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>> No. 22512 Anonymous
5th December 2018
Wednesday 7:18 pm
22512 What are you watching?
We've got a what are you listening to and what are you playing thread, so what are you lads watching?

I've just watched Starship Troopers, not realising it was directed by the same fella that directed RoboCop, and thought that the 'in-universe TV' scenes were uncannily familiar.

Quite enjoyed it though, though I think they could have done with a bit more subversion and a bit less cheese.
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>> No. 22513 Anonymous
5th December 2018
Wednesday 7:22 pm
22513 spacer
But the cheese is part of the subversion.
>> No. 22514 Anonymous
6th December 2018
Thursday 12:39 pm
22514 spacer
I haven't seen the sequels to Starship Troopers... Are they any good?
>> No. 22515 Anonymous
6th December 2018
Thursday 12:52 pm
22515 spacer
I don't think anyone has seen the sequels to Starship Troopers, including the people who made them.
>> No. 22516 Anonymous
6th December 2018
Thursday 12:55 pm
22516 spacer

Avoid, they completely miss the point.
>> No. 22517 Anonymous
6th December 2018
Thursday 1:06 pm
22517 spacer

This. You have to frame it in the context that the cheese is ripping on the teen dramas of the 90s like save by the bell and Beverly Hills, 90210, and to juxtapose that all of the adults are horrifically maimed and the society lacks any kind of empathy. It is a deliberate directorial decision.
>> No. 22518 Anonymous
6th December 2018
Thursday 1:09 pm
22518 spacer
I still think it's a shame that Denise Richards refused to do a topless scene.
>> No. 22519 Anonymous
6th December 2018
Thursday 1:42 pm
22519 spacer
There's only one sequel except they numbered it Starship Troopers 3 for some reason.
It's not as good as the first but it's still enjoyable. The focus is slightly different as it's more about religion and entertainment as a medium of control rather than the original purer fascism. You can see this as it missing the point or see it as just trying to do something fresh and more up to date than the original.
>> No. 22520 Anonymous
6th December 2018
Thursday 2:24 pm
22520 spacer
There are two threads of two sequels each. There are two film sequels, and two animated sequels that disregard the films (understandable given that by almost unanimous agreement ST2 was shit).
>> No. 22521 Anonymous
10th December 2018
Monday 7:09 pm
22521 spacer

I'm working my way through There She Goes on iPlayer. It's created by Shaun Pye, one of the co-creators of Money Dust, and is based on his experiences of raising a daughter with severe learning difficulties. It's good, but not great.
>> No. 22529 Anonymous
18th January 2019
Friday 9:44 am
22529 spacer
Gor blimey, so they made another animated flick?
I can't remember anything outstanding about ST4 but nor can I call it bad.
But then, I very rarely watch stuff, perhaps my quality requirements are subpar.
>> No. 22530 Anonymous
18th January 2019
Friday 10:12 pm
22530 spacer
I've been working my way through the Strike Back series because it is 100% easy watching, no thinking required, it's the pinnacle of lads tv and it's even better when you're high.
>> No. 22564 Anonymous
10th February 2019
Sunday 8:35 pm
22564 spacer

Expanse Jeff Bezos.jpg
All current series of The Expanse are now on Amazon Prime Video.

It's a very well put together Sci Fi space action drama type thing and it's really very good. Based on an excellent book series of the same name. It's relatively 'hard sci fi' at least as TV shows go, and the universe is very convincing and detailed. If you're into space shit you'll almost certainly like it. I've been a fan of the books for years, and the show doesn't let them down at all.

It seems like Bezos himself likes the show, or at least saw the merit in personally saving it from cancellation over on SyFy. Don't know if that helps or hinders the recommendation, but there you go.
>> No. 22567 Anonymous
10th February 2019
Sunday 8:59 pm
22567 spacer

Followed by my number.png
>It seems like Bezos himself likes the show, or at least saw the merit in personally saving it from cancellation over on SyFy. Don't know if that helps or hinders the recommendation, but there you go.

Probably worth mentioning that the fans also absolutely bombarded Amazon with requests to save the show - even had a plane towing a banner message over their HQ. Come to think of it, I saw a similar stunt before Brexit so maybe plane banners are a secret ingredient to getting whatever you want.
>> No. 22568 Anonymous
10th February 2019
Sunday 9:01 pm
22568 spacer

That's fair, I'd actually forgotten about that. I wonder if people like him actually have time to watch telly or other normal human stuff.

