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>> No. 453189 Anonymous
12th August 2022
Friday 9:41 pm
453189 Global warming, and that.
New global warming/environmental thread?

New global warming/environmental thread.

The old one deserves being put out to pasture after 3,700 posts.


>Firefighters from all over Europe battle 'monster' blaze in France as others burn in Portugal, Germany and Spain
Expand all images.
>> No. 453190 Anonymous
12th August 2022
Friday 9:45 pm
453190 spacer
I'll miss Are Greta's annoying angry face. RIP old climate thread.

Long live the new climate thread.
>> No. 453191 Anonymous
12th August 2022
Friday 9:58 pm
453191 spacer


Here she is for you one more time.
>> No. 453193 Anonymous
12th August 2022
Friday 10:41 pm
453193 spacer

Italy: 200 Alpine glaciers gone since end 19th Century

'An official drought has been declared in parts of south-west England, parts of southern and central England, and the East of England.'

European Union warns of "very critical situation" as drought threatens 60% of EU and U.K.

Chaos after heat crashes computers at leading London hospitals. Patient safety compromised during IT failure at Guy’s and St Thomas’.

Eight dead in Seoul after record torrential rain turns streets into rivers. Biggest hourly downpour since 1942 in South Korean capital.

A ‘megaflood’ in California could drop 100 inches of rain, scientists warn

'Very scary': European agriculture hit hard by climate change and drought

Antarctic krill are one of the most abundant species in the world in terms of biomass, but scientists and conservationists are concerned about the future of the species due to overfishing, climate change impacts and other human activities.

Liz Truss defends energy firms saying profit is not evil

European drought dries up rivers, kills fish, shrivels crops

Drought hits Germany's Rhine River: 'We have 30cm of water left'

Historic Drought Threatens to Cripple European Trade

Poland investigates mass die-off of tons of fish in ‘ecological catastrophe’

The Arctic is heating up four times faster than the rest of the planet

Mass Death of Sequoias Is the Harbinger of Earth Systems Collapse

Doomsday scenario: Climate change news should send a tingle of fear down your spine

Learning how to cope with ‘climate doom’ – podcast

Climate change: More studies needed on possibility of human extinction

“Human Kind Cannot Bear Very Much Reality”, Doing Nothing While the World Burns and Extinction Looms

This documentary clearly outlines the current problems of the Amazon rainforest and what should be done to preserve it in the future. A Bolsonaro victory or a military coup d'état led by him will bury any chance of saving what's left of the rainforest.

UNSW expert Renate Egan explains how countries around the world have reacted to the oil and gas supply chain issues caused by the fallout of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Policing Extinction Rebellion protests cost the Met over £10million

A Pipeline Giant Pleads ‘No Contest’ to Environmental Crimes

The US spent six decades losing the climate war as fossil fuel companies spread misinformation. It has finally gained significant ground

[California] is aiming to reach 25,000 megawatts of offshore wind capacity by 2045, about as much as all of Europe has today.

These Youth Climate Activists Are Taking Europe to Court

Study finds 100% renewables would pay off within 6 years. New research from Stanford University researcher Mark Jacobson outlines how 145 countries could meet 100% of their business-as-usual energy needs with wind, water, solar and energy storage.

'Our fields shouldn't be full of solar panels': Truss vows to crackdown on renewables development
>> No. 453200 Anonymous
13th August 2022
Saturday 11:33 am
453200 spacer


>Liz Truss defends energy firms saying profit is not evil

If she becomes PM, it will give Labour the opportunity of the decade to regain power.
>> No. 453208 Anonymous
13th August 2022
Saturday 1:18 pm
453208 spacer

Mr snruB.jpg
>Liz Truss, the Tory leadership frontrunner, is a strong communicator, gutsy and could prove to be an economic “nightmare” for Labour, according to some of the opposition party’s leading strategists. Allies of Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer have also been impressed by the way the foreign secretary has grown into the contest to succeed outgoing prime minister Boris Johnson. “The idea of her being a pushover is very much wide of the mark,” said one.

>In a poll this week by Redfield & Wilton Strategies asking who would make the better prime minister, Truss enjoyed a three-point lead over Starmer while her rival, former chancellor Rishi Sunak, trailed Starmer by six points. “Liz Truss is no fool, she is gutsy,” said Lord Peter Mandelson, an architect of New Labour’s election victory in 1997, noting she was running as “an early Thatcher insurgent” rather than as a long-serving minister.

>Truss has also won some respect in Starmer’s inner circle, with one ally of his saying that “her clear strength is the simplicity of her message. She talks about what she is for, while Sunak sounds like he’s talking about what he is against. There’s no complacency from our point of view. She looks like she has been liberated by the prospect of taking the top job,” they added.

It's over lad. All that electric money will sit with it's rightful owner and the voters will pay for it.
>> No. 453210 Anonymous
13th August 2022
Saturday 2:11 pm
453210 spacer


People just can't be arsed to take five minutes to find out who she really is.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not at all a Labour supporter, but she would be a much more controversial figure in office than people seem to think at the moment.
>> No. 453232 Anonymous
13th August 2022
Saturday 10:12 pm
453232 spacer
>#EndeGelände blockading the dirty coal plant #moorburg is the German #climatejustice-movement coming home: in 2008, we organised the 1st climate & antiracist camp. Then, we were a few hundred, & were defeated. Today, we are thousands, & we defeat them. https://twitter.com/MuellerTadzio/status/1558437393874698240
Ende Gelände (`Here, and no further`) is a German climate movement which for the past 14 years has been taking Mario Savio's advice (www.youtube.com/watch?v=tu9AoQgtOCA) invading open-face coal mines en masse to prevent them functioning. Anyway they're claiming a very successful year this time; not just blockading it but also sabotaging some of the machinery.
Pete the Temp is a bit cringeworthy at times but this music video of his has some great footage of them at work.

Climate activists in south-eastern France have filled golf course holes with cement to protest against the exemption of golf greens from water bans amid the country's severe drought.
>> No. 453233 Anonymous
13th August 2022
Saturday 10:18 pm
453233 spacer

Also, not in the news at all, but activists in Surrey using tunnels to prevent Exxonmobil's pipeline construction, intended to deliver aviation fuel to Heathrow for its third runway, have managed to cause enough delay that the tunnelling machine (needed to dig a hole for the pipeline under the M25) has been sent away.
>> No. 453235 Anonymous
13th August 2022
Saturday 11:32 pm
453235 spacer

>Climate activists in south-eastern France have filled golf course holes with cement to protest against the exemption of golf greens from water bans amid the country's severe drought.

That's a great idea regardless of the current drought. Fucking elitist sport, consumes vast areas of space just so that a few middle aged and old tossers can whack a ball and then go after it.
>> No. 453236 Anonymous
13th August 2022
Saturday 11:33 pm
453236 spacer

It's a nice idea but I imagine it's not too difficult to pull the concrete plug out. There are alternative methods.
>> No. 453241 Anonymous
14th August 2022
Sunday 10:05 am
453241 spacer
It also appears that golf has been used as a front for the Saudis to launder money to some fat seppo cunt in exchange for some spicy secrets.

Fuck golf.
>> No. 453242 Anonymous
14th August 2022
Sunday 10:12 am
453242 spacer

Reminds me of a friend who got an ASBO for defecating on the bonnet of an S-class Mercedes late one night while he was off his tits, and writing "Enjoy your shit car" with a permanent marker on it.

