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>> No. 19768 Anonymous
6th February 2015
Friday 8:29 pm
19768 What are you playing right now?
I figured I'd make an /e/ equivalent of that great, big /beat/ thread.

Recently I have been slogging away on XCOM: Enemy Within with the Long War mod. Humanity is doomed as I'm simply incapable of holding back the torrent of battleships the aliens keep hurling at me.

It's bloody fun though.
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>> No. 19769 Anonymous
6th February 2015
Friday 8:47 pm
19769 spacer
I figured that maybe you should have checked the catalogue first:

>> No. 19770 Anonymous
6th February 2015
Friday 9:04 pm
19770 spacer
To be fair he probly didn't want to resurrect a thread that's been dead since last summer.
>> No. 19771 Anonymous
6th February 2015
Friday 9:06 pm
19771 spacer
>> No. 19772 Anonymous
6th February 2015
Friday 9:45 pm
19772 spacer
Mods are strict on necro-bumpers
>> No. 19773 Anonymous
6th February 2015
Friday 10:05 pm
19773 spacer
... that would be a daft and shitty thing to do.
>> No. 19774 Anonymous
6th February 2015
Friday 10:32 pm
19774 spacer
Got Alien Isolation for my brithday the other day. Made sure I got the Ripley edition with both DLC missions on the original Nostromo.

Only problem is that I'm too much of a wuss for horror games. I've only played about the first twenty minutes, I just can't do it. I have to squint through some parts of the films, this is on another level. I think I'd pass out if you made me watch Insidious or whatever.
>> No. 19775 Anonymous
6th February 2015
Friday 11:30 pm
19775 spacer

Here's me doing 33 damage to an Ethereal, which is the best thing ever, in case you didn't know.


Because I did open a few threads from the catalogue and mouse over several more, but that one doesn't have a title, so I never noticed it. That OP's tardiness is not this OP's mistake.


Me and my cousin went through the same thing with Doom 3, although we were 11 and 13 respectively, you great, big chicken. In the end we enabled an invincibility mod and we were fine.
>> No. 19776 Anonymous
7th February 2015
Saturday 3:44 pm
19776 spacer
Fantastic game and one of the single best uses of the Alien Licence since the original film. I recently blasted through AC Rogue, which was fantastic too and miles better than Unity.
>> No. 19777 Anonymous
7th February 2015
Saturday 4:07 pm
19777 spacer
I've been playing Halo MCC through, as part of the reliving of my youth I've been so lamenting on here for the last few days.

Halfway through CE so far. They really made it look very nice, and it's still a good game. It feels a lot more half-lifey than I ever remember, I suppose that's because of all the character driven NPCs.
>> No. 19778 Anonymous
7th February 2015
Saturday 4:27 pm
19778 spacer
Anyone else feel there's been too many games to catch up on in the past year? Steam sales haven't helped, but I've got a backlog of things I need to finish. The only thing I've really been doing is messing around on Battlefield 3 every so often as it doesn't require any dedication.

I still need to finish the very end of Far Cry 3 and Hitman Absolution, then I have games like L.A Noire I picked up in Steam sales that I only made a small dent in. There just never seems to be enough time unless I spend all day every day playing games, but then I'm not achieving anything. Oh..It's happened hasn't it. I've grown up and gained responsibilities.

Help me.
>> No. 19779 Anonymous
7th February 2015
Saturday 5:03 pm
19779 spacer
>I've only played about the first twenty minutes
You haven't even seen the alien yet, have you, you wuss?

