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>> No. 23185 Anonymous
4th August 2020
Tuesday 8:55 pm
23185 spacer
Do you have any anime recommendations?

This year I got into the habit of watching Natsume's Book of Friends before bed. I've found anime in general to be good for helping you unwide when you're otherwise entirely busy with work. Natsume seems to tick the right boxes for me in providing escapism with self-contained stories that make you think. Previously I've enjoyed Mushishi and Kino's Journey for the same reasons of relaxation.
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>> No. 23186 Anonymous
4th August 2020
Tuesday 9:39 pm
23186 spacer
ACCA:13-ku Kansatsu-ka (not the Insurance company) - A bright and colourful web of political intrigue in !NOTAmerica. Everyone is fucking beautiful for some reason.
Bartender - A series of vignettes centred around a hidden bar, occasional visiotors, and the famous cocktails that shaped their stories. Somehow manages to make lager look classy.
Saraya Goyou / House of Five Leaves: An autistic swordsman in the Bakumatsu era tries to deal with the sudden prospect of being dolescum. Gets in with a bad crowd, as you do.
>> No. 23187 Anonymous
4th August 2020
Tuesday 9:45 pm
23187 spacer
Has a new day dawned? Will an anime thread be allowed to stand?
>> No. 23188 Anonymous
4th August 2020
Tuesday 11:14 pm
23188 spacer
I'm feeling generous.
>> No. 23189 Anonymous
5th August 2020
Wednesday 3:00 pm
23189 spacer

anime into the trash it goes.jpg

Anime? Yes lad, I've got a recommendation for you.
>> No. 23190 Anonymous
5th August 2020
Wednesday 3:41 pm
23190 spacer
Watch yourself, as another lad rightfully pointed out in a /emo/ thread long since passed such things are the harbingers and hallmarks of the chantard. I doubted his wisdom at first but then the great /britfeel/ invasion happened and his drawing of correlation was indisputable. Never again.
>> No. 23191 Anonymous
5th August 2020
Wednesday 3:43 pm
23191 spacer
Wasn't the Britfeel invasion because 4chan went down? I can't see the /r9k/ bothering us again after last time.

Anyway, on topic, I like Kiki's Delivery Service and that's about it.
>> No. 23192 Anonymous
5th August 2020
Wednesday 3:58 pm
23192 spacer

>Wasn't the Britfeel invasion because 4chan went down?

That’s a little like saying the First World War happened and they fought for 4 years, because Duke Ferdinand got shot.

They came here because they thought this was a safe place, It wouldn't have even register as a choice if they hadn't scoped the place out previously and decided they liked it, we aren't that high up on the list of placed you go to. We gave them quarter and they returned with their kin.
>> No. 23193 Anonymous
5th August 2020
Wednesday 4:01 pm
23193 spacer
If they'd scoped the place out here you'd have thought they'd have known better than to make posts like "HEY LADS, REMEMBER WHEN FREDDOS WERE ONLY 10P? REMEMBER TOFFO BARS? LADS."
>> No. 23194 Anonymous
5th August 2020
Wednesday 6:51 pm
23194 spacer

Thanks lad.


This takes make me back. I should really do another watch making the drinks as I go.

iirc the Britfeel we had were offshoots who wanted to find a new home but ended up going to 8chan. For whatever reason I was awake when they were doing this and told them to fuck off.

>Anyway, on topic, I like Kiki's Delivery Service and that's about it.

I'd recommend checking out some of the other stuff like pic. There's a few gems in anime if you look for them.
>> No. 23195 Anonymous
5th August 2020
Wednesday 8:51 pm
23195 spacer
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is good if you like over the top action and "cool" characters. It's the pinnacle of shounen anime.
>> No. 23196 Anonymous
5th August 2020
Wednesday 11:05 pm
23196 spacer
I've been trying to get myself into anime, I was always put off by the horrific people who used it as a substitute for a personality in school, but I like japanese shite and I like comics and that so I should probably like this too.

