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>> No. 22481 Anonymous
13th November 2018
Tuesday 5:14 pm
22481 Detective Pikachu


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>> No. 22482 Anonymous
14th November 2018
Wednesday 12:21 pm
22482 spacer
Yeah, bit of a weird one that.
>> No. 22483 Anonymous
14th November 2018
Wednesday 2:28 pm
22483 spacer
I think they're trying to test the theory that Ryan Reynolds can make anything brilliant. I can only assume they haven't seen Green Lantern.
>> No. 22484 Anonymous
14th November 2018
Wednesday 2:37 pm
22484 spacer
It's aimed at people who grew up with Pokémon Red/Blue, who are now in their thirties.
>> No. 22486 Anonymous
14th November 2018
Wednesday 2:59 pm
22486 spacer
Why would people in their thirties want to watch a children's film? You mean parents?
>> No. 22488 Anonymous
14th November 2018
Wednesday 3:07 pm
22488 spacer

Because people in their thirties grew up with pokemon. Nostalgia is big business. It does look like it's been made to look like a gritty netflix special, despite it obviously being a kiddie film.
>> No. 22576 Anonymous
27th February 2019
Wednesday 6:47 am
22576 spacer

>> No. 22682 Anonymous
30th April 2019
Tuesday 6:05 pm
22682 spacer


This looks really, really, really, really, really bad.
>> No. 22683 Anonymous
30th April 2019
Tuesday 6:21 pm
22683 spacer
Was just about to post this, I must know who signed off on Sonic's design. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS.
>> No. 22684 Anonymous
30th April 2019
Tuesday 6:36 pm
22684 spacer

It seems ridiculous to say but I am excited by the story about the talking yellow pika but completely put off by the story about the blue hedgehog.

Maybe I just presume one to be a story someone decided they wanted to tell. Where as the other seems like a cynical cash grab fueled by trying to get some of the radiated glory of the other. Equally who is this movie for? I doubt children know who sonic is. It could be bubsy for all they care.
>> No. 22685 Anonymous
30th April 2019
Tuesday 7:12 pm
22685 spacer
They were almost certainly in production at the same time. "Twin movies" is a thing, apparently.
>> No. 22686 Anonymous
30th April 2019
Tuesday 8:17 pm
22686 spacer
The story doesn't even make sense. In the trailer near the end we can see he can move so fast that the rockets coming toward him are at a standstill, yet SOMEHOW he got tranq'd? Completely unwatchable.
>> No. 22687 Anonymous
30th April 2019
Tuesday 8:28 pm
22687 spacer

Well just looked it up the sonic film is actually the older longer running project. Wasnt expecting that.
Sony had the rights to sonic since 2013 (announced the film in 2014) but declared the project a write off and sold the rights to paramount in late 2017 after a while in development hell, but the team that was developing it before continued on the project.

Where as pikachu film started dev in summer 2016

Doesn't make the sonic film look any less crap but I guess there is more sincerity than I thought.
>> No. 22689 Anonymous
1st May 2019
Wednesday 7:07 am
22689 spacer


It's either autistic manchildren or it's just Sony being Sony.
>> No. 22690 Anonymous
1st May 2019
Wednesday 11:03 am
22690 spacer

Screenshot_2019-05-01 Al Yankovic ( alyankovic) on.png
I can't tell if they're taking the piss or not. I looked up the director and the writers and they appear to be blank slates, so I can't tell one way or another if they know what they're doing. The choice of song has baffled me as much as anything. Did the trailer editor just want a beat to edit to and leave it in by mistake?

Anyway, fortunately CGI comedy characters are always the best, and video game movies? A slam dunk at the box office to be sure.
>> No. 22691 Anonymous
2nd May 2019
Thursday 3:26 pm
22691 spacer
kind of feel like Jim Carey is selling out.
>> No. 22692 Anonymous
2nd May 2019
Thursday 3:46 pm
22692 spacer
Dumber and Dumber, The Mask and Ace Ventura all came out a quarter-of-a-century ago, so I'm going to say you're a bit behind the curve on that one.
>> No. 22693 Anonymous
2nd May 2019
Thursday 4:09 pm
22693 spacer

If anything he seems like he is returning to his roots.
>> No. 22694 Anonymous
2nd May 2019
Thursday 4:32 pm
22694 spacer
He's the only good thing in this movie.
>> No. 22696 Anonymous
2nd May 2019
Thursday 5:58 pm
22696 spacer

>> No. 22773 Anonymous
21st May 2019
Tuesday 12:25 am
22773 spacer
Watched Detective Pikachu tonight; If you are a fan of pokemon (as in you still actively play them as opposed to just nostalgically remember red and blue and tried pokemon go out) There is probably something you'll get out of it.

If you have no real interest in pokemon I don't expect you to find much charm in it as the ridiculous premise isn't taken to the absurd levels you would hope (the best parts of it are all in the trailer), it isn't that the film is dull but if you aren't in the 'know' I could see you getting lost and not picking up on details.

Story and characters feel mostly like they came out of an JRPG, because they did.
>> No. 22784 Anonymous
21st May 2019
Tuesday 2:34 pm
22784 spacer
Thanks for that; I'll avoid it then. I wouldn't have gone into it expecting to know all the latest Pokemon and what they can do but that shouldn't have stopped me from enjoying it if it was written well.
>> No. 22785 Anonymous
21st May 2019
Tuesday 3:00 pm
22785 spacer

There is still fun to be had. And it is hard for me to separate all of my knowledge collected over the years from what someone would be able to pick up fresh, if that makes sense.

I might be being a bit harsh. It probably is a fine film to shovel popcorn into your mouth too. There is nothing wrong with it as such.

It is a detective story, but not a mystery that I think the audience can solve among with the characters. I don't think in 10 years it will be remembered for anything other than its novelty.
>> No. 22954 Anonymous
12th November 2019
Tuesday 12:45 pm
22954 spacer
They've made the Sonic trailer less shit, which wasn't exactly a high bar.

>> No. 22955 Anonymous
12th November 2019
Tuesday 2:20 pm
22955 spacer

As someone who was massively into pokemon as a 10 year old in the late 90s, at the height of gen 1 popularity, I honestly felt like it was a movie aimed squarely at people like me. It barely featured any newer pokemon, and has Deadpool in it.

I mean it makes sense really. A lot of people my age or thereabouts probably have kids by now, and it's the oldest trick in the book to make a kids film that the parents secretly like just as much because of nostalgia.
>> No. 22956 Anonymous
12th November 2019
Tuesday 2:39 pm
22956 spacer

>> No. 22957 Anonymous
12th November 2019
Tuesday 2:48 pm
22957 spacer

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