It was kind of bordering on performance art.
>> No. 453244 Anonymous
14th August 2022
Sunday 12:12 pm
453244 spacer
It’s raining PFAS: even in Antarctica and on the Tibetan plateau rainwater is unsafe to drink

The U.S. in July set a new record for overnight warmth

2 dead after heavy rain flooded Las Vegas streets in the wettest monsoon season in a decade

Europe set for record wildfire destruction in 2022
(Admittedly `records began` in 2006)

Mass crop failures expected in England as farmers demand hosepipe bans
Leaked documents predict crop failure rates of up to 50% as water companies resist calls to prioritise food production
>> No. 453247 Anonymous
14th August 2022
Sunday 3:52 pm
453247 spacer
I'm not having a pop, but what exactly are you aiming to achieve with these posts?

This isn't exactly a website full of climate change sceptics, my very sweaty balls will attest to this, we know that the planet is fucked. Isn't this just preaching to the choir?
>> No. 453248 Anonymous
14th August 2022
Sunday 4:00 pm
453248 spacer
There's at least one poster here who loves the endless doom-mongering. And I quite enjoy them sometimes, although I never bother clicking the links and I don't even always "Click here to view the full text". But a third of all our posters really enjoy the links, and I'm sure you will agree that climate panic will go down once our tropical heat has dwindled to the usual rainy shit that the rest of you seem so desperate for. It's good to keep these stories in the zeitgeist, especially considering how few of them ever appear on the actual news.
>> No. 453250 Anonymous
14th August 2022
Sunday 4:28 pm
453250 spacer
Anyone that chose to have children is a de facto climate sceptic.
>> No. 453251 Anonymous
14th August 2022
Sunday 6:12 pm
453251 spacer
So energy prices are going up because energy is hard to get. But there are droughts across Europe. Will our water bills go up too?
>> No. 453252 Anonymous
14th August 2022
Sunday 6:35 pm
453252 spacer

>Fire breaks out near Oastpark Golf Course in Snodland

I guess you have to take the good with the bad.
>> No. 453253 Anonymous
14th August 2022
Sunday 6:47 pm
453253 spacer
There's a good portion of positive news in there but if you're not clicking to see all you won't see that.

Plenty of people were downplaying it when the other thread started. If they're not now then the thread made some differences. Or the weather did.
>> No. 453254 Anonymous
14th August 2022
Sunday 6:56 pm
453254 spacer
>Or the weather did.

I've noticed a lot more people are suddenly realising how important this issue is, only because now it affects them.
>> No. 453256 Anonymous
14th August 2022
Sunday 10:03 pm
453256 spacer

To be very honest, I never liked Greta. I fully agree that climate change is probably THE single most important issue we're facing in our time, and that we need to take drastic action now. But that doesn't mean I can't personally dislike somebody within that movement.
>> No. 453257 Anonymous
14th August 2022
Sunday 10:14 pm
453257 spacer

She's a useful figurehead in some respects, that's about it. All the anti-Greta stuff just bemused me because it seemed to be reacting to something mostly imaginary. Comes across as the same shame-to-anger reflex that fills the world with people who are loudly angry about mostly imaginary militant vegans.
>> No. 453260 Anonymous
14th August 2022
Sunday 10:22 pm
453260 spacer

The thing is, it's difficult to explain to people that I'm actually pro-climate activism, and that failing or refusing to see endearing qualities in Greta as a person like everybody else seems to do doesn't mean I'm some sort of alt-right climate change denier. It's also not a case of attacking the messenger, because, again, I'm pro-activism in principle. I guess I just don't feel represented by her. In any way at all.
>> No. 453261 Anonymous
14th August 2022
Sunday 10:25 pm
453261 spacer

Oh lad.
>> No. 453262 Anonymous
14th August 2022
Sunday 10:35 pm
453262 spacer
The issue with Greta is a bit like the issue with a lot of the political left in general.

When all the "figureheads" are pretty well off middle class folk who can basically only afford the privilege of being in the leadership position because they are blessed with the kind of family or connections or what have you to prop them up through years of campaigning where they're not really earning a viable independent living, it becomes all too easy to discredit and slander them on that basis (and worse, sometimes quite legitimately, because that background leaves them hopelessly out of touch).

Catch 22 really though innit.
>> No. 453263 Anonymous
14th August 2022
Sunday 10:39 pm
453263 spacer

I don't feel represented by her either but don't really see what that has to do with anything at all. If you spend more time trying to explain to people why you don't like her than you do actually actively trying to make positive change then the point is moot, you're being obstructive.
What's with this "I'm for X thing in principle" attitude? Some sort of hangover from when people thought changing their Facebook display picture was activism? Having an opinion about something isn't the same as actually supporting it.
>> No. 453264 Anonymous
14th August 2022
Sunday 10:49 pm
453264 spacer
It's the same with Jack Monroe. If she'd grown up on a council estate, complete with a chav accent and mannerisms rather than being a well spoken posho who's decided to slum it, then she'd never have been the darling of the Guardian.
>> No. 453265 Anonymous
14th August 2022
Sunday 10:52 pm
453265 spacer
She's annoying, but really passionate people always are. Activism is always going to be fundamentally and inescapably obnoxious and annoying to some people. Nobody wants to sit through some hectoring lecture from a sanctimonious whiner, but the whiners need to be persistent or we'll never learn. The #MeToo movement was right about absolutely everything, but you can't tell me you never wanted them to fuck off too. The NHS is negligently underfunded, but some wanker who brings that up every single day is going to wind up hated by everyone, even though it's still true. The only reason I like Malala Yousefzaei and if you're going to have sexual thoughts about teenage female activists, she's the patrician choice is because she seems to have largely shut up now.

And of course, if we really wanted Greta Thunberg to disappear forever, we could always just permanently solve climate change so she has nothing to talk about. If we're not even willing to do that, then frankly we deserve her.
>> No. 453266 Anonymous
14th August 2022
Sunday 10:56 pm
453266 spacer

I think you've put in words a bit more what I couldn't quite put my finger on.
>> No. 453268 Anonymous
14th August 2022
Sunday 10:58 pm
453268 spacer

Your perfect hero is never going to come, and if they could then bots, conspiracy theories and the media would convince you they hadn't anyway. For a site that likes to dismiss idpol, there's a lot of complaining about representation here.
>> No. 453270 Anonymous
14th August 2022
Sunday 11:42 pm
453270 spacer

>For a site that likes to dismiss idpol, there's a lot of complaining about representation here.

Class =/= identity.

The classic "you don't like idpol but you say the same stuff about class" line of reasoning is fundamentally flawed in that it belies a misunderstanding of exactly and specifically why the idpol is being dismissed; either that, or a fundamental misapprehension of what precisely is meant by idpol in the first place.

Regardless I, the one true classlad, would never use the term "representation" anyway because any discourse concerning it is bound to be mindless drivel.

Like the Radio 4 thing I was listening to earlier about a black lass who didn't feel "represented" by country music and that country music has always been "too white", as though she's the first person in the fucking world to have discovered the African American blues root in 20th century popular music that virtually every music critic and artist worth their salt of the last 60-odd years has always openly acknowledged, because when you heard Deford Bailey on the radio in the 1920s you couldn't hear that he was black. Daft twat.
>> No. 453273 Anonymous
15th August 2022
Monday 1:31 am
453273 spacer

>country music

A particular gripe of mine: the connection between African and European folk music in America is a two-way street, but you aren't allowed to mention it. The orthodox narrative is of white singers stealing black music, which is in many cases true, but there's a much wider and deeper pattern of folk traditions intermingling in working-class communities.

There is concrete evidence that sea shanties entered the English tradition from African work songs via the port of New Orleans and equally concrete evidence that large parts of the blues tradition are drawn directly from British ballad singing. The banjo is indisputably African, blue notes are indisputably Anglo-Irish, the English folk revival was kickstarted by Alan Lomax and Big Bill Broonzy in equal measure.

