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>> No. 448954 Anonymous
12th January 2022
Wednesday 11:40 am
448954 spacer
New weekday thread: hump day edition.
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>> No. 449131 Anonymous
22nd January 2022
Saturday 7:25 pm
449131 spacer
A lot of them are neurodivergent, and neurodivergent people have a tendency to not look after themselves properly.
>> No. 449132 Anonymous
22nd January 2022
Saturday 7:41 pm
449132 spacer
>They can be freaks, just not where I'm trying to have a wank.

Having just scrolled r/baddragon I think a evangelist christian korean youtuber is the least of your worries. I'd post the obese bald bloke with a dildo as long as his torso but I think that dragon dicks are probably not SFW. Is this what you're into?
>> No. 449133 Anonymous
22nd January 2022
Saturday 7:47 pm
449133 spacer

They're not all that bad nowadays. In fact some of them come close enough that I'm getting a bit paranoid whenever I see a lass with a strong jaw line on a dating app. I'm talking to one right now and she's not unattractive, but she's definitely too good to be true for a real woman. She must be hiding a cock, but I just can't quite tell, and I fear it'll be terribly awkward if I get her in bed before I find out.

I mean, I'm not even trying to be transphobic, I kind of like her but I'm not sure how I'd feel if it turns out she has a willy; like with that type of tranno it's always a tiny little floppy one isn't it, not even a good proper cock that I could ask her to rail me with. I think that's what's worst about it, it's weird.
>> No. 449134 Anonymous
22nd January 2022
Saturday 7:49 pm
449134 spacer
I don't visit that often, so I'll filter it to the top posts of the week to try to avoid the grotesques but one of those at the moment is a evangelist christian korean youtuber deepthroating a dildo.

I think, what I'm trying to say, is that if ugly people decide to change gender they should think more about whether people really want to see them in the nip.
>> No. 449135 Anonymous
22nd January 2022
Saturday 8:01 pm
449135 spacer


There's your problem.
>> No. 449136 Anonymous
22nd January 2022
Saturday 8:04 pm
449136 spacer

The trans movement in general seems to egregiously believe that merely transitioning suddenly means people should be attracted to you; when the truth is that regardless of their gender, the vast majority of people are still going to be ugly cunts.

I'm pretty sure there's no small number of trans people whose dysphoria is ultimately rooted in not being attractive enough as their biological sex. They dive into the world of amateur porn seeking validation that their transition has successfully remedied that, often encouraged by their peers, and I'm quite sure a lot of them are ultimately left extremely dejected by the whole experience.

It's all quite a sad affair honestly. If I were to put my chips on the table, I'd blame the last 70 years of the marketing and fashion etc industry bombarding people with unrealistic standards of beauty.
>> No. 449137 Anonymous
22nd January 2022
Saturday 8:52 pm
449137 spacer
What is the appeal of /r/baddragon? I just can't get my head around wanking to pictures of some bloke stuffing a rainbow coloured horse cock up his arse.
>> No. 449138 Anonymous
22nd January 2022
Saturday 9:06 pm
449138 spacer
Most of the videos uploaded there are of women.
>> No. 449139 Anonymous
22nd January 2022
Saturday 10:00 pm
449139 spacer

I've always found it a bit grotesque, and I'm furrylad.

I think I just dislike how regular non-furry perverts got hold of it honestly though, and obviously they focussed straight on the most vulgar aspects like the three foot long tree trunk horse dicks, gaping themselves open so wide you could fit your head up. Makes me roll my eyes, you know.

Human sexuality has just become so over the top and tasteless these days. It's like people can't have a wank unless the content is bordering on offensively extreme.
>> No. 449140 Anonymous
22nd January 2022
Saturday 11:07 pm
449140 spacer
>I fear it'll be terribly awkward if I get her in bed before I find out

It's fairly simple lad, if you find yourself in such a situation you slide your winky into her bumhole.

I don't know if it's just that I like to dominate in the bedroom but I think I'd have more trouble if she had an anaconda like whopper, like any true son of Rome I see topping as completely straight but that's just daft when your cock is smaller. A sissy with a big dick feels wrong and you know full well with all the dieting and toned abs they will bigger and harder than you.

