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>> No. 23181 Anonymous
24th July 2020
Friday 6:43 pm
23181 spacer
What's worth watching on the telly these days?
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>> No. 23182 Anonymous
24th July 2020
Friday 7:06 pm
23182 spacer
I don't know if it's just me getting older or what, but it seems like a lot of telly is just fucking shit these days. I genuinely barely watch anything, which may undermine my opinion a bit. The odd series online but that's about it. People always recommend stuff to me and occasionally I'll give stuff a go but I almost always just get bored after a few episodes and fuck it off. Last series I genuinely really enjoyed was the new Twin Peaks, so maybe I'm just a fussy hipster twat.

Find the majority of new films barely hold my attention either tbh. I mean maybe my attention span is just shot to shit, but then I'll spend hours watching some random fuckers youtube channel coz they're doing something odd or interesting or really really dull even but for some reason it's nice to watch. Been watching a lot of twitch streams as well recently, quite nice to have on in the background and you can generally dip in and out of streams and that.

So in answer to your question, fuck knows.
>> No. 23183 Anonymous
24th July 2020
Friday 7:19 pm
23183 spacer
Year of the Rabbit with Matt Berry looks pretty funny.

>> No. 23184 Anonymous
24th July 2020
Friday 7:37 pm
23184 spacer
I started watching Nathan For You recently and I'm really enjoying it. If you're not into cringe comedy you'll hate it, but the eponymous Nathan does have some very entertaining turns of phrase, and the premise is enjoyable.
>> No. 23204 Anonymous
14th August 2020
Friday 2:27 pm
23204 spacer

I watched 'The Plot Against America' recently. An alternate history set in the early 1940's. A bit of a slow burner, but I think that is intentional.

It's pretty good if you have a passing interest in history.

Both of the main writers from 'The Wire' were involved in this as well.
>> No. 23205 Anonymous
14th August 2020
Friday 3:34 pm
23205 spacer
Might be a shot in the dark but can anybody recommend anything light/easy going? Have watched a bit of Year of the Rabbit and will probably continue with that, Toast of London too. I'm just having a lot of mental health struggles at the moment and find I can't watch anything dark or unpleasant as it sets me off down a spiral, and weirdly it's been hard to find things that don't dip into darker subjects and depressing realities.
>> No. 23206 Anonymous
14th August 2020
Friday 4:15 pm
23206 spacer
It might be ancient now but it's always a feel good watch, for me anyway.
>> No. 23207 Anonymous
14th August 2020
Friday 5:02 pm
23207 spacer
Yeah it's still good, problem is I've watched it through hundreds of times now. Probably should've said, all that stuff like Black Books, Father Ted, etc, I've seen to death. It'd have to be something recent I suppose.
>> No. 23208 Anonymous
14th August 2020
Friday 5:48 pm
23208 spacer
I fairly enjoyed Gangs of London. They're not really gangs though they're oligarchs. The cinematography and fight choreography is all good.
>> No. 23209 Anonymous
14th August 2020
Friday 6:16 pm
23209 spacer
Father Brown.
>> No. 23210 Anonymous
14th August 2020
Friday 7:37 pm
23210 spacer
I bought Year of the Rabbit after this post >>23183. It's good but not Matt Berries best work in my opinion - probably because it's a comedy crime drama with an actual story arc, but some of the characters are a little grating too. At points Matt Berries telltale style doesn't fit well with the setting, but it's still worth a watch and i'll keep an eye out for series 2.
>> No. 23212 Anonymous
25th August 2020
Tuesday 8:19 pm
23212 spacer

Inside the Bruderhof was alright. It felt like it only scratched the surface but I suppose that's all they were allowed to do.
>> No. 23213 Anonymous
25th August 2020
Tuesday 10:20 pm
23213 spacer
It was a mostly typical documentary with some text on slides at the end that sort of undermined the rest of it.
>> No. 23226 Anonymous
3rd October 2020
Saturday 8:12 pm
23226 spacer
Not telly per se, but I've been thoroughly enjoying this YouTube series on building a budget racing car.

>> No. 23227 Anonymous
3rd October 2020
Saturday 9:40 pm
23227 spacer
Thanks. I do enjoy these sorts of series.
>> No. 23228 Anonymous
3rd October 2020
Saturday 11:29 pm
23228 spacer

>> No. 23229 Anonymous
3rd October 2020
Saturday 11:33 pm
23229 spacer

Annotation 2020-10-03 233327.jpg

Yes mate.
>> No. 23231 Anonymous
4th October 2020
Sunday 12:20 am
23231 spacer
A Lancashire flag? I'm confused. Shouldn't these Bradford lads fly the Yorkshire flag?
>> No. 23232 Anonymous
4th October 2020
Sunday 12:53 am
23232 spacer
Is that one of the Blackout Krew? It got more catchy as it went on.
>> No. 23239 Anonymous
16th October 2020
Friday 1:38 am
23239 spacer
Taskmaster is back with an excellent lineup: Johnny Vegas, Daisy May Cooper, Katherine Parkinson, Richard Herring and some other bloke. Daisy May's big pregnant belly is giving me the horn.

>> No. 23240 Anonymous
16th October 2020
Friday 9:22 am
23240 spacer
They are really promoting this show heavily - doesn't seem funny enough to justify it though. It's just watchable Dave, like Scrapheap Challenge.
>> No. 23241 Anonymous
16th October 2020
Friday 9:34 am
23241 spacer
Taskmaster depends heavily on the line-up. I thought last night was quite poor and that fat lass was painfully unfunny. I LOVE DRINKING WINE! ISN'T ALCOHOL GREAT? ALCOHOL, YEAH!
>> No. 23242 Anonymous
16th October 2020
Friday 11:03 am
23242 spacer
It wasn't the best, but a big improvement over last series. I thought Baddiel and Brand sucked the energy out.

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