Apparently, suggesting that black and white working-class people have deep historical connections and a profound kinship is a form of white supremacy. The only thing we're allowed to remember from history is hatred and division, but we definitely can't ask who created and benefited from that division. Class is the second dirtiest word in modern politics; the dirtiest is solidarity.

If you'll excuse me, I'm just going to watch The Proud Valley for the umpteenth time and perhaps have a little cry.

>> No. 453278 Anonymous
15th August 2022
Monday 9:14 am
453278 spacer

Sure, your own protected class is special and valid, not like any of the others. It doesn't really matter. Every moment spent arguing about whether a voice calling for change has a rough enough accent is a moment that could have been spent chasing a Tory through the streets in a reverse fox hunt. What >>453273 is saying applies too; from the French revolution to the Arab Spring, it's not the working class beginning these things, not alone. It's hard to start a revolution when you're being worked to death.
>> No. 453280 Anonymous
15th August 2022
Monday 11:06 am
453280 spacer

Interesting to see that even the worst people on the planet have figured this out, despite the shitrag trying to tell them otherwise.
>> No. 453282 Anonymous
15th August 2022
Monday 11:49 am
453282 spacer

> from the French revolution to the Arab Spring, it's not the working class beginning these things, not alone. It's hard to start a revolution when you're being worked to death.

Yes and no. To start with, every revolution needs a critical mass of people who have had enough and who are fed up with the current system. It cannot just be brought about by a system's privileged class turning against its leaders, and up until then, any revolution is just a pipe dream harboured by armchair intellectuals and a (pseudo-)intelligentsia who are always against everything as a matter of principle.

It may be true that a revolution needs those forethinkers, but it's only when the common person has had enough and feels that the hardship and limitations of their everyday lives has become unbearable that they will take to the streets and start revolting.

Also, you have to keep in mind that many people will actively oppose a revolution, if they are among the ones who benefit from the system, however unjust it may be. One of my friends at uni was German, she was from Saxony in the former East. Her parents were part of East Germany's privileged educated middle class, her dad was a school teacher and her mum a company physician at a big combine factory. They were both staunch Socialist Party members and kept believing in socialism long after the fall of the Berlin Wall and reunification. People like them were blissfully oblivious to the harm and the restrictions that the common people who weren't in some way part of the social and political establishment had to endure every day, and they seem to downplay it to this day.
>> No. 453283 Anonymous
15th August 2022
Monday 11:56 am
453283 spacer
I don't think the top rated comments are unreasonable most of the time, barring their obsession that the country could be solved if we'd just turn back the Albanians crossing the Channel in dinghies. The comments on anything to do with Trump and, to a lesser extent, Johnson since he's been forced out are blatantly full of Russian shills though.
>> No. 453284 Anonymous
15th August 2022
Monday 1:05 pm
453284 spacer

Yes, the middle classes aren't about to do it on their own. Back to the point about solidarity.
>> No. 453297 Anonymous
15th August 2022
Monday 7:24 pm
453297 spacer

As >>453282 suggests, the risk is always that the middle-classes have a vested interest in the status quo. Any effective mass movement has to have a laser-like focus on delivering tangible change for ordinary people, otherwise it just turns into a dog-and-pony show.

It's a really difficult balance. You can't just drag all the traitors to the scaffold, because you lose the skills and experience needed to maintain a functioning state. Conversely, you can't trust them for a second, because every instinct in their body is imploring them to rebuild the systems of power that they understand and that grant them a position of privilege.

It's worth remembering that the French revolution lasted more than twenty years after the storming of the Bastille. Getting rid of the bastard in charge is the easy bit; the hard part is stopping some other bastard from jumping into his shoes.
>> No. 453298 Anonymous
15th August 2022
Monday 7:28 pm
453298 spacer

Absolutely, on all points.
>> No. 453300 Anonymous
15th August 2022
Monday 7:40 pm
453300 spacer
>It's a really difficult balance. You can't just drag all the traitors to the scaffold, because you lose the skills and experience needed to maintain a functioning state.
Yes you can. In the short term, yes, what you said is true. But in the long term, the fact that it happened, means it is much easier for it to happen again. That in itself will create a new culture, and lower the tolerance of the populace to just keep taking shit.
>> No. 453305 Anonymous
15th August 2022
Monday 9:33 pm
453305 spacer

The French revolution always gets brought up in this context, but I think it should be more often as a case study in how not to conduct a revolution and how they can go badly wrong.

On a basic level, it was a bourgeois revolution conducted by the merchant class to overthrow the aristocracy, not a popular revolution for the benefit of the people. It's the only revolution to be painted as positive in the history books precisely because it ended up with the bourgies getting what they wanted. They just got the plebs to do their bidding. This is the great danger of a movement in which the figureheads and leaders are too broadly middle class- Their interests are aligned with the proletariat in terms of bringing about revolution, but not in terms of their desired outcomes from said revolution. The middle class must be kept to heel.

And then of course you have the whole deal with the Napoleons and what have you coming after. History has a weird perspective on Napoleon to say he was basically the prototype model for Hitler. I suppose he didn't do as much genocide, but still, he was the 19th century equivalent of the Americans invading places and saying it's in the name of freedom and democracy.

Overall I just think it's a great shame the Soviet Union collapsed. Not because I think their model of command-economy communism was great, but because it worked well enough to keep our leaders a bit more honest, and forced them to make sure all us povvos in the Free World didn't have a reason to go getting ideas. With them gone, it's been a slow slide back to feudalism ever since.
>> No. 453306 Anonymous
15th August 2022
Monday 9:46 pm
453306 spacer

>Yes you can.

You can, but it's pretty much always a disaster. You can get rid of all the people who know how to keep the lights on and the shelves stocked, but people are poorly equipped to build a socialist utopia if they're freezing and starving. Equality counts for nothing if it means that everyone starves to death at the same rate. You can slowly replace people, but that does nothing to reduce the risk of a revolutionary process being subverted. It's a really hard problem with no easy answers.

The allies tried to remove Nazis from public life in post-war Germany; it suited the Soviets to flood the GDR with loyalists, but the Americans couldn't cope with the bureaucratic burdens and the British and French just couldn't afford it. On all sides, brutality and corruption caused massive amounts of resentment and distrust.

Mugabe redistributed white-owned farmland to black Zimbabweans, but the end result was economic collapse, mass unemployment, famine and a lasting dependence on foreign aid. Turning a poor peasant into a landowner doesn't make them any less poor unless you figure out how to give them a fast-track education in agronomy and maintain the capital flows to allow them to invest in seeds, chemicals and equipment. ZANU-PF are now reversing the process and giving that land back, because twenty years later it still isn't being used productively.

The history of revolution is littered with stories of well-intentioned revolutionaries sadly handing power to someone who is much less well-intentioned but who actually knows what they're doing; it's also littered with stories of narcissists who believe that revolutionary zeal is a substitute for competence. Stalinist purges were totally counter-productive and the Great Leap Forward set back the cause of Chinese socialism by at least 20 years.
>> No. 453307 Anonymous
15th August 2022
Monday 9:56 pm
453307 spacer

>because it worked well enough to keep our leaders a bit more honest

It didn't work well enough to prevent its own collapse, which is kind of the problem in a nutshell. Whatever the merits of the Russian revolution and the further development of the Soviet state, they painted themselves into a corner that prevented the kind of reforms that were needed to secure a future for the Soviet Union.