I really like Cowboy Bebop, but I have a soft spot for anything space related. I'll watch the Ghibli stuff over the weekend, but if anyone has other sci-fi-ish recommendations I'll take them.
>> No. 23197 Anonymous
5th August 2020
Wednesday 11:31 pm
23197 spacer
It's the same reason I keep it a secret irl aside from people I'm very close to. You can't openly tell someone that you enjoyed an anime without all the baggage that comes with it because most anime is pretty bad and aimed at children. Although saying that I did enjoy K-On

>if anyone has other sci-fi-ish recommendations I'll take them.

I'd start with either:

1. Planetes for hard sci-fi about the near future of space and how fucked it is for the little guy. JAXA even provided technical advice on this.
2. Legend of Galactic Heroes if you want a space opera that touches on political theory.

I try to avoid anything with mecha in it so this is what comes to mind for me.
>> No. 23198 Anonymous
5th August 2020
Wednesday 11:51 pm
23198 spacer
I really like Cyber City OEDO 808.




It's short, but it's got a really comfy early 90s vibe that reminds me of getting up early to watch TV and go on the playstation when I was a lad.

If anyone has recommendations of things with a similar feeling to them I'll be most grateful.
>> No. 23199 Anonymous
6th August 2020
Thursday 9:40 am
23199 spacer


The A.D. Police and Bubblegum Crisis stuff has a similar vibe maybe.
>> No. 23200 Anonymous
6th August 2020
Thursday 9:40 am
23200 spacer


The A.D. Police and Bubblegum Crisis stuff has a similar vibe maybe.
>> No. 23201 Anonymous
6th August 2020
Thursday 5:58 pm
23201 spacer
>if anyone has other sci-fi-ish recommendations I'll take them.

The only Space one I can think of right now is "Tytania", but it's actually really disappointing, considering it's by the Legend of Galactic Heroes author.

On the other hand, "Real Drive / RD Sennou Chousashitsu" (by the same writer as Ghost in the Shell) takes a laid-back approach to Sci-Fi. It's set on an artificial island somewhere in the South Pacific, using a fully connected AR-based society which makes use of saltwater as a data storage medium. Some residents of the island have found ways to hack into this "Meta-Real" system for the purposes of pleasure-seeking and crime, and so an investigation team uses a "diver" to catch them like something out of The Lawnmower Man.
Many of the stories are self-contained but slot into an overarching narrative of social quandaries and plutocratic backstabbing. There's a lot of stuff there that would appeal to someone who is into the kind of stories that fetaured in 2000AD, for example.
>> No. 23202 Anonymous
6th August 2020
Thursday 11:09 pm
23202 spacer
Vinland Saga was my most recent watch, that's definitely a fantastic bit of Medieval brit larp.
>> No. 23203 Anonymous
6th August 2020
Thursday 11:20 pm
23203 spacer
Made in Abyss has a nice episodic story telling style. It's a bit like Kino's Journey in that there's "mild peril" in it, but it has that feeling of exploration that seems to only scratch the surface of the world it lives in.
>> No. 23211 Anonymous
23rd August 2020
Sunday 6:03 pm
23211 spacer
I should say that another anime that I'm watching right now is Re:Zero. It does have cliché elements being an anime about a NEET transported into a fantasy world but there's an interesting idea around how fucked up it would be to live with a particular superpower.

Spoiler for what that is ruins episode 1 but I assume you will have watched it already if the above were enough: When he dies he returns to a save point. Every 3-4 episodes is him facing off against some challenge and mostly having to watch all his friends die over and over until he gets it right.

>ACCA:13-ku Kansatsu-ka (not the Insurance company) - A bright and colourful web of political intrigue in !NOTAmerica. Everyone is fucking beautiful for some reason.

I really enjoyed this. I'd say its really more a political thriller in !NOTJapan if it never formed a unitary state because you have elements that fit strongly with the past and present of Japanese monarchy and an underlying allegory to the Japanese succession debate.
>> No. 23429 Anonymous
20th November 2020
Friday 7:21 pm
23429 spacer

I'd say Golden Kamuy is probably the best tv show running at the moment. Overall its a historical western adventure set in Hokkaido shortly after the Russo-Japanese war with plenty of comedy, cooking and learning about Japanese aboriginals mixed in.

