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>> No. 23968 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 8:36 pm
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Is it just me or was there a lot more office romance contained in our VHS tapes from a decade or so ago? Is it because plotlines followed a more sitcom format back then or was there really a lot more 'deskwork' going on outside of the handsy office parties?

I wouldn't dream of it these days and I think the last time I saw an office couple was about 10 years ago. Maybe for bar work but certainly not in a career setting.
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>> No. 23969 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 8:40 pm
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Innuendo and smut has gone out of fashion. People don't have affairs at work anymore.

Hashtag Me Too etc.
>> No. 23970 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 9:29 pm
23970 spacer
I wonder what the older generation make of it. Particularly the old hens. Although in a way I guess everyone has been sleeping with the people in their office the past year or so.
>> No. 23971 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 9:36 pm
23971 spacer
There's always been workplace shagging going on quite a bit in my two careers, though neither are/were strictly office/cubicle type jobs so maybe that's why. It's a lot easier to sneak off for a shag (or just engage in relentless flirting) when you're a bit more of a free range employee.

I think sitcoms just did it because everyone's always interested in relationships, and it's a smoother way to add those stories than to have to set half your workplace sitcom in a completely separate, non workplace situation.

And I hate to be the one to break it to you lad, but The Thin Blue Line was certainly more than a decade ago, it was aired nearly 30 years ago. And now I have the theme tune in my head, such as it was.
>> No. 23972 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 9:46 pm
23972 spacer
Thin Blue Line was 16 years ago mate - 1995. I know it looks 80s in some aspects but you have to remember it has a gay bloke in it trying to get in the knickers of an ethnic woman.
>> No. 23973 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 10:00 pm
23973 spacer

I was born in 1989 and I am 32.
>> No. 23974 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 10:07 pm
23974 spacer
That doesn't change the fact that Thin Blue Line came out 16 years ago in 1995.
>> No. 23975 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 10:10 pm
23975 spacer
There's been multiple affairs at my place, even affairs that break up relationships, to then become relationships, which break up because of affairs. Real soap opera level drama.

Again though it's not an office environment, and I suspect the banality of being confined to a desk staring at the same spread sheets all day every day has a lot to answer for. Gossip spreads faster when half the place are fucking menopausal Stasi officers; the office environment was a petrol soaked tinder box for the spark of #metoo and all that to fall on.
>> No. 23977 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 10:31 pm
23977 spacer
22, might want to check your maths there.
>> No. 23978 Anonymous
4th September 2021
Saturday 12:07 am
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Come on now lad.

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