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>> No. 426868 Anonymous
16th May 2019
Thursday 5:49 pm
426868 Dream Thread Mk. II
Fitter when she was fat edition.

You know the drill lads. Here are a few helpful links in order to help you further your proficiency at dreaming, and hopefully elevate the quality of discussion about our nocturnal adventures:



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>> No. 442833 Anonymous
16th March 2021
Tuesday 7:14 am
442833 spacer
I've been having recurring dreams about shagging a big fat Indian aunty with big nipples. Dunno what that means.
>> No. 442868 Anonymous
21st March 2021
Sunday 6:40 pm
442868 spacer
I was aboard some sort of rescue helicopter in the Scottish Highlands, and the pilot told me their mission was to pick up covid-19 patients from remote farmsteads that were somehow dotted between the hills and had no roads going to them. The sign for the helicopter was apparently that a house where they had a covid patient had a red light bulb glowing on top of the chimney. I then commented that it was a lot to ask of people to climb up their chimney to install a red light bulb just to announce that they had a covid case.
>> No. 442869 Anonymous
21st March 2021
Sunday 6:47 pm
442869 spacer
How are they getting covid all the way out in the sticks like that? From the light bulb distributors I bet. All the while they're getting bungs from their mates in the government.
>> No. 442880 Anonymous
22nd March 2021
Monday 1:18 pm
442880 spacer

Big Light Bulb at work.

Shameless cunts.
>> No. 443035 Anonymous
3rd April 2021
Saturday 9:36 pm
443035 spacer
Has anybody had dreams about being in public and being called out for not wearing a mask?

I used to have dreams occasionally about being naked somewhere in public and people were pointing at me, but somehow, those kinds of dreams are now getting replaced in my head with dreams of being caught maskless in Asda or on a train.
>> No. 443036 Anonymous
3rd April 2021
Saturday 9:48 pm
443036 spacer
I had a dream this morning where I was very stressfully trying to explain to my father who Leonid Brezhnev was, despite not really knowing anything about the man myself. Very, very odd.
>> No. 443351 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 9:06 am
443351 spacer

I dreamt that I was playing my old Game Gear all night.
>> No. 443352 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 11:02 am
443352 spacer
Wow it's in colour? I wish I had one of those instead of my Game Boy.
>> No. 443353 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 11:09 am
443353 spacer
>playing my old Game Gear all night

Plugged in, of course.


The Gameboy would have at least lasted for several days on 4xAA batteries, the GG could drain 6 in as many hours.
>> No. 443354 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 11:20 am
443354 spacer

The Game Gear was essentially a portable Master System so it was technically superior to the Game Boy but, as >>443353 mentions, it had a piss poor battery life so you'd generally be playing whilst it was plugged in and I don't believe it had many original games as they were pretty much all console ports.
>> No. 443359 Anonymous
15th April 2021
Thursday 9:00 am
443359 spacer
Sorry if it wasn't clear, I was doing the voice of eight-year-old me. The adult me is not actually that fussed about going back in time and giving him a Game Gear.
>> No. 443370 Anonymous
16th April 2021
Friday 5:19 pm
443370 spacer

There was a gamegear game where you play as a kight or something, birds eye view, and walk around a maze of trees picking up bread and stuff before inevitably dying of hunger. What was it called? Very mystery dungeon about it.
I've browsed wikipedias entire catalog of gamegear games but didn't notice likely cantidiates in any.
>> No. 443374 Anonymous
16th April 2021
Friday 7:18 pm
443374 spacer
Master System is a weird one when you think about it. It was basically the Sega equivalent of the NES, only it had miles better graphics, but it seems to be almost entirely forgotten about. Nobody talks about Master System games. I'm a bit too young to remember their heyday but I knew a couple of kids who had Master Systems (leftover from an older sibling or whatever), whereas I can't think of anyone who had an NES. They can't have done very well here but the internet, if you look into retro gaming circles, is obsessed with it.

