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>> No. 426868 Anonymous
16th May 2019
Thursday 5:49 pm
426868 Dream Thread Mk. II
Fitter when she was fat edition.

You know the drill lads. Here are a few helpful links in order to help you further your proficiency at dreaming, and hopefully elevate the quality of discussion about our nocturnal adventures:



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>> No. 450936 Anonymous
22nd April 2022
Friday 5:59 pm
450936 spacer

I took Dream Rosie out on the Norton for a trip to Evesham Vale Light Railway. I was a bit nervous about having her riding pillion, but she loved it. She got a bit annoyed when I got into a lengthy conversation with the fireman about boiler maintenance, but all was forgiven when he let her have a go on the steam whistle. The Norton's gearbox started dripping oil on the way back, but I patched it up at Gloucester services while she was using the facilities. It was only a cracked gasket and it was due for an overhaul anyway.

Even my dreams are terminally dull.
>> No. 450938 Anonymous
22nd April 2022
Friday 7:11 pm
450938 spacer
You should let Rosie know about these dreams, I'm sure she'd see the fun side in riding pillion.
>> No. 450939 Anonymous
22nd April 2022
Friday 7:24 pm
450939 spacer

Another fascinating thing about Mirtazapine is that when you go to sleep, at some point while you're drifting off, reality and your dreams become a blur and kind of merge into one. You know you're still half awake, but you are already seeing things in your mind like you do in your proper dreams. It's something that I never experienced quite like this before I started taking the stuff.

The downside of it is that you often have trouble waking up in the morning. You just take longer to come around, even after a solid seven or eight hours of sleep. And what is especially hard is a "quick get-up", like when you see the clock and suddenly realise you've overslept and will be late for work.

What nobody tells you is that in conjunction with smoking, Mirtazapine causes massive erectile dysfunction, to the point that you just about manage a wank, but your knob stays half flaccid throughout, and I can only imagine that it seriously impedes sex. It's the main reason why I quit smoking, although that's not what I told anybody. Let alone the fact that I'm on antidepressants. After a few weeks of not smoking, my erectile dysfunction completely went away, even though I kept taking the Mirtazapine.
>> No. 450941 Anonymous
22nd April 2022
Friday 7:52 pm
450941 spacer

>After a few weeks of not smoking, my erectile dysfunction completely went away, even though I kept taking the Mirtazapine.

Curiously, tobacco smoke contains clinically significant levels of compounds that inhibit monoamine oxidase - the same mechanism of action as many previous-generation antidepressants. Fags interact in all sorts of weird ways with psychiatric medication, people with mental health problems are disproportionately likely to smoke, but we have a real lack of research in this area.


>Wish I knew where to get hold of that stuff nowadays.

China. There are a lot of Chinese chemical suppliers that will flog you just about anything, vacuum-packed and labelled as whatever you like.
>> No. 450944 Anonymous
22nd April 2022
Friday 8:23 pm
450944 spacer

>people with mental health problems are disproportionately likely to smoke, but we have a real lack of research in this area.

Nicotine has a very rapid and immediate stimulating effect on your brain's reward system. Being a former smoker, I can confirm that the reward high from a newly lit up fag kicks in within less than 30 seconds after your first few drags.

There is a good amount of evidence that depression or other similar forms of mental illness can be linked to either a lack of dopamine or of dopamine receptors. The rush that nicotine produces could then help alleviate that deficiency, because the main thing your reward system does is release dopamine into your system.

Myself, I didn't start smoking because of mental illness. I started long before I was clinically depressed and needed Mirtazapine. It was just something you did at parties, you had a few fags because somebody brought some, and it was initially all just a laugh. But it then at some point progressed into a habit outside of all those parties for me, probably because I was under a lot of stress at uni.
>> No. 450945 Anonymous
22nd April 2022
Friday 8:55 pm
450945 spacer

I don't need another restraining order.
>> No. 450958 Anonymous
23rd April 2022
Saturday 6:58 pm
450958 spacer

I used to smoke like a fuckin cheshire workhouse chimney when I got put on ADHD meds, only because a good long drag would blunt the ridiculous high off them. Now I'm on something that just numbs me like I was on an antidepressant, and I dunno if I like it. But at least I'm not on ciggies, therefore not coughing my lungs up anymore.
>> No. 450982 Anonymous
24th April 2022
Sunday 6:29 am
450982 spacer
First I had to infiltrate my old high school at night, like it was a level out of the first couple of Hitman games back in the PS2 days. The issue is some of the staff were racists and had a bit of a secret racist club going on with some of the students, and my job was to spot them, because racists have a subtly different accent, so somebody with local knowledge would be able to tell.

