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>> No. 20391 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 4:06 pm
20391 Fallout 4
Here we go again lads.

Expand all images.
>> No. 20393 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 4:44 pm
20393 spacer
[shrug]Looks to be more of the same shit only this time with better graphics.[/shrug]
>> No. 20394 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 5:18 pm
20394 spacer

I have to agree with this.

Not really hyped.
>> No. 20395 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 5:26 pm
20395 spacer
In 2015, that is the best visual performance they are showing?

And this is taking into account that trailers always exaggerate visual quality.

That fucking dog, it's like something from 2005.

More consolised garbage from the AAA industry.
>> No. 20396 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 5:39 pm
20396 spacer

Different city, different story, better animations, but it still looks like gamebryo engine so the graphics are obviously going to be shit by 2015 standards. Cyberpunk 2077 will no doubt blow it out of the water.

I love all of the Fallout games though, the setting just does it for me so I'll be buying it day dot if it comes out the right side of pay day.
>> No. 20397 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 5:41 pm
20397 spacer

>trailers always exaggerate visual quality.

Nintendo don't this, and a lot of other devs are stopping doing it too because of class action lawsuits in the states for false advertising. All it takes is one guy with cash to take it to court to set a precedent.

I would say this would be pretty close to what it will look like on consoles, at the very least.
>> No. 20398 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 5:43 pm
20398 spacer


>Nintendo don't this

Do they?
>> No. 20399 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 5:44 pm
20399 spacer

Forgive me, I've taken tramadol.
>> No. 20400 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 6:11 pm
20400 spacer
>Our engine. Our engine never changes
>> No. 20401 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 6:40 pm
20401 spacer

A triumph of 21st century video game design.
>> No. 20402 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 6:50 pm
20402 spacer
Such a bland trailer. I can't get angry over this.
>> No. 20403 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 6:57 pm
20403 spacer

I think you've really hit the nail on the head. It's not terribly pretty, or action packed, and there's nothing story related, nothing overt that I noticed anyway.

A man walks out of a vault and meets a dog; 2008 here we come!
>> No. 20404 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 7:01 pm
20404 spacer

Mirth. Our only hope is this is bare bones Alpha footage, because even FO3 didn't have character models that bad.
>> No. 20405 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 7:09 pm
20405 spacer
If I watched the FO3 trailer right now, it would get the same emotion out of me that this has.
>> No. 20406 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 7:17 pm
20406 spacer
Are you two on the spectrum? Or are you generation Michael Bay? The trailer builds up an environment and evokes some sort of feeling in normal people. Something tacit and sad.
>> No. 20407 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 7:25 pm
20407 spacer

Hey, hey, hey, let's not be saying anything to sour the mood beyond repair this early in the evening.

My point is it's basically the Fallout 3 trailer. We all know the inherent tragedy of the Fallout universe, we've seen it several times over now, which is exactly why this trailer isn't making me terribly excited or mournful or anything else.

And don't pretend video games are an art form, it's unbecoming.
>> No. 20408 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 7:26 pm
20408 spacer
What a load of pretentious fucking drivel. 'If you don't have an emotional response to some AAA marketing material you are autistic'. Fucking hell, a new low.
>> No. 20409 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 7:29 pm
20409 spacer

There's plenty to get angry over if you try. Two to get you started :

Dogmeat (it'll definitely be called dogmeat) is the focus here, meaning maybe there'll be a re-tooled companion system, or even worse that you rely heavily on your dog, making it a core game-play mechanic. Expect a vault you have to explore via dog and unlock a door for you or some shit.

The vault-dweller talks. He sounds like Troy Baker, and they probably didn't just get him for the teaser. This means your character now talks, and he sounds like American Game Hero number 2298. This might mean simply your character now has a voice (which will be fairly annoying but easy to disable) or that they've changed the way interactivity in the game works, with a much more limited speech tree or maybe just on-rails dialogue with the occasional karma check like mass effect.
>> No. 20410 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 7:29 pm
20410 spacer
Perhaps the game is being advertised in such a way so as to draw in newer gamers, along with keeping its loyal fan base. The trailer is a compromise.
>> No. 20411 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 7:29 pm
20411 spacer
Calm down.
>> No. 20412 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 7:31 pm
20412 spacer
So the problem is that you can't self-insert because you can't relate to a dog or an American?
>> No. 20413 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 7:35 pm
20413 spacer

Perhaps you will find less people calling you a dimwitted cunt if you don't go around accusing them of 'being on the spectrum' because they're not wetting themselves over a video game, like you.
>> No. 20414 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 7:36 pm
20414 spacer

You're assuming worst.

And this is a Bethesda game so I'm inclined to believe you.


Are you saying you can relate to an American? MODS!
>> No. 20415 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 7:39 pm
20415 spacer

Calm down, FFS.

If someone calls you a name, they're the idiot, if you start calling them names, you're both idiots.

I sound like a bloody primary school teacher.
>> No. 20416 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 7:42 pm
20416 spacer
So what does that make you, since you're calling me an idiot?
>> No. 20420 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 7:50 pm
20420 spacer

I'm trying to show you that you needn't turn every thread into a sweary nonsense fest. If that's your primary goal, there are numerous image boards better suited to your tastes.

This is the 4th time we have made this post, we a becoming exceedingly good at it.
>> No. 20421 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 7:51 pm
20421 spacer
I'll tell you.

An idiot, that's what it makes you. Citation; >>20415
>> No. 20422 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 8:07 pm
20422 spacer

You're enough of an adult to stop being such a child.
>> No. 20423 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 8:08 pm
20423 spacer
As an apparently rare breed of gamer who hasn't played any previous fallout games, this trailer made me want to play FO4. I wouldn't say the graphics look cutting edge but it made me want to explore the game environment, which is worth more than the shiniest of shiny graphics in my book.

It must be sad being to cynical as many of you seem to be.
>> No. 20426 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 8:15 pm
20426 spacer

I think disliking things is the new being apathetic towards things. I personally can't wait until neon enthusiasm comes back around, that was ace.
>> No. 20428 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 8:17 pm
20428 spacer

>It must be sad being to cynical as many of you seem to be.

You wrote a perfectly reasonable post then you thought you ought to slight someone just in case they beat you to it.

I yelled and punched the air when I saw the XCOM2 trailer, I'm no cynic, I just didn't think much of this trailer.
>> No. 20429 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 8:17 pm
20429 spacer
Most gamers haven't played Fallout.
>> No. 20430 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 8:19 pm
20430 spacer

It's not that, I've played as Troy Baker many a time, but this is fallout, and I like my protagonist's voices to be text based, thank you very much. And the dog issue is gameplay worries rather than characterisation.
>> No. 20431 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 8:27 pm
20431 spacer
Perhaps we might be playing both pre & post apocalypse?

I was thinking the baby in the trailer might be the character you play as emerging form the vault later, but surely that wont fit with the general accepted canon timeline.
>> No. 20432 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 8:28 pm
20432 spacer
Good thing the developers don't want to rehash shitty things again and again to make some autist happy.
>> No. 20437 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 8:55 pm
20437 spacer

Not at all. I've found the quality of my gaming to have improved enormously (not to mention my current account's health) by recognising the 'AAA' industry for the putrid turd chute it is. There are plenty of cracking new games, they're just not the ones on the front pages of the 'gaming media' or in the sponsored banners.
>> No. 20438 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 8:58 pm
20438 spacer

Not going to happen. I think the first game took place 70 years after the nuclear war, and the others are all significantly later than that.
>> No. 20439 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 9:03 pm
20439 spacer

They struck gold with Fallout 3 lad, and it's not autistic to not want dog-controlled setpieces in an open world RPG.
>> No. 20440 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 9:09 pm
20440 spacer
>they probably didn't just get him for the teaser
Why not? It was one line. If it's Troy Baker, maybe they'll get him to do 'Additional Voices' like in New Vegas.

The protagonist is also identified as male. Does that mean you won't be able to play as a chick in the finished product? Why put so much stock in minor aspects of this trailer?
>> No. 20441 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 9:13 pm
20441 spacer

The canon is that the first vaults were opened 20 years after the Great War.

While it's true F3 and NV are set 200 years after the war, there were survivors kicking about even on the surface from the start. (People survived the blasts in places like Raven Rock etc). Vault 111 could easily have been opened around that 20 year mark, meaning if you were that baby, you'd be starting the game about the same age as a fallout protaganist is supposed to be.
>> No. 20442 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 9:17 pm
20442 spacer

>Why put so much stock in minor aspects of this trailer?

Because >>20402 said:

>I can't get angry over this

So I said:

>There's plenty to get angry over if you try. Two to get you started

Can we get a box to check that puts a little icon on the corner of my post so people know I'm being tongue-in-cheek?
>> No. 20443 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 9:17 pm
20443 spacer
Someone somewhere else has pointed out that statue is in Boston, aka The Commonwealth. So maybe expect chinks and androids and blade runner shit.
>> No. 20444 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 9:20 pm
20444 spacer

... now that you mention it, the video doesn't contain anything that suggests it must take place a lot later than 20 years on. Lots of Enclave stuff but that's all.
>> No. 20445 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 9:23 pm
20445 spacer

I mean, the enclave existed pre-war, by any other name. The vaults were funded by the government, after all. They were ready to go the second the bombs hit.
>> No. 20446 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 9:25 pm
20446 spacer
I never played the game. I don't know what you are talking about.
>> No. 20447 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 9:26 pm
20447 spacer

I didn't mean to imply that the Enclave's presence suggests anything about the timeframe of the game, rather that the only notable thing in the video is a lot of Enclave tech. And Boston, apparently.
>> No. 20448 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 9:36 pm
20448 spacer


Fallout 3 did some weird dream sequence stuff that was set pre-war, so it's entirely plausible that Fallout 4 could explore the pre-war world in some way.

Fallout 3 is one of my all-time favourite games and I am quietly optimistic for the sequel. The plot was absolutely fantastic, but above all the game world was a really interesting and immersive place to be. I loved just wandering off and exploring. For me, it was the little details rather than the big setpieces that made it so compelling. Even an abandoned building felt real and lived in, rather than just a backdrop for some shooty action. That's a really stark contrast to many modern first-person games that are completely on rails and offer no real opportunity to explore on your own terms.