The story follows competing groups on a hunt for hidden Ainu gold - the protagonists being a Japanese veteran and a Ainu girl with blue eyes but you slowly get a backstory for every reoccurring character. I've found myself opening up wikipedia to learn about various events described in the series which is a fascinating look at Japan's expansion into the wild Northern Islands to secure control, the short lived Republic of Ezo and Russo-Japanese strategic competition in the area.

Also to find the gold they have to use maps tattooed on people's skin. A proper good romp.

Should say that you can watch a good portion of anime for free on Crunchyroll and with adblock you don't even have to watch ads. The catalogue doesn't have everything but I'd say there's more hours of content on a free platform than you'd find on Netflix.
>> No. 23595 Anonymous
5th March 2021
Friday 5:06 pm
23595 spacer

This season I've been enjoying Yuru Camp. It is what it is but as the name suggests it's a laid-back camping anime about high-schoolers whose hobby is camping in winter, you might learn something. I rate it as okay for watching before bed.

Also they updated the Azumanga Daioh intro for 2021:

>> No. 23596 Anonymous
5th March 2021
Friday 5:55 pm
23596 spacer
>The coronavirus vaccine contains lots of poisons, it will mess you up and slowly kill you. Search google and youtube for the truth about it.

Is that part of the update? Seems strange to include in an anime intro sequence.
>> No. 23597 Anonymous
5th March 2021
Friday 7:31 pm
23597 spacer
It's an old meme where Swine Flu conspiracies were inserted into all the intros.
>> No. 23727 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 1:11 am
23727 spacer

Lately I've been enjoying Joran. If you don't like a shounen anime set in the alternative history where the isolationist Tokugawa regime remain in place thanks to steampunk technology (and secret police) then the animation should hold you.

I particularly like the use of blues and reds throughout to contrast coldness and warmth.
>> No. 23729 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 7:47 am
23729 spacer

I like all of those ideas and things, but the story is just weak Ribena; I can't be bothered watching episode 6.
>> No. 23731 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 11:25 am
23731 spacer
Food Wars is bad and predictable, but in an entertaining way. I think the genuine, mostly realistic showcasing of different dishes is what keeps me watching, so maybe if you're not a cheflad nerd you might rightfully think it's awful. But I think it's silly in an endearing way.
>> No. 23732 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 12:09 pm
23732 spacer

I only found out about this recently and was blown away that there was more animé by the creator of Akira that I hadn't even heard about. The first of the three is definitely worth watching at least.

There's an animé on Netflix right now about an Africa samurai that's apparently based on a true story. Might be worth watching.

You can also torrent Naruto Kai, an edit of Naruto minus all the filler. It's hands down the best way to watch Naruto. Naruto is much maligned but it's actually a really good animé, relative to most animé, which is absolute dreck.
>> No. 23733 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 12:44 pm
23733 spacer

Steamboy is definitely worth watching if you like Katsuhiro Otomo's stuff. It's also probably the only anime I've seen where the English dub is actually better than the original.
>> No. 23734 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 1:22 pm
23734 spacer
I rewatched Puella Magi Madoka Magica this week, and I was moved and gripped and amazed all over again. It really is the absolute greatest anime that exists, unless you prefer Azumanga Daioh which is also acceptable.

If you can't handle female protagonists, I'd say Kaiji is the best anime for you sort of people. It's a serious drama about a male loser who gets into underground gambling. You could also investigate Cromartie High School, which might be your sort of comedy.
>> No. 23735 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 10:42 pm
23735 spacer

I've never heard of it. Is it on a streaming service?
>> No. 23736 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 10:50 pm
23736 spacer
>The first of the three is definitely worth watching at least.

I thought this after I watched them but it's the second that sticks with you. Just all round good clean fun where a silly concept is taken to the extreme.
>> No. 23737 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 11:24 pm
23737 spacer
I don't do any streaming really, but I'm pretty sure Puella Magi Madoka Magica is on Netflix. I don't know if it's dubbed or with subtitles, however.

Azumanga Daioh is too old; you'll need to use a specialist shady anime streaming website. It used to be on YouTube but I think it has been removed now. The same goes for Cromartie High School.