If I was CEO of Bad Dragon I'd see what happens when you release ordinary big dildoes but say it's from a Cyclops or a giant. Let's see how the size-queens handle that one.
>> No. 449141 Anonymous
23rd January 2022
Sunday 4:11 am
449141 spacer

Nonsense, a gentlemen of refined taste likes a big dicked bottom, there's something altogether more masculine and ego nourishing about it when they've got the bigger donger than you, but you're still in charge.

Or, as the case may be, you've got the bigger donger than them, but they still claim you like a stallion mounts a mare and have your superior length nutting without as much as a stroke. I've got a pretty big chap so I hope to one day be in this position.

Cock size role reversal, I suppose.
>> No. 449165 Anonymous
24th January 2022
Monday 11:59 am
449165 spacer
Today I've been inside an Argos for the first time in years. It felt quite eerie because of how bare it was. There was a few banks of desks with touchscreens on, but that was about it really. No catalogues, nothing on display apart from a wall with gift vouchers; even the jewellery and watches section had been replaced with banners about ordering online. It was just... empty. I can see why they're phasing out their older stores and replacing them with a counter inside Sainsbury's instead, but it really gave the impression of a dying business.

In other news, I've been to Burger King and tried their vegan royale. It was quite nice, especially with a few onion rings added to it. The drinks machine only had the zero sugar versions, so I made the mistake of trying orange flavour Coke Zero.
>> No. 449166 Anonymous
24th January 2022
Monday 12:23 pm
449166 spacer

I think Argos needs to just make their customer area much smaller, just bring the warehouse wall almost right up to the front doors, a bit like a Screwfix. So they can fix more shit in their warehouse, while you just order for click and collect, and are in and out in 3 minutes. You don't need a catalogue chained to a table anymore.
>> No. 449170 Anonymous
24th January 2022
Monday 5:12 pm
449170 spacer
I'm trying to find an adequate offline, desktop-centered web page editing software that lets me design a handful of static HTML web sites where I have full control and editability over my code and which still gives me out of the box HTML5 functionality and a few drag and drop gadgets like sliding galleries,animation or grid layouts. I then want to tie those static pages together with some custom PHP background code.

Mobirise only seems to enable you to edit ready-made templates, Bootstrap Studio is too rigid and restrictive against inserting your own custom code if you want to do anything besides editing or creating Bootstrap-based templates, and nicepage appears to be riddled with programming bugs.

Adobe DreamWeaver looks interesting, but I'm hesitant to commit to a subscription, even if it can be cancelled monthly. I'd rather pay a one-off licence fee and be done with it. Pinegrow is around 100 quid a year on a recurring subscription plan, which is pushing it in terms of what I am willing to spend on this little project.

The likes of Wix or Squarespace, or even wordpress just aren't what I really have in mind. Anything that's too standard and won't let me add and manipulate my own custom code in a meaningful way without messing the whole thing up just won't do. I also don't care for the code bloat that tends to come with these solutions.

Any suggestions?
>> No. 449171 Anonymous
24th January 2022
Monday 5:26 pm
449171 spacer

WYSIWYG was always a bad idea, but it's definitively dead because of phones. IMO the best option is to use a static site generator or headless CMS based on the Jamstack principles. You get fast, clean code with a minimum of complexity.

>> No. 449172 Anonymous
24th January 2022
Monday 6:21 pm
449172 spacer
I have once again touched my knob after handling chilis.
>> No. 449173 Anonymous
24th January 2022
Monday 6:29 pm
449173 spacer

Someone recently went down on me with a mouthful* of hot sauce, it was better than I expected.

*Some, not a literal full mouth.
>> No. 449174 Anonymous
24th January 2022
Monday 6:33 pm
449174 spacer

Most WISYWIG editors have different device previews though so you can design for phones or tablets right out of your desktop application.

I think what sort of killed old-school web design is that you don't need to be able to code anymore nowadays. You can bosh together an entire site with dozens of pages without having a clue how to create an HTML header or define a charset or a CSS class. And it shows. Even web sites by web design agencies today can be a five-minute wordpress job, with quite anticlimactic results. Esoecially if you then run a site like that through something like PageSpeed Insights.