To be honest, I'd be perfectly happy if Fallout 4 was just more of the same. New Vegas was basically an expansion pack, but it was still an absolute hoot. I don't care about spiffy new graphics or a load of new guns to play with, I just want to learn more about the origins Brotherhood of Steel, about what caused the war, about the politics of the New California Republic. I want to wander through the streets, I want to head off over the horizon and stumble across some strange industrial complex, I want to hear the strange chatter coming over the radio.

That's the stuff that has always excited me about gaming - the opportunity to explore and engage with a world that someone dreamed up, to be in a place that was once a doodle on a scrap of paper. My fondest gaming memories are things like Full Throttle and Beneath a Steel Sky, the quirky little adventures that had a personality and a voice. If Bethesda have spent all their money on writers and artists rather than engine programmers, then more power to them.
>> No. 20449 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 9:41 pm
20449 spacer

There was a building off in a corner of the map, named the Dunwich Building I think. It was basically the only sizable structure in a very remote location that just happened to be swarming with Death Claws, the only problem was it was dark as buggery and full of feral Ghouls. Probably my favourite part of the whole game was stumbling upon that.

Equally they had to retcon the ending because it made no sense to anyone who'd been awake for the last 80 or so hours of gameplay.
>> No. 20450 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 9:48 pm
20450 spacer
>generation Michael Bay?
You're talking about Bethesda's Fallout here, ladchapm8.
>> No. 20451 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 10:12 pm
20451 spacer

A perfect example of the love and care that went into Fallout 3. They wrote a whole backstory for that building at the arse-end of nowhere, a little Lovecraftian mystery just for the hell of it, a prize for those who want to explore every inch of the game world.
>> No. 20452 Anonymous
3rd June 2015
Wednesday 10:37 pm
20452 spacer
If you play the Point Lookout DLC, theres a mission which ads more to the Dunwich building story, requiring a return to it.
>> No. 20453 Anonymous
4th June 2015
Thursday 1:08 am
20453 spacer
I thought 3 and NV were alright. Buggy as fuck, frequently jarringly ugly, and consequently demanded quite a lot of forgiveness and mental buy-in on the part of the player, but they had a real sense of place to them if nothing else. If they could make the same kind of game, but one that actually worked properly this time, I'd be sorted.

I really don't give a shit that the protagonist's hand looks a bit shoddy in an early trailer. They haven't even announced a release date yet for fuck's sake, I'm pretty sure they can fix a hand between now and then. I'm less pleased at the potential loss of the "silent protagonist", but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, they've earned that much.
>> No. 20454 Anonymous
4th June 2015
Thursday 11:24 am
20454 spacer
I feel like I was cheated by Fallout 3 because I probably explored like 40% of the Capital Wasteland. I didn't know the Republic of Dave existed, for instance. I only found out about all the crap I missed going through the wiki. I guess I was too eager to finish the story. I'll have to replay it someday.
>> No. 20455 Anonymous
4th June 2015
Thursday 7:38 pm
20455 spacer
>I feel like I was cheated by Fallout 3 because I probably explored like 40% of the Capital Wasteland

You're only cheating yourself lad.
>> No. 20456 Anonymous
4th June 2015
Thursday 10:16 pm
20456 spacer
How has FO3 aged? I'm debating whether to get it and/or New Vegas in this weekend's steam sale. I've not played many RPGs but I'm a fan of open-world games in general, by which I mean games like GTA, Just Cause and Far Cry.

Also, will I have a chance of running it on Win 8.1 given it was designed for Vista/XP?
>> No. 20457 Anonymous
4th June 2015
Thursday 10:39 pm
20457 spacer

FO3/NV are still pretty good. I prefer New Vegas's add ons and factions, but the atmosphere FO3 has and how it makes you feel is unbeatable.
>> No. 20458 Anonymous
4th June 2015
Thursday 10:57 pm
20458 spacer
It took me a few tries to get into FO3, you have to meet the game half way as it has a lot of flaws and imperfections. If you've ever played Oblivion then FO3 will feel very familiar in design.

I played it vanilla but I've since seen people recommend this mod, apparently it fixes a lot of the broken stuff:
>> No. 20459 Anonymous
4th June 2015
Thursday 11:26 pm
20459 spacer

NV is good. Skip 3.

Spoilers of FO3 in the image but the game is a poor effort really. NV is the game it should have been.
>> No. 20460 Anonymous
4th June 2015
Thursday 11:34 pm
20460 spacer
If you ignore the plot, fallout 3 is a much better game to play and explore. The side missions more than make up for the silly quest.
>> No. 20461 Anonymous
4th June 2015
Thursday 11:39 pm
20461 spacer

As much as I like New Vegas, it is 3 quarters of a game at best. Time constraints and Bethesda almost deliberately, it seemed, pressuring Obsidian held it back.
>> No. 20462 Anonymous
4th June 2015
Thursday 11:40 pm
20462 spacer
I think it speaks wonders of 3 that I still get chills from all the music. As the first proper 3D fallout game (and having never played 1 or 2) 3 just really took my breath away, the style and the atmosphere were just so bleak and yet cheerful. It's not a perfect game but my god its special. NV took the fun too far in a away, I found everything a little too goofy. 3 had its goof but also its serious side which I think was lost in NV. The legion and the casinos and all that was just a bit daft.
>> No. 20463 Anonymous
5th June 2015
Friday 12:52 am
20463 spacer

>The legion and the casinos and all that was just a bit daft.

I disagree. For a real-world example of the former, look at Polynesian cargo cults. There are a group of tribesmen in Vanuatu who worship Prince Philip as a god. I imagine that all sorts of weird belief systems would start after the apocalypse, based on half-remembered stories and old books taken out of context.

For the latter, I think you underestimate the power of vice. Once a man is reasonably secure in his ability to survive, the first things on his mind are booze, tarts and something to gamble on. Bearing in mind that the NCR has a stable economy with mass employment and a functioning transport network, I don't think it at all implausible that someone would revive Las Vegas from the ashes. The story about Mr House winning Vault 21 in a card game is a bit silly, I'll grant you that.
>> No. 20464 Anonymous
5th June 2015
Friday 11:23 am
20464 spacer
Fair points, but I think >>20462 is essentially correct: NV is much sillier in general than 3. It also holds together much better as a game, in my opinion (it certainly didn't feel like "three quarters of a game" to me), but that's besides the point.

I'd not seen that before, it's quite amusing, thanks.
>> No. 20465 Anonymous
5th June 2015
Friday 11:49 am
20465 spacer
My main gripe with NV was going through about 8 loading screens to get from one building in the city to another.

I replayed Fallout 2 a few weeks ago and New Reno did a better job of capturing the squalor and sleaze. NV just seems a bit empty.
>> No. 20466 Anonymous
5th June 2015
Friday 12:04 pm
20466 spacer
Playing NV on a console must be an absolute shitshow with all the loading screens, they put me off the PS3 version of FO3 back in the day. When I replayed the games last year on a PC with an SSD I barely noticed the loading screens.
>> No. 20467 Anonymous
5th June 2015
Friday 1:03 pm
20467 spacer
>NV is much sillier in general than 3
One had Optimus Prime, people who decided to become vampires not because they lacked food but just because, "Garyyyy", the Republic of Dave and a location where two men would dress up as superheroes (one was Ant Man) and terrorise the village. The other included gambling and a brutal dictatorship based on slavery.
>> No. 20468 Anonymous
5th June 2015
Friday 1:03 pm
20468 spacer
I say I was cheated because the game gave me no reason to explore. There was always securing the safety of Liam Neeson and bringing safe water to the Wasteland to worry about - I had no intention of shirking those duties.
>> No. 20469 Anonymous
5th June 2015
Friday 2:01 pm
20469 spacer
Rather than waste any more of our time, let's just pretend that in response I also cherry picked a few examples to fit my argument and then we agreed to disagree, eh?
>> No. 20470 Anonymous
5th June 2015
Friday 2:59 pm
20470 spacer

Exactly. I mean, New Vegas had a believable and likeable gay character and no one even fucking realised. That is truly jumping the shark.
>> No. 20471 Anonymous
5th June 2015
Friday 3:53 pm
20471 spacer
I just hope Obsidian gets to do the next Fallout game. Bethesda are terrible at all the things that really matter in a Fallout game: intriguing choices and consequences, interesting characters, and well-written quests.

I had fun with F3, but New Vegas was an absolute masterpiece and I found it to be a far worthier successor to the first two games than F3 was.
>> No. 20472 Anonymous
5th June 2015
Friday 8:14 pm
20472 spacer

Obsidian didn't get the time to finish it though and there is no reason to suspect they'd ever work for Bethesda on a Fallout title over again after them not getting paid for New Vegas because the game got a 84 on metacritic instead of 85.

The Legion felt tacked on, because they were essentially tacked. There was a whole Legion area planned which had to be scrapped with side quests and a fleshed out view of what it was like to live in/under the Legion.
>> No. 20473 Anonymous
5th June 2015
Friday 8:55 pm
20473 spacer
>There was a whole Legion area planned which had to be scrapped with side quests and a fleshed out view of what it was like to live in/under the Legion.
I'm sure they could re-work it into 'ISIS quest'.
>> No. 20481 Anonymous
11th June 2015
Thursday 1:56 pm
20481 spacer
I hope they've hired some animators this time.
>> No. 20494 Anonymous
15th June 2015
Monday 4:29 pm
20494 spacer
So I bought both the GOTY/full DLC versions of Fallout 3 and NV whilst drunk last weekend. Started on 3, and straight off it's remarkable how they can fit so much into 10GB - that's smaller than TF2! Despite both the game itself and Geforce experience advising to run with everything maxed out I've found it to be considerably smoother on High settings. If I knew more I could probably tweak things in greater depth but as long as it's smooth I'm not too bothered.

Took me a while to get into the swing of things but I'm getting the feeling that I'm going to spend a lot of time finding places to explore. Besides, any game that lets you fire miniature nukes at super mutants has to be worth playing.
>> No. 20500 Anonymous
15th June 2015
Monday 8:41 pm
20500 spacer


Fallout 4 gameplay from E3 today. Few gimicky features like the tablet app and the gameplay (or at least what they've shown) seems more action-focussed. The weapon upgrade system looks good though and I can see a tower-defense style gamemode working within Fallout despite the cliche.
>> No. 20501 Anonymous
15th June 2015
Monday 8:42 pm
20501 spacer
The start from x feature doesn't seem to work, so skip to 1:10:50 for the start of F4 gameplay.
>> No. 20502 Anonymous
15th June 2015
Monday 10:51 pm
20502 spacer
Destiny has an app that's genuinely useful but then Destiny plays quite differently to how Fallout 4 will. In addition some of the problems it solves only exist due to poor structuring in the first place.
>> No. 20503 Anonymous
16th June 2015
Tuesday 12:08 am
20503 spacer
I'm wondering whether to play it on PC or Xbox. I haven't watched the E3 demo yet, but I have a feeling the development might be geared more towards console this time around. But on the other hand it's a Bethesda game, so it might be wiser to go for PC so the community can fix it.
>> No. 20504 Anonymous
16th June 2015
Tuesday 12:25 pm
20504 spacer
I hate the audiences during these things. "Yes, we have a layered armour system now."