I doubt I'll win any friends by saying this, but Deng Xiaoping is the most important figure in 20th century socialism and the refusal of western socialists to even acknowledge him as a socialist lies at the core of why western socialism is moribund. The Boluan Fanzheng period was a miracle - a legitimate, walking-on-water miracle - and we ignore it at our peril. 实事求是。
>> No. 453308 Anonymous
15th August 2022
Monday 10:12 pm
453308 spacer
The French Revolution was, apologies for the loaded term, a great leap forward for all humanity. Yes, it was helmed by middle-class intellectuals and after a generation the Bourbons were back in charge, for a time. But it is irrational to look at it and say it "went wrong", it forever changed politics for the better and even the Napoleonic Empire, for all it's imperialist pomp and warring, exported vital ideas of liberty, self-determination and up-ended the serf society most of Europe still laboured under at that time. I also take issue with painting the working-class of Paris, and France at large, as gormless foot soldiers for their intellectual betters. They were the engine of the revolution and while they certainly spent a lot time bouncing off the rev limiter, they tore down the Ancien Regime and defended their new government from the reactionary European powers with incredible vigour and purpose.

>Overall I just think it's a great shame the Soviet Union collapsed... because it worked well enough to keep our leaders a bit more honest
This is political headcanon.
>> No. 453312 Anonymous
15th August 2022
Monday 11:13 pm
453312 spacer

It was the birth of liberalism, which is fine if you're a liberal, but I think we're all well aware of and comfortable with, by now, the fact that liberalism is the death of ideology and human advancement. The enlightenment and the idea of liberal democracy as the "end of history" are all bollocks.

Pol Pot had the right idea. You bloody set of anorak wearing spods, glasses wearers and book readers will get what's coming to you.
>> No. 453313 Anonymous
15th August 2022
Monday 11:47 pm
453313 spacer
It was not the "birth of liberalism" but the kickstart to all modern political thought. You're not getting Marx without it or the end of Europe-wide serfdom and the slow death of the rest of Europe's ancien regimes. If you want to bear witness to the "death of human advancement", try life as a European farmer at any point from the death throws of the Western Roman Empire until about 1848. Newspaper columnists with opinions so trite and unhelpful it beggers belief might be frustrating, but at least you have the political philosphies at hand to explain to the police why you emailed a bomb threat to The TImes.

You complain about the "end of history", but apparently a pack of only mostly literate Frenchmen were supposed to go from absolute monarchy to fully-automated luxury communism in the span of one Summer in 1789, now who's talking "bollocks"? I'm sure if all humanity had become Diggers in 1650 we'd be planning our first voyage to Alpha Centuri by now, but it didn't work out that so we got the French Revolution instead.
>> No. 453315 Anonymous
16th August 2022
Tuesday 2:59 am
453315 spacer

These are terrible attempts at counterargument, now get back to work you university-degfree-having homo brain. We're not listening to your honeyed words any more, time for you to learn how to work a cold steel press or get put in one.
>> No. 453316 Anonymous
16th August 2022
Tuesday 4:02 am
453316 spacer
The huge and evil USA produces only 13% of global CO2.

This is not a problem the west can solve.
>> No. 453317 Anonymous
16th August 2022
Tuesday 6:39 am
453317 spacer

The USA has 4% of the global population. If we look at total emissions since 1750, the USA is responsible for nearly 25% of emissions.

If you think that poorer countries in an earlier stage of industrial development will agree to reduce their emissions when richer countries who have benefited from centuries of high-carbon industries won't, you're a complete fucking melt.

The rich world did most of the damage, the rich world reaped most of the benefit and it's incumbent on them to find equitable solutions, because they've got the most to lose. Bangladeshis are used to terrible floods. Ethiopians are used to terrible drought. The Congolese are used to endless wars over natural resources. Poor countries will suffer the worst from climate change, but they've had plenty of practice; people in rich countries are in denial about what the future holds for them and are not ready to adapt.
>> No. 453318 Anonymous
16th August 2022
Tuesday 7:27 am
453318 spacer
>If you think that poorer countries in an earlier stage of industrial development will agree to reduce their emissions when richer countries who have benefited from centuries of high-carbon industries won't, you're a complete fucking melt.

No, I don't think that.

Which is why it can't be solved anyway. These 'equitable solutions' don't exist because as you have already said the polluters are not concerned by it.
>> No. 453319 Anonymous
16th August 2022
Tuesday 7:49 am
453319 spacer
If anything, the equitable solutions involve a combination of highly developed countries reducing their emissions and helping developing nations to reduce theirs. It's not enough to simply tell those countries to cut their emissions, we need to provide them with the resources and technology they need to do it rather than expecting them to do it off their own backs.
>> No. 453320 Anonymous
16th August 2022
Tuesday 8:07 am
453320 spacer
>If you think that poorer countries in an earlier stage of industrial development will agree to reduce their emissions when richer countries who have benefited from centuries of high-carbon industries won't, you're a complete fucking melt.
Obviously this is why the economic powerhouses of Lithuania, Malta, Chile, Portugal and Morocco have such good climate policies. People in less developed countries in a lot of places are very aware of the effects of climate change and probably won't insist on having personal card if it means their home cities becoming uninhabitable. You can't 'practice' famine and decide you're okay with more of it. That whole argument from greed is projection.
>> No. 453321 Anonymous
16th August 2022
Tuesday 8:24 am
453321 spacer

Given there are 195 countries that is a staggering amount. People going around saying "But this country only produces a percentage of the total!" don't seem to understand that percentages add up and nobody's expecting any one country to solve it all on their own.
>> No. 453323 Anonymous
16th August 2022
Tuesday 9:42 am
453323 spacer

Not only that, but countries that contribute the biggest shares to global pollution also lead by bad example. Why should a small nation tell its citizens to not have combustion engine cars and watch their fossil fuel consumption, when large countries, which also export a lot of their polluting technology to those smaller countries, just can't be arsed.
>> No. 453324 Anonymous
16th August 2022
Tuesday 9:43 am
453324 spacer

Sir Kier posing a pretty radical solution to the climate crisis inshThe Great White Whale.
>> No. 453331 Anonymous
17th August 2022
Wednesday 5:09 am
453331 spacer
I question your image sir, that can't possibly be true.

Can it?
>> No. 453332 Anonymous
17th August 2022
Wednesday 6:26 am
453332 spacer
It sounds like bollocks.

>In 2020, there were 434,024 live births to UK-born women and 179,881 live births to non-UK-born women. The percentage of live births to non-UK-born women continued to rise, increasing from 28.7% in 2019 to 29.3% in 2020.

>In 2020, the estimated total fertility rate (TFR) for UK-born women decreased to 1.50 children per woman, down from 1.57 children per woman in 2019, which is a decrease of 4.5%. While for non-UK-born women the TFR increased slightly to 1.98 children per woman, up from 1.97 in 2019, this is an increase of 0.5% (Figure 1).


I've had a look at the birth characteristics spreadsheet and table 21 says out of 613,231 live births in 2020 there were 359,519 white British births, 72,133 white other (mainly Polish) births and 22,000 where the ethnicity wasn't recorded. That'd make it somewhere around 58% of children are white British.


Thats assuming I've read the data right. Migration Watch (I know) has the figure for white British births at 61% in 2019, a fall from 65% in 2014, so a similar ballpark.
>> No. 453365 Anonymous
18th August 2022
Thursday 2:23 pm
453365 spacer
5.9 Trillions Tonnes Of Ice Lost Due To Climate Change In 25 Years

American farmers are killing their own crops and selling cows because of extreme drought

George Monbiot says that organic, pasture fed animals are actually worse than factory ones though honestly that shouldn't be surprising.