I quit after I met the alien
>> No. 19780 Anonymous
8th February 2015
Sunday 9:15 am
19780 spacer

Grey Goo. I've been desperate for a good new RTS and this doesn't disappoint. It's made by some of the guys who made the good C&C's. The Goo faction is one of the most interesting things I've seen in the genre for some time as is the use of QWERTY to access build menus.
>> No. 19781 Anonymous
8th February 2015
Sunday 9:19 am
19781 spacer

Base building? Is it 1998 again already?
>> No. 19782 Anonymous
8th February 2015
Sunday 11:51 am
19782 spacer
Base building was always my favourite part of an RTS match. I'm glad that someone's out there making games that I would like if I had any fucking time to play them.
>> No. 19783 Anonymous
8th February 2015
Sunday 1:59 pm
19783 spacer
Been playing Dying Light, and it's surprisingly fun. The combat isn't great, but combat is generally more of a last resort than it was in Dead Island. The parkour mechanics work well, and the night times are genuinely scary. It gets really dark, and tough fast zombies come out, so it's more stealth and speed based rather than combat. It's really fun traversing the world, and an abandoned Turkish city is rather novel a setting. It's the game that Dead Island should have been. Bit clunky though, and the story is very boring.
>> No. 19784 Anonymous
8th February 2015
Sunday 2:16 pm
19784 spacer
Thanks for pointing this game out. I had seen it mentioned but hadn't bothered taking a look.
Exactly the reason why this tickles my fancy.
As a kid in the 90s and early 00s, I was never very "good" at RTS, but I loved spending hours amassing an enormous army and winning the game in one big battle. I think modern RTS games miss out on a lot of fun that you could get from simpler game mechanics like that.

Now I've had to go and start enemy unknown again, thanks.
Haven't bought enemy within yet, when it was released I was quite irked that it's being sold as an "add-on" which requires you to own the original, but it's being sold at the cost of a standalone. Oh well, I can get a few more months of play out of enemy unknown and maybe try some mods, and keep my eye on steam sales in the meantime.
>> No. 19785 Anonymous
8th February 2015
Sunday 3:21 pm
19785 spacer
There is always time for base building. Love the RTS genre, always will. It's one of the few game genres that crosses many age boundaries, they're the perfect sort of game for my Dad in fact (who is in his sixties).
>> No. 19786 Anonymous
8th February 2015
Sunday 11:01 pm
19786 spacer
I remember that most missions on the original C&C could be beaten with the simple tactic of building up your base defences then sending large enough groups to overwhelm individual units. There were glitches you could take advantage of, such as surrounding the enemy harvester with infantry or sandbagging out to build guard towers in the middle of nowhere, but those two basics served you well most times.

One of these days I need to play through the entire series properly. Except for Renegade, obviously.
>> No. 19787 Anonymous
8th February 2015
Sunday 11:08 pm
19787 spacer

Lego Harry Potter, but it just crashed on me so it can fuck off. In other news, my 6970 has had an 11th hour revival since I built my new rig, only to be replaced in a week or so by my R9 290X 8GB.

So far this weekend, the 6970 has run Alien: Isolation on Ultra at 60fps and MGS:GZ on Ultra at 30fps. I'll be sad to see it go.
>> No. 19788 Anonymous
9th February 2015
Monday 12:00 am
19788 spacer

Same, I don't so much love the Alien franchise as just the first film, the rest is as 80-90s pastiche as Lasertag and Tazo's.


No, I've only just got on to the Sevastopol and everything is making me twitch, even though in my heart I know in the typical horror style it'll be a while before I see the xenomorph. I put it on Hard mode for the intended experience.
>> No. 19789 Anonymous
9th February 2015
Monday 12:02 am
19789 spacer
I'm four-fifths of the way through reading the manual for Sid Meier's Covert Action and it's too late to carry on as I have mundane, non-espionage work in the morning.
>> No. 19790 Anonymous
9th February 2015
Monday 1:50 am
19790 spacer

There's your problem lad.
>> No. 19791 Anonymous
9th February 2015
Monday 8:54 am
19791 spacer