MegaDrive was better than Super Nintendo though, and I won't hear otherwise. Sonic, Golden Axe and Streets of Rage on their own were way better alone than anything on the Nintendo (unless you liked RPGs I suppose, but they were all jRPGs, and as an adult I can see that more or less the entire genre of jRPGs is bollocks.)
>> No. 443375 Anonymous
16th April 2021
Friday 7:32 pm
443375 spacer

It's the yank influence - the NES totally dominated their gaming market, but it was just one of many players here and in Europe. We bought more Master Systems than NESs, but we also bought Speccies, Amstrads, Amigas and STs. We got hooked on cheap cassette-based games that made cartridges look utterly extortionate, which was never really a thing in the US.

>> No. 443376 Anonymous
16th April 2021
Friday 8:26 pm
443376 spacer
Was it Ax Battler: The Legend of Golden Axe? I don't honestly think there were that many Game Gear games in retrospect; I was joking at work maybe a year ago that my favourite game of all time is a Game Gear game that's so obscure I use it as the answer to security questions and things for websites, because nobody will ever know what it is, and someone found it almost immediately.
>> No. 443382 Anonymous
17th April 2021
Saturday 1:23 pm
443382 spacer
Fond memories of Bonanza Bros. on my Master System.
>> No. 443844 Anonymous
22nd May 2021
Saturday 1:39 pm
443844 spacer
I have a rather shameful dream to recount: I moved out of London and started working in an office in a small town/village. It must've been a relocation because one of my current senior staff was there as the boss.

Can't say I was all too impressed, I was using a dating app in the dream and everyone had a picture of them at the same pub garden at slightly different angles. The working environment was also unsettling where it was quiet, had lots of paperwork everywhere and everyone just lived in the small cliques of 3-4 people they worked with doing the same boring shit everyday. The taxi service was also rinsing everyone who used it because they were a monopoly and didn't have enough cabs so you had to book at the right time or in advance to get anywhere.

They don't really live like that, do they ex-London lads?
>> No. 443845 Anonymous
22nd May 2021
Saturday 1:45 pm
443845 spacer

No, that very much sounds like how Londoners imagine small towns are like.

A bit like how whenever I dream of London I get stabbed or stampeded by grey faceless figures, or I buy a coffee and it's £9000.
>> No. 443847 Anonymous
22nd May 2021
Saturday 2:02 pm
443847 spacer
You're missing the claustrophobia, you sit down to enjoy that coffee but find yourself elbow to elbow and back to back with other arseholes all trying to maintain different conversations. Other than that - yeah pretty much.

And then there's the grime covering everything and the noticeable differences in air quality. Plus the constant noise and special brand of London twats.
>> No. 443848 Anonymous
22nd May 2021
Saturday 2:42 pm
443848 spacer

The air quality is the one I didn't believe as a youngster, but it's really so much worse, and it's not like I live in the middle of nowhere - this is in comparison to a northern city.

I love London but I couldn't live or work there. Whenever I have to go to Stansted for work I would pop into the city to meet friends or have a mooch, but if I wasn't being flown there for free I doubt I'd be as keen to visit.
>> No. 443850 Anonymous
22nd May 2021
Saturday 4:08 pm
443850 spacer
>The air quality is the one I didn't believe as a youngster, but it's really so much worse, and it's not like I live in the middle of nowhere - this is in comparison to a northern city.

The eye-opener for me was one day when I crossed the bridge from Victoria to Vauxhall. I still have trouble grasping how the Thames manages to create that kind of division but it very noticeably does and more so than the East-West division owing to wind. Partly it's because of all the car traffic in Vauxhall but fucking hell, it's a few metres on a bridge not leaving the habitation dome.

Working is actually very nice and the commute is surprisingly survivable as we all live in Marchetti’s Constant anyway. It is why people live here after all, you can get the wrong idea from London that it's (all) about what you do in the free time when the reality is you spend your waking life at work which is where the career opportunities, nicer offices and being around ambitious people make a difference.
>> No. 443855 Anonymous
22nd May 2021
Saturday 7:33 pm
443855 spacer
>which is where the career opportunities, nicer offices and being around ambitious people make a difference.

I don't doubt this but I think this only counts for a limited range of career paths. I'd also trade 10-20k extra on my salary for a house I can afford to own and being able to drive into a national park within 40 minutes from my door, if not more. Though I suppose I could just live in the home counties and have some semblance of all that plus the London Career Multiplier.
>> No. 443861 Anonymous
23rd May 2021
Sunday 1:25 am
443861 spacer
I've worked with a couple of people that did the long commutes (from Brighton, Guildford and one nutter from Birmingham) and for all of them it was a trade off between how much they earned and what they could afford to keep their family happy. For the Brum guy once they got their mortgage down that equation very swiftly changed and they left for pastures green.