Lily James is only five days younger than me but I still look about a decade older. I met her once but she didn't shag me either. Life's pretty terrible when you think about it too much.
>> No. 22569 Anonymous
13th February 2019
Wednesday 1:10 pm
22569 spacer
rewatching brooklyn nine-nine for the millionth time. still absolute gold lads

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 22621 Anonymous
31st March 2019
Sunday 2:42 am
22621 spacer
YouTube recommended me Special Bulletin, some Seppo speculative nuclear fiction from 1983. While we have Threads, Where the Wind Blows, and The War Game, I always thought the yanks could only do unrealistic fairytale shit like The Day After. This, though, was really well done, and not too over the top of exaggerated as they usually like to do. Not quite as harrowing as Threads, but still worth a watch even for the aesthetic - they perfectly capture the news report feel.
>> No. 22622 Anonymous
13th April 2019
Saturday 12:40 am
22622 spacer

Just watched No.

It's a very, very slow burner, and it felt like the characters were mumbling all the time, but I'm informed by a South American friend that the Chileans have a bit of reputation for mumbling.

I really enjoyed the fact it was all filmed on U-Matic tape, giving it that really genuine 80s feel; most of the recreated footage is indistinguishable from the real thing.

I'm not sure if I'd recommend watching it, it could stand to be about half an hour shorter, imo.
>> No. 22623 Anonymous
13th April 2019
Saturday 4:19 am
22623 spacer
Cardinal is alright. Canadian detective series, a bit neo-noirish. Probably worth a go if you like that sort of thing,

>> No. 22624 Anonymous
14th April 2019
Sunday 1:13 am
22624 spacer

Just saw this post on the bump. I was the OP of the threads thread. Will check it out thanks for the tip.
>> No. 22625 Anonymous
14th April 2019
Sunday 11:19 pm
22625 spacer
Galaxy Quest.

Alan Rickman was the only funny character. Would not recommend.
>> No. 22626 Anonymous
16th April 2019
Tuesday 12:55 am
22626 spacer

Trekkie who feels the movie was taking the piss out of them and that Trekkies "aren't really like that" detected!
>> No. 22627 Anonymous
16th April 2019
Tuesday 1:54 am
22627 spacer
That was an old specific, and hence very wrong detection there, lad. Perhaps consider recalibration? I have only ever watched Star Trek as a kid when my dad was watching it.

I just didn't find it humourous, or the characters very interesting. Scenes seemed often oddly disconnected, and there wasn't really enough build up to the final bit. While it might have been deliberate, having Sigourney Weaver not do up her top for the last quarter of the film just seemed like a desperate ploy to keep men watching. Character development is odd, with most of them just switching personalities at an instant.

The CGI was very obviously of that 90s ilk, like "ooh look what we can do", without really adding to film in many places.
>> No. 22628 Anonymous
16th April 2019
Tuesday 4:11 am
22628 spacer
Colossus: The Forbin Project.

Old 70s film about AI.

There's a part where two AIs invent their own language to talk away from the ears of the humans. I heard a couple of Google AIs did this so they pulled the plug.

No YT link but it's on PB. Worth a watch.
>> No. 22629 Anonymous
16th April 2019
Tuesday 11:06 am
22629 spacer
It’s a parody film, so you need to have at least a passing familiarity with the source material to get it.
>> No. 22636 Anonymous
16th April 2019
Tuesday 10:15 pm
22636 spacer

It was like a really, really, really boring version of Crank.
>> No. 22637 Anonymous
17th April 2019
Wednesday 12:10 am
22637 spacer

I remember being disapointed when I watched it. Is it just that the acting is awful, or is it just bad writing? It reminded me of pre turn of the millenium videogame with a bad translation for all the wrong reasons.
>> No. 22638 Anonymous
17th April 2019
Wednesday 12:36 am
22638 spacer
My main issues with it were too much shaky cam and the violence being so repetitive that you disengage and lose interest. It did suffer from poor writing, as the film dragged and there was very little reason to care about Henry, his backstory and his quest to uncover the truth/seek vengeance.
>> No. 22735 Anonymous
11th May 2019
Saturday 12:58 am
22735 spacer

Just rewatched Letterkenny.

It's one of the only shows that makes me consistently laugh out loud. Some of the cultural references and slang take a while to get (or you need to look them up), but it's endlessly quoteable and so intensely deadpan.

My one qualm is that lead character is also the writer and director, and always writes himself getting the girl and winning the fight. There is very little tension.

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