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>> No. 21145 Anonymous
21st September 2016
Wednesday 10:29 pm
21145 Red Dwarf XI
The new series is airing tomorrow at 9pm on #Dave. I'm really excited but I can't help but think I've set my self up for disappointment - if we're to go by how poor the last series was.

What do you lads think?
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>> No. 21146 Anonymous
21st September 2016
Wednesday 11:03 pm
21146 spacer
Cunt fest.
>> No. 21147 Anonymous
21st September 2016
Wednesday 11:09 pm
21147 spacer
Saw it on the UK Gold early release thing. Just very amateur feeling really. A bit disappointing, but I think with most of these things with high expectations you probably need to see it a second time.

Jokes weren't great and, well, shit just happened and I'm not sure why.
>> No. 21148 Anonymous
22nd September 2016
Thursday 3:28 am
21148 spacer

I thought X was the best thing to happen to Red Dwarf since series 6, it felt cathartic after how bad everything inbetween had been. If the new season can maintain X level of quality I'll be happy.

The first episode of season 7 annoys me even now. The plot, the directing, the jokes, the continuity, and the character motivations all just break down into incoherance in the space of 30 mins.
>> No. 21155 Anonymous
27th September 2016
Tuesday 6:49 pm
21155 spacer
If you were in control, how would you choose to end the series?
>> No. 21156 Anonymous
27th September 2016
Tuesday 10:15 pm
21156 spacer
Like how cat dude says he does not trust white people, the irony rang out across the stars
>> No. 21157 Anonymous
28th September 2016
Wednesday 11:15 pm
21157 spacer
It's a tough question. Do you go with the comedy ending, or something a little more sincere? The original idea was that the show would end with Series 8, Red Dwarf finally getting back to Earth thanks to some gizmo or other, yet Lister would press the wrong button and the ship would Crash land, careering across the globe, smashing through cities, landmarks and continents, finally ending up in the middle of the White House, where Lister would make a joke about swapping insurance details.
>> No. 21158 Anonymous
29th September 2016
Thursday 3:45 am
21158 spacer
i think you got to make something new if its been kicking about since the 80s tbh lads.

im a 90s lad but i saw the whole lot repeated growing up a number of times.

thats the trouble with telly these days repeats.
>> No. 21159 Anonymous
29th September 2016
Thursday 6:21 am
21159 spacer

That sounds awful, but about on par with the rest of season 8.

I'd like to see a dark turn like in backwards or last human.

Get the main characters half murdered whilst getting involved in a war against simulants in a sci-fi high concept environment, have a point where they get back to what has become of the earth, (life has reverted back to Paleozoic state), Lister ends up stepping on a colony of slugs when exiting starbug turns out they are the closest living descendants of humanity, throw in a plot about Lister being able to get Kochanski, but ultimately he has to sacrifice the opportunity for a greater cause, have Rimmer get a chance at redemption in a last stand against the simulants and get killed, have Kryten break his programing and learn the virtues of killing (ironically Lister) in a trolley problem (probably involving a time loop where the best out come can only happen if Lister is dead), The cat then meets other cats and selfishly forgets about the rest of the crew, leaving just a guilt ridden Kryten and Holly, Holly says something philosophical about it being finally the end of the long story of humanity, but it's not really gone, and will forever be immortalized as long as we stand as a testament to its accomplishments and remember it, at which point a scutter (that had been set up as assembling an emp bomb to fight the simulants earlier), sets it off resetting both of their memories.
>> No. 21160 Anonymous
29th September 2016
Thursday 10:36 pm
21160 spacer
>If you were in control, how would you choose to end the series?
If you want to end it well for the fans, happy ending where they sail off into the sunset etc.

If you want to be talked about as deep and meaningful and rake in the DVD sales then go the Blackadder route and kill everyone off while playing sombre music. Try and tie it into a real world death as well. Maybe some dead astronaut.

New series isn't too bad. It's not the best Dwarf I've seen but it's entertaining enough.
>> No. 21161 Anonymous
30th September 2016
Friday 12:02 am
21161 spacer
I don't think there really is any way to end it. Whatever has become of Earth is better left an unseen mystery; whether Red Dwarf returns and finds a super advanced civilisation, a desolate wasteland, or something else entirely, it will still be a bland and unsatisfying end to the story. But if Lister decides to abandon his quest, then your reaction would be, 'you were already bumming around space having adventures so if you're going to continue doing so let us see it'. And killing everyone off would be pretty jarring.

Maybe they could discover some technology that would fix everything by allowing them to restart the human race and terraform a new Earth. Then they can all fulfill their ambitions: Rimmer becomes an officer in the newly-reconstituted Space Corps; Kryten gets to plant his garden and do ironing for all the new humans; Cat gets to have a lot of sex; and Lister gets to retire with Kochanski on a Fijiesque island.
>> No. 21162 Anonymous
30th September 2016
Friday 2:16 am
21162 spacer

They reenter the Sol system through slip space anomaly, the sudden arrival of such a large ship alarms the Reapers besieging Earth. Harbinger itself ventures out of atmosphere to investigate, allowing a bloodied Commander Shepherd to travel to the recently relocated Citadel above London.
>> No. 21163 Anonymous
30th September 2016
Friday 11:51 pm
21163 spacer
Perhaps some time travel deal. Kryten pipes up about the butterfly effect and remember JFK, and gets told to shove it.

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