American nerds are the worst.
>> No. 20515 Anonymous
16th June 2015
Tuesday 7:48 pm
20515 spacer
So not only do you somehow survive a nuclear blast without becoming a ghoul, your pet robot wandsworth codsworth both hasn't been destroyed by the EMP blast and still has fuel 200 years later? I know fallout games aren't exactly meant to be realistic but this just seems paper-thin.
>> No. 20517 Anonymous
16th June 2015
Tuesday 10:37 pm
20517 spacer
Calling it now: it's all a simulation a la Vault whatever it was in FO3 wiv em go-back-in-time fings.
>> No. 20518 Anonymous
16th June 2015
Tuesday 11:56 pm
20518 spacer

>codsworth both hasn't been destroyed by the EMP blast and still has fuel 200 years later?

The thermionic valves, CRTs and ferrite core memory used in the technology of the Fallout universe are inherently EMP resistant. Mister Handy robots are powered by a small nuclear generator and are capable of maintaining themselves and other robots, so could plausibly run for centuries without human interference.

The Fallout universe is eccentric, but it is internally consistent.

>> No. 20524 Anonymous
17th June 2015
Wednesday 2:02 pm
20524 spacer
Survive a nuclear blast? The detonation was clearly miles away. In Fallout 3 you can detonate the Megaton bomb while standing a similar distance away and nothing happens to you then either.
>> No. 20531 Anonymous
17th June 2015
Wednesday 4:34 pm
20531 spacer
I'm sure they'll have some explanation for all that, it is science fiction after all.

Also, nukes only kill 100% of people within a pretty short blast radius. This is worth a butchers: http://www.nuclearsecrecy.com/nukemap/
>> No. 20532 Anonymous
17th June 2015
Wednesday 4:37 pm
20532 spacer

There have always been tons of pre-war robots lying around in Fallout. The Glow is filled with working robots and that suffered a direct nuclear strike.
>> No. 20566 Anonymous
20th June 2015
Saturday 1:44 pm
20566 spacer
I don't understand the excitement over settlement building. Might as well have called it 'The Sims: Fallout Edition'
>> No. 20567 Anonymous
20th June 2015
Saturday 1:59 pm
20567 spacer
Well I don't understand why many gamers are so set in their ways to not allow Bethesda to take Fallout in the direction they want.

All the same elements are there, venturing out to explore an irradiated wasteland, except now you can return to your own custom, thriving little town(s). Or not. If you're not interested in that aspect of the gameplay I'm sure you need give it no more than a cursory glance.
>> No. 20568 Anonymous
20th June 2015
Saturday 2:17 pm
20568 spacer

In 3, you become some sort of faux-messiah that could have easily got enough people to join him in a new settlement so I think it could be good.

It always annoyed me that you couldn't repopulate Arefu in 3 and that so many of the settlements were pretty bare and still shitholes when the people could have easily tidied them up and that Minefield wasn't populated. Investing in the Caravans was pointless as they all died before you were half way through the game.
>> No. 20569 Anonymous
20th June 2015
Saturday 2:18 pm
20569 spacer

There is a very doable theory going around that it will turn out that you're a replicant, the vault you were in was an experiment. Your memories of a former life are either a fabrication or someone else's, you're actually just a machine. This has precedent from previous titles.
>> No. 20570 Anonymous
20th June 2015
Saturday 2:23 pm
20570 spacer

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 20572 Anonymous
20th June 2015
Saturday 6:10 pm
20572 spacer
That's something that really annoys me about the Fallout universe. It's been 200 years, why has no-one even made an attempt to clean up? The only place that's clean is the inner New Vegas strip, but as soon a you step outside those gates it's all nasty and messy. Freeside and NV are supposed to be some bustling settlement yet no-one can even be arsed to clear the roads or fix the buildings? It makes no sense to me.
>> No. 20573 Anonymous
20th June 2015
Saturday 7:41 pm
20573 spacer
Thats.. a bloody good theory.
>> No. 20574 Anonymous
20th June 2015
Saturday 8:17 pm
20574 spacer

Isn't Boston where the USA gets most of it's robot type tech from as well? If so I'm convinced.

Thanks for saving me £40.
>> No. 20575 Anonymous
20th June 2015
Saturday 8:21 pm
20575 spacer

Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
>> No. 20576 Anonymous
20th June 2015
Saturday 10:28 pm
20576 spacer
Of course. Man I hope the plot hasn't just been ruined. This is all we know about the Commonwealth - that it's where androids come from and it's possible for them to think they're human.

I dunno, I feel like if you were a robot, there would be some gameplay inconsistencies they'd have to explain. How do stimpacks heal you? How do you contract radiation sickness or addiction? Wouldn't you suffer major damage from pulse grenades? The whole game wouldn't make any sense.
>> No. 20577 Anonymous
20th June 2015
Saturday 10:49 pm
20577 spacer
How do Stimpaks heal you normally? As far as I know, you can't just inject medicine into, say, a whole chunk of missing body and have it instantly and seamlessly regenerate.
>> No. 20578 Anonymous
20th June 2015
Saturday 11:18 pm
20578 spacer

Have you seen what underdeveloped countries look like? It takes a shitload of organisation to maintain a tidy living environment.
>> No. 20579 Anonymous
21st June 2015
Sunday 12:13 am
20579 spacer
Unless stimpaks were based on nanotechnology, which doesn't exist in Fallout as far as I'm aware, there's no way it could possibly heal a robot, regardless of precisely how it heals a human.
>> No. 20580 Anonymous
21st June 2015
Sunday 2:05 am
20580 spacer

They've never really explained how androids work in Fallout. All we know is they look fully human. It's entirely possible they have organic bits. And like the one in Rivet City in 3, he didn't know he was an android. Maybe his brain tells him he's rad-sick or hungry or addicted to psycho to maintain the illusion he's human?

I feel like the "you're an android m8" plot is too obvious though. It was my first thought when they leaked the Boston stuff years back.

And stimpacks can heal broken bones instantly so who knows how they work.
>> No. 20584 Anonymous
21st June 2015
Sunday 2:20 am
20584 spacer
These are not my predictions, but I wouldn't bet against a single one of them:

- You 'awaken' from cryogenic sleep.
- Everyone else in your vault is dedzo
- You wander into a nearby town and see flashbacks of the prewar days (implying that Bethesda won't reuse those assets from the trailer lol)
- You go to Boston because why not
- Major factions in Boston are The Institute, The Railroad and Brotherhood of Steel
- Main plot will revolve around androids and androids rights
- Through some contrivance related to your androidness you will have to determine the fate of all androids something like the following:
[Good] Release all the androids to be totally free forever +1000 karma
[Evil] Enslave all the other androids and hand them over to either The Institute or The Brotherhood (slaves for the first, soldiers for the second) -1000 karma
[Todd] Destroy all the other androids!!!!

Possible that this fate will be determined by plugging your android brain into a giant transmitter that people are fighting over or something.


- Scene where you find the skeletal remains of the non-android version of you that your current android self is based on. Your dog will walk up to the skeleton and sniff at it and whine as sad music plays.

Fourth time I've submitted this fucking post.
>> No. 20585 Anonymous
21st June 2015
Sunday 2:29 am
20585 spacer
Unless the androids are programmed to think that they're dead once they sustain a certain amount of stress. That would be mega hackneyed, stupid writing, but video game people are capable of that sort of thing. See >>20459
>> No. 20586 Anonymous
21st June 2015
Sunday 2:36 am
20586 spacer
>It's entirely possible they have organic bits.

Can anyone tell us what happens when you kill one of them in F3? Don't they just gib like a regular character? The only video I can find is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2Z5s6U0hBo (
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2Z5s6U0hBo ) in which you can see blood poofing out of an android.
>> No. 20587 Anonymous
21st June 2015
Sunday 2:39 am
20587 spacer
Did you see the stuff from E3 lad?
>> No. 20588 Anonymous
21st June 2015
Sunday 3:06 am
20588 spacer

This feels depressingly accurate.
>> No. 20589 Anonymous
21st June 2015
Sunday 11:07 am
20589 spacer

Yeah, all I took from that was the focus on customising equipment and building your own outpost, which I don't believe they'll be able to implement well at all.
>> No. 20590 Anonymous
21st June 2015
Sunday 12:17 pm
20590 spacer
The fallout universe has advanced biotechnology, which may be responsible for more mutations than the radiation. That's the only explanation for stimpaks. After all, super mutants have advanced regenerative abilities, and they're genetically engineered.
>> No. 20591 Anonymous
21st June 2015
Sunday 6:42 pm
20591 spacer
Forget the minutae for a second, I'm just saying that I don't think I can suspend my disbelief that in this game you play an android instead of a human, and every single gameplay mechanic works exactly the same way. If they do this, there would either be something that gives the game away, or something that doesn't make sense.
>> No. 20615 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 8:04 pm
20615 spacer

There's that chap in Rivet City from Fallout 3 who is an android and doesn't know he is one because he had his memory wiped. It's plausible within the internal logic of the universe- Presumably these androids are more like synthetics from Alien, with some type of fake blood and such rather than Terminator skeleton robots.

I mean it sounds like a pretty daft and, by now, overly cliched idea for a story, and while Bethesda hardly create Shakespearian tales they aren't total hacks either, so I'm prepared to dismiss it based on that alone. But it wouldn't be implausible.


I never played Hearthfire for Skyrim, but I'm imagining it's pretty much going to be that.
>> No. 20626 Anonymous
24th June 2015
Wednesday 12:57 am
20626 spacer
Er, yeah, I am saying this with acknowledgement of what we already know about Fallout androids. They're synthetic, perfect replicants with fake blood and skin, as Zimmer elucidated. The point is, however, that no matter how good the copy is, it still won't be human, won't be organic. And there will be something along the lines of gameplay mechanics already mentioned that won't make sense with an android protagonist.
>> No. 20644 Anonymous
26th June 2015
Friday 1:11 pm
20644 spacer
So on a sillier note, someone spent the last seven and a half years saving up (real-world) bottle caps, and then sent them to Bethesda.