Bad climate fucks up bees in new and exciting ways

Contaminated water from fracking up to 3x more likely to cause leukaemia. Why isn't 'fracking' in my computer's dictionary? It's not a new thing.

In 2021, we lost enough trees to cover all of Portugal to forest fires. Obvious drawbacks of "carbon credits" and offsets through forestry being spelled out.

Fossil Fuel companies still knowingly taking us over the edge.

It rained a lot here yesterday.

But worse in New Zealand.

The only positive news I could find today is this vice article on environmentalist hackers.
>> No. 453366 Anonymous
18th August 2022
Thursday 2:42 pm
453366 spacer
>Children living close to fracking sites in Pennsylvania are two to three times more likely to be diagnosed with leukemia, and contamination of drinking water is suspected as an avenue of exposure, according to a new study.

I don't understand why, After Gasland, you're not taking much more salt when it comes to claims about fracking in Pennsylvania. I mean, I do of course because you're a mentalist grasping at whatever shock story you can, but the most damming thing would be that rigs have different operators using different chemical processes and despite over a decade of work there's still not a smoking gun.

Now admittedly part of that is because trade secrets make it difficult to catalogue what's going where unless you're an environmental regulator but this is DU causing cancer levels of evidence.
>> No. 453367 Anonymous
18th August 2022
Thursday 2:50 pm
453367 spacer

That doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
>> No. 453368 Anonymous
18th August 2022
Thursday 2:54 pm
453368 spacer

In my year at school, we had a fucking annoying sperg who lived in a rural village less than a mile from a rubbish dump. We would sometimes theorise that his elevated level of spergness had to do with the fact that toxins from the dump may have leaked into the local water. Or something like it, because little else could explain his quite severe symptoms. And he occasionally mentioned that down the street from him lived two children who had both been born crippled.
>> No. 453369 Anonymous
18th August 2022
Thursday 3:22 pm
453369 spacer
>you're a mentalist grasping at whatever shock story you can
That's funny. I went out of my way to find a positive story, and ignored a lot of other negative ones because they seemed less relevant. It took me about five seconds to pull up these:
I guess you're just a twat.
>> No. 453370 Anonymous
18th August 2022
Thursday 3:41 pm
453370 spacer

Wait until you see what a royal upbringing will do to your genetic code.

>It took me about five seconds to pull up these

And it shows. Here is a paper calling discussion on glaciers sexist and imperialist, put that in your pipe and smoke it you shitlord.
>> No. 453371 Anonymous
18th August 2022
Thursday 3:50 pm
453371 spacer
There it is.
>> No. 453444 Anonymous
21st August 2022
Sunday 8:36 pm
453444 spacer

>Reptile boom 250 million years ago may have been due to global warming

>A spike in global temperatures could have been the trigger for the rise of reptiles towards the end of the Permian Period, not a mass extinction of mammals as had been thought

Time to get that lizard brain back in shape.
>> No. 453446 Anonymous
21st August 2022
Sunday 9:02 pm
453446 spacer

I've been preparing for this day since 2005.
>> No. 453449 Anonymous
21st August 2022
Sunday 11:00 pm
453449 spacer
Good lord.
>> No. 453462 Anonymous
22nd August 2022
Monday 12:06 pm
453462 spacer
Heat wave in China broke about 52 heat records. Still ongoing.
That's impacting production.
>> No. 453472 Anonymous
23rd August 2022
Tuesday 9:32 am
453472 spacer

china heatmap.jpg
China is experiencing the worst heatwave ever recorded in global history.

The combined intensity, duration, scale, and impact of this heatwave is unlike anything humans have ever recorded.

Over 260 locations have seen their hottest days ever during this 70+ day heatwave.
>> No. 453473 Anonymous
23rd August 2022
Tuesday 9:34 am
453473 spacer
>August 25 will be day #75 of this brutal unprecedented heat wave which is combining max. sigma of length, intensity and area as never seen before in world climatic history. Many stations with >70+ years of POR will have recorded all their 25-30 hottest days all in these weeks.

So that's a number of areas having month-long spells of the hottest temperatures they've ever recorded. Imagine our heatwave but instead of two days, it lasts a month. Also it's up to five degrees C hotter than it was here.
>> No. 453474 Anonymous
23rd August 2022
Tuesday 9:42 am
453474 spacer

Something to keep in mind the next time someone in Birmingham moans about three days above 29°C in a row.
>> No. 453478 Anonymous
23rd August 2022
Tuesday 5:14 pm
453478 spacer
It's the chinkies wot are filling the atmosphere with CO2 anyway.
>> No. 453484 Anonymous
23rd August 2022
Tuesday 7:43 pm
453484 spacer
China's investing in renewables like America invests in war.
>Last year the US boasted that it was on track to deploy about 30 gigawatts of new renewables. In China, the figure could be as hight as 180 gigawatts. Last year China alone accounted for 46 per cent of the world’s new construction of renewable energy infrastructure.
>> No. 453488 Anonymous
23rd August 2022
Tuesday 8:39 pm
453488 spacer

So what percentage is that of 8.31 trillion kilowatt-hours?

I don't want to do the maths but it doesn't sound like much.
>> No. 453489 Anonymous
23rd August 2022
Tuesday 8:41 pm
453489 spacer

I'm not sure how valid whataboutism is normally but in this case you're simultaneously implicitly downplaying how much everyone else is doing.
>> No. 453493 Anonymous
23rd August 2022
Tuesday 9:50 pm
453493 spacer

Depends. Does the 180 gigawatts of new renewables provide more, or less, than the 10% China's energy usage went up last year?

Because if it's less, it's pretty meaningless in the bigger picture. I mean, it's still a good thing to invest in the renewables, but it's wilfully ignorant to just clamp your ears shut and ignore the fact their power consumption rose by more than that in total.

The point is even the most that's being done, the biggest investment any country is making, simply isn't anywhere near enough.
>> No. 453494 Anonymous
23rd August 2022
Tuesday 10:06 pm
453494 spacer

The proportion of China's energy produced by renewables has more than doubled since 2011, from 7.08% to 14.95%. At that rate, they'll be zero-carbon by 2050.

China burn a lot of coal at the moment, but their energy policy is probably best described as "extremely not fucking about".

The Three Gorges Dam is the biggest power station on earth. It single-handedly supplies enough energy to cover 1/3 of the UK's energy needs. The Chinese government had to relocate 13 cities and re-house 1.2 million people to make room for the reservoir. It's so massive that when they finally closed the gates and started to fill the reservoir, NASA had to re-do their orbital calculations because the immense weight of water changed the shape of the earth.

Chinese cities operate a quota system for new car registrations. If you're buying an electric vehicle, you usually get a registration plate straight away. If you want a petrol or diesel vehicle, you need to either bid for a registration at auction or enter a lottery, depending on the city. In Beijing, where plates are allocated by lottery, there are 2,600 applicants for every plate. In Shenzhen, where plates are auctioned, the average price is more than £12,000.