Granted, you simply cannot hand code in any reasonable amount of time all the features nowadays that a lot of web sites are just expected to have both by by their owners and their audiences. Maybe it's just the snobism of having created web sites at code level for 20 years, but it kind of boils my piss when younguns these days think they're web design gurus just because they show you how to throw some elements together via drag and drop in a youtube tutorial.
>> No. 449175 Anonymous
24th January 2022
Monday 6:42 pm
449175 spacer
Was this a conscious choice or a happenstance?
>> No. 449176 Anonymous
24th January 2022
Monday 6:58 pm
449176 spacer
Nothing I am about to say is useful to you at all, but I really hate all WordPress tutorials I have ever seen, for a roughly similar reason. I don't design websites but I do web hosting as part of my job, and it would be very useful indeed to know all the differences between the files WordPress gives you, like wp -config.php and .htaccess and index.php and so on. But any attempt to find any online resources for learning this sort of thing consists of nothing except, "Here's how to add a text box. Click on Add Text Box!" It's staggeringly unhelpful.
>> No. 449177 Anonymous
24th January 2022
Monday 6:58 pm
449177 spacer

Conscious choice. It was probably Frank's Red Hot, nothing ridiculous.
>> No. 449178 Anonymous
24th January 2022
Monday 7:05 pm
449178 spacer
I used to tie my ex up and put tabasco sauce on her fanny when she'd been bad.
>> No. 449179 Anonymous
24th January 2022
Monday 7:10 pm
449179 spacer
I did that and it made my eyes water once, so I rubbed them. I was so incapacitated I couldn't even locate my Nobel Prize for General Cleverness.
>> No. 449180 Anonymous
24th January 2022
Monday 9:23 pm
449180 spacer

As much as wordpress and others democratised the Internet, they also idiotised it. It's almost a bit like when Windows 95 for the first time addressed the complete computer noob as part of its intended core audience. I guess it's still a godsend for anything from starving-artist bloggers to low-level self-employed business owners or your mum's knitting circle, because they can't afford to just spend 1500 quid (or any amount of silly money if you are feeling frivolous) to have a bespoke web site done by a professional web designer. I'm just saying that technology in the hands of idiots rarely leads to good things. And in the case of wordpress, it's not even particularly good technology, it's bloated and littered with unnecessary external links and requests and it wastes oodles of bandwidth. Which is then compounded by the idiots who completely cram up their web site with equally code-bloated plugins and other gratuitous gadgets.
>> No. 449181 Anonymous
25th January 2022
Tuesday 5:13 am
449181 spacer

That's the stuff. I had an ex who liked it when I threatened her clit with a pair of wire cutters.

And they say .gs has a problem with women. Poppycock.
>> No. 449186 Anonymous
25th January 2022
Tuesday 9:02 am
449186 spacer
Lots of dog shit about.
>> No. 449187 Anonymous
25th January 2022
Tuesday 12:12 pm
449187 spacer
I stood in some a week or two ago and didn't notice, walked it over my carpet a bit, and now there are white marks where I have either failed to clean it up properly, or cleaned it up much, much too well.
>> No. 449188 Anonymous
25th January 2022
Tuesday 2:43 pm
449188 spacer
That's why you take your shoes off when you come in the house.
>> No. 449189 Anonymous
25th January 2022
Tuesday 4:59 pm
449189 spacer
He for one might not have a house. (Just some carpet outdoors somewhere)
>> No. 449190 Anonymous
25th January 2022
Tuesday 5:06 pm
449190 spacer
Right, that's the second time you've done this recently. You need commas either side of "for one".

We've got standards to uphold.
>> No. 449191 Anonymous
25th January 2022
Tuesday 5:52 pm
449191 spacer
I ,for one, have acknowledged your advice.
>> No. 449192 Anonymous
25th January 2022
Tuesday 6:10 pm
449192 spacer
I have a rented ground-floor flat, and I am frankly livid that my elderly landlord did not come round to scrape up the animal shit himself. What am I paying him for?
>> No. 449193 Anonymous
25th January 2022
Tuesday 6:11 pm
449193 spacer

>> No. 449194 Anonymous
25th January 2022
Tuesday 6:53 pm
449194 spacer
I for one do not even own any fucks.
>> No. 449195 Anonymous
25th January 2022
Tuesday 7:07 pm
449195 spacer
My car skid plate, or whatever you call the bottom engine protector thingy, looks a little low and is scraping on most speedbumps. Is this an easy fix or will I have to take it to a garage? I'm not a car person.
>> No. 449196 Anonymous
25th January 2022
Tuesday 7:36 pm
449196 spacer
What level of celebrity would Gary Glitter have, if he didn't download child porn or rape Vietnamese children? Would he be condemned to the garbage heap of celebrities appearing on Channel 5 reality shows, or the more prestigious Come Dine With Me on Channel 4, or even the lofty heights of Strictly on the Beeb? Or completely forgotten? Really makes you think.
>> No. 449197 Anonymous
25th January 2022
Tuesday 7:39 pm
449197 spacer

