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>> No. 453189 Anonymous
12th August 2022
Friday 9:41 pm
453189 Global warming, and that.
New global warming/environmental thread?

New global warming/environmental thread.

The old one deserves being put out to pasture after 3,700 posts.


>Firefighters from all over Europe battle 'monster' blaze in France as others burn in Portugal, Germany and Spain
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>> No. 453723 Anonymous
2nd September 2022
Friday 2:20 pm
453723 spacer


>Boris Johnson's plane used for £50,000 alcohol fuelled tour over Moffat

>THE Prime Minister’s private jet was used for a 700-mile “booze cruise” by government officials which cost £50,000, according to recent reports.

>The 91-minute flight took off from London Stansted, circling the Lake District and flying over Moffat, before returning back to Stansted. The Sun, who first broke the story, reports that those on-board – UK Foreign Office civil servants – were served “a fancy meal and drinks”.
>> No. 453724 Anonymous
2nd September 2022
Friday 4:07 pm
453724 spacer

Speaking of, which one of you rotten bastards did this?

>> No. 453725 Anonymous
2nd September 2022
Friday 4:38 pm
453725 spacer
>Googlebox star
Journalism really is a piece of piss. No wonder the Russians can say whatever they want and not be any less credible than our own news sources.
>> No. 453726 Anonymous
2nd September 2022
Friday 5:52 pm
453726 spacer

I think Gabriel Iglesias once did a stand-up comedy bit where he said he's not afraid of getting kidnapped, because kidnappers don't normally take fat people.
>> No. 453727 Anonymous
2nd September 2022
Friday 5:57 pm
453727 spacer

Here it is:

>> No. 453735 Anonymous
3rd September 2022
Saturday 12:33 am
453735 spacer

Speaking of ARE Scarlett, who's the better patron saint for .gs?

I'm still in the Sarah Millican camp, but Scarlett Moffatt is looking increasingly deserving.
>> No. 453737 Anonymous
3rd September 2022
Saturday 12:59 am
453737 spacer

ARE SARAH takes it for me, but ARE SCAR takes a very respectable second. Interesting that we've gone straight from Konnie Huq to Carol Vorderman and a couple of mumsy but childless geordie lasses. We've hit our thirties hard, haven't we? For me, the main strike against Scarlett is that she has failed her driving test thirteen times.

Roxanne off of LadBaby might be on the market soon...
>> No. 453738 Anonymous
3rd September 2022
Saturday 2:24 am
453738 spacer

>and a couple of mumsy but childless geordie lasses

Sarah is a bit past her window, but there's still hope for ARE Scarlett, I think she's only 31.

Well, "hope" is a big word. Then again, fatadmirerlad from a few threads down would probably wreck that be available in a heartbeat.
>> No. 453739 Anonymous
3rd September 2022
Saturday 2:44 am
453739 spacer


>> No. 453741 Anonymous
3rd September 2022
Saturday 9:25 am
453741 spacer
I don't get it?
>> No. 453744 Anonymous
3rd September 2022
Saturday 10:59 am
453744 spacer

Apparently, smallish oblong rocks cause climate change.
>> No. 453745 Anonymous
3rd September 2022
Saturday 11:30 am
453745 spacer

I think here they're being used to 'disprove' it.
>> No. 453747 Anonymous
3rd September 2022
Saturday 11:57 am
453747 spacer

>The UK could unseat top wine-producing regions Champagne and Burgundy in France due to the effects of climate change, according to a new study.

>The Climate Resilience in the UK Wine Sector study found that rising temperatures over the coming years could make Britain a major player in quality wine production.

>Looking at climate projections, researchers said temperatures in the UK wine-growing regions may rise by 1.4°C by 2040 -- on top of the one degree rise since the 1980s.

>This will mean the amount of sugar in UK grapes would be more consistent with better wine quality and higher alcohol content, they said.

>"Production here in the UK has been able to produce sparkling wines that are of a style that are very similar to those produced in Champagne," said lead researcher Professor Stephen Dorling.
>> No. 453777 Anonymous
3rd September 2022
Saturday 10:48 pm
453777 spacer

How about Amy Gledhill as a potential up-and-coming mumsy northerner?