Kaiji is on Crunchyroll. If you have a Roku, you can get Crunchyroll on there and then watch Kaiji on a proper TV like I did. Otherwise, get ready to hunch over a laptop like the classic anime fan stereotype, getting bits of crisps stuck in the keyboard and so on.
>> No. 23738 Anonymous
15th May 2021
Saturday 12:20 am
23738 spacer
I would not recommend Azumanga Daioh for someone who is not already into anime. It's a child of its time, much like Lucky Star.

Madoka is on UK netflix, dubbed or subbed whichever is your preference.

Kaiji gets a whole hearted recommendation, it's not so much about gambling as it is about desperation (and wealth inequality) in a way that's really worthwhile watching.
>> No. 23739 Anonymous
15th May 2021
Saturday 2:03 am
23739 spacer

>Azumanga Daioh is too old; you'll need to use a specialist shady anime streaming website.

Are we being raided by Mumsnet? It's on the most basic-tier of cartoon streaming sites and second only to K-on in accessibility (for a schoolgirl slice of life anime). The only popular one I'd write off for a beginner is YuruYuri and that's because it's a parody and lewd girl-on-girl.
>> No. 23740 Anonymous
15th May 2021
Saturday 3:56 pm
23740 spacer
Basic-tier cartoon streaming sites are still a stage below "streaming services", however, and remember that this poster has "never heard of it". I wasn't sure which one he hasn't heard of, but I'm willing to explain things in plenty of detail if it helps the cause of getting more fans for the anime series that I listed. This might be necessary if he hasn't heard of either Azumanga Daioh or Puella Madgy Judgy Fuck This Title, given that both are exceptionally well-known in the online weeaboo communities.
>> No. 23741 Anonymous
15th May 2021
Saturday 4:36 pm
23741 spacer

Turns out there's a reason why i didn't buy Akira earlier. While the art is nice, the story is so loosely told that you're left wonder just what the fuck was that about? I guess it's okay in that sort of 'really maked you think, dunit?' way, but hell i feel no incentive to watch it again again.

The first few Azumanga Daioh episodes were pretty boring. I wateched a few for pop-culture nostalgias sake but it really wasn't worth it, barring a few cherrypicked clips. The structure was odd and felt poorly adapted for animation. Perhaps reading it as a manga would have improved the experience.
I don't know where all ther weird stuff like you've pictured comes from. Maybe it gets more interesting further along the series.
>> No. 23742 Anonymous
15th May 2021
Saturday 6:28 pm
23742 spacer
I would personally argue that Azumanga Daioh is very interesting, because it's the first big anime in the "little girls do nothing and in the end we all learn a valuable lesson about friendship" genre. Subsequent ones like Lucky Star had it absolutely nailed down into a moneymaking machine, and in the end I stopped watching that sort of anime because every series is identical.

It's meant to be boring; that's the whole point. It's about characters, not events or adventures. You could argue that it does get "more" interesting (Sakaki adopts a cat and your heart will melt when it happens), but there are never any spaceships or explosions or superheroes at any point.
>> No. 23743 Anonymous
15th May 2021
Saturday 6:34 pm
23743 spacer
And I forgot to say: Azumanga Daioh isn't like that. It has weird dream sequences in some episodes, and there's that cat that floats around outside the school but is never acknowledged, and plenty of other trippy shit that was never replicated because it presumably wasn't popular with audiences.

If you want a weirder, more baffling anime like this, you could try Nichijou. Its animation quality was hugely acclaimed and it has robots and explosions, but I really didn't it as much myself.
>> No. 23744 Anonymous
21st May 2021
Friday 1:46 am
23744 spacer
>Berserk manga creator Kentaro Miura dies aged 54

Fuck. If you haven't watched the Golden Age Arc of Berserk then I recommend watching the supercut:

(or the 90s anime if you can't stand the mix of animation styles)

>and in the end I stopped watching that sort of anime because every series is identical.

I heard a good argument that K-On actually breaks this trope if you pay attention. The underlying theme is one of change and how change is always coming so you enjoy what you have and the bonds that hold us together.