>> No. 20646 Anonymous
26th June 2015
Friday 1:21 pm
20646 spacer
Good stuff. Could only have been better if he had hand-painted each one with the Nuka Cola logo.

>he would be running my caps over to deposit them at the People's Bank of Point Lookout.
He should make sure he doesn't ask for the voice-activated deposit box.
>> No. 20657 Anonymous
27th June 2015
Saturday 11:21 am
20657 spacer
So payday finally came around and Game have run out of PC Pip Boy Editions. What the fuck do I do, lads?
>> No. 20658 Anonymous
27th June 2015
Saturday 11:36 am
20658 spacer

Err, don't pre-order it, you gigantic goob?
>> No. 20659 Anonymous
27th June 2015
Saturday 12:43 pm
20659 spacer
Are you trolling lad? The idea that someone thinks Fallout 3 was less silly than New Vegas is filling me with pseudo-Lovecraftian horrors about the unknowable depths of the nature of my fellow man.
>> No. 20660 Anonymous
27th June 2015
Saturday 2:46 pm
20660 spacer

The Collector's Edition is being produced in very limited numbers, and Bethesda has said that there won't be any more stock available. I think your best chance of getting one will be eBay, but a few shops might have cancelled pre-orders available after launch day.
>> No. 20677 Anonymous
30th June 2015
Tuesday 3:56 am
20677 spacer
Been playing fallout 3 for the first time recently and I had some real issues with performance and controls being unresponsive. Lowering the graphics settings didn't make much difference so I installed a 'stutter remover' mod (http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/8886/?) - the difference is night and day. Just make sure to change the max frame rate to 60 or so in its .ini file.

Does New Vegas have similar issues on PC or is it better optimised for modern versions of Windows?
>> No. 20678 Anonymous
30th June 2015
Tuesday 4:11 am
20678 spacer
I haven't had any problems playing it at 2560x1440 on Windows 8.1.
>> No. 20683 Anonymous
30th June 2015
Tuesday 1:05 pm
20683 spacer

Is the Collector's Edition the one that comes with that gigantic plastic toy monstrosity?

Whilst Bethesda are far from industry leaders in abhorrent twattery, it is only 2 months since they attempted to monetise mods for Skyrim. Have a little sense, will you, and don't spaff several tens of pounds on a silly gimmick for a game you don't really know anything about, that's been developed by a company that figured a fiver for the "Wet & Cold" mod sounded reasonable.
>> No. 20691 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 2:24 am
20691 spacer
You mean New Vegas or FO3?
>> No. 20692 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 4:19 am
20692 spacer

Not him, but I played them both on a HD 6850/i5 2500 rig at 1440p and they ran smoothly without any tweaking. Maybe there are compatibility issues, maybe I'm just not fussy enough to notice minor stutter, maybe >>20677 is running a badly underpowered rig.
>> No. 20768 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 12:39 am
20768 spacer
Finished my replay of Fallout 3 today, explored all the wasteland and all the DLC. I finished with The Pitt, and I think it's the best of them because of the relatively tough moral choice it forces on you. When I discovered the truth about what I was expected to do, I found the idea abhorrent and sided with Ashur. Listening to his diaries made the decision easier, as it revealed him as an 'ends justify the means' kind of guy, rather than an evil slaver. Still, my decision resulted in the status quo persisting despite all the nightmarish things I had witnessed, which made me pretty uncomfortable. So, good job for once, Bethesda.
>> No. 20769 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 11:23 am
20769 spacer
The Pitt had this horrible linear feel to it, and the environment was very restrictive and characters generally shit.

Point Lookout was much better, it made more sense and had a really nice feel to it, the mutant rednecks and the weird wildlife was original and fun.

The problem with FO3 and NV is that everything gets very samey, you beeline to get really good in one stat, usually INT, and then kill/steal/buy for the best weapons.
>> No. 20770 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 12:14 pm
20770 spacer
Point Lookout is certainly less linear and if you prefer that gameplay then it would be the better add-on. But as far as I'm concerned The Pitt had the best plot of any quest in the game, purely because of the moral ambiguity. Point Lookout was a fight between two centuries-old supervillains one of whom is a brain in a jar, for fuck's sake.
>> No. 20771 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 12:18 pm
20771 spacer
In fact, I'd say what really made it great is that it's 24 hours later and I'm still thinking about it. What I did, whether it was right, what other players did, what would happen next. Point Lookout on the other hand was forgotten as soon I got off the ferry back to DC.
>> No. 20772 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 12:21 pm
20772 spacer

I always went for a game-breaking stealth approach. By the time I did the DLC that gives you Chinese stealth armour and the shocksword, I could just crouch, walk up to an enemy, and hit them once to watch them turn into a pile of ash.
>> No. 20773 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 1:24 pm
20773 spacer
Does there exist a person who didn't do Guns and Repair on the first playthrough and realise it was a mistake 15 hours in and restart?
>> No. 20774 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 1:26 pm
20774 spacer
Christ, I remember that horribly OP suit of armour. It's fun, but it becomes routine in dispatching enemies.
>> No. 20775 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 2:48 pm
20775 spacer
I'm pretty glad I got the GOTY edition of FO3 with the Broken Steel DLC, from what I hear The game just ends leaving you unable to explore the wasteland or do any more quests after you get the purifier up and running without it, fuck that for a laugh.
>> No. 20776 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 3:32 pm
20776 spacer
Well yeah, because that's the end of the game. Games traditionally have endings. Fallout 1 and 2 had endings.

For my money it was actually a pretty poignant ending, and Broken Steel made it anticlimactic.
>> No. 20777 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 6:24 pm
20777 spacer
>made it anticlimactic
It's sort of an intractable problem with open-world games though, isn't it? They can end abruptly like the original FO3, with a bunch of stuff you didn't get to see, or they can do the Skyrim thing where you SAVE THE WORLD and then go back to the world and nobody gives a shit, they're all still talking about crabs or asking you to fetch them a moose pelt or some other mundane nonsense. Open worlds represent freedom and endings are anathema to that, I don't know how you could ever satisfyingly reconcile the two.

(I can't really remember much about FO3's ending, it didn't leave an impression on me.)
>> No. 20779 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 7:48 pm
20779 spacer

E-e-e-excuse me, Nerevarine!
>> No. 20780 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 9:01 pm
20780 spacer
Having an ending like that just feels odd in a game like FO3 where exploring the game world and completing side quests is the majority of the fun. The main quest, whilst enjoyable, is so small compared to the rest of the game that it feels almost like a glorified tutorial to me - even including travelling between locations and completing side quests you find in these places you barely cover a third of the map.

To be fair I've not played a lot of RPGs so maybe this is the standard in that genre but of the open-world games I've played I've never seen one arbitrarily make you stop playing/reload a save just because I had the audacity to complete one of the many threads it has to offer. Even Far Cry 3 lets you stay on the island to explore, despite that making literally no sense in the context of one of the ending choices i.e you leaving the island.
>> No. 20781 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 10:03 pm
20781 spacer

It's not that, they had to retcon the entire final sequence because it made no sense. Your character has to get dosed to fuck by radiation, or ask the BoS Lyons lady to do it, despite the fact there's a bunch of people you could ask to do it who wouldn't suffer any side effects.


"Have got to the cloud district lately? Oh, no, what am I saying, of course you haven't."
>> No. 20782 Anonymous
9th July 2015
Thursday 3:20 pm
20782 spacer
That did bug me actually. So I had a separate save where I could be nobody, do whatever the fuck I want and act like a cunt in suitable situations.
>> No. 21044 Anonymous
23rd October 2015
Friday 4:46 pm
21044 spacer

If you care for leaks, Abandon ship now.
>> No. 21045 Anonymous
23rd October 2015
Friday 5:06 pm
21045 spacer
>They can end abruptly like the original FO3, with a bunch of stuff you didn't get to see
>or go back to the world and nobody gives a shit, they're all still talking about crabs or asking you to fetch them a moose pelt or some other mundane nonsense

But the bunch of stuff you didn't get to see is people talking about crabs and other mundane nonsense.
I suppose they could end it with an incredibly dull, never ending mini-game after you become the ultimate leader where you have to micromanage the entire world's trade routes and settle tedious disputes.
>> No. 21056 Anonymous
3rd November 2015
Tuesday 5:35 pm
21056 spacer
Screenshots leaking everywhere.
Info about the game too.
>> No. 21057 Anonymous
3rd November 2015
Tuesday 5:38 pm
21057 spacer
I've seen a few videos, and it looks a lot like the first KOTOR and not in a good way.

I don't understand how this can look worse than Skyrim, albeit modded. No confirmed PC screens yet though, it's all been console leaks.
>> No. 21058 Anonymous
4th November 2015
Wednesday 2:57 pm
21058 spacer
It will probably be amazing, but why did they seemingly remove the single feature that made the game amazing, the dialogue options?

I'm not a fan of this basic 'happy/sad/unsure' type simplistic answers. It takes away the charm of the game.
>> No. 21059 Anonymous
4th November 2015
Wednesday 3:13 pm
21059 spacer

fallout 4 dialogue 2.jpg

Reading dialogue and thinking about what you're going to say to NPCs gets in the way of shooting mutants and blowing shit up.
>> No. 21060 Anonymous
4th November 2015
Wednesday 3:22 pm
21060 spacer

That's great, but does the expansion of the franchise to 12 year olds really prove that lucrative when the traditional base stop buying it when they realise how shallow and in need of depth it is?
>> No. 21061 Anonymous
4th November 2015
Wednesday 3:25 pm
21061 spacer
Bethesda have been making the same game since Morrowind. It was a great game at first, and was groundbreaking for what could be achieved in an open world. But they haven't moved on from it, and open worlds have, especially post-Oblivion. It is no longer impressive.

I mean, fucking hell, CD Projekt have gone from a barely known translation studio to the forefront of game design in the past 10 years. Not only are Bethesda about to release a game that, despite their enormous relative advantages, looks like garbage compared to CDPR's output, they're about to release a game that looks worse than a game they release four years ago, and doesn't appear to play much differently to a game they released seven years ago.

