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>> No. 21455 Anonymous
30th December 2016
Friday 10:31 pm
21455 spacer
Not sure if it's just me, but the festive TV this year has been under par.

Inside No 9 was a bit of a let down. I haven't watched Charlie's 2016 Wipe yet, although I enjoyed Cunk on Christmas. I don't think there's anything of note I've missed; I don't watch Who but I heard the Christmas special was shite.
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>> No. 21456 Anonymous
31st December 2016
Saturday 12:02 am
21456 spacer
Never seen No 9 before. Was quite impressed with how the League of Gentlemen have apparently managed to source genuine 1970s cameras. What do you call cameras like that? The ones that produce that kind of lighting smearing effect.
>> No. 21457 Anonymous
31st December 2016
Saturday 12:32 am
21457 spacer
I can't be arsed to use iplayer but Cunk's thing is on youtube, it was a good'un.
>> No. 21458 Anonymous
31st December 2016
Saturday 1:03 am
21458 spacer

The majority of cameras used for broadcast in that era were orthicon cameras, that used cathode ray tubes to produce images.

Most working examples from the 70s are museum pieces now, I bet it was expensive for them to shoot with one this year.
>> No. 21459 Anonymous
31st December 2016
Saturday 8:10 am
21459 spacer
>Heavy-duty cameras from the 1970s were sourced, dusted down and used for the special Christmas episode of Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton’s macabre comedy-horror series Inside No 9, and lighting, microphones, props and costumes from the 70s were hired for the shoot.

>They even asked technicians with experience dating back to pre-HD TV times to come out of retirement and apply their expertise to the project, and the result is both remarkable and at times unsettling.


Heavy-duty ones.
>> No. 21460 Anonymous
31st December 2016
Saturday 10:14 am
21460 spacer
Why couldn't they use normal cameras and then add special effects to make it look old?
>> No. 21461 Anonymous
31st December 2016
Saturday 10:23 am
21461 spacer
Because that doesn't fill column inches.
>> No. 21462 Anonymous
31st December 2016
Saturday 11:08 am
21462 spacer
Because it doesn't work? I've never seen anyone do that convincingly.
>> No. 21463 Anonymous
31st December 2016
Saturday 3:13 pm
21463 spacer
Wipe 2016 was good as always but Brooker looked worryingly more haggard than usual. They really packed in a full hour of fast-paced clips and bits, and I could see the decent amount of work going into the writing.
>> No. 21464 Anonymous
31st December 2016
Saturday 4:47 pm
21464 spacer
Charlie is doing his best but it's becoming increasingly more difficult for satirists to do their jobs.
>> No. 21465 Anonymous
31st December 2016
Saturday 4:58 pm
21465 spacer
Difficult? It's easier than ever, I mean the slew of material out there is more abundant than any other year in recent memory. Or is it difficult because literally everything is so fucking bat shit crazy these days that doing a commentary seems futile?
>> No. 21466 Anonymous
31st December 2016
Saturday 5:07 pm
21466 spacer
Oh I didn't realize Wipe has been on already. Off to iPlayer.
>> No. 21467 Anonymous
31st December 2016
Saturday 5:16 pm
21467 spacer
I suspect he means that everything is so bat shit crazy that it's difficult to satirise because it's already absurd.
>> No. 21468 Anonymous
31st December 2016
Saturday 5:20 pm
21468 spacer
It probably doesn't help that I never buy a TV guide, but the BBC don't seem to have done a great job of advertising what's on this Christmas other than Call the Midwife and films like Frozen. I only caught Witness for the Prosecution because I stumbled upon it by chance.
>> No. 21469 Anonymous
31st December 2016
Saturday 5:21 pm
21469 spacer
The latter. That's why Charlie stopped doing TV Go Home, as television was becoming so increasingly ridiculous it couldn't be satirised. Naked Attraction, which he featured on this year's Wipe, sounds like something he would have written for TVG ten years ago - 'Six men get their knobs out for Anna Richardson and a tittering woman who discuss if they'd be able to sit on them. Subtitles 888'. Current affairs is becoming much the same.
>> No. 21470 Anonymous
31st December 2016
Saturday 5:57 pm
21470 spacer
Holy shit he used the phrase knuckle-dragging racist in regards to Brexit, and I seem to recall the phrase being used here some months ago by someone talking about Brexit vs Scottish referendum. Charlie on .gs confirmed!
>> No. 21471 Anonymous
31st December 2016
Saturday 6:06 pm
21471 spacer
Not him, but one of his researchers has been here for some time.
>> No. 21472 Anonymous
31st December 2016
Saturday 6:07 pm
21472 spacer
Only if he started talking about ape-like fists afterwards.
>> No. 21473 Anonymous
31st December 2016
Saturday 6:15 pm
21473 spacer

Keep at it and he'll be slipping in references that no one but him and three other imageboard users will get. Oddballs belonging to a virtual subculture within a virtual subculture will go apeshit.
>> No. 21474 Anonymous
31st December 2016
Saturday 7:14 pm
21474 spacer
>knuckle-dragging racist

That's just something the left bleats out reflexively like one of those pull ring dolls, even while they melt away into irrelevance and their flying monkeys give them a murking.
>> No. 21475 Anonymous
31st December 2016
Saturday 10:20 pm
21475 spacer

I think what he meant to say is that that phrase didn't originate on .gs.
>> No. 21476 Anonymous
31st December 2016
Saturday 10:39 pm
21476 spacer
There seem to have been far less Christmas songs on the radio, too.
>> No. 21477 Anonymous
31st December 2016
Saturday 11:13 pm
21477 spacer

I thought I'd just missed them, but perhaps not. Not that I mind though.
>> No. 21478 Anonymous
1st January 2017
Sunday 9:26 am
21478 spacer
That's because, like Gary Glitter and Another Rock n Roll Christmas, they've all been Yewtree'd so are now unplayable.
>> No. 21479 Anonymous
2nd January 2017
Monday 4:20 pm
21479 spacer
Are the experts in on it?
>> No. 21480 Anonymous
2nd January 2017
Monday 4:40 pm
21480 spacer
The historian woman on Cunk with the curly hair has been with her on that panel show Sue Perkins did about names, so she's definitely in on it.

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