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Nosehook 01.jpg
>> No. 42485 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 12:10 pm
42485 spacer
Do you ever go through the picturesd folder in your computer and thing "Damn this is really telling of me", especially when you consider all the other, SFW shit that you've clearly an interest in?
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>> No. 42486 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 12:13 pm
42486 spacer

NSFW Nosehook 02.jpg

>> No. 42487 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 12:18 pm
42487 spacer

rat knickers.jpg
Then there's stuff like Fan No Hitori and Assegi artists who draw some mildly disturbing stuff, mostly to do with sexual slavery and body modification.

These are all character trait identifiers, and there're collected as a treasure trove to whoever would be minded to use them.

What should a person do; purge everything? Does that include themselves?
>> No. 42488 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 12:22 pm
42488 spacer

NSFW wat.jpg
I really want to believe that there's something more to existance than this, but my mind and actions speak materialism. It's just wank after wank, with no other meaning to life but consumption. Am I a low-key Satanist?
>> No. 42489 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 12:42 pm
42489 spacer
I have to say I've really never understood the pig nose thing. Obviously it's the humilation aspect, but I really don't want to see right up someone's nose or fuck up their face. All the NSFW stuff I've saved has been women with large tits so I don't think I've ever taken myself by suprise like that, OP.
>> No. 42490 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 12:57 pm
42490 spacer

bunny hammer.jpg
I'm not so sure my interest is in humiliation, rather a lust for oddity, the depravity of humans or something. At the very least it's not a humiliation of individuals, but of man itself. That all involved would get off to it, 'that's what we really are' sort of thing.

That's what it's all about with the repressed, right? The idea that humans should be above lust only serves to strengthen the drive and desire for release. That's what makes the taboo seem so forfilling, because it's been denied healthy expression.

How do I fix myself, man. Don't get me wrong, I'm not deep down any rabbit holes but I can see some of the further depths and I don't want to allow myself to enjoy it (there by continuing the cycle, clearly).
>> No. 42491 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 1:03 pm
42491 spacer
I have a folder of fat girls dressed as pigs, which I sometimes see and wonder how that came to be. Or of them eating cakes. I'm not sure what that tells of me.
>> No. 42492 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 5:02 pm
42492 spacer
When I left home for uni, I left my desktop at my parents as I had a laptop. A few months after leaving, my dad asked if my little brother could use my PC. I said "sure, my password is [whatever], make him a new profile, and don't go in my pictures folder". Next time I saw my dad, he was pointing out every fat lass who walked past, as I had seen my BBW porn stash. He didn't mention anything about shemales or monster girls or giantesses, so maybe I dodged a bullet.
>> No. 42493 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 5:32 pm
42493 spacer

I can imagine certain people being disgusted with me for this but it's not quite the same.
>> No. 42494 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 7:17 pm
42494 spacer
Well this thread fucking made me double take because I have shagged her.

No I will not elaborate but kudos on your taste.
>> No. 42495 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 7:54 pm
42495 spacer

>No I will not elaborate

Why not? I told you all about that time I shagged my auntie.
>> No. 42496 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 8:47 pm
42496 spacer

My porn stash consists mainly of women who look like randy aunties or nerdy cousins. I'm all about authenticity and anything that seems performative or contrived leaves me cold. The only properly weird thing I could find was this.

FWIW, I'm of the opinion that shame is a useless emotion. Guilt about having done bad things is a reasonable corrective, but shame is just about what other people think. You do you etc.
>> No. 42497 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 10:39 pm
42497 spacer

Shame used to be, I assume, a way to ensure your continued survival by fitting in with your tribe as much as possible, and being seen as a weirdo was detectable and unpleasant so you could learn to avoid it.

Now that every, and I mean everyone, has seen some weird shit on the internet and very much enjoyed it, it definitely seems a redundant feeling.
>> No. 42498 Anonymous
3rd December 2021
Friday 5:54 pm
42498 spacer


>> No. 42499 Anonymous
3rd December 2021
Friday 6:15 pm
42499 spacer
This image still makes me profoundly uncomfortable. Every single aspect, from X Factor to The Sun (IIRC) to her bloated body and weird tits and the exploitation thereof. Didn't this used to be posted a lot? Either that or it's just seared into my mindbrain.
>> No. 42500 Anonymous
3rd December 2021
Friday 7:09 pm
42500 spacer

>Didn't this used to be posted a lot?


Her tits are mediocre, her belly is quite nice, but she's clearly got no arse and I don't understand why she creosoted her face.
>> No. 42501 Anonymous
3rd December 2021
Friday 7:34 pm
42501 spacer
If I had to wank over any of the images in this thread so far, she'd be the one. I absolutely would, and then I would protect my new waifu from ever having to be exploited on TV or in the tabloids ever again.
>> No. 42502 Anonymous
4th December 2021
Saturday 12:57 am
42502 spacer
I do wonder what she's up to nowadays, and if she cringes at the whole affair.
>> No. 42503 Anonymous
4th December 2021
Saturday 4:07 pm
42503 spacer
Closing in on 30 now.
>> No. 42504 Anonymous
4th December 2021
Saturday 9:29 pm
42504 spacer


>> No. 42505 Anonymous
4th December 2021
Saturday 9:41 pm
42505 spacer

You need to sort your fucking life out son.
>> No. 42506 Anonymous
4th December 2021
Saturday 11:32 pm
42506 spacer
There are more posts on .gs right now that I would expunge from all records with immediate effect than at any other time I can remember.
>> No. 42507 Anonymous
5th December 2021
Sunday 12:37 am
42507 spacer
Just for once I wish /x/ had a thread that wasn't about posting the most unattractive picture you have.
>> No. 42508 Anonymous
5th December 2021
Sunday 8:27 am
42508 spacer


>> No. 42509 Anonymous
5th December 2021
Sunday 11:29 am
42509 spacer

Simpsons bart.jpg
>"I don't think the fields they want me to fertilise .."
>> No. 42510 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 11:55 am
42510 spacer
I think it was the Sunday Sport. I've tried Googling Abbey Johnstone to see what she looks like ten years on but not had any luck.

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