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>> No. 20592 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 3:16 am
20592 spacer

It's broken and in a way I don't think is fixable, thanks to our lovely friends at Nvidia and their custom .dll file. There is exactly 1 game with Gameworks that actually works and that is MGS: Ground Zeroes. The rest are Steam library herpes.

Thank the lord for Steam refunds. My 290X should run this fine, but it wont go above 30 on Low settings. What a fucking disappointment.
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>> No. 20593 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 3:57 am
20593 spacer
You know, I really don't wish to turn this into one of those "my favourite corporate entity is better than your favourite corporate entity" threads... But I really, really have to fucking wonder what you expected to happen when you bought an ATI card in today's market.

Fair enough you might have got theoretically better bang for your buck, but that's a fat lot of good when about a third of the games you try to play will have some crippling issue that would have been avoided if it was a card with the green sticker on instead of the red one.
>> No. 20594 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 8:27 am
20594 spacer
Don't be thick. The 290x functions perfectly well with the majority of games. It is repulsive to have a card marketed dominated by one company.
>> No. 20595 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 9:31 am
20595 spacer

Yeah much better to have it dominated by two who take it in turns every few years to be best. You're hardly exercising vital consumer freedom, you're just shafting yourself with a gimped component.

Next you'll be telling me AMD processors are still pretty good.
>> No. 20596 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 10:03 am
20596 spacer
It apparently doesn't function perfectly well with any of the last 3 games I've bought (Project Cars, Witcher 3, Arkham Knight), so I'm pretty happy I stuck to my "avoid AMD like the plague" strategy of recent years and went with a 970, like a sensible person.
>> No. 20597 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 1:00 pm
20597 spacer
Can someone explain/point me to something substantial about issues with AMD cards? I've actually just moved to an Nvidia card so it wouldn't affect me any more, but I never had any real issues with the previous AMD one.
>> No. 20598 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 1:10 pm
20598 spacer
In before someone makes an insubstantial reply.
>> No. 20599 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 1:52 pm
20599 spacer

I have a 780ti and it still runs like OP states, Nvidia have gimped their older cards with this game.

Gameworks is horrible and no game benefits from it and the consumer actively suffers. The only cards which can run this are Titans, which is ridiculous.

You're far too eager to jump to conclusions about AMD, when the 290X is a High tier card which outperform the 970, the 780ti and the Titan in any game which is not moneyhatted by Nvidia.

My 780ti should run this game on max setting at 1080p and doesn't, so should OPs. Nvidia's custom .dll files are a well documented problem which no one seems to talk about. They actively hurt games by forcing Steamworks into them.

The PS4 version runs better than the PC version on cards which have triple and quadruple it's computing and graphics processing power. Nvidia have become a fucking monster that needs to be brought to heel by some means or another.
>> No. 20600 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 1:56 pm
20600 spacer

That is blatantly false. The 290X runs The Witcher 3 on Ultra even with the Nvidia specific settings activated.

You seem to have some sort of agenda with regards to starting an argument about which cards people choose to buy when at the top end, there is a credit cards width between the two companies and the only way Nvidia can maintain an edge is by intentionally gimping their old cards in modern games and implementing malicious code, which AMD still somehow manages to find a way around anyway most of the time.
>> No. 20601 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 2:00 pm
20601 spacer


It can't run games well that require more than 3.5gb of VRAM, which are becoming more and more common and all DX12 will allow you to do is buy another one and pool your VRAM.

Any sensible person in that price bracket bought a 290X and anyone with enough money bought a 980. Stop pretending you have a monopoly on common sense about a subject you are very clearly biased towards.
>> No. 20602 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 2:06 pm
20602 spacer

Fanboyism is not welcome here, if you can't be objective then don't address posts sincerely. The difference between AMD and Nvidia cards are miniscule.

If you want to talk AMD vs Intel, then by all means let's because AMD are far behind the curve, but GPUs? You may as well be having a console war discussion, the way you've approached this topic.

Research the meaning of the term "post-purchase rationalisation".
>> No. 20604 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 2:38 pm
20604 spacer

The only issue I've had with AMD cards is Linux drivers, but this may have improved in the last year or so. For comparison, I have no personal experience with Nvidia's Linux support. Is it any good?
>> No. 20605 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 3:05 pm
20605 spacer


Valve have stopped allowing new reviews on Steam because it's getting fucking destroyed in the comments.

The only people able to run this are people running I7s and and Titans. I mean, really? Memory leaks reported with draws of upto 16gb of RAM.