>> No. 23745 Anonymous
21st May 2021
Friday 2:37 am
23745 spacer
>> No. 23746 Anonymous
21st May 2021
Friday 2:51 am
23746 spacer
It's only a matter of time before Eiichiro Oda croaks, leaving us with a Wheel of Time but no Brandon Sanderson who could step into his footsteps. If any man deserves to just take a step back, take a page out of Akira Toriyama's book (or maybe GRRM, hate it for the fans but love the result for the man) and slow the fuck down.
>> No. 23747 Anonymous
23rd May 2021
Sunday 1:43 am
23747 spacer
Aqua. Even though she's useless.

I enjoy the soundtrack of KonoSuba. There's a clear market for someone who can sing to do covers of anime soundtracks that would be much more profitable than covering pop songs. Wouldn't even have to be very good.

>> No. 23753 Anonymous
30th May 2021
Sunday 1:22 pm
23753 spacer

Is a Crunchyroll subscription a good way of supporting the anime industry and getting more of the stuff I like made, or does it screw both the consumer and producer? Or to put it another way, does the money they get lead to more quality anime I like or is it wasted on shit I don't care about i.e. strictly everything outside of hosting Japanese animation?

Hoarding dvds I never watch doesn't sit well with me and I'm not sure how comfortable I am having anime merchandise.
>> No. 23754 Anonymous
30th May 2021
Sunday 2:50 pm
23754 spacer
Yes. Crunchyroll went legit about a decade ago and is paying license fees for the shows they host. That's about as close as you can get to "supporting the artists" without finding their personal merch stores or similar.

It's suffering a little bit from the netflix problem in that some large publishers like Funimation decided to do their own streaming service and pulled their shows from CR, but for me just having One Piece on tap is worth the subscription.
>> No. 23756 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 1:15 am
23756 spacer
I just watched Perfect Blue, directed by Satoshi Kon, the man who also made Paranoia Agent which I watched years ago. Fuck me; Perfect Blue is amazing. It's absolutely fantastic. You might not like it, possibly, but here is a quick rundown of what to expect:
>Very artsy and well-directed; lots to fawn over in that respect
>Made in the late 1990s and you can tell, which means it's not like most anime you will watch which will have been made more recently
>WARNING: It gets horrifically dark and horrible, with bloodshed, rape (sort of), and general nastiness
>It is NOT CUTE and it is NOT FUNNY
>It's pretty short even though it's a film; it's around 80 minutes
>The last half-hour, similar to watching Paranoia Agent, is absolutely baffling and makes no sense, but you get the feeling it does actually make sense and you're just too stupid to get it

All in all, if you want a mature and adult thriller/horror anime, Perfect Blue is the film for you. It's an absolute tour de force.
>> No. 23757 Anonymous
13th June 2021
Sunday 8:52 pm
23757 spacer

I believe Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 comes out online tomorrow.

I've been rewatching the Rebuild series as well as End of Evangelion and I am pretty interested to see where they take the ending this time.

Will they go balls to the wall with the Himan Instrumentality Project Third Impact stuff from EOE?

I've managed to avoid spoilers, so please don't post any.

I wish I had gone through to London to catch it in the cinema back in March, but I was scared of catching covid.
>> No. 23759 Anonymous
13th June 2021
Sunday 10:00 pm
23759 spacer
The new Pokémon shorts are pretty rad. The second episode even put something in my eye.

Turn the subs on ya' dingus
>> No. 23763 Anonymous
14th June 2021
Monday 12:18 pm
23763 spacer

It seems I was mistaken about the DVD release date.

This is me now:

>> No. 23766 Anonymous
14th June 2021
Monday 4:40 pm
23766 spacer

I don't watch much anime, but I started Highrise Invasion. It's very stupid, and one of the principal characters was obviously designed by a 15 year old autist, but it's so silly that it becomes intriguing.
>> No. 23767 Anonymous
15th June 2021
Tuesday 11:04 am
23767 spacer

You know that anime by and large is designed for 15 year olds right? I'm not saying that as a pejorative, that's is point. That's why the protagonist are all about that age, it will if you approach it from any other perspective seem a bit ridiculous.

