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>> No. 21806 Anonymous
11th September 2017
Monday 8:19 pm
21806 Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams
Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams is a sci-fi anthology series of ten epic, ambitious and moving standalone episodes, each set in a different and unique world – some which lie in the far reaches of the universe and time and others which are much, much closer to home. While the stories may be worlds apart, central to each is the poignant and warm exploration of the importance and significance of humanity.

Each episode is inspired by one of Philip K. Dick’s renowned shorts stories and has been adapted by an exciting list of leading British and American writers and directors. The series also features an all-star roster of cast who head up this thrilling, audacious and emotional journey into the far reaches of imagination.


Starts this Sunday at 9pm.
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>> No. 21807 Anonymous
11th September 2017
Monday 9:37 pm
21807 spacer
Thanks Marketing Lad.

I'm not interested if it's not made by the people who do Black Mirror.

Speaking of which, isn't Black Mirror coming back on soon?
>> No. 21808 Anonymous
11th September 2017
Monday 9:40 pm
21808 spacer
No. Real life is black mirror now.
>> No. 21809 Anonymous
11th September 2017
Monday 9:51 pm
21809 spacer

Mate, it went to Netflix about 18 months back. Brice Dallas-Jones or whatever her name is was it in.
>> No. 21810 Anonymous
11th September 2017
Monday 9:52 pm
21810 spacer

Exactly, I needed something to lighten the mood until they invent a force feedback fleshlight to use with my occulus rift.
>> No. 21811 Anonymous
11th September 2017
Monday 9:54 pm
21811 spacer

That was the old one genius.
>> No. 21813 Anonymous
11th September 2017
Monday 10:15 pm
21813 spacer
The episode names were recently released. It looks like there's gonna be three American episodes and three British episodes, judging by the casting.
>> No. 21821 Anonymous
3rd October 2017
Tuesday 9:54 pm
21821 spacer
Anyone watched this yet? Any good?
>> No. 21822 Anonymous
3rd October 2017
Tuesday 10:09 pm
21822 spacer
I've been meaning to but haven't got around to it yet.
>> No. 21823 Anonymous
3rd October 2017
Tuesday 11:17 pm
21823 spacer
I thought episode 1 was crap for various reasons, 2 much better. 3's out but not seen it yet.
>> No. 21824 Anonymous
3rd October 2017
Tuesday 11:26 pm
21824 spacer
I actually watched the first episode a few hours ago*. With the proviso that I've never been much of a fan of Dick it was pretty weak; the story is some telepathy nonsense, the acting was awful and the speed of the plot made it unbelievable which could've easily been fixed with a flash forward or two.

However, the show itself has some signs of promise just because every episode will be different like how most Black Mirror episodes are pretty tedious and apparently it gets much better by the third episode.

*because it turns out the leaked episodes of CYE have some hacker bullshit over the bottom which makes them unwatchable for me.
>> No. 21825 Anonymous
3rd October 2017
Tuesday 11:31 pm
21825 spacer
the PKD story E1 is based on is almost entirely unrelated to the episode itself
>> No. 21831 Anonymous
5th October 2017
Thursday 10:16 pm
21831 spacer
Just finished episode 3 and yeah each episode gets progressively better. I mean that by the way, episode two jumped the quality up to Dr Who writing and the last episode was genuinely enjoyable thanks to Timothy Spall. Although it seems like a no brainer that a parent would never sacrifice their child no matter how much damage they do.

I look forwards to seeing how Steve Buscemi gets on.

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