The idea that China aren't doing enough about climate change would be laughable if it wasn't so dangerous. The CCCP doesn't give a fuck about popularity for fairly obvious reasons, so they're willing to do massively disruptive things that would cause riots in other, less torturey countries. British people effectively have the right to veto a wind turbine if they can see it out of their window, but the CCCP will happily flood a dozen cities that happen to be in the wrong place. Anyone who disagrees is welcome to enjoy an indefinite stay in a 公安部 health spa with complimentary gonad electrodes, refreshing waterboarding treatments, invigorating daily bastinado and absolutely no catering. If China aren't doing enough, then we might as well just torch earth for the insurance and try again on mars, because they're making progress on a scale that most countries could only dream of.
>> No. 453495 Anonymous
23rd August 2022
Tuesday 10:18 pm
453495 spacer

You're missing a large part of the picture; this isn't just low/zero carbon power plants they're investing in, it's also infrastructure for the advancement and production of the tech itself. It's pushing the bar on the low carbon economy, which they profit from by exporting. This means lower developed countries like those in Africa don't have to go through a fossil fuel phase and means we can move ahead faster with ours too. At least, if we had a functioning government we could. It means the rest of the world can, anyway.
As it is, ours are just trying to wring the last possible cash they can out of fossil fuel companies before it's too late. Not to mention what >>453494 so eloquently explained.
>> No. 453496 Anonymous
23rd August 2022
Tuesday 10:30 pm
453496 spacer

>The proportion of China's energy produced by renewables has more than doubled since 2011, from 7.08% to 14.95%. At that rate, they'll be zero-carbon by 2050.

Well then lad. If you don't think I'm petty enough to come back here in 2050 and see if that turns out to have been true, you are dead wrong.
>> No. 453497 Anonymous
23rd August 2022
Tuesday 10:43 pm
453497 spacer


Photovoltaic solar panels are now the cheapest source of energy. Storing and transporting that energy is a different problem, but in simple terms of cost-per-kilowatt, solar is king. That is entirely due to the industrial might that China use to undercut everyone on everything. China are the lynchpin of the carbon transition by default, because they're the only country with the infrastructure and the expertise to make that sort of stuff on a massive scale.

If some genius breaks the laws of thermodynamics and invents a free energy device, you can bet your arse that the one you buy will be stamped with the words "Made in China".
>> No. 453508 Anonymous
24th August 2022
Wednesday 9:03 am
453508 spacer
>China are the lynchpin of the carbon transition by default, because they're the only country with the infrastructure and the expertise
It's not a late-start round of Civ, they didn't start the game with those things. They have them because they invested in them.
Anyway I don't really care, this tech isn't going to stop things from getting significantly and rapidly worse in our lifetime. Maybe they'll ease the way back after that, if the future's lucky.
>> No. 453578 Anonymous
27th August 2022
Saturday 10:52 am
453578 spacer

Some recent studies on how effective protest is and has been recently.
And a thread by one of the researchers summarising their findings.
It seems all the "This is why nobody supports you!" stuff is hot air. Obviously it's all correlation because you can't prove causation, but it's a very strong positive correlation.
>> No. 453580 Anonymous
27th August 2022
Saturday 10:58 am
453580 spacer
Chad: Unprecedented flooding affects more than 340,000 people

Greater Horn of Africa drought forecast to continue for fifth year

Millions of people have been affected by floods in laplanderstan, hundreds have been killed, and the government has declared a national emergency.

Worst Heat Wave On Record In China Is Causing Power Outages - A power outage triggered by a record heat wave and severe drought has wrecked havoc in Sichuan, a province in southwestern China home to 80 million people.

Germany, Denmark sign deal to ramp up renewable energy

Norway and Rwanda (?) are leading a coalition working to eliminate plastic pollution.

Sale of peat-based compost for use on private gardens and allotments to be outlawed within 18 months
I'm dubious about this given how many times it's been claimed peat-based compost will be phased out over the past 30-40 years.
>> No. 453581 Anonymous
27th August 2022
Saturday 11:16 am
453581 spacer
>has wrecked havoc
I've got al-Jazeera on TV in the background, and someone on there said "wrecked havoc" in relation to this story too. You wreak havoc. It has wrought havoc. You don't wreck havoc. How interesting that someone presumably just copied and pasted that article and gave it to the newsreader, and that's how news reporting works.
>> No. 453582 Anonymous
27th August 2022
Saturday 11:23 am
453582 spacer

Good catch. Hopefully one day someone will read a headline copy and pasted from here, wordfilters intact.
>> No. 453588 Anonymous
27th August 2022
Saturday 12:02 pm
453588 spacer

>It has wrought havoc

Not to nitpick, but while we're at it anyway, shouldn't it be wreaked?

Wrought is an old past tense of "work". Which is why wrought iron isn't something you wreak, but something you've worked.
>> No. 453622 Anonymous
28th August 2022
Sunday 2:26 pm
453622 spacer
More than 30 million people in laplanderstan have been affected by the historic monsoon rains and flooding over the last few weeks

The latest destruction saw a major bridge destroyed overnight, cutting off some districts from road access, in the northern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Nearly 1,000 people have been killed in the floods since mid-June, which have been triggered by heavy monsoon rains.

Fears of flooding has prompted around 180,000 people in the district of Charsadda to flee their homes, according to officials.

Extreme China heatwave could lead to global chaos and food shortages

It's the most extreme heat event ever recorded in world history. For more than 70 days, the intense heat has blasted China's population, factories and fields. Lakes and rivers have dried up. Crops have been killed. Factories have been closed.

More than 900 million people across 17 Chinese provinces are subjected to record-breaking conditions. From Sichuan in the southwest to Shanghai in the east, temperatures have been topping 40C.

Europe's drought is the worst in 500 years, officials say, as two-thirds of the continent is under distress

Oregon wildfire triples its reach in 1 day, burning thousands more acres and forcing evacuations

‘Time has run out’: UN fails to reach agreement to protect marine life

Swedish island holds ‘ugliest lawn’ contest to help conserve water

Sale of peat-based compost for use on private gardens and allotments to be outlawed within 18 months
>> No. 453662 Anonymous
30th August 2022
Tuesday 1:13 pm
453662 spacer
laplanderstan's flood update:

- 1,350 people killed
- 50M people displaced
- 900K livestock deaths
- 1M houses washed away
- 40+ reservoirs breached
- 220+ bridges collapsed
- 90% crop damage
- $10B loss to economy
- A third of the country underwater
>> No. 453720 Anonymous
2nd September 2022
Friday 10:38 am
453720 spacer

Fuck's sake.
>> No. 453721 Anonymous
2nd September 2022
Friday 10:39 am
453721 spacer

Here's a before and after of laplanderstan from space. Their cumulative emissions have been 1% of what the US have put out.
>> No. 453722 Anonymous
2nd September 2022
Friday 12:04 pm
453722 spacer

Don't worry, the Americans are getting duly punished.



> USA – Deadly Flash Floods in Texas After 385mm of Rain in 24 Hours


>USA – State of Emergency Declared After Floods in West Virginia
>> No. 453723 Anonymous
2nd September 2022
Friday 2:20 pm
453723 spacer


>Boris Johnson's plane used for £50,000 alcohol fuelled tour over Moffat

>THE Prime Minister’s private jet was used for a 700-mile “booze cruise” by government officials which cost £50,000, according to recent reports.

>The 91-minute flight took off from London Stansted, circling the Lake District and flying over Moffat, before returning back to Stansted. The Sun, who first broke the story, reports that those on-board – UK Foreign Office civil servants – were served “a fancy meal and drinks”.
>> No. 453724 Anonymous
2nd September 2022
Friday 4:07 pm
453724 spacer

Speaking of, which one of you rotten bastards did this?

>> No. 453725 Anonymous
2nd September 2022
Friday 4:38 pm
453725 spacer
>Googlebox star
Journalism really is a piece of piss. No wonder the Russians can say whatever they want and not be any less credible than our own news sources.
>> No. 453726 Anonymous
2nd September 2022
Friday 5:52 pm
453726 spacer

I think Gabriel Iglesias once did a stand-up comedy bit where he said he's not afraid of getting kidnapped, because kidnappers don't normally take fat people.
>> No. 453727 Anonymous
2nd September 2022
Friday 5:57 pm
453727 spacer

Here it is:

>> No. 453735 Anonymous
3rd September 2022
Saturday 12:33 am
453735 spacer

Speaking of ARE Scarlett, who's the better patron saint for .gs?

