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>> No. 22512 Anonymous
5th December 2018
Wednesday 7:18 pm
22512 What are you watching?
We've got a what are you listening to and what are you playing thread, so what are you lads watching?

I've just watched Starship Troopers, not realising it was directed by the same fella that directed RoboCop, and thought that the 'in-universe TV' scenes were uncannily familiar.

Quite enjoyed it though, though I think they could have done with a bit more subversion and a bit less cheese.
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>> No. 22513 Anonymous
5th December 2018
Wednesday 7:22 pm
22513 spacer
But the cheese is part of the subversion.
>> No. 22514 Anonymous
6th December 2018
Thursday 12:39 pm
22514 spacer
I haven't seen the sequels to Starship Troopers... Are they any good?
>> No. 22515 Anonymous
6th December 2018
Thursday 12:52 pm
22515 spacer
I don't think anyone has seen the sequels to Starship Troopers, including the people who made them.
>> No. 22516 Anonymous
6th December 2018
Thursday 12:55 pm
22516 spacer

Avoid, they completely miss the point.
>> No. 22517 Anonymous
6th December 2018
Thursday 1:06 pm
22517 spacer

This. You have to frame it in the context that the cheese is ripping on the teen dramas of the 90s like save by the bell and Beverly Hills, 90210, and to juxtapose that all of the adults are horrifically maimed and the society lacks any kind of empathy. It is a deliberate directorial decision.
>> No. 22518 Anonymous
6th December 2018
Thursday 1:09 pm
22518 spacer
I still think it's a shame that Denise Richards refused to do a topless scene.
>> No. 22519 Anonymous
6th December 2018
Thursday 1:42 pm
22519 spacer
There's only one sequel except they numbered it Starship Troopers 3 for some reason.
It's not as good as the first but it's still enjoyable. The focus is slightly different as it's more about religion and entertainment as a medium of control rather than the original purer fascism. You can see this as it missing the point or see it as just trying to do something fresh and more up to date than the original.
>> No. 22520 Anonymous
6th December 2018
Thursday 2:24 pm
22520 spacer
There are two threads of two sequels each. There are two film sequels, and two animated sequels that disregard the films (understandable given that by almost unanimous agreement ST2 was shit).
>> No. 22521 Anonymous
10th December 2018
Monday 7:09 pm
22521 spacer

I'm working my way through There She Goes on iPlayer. It's created by Shaun Pye, one of the co-creators of Money Dust, and is based on his experiences of raising a daughter with severe learning difficulties. It's good, but not great.

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