But maybe Bethesda's storytelling expertise will make up for these shortcom-ahahaha
>> No. 21062 Anonymous
4th November 2015
Wednesday 3:28 pm
21062 spacer
Was the expansion of the franchise to 12 year olds lucrative when the traditional base on NMA was throwing a shifit about how they wouldn't buy FO3? Oh wait, yeah, it was. Massively.
>> No. 21063 Anonymous
4th November 2015
Wednesday 3:33 pm
21063 spacer
I genuinely wanted to know. I can't see this sticking.
>> No. 21064 Anonymous
4th November 2015
Wednesday 3:43 pm
21064 spacer
I think you're overestimating how much people give a shit about dialogue systems, and also conflating streamlining and simplification. The fact that response have been changed to button prompts with truncated descriptions instead of a massive box taking up half the screen does not necessarily imply that the dialogue will itself be simplified.
>> No. 21065 Anonymous
4th November 2015
Wednesday 3:48 pm
21065 spacer
That's fair enough but I do believe there was a quality to being able to see what exactly would be said (particularly depending on bartering and speech skills) and seeing said truncated options and hoping it sounds okay.

Maybe I just found too much fun in the witty dialogues and LA Noire is haunting my perspective.

'I'll press X to doubt because I won't call him an outright liar' turned into 'You fucking liar, I don't believe you at all, what are you hiding?'
>> No. 21066 Anonymous
4th November 2015
Wednesday 3:50 pm
21066 spacer

You've missed the point. You don't know what you're going to say until you say it. They've forgotten this is an RPG.

Also, casual consumers care about graphics and this looks no better than New New Vegas did at launch. I've seen flat static meshes in place of actual structures in this game.
>> No. 21067 Anonymous
4th November 2015
Wednesday 4:00 pm
21067 spacer
Unless you're the world's most autistic man, you should be able to work out the difference between "Go on" and "Not interested" without needing any further cues.

You didn't know exactly what you were going to say in Mass Effect or The Witcher, that didn't detract from how the well done dialogue could be.
>> No. 21068 Anonymous
4th November 2015
Wednesday 4:05 pm
21068 spacer

You don't really "create" a character in those games. They're already fleshed out characters with back stories.

Autism has nothing to do with it, it's about player agency and choice.
>> No. 21069 Anonymous
4th November 2015
Wednesday 4:56 pm
21069 spacer
The traditional base stopped buying it after it went from a CRPG into a mediocre FPS with shallow RPG elements. Now the dumb babies who loved FO3 are crying about FO4 being for dumb babies, how wonderful.
>> No. 21070 Anonymous
4th November 2015
Wednesday 4:56 pm
21070 spacer
Funny, as I recall it Mass Effect had a character creator and let you choose from multiple different backstories.

This system is different, that's the extent of it. It isn't any more shallow than the previous games' systems. If anything is a testament to the fact that spelling out exactly what you're going to say does not necessarily lead to a compelling or in-depth dialogue system, it's the godawful dialogue of FO3.
>> No. 21071 Anonymous
4th November 2015
Wednesday 4:58 pm
21071 spacer
First as tragedy, then as farce.
>> No. 21072 Anonymous
4th November 2015
Wednesday 5:02 pm
21072 spacer
Yeah but in FO3 you could imagine your own backstory, as long as that backstory involved being born in the city, having your mum die, being smuggled into Vault 101 as a baby, being bullied by Tunnel Snakes, being friends with that Indian bird, and not leaving the Vault until the age of 19 when your dad escapes and you get banished.

Lots of flexibility there, which FO4 has totally ruined, am I right?
>> No. 21073 Anonymous
4th November 2015
Wednesday 6:27 pm
21073 spacer
Any news on how the stealth, karma, and faction systems work now?
>> No. 21074 Anonymous
4th November 2015
Wednesday 6:29 pm
21074 spacer
Calm it mate, some people like the expanded dialogue options, are you always so angry?
>> No. 21075 Anonymous
4th November 2015
Wednesday 8:29 pm
21075 spacer
"“A lot of people say that Aaron [Staton, who played Phelps] goes a little bit psycho with some of the questions you ask in the game. When we originally wrote it, the questions you asked were Coax, Force and Lie. So Force was a more aggressive answer, and that’s where we actually recorded it…But when the game came out, it was Truth, Doubt and Lie, so everyone says that Aaron on the second question goes psycho, but that’s just the way we wrote it from before.”"
>> No. 21077 Anonymous
4th November 2015
Wednesday 10:40 pm
21077 spacer
Wow, interesting. Thanks lad.

What a terrible way to release a game.
>> No. 21078 Anonymous
4th November 2015
Wednesday 10:51 pm
21078 spacer
But... Why wouldn't they just keep the original descriptions of the responses?

L.A. Noire was such a near miss.
>> No. 21080 Anonymous
5th November 2015
Thursday 12:04 am
21080 spacer

I thought there would be more to LA Noire than there was, I felt no urge to explore at all. There was never any downtime, you were always on the way to somewhere.
>> No. 21081 Anonymous
5th November 2015
Thursday 12:45 am
21081 spacer
I thought the interrogations would be a lot more complex, the reading of facial cues, etc. But they turned out to be really easy, like in a pattern. Funny though.

>> No. 21082 Anonymous
5th November 2015
Thursday 1:11 am
21082 spacer
This really doesn't look like a game I'd expect to be released in 2015.

Furthermore, the PC specs are redonkulous.

8GB of RAM minimum, with an i7 recommended. There is no way it's that CPU heavy otherwise consoles couldn't run it. Same with GPUs. The minimum is well above the PS4 equivalent card, never mind the Xbox.

Why is it so badly optimised? I think they've ported the console version, added post processing effects and some better textures here and there, obligatory LoD increases, etc, and called it a day, because the way the consoles use and allocate RAM is slightly different and I don't think they know how/can't be arsed to optimise it for PC.

Arkham Knight was the same. It wont run stable on a machine with less than 12GB of RAM no matter your GPU. It just wont. That's on a version of Unreal engine which has been mastered years ago. Devs need to start doing PC builds properly or Steam Refunds is going to cock nuke their respective ring pieces.
>> No. 21083 Anonymous
5th November 2015
Thursday 1:24 am
21083 spacer
That and the fact they're using Nvidia Gameworks... it's not looking good is it.
>> No. 21084 Anonymous
5th November 2015
Thursday 2:15 am
21084 spacer
I was able to run Arkham Knight just fine on an i5 4670k, 970, and 8gb of ram.
>> No. 21085 Anonymous
5th November 2015
Thursday 2:15 am
21085 spacer

>Nvidia Gameworks

God fucking damn it. When will this end? Now I have no regrets at all in not bothering, and I own an Nvidia GPU. Gameworks with its recent form is a game killer for a Dev like Beth and an engine as buggy as Gamebryo. It wont be fixed for months if at all, AMD will have to patch Nvidia's tessellation sabotage and it will be broken as shit at launch.

10/10 GOTY - IGN.
>> No. 21086 Anonymous
5th November 2015
Thursday 2:22 am
21086 spacer

Lots of people have managed to play it fine it's weird, but define "just fine", because the game is still suffering from memory leakage problems which WB have advised would be resolved by having 12GB or more RAM (Oh yes, no mention of fixing it. "Upgrade, plebs!") and framebuffer issues which can only be resolved by quitting the game and starting a new session.

It's hilariously broken and the latest patch actually made it worse for a lot of people to the point where they are offering a refund to anyone who bought the game, regardless of hours played, for the next few weeks. I'd jump on that if I were you.
>> No. 21087 Anonymous
5th November 2015
Thursday 2:54 am
21087 spacer
Well it was stable, kept a solid frame rate, no crashes etc. I know a bunch of people who had basically the same setup as me who did have problems though. Strange one.

I bought it as an unwanted code off ebay from one of those nvidia free game promotions. Doubt I'm eligible for a refund.
>> No. 21088 Anonymous
5th November 2015
Thursday 12:58 pm
21088 spacer
Be very wary ladchaps. The entire ending and story is out in the wild now.
>> No. 21089 Anonymous
5th November 2015
Thursday 1:03 pm
21089 spacer
I enjoyed L.A Noire, but if you didn't play the complete edition with the DLC cases you actually miss out of some plot points. They literally carved bits out of the vanilla game that then get referenced in missions and you have no idea what the characters are talking about.
>> No. 21092 Anonymous
10th November 2015
Tuesday 8:59 pm
21092 spacer
So, Fallout 4 then.

It's ok, but I'm feeling really weird from my new medication so it's hard to tell. It seems quite like 3/Vegas but with a lot more polish and a lot more colour but not so much of the humour.

Haven't figured out the house/town-building thing yet, if I'm honest. It's a bit confusing.
>> No. 21093 Anonymous
10th November 2015
Tuesday 9:58 pm
21093 spacer
Nicked it. It's shit. I'll wait another 10 months before Bethesda wait for the fans to fix their lazily developed disaster bomb for them.

>> No. 21094 Anonymous
10th November 2015
Tuesday 9:59 pm
21094 spacer
Also I think I'm the lad who posted this, har har, I could work for Bethesda, I'm certainly lazy enough.
>> No. 21095 Anonymous
10th November 2015
Tuesday 10:16 pm
21095 spacer

I've already watched a few let's plays, and I can't fathom how little the original (FO3/NV) gameplay has changed. Still seems like a lot of fun, but I would get bored of the same collecting/xp grinding shit as I did in the previous two.
>> No. 21096 Anonymous
10th November 2015
Tuesday 10:37 pm
21096 spacer
It'd be an OK game if I'd picked it up for £5 or £10 but if you pay £40-50 for this then you are a fecking tool.
>> No. 21097 Anonymous
10th November 2015
Tuesday 10:44 pm
21097 spacer
Things fuck up if you try and play them at 200+fps shocker.
>> No. 21098 Anonymous
10th November 2015
Tuesday 10:47 pm
21098 spacer

er gettting 200+FPS is fairly normal in PC gaming, squire.

And let's not forget the FPS for the PC version of Fallout 4 would be 'uncapped'...

>> No. 21099 Anonymous
10th November 2015
Tuesday 11:00 pm
21099 spacer
So basically in 3 years, just like every other Bethesda game. Their products don't excite me at all any more - it's just "Franchise abc: X" And it alternates every couple of years.