Nvidia or intel bumboy m8, because we don't entertain that one word, snide shit here. Here are the facts for you. There is no denying that Intel are better than AMD when it comes to per core performance; they are simply better, only a fool would try and win that battle, but a properly cooled FX 8350 overclocked to 5ghz is a unstoppable beast (which is what I have) and I didn't have to re-mortgage the house to buy one. Now, onto GPUs, show me a better price/performance card top end card on the market than a 290X 8GB and I'll be very surprised. The difference between AMD and Nvidia at the top end is either infinitesimal, non existent or AMD comes out on top purely due to price. The 6970 was mid to top tier when it came out and the 290X 8GB is one of the best cards in the world right now and is nearly half the price of the GTX 980 with better performance, and blows the 970 out of the water in the same price bracket which has less than half the VRAM due to very strange memory leakage glitches. We'll see how things are when the 8GB versions of the GTX 970/980 come out, but they will almost certainly be £600+ and the 290X 8GB is £299 on Overclockers right now and will, at best, be relegated to the 3rd best card in the world if they turn out to be better, but still be best in the price/performance bracket. AMD also make the best APUs in the world with Intel struggling to keep up, weirdly. It's an anomaly I haven't been quite able figure out, but I digress.

Now unless you are aware of a Lego Harry Potter/AMD compatibility issue that google isn't, kindly take your brand war garbage and fuck yourself bloody with it.
>> No. 19792 Anonymous
9th February 2015
Monday 9:46 am
19792 spacer
No need for a massive teary, m6.
>> No. 19793 Anonymous
9th February 2015
Monday 10:03 am
19793 spacer

Back in my day, trolling meant something rather than lads simply baiting replies out of people who know more about PC parts than them.

Broken britfa.gs.
>> No. 19794 Anonymous
9th February 2015
Monday 11:02 am
19794 spacer
Do let us know when such as person replies then, eh?
>> No. 19795 Anonymous
9th February 2015
Monday 2:03 pm
19795 spacer
>Intel struggling to keep up [on APUs]

Is this still true for the Intel Iris processors?
>> No. 19796 Anonymous
9th February 2015
Monday 2:08 pm
19796 spacer

>such as person

I've yet to see you make a coherent point.
>> No. 19797 Anonymous
9th February 2015
Monday 2:11 pm
19797 spacer
I guess that makes us even.
>> No. 19798 Anonymous
9th February 2015
Monday 2:27 pm
19798 spacer

There is no harm in admitting you don't know what you are talking about, lad. There is no shame in it. So a lad made a big post full of big words you find it difficult to understand and the extent of your typical interactions with people on the internet amount to "meme arrows" and monosyllabic insults. Is it really the end of the world you can't think of anything to say? Is passive-aggression necessary? No, chicken, it is not.

If you plan on telling him why he is wrong, by all means go ahead, otherwise best take a step back from the keyboard and maybe go for a walk... or something, maybe you have no legs. I don't know, I'm not a psychic.
>> No. 19799 Anonymous
9th February 2015
Monday 2:37 pm
19799 spacer
Christ lad, if you're going to be a teary bumder could you at least do it somewhere other than /g/? You could also do with losing this notion that every comment disagreeing with you is coming from the same person
>> No. 19800 Anonymous
9th February 2015
Monday 5:33 pm
19800 spacer
Enjoy your G-Sync.
>> No. 19801 Anonymous
9th February 2015
Monday 5:50 pm
19801 spacer

This isn't /g/. Also, how could we be even? A bizarre non-sequitor or an implication perhaps?

C'mon now, surely the irony of that isn't lost to you, bearing in mind your familiarity with the nature of anonymity?
>> No. 19802 Anonymous
9th February 2015
Monday 5:51 pm
19802 spacer

I will, thanks.

What a nice lad.
>> No. 19803 Anonymous
9th February 2015
Monday 5:57 pm
19803 spacer
>This isn't /g/.
It's nonetheless no more an appropriate place for tearybumdery of any sort.

>Also, how could we be even?

>You could also do with losing this notion that every comment disagreeing with you is coming from the same person
>> No. 19804 Anonymous
9th February 2015
Monday 6:00 pm
19804 spacer

You're fooling no one, here.
>> No. 19805 Anonymous
9th February 2015
Monday 9:43 pm
19805 spacer
Back on topic lads.