>> No. 453779 Anonymous
3rd September 2022
Saturday 10:57 pm
453779 spacer

Who decided that mumsy has to mean you're also a chub.
>> No. 453781 Anonymous
3rd September 2022
Saturday 11:10 pm
453781 spacer

Close your eyes and picture a really nice dinner lady who always gives you extra chips. Is she skinny? Is she bollocks. A hug isn't truly comforting if you can get your arms all the way around. .gs deserves a mumsy figurehead who wouldn't hesitate to offer kind words and extra chips.
>> No. 453788 Anonymous
4th September 2022
Sunday 10:35 am
453788 spacer


>Obesity is bad for the environment, study shows

>The research, published in the journal Obesity, finds that in total the extra food consumed by the world’s 600 million obese people has a carbon footprint on a par with that of the UK. Their increased metabolism also means that every year they breathe out extra CO2 equivalent to Sweden’s annual output.
>> No. 453789 Anonymous
4th September 2022
Sunday 12:07 pm
453789 spacer

It is overconsumption in quite a real way.
>> No. 453791 Anonymous
4th September 2022
Sunday 1:02 pm
453791 spacer
On second thoughts, fuck the environment.
>> No. 453792 Anonymous
4th September 2022
Sunday 2:03 pm
453792 spacer

I think we need to go back to realising that obese people are a drain on society. They're costing the NHS millions every year, and obviously their way of being isn't good for the environment either. Not just because they eat more food and exhale more CO2, but it probably also has an impact on things like your car's fuel consumption. Especially if your whole family is fat. Not only will your old Vauxhall Vectra be underpowered and burn more petrol to get up to speed, but you're probably going to buy a bigger car to accomodate your whole family of chubbies.

It shouldn't be fat shaming to state the obvious, as long as it comes from a matter-of-fact kind of place. Instead of telling them everything's A-OK and that they are fine the way they are. They are not.

Myself, I've gained around 2.5 st since the pandemic. I am working to get it back down, because it's not healthy. I am starting to feel the weight in my knees, ankles and foot arches. I can only imagine that it will get worse if I don't start losing weight now.
>> No. 453798 Anonymous
4th September 2022
Sunday 3:58 pm
453798 spacer
The government should freeze energy bills at current prices but only for people of a healthy weight.
>> No. 453799 Anonymous
4th September 2022
Sunday 3:59 pm
453799 spacer
Fat people are insulated through their blubber.
>> No. 453990 Anonymous
9th September 2022
Friday 12:13 am
453990 spacer

>Hateful tweets multiply dramatically as temperatures become more extreme, an analysis of 4bn geo-located tweets in the US has found.

>Scientists logged rises of up to 22% in racist, whale poacher and homophobic tweets when temperatures rose above 42C, and increases of up to 12% when the mercury fell below -3C, according to a study by The Lancet Planetary Health.

>Annika Stechemesser, its lead author and a scientist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), said: “We found that both the absolute number and the share of hate tweets rise outside a climate comfort zone. People tend to show a more aggressive online behaviour when it’s either too cold or too hot outside.”
>> No. 454361 Anonymous
19th September 2022
Monday 5:14 pm
454361 spacer
A third of laplanderstan is still under water. At least eleven dead, more missing after massive storms hit the Marche region of Italy; six months of rainfall in three hours. Hurricane Fiona landed two feet of water on Puerto Rico causing floods and landslides, power cuts affecting 1.3 million. Nine million people in Japan have been told to evacuate ahead of super typhoon Nanmadol hitting. The Western US is still under a massive heat dome. And our government is accelerating fossil fuel use, going back on the (slight) renewable progress we'd been making.
>> No. 454385 Anonymous
20th September 2022
Tuesday 6:18 am
454385 spacer

Is it me or has most British and European news utterly failed to report the majority of this?

I try to follow this stuff and the Japan thing had totally passed me by.
>> No. 454388 Anonymous
20th September 2022
Tuesday 8:34 am
454388 spacer

It's generally mentioned somewhere, on a page off the front, but yes.