We'll see how much the wfh culture developed during covid sticks. The industry I work in traditionally had a very strong office presence in central London, but pays enough that buying a house with garden in a suburb would be trivially approved. Knowing this place it won't, but a non-zero percentage of employers may make all-remote a rality and that's going to be the first brain drain and money drain on London in quite a while.
>> No. 443867 Anonymous
24th May 2021
Monday 1:22 am
443867 spacer
>a non-zero percentage of employers may make all-remote a rality and that's going to be the first brain drain and money drain on London in quite a while.

I, for one, look forward to seeing London house prices spread to the rest of the country.
>> No. 443951 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 3:05 pm
443951 spacer
I was a middle aged father and I had roped my family into some sort of wahabist-communist extremism, but I was apparently just using it as a ruse to make them do all the housework in the name of the revolution. I had my wife and daughters doing everything for me while I sat about doing nothing and building historical miniature tanks. I woke up just as I was shouting at them for interrupting my efforts to glue the treads on a Tiger-II, shouting "Do you mean to tell me there is no work to be done in this house?! Above all else a socialist values work!"
>> No. 443952 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 3:47 pm
443952 spacer

This is amazing.

I can't help but feel it does reflect the britfaggian ideal, to a tee.
>> No. 443956 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 5:34 pm
443956 spacer

I always assumed that the .gs ideal was owning a cottage in the middle of nowhere with a barn full of half-dismantled cars.

>> No. 443957 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 5:40 pm
443957 spacer

Only if I get 100Mbps downstream at the minimum.
>> No. 443958 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 5:53 pm
443958 spacer
>owning a cottage in the middle of nowhere with a barn full of half-dismantled cars

I feel very seen.
>> No. 443959 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 6:02 pm
443959 spacer

The older I get the more I want to get into old, low displacement bikes instead of cars, as even at 32, crawling around under a car is starting to hurt for a couple of days after, let alone bench pressing transmissions into place and so on. It'd be nice to be able to work on a vehicle I can hold up with one hand.

Is this why people have kids? If I'd been less careful as a teenlad I could have a tween or teenager at hand to do some of the grunt work.
>> No. 443961 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 6:14 pm
443961 spacer
It sounds good but I've interacted with enough women of an immigrant background to be suspicious. One told me how she'd make her brother a sandwich whenever he asked but what would happen if he fancies making one or, heaven forbid, he does some cooking?

It makes me think that men in the past must've been pretty useless alone for more than a weekend.

The problem I see is that even as a teenlad having to hold a baby all day would get old very quickly. They cry if you put them down you see.
>> No. 443962 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 9:05 pm
443962 spacer

I could have just done a runner and let the girl/her and my parents raise the kid, then swooped back in once I bought my first non-running MX5. Though frankly, that's what my own dad did and it didn't work out for him, there's no fucking chance I'd help him pull an engine out.
>> No. 443963 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 9:10 pm
443963 spacer

I think if you were a man with a wife, if she wasn't about (not sure why you'd let your wife leave town alone, ridiculous) you'd just go to the pub and get a room temperature pie and maybe some chips if you were lucky. Or the barmaid at the social would probably know how to make you a sandwich, at the very least.
>> No. 443964 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 9:20 pm
443964 spacer
Bike-engine cars are a happy compromise. But as you get older, you should be more able to afford proper lifts and sheds, and maybe to get some other bugger to change your clutch or similar joyless tasks.
Watching my neighbour pour easystart into a recalcitrant agricultural diesel engine, I do wonder what's going to happen when cars are all electric. Are they just going to go forever with just tyres and suspension bits, then fail silently, catastrophically and unrepairably when the motor drive or some other electronic lump cries 'enough' and the replacement cost is three times the value of the car? That's going to be an exciting game of roulette for the poor bastards owning them for their last decade.
Or are we going to see Louis Rossman V2 berating VW for their shitty design and lack of repair support, and we'll keep them shambling on forever?
>> No. 443965 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 9:40 pm
443965 spacer

>are we going to see Louis Rossman V2

>> No. 443966 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 10:02 pm
443966 spacer

>Bike-engine cars are a happy compromise.