After that (I think I had bungled my escape), I had to get away with my true identity as revealed, and loads of people were filming on their phones and such, saying how they can't believe I betrayed the great houses. Naturally it was drawing attention extremely quickly because I was Harry Potter, but every time I tried to gun my big old Jag up the drive, it got stuck on the lip of the incline, and more and more people started to watch as I was forced to drive away over the football field instead.

Then I was in the staff room at the Maplin I worked in about 10 years ago. I showed one of them my stoner doom project on Bandcamp and then went back out to the shop floor, which was very 80s. I served a couple of customers and remember asking one of them when we came back into business, and he told me it was because of the war in Ukraine causing a shortages at Screwfix.

When I went for my break there was an oldish bloke leaning against the counter in the staff room, and suddenly I was in third person like a movie. I get a sense I was the old bloke and the dream had just skipped a decade or two forward. Some men came into the scene who I immediately knew as the bosses of the company, but they were more like Sith Cenobites. One of them was dressed and looked normal, and did most of the talking. Old man me was visibly unsettled, and asked them not to fire him. The most evil looking of the Sith Cenobite ones stepped forward and raised his hand, which had an eye in its palm, and said "Fear not. We won't fire you, but we are going to have to hurt you."

Then he opened some kind of portal in front of his hand, in a perfectly round circle, with a bright white light around the rim. Within the portal was what can only be described as the void. It was completely dark, silent, and seemed to completely nullify any light, sound or heat passing into it. As he pushed this circular portal closer and closer to my face, I woke up.
>> No. 450983 Anonymous
24th April 2022
Sunday 9:22 am
450983 spacer
I was in Ukraine, but all I can really remember from the dream is that the Russians were offering defectors the prime pick out of all the women they'd captured.
>> No. 451081 Anonymous
27th April 2022
Wednesday 6:56 pm
451081 spacer
I was walking through my town and there was a stage with hippies dancing on it. One of these hippies was the usually "tradwife" of an old friend, but she was in a crop top with nose piercings. I ask what she's doing, she says she divorced my friend but had to pay. I asked if she meant alimony, but she said "no I had to let him rape me". Then I left and spent the whole time walking home thinking "should I tell someone that she was raped?"

I've heard rumours not in dream world that he beats her, but that's all hearsay.
>> No. 451233 Anonymous
2nd May 2022
Monday 11:24 am
451233 spacer
A group of us, maybe six or eight. Dressed in rags and hide, deer antler headpieces. I'm carrying a stick or club, a twisted wooden blunt weapon. We're traveling, walking down a forest path - it's autumnal, the ground is thick with golden leaves. There are small huts clustered around the path, another, less upright tribe living in dome-like structures built from sticks and the same yellowing leaves. Each building is crude, only large enough for a single person to curl up in. Dressed in dirtier rags than us, the tribe here are wary of us but we're not posing a threat - spread out in couples, deliberately vulnerable to show our intent - I'm doing my best to signal to them with placatory hand movements that we mean no harm, only passing through, while I keep myself positioned between the nearest of them and my partner.
>> No. 451237 Anonymous
2nd May 2022
Monday 5:55 pm
451237 spacer
No one fucking cares about your dreams lad.
>> No. 451238 Anonymous
2nd May 2022
Monday 6:03 pm
451238 spacer

You're in the "Dream Thread Mk. II" thread you fucking mong. Go and look at something else.
>> No. 451247 Anonymous
2nd May 2022
Monday 10:23 pm
451247 spacer
What I should have said is that the sole person posting these should probably not bother, because no one reads them.
>> No. 451248 Anonymous
2nd May 2022
Monday 10:35 pm
451248 spacer

Caption_ The false belief task involving Sally and.jpg
Isn't a sign of autism believing that everyone thinks the same way as you about something?
>> No. 451249 Anonymous
2nd May 2022
Monday 11:21 pm
451249 spacer

Theory of mind, innit. Like in that picture.

As a test for autism spectrum disorder, it can only serve as part of a whole catalogue of different indications and is no sufficient smoking gun on its own. Not being able to read facial expressions or missing/misunderstanding social cues is another classic, as well as peculiar and isolated interests that are often pursued solitarily and to a kind of depth that would be considered strange by most neurotypcial individuals, i.e. memorising bus schedules or having an odd fascination for a mechanical object's minute parts.

I took all those tests a few years ago, but I both had a low score and it overall just didn't seem to fit. For example, my mum always told me that as a kid, I had a distinct ability to pick up vibes between people long before everybody else. And then at some point, a therapist familiar with the phenomenon of high sensitivity (HSP) made a pretty convincing case that that's what's really going on with me. The body of academic evidence that HSP even exists is much smaller than that for conditions like Asperger's, possibly because it's still a somewhat new idea, but in my case, it just makes a lot more more sense than the possibility that I might be on the autism spectrum.