100,000 displaced by floods in Nigeria; 300 dead this year, 20 this week. Truss announces plans to grant 130 new offshore drilling licenses in the North Sea.
>> No. 454394 Anonymous
20th September 2022
Tuesday 11:11 am
454394 spacer
The death of Liz, and the new government of Other Liz, has put all other news on the back burner for several weeks. Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan seem to have started a war with each other, and the fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan is back with a vengeance. Also, in Leicester, the eskimos and Hindus are all having pitched battles in the streets every night. All these stories have been vaguely nodded to, same as yours, but they've been very easy to miss.
>> No. 454397 Anonymous
20th September 2022
Tuesday 1:49 pm
454397 spacer
Even Puerto Rico is being covered less than the funeral, on American television.
>> No. 454430 Anonymous
23rd September 2022
Friday 11:07 pm
454430 spacer
The government's new mini-budget announcements have managed to seriously anger the RSPB. "This Government has today launched an attack on nature. We don’t use the words that follow lightly. We are entering uncharted territory."
"We are currently planning a mass mobilisation of our members and supporters."
"If ever nature has needed you, it’s now."
The fucking RSPB. Mad.
>> No. 454431 Anonymous
23rd September 2022
Friday 11:45 pm
454431 spacer

This government is crap, but the RSPB are the worst kind of upper-middle-class NIMBY scum. The only part of the mini-budget that might actually help ordinary people is the planning reforms, but that's the bit that the RSPB oppose. Fuck people who need somewhere to live, fuck people who need somewhere to work, because I want a nice bit of wetland within driving distance of my house so I can go and look at wading birds.
>> No. 454435 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 1:36 am
454435 spacer
Classlad, I am flushing you down the toilet. You are thick as pigshit and probably from Bath as well.
>> No. 454438 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 8:52 am
454438 spacer
It doesn't help ordinary people if it destroys what little animal habitat is left in this country. I don't get on well with their membership either but they're not wrong on this.
>> No. 454439 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 9:07 am
454439 spacer

The vast majority of birds on the RSPB's "endangered birds" list aren't actually endangered or even vulnerable - their global population is entirely secure, the RSPB have just unilaterally asserted that they're "endangered" based on a subjective assessment of their population in the UK. Most of those birds are non-native and a large proportion have migratory routes that naturally fluctuate over time.

They bemoan the "extinction" of oreolus oreolus, despite the fact that the species is thriving from Portugal to China and from Scandinavia to the Middle East, with the species being classified by the IUCN as of least concern. Oreolus oreolus occasionally migrate through East Anglia and a handful of breeding pairs had settled there, which in the eyes of the RSPB means that the tiny British population of a non-native bird must be preserved at all costs.

The RSPB aren't a conservation group, they're a lobby group for a hobby. They use the language of conservation to justify turning large areas of the UK into artificial habitats for non-native birds. They're entitled to hold their point of view, but the rest of us are entitled to find it laughable.
>> No. 454440 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 9:51 am
454440 spacer

This isn't about building artificial habitats for non-native species, which is a wildly dishonest way to describe re-creating original habitats for species whose migratory routes naturally fluctuate through here, as well as the wealth of other species which thrive in those same habitats. You're doing the same "We could save the planet, but at what cost?" nonsense as fossil fuel economists; there's very little point in building more affordable homes if it's done at the cost of destroying what little biodiversity we have left and turning the country even further into a wasteland. This country being the most nature-depleted of all the G7 nations for, and in the bottom 10% globally. We need that biodiversity for the soil we grow food in, for cleaning the air we breathe and as a buffer against dangerous or disease-carrying invasive species. This shit matters, boiling it all down to "But brownfield sites for homes are too much hassle!" is utterly blinkered.
>> No. 454441 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 9:54 am
454441 spacer
I don't know why anyone still cares about the environment. Nuclear armageddon is going to do us all in long before climate change gets a chance.
>> No. 454442 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 10:23 am
454442 spacer

One of the outcomes of the worsening climate crisis is social and political instability, which generally lead to war.
>> No. 454443 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 10:49 am
454443 spacer

>This shit matters

I'm a non-car-owning vegan who hasn't been on a plane in more than 15 years, but I couldn't give a fuck about what middle class people like to see out of their window. I do care about ecosystem health, but organisations like the RSPB and the Woodland Trust only pretend to care in order to pursue their own parochial agendas.