One of the things on my list is getting a Fiat 126p and putting a hayabusa engine in it. But then I think I love the soviet joy of the original aircooled engine to do that, maybe I need two.

>But as you get older, you should be more able to afford proper lifts and sheds,

I can afford that stuff now, but it's finding the right mix of location, functionality and price. I also don't like the idea of just renting somewhere, but buying industrial units without crippling ground rent is a lot harder than I thought it would be. My best bet might just be to rebuild my garage so it's tall enough to accommodate a lift. It should be doable, not cheap but within my grasp.

What's frustrating is I have full access to a literal aircraft hangar, and we have a lift in there for the ramp cars, but for some reason I'm not allowed to just drive my personal cars into a secure airfield. Bollocks if you ask me.

>Are they just going to go forever with just tyres and suspension bits, then fail silently, catastrophically and unrepairably when the motor drive or some other electronic lump cries 'enough'

We're sort of already there even without EV. Modern cars seem designed to just about last the three years people will have them on PCP, and then if they still work after that and they can resell them to someone else for ten grand then it's a bonus. There's so much shit on modern cars that is already black boxed, and even the parts you CAN replace are not built or positioned to actually be replaced by anyone other than a dealer who doesn't care if it takes 15 man hours to replace an alternator, because it's a good threat to buy their warranty, and the customer will pay anyway.

I will be a happy man if we start to see teenagers re-coiling their motors or people building their own from scratch, but I don't know if that's a realistic dream. One of my mates is convinced that companies will start selling kits to convert your classic petrol cars into electrics, which will be fun. A four motor defender, one per wheel, individually controlled, would be insanely capable offroader, and putting a lightweight but torque heavy motor into my mr2 would be similarly mental. I hope that's the direction the 'scene' takes, but who knows.
>> No. 443978 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 9:41 pm
443978 spacer
I had a dream the other night in which I was at some point somehow having a wank. Nothing too weird really, but then when I woke up in the morning and went to have a wee, my foreskin looked chafed and irritated on one side, and really kind of hurt when I pulled it back.

Sleepwalking without any doubt exist, but I don't think I've ever heard of sleepWANKing before. Definitely a new one for me.
>> No. 443979 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 10:31 pm
443979 spacer
A girl I knew years back asked me if I would give a career talk for her little brother next week - I agreed initially but then realised I'd be much too busy and had to unfortunately decline. Shamelessly she bitched about it on a blog which everyone read, this meant the people I work with thought I was moonlighting speeches because she stretched the truth on what I had been asked - and how I'd really declined because I wanted money.

This was followed by another dream of spending Christmas with a lass I was friends with in my teens where we were cuddled up listening to Wham! in a fried chicken place with a tree up. Now that I think about it both dreams where the result of my subconscious being unable to form uncomfortable co-worker dreams because I only see them on a screen.

Why else do you think when people have a nap outside the bedroom they lock their fingers together?
>> No. 443980 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 10:52 pm
443980 spacer
>>443978 Uh huh. See >>379478
>> No. 443986 Anonymous
30th May 2021
Sunday 5:19 pm
443986 spacer
I had a strange dream that opened with two musicians with massive chins making fun of a figure we cannot see. They then started to get uneasy, saying something like "Oh hell, he's here". The moon, which was revealed to have two faces (also with very prominent chins, and with expressions that seemed to mock theatre masks) then turned from light side to dark side. We then jump to a figure off screen. He had quite an arrogant voice and was discussing his plans. Someone had requested a Nintendo "strip" (which I knew to be a type of game storage medium) as their price for going along with those plans and he was incensed because the whole point of his plan was that only he would have that strip. Despite being unseen, I got the sense that they were the moon from earlier, or were very closely linked to them.

