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>> No. 21504 Anonymous
12th March 2017
Sunday 10:36 pm
21504 The 90s
Has anyone else noticed that over the past few months there's been a lot of 90s nostalgia "documentaries"? I swear I've seen 3 in the last few weeks.

Is there any reason for this? Has everyone decided that one of the most bland, unexciting decades has suddenly become amazing halcyon days?
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>> No. 21505 Anonymous
12th March 2017
Sunday 10:51 pm
21505 spacer
People who were teenagers in the 90s are now old enough to commission TV programmes. Give it another 10 years and you'll be seeing nostalgia programmes about the 00s.
>> No. 21506 Anonymous
13th March 2017
Monday 12:01 am
21506 spacer
Huh. I'd forgotten how sexy the Spice Girls were. Surprised I didn't polish more out during my internet-less teenlad years.

I guess I'd commission a TV program about them. You know, to document their important place in our cultural history.
>> No. 21507 Anonymous
13th March 2017
Monday 12:08 am
21507 spacer
I think the Noughties were blander because I can see virtually no difference in culture between it and the decade we are in.
>> No. 21508 Anonymous
13th March 2017
Monday 12:15 am
21508 spacer

There's a lot of difference, especially in the realm of the internet.
For me the noughties were the decade that marked the decline of the internet as a weird scary other-place.

You must also be forgetting how awful the early noughties were for fashion and music.
>> No. 21567 Anonymous
15th July 2017
Saturday 1:18 am
21567 spacer
Producers are in their mid-30s now.
>> No. 21568 Anonymous
15th July 2017
Saturday 1:21 am
21568 spacer
>There's a lot of difference, especially in the realm of the internet.

Care to elaborate? Because I agree with the guy you're replying to. This decade and the one before it seem to just blend together for me. I'd like to work out if it's just an age thing or something.
>> No. 21569 Anonymous
15th July 2017
Saturday 1:30 am
21569 spacer
> the most bland, unexciting decades

>> No. 21570 Anonymous
15th July 2017
Saturday 3:26 am
21570 spacer
You can argue the toss about whether the '90s or the '00s were the most boring but my vote goes to 1710, literally nobody remembers what they were doing back then.
>> No. 21573 Anonymous
15th July 2017
Saturday 7:15 am
21573 spacer
The worst thing is that 90s haircuts are coming back.
>> No. 21574 Anonymous
15th July 2017
Saturday 9:28 am
21574 spacer

What is a 90s haircut?
>> No. 21575 Anonymous
15th July 2017
Saturday 9:37 am
21575 spacer

Usually a blue rinse
>> No. 21576 Anonymous
15th July 2017
Saturday 9:47 am
21576 spacer

Bowl haircuts and curtains.
>> No. 21577 Anonymous
15th July 2017
Saturday 11:30 am
21577 spacer

And this, whatever it's called.
>> No. 21578 Anonymous
15th July 2017
Saturday 11:41 am
21578 spacer
The Pidgeotto.
>> No. 21579 Anonymous
15th July 2017
Saturday 11:51 am
21579 spacer

The 90s are weird. On the one hand one of the most interesting periods for computer technology, "the internet" and (from my recently obtained interests) aviation history. On the other, they were second only to the 2000s as a global political nadir (the "end of history" in full swing, the "third way" not a joke.), there are a lot of weird semi-political artefacts from "the end of history" left behind (Remember when strategy games would have America, Russia and "Europe" as countries? Remember British Airways world-tails experiment?) and on top of that they're quite culturally overrated. Good stuff, sure, but highly overrated. I think in particular here there are some memory issues: The nature of getting everything on the internet now is that lots of young British people are "nostalgic" for things that only foreigners - usually Americans - actually did at the time.

Also - and this often passes without comment, they were the last decade in which we had a meaningful empire. Hong Kong was our last meaningful colonial possession and I'm always slightly surprised by how little recognition the handover seems to have in the British psyche. Not to mention the travesty that was closing the joyride machine known as Kai Tak airport. A lot of magic left the world in 1998. One thing I've always wondered: What year was it the BBC stopped standardizing accents? Even in Election 92, you get accents you'd never hear nowadays. Especially from the Scots. Kind of wish the BBC was still doing that.