This country is already an industrial wasteland. It has been for centuries. It's all brownfield. The last bit of "nature" died in this country hundreds of years ago. There isn't an inch of this country that hasn't been radically reshaped by human activity. Anything we might want to "conserve" is no more natural than what we might replace it with.

The Norfolk Broads are completely artificial. In the middle ages, the whole area was a peat bog. The wetlands and navigable waters are entirely the result of hundreds of years of excavation and subsequent flooding. Conservationists like to pretend otherwise, to great political success, but they're preserving a derelict industrial site.

"Ancient woodland" is defined in this country as anything that has been continuously wooded since 1600. I've got furniture older than that. The vast majority of that "ancient" woodland is old managed forestry, every bit as artificially cultivated as a modern forestry block. The biodiversity isn't evidence of untampered nature, it's just the result of dereliction. If you know what to look for, you can see it everywhere in British woodland - the evidence of coppicing and replanting, the bodger's clearings, the ruins of ore hearths and glass furnaces.

I have no objection whatsoever to carefully planning a reserve of genuinely rewilded national parks and green corridors to maintain a healthy level of biodiversity, but that's not what's happening. Spurious arguments about conservation are being used to choke off development at every turn. Brownfield sites are being treated as priceless heritage by people with a Victorian chocolate-box image of Britain. They're trying to preserve a country that exists only in their imagination, as part of a wider agenda that depends on invalidating our actual history.
>> No. 454444 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 11:15 am
454444 spacer

None of that is an argument for concreting over what few places nature is recovering in, and you know it.
>> No. 454445 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 11:56 am
454445 spacer

Have you ever tried to get planning permission for something? Serious question. Conservation arguments are habitually used to prevent development, even on inarguably brownfield sites. You want to build houses on the site of a derelict factory? Well, what about the runoff water from all of those gardens? What about the impact of traffic noise? Have you surveyed the site for newts?

The RSPB are the single biggest impediment to wind power in this country - ostensibly they only oppose wind turbines in "inappropriate" locations, but funnily enough they can't name any appropriate locations.

This study is from the US, but it clearly illustrates how spurious environmental arguments are exploited by NIMBYs to prevent environmentally beneficial development:

>> No. 454446 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 11:58 am
454446 spacer
More drought news. Some chap has filmed a receding water reservoir near him.

>> No. 454447 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 1:55 pm
454447 spacer
I'm not sure why you think that's got anything to do a fascist manic throwing nukes around in a conflict that's very much nothing to do with the climate.
>> No. 454448 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 2:10 pm
454448 spacer

At no point have I said I agree with not developing on brownfield sites, I even suggested the opposite.


You don't see what modern warfare has to do with fossil fuels or how the prospect of dwindling resources might impact tactical decisions? Really? Please watch fewer James Bond films.
>> No. 454449 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 2:18 pm
454449 spacer
>You don't see what modern warfare has to do with fossil fuels or how the prospect of dwindling resources might impact tactical decisions?
Ah, yes, I forgot about how Russia has almost no resources while eastern Ukraine is full of them.

You have no idea what you're talking about.
>> No. 454450 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 2:32 pm
454450 spacer

Fucking hell mate.
>> No. 454456 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 4:59 pm
454456 spacer


>> No. 454457 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 5:08 pm
454457 spacer
>> No. 454520 Anonymous
28th September 2022
Wednesday 1:48 am
454520 spacer
I'm beginning to dislike Thoughty2's climate change denier slant.

>> No. 454521 Anonymous
28th September 2022
Wednesday 2:40 am
454521 spacer
Stop being a pussy and just have babies.
>> No. 454522 Anonymous
28th September 2022
Wednesday 5:35 am
454522 spacer

Thoughty2 is a bit of a hack, he has been caught out many times talking directly out of his arse about shit he has barely skimmed the Wikipedia article for. I wouldn't put too much stock in it.
>> No. 454524 Anonymous
28th September 2022
Wednesday 10:52 am
454524 spacer

There's loads of youtubers who seem to make a generous living just reading wikipedia to a camera. Just look at Simon Whistler, who probably employs half a dozen people assisting him with his drivel. According to his web site, he now has as many as six different youtube channels.


Not sure I'd call him a "media personality" though, as he touts himself on that web site. That's pushing it more than its fair share.

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