This has nothing to do with the GPUs and everything to do with Nvidia inhibiting their older cards and the port being fucking abysmal, check this out. Apparently it is a 2012 build of the game Rocksteady uploaded to Steam, something probably only optimised for their Dev kits which will be Titans.
>> No. 20606 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 5:06 pm
20606 spacer
The whole vram shite was amazingly overblown. Edge cases of games which require less than 4gb of vram, but more than 3.5gb are basically non-existent. See:


Also the 980 offers nothing like the price/performance value of the 970. Anyone with the inclination to spend that much on a video card would be better served going with SLI 970s.

I'm only as biased towards the subject as my experiences have made me. I couldn't care less about either company outperforming the other. If they both made good cards that would be great. I have had both AMD cards and Nvidia cards in recent years, however, and the difference in the driver support is like night and day. SLI is also an actual viable option, instead of the mess crossfire still appears to be.
>> No. 20607 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 5:32 pm
20607 spacer
I'm >>20594 and I own a 970, I'm just not the kind of stupid cunt who thinks the sun shines out of Nvidia's arse.
>> No. 20608 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 5:34 pm
20608 spacer

>Edge cases of games which require less than 4gb of vram, but more than 3.5gb are basically non-existent.

The entire point is about the games in the coming years which will require more Vram, especially at >1080p resolutions, you tit.
>> No. 20609 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 6:06 pm
20609 spacer
I don't think you understand. There are already games that require more VRAM. When they require more than 3.5GB, they invariably require more than 4GB.

I don't think the sun shines out of Nvidia's arse, mate. I actually think they're a pretty shitty company. I also think Intel is a shitty company. Doesn't change the fact that the competition from AMD in both areas is lacklustre.
>> No. 20610 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 7:03 pm
20610 spacer
>I don't think you understand. There are already games that require more VRAM. When they require more than 3.5GB, they invariably require more than 4GB.

If that's the case, then why were 970 users experiencing slowdown when they crossed the 3.5 mark under higher than average loads?

AMD cards are perfectly adequate in the overwhelming majority of cases.
>> No. 20611 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 7:26 pm
20611 spacer
Thankfully I don't buy into the hype of new games and wait a while for patches or the inevitable GOTY edition, but it's such a shame to hear the fail or this release when they have done really well in the past.
>> No. 20616 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 8:15 pm
20616 spacer

I just assumed since it was shaping up good and was well received on both consoles, that It would be fine. The idea that they would deliberately neglect a format they took the time install DRM like Denovo in is truly mind boggling.

It's things like this that alienate entire userbases. Bayonetta's name is mud to people who owned PS3s, so is Skyrims. Why would a company like WB and Rocksteady seek to diminish their brand in the eyes of paying consumers.
>> No. 20617 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 8:28 pm
20617 spacer
> shaping up good
>> No. 20618 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 8:31 pm
20618 spacer

Orson Welles[1].jpg
>I just assumed since it was... well received on both consoles, that It would be fine.

Only a fool buys a game without getting proper reviews first. I hope you've learned your lesson.
>> No. 20619 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 8:31 pm
20619 spacer

>> No. 20620 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 9:07 pm
20620 spacer

I did read reviews, just not PC ones (due to a unofficial embargo because no review copies were sent out of the PC version.) I realise this was a mistake (because now we know why).

This also implies they knew it ran like shit before it launched and instead of holding it back to fix it or admitting responsibility and garnering goodwill due to this mistake, they released a 2012 build of a game that is probably only optimised to run on the machines it was coded on, i.e. i7/Titan machines, meaning it is an Alpha build, or a beta build of the game at best. A debug copy shouldn't behave the way this is, and as we seen with Dead Island, they run more or less the same as the Gold copy.

What I find strange, is that it was coded for AMD architechture and on consoles and runs fine, yet somehow runs shit on AMD GPUs and 95% of Nvidia's cards despite their Gameworks being in it and it apparently being "optimised" for their cards. Nvidia have a lot of responsibility here I feel, as their Gameworks options are almost always horribly optimised pieces of shit and they actively gimp their old cards and also AMDs cards in any game they manage weasel sponsorship of.

