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>> No. 450329 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 5:24 am
450329 New Weekend Thread
How's it going, lads?

What are you up to this weekend?
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>> No. 451487 Anonymous
15th May 2022
Sunday 12:45 pm
451487 spacer
Ukraine has said they will "do their best" to host it. In theory, we could, because when Australia were first invited, there were questions about if they'd host the next one if they won, and Australia said they would nominate whoever came second to host it instead. So if you really want to host the next Eurovision Song Contest, you will need to start supporting Russia. I'm sure they would happily accept you into their own foreign legion.
>> No. 451493 Anonymous
15th May 2022
Sunday 2:51 pm
451493 spacer
Sod's law that the first time we get a decent act in years, Ukraine decides to get invaded and get flooded with pity points. We was robbed.
>> No. 451495 Anonymous
15th May 2022
Sunday 3:13 pm
451495 spacer

We only put in a decent song because we knew we wouldn't win.

>> No. 451501 Anonymous
15th May 2022
Sunday 7:14 pm
451501 spacer
I've promised myself I will start dieting, calorie counting and exercising again tomorrow after stopping caring completely when I got Covid in February, and having put on a stone since. So of course today I am scoffing all sorts of shite as a final blowout.
>> No. 451502 Anonymous
15th May 2022
Sunday 7:45 pm
451502 spacer

Aye me an' all. Let's keep each other motivated eh?

I'm off on a long walk in the Peak District tomorrow (even though the weather says it'll piss down) so that'll get the exercise off to a good start. I'm getting back on with cooking my own meals and will deny myself takeaways even when I properly can't be arsed.

I could do with recommendations on bodyweight exercise routines, I don't have any room for equipment until I get into my new place and fuck the gym.
>> No. 451503 Anonymous
15th May 2022
Sunday 8:41 pm
451503 spacer
That's me 'n'all. Gym every morning before work and only restaurant food once a week.

Re: bodyweight stuff, I'd say start with planking for a minute, press-ups, crunches, leg-raises or flutterkicks if your lower core is already strong enough for the latter, back extensions, and maybe a squat if doing those without weight would benefit you. Consider a 20 quid set of resistance bands as well, the kind that come with clips so you can hook them onto hold points in your house, they're a decent replacement for the gym.
>> No. 451504 Anonymous
15th May 2022
Sunday 9:26 pm
451504 spacer
I must have amnesia because I'm in the same boat. Currently failing at eating right because there is always an excuse.
>> No. 451507 Anonymous
15th May 2022
Sunday 11:19 pm
451507 spacer
Burpees are excellent whole body movements which can be performed with limited space.

There's good Tabata timers on yt. Tabata is scientifically proven to improve VO2max by a good amount.

Kettlebells are currently on sale at Argos. You can do a lot for your body with a single 16kg kettlebell and it takes up minimal space.
>> No. 451508 Anonymous
15th May 2022
Sunday 11:23 pm
451508 spacer
Hello Fresh is a real swizz. Great, the mushrooms are pre-sliced, shame there's only three mushrooms worth of slices to serve two people.
>> No. 451509 Anonymous
15th May 2022
Sunday 11:40 pm
451509 spacer

So when the Aussie woman said "Is Hello Fresh worth the price? Absolutely!" in the ad, she wasn't being entirely honest?

I am shook.

Also this has made me realise that somehow, I haven't seen an ad on YouTube at work in months. I remember making a post here complaining that IT won't let us install an adblocker but the ads seem to have vanished on their own. What's up with that? Have Alphabet decided I'm clearly a lost cause and just stopped showing me them?
>> No. 451514 Anonymous
16th May 2022
Monday 12:02 pm
451514 spacer
Got off my arse and did a 4 mile walk, not a bad start.
>> No. 451515 Anonymous
16th May 2022
Monday 1:11 pm
451515 spacer
Using my 'at home' set of extensions tends to break websites on my work laptop so I ended up just adding fuck all to my chrome on my work laptop, but ended up getting sick of the constant soundcloud/youtube adverts.

Tried Adblocker and Adblock plus I thought they would be the least invasive most basic and still, ads. Ublock origin was my next step up and that cut out all the shit, and has yet to break any of my work webpages, so maybe they went with that.

And I'm not being precious right, but I think it's genuinely mentally harmful to have adverts injected into these audio experiences, even if you're not a sperg. It can completely ruin a good mood to anticipate a particular chord coming, or the opening of a track, and then LOUD MAN TALKING ABOUT EASTBOURNE'S SHIT INTERNET REPEATING THE SAME WORDS LOUDLY. It's just fucking rude, I'm obviously going to block the adverts instead of pay premium so what's the fucking point?
>> No. 451516 Anonymous
16th May 2022
Monday 1:25 pm
451516 spacer
I completely agree with you about how awful adverts are when you're listening to music. I stopped using the SoundCloud app a few years ago because it became unbearable how every other song would be followed by ads for car insurance or some shite.