I've recently blasted my way through each F.E.A.R game, one after another. I find it hard to find another series that fell so far, so fast.
>> No. 19806 Anonymous
9th February 2015
Monday 9:46 pm
19806 spacer
Which ones are worth playing?
>> No. 19807 Anonymous
9th February 2015
Monday 10:08 pm
19807 spacer
1 + Expansions are amazing.
2 completely ignores the expansions plotlines, but is still good albeit a bit restricted, amazing textures though.
3 is essentialy Call of Spooky and makes a complete hash of ending the story which started pretty interesting.
>> No. 19808 Anonymous
9th February 2015
Monday 11:59 pm
19808 spacer

Yeah, First is the best, Second is worth playing, although they removed the righteous boot, and avoid the Third.
>> No. 19809 Anonymous
10th February 2015
Tuesday 12:19 am
19809 spacer

Wimplad here. Also playing the Android version of Games Workshop's classic Talisman boardgame. It was free for a day on Amazon's app market, which is a damn site better than the Play Store.

Not too shabby at all, even on my little Moto G the UI isn't too fiddly. Hours of fun, and there's like a dozen classes to play as.
>> No. 19810 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 1:03 am
19810 spacer
I've been trying to play Delver on my phone, which is an utterly charming game that I would probably have made myself if I knew how to code. The only problem is, it's fucking balls hard, and I have yet to make it past the first few rooms. Touch screen controls don't help, and I have a suspicion that were I to play it on PC I would be able to exploit my years of FPS twitchy finger nimbleness to succeed, but doing so would feel utterly wrong for a game that is ultimately more akin to a roguelike. I really wish they would tone down the difficulty curve at the beginning, because it's such a nicely presented little game that would be perfect to play in chunks on my breaks and whathaveyou, but in it's current state I'm never going to be able to play it in that way and it'll end up becoming just another disappointing app I uninstall and go back to Dead Trigger.

Speaking of mobile games anyway, does anyone have any recommendations on Android? I'm finding it so hard to find good ones because 90% of what's out there is freemium bullshit. It enrages me to have a phone that's more powerful than the laptop I'm currently posting on, but yet that is so lacking in quality gaming entertainment.
>> No. 19811 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 1:09 am
19811 spacer

>It was free for a day on Amazon's app market, which is a damn site better than the Play Store.
Come on, Jeff.
>> No. 19812 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 1:41 am
19812 spacer

Pixel Dungeon is my all time number one, I couldn't recommend it enough
It's a roguelike too so is right up your street, not to mention open source and actually free rather than freemium.

Pewpew is another free game I enjoy, very similar to Geometry Wars.

Going into freemium, Robotek and Radiant Defense, both by Hexage are quite enjoyable. The latter is very difficult for a Tower Defence game.
>> No. 19813 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 2:37 pm
19813 spacer

I downloaded NHL15 because it was half price on the Xbox Store. I would have been incredibly pissed off if I'd paid the full £50 for that game, it's like they took NHL14 and decided it would be better if all of the stickhandling was done in slow-motion.

The new fight engine is a nice idea, as it does mean that if you're a cunt in the game you'll get beaten up just like in real life, but it feels like they made it a little bit overzealous to try and point it out as much as possible. That or I'm just a cunt more often than I think.

Anyway, it's pretty shit.
>> No. 19814 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 4:53 pm
19814 spacer

EA have long since giving up any pre-tense of quality in their products. If it has been less than 7 days, you can get your money back even with a digital download. For £25, I fucking would.
>> No. 19815 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 5:00 pm
19815 spacer
If they release a new Skate game and it sucks I will burn down their head office.
>> No. 19816 Anonymous
12th February 2015
Thursday 11:58 am
19816 spacer
I bought Just Cause 2 on Steam because it was £2.50, and after all, what's 2.5 x 10? Fuck.