Self sage for rambling, duly checked. Don't mind me tonight, having a few Stellas by myself here.
>> No. 451250 Anonymous
3rd May 2022
Tuesday 1:20 am
451250 spacer

Or, you know, maybe you're just quite perceptive. I tend to be a bit like that, a lot of my social awkwardness stems from the fact I'll notice dynamics or body language other people haven't in social situations, and then overthink whether it would make me look like a weirdo or break some kind of etiquette to let on that I have noticed. I'm sure you know what I mean.

It's come in handy a couple of times to be fair. I caught out a lad out trying to shaft my mate over half a gram of coke one time. It's also how I picked up on the bloke my ex would go on to cheat on me with, and she was shocked I sussed it out, because to her credit they had been quite meticulous in covering their tracks and putting on a convincing act of platonic friendship. All I could say is that I had clocked it from the first time I saw the two interact.

Without wanting to sound too grandiose I'd imagine it's the same sort of perceptiveness people like Derren Brown and that other telly mind reading bloke use, but obviously with a lot more training to make use of it as a reliable skill.
>> No. 451251 Anonymous
3rd May 2022
Tuesday 9:15 am
451251 spacer

>It's also how I picked up on the bloke my ex would go on to cheat on me with, and she was shocked I sussed it out

The common myth is that nobody can sniff out cheating like a woman, and to some extent that's true. Because either by nature or nurture, women just pick up on subtleties a lot more than most blokes. But that doesn't mean there aren't lads who have near enough the same capabilities.

With one lass who cheated on me, I had a bad feeeling pretty much right after she met that other lad, because she was acting a bit funny when she came home from a hen night, and it later turned out that that was when another bloke chatted her up at a pub and gave her his phone number. I knew what was coming long before she told me. You just know when somebody isn't their usual self, at least I did, after spending almost every day with her for four years. She really did her best to avoid suspicion, and when she then said we needed to talk one Sunday night about three or four weeks later, she was visibly surprised when I just said, "Go on, say it. Let's get this over with so you can go see him".

>I'd imagine it's the same sort of perceptiveness people like Derren Brown and that other telly mind reading bloke use

People like that just capitalise on the thickest and most gullible people who are incapable of critical thinking. It's really not hard to get some basic nonverbal or even verbal clues from somebody that you can then exploit and make them believe that you've got some sort of genuine psychic ability.

It's also how that show Crossing Over with John Edward and similar programmes worked. All you need to do is tell an audience "I'm getting somebody with a P... has somebody lost somebody recently whose name started with a P?". And then when somebody says their dad's name was Peter, you're in business, and can then make them believe through suggestive questioning and by reading nonverbal clues that you've actually contacted their deceased relative. It's scraping the bottom of the barrel in the most cynical way, by exploiting somebody's bereavement for personal gain. But it works, because there's never a shortage of people who want to believe a good lie.
>> No. 451252 Anonymous
3rd May 2022
Tuesday 11:09 am
451252 spacer
My wife has no friends, so when I was introduced to a lass at a close friends party as her friend my immediate reaction was to say "From where?" and when they said they had met online and had known each other for years I became suspicious. "Why then would she never have mentioned you? Why have we never met before today? Why would my wife invite you here with all that considered?" I told this figment of my imagination.
>> No. 451253 Anonymous
3rd May 2022
Tuesday 11:18 am
451253 spacer

Seems a bit paranoid. I have lots of people I've known from the internet for decades who'll only be in the country every few years.
>> No. 451254 Anonymous
3rd May 2022
Tuesday 1:18 pm
451254 spacer

I think you've forgotten what thread we're in.
>> No. 451255 Anonymous
3rd May 2022
Tuesday 1:23 pm
451255 spacer
Funny that, the most conversation the dream thread gets is when people talk about anything other than their shitty dreams.
>> No. 451256 Anonymous
3rd May 2022
Tuesday 1:54 pm
451256 spacer

This is the shitty dream thread for sharing your shitty dreams. If you want to share any of your other shitty thoughts, there are literally hundreds of shitty threads on this shitty imageboard.
>> No. 451257 Anonymous
3rd May 2022
Tuesday 1:55 pm
451257 spacer
Well it's fucking dream thread, mate. You want watches, go to the watch thread, you want fat lasses go to the fat lasses thread. It's not like we're running out of space on here or something.
>> No. 451262 Anonymous
3rd May 2022
Tuesday 4:45 pm
451262 spacer
Had another dream last night about the day I moved out of student housing into my first flat.