Fuck it, might even fire up FO3 at some point and mod the shit out ofit...
>> No. 21100 Anonymous
10th November 2015
Tuesday 11:01 pm
21100 spacer
I replayed 3 the other week with the unofficial patches. It's OK but I pity the fools who paid full price for it also.
>> No. 21101 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 1:11 am
21101 spacer
Played a few hours. Mechanically it's very similar to 3/NV, but a bit more polished. Graphically, it's very similar to 3/NV, but more colourful and slightly less ugly. Power Armour makes a bit more sense in this, in that anyone can wear it and it enhances your strength (but requires fuel cores to keep it running), rather than it being good armour that you need Strength 8 to wear. You get it a bit too early though - halfway through the second proper mission, if you don't stumble upon it before that.

Base building is fun, reminds me a bit of The Forest/all those other first person survival games. Can see it being tedious though having to build bases for every settlement you acquire, I just focused on building a ziggurat for myself because fuck the other places. Weapon customisation is pretty good, can't do anything wacky with it, but you can add scopes/silencers/stocks etc. Exploration is good, world is more colourful and lush than 3/NV, stumbled upon some fairly interesting quests.

Writing is really really bad. Not just compared to FO/FO2, but compared to FO3 as well. The main character comes across as a smarmy prick, and not a single other character so far has been remotely memorable. There also appears to be no humour. At all. It's jarring just how little humour there is.

Overall it's enjoyable, decently made, but not much of a leap forward from Oblivion/FO3/FONV/Skyrim. And an astounding lack of humour. I reckon it's worth the £40 I paid, but it's not GOTY material even though it will inevitably win dozens of awards.
>> No. 21102 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 1:15 am
21102 spacer

well, technically the framerate isn't limited in any way so they weren't wrong.
>> No. 21103 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 1:18 am
21103 spacer

What way would you have expected the gameplay to change? From all I've seen they're changed the game from an RPG with bad shooting, to a shooter with decent RPG bits.
>> No. 21104 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 6:47 am
21104 spacer

>Writing is really really bad. Not just compared to FO/FO2, but compared to FO3 as well.

Good lord. Can I get the names of the people responsible? I want to start my own personal black list.
>> No. 21105 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 6:56 am
21105 spacer

Videos like that one made me sympathise with people who, until now, I considered to have an irrational disdain for PC gaming.
>> No. 21107 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 8:41 am
21107 spacer
On yeah, the framerate isn't limited in anyway - so long as you don't mind playing the fucking game at double speed. Amazing how this company is getting away with openly lying to its customers.

... That says more about you than it does PC gaming. It's a short video about why rendering more fps is better regardless of PC or console. If that's upsetting you then you need to get a damp cloth and rub the sand out of your clam. What kind of imbecile broswses /e/ with a 'disdain for PC gaming'.
>> No. 21108 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 8:57 am
21108 spacer
You're amazed that a company might stretch the truth in its promotional materials, eh?
>> No. 21109 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 9:53 am
21109 spacer
The core RPG element should obviously stay - what I'm saying is that the FO:3/NV/4 RPG feel is identical. It's hard to put my finger on it, but it just feels so uninspired and unchanged. Still fun, but I think it's time to have a quantum leap in terms of gameplay style.
>> No. 21110 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 11:00 am
21110 spacer
Come on lads, positives, positives. They said they'd improve the combat, rebuild it from ground up, have proper ballistics and everything. Has that been done at least?
>> No. 21111 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 11:04 am
21111 spacer
It's literally the combat from FO3/NV but less janky with marginally better animations. The only major changes in combat seem to be that stuff moves in VATS rather than time being frozen, and you fill a crit meter in VATS which you can spend for a guaranteed critical attack.

There's no proper ballistics as far as I've noticed. No bullet drop or anything like that. And it's definitely not been rebuilt from the ground up, it feels very much like they've taken FO3/NV combat and changed it slightly. Unless they rebuilt it from the ground up with the aim of making it seem almost identical to FO3/NV.
>> No. 21112 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 1:32 pm
21112 spacer
No I'm not amazed, you sarky dick holster, it's common fare for mass market entertainment garbage producers like Bethesda.
>> No. 21113 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 1:35 pm
21113 spacer
Can anyone recommend some decent Let's Plays? Everything I'm coming across is an embarrassing mess of screaming pillocks that can't seem to be play the game properly.
>> No. 21114 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 2:04 pm
21114 spacer

> Good lord. Can I get the names of the people responsible? I want to start my own personal black list.

This guy seems to be the main culprit for Bethesda's terrible writing:


> He is best known for being the lead designer and the lead writer of Fallout 3, for which he received the Best Writing award at the 2008 Game Developers Choice Awards. He was also credited as the senior designer and writer of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, as well as Fallout 4.
>> No. 21115 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 2:05 pm
21115 spacer

I watched the first 5 minutes and he hasn't yelped or whined like a lot of the subnormal man-puppies that usually host let's plays.

>> No. 21116 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 4:19 pm
21116 spacer
Do advlevel and tgm still work?
>> No. 21118 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 4:46 pm
21118 spacer
The Professional Critic reviews have dropped a few points over night on all platforms. Only about half or so of the reviews are out as of right now, so it could drop further and Eurogamer are expected to take a hot steaming shit on the PC version.

There will be a few muffled laughs around the boardroom at Obsidian if this drops under 85, based on how Zenimax fucked them with New Vegas. No bonus for Todd. What goes around, etc.


It just keeps tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling doooown.
>> No. 21119 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 4:53 pm
21119 spacer
Hate to break it to you but Metacritic is based on an aggregate of original. Later updates don't mean a thang.
>> No. 21120 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 5:13 pm
21120 spacer

>Hate to break it to you

Uh, OK. I never implied they did. I'm talking about reviews that haven't dropped yet, which will undoubtedly affect the score.
>> No. 21121 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 5:50 pm
21121 spacer
Sorry, didn't mean to come across as cunty.
My knowledge is based on a TotalBiscuit rant from many moons ago though so take it with a pinch of salt.
>> No. 21122 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 6:00 pm
21122 spacer

fallout metacritic.png
Blunder of the year.
>> No. 21123 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 6:10 pm
21123 spacer
If this results in the genre becoming unpopular, will we be living in a post-post-apocalyptic society?
>> No. 21124 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 6:25 pm
21124 spacer

Ironically, that is what the first Fallout game was. The "Wastleland" was so called because of all the dangerous mutants that lived in it.
>> No. 21125 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 7:03 pm
21125 spacer

I suppose people don't like the same cookie cutter game design over and over.

When I posted "Skyrim with guns!" ITT all those months ago, I was taking the piss. But, considering the ten years that have passed since Oblivion, can people really see a decade's worth of improvement on that formula? With the developmental firepower Bethesda could bring to this title, I'm not sure a 4.6 Metascore is entirely undeserved.
>> No. 21126 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 7:09 pm
21126 Self reply

>I suppose people don't like the same cookie cutter game design over and over.

Actually I just realised that's bollocks, but the rest of my post holds up, I feel.
>> No. 21127 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 7:11 pm
21127 spacer
Still haven't received my Pip-Boy Edition. Thanks UK Mail, you absolute cretins. Holy fuck.
>> No. 21128 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 7:44 pm
21128 spacer

Did you order it from Game? They cancelled a lot of people's pre-orders because they over sold them.
>> No. 21129 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 7:49 pm
21129 spacer
Nah, I imported it from Gamestop Ireland. Same price sans shipping. It's just a shame the courier on the UK end are absolutely shite. The depot's 20 miles out, I have no car, and they refuse to redeliver. What gives?
>> No. 21130 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 7:52 pm
21130 spacer

They are obligated to redeliver.
>> No. 21131 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 7:53 pm
21131 spacer
>I suppose people don't like the same cookie cutter game design over and over.

Most people do, but sensible folk just get tired of the formula.
>> No. 21132 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 7:59 pm
21132 spacer
In all fairness, they've attempted two days in a row (though my neighbour was in today and I suspect that they simply put the card through the door) so are they still obligated?
>> No. 21133 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 9:16 pm
21133 spacer

It's a boring, lazily made game which begins with you opening the fucking .ini s to disable the ultra retarded variable aim speed (they have the x/y speed at different values by default).

Oh, and it reportedly cunts itself in the head with AMD cards too.

For £40, which can buy you copies and copies of fantastic games, this is a fucking joke.

Do your worst mods, this image is completely applicable.
>> No. 21134 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 9:17 pm
21134 spacer
lad, I have my PB edition.
The Pip Boy and the box are fucking terrible Mcdonalds toy quality. The knobs will snap off it you actually try and use it, the box never closes right again once opened, and half of them seem to have arrived broken. It really is nowhere near worth the cost. I'd have been pissed off if i'd paid £20 for the model, let alone £100. The game itself is great though.
>> No. 21135 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 9:23 pm
21135 spacer
>Do your worst mods, this image is completely applicable.
As much as I agree with you, you know full well that's not how we do things here. Have a word with yourself, lad.
>> No. 21136 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 9:26 pm
21136 spacer
I'm a loose cannon and I'm not following your human centipede system of rules.
>> No. 21137 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 9:39 pm
21137 spacer

Pip-Boy is fucking terrible McDonald's toy quality
I'm glad someone that actually bought one has come out and said it, most of the people I know that have paid the extra to have the silly toy are currently trying to pad theirs out with cotton wool or microwaved liver so that they can stuff it in their sofa and have consensual sex with it in the missionary position. Just look at the fucking thing, they've spat them out at a few quid a pop out of cheap plastic.
>> No. 21138 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 9:50 pm
21138 spacer

I'm sure you could sell it on ebay and recoup the cost of buying the Pip Boy edition; hell, you'll probably profit from it. At least that way you can feel less terrible about being a numpty for paying for gimmicky pre-order shite and giving Bethesda your moolah.
>> No. 21139 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 9:50 pm
21139 spacer

Can't help but laugh at this.It's always known that game publishers will throw in some plastic tat to appease GAMURS, but this really takes the cake.
>> No. 21140 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 9:50 pm
21140 spacer

I'm surprised anyone would expect a quality product as a video game extra.

I can't be the only one who remembers the childrens toy 'night vision goggles' in the special edition of COD MW2. That tells you everything you'd need to know about the toys you get with 'special editions' of a video game.

>> No. 21141 Anonymous
12th November 2015
Thursday 12:47 pm
21141 spacer
>Furthermore, the PC specs are redonkulous.

