enjoyed. With Hugh Grant, Gene Hackman and Sarah Jessica Parker, I can only assume it was meant as a serious big-budget thriller - but they didn't pull it off. What they did make seems like a charming low-budget B-movie, whose bad acting and ridiculous plot make it a thoroughly enjoyable unintentional comedy.
>> No. 17314 Anonymous
11th August 2014
Monday 5:24 pm
17314 spacer
Not hidden but Edge of Tomorrow is rather good.
>> No. 17315 Anonymous
11th August 2014
Monday 6:04 pm
17315 spacer
>> No. 17549 Anonymous
26th August 2014
Tuesday 9:43 pm
17549 spacer

It reminded me of a Canadian version of Sightseers, feeling-wise, but not as good. Still worth a watch, though.
>> No. 17554 Anonymous
26th August 2014
Tuesday 11:14 pm
17554 spacer
That looks like Tucker & Dale vs Evil
>> No. 17658 Anonymous
8th September 2014
Monday 12:52 am
17658 spacer

This is really quite a powerful film. Adiren Brody seems to have pretty good taste in which films to appear in.
>> No. 17706 Anonymous
14th September 2014
Sunday 2:36 am
17706 spacer

Possibly due to a lack of marketing, I'd never heard about this when it came out. An excessive offering from the Wachowskis, it's incredibly heavy on visual flair even if the story isn't anything new. They also seem to have just blatantly ripped off a classic post-apoc novel for certain bits of it, but it's worth watching just for the art direction.
>> No. 17708 Anonymous
14th September 2014
Sunday 3:34 am
17708 spacer

Dude, it's based on a novel by David Mitchell. No, not that David Mitchell.
>> No. 17718 Anonymous
14th September 2014
Sunday 11:33 am
17718 spacer
Cloud Atlas was pretty good. I really should rewatch it, thanks for the reminder.
>> No. 17721 Anonymous
14th September 2014
Sunday 12:31 pm
17721 spacer
That film was awful. The only redeeming feature was seeing Agent Angry Elf King in drag.
>> No. 17722 Anonymous
14th September 2014
Sunday 12:34 pm
17722 spacer

...and even then you could've just watched Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.
>> No. 17723 Anonymous
14th September 2014
Sunday 1:25 pm
17723 spacer
You have no idea what I am referring to. Be quiet.

Really it should be watched just for Cavendish's storyline; Jim Broadbent is one hell of a talented comedic actor.
>> No. 17765 Anonymous
17th September 2014
Wednesday 7:49 pm
17765 spacer

Well this was a waste of time. The only good things to be said about it are it has Natalie Portman playing a stripper and a scene where Clive Owen and Jude Law have cybersex.

Yeah I do like to see him in stuff.
>> No. 17833 Anonymous
26th September 2014
Friday 9:50 pm
17833 spacer

One of the best found-footage films I've seen in my time. Two friends decide to travel the world and do one of those video blog things, and something bad happens. Apparently the trailer is shit, so don't just go by that.
>> No. 19957 Anonymous
27th September 2015
Sunday 9:34 pm
19957 spacer
JCVD a meta film about Jean-Claude van Damme. He gets caught up in a bank robbery.
>> No. 19958 Anonymous
27th September 2015
Sunday 11:30 pm
19958 spacer
Were you trying to make it look like you didn't bump a year old thread by getting it a year and a day?
>> No. 19959 Anonymous
27th September 2015
Sunday 11:43 pm
19959 spacer
Were you trying to make it look like he did?
>> No. 20508 Anonymous
13th March 2016
Sunday 3:00 pm
20508 spacer

starry starry night.png
Starr Starry Night was pretty highly regarded on release but I only caught it last night having been a fan of the guy who did the soundtrack for years. I will have to check out some of the other films he has worked on.


Its a pretty sweet movie about a young girl dealing with the death of her grandfather. It has some nice visuals but they are really just a backdrop to how she is feeling.
>> No. 20509 Anonymous
13th March 2016
Sunday 3:10 pm
20509 spacer

While I remember, be sure to check out Perfume: The Story of a Murderer if you haven't already it has a great cast including the late Alan Rickman and in my opinion is the perfect movie.