Fuck me. That was two decades ago and I still have recurring dreams about that one day.
>> No. 451362 Anonymous
8th May 2022
Sunday 4:26 am
451362 spacer

>> No. 451363 Anonymous
8th May 2022
Sunday 4:05 pm
451363 spacer

How common is it to dream about having sex with a celebrity? Everyone always seems to be talking about it like it's this really normal thing that everyone does but it has somehow never happened for me even if I try to. What am I doing wrong?
>> No. 451364 Anonymous
8th May 2022
Sunday 4:17 pm
451364 spacer

I hardly ever dream about sex, with celebrities or otherwise, but I put that down to the fact I actually get enough of it in real life. The only times I have dreamed about sex are when I was going through a period of deep dissatisfaction with my ex, and started dreaming about the ex before her. If you want to actively encourage it I suppose you could take a leaf out of abstinencelad's book and stop tugging yourself off for a couple of months, while looking at pictures and watching videos of your desired filly before bed every night.

It's bound to have some kind of effect, but the thing is with dreams it's always a gamble. You might get to have sex with Helen Flanagan, but you won't enjoy it because you'll be too busy worrying about being late to your English Lit GCSE exam.
>> No. 451365 Anonymous
8th May 2022
Sunday 5:18 pm
451365 spacer
>I hardly ever dream about sex, with celebrities or otherwise, but I put that down to the fact I actually get enough of it in real life.
I can confirm that this is not why. I don't dream about it either.
>> No. 451366 Anonymous
8th May 2022
Sunday 7:59 pm
451366 spacer
I reckon you have to properly binge television for it so that your mind starts playing hypotheticals in-universe. From what I've seen of my subconscious it has a thing for Romulan women but that was only when I was binging Star Trek.

I've never dreamt about sex with a partner, I'd assumed that wasn't how minds work on those hot summer nights where it's instead casting back to a woman you barely talked to 20 years ago but who know it assures you is absolutely receptive to a risky text.
>> No. 451367 Anonymous
8th May 2022
Sunday 9:16 pm
451367 spacer
>receptive to a risky text.

I feel like a whole website could be devoted to that risky text.
>> No. 451368 Anonymous
8th May 2022
Sunday 11:58 pm
451368 spacer
I wonder if such risky texts have ever worked. If you got a message in the middle of the night from a lass you knew in, say, university where she's clearly absolutely in heat and flirting with you like you're on a third date, well, what would you think?

My guess is that it's a lot more common than people think.
>> No. 451484 Anonymous
15th May 2022
Sunday 12:09 pm
451484 spacer
I had a dream that I was on board a plane going on holiday, and suddenly the pilot came on over the intercom and said, "It has come to our attention that one of the passengers managed to smuggle a hand axe into his cabin luggage. Unfortunately, we can't just ask them to hand it over to the attendants, so we're about to do a 360 roll and hope that the axe will just fall out of that person's bag". I was terrified, as the plane went into an upside down nose dive, and I screamed, "Jesus, this is like that Flight 93!!". But the pilot managed to swing the plane around again and level it. And then said, "Thank you, that will be all for today".

And to think that in real life one time, I didn't even get past security with a pair of toy handcuffs I had bought on holiday and which were buried deep in my hand luggage, and which I had absolutely no intent of using during the flight. They made me put them in a little cardboard box with a handle that was then sealed with a sticker and turned over to cabin staff. I was told that they would be handed back to me while getting off the plane at my destination. This was apparently standard procedure at American Airlines in the 90s, pre-9/11 anyway, for small Items in your hand luggage that weren't illegal as such to take on board but could nonetheless be hazardous or problematic.
>> No. 451578 Anonymous
18th May 2022
Wednesday 12:39 am
451578 spacer

I had a dream about interacting with space mantises. Every communication was shaped around a totally transparent quid pro quo calculation. None of the camouflaged social niceties you see in humans. Literally every aspect of every conversation and any plan were laid out in terms of clearly spelled out costs and benefits to both parties, to the most autistic degree. Pretty cool dream because I somehow convinced the captain that it would greatly benefit us both to get drunk together.
>> No. 451580 Anonymous
18th May 2022
Wednesday 8:01 am
451580 spacer
I dreamed we had a pet goat.
>> No. 451581 Anonymous
18th May 2022
Wednesday 9:16 am
451581 spacer
How did we share it between us?
>> No. 451584 Anonymous
18th May 2022
Wednesday 1:10 pm
451584 spacer
I reckon you two would play with it for a couple days and then I'll be the one walking and cleaning up after it.
>> No. 451672 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 2:12 pm
451672 spacer
Got a new job as a lift attendant for a school, which had only two floors. Entered the lift, and a 20ish years old pretty blonde girl introduced herself as the school's rabbi. She says she hates her job so hides in the lift all day so I shouldn't spill her secret. I get off on the second floor and look out the window. Beautiful ocean surrounding the school. Go into one of the classes. Teacher talking about how Civ IV had a really good song. They search "Civ V opening theme". I say "just search Baba Yetu". She searches "Civ Colonisation theme". I once again say "the song you're thinking of is Baba Yetu by Christopher Tin". She searches "Civ VI Christopher Tin". I ran away and the dream ended.
>> No. 451676 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 8:50 pm
451676 spacer