I hope Forbes magazine does a good article on it, because they're one of the only reliable sources of journalism about games these days because the articles are written by Journos who also happen to play games instead of "Games journalists" who are essentially games bloggers. They may not be winning any Pulitzers, but they are at least journalists.
>> No. 20621 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 9:10 pm
20621 spacer

I know... shaping up good is how my Gran used to say it. I lay my nostalgia and idiosyncrasies beneath your feet, tread softly...
>> No. 20622 Anonymous
23rd June 2015
Tuesday 10:54 pm
20622 spacer
See the Anandtech article above:

>To that end in the short amount of time we’ve had to work on this article we have also been working on cooking up potential corner cases for the GTX 970 and have so far come up empty, though we’re by no means done. Coming up with real (non-synthetic) gaming workloads that can utilize between 3.5GB and 4GB of VRAM while not running into a rendering performance wall is already a challenge, and all the more so when trying to find such workloads that actually demonstrate performance problems. This at first glance does seem to validate NVIDIA’s overall claims that performance is not significantly impacted by the memory segmentation, but we’re going to continue looking to see if that holds up. In the meantime NVIDIA seems very eager to find such corner cases as well, and if there are any they’d like to be able to identify what’s going on and tweak their heuristics to resolve them.

See also this video:


Basically, the card will already be seriously struggling for reasons unrelated to VRAM by the time you push past the 3.5GB mark. The VRAM segmentation doesn't fundamentally make the 970 a worse card, which sort of makes it even worse that Nvidia lied about the specs, but there you go, large corporation misrepresents product to consumers, news at 11.
>> No. 20623 Anonymous
24th June 2015
Wednesday 12:00 am
20623 spacer
I really can't figure this port out. It's on fucking Unreal 3, the worst that should be happening here is texture pop in on rigs with single channel RAM and slow HDDs, but 970s/290Xs and under can't even run it with "game ready" drivers and my own bastard 780ti is now considered obsolete and Nvidia have decided I'm not allowed to play games anymore unless I upgrade.

And this is supposed to be getting a SteamOS/Linux port soon as well. Fucking good luck selling one copy on Steam after this shit show Rocksteady, perhaps avoid using a porting dev with 12 people on their staff and one of the worst records in history next time and do it your fucking selves. Fucking Iron Galaxy...
>> No. 20624 Anonymous
24th June 2015
Wednesday 12:05 am
20624 spacer
... I quite liked Divekick.
>> No. 20625 Anonymous
24th June 2015
Wednesday 12:33 am
20625 spacer
Amazing how much goodwill a developer can have poured down the drain simply by having a poorly-optimised build on day one.
>> No. 20635 Anonymous
24th June 2015
Wednesday 6:11 pm
20635 spacer
It shouldn't be amazing. It's only in video games that it's become acceptable to release an utterly shit product. The 'it's just day one, they'll patch it!' is an expertly crafted narrative to justify the shithouse quality control standards of the 'aaa' industry.
>> No. 20636 Anonymous
24th June 2015
Wednesday 7:13 pm
20636 spacer
Just refunded it.

Fucking guttting. Why did Rocksteady have to turn into Ubisoft? It doesn't seem right. Origins was buggy because it was done by Iron Galaxy, City was buggy and had some issues too fair enough, but they ran... by Christ they ran.
>> No. 20637 Anonymous
25th June 2015
Thursday 5:56 am
20637 spacer


Fucking hell, Nvidia. No need to adjust your set, they literally have the game running at times two speed to emulate 60fps when the game is confirmed locked to 30fps.

Also, TotalBiscuit has done a review on his crazy powerful rig and it runs like shit on that as well.


The game has in fact been pulled from the store in the night, can't buy it anymore. This is quite unprecedented in modern AAA gaming, I've certainly never seen it. I'm sort of impressed considering WB's record with patches.
>> No. 20639 Anonymous
25th June 2015
Thursday 7:25 am
20639 spacer
Why would they release the game in such an utterly buggered state? Is it even marginally believable that they simply skimped on the play testing and never noticed the issues, or was it almost certainly a "we do not give a shit, buy our garbage, you peons" kind of move? Surely they couldn't be so arrogant, and frankly idiotic, to have thought the latter, could they?


My jaw hit the floor the day I saw the state of Total War: Rome 2 on release. And it practically fell off when they immediately released DLC before fixing any of it.
>> No. 20640 Anonymous
25th June 2015
Thursday 9:19 am
20640 spacer

>Why would they release the game in such an utterly buggered state? Is it even marginally believable that they simply skimped on the play testing and never noticed the issues, or was it almost certainly a "we do not give a shit, buy our garbage, you peons" kind of move? Surely they couldn't be so arrogant, and frankly idiotic, to have thought the latter, could they?