Shame it got bad reviews from critics who thought they were watching a murder thriller when really the film has a highly existential touch to it.
>> No. 20510 Anonymous
13th March 2016
Sunday 4:43 pm
20510 spacer
I saw this on BBC2/4 and then went and grabbed a copy of the book. It was a very quick read, I got through the last three quarters over a single afternoon; I have to admit I found the style quite pulpy and any existentialist musings from the writer were laid on with a fucking trowel. Then again, it was written by a German, and they don't really do sublety. I'd still recommend the book if you're like me and always want to compare adaptations with their source material.
>> No. 20512 Anonymous
14th March 2016
Monday 12:20 am
20512 spacer
Yeah from looking at the wikipedia article earlier I will definitely have to pick this one up considering its cultural impact. Its a shame how little known it is here.
>> No. 20514 Anonymous
14th March 2016
Monday 12:55 pm
20514 spacer
Thanks for the spoiler tags there, mate.
>> No. 20515 Anonymous
14th March 2016
Monday 1:04 pm
20515 spacer
Shite sorry.
>> No. 20517 Anonymous
14th March 2016
Monday 9:03 pm
20517 spacer

The book was better.
>> No. 20542 Anonymous
18th March 2016
Friday 3:28 am
20542 spacer

"Hidden Gem" might not be the right classification as, it's by Charlie Kaufman but it's not really deserving of its own thread. Really great film.
>> No. 20566 Anonymous
25th March 2016
Friday 6:55 am
20566 spacer

This is a sort of Trainspottingesque film about punks in the US. It's quite (insecurely) anti-British in places but definitely worth a watch.
>> No. 20567 Anonymous
25th March 2016
Friday 8:09 am
20567 spacer

Yeah definitely an essential cult hit. I didn't take to the humour but it definitely made me take a look at myself in the mirror the first and second time I watched it.

I'd recommend Repo man if you like the Punk aesthetic or Ghost World if you liked the themes.
>> No. 20568 Anonymous
25th March 2016
Friday 12:23 pm
20568 spacer

Ghost World is amazing. It's a film I never get tired of seeing. I cannot praise it enough.
>> No. 21264 Anonymous
30th October 2016
Sunday 12:47 am
21264 spacer
I just watched Excision on Film4. Just my kind of horror film; I mean, John Waters in the clergy? Pure sicko-fiction.
>> No. 21265 Anonymous
30th October 2016
Sunday 1:02 am
21265 spacer

I've only ever seen it once but it stuck in my mind forever It was back in 2004 and was mildly hallucinating and suffering severe stomach cramps a few hours after a heavy judo session where I'd fucked up a black-belt's shit for the fist time. The general mish-mash of event of that day have left that film branded into my brain and I feel like watching it again would do it a disservice, much like re-reading Portnoy's Complaint.

Apropos of nothing very much at all, Oldboy (which I'd never seen before) popping up on channel 4 just I came up on some very, very good MDMA back in 2007 was a very similar experience.
>> No. 21266 Anonymous
30th October 2016
Sunday 3:25 am
21266 spacer
>suffering severe stomach cramps a few hours after a
>I came
>back in 2007

Well, I hope your arse healed up and you are doing better now. You have to be careful. Hope you had a good experience.
>> No. 21267 Anonymous
30th October 2016
Sunday 4:29 am
21267 spacer

I've never been able to tell with repo man if it is good or if it is crap (even though I actually bought it after seeing it). I've watched it through a few times, I guess it is a film that gets by on it's feeling and style rather than its plot. It hits all of the right emotional notes even if it is fairly crude in other respects.
>> No. 21268 Anonymous
30th October 2016
Sunday 3:28 pm
21268 spacer

That was quite wonderfully Burroughsian. I applaud.
>> No. 21709 Anonymous
15th August 2017
Tuesday 10:51 pm
21709 spacer

I can't work out whether I liked this or not.

It's not something I'd watch again in a hurry.
>> No. 21710 Anonymous
15th August 2017
Tuesday 11:13 pm
21710 spacer
What does that mean?
>> No. 21711 Anonymous
15th August 2017
Tuesday 11:32 pm
21711 spacer
Treat yourself to Headhunters the film of the jonesbo book. Also I rarely enjoy horror films, but I liked REC.
>> No. 21712 Anonymous
16th August 2017
Wednesday 11:05 am
21712 spacer
I started reading Headhunters and was bored stiff by the end of the first chapter. Something about the narrator being an arrogant prick art dealer is all I remember.
>> No. 22577 Anonymous
3rd March 2019
Sunday 9:49 pm
22577 spacer

An answer to the question: what if Me, Myself & Irene was a hard-hitting drama.
>> No. 22948 Anonymous
4th November 2019
Monday 9:56 pm
22948 spacer


I'm unsure how well this is known. It's a neo-noir conspiracy movie centring on hidden messages in pop-culture and the elite that runs like disjointed scenes of weird shit happening to a guy on the edge of losing his mind.