There is some stuff that elevates itself beyond that, Akira is a good example where the fact that it is teenagers acting like teenagers becomes an integral point. But you can't hold many things to the standard of Akira really without it looking poor in comparison.
>> No. 23768 Anonymous
15th June 2021
Tuesday 11:31 am
23768 spacer

This is broadly my problem with anime, I've seen stuff like Akira and Ghost in the Shell which have phenomenal artwork and some quite mature, high concept themes going on. They're great sci-fi films in their own right, that just so happen to be beautifully animated. Then the rest of anime is for kids. Or at least, it's family friendly in the case of Ghibli stuff. It's really quite a waste of potential.

I want an anime directed by Paul Verhoeven.
>> No. 23769 Anonymous
15th June 2021
Tuesday 11:54 am
23769 spacer
It's been recommended already but Legend of the Galactic Heroes. It won't be everyone's cup of tea and it takes a few episodes to really get into it, but since some of you are bring up that "anime is for kids" if you haven't watched it I'd give it a go. The main story is 110 episodes and there is more OVA episodes that precede the main series but are better watched after. If you have an hour to spare you can watch the movie that builds up to the start of the series below.

>> No. 23770 Anonymous
15th June 2021
Tuesday 12:49 pm
23770 shortlist of favourites
Gantz is fucking amazing, but the anime only did 2 seasons and didn't get to best bits. Nihilistic and ultraviolent, there's a lot of angsty protagonists but you seem some genuine growth in the characters.

Last Exile is a pretty beautiful airship anime, bit steampunky with revolutionary era aesthetics.

Cowboy Bebop is plain fun with an amazing soundtrack.

Noir has a cracking soundtrack too, enjoyable 'secret societies and assassins' stuff, somehow with no blood.

Log Horizon is a fun exploration of "What would happen if you got trapped inside World of Warcraft".

Initial D has that pounding eurobeat soundtrack and some great driving scenes.
>> No. 23772 Anonymous
18th June 2021
Friday 5:01 am
23772 spacer

> Cowboy Bebop is plain fun with an amazing soundtrack.

This is one of those series that's easy to recommend to anyone. The sound track is great, the story is well trodden but also well told and if you don't like subtitles the English dub is spot on.

> Noir has a cracking soundtrack too, enjoyable 'secret societies and assassins' stuff, somehow with no blood.
Noir is a classic, but it also has a well earned reputation for being "slow". You can call it atmospheric if you want, but it almost verges on being a music video at times.

> Log Horizon is a fun exploration of "What would happen if you got trapped inside World of Warcraft".
It's an "Isekai" anime, a genre that is completely oversaturated these days but the first two seasons are certainly among the best interpretations of the theme. I'd give the third season a miss.
>> No. 23773 Anonymous
18th June 2021
Friday 10:22 am
23773 spacer
Good call on Noir, I only persevered the first time because a lass I wanted to get in suggested it, but I've rewatched it voluntarily a couple of times since.

Never heard of Isekai, my immediate assumption was it meant "A genre of anime characterised by a calculating, bespectacled protagonist who constantly outschemes the enemy while dealing with excessive light glare". Personally I like Log Horizon because it seems to do well with establishing the rules and then exploring them, for example the exploit of capturing low level characters and imprisoning but not killing them so they can't respawn. Proper dark and quite imaginative.
>> No. 23834 Anonymous
13th July 2021
Tuesday 3:14 pm
23834 spacer

Not trying to troll or anything but why does it seem like the vast majority of anime (at least from a cursory view of the stuff) seems to be incredibly sexual?

I've been to Japan a number of times and walking around Akihabara or similar areas is utterly baffling to me. There is what I can only describe as paedophilic bait everywhere. I remember finding my way into a sex shop with dozens of stern salarymen ogling child sex dolls and loli porn. Truly bizzare.
>> No. 23835 Anonymous
13th July 2021
Tuesday 5:46 pm
23835 spacer
>Not trying to troll or anything but why does it seem like the vast majority of anime (at least from a cursory view of the stuff) seems to be incredibly sexual?
Yeah pretty much, Japan be repressed yo. I see it as normalised to the extent that I'm pleasantly surprised when an anime doesn't have overtly sexualised female characters. I'm also fine with overtly sexualised characters of both genders, such as with Food Wars (which is great). It's just a bit lame when it's only the women.
>> No. 23836 Anonymous
13th July 2021
Tuesday 6:11 pm
23836 spacer

typical salaryman.jpg
>Japan be repressed yo
How does being open about sexuality equate to being repressed? I've "researched" Japanese pornography and they come across as vastly more adventurous and imaginative than us westerners.
>> No. 23837 Anonymous
13th July 2021
Tuesday 7:12 pm
23837 spacer

