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>> No. 19768 Anonymous
6th February 2015
Friday 8:29 pm
19768 What are you playing right now?
I figured I'd make an /e/ equivalent of that great, big /beat/ thread.

Recently I have been slogging away on XCOM: Enemy Within with the Long War mod. Humanity is doomed as I'm simply incapable of holding back the torrent of battleships the aliens keep hurling at me.

It's bloody fun though.
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>> No. 23441 Anonymous
18th March 2020
Wednesday 1:36 pm
23441 spacer

You can probably add those in with mods. Is the Halo modding scene still active?
>> No. 23442 Anonymous
19th March 2020
Thursday 12:04 am
23442 spacer
I agree the base Q2 multiplayer was a bit lacking compared to Q1 and it aged terribly compared to Q3A which did everything Q2 did, but better. There were, however, two mods I sunk way too many hours into (ActionQuake2 later surpassed/perfected by Urban Terror and Gloom) so it still holds a special place in my heart.
>> No. 23443 Anonymous
19th March 2020
Thursday 10:20 am
23443 spacer
I hardly played Quake, 1, 2 and 3 not at all, but that damned logo really left an impression on my imagination.
>> No. 23444 Anonymous
19th March 2020
Thursday 2:53 pm
23444 spacer

I always though doom E1 was better but I installed Quake on the English Departments sole computer and me and a mate used to spend untold hours in the private office pretending to be typing up our essays while actually just hating Quake.
>> No. 23445 Anonymous
20th March 2020
Friday 7:11 pm
23445 spacer
Apparently the Game shop don't keep manuals for there pre-owned games. Wtf?
>> No. 23446 Anonymous
20th March 2020
Friday 10:12 pm
23446 spacer
GAME do, but many games don't come with them anyway these days, and even the ones that do tend to be little more than a slip.

You want that kind of thing, it's the overpriced special editions for you, m8.
>> No. 23447 Anonymous
20th March 2020
Friday 10:35 pm
23447 spacer
Doom Eternal is alright.

Bit much going on compared to the previous one, and just as I suspected the platforming bits kind of spoil the pacing. It's a bit of a more isn't always better kind of affair, they should have kept some things simpler.

I'm guessing it will be more fun the further you get and the more upgrades you have to play with; and they seem to have gone deep on the whole re-playability angle. But honestly I wish games would drop all this "progression points" nonsense sometimes and just let you have fun from the start, and to be frank I don't see much of it being truly compelling enough to replay more than maybe another once.

Also there's no deathmatch, which is, frankly, gay as fuck.
>> No. 23448 Anonymous
21st March 2020
Saturday 4:43 am
23448 spacer
Does it need you to login for the single player campaign?
>> No. 23449 Anonymous
21st March 2020
Saturday 8:01 am
23449 spacer

I have heard people saying something about Bethesda.net or whatever but I got it on steam, and either it doesn't require that for steam or I simply didn't notice. I assume it lets you play the single player without.

It's been cracked day one anyway so if you don't want DRM etc fire up a torrent and fill your boots.
>> No. 23450 Anonymous
21st March 2020
Saturday 8:25 am
23450 spacer
The crack is a non DRM protected .exe that the Bethesda just left lying around in the official release.
Don't get your hopes up yet though, in the past they've been known to intentionally leak an unprotected .exe which is actually unplayable after a few levels, it could be that they've done the same here.
>> No. 23453 Anonymous
21st March 2020
Saturday 4:04 pm
23453 spacer
I've been having a play of Shadow of War because it's on sale for £3.99. I don't get why it's an 18. I mean, I know you smush people's heads in when you drain their life force and there's a fair bit of stealth kills but a lot of games seem to get rated 18 these days for the teensiest bit of violence.

>> No. 23454 Anonymous
21st March 2020
Saturday 4:19 pm
23454 spacer
I can't be bothered with any of these new games, they should make more old games that I haven't completed yet and can play for nostalgia.
>> No. 23455 Anonymous
22nd March 2020
Sunday 2:06 am
23455 spacer

Nice price. Is it any good? Did you play the previous one? I liked it enough to complete it, which is quite uncommon for me these days. Eventually the underlying procedural system laid itself bare, but it was still fun while it lasted.

