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>> No. 21218 Fairy
8th August 2013
Thursday 11:04 am
21218 spacer
Post pictures of your countryside, extra points if they include old structures, houses etc
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>> No. 21219 Fairy
8th August 2013
Thursday 11:06 am
21219 spacer

I want to go travelling soon /zoo/ give me some inspiration, I am tired of cities spent my last 3 trips in them.
>> No. 21220 Cockernay
8th August 2013
Thursday 11:09 am
21220 spacer
Countryside? What is that? My birthplace was a city, I was brought up in a city, I live and work in a city. In short, the countryside scares me. All that open space and silence makes me uncomfortable and uneasy. I start thinking about security issues, about arming myself, about placing CCTVs everywhere and circling my place of residence with an electrified fence.
>> No. 21221 Cockernay
8th August 2013
Thursday 11:25 am
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>> No. 21222 Fairy
8th August 2013
Thursday 12:36 pm
21222 spacer

No mate you got it all wrong, have you ever walked along a beach in the middle of the day naked while having a wank?

That's what the countryside is about, freedom!

If you want to give up that freedom for the illusion of safety then carry on breathing that sweet city air.
>> No. 21223 Fairy
8th August 2013
Thursday 12:37 pm
21223 spacer

This made me giggle though.
>> No. 21232 Fairy
8th August 2013
Thursday 3:22 pm
21232 spacer

I'm not at home at the moment, but this.
>> No. 21233 Fairy
8th August 2013
Thursday 4:06 pm
21233 spacer

I was in Newcastle recently, went up on the train and the countryside was quite nice. I flew back down to Exeter and had a great view of the North!
>> No. 21234 Clog
8th August 2013
Thursday 4:40 pm
21234 spacer

Hello, this is the Netherlands speaking.
>> No. 21235 Bulba
8th August 2013
Thursday 5:27 pm
21235 spacer

Typical belarusian village.
>> No. 21236 Cockernay
8th August 2013
Thursday 6:09 pm
21236 spacer
If you look at the picture hard enough, you will see the bear killing a family of five, while the father fights off a drunkard trying to steal his kidneys.
>> No. 21237 Raoul
8th August 2013
Thursday 6:24 pm
21237 spacer

North Landing in Flamborough, East Yorkshire. Taken in about 2005 or something.
>> No. 21238 Fairy
8th August 2013
Thursday 7:17 pm
21238 spacer

Gower, Wales.
>> No. 21239 Fairy
8th August 2013
Thursday 7:18 pm
21239 spacer


Snowdonia, Wales
>> No. 21240 Raoul
8th August 2013
Thursday 7:49 pm
21240 spacer

This is starting to remind me of how Septics always say the state or country where somewhere is in a news report. Paris is the biggest offender, as they are usually talking about some top politico or Frog culture, usually framed in shot next to the Eiffel Tower and yet they still fucking wrap up with "Maria Smith, in Paris, France."

Have news broadcasters in the States been sued by people who live in some shithole in Kansas called Paris or something?

The picture is apparently God flooding the world or something, the source? America, North America.
>> No. 21241 Fairy
8th August 2013
Thursday 7:53 pm
21241 spacer

I think god did it with 40 days and nghts of rain, I would of expected less of a wall of water.

Ye, people broadcasting from cliche places, I wonder how much of that is green-screened.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 21242 Fairy
8th August 2013
Thursday 8:11 pm
21242 spacer
>> No. 21243 Gazza
8th August 2013
Thursday 9:25 pm
21243 spacer
What irritates me most is that they do that, but then when it comes to somewhere in the US, just the state will do. That's acceptable in American media, but not somewhere which is ostensibly supposed to be international, like Wikipedia. Do they do the same with other federal republics like Brazil or Germany? I'm sure.
>> No. 21245 Fairy
8th August 2013
Thursday 11:29 pm
21245 spacer

I think it's in their culture to just add the region after every single place name. When it isn't part of a state in the US or a region they've heard of, they'll just add the country after.

It's why you get septics on Wikipedia trying to rename pages things like "Durham, County Durham" or "Cambridge, England" because they just don't understand that that just isn't how it works here.
>> No. 21246 Raoul
8th August 2013
Thursday 11:45 pm
21246 spacer
To be fair, it isn't their culture it just makes perfect sense to do this, at least in all cases where the context doesn't automatically point you to the right place.

In America there is repetition of place names over the entire country as well as many places with the same name as places in Britain. Really it isn't just their culture or their particular way of doing things, it's a necessity.
>> No. 21247 Britfag
10th August 2013
Saturday 3:09 am
21247 spacer

In America, it's common parlance to follow the name of the city with the name of the state. For example, one would more likely hear "I'm from Fargo, North Dakota" than "I'm from Fargo".

When referring to cities in countries that don't follow the rules in that way, they follow with the name of the country. Hence you'll always hear "London England" than just London, or "Paris France" than just Paris.