It's worth watching but I'm unsure how I feel about it. With movies like this they can never nail a proper reveal to the world and what it all means. I also tried to explain this to people irl and they all now think I'm an unhinged conspiracy theorist.
>> No. 22949 Anonymous
4th November 2019
Monday 10:05 pm
22949 spacer
I saw that and meant to re-watch it on psychedelic drugs but never quite got around to it. It's that sort of movie though. Zabriskie Point, Holy Motors kind of thing.
>> No. 22950 Anonymous
5th November 2019
Tuesday 9:56 am
22950 spacer

I don't think it's much of a hidden gem, but I watched this last night and enjoyed it a lot. I was in my kitchen about half an hour after the film had ended and went "oh, I get it" to myself. If you're into your hard crush or just really fancy Jake Gyllenhaal I can highly recommend it, for everyone else it's still worth a look.

I don't think I like films that don't make me feel uncomfortable, I wonder if that's a problem?
>> No. 22951 Anonymous
5th November 2019
Tuesday 11:02 am
22951 spacer
You'd probably love Nightcrawler, if you haven't already seen it.
>> No. 22952 Anonymous
5th November 2019
Tuesday 11:18 am
22952 spacer

I did, because I have! I was suprised to find out there are cameos from a few real news readers in the film. I get a suspicion they didn't see the full script beforehand.
>> No. 22953 Anonymous
6th November 2019
Wednesday 2:09 pm
22953 spacer
I tried watching this last night and realised half way through I'd seen it before but forgotten because of how boring it was. May as well just read the plot summary.
>> No. 22995 Anonymous
14th December 2019
Saturday 10:31 am
22995 spacer
Lads, I'm trying to track down a film I saw one night on Channel 4 years ago.

The gist of it is a guy pretending to be a photographer scams his way across Italy. Is joined by a woman running away from a convent. Then after conning a mafia funeral he ends up jailed.

I know it wasn't a fever dream.
>> No. 22996 Anonymous
26th December 2019
Thursday 7:50 pm
22996 spacer

I always want something I've never gotten elsewhere when I watch a film, and Colassal certainly delivers. 100% recommended watch on my part.
>> No. 22997 Anonymous
28th December 2019
Saturday 8:33 pm
22997 spacer
try tipofmytounge on reddit
>> No. 23430 Anonymous
29th November 2020
Sunday 8:43 am
23430 spacer

I watched this last night before bed and it was so good I decided to bump this old thread because it's basically the perfect definition of a hidden gem.

If you've ever stayed up watching some rubbish TV documentary about the Rendlesham Forest incident then this might be your new favourite film. Otherwise I'd recommend it because of how well shot, written and edited it all is. It's not Signs or anything though, just to make that clear. Now one fights a monster with a stick. Most of the people who worked on it or starred in it don't even have Wikipedia pages, so again, the definition of a hidden gem.
>> No. 23431 Anonymous
3rd December 2020
Thursday 10:42 pm
23431 spacer

>If you've ever stayed up watching some rubbish TV documentary about the Rendlesham Forest incident then this might be your new favourite film

That's definitely me so I gave it a watch based on that alone. Solid recommendation, good shout ladm8.

Reminded me a bit of Blair Witch in the way nothing really happens for most of it, except much better at building the tension and intrigue because there was actually a coherent narrative. Incredibly focussed "hygge" for fans of the classic Roswell, abductions, and crop circles type folklore.
>> No. 23433 Anonymous
4th December 2020
Friday 9:34 pm
23433 spacer
I meant to recommend that a few weeks back but I was banned. I absolutely loved it, and some of the camera shots were amazing (they just used a remote-controlled car with a cheap gimbal for the camera). I would advise watching it with subtitles, especially at the start of the film, as the fast-paced slang-heavy 50's American chatter can go over your head at times.

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