Japan still has bizarre and restrictive censorship laws remember, and Japanese porn might be more adventurous in terms of themes, but the portrayal of the behaviour of their men and women is just so narrow.
And yes while their media is heavily sexualised, most of it revolves around a very narrow set of male and female stereotypes, that in a lot of ways aren't really all that different to what you would see in an old Carry On film.

You can argue Japan isn't repressed, but think of who the market for their porn is, it's their middle-aged salarymen and women. In 2015 over 50% of 18-39 year old Japanese men were single, and 40% of women.
Almost every anime has a scene along the lines of where a man accidentally walks in on a girl having a shower and is then publicly shamed and humiliated for it, the same tropes are repeated across all of their media, and these tropes exist because this is the real-life reality of their lives, every salaryman lives in crippling fear of the human underneath the suit being exposed.
>> No. 23838 Anonymous
13th July 2021
Tuesday 7:12 pm
23838 spacer

Is Japan basically a society of Jay? Open about sex but not having it.
>> No. 23839 Anonymous
13th July 2021
Tuesday 7:21 pm
23839 spacer
We had a Japanese lad visit our lab for a summer a while ago. One time when we were out at dinner, his wife was telling us about how the walk to her school was all uphill, and their uniforms were short skirts. There was a bloke who would park his car on the hill every morning and watch all the girls walking up the hill from behind, sometimes with a camera. It was the funniest thing in the world to labvisitor-kun.
>> No. 23840 Anonymous
13th July 2021
Tuesday 7:22 pm
23840 spacer

I started watching Servant x Service. I'm absolutely sure almost everyone in that office would be going before a tribunal but it's nice to see the humdrum of an office environment be used in anime. I don't relate to the lead guy at all, I don't know what you're talking about.

Not him but it's different when it comes to taboo despite them actually adopting much of it from us. For anime it's fan-service and bored animators, it does cross into poor taste but you'll notice that there's actually very little sex and no drug use. You might see Mio's knickers but if they made a B-On! it would be some edgy teen drama that lacks the inherent calmness anime maintains, you can't impose your own culture without first analysing your own.

On the whole dark art of noncery, they tolerate it because it's a cartoon but those people are still looked down upon.
>> No. 23841 Anonymous
13th July 2021
Tuesday 8:00 pm
23841 spacer

> It was the funniest thing in the world to labvisitor-kun.

Worth remembering that Japan also has vending machines for used knickers of 14-year-old schoolgirls. There's a whole culture centered around it, admittedly not just knickers of underage girls.
>> No. 23842 Anonymous
13th July 2021
Tuesday 8:12 pm
23842 spacer
It was good fun having him around. A little odd watching how much amusement he got from the fact his wife was actively perved on as a teenager.

My other good story with him/them is taking them out for a beer to celebrate their arrival. She had said they're both tired and would like an Uber home, so I ordered it for them and was waiting outside. She's mid-sentence and just hits the deck, skin went grey, eyes rolled to the back of her head. He caught her - she was a waif of a woman and basically floated down to the ground like a leaf - and let out the most dramatic yowl I've ever heard in my life. Myself and everyone around us just assumed that she had dropped dead right there and then. Sure enough, ten seconds later she's back on her feet and talking shit with us again. The theatrics were just something else.
>> No. 23843 Anonymous
13th July 2021
Tuesday 8:29 pm
23843 spacer