We then jump between several alien species, all of whom are making requests. I distinctly remember some little green men, some furries, and some aliens who look a lot like the robots in i, Robot. The requests indicate that they aren't taking the offers seriously, with the little green men (who are having some kind of rave in a big stasis tank) making what felt like an incredibly witty request for a "smaller tank, colder tank" (a coffin). I don't remember the joke request the furries made, but one of them insisted people be more careful, since "it could be serious" and their requests might be granted. Then there's the i, Robot aliens. We don't hear them make a request, but one of them is clearly standing with representatives of the figure they're making requests to. They are an idealist, setting out to everyone that if they all take hands (which they seem to believe will allow for ascension to a higher, purer state of existence) then they will live in eternal bliss. This alien then links a hand with the representatives, and starts to say how wonderful they feel, only for their voice to briefly crack and eyes to wince mid sentence. This makes another of those aliens suspicious, and we then look through his eyes into the eyes of the idealist, which allows us to see into his mind. It is immediately clear from what we see inside that that at best the alien who linked hands has been destroyed by some kind of awful hivemind or manipulative parasite-entity, and at worst they have been condemned to a fate worse than death within its control.
I woke up before it was clear if mass panic broke out, but I have a feeling it did.
>> No. 444012 Anonymous
31st May 2021
Monday 9:42 am
444012 spacer
Pretty much all of my dreams take place at underground train stations.
>> No. 444018 Anonymous
31st May 2021
Monday 3:26 pm
444018 spacer
I've now had two dreams about shagging the woman who lives next door. The fact that me and my partner actually know her and speak to her makes it a bit weirder.

I do kind of fancy her in a non-physical way though.
>> No. 444022 Anonymous
31st May 2021
Monday 5:45 pm
444022 Cringe
It was part of my live action roleplay quest to enter [/i]The Zone before reuniting with a terrified Love. I bid her farewell, knowing neither of us would ever be the same, then climbed an iron fence to begin the journey. It was not long - [i]not long at all - before things went to shit.
No shamling mass was the plague, but a chaotic incursion which burst in an instant among the troup of warriors i had become. We were hounded by goulish creatures; once men, now corrupt oozing masses of terrific, putrid flesh. One called after me, not by voice but mind - almost a whisper in the ear - "let's fill you up, boy".
The last thing i remember before waking was a crushing embrace of swelling flesh and the drone "Get out of the town, get out of the town".

So, uh.. i won't be eating MSG again for a while.
>> No. 444024 Anonymous
31st May 2021
Monday 5:57 pm
444024 spacer

Why not?
>> No. 444131 Anonymous
5th June 2021
Saturday 9:25 pm
444131 spacer
I keep having dreams occasionally about still being a smoker. I quit many years ago, haven't touched a single fag for the best part of a decade, but now and then I'm in a dream where I have relapsed and where I'm happily back in my old chain smoking habit.

Last night was a bit different though, it was a lucid dream, because at some point I was like, oh shit, I've started again, but hey, I'm in a dream, so it's ok.

Another somewhat lucid dream I have now and then is where I'm speeding and I see the flash of a speed camera, and then I wonder, if you get caught speeding in your dreams, does that count in real life?
>> No. 444133 Anonymous
5th June 2021
Saturday 11:30 pm
444133 spacer

>if you get caught speeding in your dreams, does that count in real life?

I can only imagine police forces are actively, desperately working on it.
>> No. 444134 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 1:35 am
444134 spacer


>> No. 444204 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 4:16 pm
444204 spacer
There was a new show on the Las Vegas strip where the audience watched a person be tortured and killed, which I attended and had mixed feelings about, but the majority of the world seemed generally okay with the show existing. The production company that ran the show was owned by Donald Trump, who was lauded as a genius for its inception.
>> No. 444205 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 4:17 pm
444205 spacer

long live the new flesh.jpg
>> No. 444364 Anonymous
9th June 2021
Wednesday 6:25 pm
444364 spacer
Irl, I woke up at half 4 for some reason, and couldn't get back to sleep so put some episodes of The Thick of It on as I often do in these sort of situations. Then later fell asleep with my headphones on.

So in the dream, I was at a some kind of casual rehearsal or recital of the show taking place in a small marquee, but with different actors. Everyone was just sitting around on stools, the audience weren't really separate. In fact there might not have been any other audience but me.

Since I was actually hearing the real show, they had the voices of the original cast. The scene they performed is from early in S4E1, where they have a meeting discussing the announcement of the app thing. Glen was played by a woman with a fake beard stuck on.

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