>> No. 451680 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 11:29 pm
451680 spacer

There's something quite likeable about her as the Fanny Godmother, giving out advice like some kind of menstrual Martin Lewis.

Also, why are all the other women incredibly skinny? Did they hire actors in their twenties to represent adolescents? Is there some kind of one-BBW-per-advert limit? Has Our Scarle been nicking everyone's dinners?
>> No. 451682 Anonymous
23rd May 2022
Monday 7:10 am
451682 spacer
Maybe she has it in her contract that she can be the only hefty lass in a scene.
>> No. 451683 Anonymous
23rd May 2022
Monday 12:48 pm
451683 spacer


>Sounds like you're definitely not putting it up far enough
>> No. 451895 Anonymous
5th June 2022
Sunday 4:57 pm
451895 spacer
I'd been frozen for several millions years and when I awoke the world had ended in some technological cataclysm that had left only a few fractured remnants of humanity. It wasn't a nuclear war or AI but something had subtly altered the physics of the universe like in Stalker leaving little physical destruction but everything as slightly broken in some irreparable way "like a clock stuck on a continual tick".

I was wandering the silent world contacting isolated groups of about 5-10 people to acquire parts to build a time machine to go back and stop whatever happened from occurring. They were reluctant to help me aside from the leaders who were aware that the genetic bottleneck is such that humanity is doomed over the long-term anyway. Given the length of time that had elapsed I was wondering both the Earth but also time where the latter could only be judged by the movement of the stars and the size of the Moon and shine of the Sun in the sky.

In my second dream I was dating a woman who was a murderer who liked to kill mothers and sons by poisoning. Rather than stopping her I joined her in killing a group of people we both knew and who trusted me, staying one step ahead of anyone finding out while also cheating on her with another woman.
>> No. 452290 Anonymous
1st July 2022
Friday 6:31 am
452290 spacer
I made up a song in my sleep, but the more I try and recall it the more it eludes me. It was an absolute banger. I can vaguely remember the music video.
>> No. 452476 Anonymous
12th July 2022
Tuesday 3:37 pm
452476 spacer
I had a dream that I went to a shop to buy shoes. I then complained to the lass that the shoes she'd brought me were still a little bit too tight. So she went and got what looked like a cheese grater and proceeded to grate down the back of my heels, almost like you would on a horse's hoof, and then said "Right, that'll do it, let's see now if these shoes fit". Which they did. I thanked her and left with the shoes, thinking that I never knew shoe shopping could be so easy.
>> No. 452793 Anonymous
26th July 2022
Tuesday 2:46 pm
452793 spacer
It was amazing.

I was in some type of snobbish party. They kind I have never been to. Wearing an amazing suite, and everyone else dressed like rich cunts. I make my way to the toilet to take a piss. It was some weird toilet. I could hear and see everyone at the party through all four walls, and I was not sure if they could see and hear me. So, I got irrationally angry, and got my knob out to take a piss at all of them through this magical wall.

Right before I got to do it, Tony Soprano stopped me saying stuff like, "what's the matter with you? Etc, etc." I said sorry sheepishly. I then woke up, about to piss myself. I ran to the toilet and almost had an orgasm just pissing.

I think Tony Soprano helped and stopped me from possibly pissing myself.
>> No. 452990 Anonymous
2nd August 2022
Tuesday 11:04 pm
452990 spacer
He's a good lad like that.
>> No. 453045 Anonymous
4th August 2022
Thursday 6:02 pm
453045 spacer
Yeah, I hate that pissing/being about to piss in dreams and waking to find yourself pissing/being about to piss.
>> No. 453050 Anonymous
4th August 2022
Thursday 7:35 pm
453050 spacer
I thought you'd stopped pissing the bed by now?
>> No. 453051 Anonymous
4th August 2022
Thursday 7:38 pm
453051 spacer
It's been an hour and a half so hopefully.

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