From what I've seen this is more down to Bethesda's shitty code than what you actually need. I've seen it run ok-ish on a 5 year old 2ghz windows 7 laptop with 6gb ram and a 1gb radeon card. The laptop sounded like it had a hurricane inside it but it was only a little stuttery, and apparently if you fuck with the .ini file you can sort that out pretty good. I assume they just didn't really know what you needed to run it properly so made a guess and doubled it.

On the other hand a friend with a 3 ghz i7, 12gb ram and a 4gb geforce card says it runs like a fucking dog on low on his, so whaddyaknow.

I'm giving it a month so they/other people who actually know what they're doing can fix it. Graphics wise it looks on par with far cry 3 so why you need that much power seems a bit odd.
>> No. 21142 Anonymous
12th November 2015
Thursday 1:38 pm
21142 spacer

Despite it supposedly running like ass on AMD, I am getting 70+ FPS using the steam counter, had to put Vsync on because of screen tearing.

However, I limited Tessellation to 16x in catalyst and turned off godrays completely in the .INI. I did have to turn on water reflection though, what the fuck is that about?

Don't take my word for it though, I'm probably lucky. Fx-8350, 16GB of RAM, 290X, for context.
>> No. 21143 Anonymous
12th November 2015
Thursday 1:52 pm
21143 spacer

Oh, and Ultra at 1080p. Oops.
>> No. 21144 Anonymous
15th November 2015
Sunday 7:51 pm
21144 spacer
>I'll wait another 10 months before Bethesda wait for the fans to fix their lazily developed disaster bomb for them.

I'm taking this advice. Fallout modders have done some amazing things with 3 and NV. It's a shame the only thing mods can't fix is terrible writing.
>> No. 21145 Anonymous
15th November 2015
Sunday 10:35 pm
21145 spacer
So I've spent all day on it today, as my first real chance to play it. Overall I would say it's hit and miss.

There's a whole lot more of the stuff that made 3 and NV good; but equally they really haven't done anything to fix the long term bugbears with Bethesda games. By this point it should just be safe to assume they will never learn how to properly animate or write, but they are quite excellent at building a fun sandbox and filling it with toys.

Stick with Browse games or The Witchery if you want subtlety and drama; but if you just want compelling violence and loot I'm sure you won't actually give two shits about that. I think of these games now as more akin to Diablo and Torchlight; only with a bit of immersion instead of just furious mouse clicking.
>> No. 21146 Anonymous
16th November 2015
Monday 3:03 pm
21146 spacer
I've spent a fair bit of time with it now and have run into odd pockets of the old Fallout humour. Some of them come in the form of incidental text, like logs on computer monitors and so on. Still feels weird just how little there is compared to the others, though.

I'm running it on High and there are moments when it's genuinely beautiful, which you'd expect for such a big release, but I also think it looks pretty good most of the rest of the time as well. I'm surprised people are moaning about the graphics/animation, especially those making direct comparisons to the previous games, given what an absolute fucking mess 3/NV were. Maybe it's because I only got around to those two in the last year or so, so their broken ugliness is still pretty fresh in my mind, but the animation work (facial in particular) seems like a major improvement over the previous games. None of it is perfect, but in general the world holds together a lot better and there are far fewer of those jarring "what the fuck is this" glitch moments than in any previous Bethesda game.

My main problem with it is that so far the quests have been repetitive and the writing dull, and as >>21144 points out, this is not something that the community could possibly fix. The problems with previous Bethesda games have been primarily technical; the problem with Fallout 4 is that the game's characters and quest lines are just not that compelling.
>> No. 21147 Anonymous
16th November 2015
Monday 3:09 pm
21147 spacer
Also I've dicked around with the settlements quite a bit and all that stuff feels half baked, and right now, a bit pointless. The interface is pretty sloppy and I'm still waiting to find out what the purpose of it all is, if any.

Finally, I found these videos weirdly engrossing
If you ever wanted to find out who wins in a battle between 1000 deathclaws and 100 brothers of steel, now you can, though you'll have to endure some pretty awful commentary.
>> No. 21148 Anonymous
16th November 2015
Monday 5:52 pm
21148 spacer
Surely though, you have to ask yourselves "should I buy it in 12 months even?"

I mean, they've just farted out a below par game and do you really feel okay condoning that kind of half arsed games development?
>> No. 21149 Anonymous
16th November 2015
Monday 6:00 pm
21149 spacer
What do you mean not buy the latest videogame??
>> No. 21150 Anonymous
16th November 2015
Monday 6:04 pm
21150 spacer

Well, you know how everyone's like "oh, it's shit isn't, just shite, absolute bum garbage of the lowest order"? Like, as apposed to "fixing" what you can and making do, start demanding they fix it themselves, and start releasing games that don't need fixing in the first place.

>> No. 21151 Anonymous
17th November 2015
Tuesday 1:17 pm
21151 spacer
Yeah that is a valid question, but it's not the half-arsed games development that I need to consider, it's the quality of the end product. With all its flaws, Fallout 4 is still, on the grand scale of games, a decent game. Therefore, it's worth buying and playing. It's just the price that you put on it that's open to question.

Well then, this should be reflected in the price. If it's a great game on release, pay in full. If it still requires several months of modding to make it a great game, then pay a significantly reduced price. Consumers acting like, well, consumers, will hurt the company far more than any kind of letter-writing campaign. And that in and of itself is a demand that they fix it themselves - not paying for it in full.
>> No. 21152 Anonymous
18th November 2015
Wednesday 7:02 pm
21152 spacer
Well I caved. I meet the specs, but getting it to run was an absolute ballache. In the end I had to run in windowed, and then reduce my screen res to the same size as the window. What.

Also the character models are still as glitchy as they were in FO3. The first person I talk to, the minuteman, gets his head stuck on the scenery but keeps on moving until a thin string of neck is stretching across the room, before vanishing. My character still keeps on talking to an empty space. N1 Bethesda.

I am actually enjoying it though. Not as good as 3 though, IMO.
>> No. 21153 Anonymous
18th November 2015
Wednesday 8:23 pm
21153 spacer
It's buggy and the story isn't that meaty, but I've sunk 35 hours into it already.

I think I'm getting to old to give a shit. It's playable and it's distracting me from the bleak realities of life. That's worth forty quid.
>> No. 21154 Anonymous
19th November 2015
Thursday 9:27 am
21154 spacer
Playing it on PS4 as my PC isn't up to this one.

Enjoyable, but really it seems to serve as a great base for the PC version to be modded around. Stuff like the Dialogue choices, settlement building limits and of course nudity are already modded into the PC version and that's before they've released Mod tools.
>> No. 21155 Anonymous
19th November 2015
Thursday 1:04 pm
21155 spacer

Problem being that gamers simply don't act like consumers. They act like a herd of fanboy sheep. I really can't see a way around that problem. Instead of denying a company their money for a shit product, they just throw the cash at them regardless and then whine about it online.
>> No. 21156 Anonymous
19th November 2015
Thursday 6:49 pm
21156 spacer
Even worse, most of the time when it goes for a refund, it's the retailer that takes the hit rather than the distributor or the developer. Thankfully the industry has solved this problem in the digital space by adopting a policy of "no refunds ever, good luck suing us".
>> No. 21157 Anonymous
19th November 2015
Thursday 7:41 pm
21157 spacer

Steam has a refunds policy mate. I used it for the latest Batman. The EU forced them to implement it, so they did it worldwide after that.
>> No. 21158 Anonymous
19th November 2015
Thursday 7:56 pm
21158 spacer
I imagine the EU forced them into it on the basis that they were literally never going to do it voluntarily. I also imagine that, like Amazon, refunds are entirely discretionary. In any case, Valve effectively act as retailer, and if they are able to dock payments to publishers it's only because of their effective monopoly position.
>> No. 21159 Anonymous
19th November 2015
Thursday 8:03 pm
21159 spacer

You're making assumptions about something you could have easily googled for clarification. You can get a refund for anything for any reason as long as it is within 14 days of purchase and you've clocked less than 2 hours of play time.
>> No. 21160 Anonymous
19th November 2015
Thursday 8:15 pm
21160 spacer
Which part of my post does that contradict?
>> No. 21161 Anonymous
19th November 2015
Thursday 9:25 pm
21161 spacer

>> No. 21162 Anonymous
19th November 2015
Thursday 9:52 pm
21162 spacer
In what way does anything you said make it not discretionary? Do you seriously think that if you used the refund mechanism as a way to try out a new game or two every day they wouldn't at the very least stop refunding you?
>> No. 21163 Anonymous
19th November 2015
Thursday 10:25 pm
21163 spacer

Do some fucking research instead of postulating when you clearly don't know what you're talking about. The first thing indy devs moaned about was people abusing it to "steal" their games and Steam don't care. As a consumer, you have a right to a refund under those terms. As long as you stick to them, Steam has no recourse. This is EU legislation m8.
>> No. 21164 Anonymous
19th November 2015
Thursday 10:50 pm
21164 spacer
Where do you think I might have copied this from?

>Refunds are designed to remove the risk from purchasing titles on Steam—not as at way to get free games. If it appears to us that you are abusing refunds, we may sop offering them to you.
>> No. 21165 Anonymous
19th November 2015
Thursday 10:54 pm
21165 spacer
I guess it's you who needs to "do some fucking research".

>As a consumer, you have a right to a refund under those terms.
No, as a customer, you have the privilege of obtaining a refund under those terms. You don't have a right to anything.

>As long as you stick to them, Steam has no recourse.
Apart from, you know, refusing your refund or blocking your account. Unless that EU regulation has a clause in it that says "you must deal with your customers forever and ever" they can and simply tell you go swivel. As little as three weeks after the broadening of the policy in June, users were receiving notices explicitly saying that they might not be refunded in future.

>This is EU legislation m8.
Yes, and it has a specific exemption which Steam satisfies, which you'd know if you'd "done some fucking research".
>> No. 21166 Anonymous
19th November 2015
Thursday 10:59 pm
21166 spacer

>Where do you think I might have copied this from?

It's chiselled on a platinum wall in Strasbourg, isn't it?
>> No. 21167 Anonymous
19th November 2015
Thursday 11:04 pm
21167 spacer
Have you ever even bought a game on Steam?