I've just started Nioh 2. I love the Souls games, have played each one through a few times, but have yet to find a "soulslike" that's stuck. I'd have to say that so far Nioh 2 has one of the most uncompromising on-ramps of any game I've played - there are a million complex gameplay features, attacks and special moves and counters and transformations, and it seems to be assuming that I'm going to learn it all in time for the first boss. I think they looked at the Father Gascoigne fight in Bloodborne (which functioned as a "you must be this good to move on" hard barrier to entry for the rest of the game) and wanted to out-do Fromsoft on that front. I hope the learning curve calms down, to be honest. I did just limp past that first boss but it took some doing and I'm not entirely sure what went right.
>> No. 23457 Anonymous
22nd March 2020
Sunday 6:54 am
23457 spacer
I haven't played the previous game and I'm enjoying it so far, but it's reminding me a lot of the Batman: Arkham series but with Orcs and swords.
>> No. 23462 Anonymous
22nd March 2020
Sunday 12:53 pm
23462 spacer
Alright so after playing Nioh 2 on and off overnight I'd say it's pretty good, I'd give it a solid seven home-grown, lovingly cultivated .gs tomatoes out of ten. Whoever is in charge of designing the tutorials over there needs their head examined, though.
>> No. 23463 Anonymous
22nd March 2020
Sunday 3:10 pm
23463 spacer
I played the first, and on paper it's my ideal game - Soulslike with more depth, set against a backdrop of one of the most interesting periods of history. In practice it felt a little bloated, with a bit too much going on. It felt less fair than the From Soft games, and I found it more frustrating than anything else.
>> No. 23464 Anonymous
22nd March 2020
Sunday 3:19 pm
23464 spacer
I love all the daft things that are happening because of Covid-19. Double XP on the Master Chief Collection. I think, much like UBI, this is something that people will not want taken away post-pandemic.
>> No. 23466 Anonymous
22nd March 2020
Sunday 5:37 pm
23466 spacer
Doom Eternal on PS4 is making me create a Bethesda account just to play the campaign. I hate this shit.
>> No. 23469 Anonymous
24th March 2020
Tuesday 10:29 pm
23469 spacer
I created a Bethesda account previously and linked it to my Steam account, it logged me in without asking. I typed up a screed but this video puts it better:

>> No. 23470 Anonymous
25th March 2020
Wednesday 8:59 am
23470 spacer
I guess I'm 15 hours in now.

It is ferociously complicated. It's also the best non-Fromsoft Soulslike I've played so far, by a decent stretch. I've had far more fun with it than I did with Nioh, or The Surge, or Code Vein (or any of the 2D ones, Salt and Sanctuary, Blasphemous etc). The first hour or two is just a real hump to get started, and then beyond that point you're learning constantly and improving noticeably. Maybe I'll get sick of it later on but so far I'm not getting the grind that I got from Nioh, or the "difficulty for the sake of it" that the rest irritated me with. It's hard, and it expects you to pay attention, but it's fair.

I also met a chap on PSN called "Bradolf Pitler".
>> No. 23474 Anonymous
30th March 2020
Monday 10:25 pm
23474 spacer
Had a go on that Resident Evil 3 demo. I was growing tired of Mr X in the remake of the second game, I'm not really in the mood for another invincible super-enemy stalking you through the game. It does look and play really nice, though.
>> No. 23475 Anonymous
31st March 2020
Tuesday 10:04 am
23475 spacer
Most of the reviews I've seen of Res 3 have been disappointed by it; it seems that they've rushed to get it out so have cut out a fair bit of content.
>> No. 23476 Anonymous
31st March 2020
Tuesday 10:14 am
23476 spacer
Only to sell as DLC amirite?
>> No. 23477 Anonymous
31st March 2020
Tuesday 11:15 am
23477 spacer
It's about 5 hours of campaign, apparently. Definitely one for the sales.

What little is there seems to be near-universally lauded, though. At least among the games press, for whatever that's worth.
>> No. 23478 Anonymous
1st April 2020
Wednesday 9:50 am
23478 spacer
I’ve devolved into de-facto NEEThood and spent every day for the last week playing CKII.
>> No. 23479 Anonymous
1st April 2020
Wednesday 11:48 am
23479 spacer
The game is pretty and just hard enough that you'll get the "Git Gud" crowd involved but it has some serious flaws.

The "parkour" is garbage. It's just a game of look for the nearest climbable surface but it also commits the unforgivable sin of breaking the game rules. Not all ledges are climbable, some areas have inexplicable death triggers in front of them, and even areas you will get to later have death walls so you don't get there early. Never mind the invisible walls to make up for not being able to marry the frankly gorgeous level design and movement mechanics.

The "central hub" area should've just been a menu to pick from, running around and plugging in tokens adds nothing.

I still had fun playing it, but it's a lot more meh than I'd hoped for :(.
>> No. 23480 Anonymous
1st April 2020
Wednesday 12:11 pm
23480 spacer

How do you guys feel about playing games as the world burns? It reminds me of the War of the Worlds narrator and artillery man play cards while their species is 'on the verge of extinction'.
I get that there's not a lot else to do but engage with hobbies and perhaps find some work, but i still feel weird about it.