I'm still in the Sarah Millican camp, but Scarlett Moffatt is looking increasingly deserving.
>> No. 453737 Anonymous
3rd September 2022
Saturday 12:59 am
453737 spacer

ARE SARAH takes it for me, but ARE SCAR takes a very respectable second. Interesting that we've gone straight from Konnie Huq to Carol Vorderman and a couple of mumsy but childless geordie lasses. We've hit our thirties hard, haven't we? For me, the main strike against Scarlett is that she has failed her driving test thirteen times.

Roxanne off of LadBaby might be on the market soon...
>> No. 453738 Anonymous
3rd September 2022
Saturday 2:24 am
453738 spacer

>and a couple of mumsy but childless geordie lasses

Sarah is a bit past her window, but there's still hope for ARE Scarlett, I think she's only 31.

Well, "hope" is a big word. Then again, fatadmirerlad from a few threads down would probably wreck that be available in a heartbeat.
>> No. 453739 Anonymous
3rd September 2022
Saturday 2:44 am
453739 spacer


>> No. 453741 Anonymous
3rd September 2022
Saturday 9:25 am
453741 spacer
I don't get it?
>> No. 453744 Anonymous
3rd September 2022
Saturday 10:59 am
453744 spacer

Apparently, smallish oblong rocks cause climate change.
>> No. 453745 Anonymous
3rd September 2022
Saturday 11:30 am
453745 spacer

I think here they're being used to 'disprove' it.
>> No. 453747 Anonymous
3rd September 2022
Saturday 11:57 am
453747 spacer

>The UK could unseat top wine-producing regions Champagne and Burgundy in France due to the effects of climate change, according to a new study.

>The Climate Resilience in the UK Wine Sector study found that rising temperatures over the coming years could make Britain a major player in quality wine production.

>Looking at climate projections, researchers said temperatures in the UK wine-growing regions may rise by 1.4°C by 2040 -- on top of the one degree rise since the 1980s.

>This will mean the amount of sugar in UK grapes would be more consistent with better wine quality and higher alcohol content, they said.

>"Production here in the UK has been able to produce sparkling wines that are of a style that are very similar to those produced in Champagne," said lead researcher Professor Stephen Dorling.
>> No. 453777 Anonymous
3rd September 2022
Saturday 10:48 pm
453777 spacer

How about Amy Gledhill as a potential up-and-coming mumsy northerner?

>> No. 453779 Anonymous
3rd September 2022
Saturday 10:57 pm
453779 spacer

Who decided that mumsy has to mean you're also a chub.
>> No. 453781 Anonymous
3rd September 2022
Saturday 11:10 pm
453781 spacer

Close your eyes and picture a really nice dinner lady who always gives you extra chips. Is she skinny? Is she bollocks. A hug isn't truly comforting if you can get your arms all the way around. .gs deserves a mumsy figurehead who wouldn't hesitate to offer kind words and extra chips.
>> No. 453788 Anonymous
4th September 2022
Sunday 10:35 am
453788 spacer


>Obesity is bad for the environment, study shows

>The research, published in the journal Obesity, finds that in total the extra food consumed by the world’s 600 million obese people has a carbon footprint on a par with that of the UK. Their increased metabolism also means that every year they breathe out extra CO2 equivalent to Sweden’s annual output.
>> No. 453789 Anonymous
4th September 2022
Sunday 12:07 pm
453789 spacer

It is overconsumption in quite a real way.
>> No. 453791 Anonymous
4th September 2022
Sunday 1:02 pm
453791 spacer
On second thoughts, fuck the environment.
>> No. 453792 Anonymous
4th September 2022
Sunday 2:03 pm
453792 spacer

I think we need to go back to realising that obese people are a drain on society. They're costing the NHS millions every year, and obviously their way of being isn't good for the environment either. Not just because they eat more food and exhale more CO2, but it probably also has an impact on things like your car's fuel consumption. Especially if your whole family is fat. Not only will your old Vauxhall Vectra be underpowered and burn more petrol to get up to speed, but you're probably going to buy a bigger car to accomodate your whole family of chubbies.

It shouldn't be fat shaming to state the obvious, as long as it comes from a matter-of-fact kind of place. Instead of telling them everything's A-OK and that they are fine the way they are. They are not.

Myself, I've gained around 2.5 st since the pandemic. I am working to get it back down, because it's not healthy. I am starting to feel the weight in my knees, ankles and foot arches. I can only imagine that it will get worse if I don't start losing weight now.
>> No. 453798 Anonymous
4th September 2022
Sunday 3:58 pm
453798 spacer
The government should freeze energy bills at current prices but only for people of a healthy weight.
>> No. 453799 Anonymous
4th September 2022
Sunday 3:59 pm
453799 spacer
Fat people are insulated through their blubber.
>> No. 453990 Anonymous
9th September 2022
Friday 12:13 am
453990 spacer

>Hateful tweets multiply dramatically as temperatures become more extreme, an analysis of 4bn geo-located tweets in the US has found.

>Scientists logged rises of up to 22% in racist, whale poacher and homophobic tweets when temperatures rose above 42C, and increases of up to 12% when the mercury fell below -3C, according to a study by The Lancet Planetary Health.

>Annika Stechemesser, its lead author and a scientist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), said: “We found that both the absolute number and the share of hate tweets rise outside a climate comfort zone. People tend to show a more aggressive online behaviour when it’s either too cold or too hot outside.”
>> No. 454361 Anonymous
19th September 2022
Monday 5:14 pm
454361 spacer
A third of laplanderstan is still under water. At least eleven dead, more missing after massive storms hit the Marche region of Italy; six months of rainfall in three hours. Hurricane Fiona landed two feet of water on Puerto Rico causing floods and landslides, power cuts affecting 1.3 million. Nine million people in Japan have been told to evacuate ahead of super typhoon Nanmadol hitting. The Western US is still under a massive heat dome. And our government is accelerating fossil fuel use, going back on the (slight) renewable progress we'd been making.
>> No. 454385 Anonymous
20th September 2022
Tuesday 6:18 am
454385 spacer

Is it me or has most British and European news utterly failed to report the majority of this?

I try to follow this stuff and the Japan thing had totally passed me by.
>> No. 454388 Anonymous
20th September 2022
Tuesday 8:34 am
454388 spacer

It's generally mentioned somewhere, on a page off the front, but yes.