>By clicking "purchase" you agree that Valve provides you with immediate access to digital content as soon as you complete your purchase, without waiting the 14-day withdrawal period. Therefore, you expressly waive your right to withdraw from this purchase.
>> No. 21168 Anonymous
21st November 2015
Saturday 3:37 pm
21168 spacer
All "I'm-a-lawyer" cunt-off's aside, Steam do actually have a solid refund system in place now. Just saying.
>> No. 21169 Anonymous
21st November 2015
Saturday 4:02 pm
21169 spacer
If you were to use it to exercise any leverage, by getting refunds on shit games, they'll take it away from you. Just saying.
>> No. 21170 Anonymous
21st November 2015
Saturday 4:14 pm
21170 spacer
Well it worked well enough for Batman: Arkham Knight.

Getting refunds on shit games is fine. Abusing the system to "try before you buy" clearly isn't.
>> No. 21171 Anonymous
21st November 2015
Saturday 6:07 pm
21171 spacer
Yes, it worked well enough for you to get a refund that one time. No, they don't have to let you do it again. Exactly which part of this are you struggling to understand?
>> No. 21172 Anonymous
21st November 2015
Saturday 6:35 pm
21172 spacer
What about when their trailers are fake and they mislead you? Based on that, can you buy, try, and return?
>> No. 21173 Anonymous
22nd November 2015
Sunday 1:46 am
21173 spacer
Have you ever considered not buying a game on release? You save money, and you can sort the wheat from the chaff by letting all these other schmucks be your beta testers.
>> No. 21174 Anonymous
22nd November 2015
Sunday 3:44 am
21174 spacer
Why do you want me to inconvenience myself and why are you supporting shitty practices by corporations that mislead people? How much do they pay you MrShill? Read up on consumer laws.
>> No. 21175 Anonymous
22nd November 2015
Sunday 10:34 am
21175 spacer
That's why you always give your refund reason as 'incompatible hardware'.

I use the refund fairly often, it's the smartest thing valve ever did as I'm now actually paying for games instead of just pirating them.
>> No. 21176 Anonymous
22nd November 2015
Sunday 10:38 am
21176 spacer
I bet that makes no odds whatsoever to having your refund privilege revoked and is used instead for publisher metrics.
>> No. 21177 Anonymous
22nd November 2015
Sunday 10:59 am
21177 spacer

Because there is obviously some sort of metric that Steam uses to define abuse. >>21175 is probably being sensible and is only asking for refunds on a small portion of games. The people getting their accounts banned are almost certainly dip-shits who are buying tens of games a week and asking for a refund on almost every one.
>> No. 21178 Anonymous
22nd November 2015
Sunday 11:56 am
21178 spacer
Expressing frustration at a lack of leverage is not an endorsement of their practices.

>Read up on consumer laws.
Go on.
>> No. 21179 Anonymous
22nd November 2015
Sunday 12:48 pm
21179 spacer
It seems like you're trying to start a cunt-off mate. Which is a bit silly, as this would be a stupid thing to Fallout 4.
>> No. 21180 Anonymous
22nd November 2015
Sunday 9:47 pm
21180 spacer
I'm about 40 hours or so in and it's been a decent enough ride so far. Whether you're a fan of the classic FO games or the more recent TPS/FPS take on the series, there's a lot you'll be able to take from Fallout 4, but also a lot you'll miss. Let me be clear that this is very much a first-person shooter with "roleplaying" elements (stats and inventory systems, essentially).

+ The gunplay is improved tenfold over the previous two iterations with the addition of iron-sights and full modification of every single weapon along with detailed stats - likewise for armour / apparel. Every wanted to go at a raider with a nail-studded rolling pin? Well now you can! The randomly-generated "legendary" weapons are a nice and often hilarious touch too.
+ The Commonwealth showcased in the various gameplay trailers is beautifully crafted with vibrant detail crammed into every nook. There are plenty of varying locations to visit and paths of entry to suit any play-style. Oh, and you scale skyscrapers now so that's quite nice.
+ The characters don't look like potatoes and are voiced by a myriad of actors so therefore are easier to actually give a damn about. They're also a great deal more varied with their own fleshed-out personalities, preferences, and skills you can call upon outside of combat.

- This is still very much a Bethesda game and as such there is a limit to the amount of post-production polish you should expect. There a number of glitches - some game-breaking - that occur enough that it's any wonder they escaped their esteemed QA department.
- The dialogue system is dreadful. Really. The shortened options (now limited to 4 and mapped to the controller D-pad or keyboard arrows) have been revealed to be mostly identical and it's nowhere near the standard of Obsidian / Interplay. There are a few laugh-out-loud moments of pure apocalyptically dark comedy but don't expect it to the same degree as the original games.
- Your actions have little or no weight until late-game where you are forced to side with one of the four major factions. "Karma" and faction reputations are gone and only count for as much as your current companion's opinion and your progress towards unlocking their respective perks.
>> No. 21181 Anonymous
23rd November 2015
Monday 2:10 am
21181 spacer
I'm having fun with it, but they've definitely tooled it to play more like an FPS. While this is obviously a good thing in general, it's left me, who played F3 and NV as a high perception and agility sniper, a little confused.

Specifically, a sniper scope will give me significantly less shots in VATS than a red dot sight on the same gun - the sights give 'more focus' which means a lower AP cost in VATS. So, do I sink all of my points into the new perks which make my FPS experience better, or sink them all into VATS perks and pretend I'm Simo Hayha, sniping without a scope?

Maybe the gap between VATS and real world shooting will lessen as I climb the levels, but right now it feels as though I have to build one way or the other. I can imagine using automatic weapons would work better in both systems, but that's just not how I like to play.

I miss the karma system, even though it felt a little broken in the previous two games (just give fifteen bottles of water to a homeless bloke and your sins are atoned!) A game as detailed as this is missing out by not having people bring up the shit you do more often.

I really like settlements, though I actually wish they were a bit less expensive to build, or at least more balanced in the way they're done. For example I can build an entire shack city with the amount of wood and steel I've incidentally stumbled across, but to string up a couple of lights is HOURS of looking for enough copper. Perhaps that's the harsh reality of the wasteland, but it gets in the way too much to make the settlement stuff a truly worthwhile distraction.

Bottom line is this game, despite its flaws, gives us all a lot to talk about, and it's not often these days a game will inspire me to even play it, let alone write paragraphs about it.
>> No. 21182 Anonymous
28th November 2015
Saturday 11:44 pm
21182 spacer
Thanks for the review.
>> No. 21183 Anonymous
29th November 2015
Sunday 10:05 am
21183 spacer

My solution to this issue was to play my sniper more as a stealth marksman.

Get a red dot sight on a nice semi-auto for medium range engagements, and have a high magnification scope on a bolt action that's tuned more for high damage. Typically I'll snipe a few baddies from long range before my cover is blown or it t starts to feel too tedious to wait for them to expose themselves again, and then sneak in and start cracking off headshots in VATS.

I've never liked using the sniper rifles in VATS anyway because the scope doesn't give you and increased accuracy or anything. It seems like using VATS with a sniper build always just results in frustration and rage when you watch the useless tosser put four bullets into the wall above an enemy's head despite the 75% chance to hit.
>> No. 21184 Anonymous
29th November 2015
Sunday 1:24 pm
21184 spacer

Why is every build in every Beth game some variant of stealth archery?
>> No. 21185 Anonymous
29th November 2015
Sunday 1:28 pm
21185 spacer
From what I remember, VATS was useless for snipers in FO3 as well.

Anyway, we all know that VATS is for lobster accountants anyway, who cares.
>> No. 21238 Anonymous
9th December 2015
Wednesday 1:10 pm
21238 spacer

It's the same reason that all build IRL are some variant of stealth archery. It's the optimal way of winning without being killed to death.

In Beth games the skill systems favour it because it's the best way to be a slick killer without being an obnoxious tank type. Fallout basically offers you three choices- Brute, stealthbastard, or The Doctor.
>> No. 21239 Anonymous
9th December 2015
Wednesday 1:12 pm
21239 spacer

>Brute, stealthbastard, or The Doctor.

Fuck, that is too true.
>> No. 21240 Anonymous
9th December 2015
Wednesday 1:37 pm
21240 spacer

You better hope the mods don't notice that rogue apostrophe, m8. Don't worry, it's fine. They can't read spoiler text.
>> No. 21242 Anonymous
9th December 2015
Wednesday 1:48 pm
21242 spacer
There isn't one.
>> No. 21243 Anonymous
9th December 2015
Wednesday 1:54 pm
21243 spacer

Isn't one what? What is this?! I demand answers!
>> No. 21244 Anonymous
9th December 2015
Wednesday 2:16 pm
21244 spacer

I've attached the answer to question 19 of Edxcel's 2015 math GCSE to tide you over.
>> No. 21245 Anonymous
9th December 2015
Wednesday 2:20 pm
21245 spacer

Not strictly true. When making lists, you put an apostrophe after each item until the last item where instead of a comma you use and/or/then, etc. Cheese, bread and milk not cheese, bread, and milk. It's dodgy grammar, because you used both, but it's not terrible grammar or anything.

With the crack down in effect, it seemed worth mentioning.
>> No. 21246 Anonymous
9th December 2015
Wednesday 3:47 pm
21246 spacer
I'm not sure but I get the feeling you are confusing apostrophes with commas, which under the current climate is probably a capital crime.

Does anyone know if it is correct to apply the Oxford comma to lists with 'or' instead of 'and'?
>> No. 21248 Anonymous
9th December 2015
Wednesday 3:59 pm
21248 spacer

>confusing apostrophes with commas

Most definitely, but I'm playing silly buggers. I've reached terminal boredom.
>> No. 21261 Anonymous
11th December 2015
Friday 1:41 am
21261 spacer
It's correct, but the people who dislike and/or are confused by the Oxford comma are likely to have even more of a moan than they do when you use one with 'and'. As you've just seen.
>> No. 21314 Anonymous
2nd January 2016
Saturday 4:55 pm
21314 spacer

While doing my Christmas shopping a couple of weeks ago I popped into a GAME store in London to browse. I saw Trauma Center for the Wii for 99p and thought I'd snap it up. When I got to the till, the bloke gave me a Vault Boy Charisma Bobblehead as a free gift. I've just looked it up and it's going online for around £30. I got given a £30 collectible for purchasing a 99p game. The fuck?

Is it the, um, fallout from this promotion they were doing? I could see the bloke had a big box of them behind the till.
>> No. 21315 Anonymous
2nd January 2016
Saturday 11:23 pm
21315 spacer
It might be worth going back to see if they have any left.

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