Typical women, making their skin go grey for attention.
>> No. 23844 Anonymous
13th July 2021
Tuesday 8:41 pm
23844 spacer
Do you ever just wish you were a girl? I do. Imagine the attention you'd get by just existing. Would be nice.
>> No. 23845 Anonymous
13th July 2021
Tuesday 8:51 pm
23845 spacer
If you ask them, they hate it, though, and just ask you to go back to your own hotel room and take your elaborate camera system with you. Think of all the times you don't want to get your dick sucked, like at work when you're getting yelled at by your boss for scaring off all the sexy hotel customers. It seems like the grass is always greener on the other side of the shower curtain, and everyone thinks the opposite side has it so easy, unaware that it would really wear very thin indeed after a while. Being a woman is probably very slightly worse than being a fat ugly micropenised loser male, but the social discourse exaggerates it and never shows it from my- I mean our!- side.
>> No. 23846 Anonymous
14th July 2021
Wednesday 9:25 am
23846 spacer

This seems like false compromise, where you assume the truth must be somewhere in the middle because you've heard people complain. The reality is that the level of complaining you're able to hear is rarely representative of the level of hardship people really face.
>> No. 23847 Anonymous
14th July 2021
Wednesday 10:41 am
23847 spacer

Good post.
>> No. 23848 Anonymous
18th July 2021
Sunday 2:37 am
23848 spacer
Just watched On-Gaku, it sounds so simple by the trailer but it's like the fever dream of a movie a teenage delinquent would make.

>> No. 23849 Anonymous
19th July 2021
Monday 12:13 pm
23849 spacer
So I just watched the first couple of episodes of Beastars, and I think I understand why that wierdo a few months ago came here to have a massive rant about how furries are all racists. It's Japanese racism expressed through furries if anything though.

It was crap by the way, you won't trick me into watching another generic high-school shoenen anime just because it's got animals in it.
>> No. 23850 Anonymous
19th July 2021
Monday 8:45 pm
23850 spacer

Speaking of shows with animals, "ODDTAXI" is worth a watch. It's a tight 13 episode series about a somewhat curmudgeonly taxi driving walruss getting involved in an increasingly high stakes noir crime drama. The story is tightly woven and gets neatly resolved at the end (in an "Or does it...?" kind of way).
>> No. 23857 Anonymous
31st July 2021
Saturday 5:44 pm
23857 spacer

I've been watching Kaiji and it's pretty good in a nerve-wracking way. The steel beam challenge in particular had me in cold sweats, apparently there's a VR game for it should you suffer from constipation.
>> No. 23858 Anonymous
1st August 2021
Sunday 2:09 am
23858 spacer

kaiji episode 14 life.jpg
That whole story arc is one of the finest moments in anime. It's brilliant. And the speech about people saying, "My real life hasn't started yet" really freaked me out because it describes me perfectly.
>> No. 23873 Anonymous
2nd August 2021
Monday 4:15 pm
23873 spacer

Is Inuyasha worth watching? It's on Netflix now and thought it could be worth brushing up on what seems to be a very influential anime.
>> No. 23926 Anonymous
14th August 2021
Saturday 9:05 pm
23926 spacer
If you've watched a bunch of anime and want to see where some of the tropes come from, then InuYasha is fantastic particularly since it falls into the CLAMP tradition of writing sort of shounen. On its own it's a decent series, but suffers from the usual problems of episodic content with no fixed end or time line. You can probably gauge if you'll enjoy it after the first 10-20 episodes, which if you skip intro and outros and do what any sane person does and watch at 1.5x speed should only take a few hours.
>> No. 23927 Anonymous
14th August 2021
Saturday 9:23 pm
23927 spacer
>any sane person does and watch at 1.5x speed
I can't imagine being so desperate to consume content that I need to watch it 50% faster just to get it in my noggin as soon as possible.
>> No. 23929 Anonymous
14th August 2021
Saturday 9:27 pm
23929 spacer
Up to you, of course. But even artistic expression has its limits in the face economic reality, so it's not just "content", it's realising that some expression is being extruded and otherwise stretched.
>> No. 23932 Anonymous
15th August 2021
Sunday 8:58 pm
23932 spacer
Evangelion 3.0 + .0 came put on Prime.

I watched it a couple times and still don't know quite what to make of it. The action sceness were well good, but it got all weird and meta in the final act.

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