The only places that this doesn't happen is with placenames that are both unique and recognisable such as New York, or Moscow.
>> No. 21248 Raoul
10th August 2013
Saturday 3:24 am
21248 spacer
London and Paris aren't 'unique and recognisable'?
>> No. 21249 Cowboy
10th August 2013
Saturday 3:42 am
21249 spacer

No you won't always hear that. What the fuck are you on about?
>> No. 21250 Fairy
10th August 2013
Saturday 12:54 pm
21250 spacer
Believe me, it irritates the fuck out of us, why? Because you hear it [i]fucking everywhere.
>> No. 21259 Fairy
11th August 2013
Sunday 5:19 pm
21259 spacer
Town X, County X is what they do in the Daily Mail at the moment. But they seem to be odd in what they do as county X for example sometimes it is Orpington, Kent but other times it'll be Orpington, London.
The BBC do Town X, County X as well sometimes and did a weird one recently when they wrote Newcastle, Northumbria then it got me thinking of what else they could have written examples include: Newcastle, Tyneside, Newcastle, Northumberland, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear or just Newcastle-upon-Tyne and then there is no under lyme ambiguity.
>> No. 21262 Fairy
11th August 2013
Sunday 5:37 pm
21262 spacer
Not in situations where a person could realistically be from London, Ontario; no.

It's not particularly odd. Orpington is in the London Borough of Bromley, Greater London. This wasn't always the case. It was part of Kent before it became subsumed by the London Government Act in 1965. People don't like change and are especially resistant to government diktats. Living in Bromley, I get the impression that a lot of people just don't know and continue doing as they always have in writing Kent as part of their address. They're even less likely to know that Royal Mail dropped counties from official addresses in 2010.
>> No. 21263 Fairy
11th August 2013
Sunday 5:48 pm
21263 spacer
It's odd because they are not consistent not because Orpington used to be in Kent.
>> No. 21264 Fairy
11th August 2013
Sunday 7:21 pm
21264 spacer

It hasn't been Newcastle, Northumbria since around 954, and at the time it would have been Monkchester, Northumbria anyway, so I don't know why the hell they picked that one.
>> No. 21265 Fairy
11th August 2013
Sunday 7:47 pm
21265 spacer
I think it's because of Northumbria police which covers Northumberland, Tyneside and Wearside.
>> No. 21303 Fairy
29th August 2013
Thursday 7:24 pm
21303 spacer

This is as countryside as it gets around here.
>> No. 21304 Raoul
29th August 2013
Thursday 11:09 pm
21304 spacer

My village; Wylam, Northumberland. This was ~3 years ago I think.
>> No. 21384 Clog
1st October 2013
Tuesday 10:04 am
21384 spacer

Veluwe, east of the Netherlands, near the German border.
>> No. 21385 Wastelander
1st October 2013
Tuesday 10:43 am
21385 spacer
>Town X, County X
That's only true a few placed like New York, New York.
>> No. 21386 Fairy
1st October 2013
Tuesday 12:40 pm
21386 spacer


You're from Wylam? Hexhamlad here (when I'm at home, at least).
>> No. 21387 Clog
1st October 2013
Tuesday 1:57 pm
21387 spacer

The other Clog lad. Fancy a pint in AmDam or somewhere?
>> No. 21392 Pornstar
14th October 2013
Monday 8:34 pm
21392 spacer

My village; Long Bredy, south Dorset.
>> No. 21393 Britfag
14th October 2013
Monday 8:48 pm
21393 spacer

2013-07-26 15.01.19.jpg
It's me approaching Foule Crag.
>> No. 21408 Raoul
1st November 2013
Friday 12:21 pm
21408 spacer
I approach a foul crag every weekend IYKWIM
>> No. 21410 Fairy
1st November 2013
Friday 12:40 pm
21410 spacer

ITYM Lord Hereford's Knob, m8.
>> No. 21650 Aki
12th January 2014
Sunday 8:36 pm
21650 spacer
>> No. 21661 Rasputin
29th January 2014
Wednesday 9:57 am
21661 spacer


With great pleasure, my friend.
>> No. 21662 Fairy
29th January 2014
Wednesday 10:26 am
21662 spacer

I don't know that one. I'm from Bournemouth. What villages is yours near to?
>> No. 21663 Rasputin
29th January 2014
Wednesday 10:33 am
21663 spacer

Lake Baikal - a long way from me but in my country, therefore my countryside!
>> No. 21784 IkeaFag
26th March 2014
Wednesday 7:05 pm
21784 spacer


>> No. 21785 IkeaFag
26th March 2014
Wednesday 7:05 pm
21785 spacer

>> No. 21786 IkeaFag
26th March 2014
Wednesday 7:05 pm
21786 spacer

>> No. 21796 Monkey
27th March 2014
Thursday 6:41 pm
21796 spacer

reppin norf weezy fam
>> No. 24086 Fairy
13th March 2018
Tuesday 2:32 pm
24086 spacer

This is very nice. Northern Sweden especially is quite gorgeous looking.
>> No. 24087 Raoul
13th March 2018
Tuesday 3:56 pm
24087 spacer

Your starter for ten.

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