Anyway, it's not very good, it's not terrible. The map's huge and quite empty, which makes traveling boring as shit. Unless you take the roads, but when you do take the roads you run into a bunch of other crap and you never get anywhere. It does kind of make a case for GTA's policy of road blocking portions of the map.

Also they use cookie cutter cut scenes. Almost all of them take place inside the exact same model of helicopter, with the models sitting in the same positions.


Oh, can I come? We could make a day of it.
>> No. 19817 Anonymous
12th February 2015
Thursday 2:13 pm
19817 spacer
'Cookie cutter' is a good way of describing the game as a whole. The frankly gigantic game world is impressive but there is more than a hint of the copy+paste to it. To be honest I prefer a smaller but better designed game world a la GTA IV / V.

Having said that, I had a lot of fun with JC2 and would still recommend it (£2.50 is a steal), unless you're incredibly unimaginative you can easily get that much enjoyment pinging around on your grappling hook and riding 747s around.

Have you found the Lost island yet?
>> No. 19818 Anonymous
13th February 2015
Friday 12:57 am
19818 spacer

>Have you found the Lost island yet?

No. I get the feel that involves getting in a boat and holding down W for 15 or so minutes.
>> No. 19819 Anonymous
13th February 2015
Friday 1:46 am
19819 spacer
Not quite, it is in a corner of the map though. One of the side missions takes you there iirc but you can find it any time. Worth exploring if you're into Lost as they put in a few random details (e.g you can ind the hatch, a crashed airliner and some other stuff) otherwise it's just a strange island.
>> No. 19907 Anonymous
28th February 2015
Saturday 12:35 am
19907 spacer

I'm playing a few games on my new PC.

Firstly, I recently played Crysis on ultra. Nice graphics porn but the gameplay gets old pretty swiftly. I'm not really playing this anymore. Completed it though.

Next I'm on 'Sunless Sea'. It's got some good ideas but I find being on the edge of starvation and permanent fuel poverty more infuriating and irritating than I do challenging and interesting.

I'm also playing The Dark Mod, which is fucking great. It's graphically gorgeous and the stealth is top notch (pic related doesn't capture the gorgeousness, proper images are too big for .gs).
>> No. 19908 Anonymous
28th February 2015
Saturday 12:50 am
19908 spacer
EuEuropa Universalis IV, same as ever, Crusader Kings 2, Destiny on xbox with another. gs lad and FIFA 15.
>> No. 19910 Anonymous
28th February 2015
Saturday 12:51 am
19910 spacer

On the contrary, I thought Crysis was over way too quickly to really shine.

Well, I say it was over quickly. What really happened is you acclimatise to the pace and begin to revel in the freedom of assaulting these big encampments from whatever angle you choose. And then the games suddenly goes "Okay, you've had enough fun now, time for some corridors and aliens mate."

It's such a shame Crytek weren't the ones to work on Far Cry 2/3, those games could have been properly ace if the level of design tightness shown in Crysis had been carried over. Instead, we just have two franchises that are both mediocre.
>> No. 19912 Anonymous
28th February 2015
Saturday 1:01 am
19912 spacer
>And then the games suddenly goes "Okay, you've had enough fun now, time for some corridors and aliens mate."

Yeah that's what I thought. I liked the early sneaking up on Norks and skilling them up with the nanosuit, but then it just becomes a mediocre bullet-sponge blasting game.
>> No. 19914 Anonymous
28th February 2015
Saturday 1:51 am
19914 spacer

Currently spending my time between Arma 2 with a Vietnam war mod, NHL 14, Mount and Blade with the L'Aigle mod, and War Thunder.
>> No. 19916 Anonymous
28th February 2015
Saturday 2:54 am
19916 spacer
Started The Order 1866 earlier, I expect to finish it by tomorrow. It looks absolutely fucking fantastic. I've had plenty of moments thinking I was still involved with a cut scene before realising I was supposed to be doing stuff. It's a shame it's pretty standard TPS fare otherwise.
>> No. 19917 Anonymous
28th February 2015
Saturday 9:30 am
19917 spacer