Not to sound too "I, for one, don't even, etc", but I don't understand how people use the internet without an ad blocker of some kind. TV adverts annoy me enough to where I switch on BBC News or mute it and do something else, but the internet is different. The internet's active, I'm clicking x to make y happen, but then some advert for a F2P mobile game or a 45 minute video about how to trick women pops up, or the general nightmare clutter of your common website, and I'm just having a worse time. Even if it's a YouTube video almost no one on that bloody website makes allowances for adverts in their edit, meaning they'll be halfway through saying something and then BAM, "are you one of nine million EasyJet customers...". Maybe it's not their fault, maybe it's a YouTube problem.
>> No. 451517 Anonymous
16th May 2022
Monday 2:14 pm
451517 spacer

When did that business of adverts before youtube videos start anyway. I seem to remember that about 10 to 15 years ago, you could DJ a party for half the evening with music clips right off youtube that would play instantly without ads.
>> No. 451531 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 11:45 am
451531 spacer
I've noticed that Twitter have started putting ads before videos now.
>> No. 451534 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 11:46 am
451534 spacer
I think video ads started late 2007 and prerolls in late 2008.

If you see ads on YouTube - regardless of platform - you're doing it wrong. And if your player doesn't skip creator's sponsor reads you should do better.
>> No. 451552 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 3:32 pm
451552 spacer

Enlighten us.
>> No. 451553 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 3:40 pm
451553 spacer

Not him but browser-based adblock worked on Youtube until well into the late 2010s. DNS-based blocking was always a bit more hit and miss, when it works it purrs but when it doesn't you're sitting there watching ads like a mug except you've made effort to avoid doing so and you felt stupid. Crazy as it may sound, you could be the one nerdy guy at a party who knew to set up your laptop properly and get a couple of snogs on tech-saviness alone.

It's really only since the pandemic, if that long even, that Google have really put the hammer down regarding this kind of shit. I think maybe it's a power thing. If you were banned from Google in 2007 you had to set up yahoo mail and they would never track you to a new account. Today a Google ban is a death sentence and everyone knows it, someone somewhere is getting off on having that kind of power. And people are getting them because they logged in on an IP that had been used earlier by someone who was actually blocking their stuff (i.e anyone at all who is using a VPN for any reason).
>> No. 451555 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 4:05 pm
451555 spacer
Maybe your work VPN is cutting the ads. Now you'll have to explain to me why you're browsing youtube on your work computer.

Not him but a combination of uBlock and Sponserblock extensions works fine. I'm actually surprised with how quickly and accurately Sponserblock operates given it works by users marking time.
>> No. 451557 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 5:04 pm
451557 spacer

>Now you'll have to explain to me why you're browsing youtube on your work computer.

Because I'll do what I like in between single handedly holding up the smooth operation of the entire bloody hospital, thanks. Now stop deleting the fucking ICE and SPINE desktop shortcuts you bald cunt.
>> No. 451559 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 5:49 pm
451559 spacer
>you bald cunt

Why are you sexually harassing that lad?
>> No. 451560 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 5:51 pm
451560 spacer
As soon as I boot my PC up and run Chrome, I get ads before YouTube vids. After about 5 minutes, no ads. Weird.
>> No. 451562 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 6:08 pm
451562 spacer

Maybe you actually have a good IT service. I have gotten away with adding uBlock to my Chrome installation (and it works reet nice), but based on the amount of ads that my thick-as-a-welshman's-cock colleague gets when queuing up SUPER HITS OF THE SEVENTIES, there appears to be no router-level blocking. She won't even let me set up uBlock for her, because she thinks it'll "break" her computer.
>> No. 451563 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 6:13 pm
451563 spacer

ADDENDUM: Have a nosey in uBlock's settings and make sure you've subscribed to just about every filter list that seems relevant to your browsing habits, even if it seems insane to add that many. I don't get YT ads at home or at work.
>> No. 451565 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 9:00 pm
451565 spacer
Does anyone else not trust Richard Burgon?
>> No. 451566 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 9:03 pm
451566 spacer

Dunno, has he raped anybody?
>> No. 451567 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 9:05 pm
451567 spacer

You can trust a rapist to rape but can we trust Richard Burgon to?
>> No. 451568 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 9:25 pm
451568 spacer

Dunno, who is he?
>> No. 451570 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 9:48 pm
451570 spacer
In the same I don't trust anyone who's dimmer than a two watt bulb. What's your problem with him?
>> No. 451571 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 9:50 pm
451571 spacer

He's very Politician.
>> No. 451572 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 10:37 pm
451572 spacer

>> No. 451574 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 10:53 pm
451574 spacer
I really don't understand what you mean. That's not your fault, I just don't pay much attention to him because, even as someone who wanted PM Corbyn in Number 10 more than Charlie Bucket wanted a golden ticket, "Cabinet Minister Richard Burgon" makes me shudder. And not in a horny way.
>> No. 451575 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 11:16 pm
451575 spacer
He has a gimpy voice, like Ed Miliband, but he also has the falseness that a lot of Conservatives have. I guess he's sort of like Michael Gove in his combination of gimpiness and sliminess.