Watch Monkey Dust. It's actually quite impressive the degree to which - despite everything - we've broken free. Things aren't good by any means, but they're distinct, which is a small miracle in and of itself. (Though to be honest, I partially wish we could rewind the internet to 2007 and leave it. And probably most consumer technology for that matter - except batteries.)
>> No. 21580 Anonymous
15th July 2017
Saturday 12:15 pm
21580 spacer


Frosted tips bruh.
>> No. 21581 Anonymous
15th July 2017
Saturday 1:56 pm
21581 spacer

Needs more wedge lads.
>> No. 21582 Anonymous
15th July 2017
Saturday 1:58 pm
21582 spacer

I'm sorry I asked.
>> No. 21583 Anonymous
15th July 2017
Saturday 4:58 pm
21583 spacer


We're not finished yet.
>> No. 21584 Anonymous
15th July 2017
Saturday 5:10 pm
21584 spacer

I miss post-pub telly. The Word, Eurotrash, Fantasy Football, Banzai. I suppose 24-hour licensing did for it, but there was something quite charming about shit telly made for (and often by) people who were pissed out of their head.

>> No. 21585 Anonymous
15th July 2017
Saturday 6:11 pm
21585 spacer


Don't forget Get Stuffed.
>> No. 21587 Anonymous
15th July 2017
Saturday 6:44 pm
21587 spacer

Fuck me, I loved Get Stuffed. Annoyingly, it gets taken down pretty much instantly whenever someone tries to upload the episodes.

It's such a pure and concentrated burst of nostalgia, even when they were still trolling out old episodes in the mid-noughties. The faded colours of cheap old camcorders, the forced overenthusiasm, the properly grotty kitchens, the hopelessly amateurish music and titles, the genuine awfulness of the recipes.

It represents everything that is wonderful and awful about being young. You're absolutely fucking useless, but you're too cocky to have realised it yet. You're somehow both completely self-obsessed and completely oblivious to your own ridiculousness, both utterly neurotic and wildly overconfident. Everything seems possible, even when you're hurtling headlong into humiliation or heartbreak. Before long you'll realise that your flat is a shithole and your mates are all twats and your qualifications aren't even good for toilet paper, but for now you're just having fun, because this is fun, isn't it? We're all having fun, aren't we? Aren't we?

>> No. 21603 Anonymous
16th July 2017
Sunday 10:52 pm
21603 spacer

Dont forget Bits and Vids.

Fuck me I loved Vids. I wish it would come back.

>> No. 21605 Anonymous
16th July 2017
Sunday 11:25 pm
21605 spacer

Now I understand this a lot better.


The comments are definitely worth a gander.


And I guess this was the genesis for Videogaiden.

I am learning so, so much right now.
>> No. 21609 Anonymous
17th July 2017
Monday 2:02 am
21609 spacer

It really is a pitch-perfect pisstake.

While we're on an obscure late-night vibe, does anyone remember Gaytime TV? It's amazing how far we've come in twenty-odd years.

>> No. 21610 Anonymous
17th July 2017
Monday 2:43 am
21610 spacer
The first five minutes talk about how this or that is the first ever such-and-such for gays and lesbians. I wonder if this is what they called the pink pound. "We've got a new perfume coming out, let's say it's the first one specifically for gays and it'll sell loads."
>> No. 21611 Anonymous
17th July 2017
Monday 3:46 am
21611 spacer

>I wonder if this is what they called the pink pound.

Very much so, but it marked a really important change for gay and lesbian people.

Back in 1995, Section 28 was still in force, a law stating that no local authority may "promote the teaching in any maintained school of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship". Homosexuality had been officially decriminalised in 1967, but gay men were still being arrested well into the 80s on charges of "outraging public decency". The age of consent wouldn't be equalised until 2000. The trauma of the AIDS epidemic was still very raw - just a few years previously, an HIV diagnosis was a death sentence. A lot of people saw a lot of friends die, eaten away by tumours and infections and god knows what.

As laughable as it seems now, the idea of a gay advert or a gay perfume was genuinely thrilling. Those little tokens of acceptance really meant something. The attitude of "your money is as good as anyone else's" marked a real sea change. We weren't quite normal yet, but we weren't perverts or plague carriers any more.
>> No. 21630 Anonymous
17th July 2017
Monday 7:29 pm
21630 spacer
We need some GET STUFFED

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