>Crusader Kings II

ERGH! God damn that game. I was rebelling against the king of Lombardy when Charlemagne was all "lol that's my kingdom tho". I didn't want to give up so I just started running away from him with my meagre force of about 2000 guys. Eventually the blighter caught me with 6000 of his own guys and I was crushed. But it didn't matter! Not even a little! Because I'd killed Charlemagne and ended the war that way, now his two tiny sons were in charge and sure to get rebellion-ed to death by all kinds of idiots, leaving me to snatch up the easiest pickings.

But even less of that mattered than before, because my game crashed mere moments after Charlemagne had died, just days away from autosaving.
>> No. 19918 Anonymous
28th February 2015
Saturday 1:28 pm
19918 spacer
FF14 free login weekend, my friend offered to pay for my server transfer so I may resub.

You CK2 lot should play Victoria 2.
>> No. 19919 Anonymous
28th February 2015
Saturday 1:46 pm
19919 spacer

Yech. Surely these days there's technology sufficient to counter this? Can't they do something like, I dunno, make two or three textures that are different yet still tesselate, and then paint them onto the surface in a random order?
>> No. 19921 Anonymous
28th February 2015
Saturday 5:31 pm
19921 spacer
And finished. Yep, I can certainly see where the balance of story / gameplay ration comes up with this one. Whats there is entertaining enough, but there's just not enough of it.
>> No. 19922 Anonymous
28th February 2015
Saturday 7:32 pm
19922 spacer


I have tried Vicky 2, but I feel like it's lacking in personality. I mean, CKII does occasionally have an over abundance of "personality" (pic related). But waiting for my clergymen percentage to tick over to 4 is a lot less interesting than trying to scheme a second cousin onto the throne of France, or declaring yourself King of Lancaster.
>> No. 19923 Anonymous
28th February 2015
Saturday 8:21 pm
19923 spacer
The only way to solve it is bigger images. It sounds simple, but when you make that image bigger (or have more smaller images), then repeat that for other similar textures in the game, then it starts to eat up a whole load of extra HD space. Sometimes the effect can be greatly influenced by the skill of the individual artist who drew the texture, but most of the time it's down to a matter of bean counting to cut the size of the game down by a couple of GB.

I'm currently playing the open beta of Galactic civilisations III, pretty good game, a while back I was playing stardrive which is mostly just a clone of the same series, but GC III is quite expansive. However it's not particularly well optimised at the moment, it's the only game I've played in ages where I can't leave chrome running in the background, and even then it's got me considering getting another 8GB of RAM.
>> No. 19924 Anonymous
1st March 2015
Sunday 11:28 am
19924 spacer

>The only way to solve it is bigger images.

Or use generative methods, but that burns CPU cycles.

>it starts to eat up a whole load of extra HD space

That's not really a concern these days, but filling up the GPU memory is. It also takes a great deal of work to produce good textures that look natural and tessellate correctly
>> No. 19925 Anonymous
1st March 2015
Sunday 11:51 am
19925 spacer

I'm thinking about starting the Baldur's Gate Saga again, but with playing as Bobby George, so the only weapon available would be darts which I very rarely use. What do you lot reckon his class, stats, race etc. would be?
>> No. 19926 Anonymous
1st March 2015
Sunday 1:17 pm
19926 spacer

Pure Fighter, for grandmastery in darts. Human. And if you're a disgusting minmaxer like me, 18s in Str/Dex/Con and 16 Int.

Along with a custom portrait made from an image like this
>> No. 19927 Anonymous
1st March 2015
Sunday 1:21 pm
19927 spacer

>> No. 19928 Anonymous
1st March 2015
Sunday 1:23 pm
19928 spacer
I take it his Wisdom would be on par with the bloke down the pub, so a standard 11 or so.
>> No. 19929 Anonymous
1st March 2015
Sunday 1:46 pm
19929 spacer

Remember "megatextures", that big breakthrough John Carmack came up with a few years ago?