You know who's a fucking G? Wes Streeting. Every time he appears on TV, he launches straight into an absolute mission where he lists every bad thing the Conservative Party have ever done, without once repeating himself, being wrong, or even scraping the barrel. I predict big things for him. If he doesn't become Prime Minister, he's going to be wheeled into his own murder trial in a straitjacket and a muzzle like Hannibal Lecter.
>> No. 451577 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 11:20 pm
451577 spacer

Never mess with a gay lad who grew up on a council estate.
>> No. 451579 Anonymous
18th May 2022
Wednesday 1:11 am
451579 spacer
From what I've seen, he backs all the "good" initiatives but I have a powerful sense that it's a calculated ploy - that he only backs ones he knows are going to fail anyway, to get the progressive credit without making change. I've been in his immediate vicinity a number of times and the way he smiles strikes me as patronising and deeply insincere. Another Starmer, but smugger.
This could all be in my head, I don't know much about him other than that he was present where I was and my read of his body language.
>> No. 451646 Anonymous
20th May 2022
Friday 10:58 pm
451646 spacer
Having a night in, googling exes and, for some reason, holiday destinations that I went to with some of them.

That one hotel in Corfu hasn't changed a bit in ten years.
>> No. 451653 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 4:16 pm
451653 spacer
I've nothing against boy racers, but I don't see the appeal in repeatedly driving around a McDonald's car park in a loop, going the wrong way around a one-way system, in a ~15 year old Ford Fiesta with tinted windows and an oversized exhaust whilst regularly over-revving it.
>> No. 451654 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 4:25 pm
451654 spacer


RIP Rex Garrod.
>> No. 451655 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 4:50 pm
451655 spacer
LMAO he's a Blairite neo-lib stooge. Imagine being impressed by Wes Streeting.
>> No. 451656 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 4:52 pm
451656 spacer
I spent more than £300 on a pair of fitted suits today after deciding that I should start economising. Oh well, new job starts soon so perhaps I can justify it to myself.
>> No. 451657 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 4:57 pm
451657 spacer
I always feel so much more groggy after a night with a weed vape than when I just smoke a joint. I can't tell whether it's that the THC is so much higher, or whether the easy access means I just end up using it more, or whether there's something else afoot.
>> No. 451658 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 5:02 pm
451658 spacer

Vaping in general makes it way easier to overindulge. I'd up the CBD to balance things out a bit.
>> No. 451666 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 1:15 am
451666 spacer

Is it not a health risk drinking something so old?
>> No. 451669 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 2:14 am
451669 spacer

Alcohol and acidity are antimicrobial. As long as the bottle remains sealed, wine is safe to drink pretty much indefinitely.
>> No. 451670 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 11:05 am
451670 spacer
It's not all that microbial; anything under 8% and it'll easily turn to vinegar.
>> No. 451671 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 12:10 pm
451671 spacer

>As long as the bottle remains sealed, wine is safe to drink pretty much indefinitely.

I guess there's a difference between being enjoyable to drink and being toxic to the point of a health risk.

Wine ages, and a lot of the time, not in a good way. Most table wines you buy have a plastic cork, which means a lot of oxygen diffuses into the bottle over time and reacts with the wine and oxidises it. There are white wines that will go off within three or four years of bottling. Yes, you can still drink them after that, but the smell and taste of oxidation will not make it pleasurable. These are wines that are meant for somewhat immediate consumption. When my nan died, we found a bottle of white wine in the back of her livingroom cupboard, it was fifteen years old, and the smell and taste when we opened it was pretty rank. Granted, a livingroom cupboard is no place to store any wine for any length of time. Least of all in an upright position, which causes the cork to dry out and let even more oxygen in.

Red wine, on the other hand, contains plenty more antioxidants than white wine, especially tannins and phenols, and they protect the wine from oxidation, to the point that a well-stored red wine with a full natural cork can indeed last decades and in some cases centuries. Capping it with wax, like in the video, can also greatly increase a wine's lifespan.

A red wine of that age will have little in common with one you've just bought in the shop. I've never had one that was aged multiple years or decades, but they're said to taste quite profound and earthy, and much of the fruity notes will have been replaced by flavours that are more akin to a port or sherry.
>> No. 451677 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 10:14 pm
451677 spacer
>I spent more than £300 on a pair of fitted suits today

Not that bad for a couple of suits. I paid that 10 years ago and they're still with me despite becoming a patchwork of repair stitches that I can no longer button up.
>> No. 451678 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 10:57 pm
451678 spacer

So does it get you more pissed the older it is?

I got sucked down a rabbit hole a bit ago of watching people dry age steaks. Seems to have been a fad at one point. They always describe it as "funky" smelling, then cut off a little sliver and eat it raw. It always looks fucked to me, but none of them are dead, so who the fuck knows. Can I just crack open a thirty five year old tin of Spam I found at my nan's and it's a delicacy now?

Only adds credence to the idea of things going off being a myth made up by Big Fridge.
>> No. 451679 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 11:01 pm
451679 spacer

>So does it get you more pissed the older it is?
>> No. 451681 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 11:32 pm
451681 spacer
The past is a foreign country.

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