100,000 displaced by floods in Nigeria; 300 dead this year, 20 this week. Truss announces plans to grant 130 new offshore drilling licenses in the North Sea.
>> No. 454394 Anonymous
20th September 2022
Tuesday 11:11 am
454394 spacer
The death of Liz, and the new government of Other Liz, has put all other news on the back burner for several weeks. Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan seem to have started a war with each other, and the fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan is back with a vengeance. Also, in Leicester, the eskimos and Hindus are all having pitched battles in the streets every night. All these stories have been vaguely nodded to, same as yours, but they've been very easy to miss.
>> No. 454397 Anonymous
20th September 2022
Tuesday 1:49 pm
454397 spacer
Even Puerto Rico is being covered less than the funeral, on American television.
>> No. 454430 Anonymous
23rd September 2022
Friday 11:07 pm
454430 spacer
The government's new mini-budget announcements have managed to seriously anger the RSPB. "This Government has today launched an attack on nature. We don’t use the words that follow lightly. We are entering uncharted territory."
"We are currently planning a mass mobilisation of our members and supporters."
"If ever nature has needed you, it’s now."
The fucking RSPB. Mad.
>> No. 454431 Anonymous
23rd September 2022
Friday 11:45 pm
454431 spacer

This government is crap, but the RSPB are the worst kind of upper-middle-class NIMBY scum. The only part of the mini-budget that might actually help ordinary people is the planning reforms, but that's the bit that the RSPB oppose. Fuck people who need somewhere to live, fuck people who need somewhere to work, because I want a nice bit of wetland within driving distance of my house so I can go and look at wading birds.
>> No. 454435 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 1:36 am
454435 spacer
Classlad, I am flushing you down the toilet. You are thick as pigshit and probably from Bath as well.
>> No. 454438 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 8:52 am
454438 spacer
It doesn't help ordinary people if it destroys what little animal habitat is left in this country. I don't get on well with their membership either but they're not wrong on this.
>> No. 454439 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 9:07 am
454439 spacer

The vast majority of birds on the RSPB's "endangered birds" list aren't actually endangered or even vulnerable - their global population is entirely secure, the RSPB have just unilaterally asserted that they're "endangered" based on a subjective assessment of their population in the UK. Most of those birds are non-native and a large proportion have migratory routes that naturally fluctuate over time.

They bemoan the "extinction" of oreolus oreolus, despite the fact that the species is thriving from Portugal to China and from Scandinavia to the Middle East, with the species being classified by the IUCN as of least concern. Oreolus oreolus occasionally migrate through East Anglia and a handful of breeding pairs had settled there, which in the eyes of the RSPB means that the tiny British population of a non-native bird must be preserved at all costs.

The RSPB aren't a conservation group, they're a lobby group for a hobby. They use the language of conservation to justify turning large areas of the UK into artificial habitats for non-native birds. They're entitled to hold their point of view, but the rest of us are entitled to find it laughable.
>> No. 454440 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 9:51 am
454440 spacer

This isn't about building artificial habitats for non-native species, which is a wildly dishonest way to describe re-creating original habitats for species whose migratory routes naturally fluctuate through here, as well as the wealth of other species which thrive in those same habitats. You're doing the same "We could save the planet, but at what cost?" nonsense as fossil fuel economists; there's very little point in building more affordable homes if it's done at the cost of destroying what little biodiversity we have left and turning the country even further into a wasteland. This country being the most nature-depleted of all the G7 nations for, and in the bottom 10% globally. We need that biodiversity for the soil we grow food in, for cleaning the air we breathe and as a buffer against dangerous or disease-carrying invasive species. This shit matters, boiling it all down to "But brownfield sites for homes are too much hassle!" is utterly blinkered.
>> No. 454441 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 9:54 am
454441 spacer
I don't know why anyone still cares about the environment. Nuclear armageddon is going to do us all in long before climate change gets a chance.
>> No. 454442 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 10:23 am
454442 spacer

One of the outcomes of the worsening climate crisis is social and political instability, which generally lead to war.
>> No. 454443 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 10:49 am
454443 spacer

>This shit matters

I'm a non-car-owning vegan who hasn't been on a plane in more than 15 years, but I couldn't give a fuck about what middle class people like to see out of their window. I do care about ecosystem health, but organisations like the RSPB and the Woodland Trust only pretend to care in order to pursue their own parochial agendas.

This country is already an industrial wasteland. It has been for centuries. It's all brownfield. The last bit of "nature" died in this country hundreds of years ago. There isn't an inch of this country that hasn't been radically reshaped by human activity. Anything we might want to "conserve" is no more natural than what we might replace it with.

The Norfolk Broads are completely artificial. In the middle ages, the whole area was a peat bog. The wetlands and navigable waters are entirely the result of hundreds of years of excavation and subsequent flooding. Conservationists like to pretend otherwise, to great political success, but they're preserving a derelict industrial site.

"Ancient woodland" is defined in this country as anything that has been continuously wooded since 1600. I've got furniture older than that. The vast majority of that "ancient" woodland is old managed forestry, every bit as artificially cultivated as a modern forestry block. The biodiversity isn't evidence of untampered nature, it's just the result of dereliction. If you know what to look for, you can see it everywhere in British woodland - the evidence of coppicing and replanting, the bodger's clearings, the ruins of ore hearths and glass furnaces.

I have no objection whatsoever to carefully planning a reserve of genuinely rewilded national parks and green corridors to maintain a healthy level of biodiversity, but that's not what's happening. Spurious arguments about conservation are being used to choke off development at every turn. Brownfield sites are being treated as priceless heritage by people with a Victorian chocolate-box image of Britain. They're trying to preserve a country that exists only in their imagination, as part of a wider agenda that depends on invalidating our actual history.
>> No. 454444 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 11:15 am
454444 spacer

None of that is an argument for concreting over what few places nature is recovering in, and you know it.
>> No. 454445 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 11:56 am
454445 spacer

Have you ever tried to get planning permission for something? Serious question. Conservation arguments are habitually used to prevent development, even on inarguably brownfield sites. You want to build houses on the site of a derelict factory? Well, what about the runoff water from all of those gardens? What about the impact of traffic noise? Have you surveyed the site for newts?

The RSPB are the single biggest impediment to wind power in this country - ostensibly they only oppose wind turbines in "inappropriate" locations, but funnily enough they can't name any appropriate locations.

This study is from the US, but it clearly illustrates how spurious environmental arguments are exploited by NIMBYs to prevent environmentally beneficial development:

>> No. 454446 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 11:58 am
454446 spacer
More drought news. Some chap has filmed a receding water reservoir near him.

>> No. 454447 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 1:55 pm
454447 spacer
I'm not sure why you think that's got anything to do a fascist manic throwing nukes around in a conflict that's very much nothing to do with the climate.
>> No. 454448 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 2:10 pm
454448 spacer

At no point have I said I agree with not developing on brownfield sites, I even suggested the opposite.


You don't see what modern warfare has to do with fossil fuels or how the prospect of dwindling resources might impact tactical decisions? Really? Please watch fewer James Bond films.
>> No. 454449 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 2:18 pm
454449 spacer
>You don't see what modern warfare has to do with fossil fuels or how the prospect of dwindling resources might impact tactical decisions?
Ah, yes, I forgot about how Russia has almost no resources while eastern Ukraine is full of them.

You have no idea what you're talking about.
>> No. 454450 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 2:32 pm
454450 spacer

Fucking hell mate.
>> No. 454456 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 4:59 pm
454456 spacer


>> No. 454457 Anonymous
24th September 2022
Saturday 5:08 pm
454457 spacer
>> No. 454520 Anonymous
28th September 2022
Wednesday 1:48 am
454520 spacer
I'm beginning to dislike Thoughty2's climate change denier slant.

>> No. 454521 Anonymous
28th September 2022
Wednesday 2:40 am
454521 spacer
Stop being a pussy and just have babies.
>> No. 454522 Anonymous
28th September 2022
Wednesday 5:35 am
454522 spacer

Thoughty2 is a bit of a hack, he has been caught out many times talking directly out of his arse about shit he has barely skimmed the Wikipedia article for. I wouldn't put too much stock in it.
>> No. 454524 Anonymous
28th September 2022
Wednesday 10:52 am
454524 spacer

There's loads of youtubers who seem to make a generous living just reading wikipedia to a camera. Just look at Simon Whistler, who probably employs half a dozen people assisting him with his drivel. According to his web site, he now has as many as six different youtube channels.


Not sure I'd call him a "media personality" though, as he touts himself on that web site. That's pushing it more than its fair share.

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