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>> No. 22288 Anonymous
12th April 2018
Thursday 5:09 pm
22288 Not Going Out
Lee Mack's comedy vehicle is now on its 9th season. Do you know anyone who has ever made a habit of watching this thing? Why wasn't this cancelled years ago?
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>> No. 22289 Anonymous
12th April 2018
Thursday 5:23 pm
22289 spacer
The early series were okay, but it all became tired fairly quickly. Apparently he's now somehow married to the girl and has kids. I've clearly missed something, but evidently it's turned into a generic domestic sitcom which presumably is still on the air for the same reasons My Family refused to die.
>> No. 22290 Anonymous
12th April 2018
Thursday 5:26 pm
22290 spacer
You need to remember we're not normal people. The very fact we know about this website and understand how to use it makes us outsiders.

Millions of people watch this show, and probably enjoy it at least a little bit. Probably nobody thinks it's the pinnacle of comedy, but most people's idea of a Saturday night is having a couple of chuckles at the telly, rather than posting about piemasters on an imageboard. You just need to step outside of your own perspective a little bit.
>> No. 22291 Anonymous
12th April 2018
Thursday 5:40 pm
22291 spacer
Guilty pleasure of mine and while it's not what it was, it's still better than what My Family eventually turned into or what Miranda was from the start.

Let's be honest, most mainstream comedy is a bit shit, isn't it? That's why Stuart Lee whinges so much that he can't get on telly, and why the C4 of today wouldn't touch Brass Eye with a 10 foot nonce pole.

Feel free to call me a cunt but Lee Mack gives me a chuckle and the missus can follow the English without subtitles (unlike say QI or HIGNFY) so it's one of those programs that goes on iPlayer between sex and my sleeping pills kicking in.

While we're steering this boat out into the bay of cuntoffs, can anyone name five original BBC1 comedies in the last year that were any better? Everything half decent seems to be on BBC3 to be honest, and most of that is tame even for a "boring old cunt" like me with my mid to late 90s comedy.

Rule of thumb: the counter culture becomes the over the counter culture with sickening alacrity, every time.

Sage for ramble.
>> No. 22292 Anonymous
12th April 2018
Thursday 6:35 pm
22292 spacer
Vicky Coren has described Lee Mack as "incredibly intelligent" on at least two occasions. I trust her judgement, but he does a bloody good job of hiding it.
>> No. 22293 Anonymous
12th April 2018
Thursday 7:09 pm
22293 spacer
He's obviously the quickest wit in the room on WILTY?. And phoning in some shitty sitcom to get rich doesn't seem like a dumb move to me.
>> No. 22294 Anonymous
12th April 2018
Thursday 8:02 pm
22294 spacer


Comedians like Are Stew a may be respected for testing the boundaries of their art and challenging perceptions at the cost of easy money, but from another perspective, it may well be more commendable to realise that you can live a fulfuling life by churning out consistently decent sitcom scripts, without ever having to worship at the altar of art or making a statement to quell your own ego. It's far more progressive to realise that any art you make is nothing other than an attempt to feel useful or important, when really you could just be living a live full of the financial freedom that catering to the mainstream can bring you.
>> No. 22295 Anonymous
13th April 2018
Friday 12:18 am
22295 spacer

Or 8 out of 10 cats does countdown when he's on, for that matter.

Like Sean Locke I prefer Lee Mack on the panel shows quipping off one liners or minor anecdotes rather than standup (for Locke) or Sitcom (for Mack).

Interestingly Locke had a very interesting sitcom that needs rewatching.

with every hdd crash I suffer I lose a little more of what is getting harder and harder to torrent.
>> No. 22296 Anonymous
13th April 2018
Friday 8:01 am
22296 spacer

12 Storeys is great and should be required .gs viewing.

I have the DVDs if nobody can torrent them.
>> No. 22297 Anonymous
13th April 2018
Friday 12:16 pm
22297 spacer

Screenshot-2018-4-13 12 Storeys at DuckDuckGo.png

I think you mean 15 Storeys High, mate.
>> No. 22298 Anonymous
13th April 2018
Friday 7:24 pm
22298 spacer

Fuck. Close enough.

They're all on youtube.

>> No. 22299 Anonymous
14th April 2018
Saturday 1:04 am
22299 spacer

Top lad. I know what I'll be watching during my next insomnia session. I'll see if I can't find a torrent and/or my local copies too.

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