It's called an undertray. It's held on with clips or screws, depending on your make and model. You should be able to get a replacement set for about a fiver on eBay. Clips are usually just a press-fit, but you'll need either a torx or socket driver if it uses screws. If the undertray is badly cracked, you're looking at about £40-£50 for a replacement. The most likely issue you'll face is getting under the car. It's doable without axle stands if you're skinny or there's a lot of ground clearance, but don't even think about getting under a car that's just held up by a jack.
>> No. 449198 Anonymous
25th January 2022
Tuesday 7:44 pm
449198 spacer
Thanks, lad. I had to have the clutch replaced at the start of December, so it wouldn't surprise me if they hadn't fully secured it afterwards and it's gradually loosened over the past couple of months. I don't think it's cracked.
>> No. 449199 Anonymous
25th January 2022
Tuesday 8:25 pm
449199 spacer
I think that for celebrities like that, it's really up to them how famous they remain. If he kept doing stuff, he'd be as famous as Cheryl Baker or Rolf Harris, but otherwise, he'd be gone like dust in the wind, like the Bay City Rollers. If he did absolutely nothing for years, I'm sure he could walk straight back into I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here, but Strictly Come Dancing probably wouldn't be a good fit for him.
>> No. 449200 Anonymous
25th January 2022
Tuesday 9:01 pm
449200 spacer
My cousin would have been 30 today, had he not died of aplastic anaemia when he was 8. It's only on major occasions like this that I even think of him, but it's strange to wonder how he would have turned out.
>> No. 449201 Anonymous
25th January 2022
Tuesday 10:42 pm
449201 spacer

>If he did absolutely nothing for years, I'm sure he could walk straight back into I'm A Celebrity

Is that really likely though. Gary Glitter fucked up so badly, he could single-handedly end both the current corona and Ukraine crises, and people would still say yes, but he shagged a bunch of 12 year olds that one time in Cambodia.

In today's #metoo climate, one transgression decades ago is enough to end your career once and for all to the point where you will be lucky to land any job at all.

Look at people like Kevin Spacey. He forced himself on an underage teenlad one time at a drug fuelled party in the 80s, and as morally and legally wrong as that was, he will probably never meaningfully work in the industry again. Not condoning his behaviour, at all, but even monsters are somehow going to have to work for their living. If you look at his most recent movie work since the allegations surfaced in 2018, he barely did a handful of projects, while he had been in high demand for over 20 years up until that point.
>> No. 449202 Anonymous
25th January 2022
Tuesday 10:45 pm
449202 spacer

Lad, maybe read more than just the post you directly reply to in future, that's sort of why reply threads exist, it's to stop you looking silly.
>> No. 449204 Anonymous
25th January 2022
Tuesday 10:59 pm
449204 spacer
>He forced himself on an underage teenlad one time at a drug fuelled party in the 80s
Sure. It was just that one time. Definitely not a pattern that had gone on so long that Family Guy could safely reference it without consequence. It was just that one time, nothing more.
>> No. 449205 Anonymous
25th January 2022
Tuesday 10:59 pm
449205 spacer

It appears I wrote that post in error.

>> No. 449206 Anonymous
25th January 2022
Tuesday 11:00 pm
449206 spacer

Missed that one, I guess.

>> No. 449208 Anonymous
25th January 2022
Tuesday 11:40 pm
449208 spacer
Anyone seen the revelations about Hugh Hefner? Something about drug-fuelled sex parties draining the youth and beauty from women. It's outrageous the stuff men do.
>> No. 449209 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 12:04 am
449209 spacer
It is getting a bit silly now. I mean... Playboy? Sex parties? Unless it was some Epstein level shite, then I do not know what these women thought they were signing up to.
>> No. 449210 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 12:20 am
449210 spacer
I have eligibility to go for an Italian passport (and be dual British-Italian). Not sure I can be arsed with it. What would be some of the benefits? Beyond the obvious EU citizen/freedom of movement.
>> No. 449211 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 1:19 am
449211 spacer
Italian women will like you a little bit more.
>> No. 449212 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 1:33 am
449212 spacer

In my experience of having an Italian mate all birds will like you a bit more, especially if you learn a bit of the lingo.

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