Yeah, neither does anyone else.
>> No. 19934 Anonymous
1st March 2015
Sunday 2:57 pm
19934 spacer
Got the new Resident Revelations game, it's rather fun. The first episode of the campaign was fine but only a couple of hours long, though I really like the two characters mechanic of the new game. One character is the typical shooty person, the other has more of a utility role - first half is a girl with a torch and a crowbar, second a girl who can fit in small places and detect zombies. I imagine co-op would be interesting. Story seems pretty typical Resident Evil, but is redeemed by the return of Barry Burton as the main playable character. He spends the whole time being an embarrassing but ultimately caring dad, it's great.

Most of the time I've been playing on Raid mode, which is a surprisingly deep arcade style mode. Lots of content, considering it's only £4.99 for the first chapter. Not as good as the first Revelations, but better than 5 and 6 even though it's obviously a budget title.
>> No. 19936 Anonymous
1st March 2015
Sunday 3:36 pm
19936 spacer

>Barry Burton

Barry Burton.
>> No. 19942 Anonymous
1st March 2015
Sunday 10:28 pm
19942 spacer
I just completed Dishonored [sic]. It was pretty ok. Glad I nicked it though.
>> No. 19946 Anonymous
4th March 2015
Wednesday 6:10 pm
19946 spacer
I just completed The Knife of Dunwall. It had some good bits but the ending was shit.
>> No. 19947 Anonymous
6th March 2015
Friday 1:28 pm
19947 spacer
Playing through GTAV on PS4 now, double dipped after having it on 360 release day.

My god, the first person mode makes it an entirely different game. I'm in no doubt this is the game they intended to release all along, the 360/PS3 version just being a cut down moneyspinner.
>> No. 19948 Anonymous
6th March 2015
Friday 1:56 pm
19948 spacer
What other key differences (aside from graphics) are there between PS3/360 and PS4/One versions? I played the PS3 version to death, don't know why but Rockstar games are the only games that ever motivate me to chase 100% completion.
>> No. 19949 Anonymous
6th March 2015
Friday 2:16 pm
19949 spacer
First person viewpoint in car and out, extra missions, races, phonecalls, customisation, cars, literally everything has been overhauled. Even the radio stations have good music on them now.
>> No. 19950 Anonymous
6th March 2015
Friday 5:18 pm
19950 spacer

Playing picross and listening to audio books. I don't know why I find picross so addictive, it's a pretty dull idea really.
>> No. 19951 Anonymous
6th March 2015
Friday 6:11 pm
19951 spacer
Currently playing Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition. It's great fun and it makes me feel like a little kid again. The last MK game I played was Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 on the Mega Drive.
>> No. 19952 Anonymous
6th March 2015
Friday 6:24 pm
19952 spacer
Finally completed Sleeping Dogs.

I didn't manage to get full Triad experience when doing the story and, unlike the cop missions, there are no Triad side quests to earn more. Having to go back and repeat missions I didn't do so well on trying to farm experience is a fucking ballache because you only earn the difference between your last score and your latest score, assuming it is higher.

It has ruined the post-game for me.
>> No. 19953 Anonymous
6th March 2015
Friday 7:22 pm
19953 spacer
It really doesn't make that much difference.
>> No. 19954 Anonymous
6th March 2015
Friday 7:33 pm
19954 spacer

It does when you're trying to 100% it.
>> No. 19955 Anonymous
6th March 2015
Friday 7:52 pm
19955 spacer
War Thunder and EVE Online of late and nothing else. I'm waiting for The Division and World of Warships to come out and I'll focus like an autist on them until I burn out.
>> No. 19956 Anonymous
9th March 2015
Monday 6:51 pm
19956 spacer

Holy shit, this game is fucking great.

I've never bought into early access but Besiege is from the loins of the gods. It's easily the best £5 I've ever spent, the creativity you can have fun with in this game is immense.