Currently playing Project Zombiod which is probably contributing to my anxiety. It's kind of sad that someone would go to such great effort as in the picture, being that it seems a rather niche game with only a small following. I could understand doing something similar in Dwarf Fortress, but doing this alone by a single avatar just seems sad, as though you'd have to really internallise the setting and live for it. I'll probably end up trying something similar because it does look cool, but to what end beyond a screenshot? The difference with DF is that your guys are doing the work, you just plan it, so you're playing the game. Whereas here .. it's like a deeply intricate but ultimately unnecessary crafting system that needlessly branches off from the core game. It reminds me of those odd, often shortlived, community games in which you wonder around the wilderness hoping to find other people with whom to literally build a town with.

Rogue Survivor is a much simpler, more playable zombie looter which i'd reccomend over Zomboid if the reader doesn't mind lower quality visuals and rougelike gameplay. That's not to say the Zomboid isn't good, just .. i've found faster, more engaging gameplay elsewhere. It's almost a simulation, and seems a lot like Cataclysm DDA (though i haven't played the latter).
>> No. 23481 Anonymous
1st April 2020
Wednesday 12:22 pm
23481 spacer

>How do you guys feel about playing games as the world burns?

This: https://manybooks.net/titles/forstereother07machine_stops.html
>> No. 23482 Anonymous
1st April 2020
Wednesday 12:55 pm
23482 spacer

Agreed. I git it launch day, I'm about 90% towards finishing it, but I'm in absolutely no rush. I can't wrap my head around how all the yotutubers and critics had videos out the same weekend it came out sucking it off like the second coming of Christ; it's definitely, definitely not THAT good.

I experienced a lot of frustration with the platforming mechanics just the same as you. Doom 2016 got it right, it was clearly signposted which ledges were climbable and weren't. Eternal breaks all that and makes some of it totally arbitrary, cutting corners in level design instead.

Some of the new enemies are just straight up irritating rather than fun, too. That one cunt who pops up occasionally with the shield and ghost wolves is just a ballache and not rewarding. The gimmicky kill methods some enemies have piss me off too; it forces your hand in a way 2016 never did. You repeat the same steps for each fight because it's the most efficient way, instead of having the freedom to fight in the way you find most satisfying.

Overall it's just a lot less polished. You never found yourself frustratingly caught between a dodgy bit of terrain and an imp and ending up with an unfair death in the last one. If people like it just because it's harder and these days people just think harder is better, then fair enough. But the level of praise it has been getting just sounds like the plain old fashioned collusion we're used to from people in the games business.
>> No. 23483 Anonymous
1st April 2020
Wednesday 2:56 pm
23483 spacer
Anyone here tried Bannerlord? I've given it a cursory glance, but it just sort of looks like Warband with bighuge textures.
>> No. 23484 Anonymous
1st April 2020
Wednesday 4:38 pm
23484 spacer
I've been unemployed since October so while I've been more or less playing video games since then while looking for work, even I feel a bit weird or if I'm doing something wrong.
>> No. 23485 Anonymous
1st April 2020
Wednesday 6:20 pm
23485 spacer

>How do you guys feel about playing games as the world burns?

For all my posturing as a teenlad that I'd be "ready for it" when it comes, I'm discovering that in reality I wish everyone would just stop pissing and moaning so I can carry on playing games.

Would not be surprised if the actual collapse happened some time in the next fortnight and I didn't notice until I went to the shop and nobody was there to authorise my booze at the self checkout.
>> No. 23486 Anonymous
1st April 2020
Wednesday 6:25 pm
23486 spacer
At the first opportunity, would you stand there waiting/return the bottle like one of those gormless pricks that obeys the red man at a pelican crossing or would you start looting?
>> No. 23487 Anonymous
1st April 2020
Wednesday 6:39 pm
23487 spacer
>the plain old fashioned collusion we're used to from people in the games business.
It's depressing. When gamergate came along the old school 90s literally paying for reviews thing was mostly long gone - the magazines and review sites had got bigger and more professional in general. There were exceptions, of course, but it was much, much better than it had been. Then the youtube talking heads come along, they're desperate for any kind of reward and have no professional oversight whatsoever so will take the "gifts" the publishers send them (oh, you've got a 1080 GTX? How about we send you a 2080 TI so you can really get a feel for the game?") and then just so happen to post glowing reviews on their channel. These people reach far more consumers than the gaming magazines ever did, with literally zero ethical oversight. Whenever I see a popular youtuber saying that a game is amazing and flawless, I just wonder how many PS4 Pros, GPUs etc he's already flogged on ebay.
>> No. 23488 Anonymous
1st April 2020
Wednesday 6:54 pm
23488 spacer
Next you'll be telling us many of the verified purchase reviews on Amazon stem from a conditional £5 off rebate voucher included in the box.
>> No. 23489 Anonymous
1st April 2020
Wednesday 7:21 pm
23489 spacer
I don't know anything about that, sorry.
>> No. 23490 Anonymous
2nd April 2020
Thursday 2:49 pm
23490 spacer

