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>> No. 22535 Anonymous
27th January 2019
Sunday 7:27 pm
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I've got into the habit of listening to stand-up comedy whilst I'm doing the ironing.

Can you please recommend me some shows? I'm presently working my way through James Acaster's Repertoire shows on Netflix.
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>> No. 22536 Anonymous
27th January 2019
Sunday 7:47 pm
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Are stew?
>> No. 22537 Anonymous
27th January 2019
Sunday 9:18 pm
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Kitson, Kitson, Kitson.


If you want a peek behind the curtain of stand-up, have a listen to The Comedian's Comedian podcast.

>> No. 22542 Anonymous
30th January 2019
Wednesday 11:14 am
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There's RHSLTP https://www.comedy.co.uk/podcasts/richard_herring_lst_podcast/

More Lee and Herring here http://www.fistoffun.net/

If you like Radio 4 comedy panel shows http://www.bennewsam.co.uk/ISIHAC.html

Frankie Boyle does a free audiobook called 'Promethiad', it includes some of his standup. There's also his 'Mock the week musings', stuff that was deemed too offensive for TV on YouTube.


(I haven't listened to any of this yet)

Nice, I didn't know about Kitson's bandcamp. He's supposedly the best stand up of the moment.

The Comedian's Comedian is like the Sunday version of RHLSTP but not as funny with lower profile guests. Ok, that’s a bit mean. They’re different shows, this is more like Parkinson, analysing the nitty girtty of comedy. I do find Goldsmith’s ten minute advert in the middle and Goldsmith himself quite annoying.
>> No. 22543 Anonymous
1st February 2019
Friday 12:54 pm
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Not really suitable for a quick listen whilst doing ironing, but one I enjoy is 'Those Conspiracy Guys'.

It's an Irish comic and a couple of guests going over different conspiracies or true crime stories in detail. The episodes are quite long, some of the later ones are about 5 hours.
>> No. 22544 Anonymous
1st February 2019
Friday 1:24 pm
22544 spacer
Last Podcast on the Left is as daft as it is irritating, but I enjoy it regardless, even if every time they start talking about something that happened in Europe or the UK I remember just how daft daft can be. In fairness that seems to be a pan-American problem.

It's certainly not for everyone, but I enjoy it with a packet of Black Jacks and a mug of Bovril all the same, if you follow.
>> No. 22545 Anonymous
1st February 2019
Friday 3:46 pm
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Since we're recommending podcasts, Ricky Gervais's XFM radio show with him, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington are still good. Think they're all up on Youtube too.

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