Have a look at the stuff in the game's subreddit for some gnarly shit.
>> No. 19958 Anonymous
9th March 2015
Monday 6:52 pm
19958 spacer

Also check out big brother.
>> No. 19959 Anonymous
9th March 2015
Monday 7:42 pm
19959 spacer
This war of mine has been breaking my heart and soul for days. The bleakest game I have ever played. On my first play through I ended up with bruno, pavel and katia all broken, Katia ran away, bruno died of his wound and the girl I had invtied into our hideout ran away with all the supplies leaving the badly wounded pavel to die a broken man.
>> No. 19960 Anonymous
9th March 2015
Monday 7:53 pm
19960 spacer
>the girl I had invtied into our hideout ran away with all the supplies leaving the badly wounded pavel to die a broken man
We've all been there, am I right lads
>> No. 19961 Anonymous
9th March 2015
Monday 9:19 pm
19961 spacer

>> No. 19962 Anonymous
9th March 2015
Monday 9:26 pm
19962 spacer
It's not post apocalyptic. It is set during the Siege of Sarajevo in the 90's.
>> No. 19963 Anonymous
9th March 2015
Monday 9:29 pm
19963 spacer
>> No. 19964 Anonymous
9th March 2015
Monday 9:32 pm
19964 spacer
Yeah I recommend using better knots and a heavier gauge rope. Invtying just doesn't cut it.
>> No. 19965 Anonymous
10th March 2015
Tuesday 2:39 am
19965 spacer
Been doing a lot of grinding in Monster Hunter 4. Some of the drops are such bullshit. Cut off a Rathalos' tail, try to carve it and don't get the "Rathalos Tail" item which I needed for a new switchaxe. Ended up having to fight the same monster 5 times in a row until I could get the shit I need.

On the plus side, the weapon I did make lets me bring down Khezus, Seltas Queens and Gore Magalas super fast now, meaning my grinding to make their gubbins will be faster.
>> No. 19966 Anonymous
10th March 2015
Tuesday 7:44 pm
19966 spacer

I never seem to tire of this game.
>> No. 19967 Anonymous
11th March 2015
Wednesday 12:07 pm
19967 spacer

this fucking game.jpg
Navy fucking Field 2. It's shit graphics, the sounds are annoying and the other players are cunts but by god it's addictive.
>> No. 19968 Anonymous
11th March 2015
Wednesday 11:17 pm
19968 spacer
I played navy field 1 A LOT.

I have not heard good things about 2, apparently they have made the building options a lot more limited.
>> No. 19970 Anonymous
12th March 2015
Thursday 12:13 pm
19970 spacer

Indeed the options are a lot more limited but I've found progression through the destroyer and cruiser tiers to be a lot quicker than in Navy Field. Give it a try, I'd rate it 7/10 despite my initial slating of it.
>> No. 19971 Anonymous
12th March 2015
Thursday 1:29 pm
19971 spacer

I am also playing Xcom: Enemy Within, picked it up for a few quid on a recent Steam sale. I played through Enemy Unknown when it came out and thought it was alright - a bit short and a bit easy. Enemy Within seems to be basically more of the same, I'm struggling to remember which bits were in the original and which are new additions.

Might check out the Long War mod if I'm still motivated to play after this run through vanilla, I heard about it on some game news site and it sounded pretty impressive.
>> No. 19972 Anonymous
12th March 2015
Thursday 1:57 pm
19972 spacer

Vanilla is just the boot camp for Long War, Commander.
>> No. 19977 Anonymous
12th March 2015
Thursday 7:57 pm
19977 spacer

From all I've seen of Long War I'm not actually sure if I want to play it.

>> No. 19978 Anonymous
12th March 2015
Thursday 9:16 pm
19978 spacer
I had a go at the original X-COM about a year ago - bloody hell it's merciless. It's like learning to drive, by taking your test, on the motorway.
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