>> No. 23491 Anonymous
2nd April 2020
Thursday 4:20 pm
23491 spacer
I want to start a new Subnautica save, but I'm scared I won't find the Cuddlefish.
>> No. 23492 Anonymous
2nd April 2020
Thursday 11:47 pm
23492 spacer
The Last Of Us 2 has been indefinitely delayed due to Covid-19.
>> No. 23493 Anonymous
3rd April 2020
Friday 12:30 am
23493 spacer
That's alright by me. I was more concerned that I'd be playing that game in the summertime. I know this game is going to push the PS4 to the limit, it's going to run hot. My PS4 has toasted the room up nicely over winter but in summer I suspect I just won't really want to turn it on. If they wind up launching it in July I might get extra-long HDMI and USB cables and play it in the kitchen instead.

I think this also speaks to the importance of the remaining existing physical game stores. They're the only ones who wouldn't be able to sell this game, and apparently that loss of revenue is significant enough to call off the whole show for an unknown period of time - even when people are more desperate for gaming entertainment than ever before.

I hope they continue to work on it in the mean time, too. Good opportunity to fix some more bugs.
>> No. 23494 Anonymous
3rd April 2020
Friday 1:06 pm
23494 spacer
Have you opened it up ever? A set of Torx screwdrivers and a can of compressed air worked wonders for mine.
>> No. 23495 Anonymous
3rd April 2020
Friday 1:49 pm
23495 spacer
That egg is located somewhere you'll inevitably end up anyway, you'll find it again.
>> No. 23496 Anonymous
3rd April 2020
Friday 1:52 pm
23496 spacer
But on my original save I didn't even find all the submarine schematics, I could miss a tiny little egg very easily.
>> No. 23497 Anonymous
3rd April 2020
Friday 4:50 pm
23497 spacer
I have the lid off it permanently - this made the biggest difference. The console is raised off the cabinet to allow air to flow underneath, and right now I've got a fan pointed at it. Short of constructing some DIY case replacement I'm not sure what else to do. (Changing the thermal paste did nothing.)

The PS4 Pro is just a noisy beast when it's being driven hard, and the launch PS4 I had before it was just as bad. Before I did all the above I played through God of War and it definitely affected my enjoyment of the game, the way it was constantly (and inconsistently) turning on the hoover. Whichever console is quietest next gen will get my money, between this and the noisy cunt of a gaming PC I've got I'm just sick of it.
>> No. 23498 Anonymous
3rd April 2020
Friday 5:37 pm
23498 spacer

My xbox is gratuitously loud too. I've gone off consoles entirely mostly because of that. My PC is in quite a large case with excellent ventilation and massive fans. Even with all the fans running at max, I can't hear it over the TV as they're so big. Contrast to the tiny, whiny console fans and it's worth the effort.
>> No. 23499 Anonymous
3rd April 2020
Friday 6:13 pm
23499 spacer

>the noisy cunt of a gaming PC I've got

>> No. 23500 Anonymous
3rd April 2020
Friday 10:55 pm
23500 spacer
It's a GTX 980. I've redone the thermal paste recently which did drop temps by 5C or so, but even then with case fans doing their thing (proper airflow in a decent case) the GPU just gets too fucking hot when I'm playing newer games. I should've changed the cooler on it years ago but it's so close to obsolete now I just get angry at it instead. It's an i5 4690K system, the whole thing is getting pretty long in the tooth. Been eyeing up those Rizens, it's nice there's some competition again.
>> No. 23501 Anonymous
3rd April 2020
Friday 11:10 pm
23501 spacer
I was forced to upgrade from a 4670k to a 3700x as my motherboard died. AMD have smashed it out of the park with Zen 2, even their new mobile chips are threatening Intel's dominance which is fucking astonishing given where AMD have been for at least a decade.
>> No. 23503 Anonymous
6th April 2020
Monday 11:51 pm
23503 spacer
FF7 Remake is everything I have ever dreamed it would be.
>> No. 23504 Anonymous
7th April 2020
Tuesday 1:17 am
23504 spacer
I'm old enough to remember people saying an FF7 remake wasn't worth it because it would never match the original. Admittedly, Tony Blair was still prime minister in those days. What has changed, if anything?

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