It was more likely pressure to hit the release date. I can imagine a scenario where WB is telling Rocksteady that the launch date is critical, and the Rocksteady devs quietly nodding, while also shitting themselves because they know their build isn't close to stable.

I'm sure we've all been involved in projects that were rushed because of pressure and unwillingness to admit you hadn't finished yet - and the resulting shit hitting the fan.
>> No. 20641 Anonymous
25th June 2015
Thursday 10:49 am
20641 spacer

Ah yes, I always overlook the role the perfidious publishers play in this sort of thing.
>> No. 20642 Anonymous
25th June 2015
Thursday 11:02 am
20642 spacer

Why is the word play in that? I have no recollection of typing it.
>> No. 20643 Anonymous
25th June 2015
Thursday 6:22 pm
20643 spacer

A role is something you play, it's grammatically correct.
>> No. 20645 Anonymous
26th June 2015
Friday 1:17 pm
20645 spacer
Of course it's the fucking publisher. They only stick their necks in once it's clear that the developer can achieve critical acclaim by themselves and then wrap their talons around their necks to wring as much money out of them as possible.

It's only the developer's fault when they set out intending to be scam artists from the beginning, like that War Z lot, or to a lesser extent Peter Molyneux.
>> No. 20647 Anonymous
26th June 2015
Friday 2:18 pm
20647 spacer

Or Tim Schafer, sadly.
>> No. 20693 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 1:20 pm
20693 spacer
He did one good game and has coasted on it since.

OP, free game for you if you purchased the Batman game before the 30th of last month.
>> No. 20694 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 3:09 pm
20694 spacer
>He did one good game and has coasted on it since.
Is that fair? He was involved in Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, and Grim Fandango. I don't personally like those kinds of adventure games but people who do tend to go spastic about all three.
>> No. 20695 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 3:29 pm
20695 spacer
People really like Psychonauts too.

Also, if you think Double Fine are "scam artists", you don't know what you're talking about.
>> No. 20696 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 3:47 pm
20696 spacer
>People really like Psychonauts too.
They do, though I couldn't quite figure out why when I played the PS2 version way back in the day. I remember it as a pretty tedious collectathon platformer.
>> No. 20697 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 5:02 pm
20697 spacer
Collectathon platformer it was indeed, but you must have been playing it half asleep to find it tedious. It's a game full of originality and wit.
>> No. 20698 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 5:08 pm
20698 spacer
>It's a game full of originality and wit.
So I was told.

Different strokes, and all that.
>> No. 20699 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 5:56 pm
20699 spacer
“I will say that it’s pretty rich for WB to act like they had no idea the game was in such a horrible state,” said one quality assurance tester who worked on the game for years. “It’s been like this for months and all the problems we see now were the exact same, unchanged, almost a year ago.”

Two sources, requesting anonymity to avoid jeopardising their careers, spoke with Kotaku over the past week in hopes of explaining how the broken PC version of Arkham Knight made it out the door. They both said that Warner Bros. was aware of the many issues facing Arkham Knight on PC and that the publisher chose to ship the game regardless, not to maniacally screw over customers—but because they believed it was good enough.

>> No. 20700 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 5:57 pm
20700 spacer
I suppose I should say he hasn't done anything good in well over a decade.

I played Psychonauts, really gave it a chance. It was shit.

And to those saying DF aren't scammers...have you even seen any of the news stories about what has gone off with Broken Age? Or That space game they made?

They just can not stop grubbing for shekels. I mean...getting like 6 times the amount of money needed on kickstarter...THEN blowing it all and saying we need more...releasing he first part of the game to "fund the second half"...motherfucker, it was funded before the project was ever started!

Broken Age is shit as well. I thought he would at least do a PaC game well still, but it was so crap I didn't even bother finishing it.

And don't get me started on the Grim Fandango reboot. The grabbiest of cash grabs for basically zero work while promising the world.

Tim Schafer is a fucking scammer. I will never buy another DF product again.

>> No. 20701 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 6:05 pm
20701 spacer
>Broken Age? Or That space game they made?
Yeah, a couple of Early Access/crowdfunding duds. Totally inexcusable; but Double Fine have a catalogue of decent uncontroversial releases, so it's not fair to say they rip people off on a professional basis.
>> No. 20702 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 6:36 pm
20702 spacer
I think the issue with crowd funding is that despite setting out with the best of intentions, few developers have the business experience to set a realistic budget and schedule.

Games from big publishers are released late and over budget, crowd-sourced games are released late, but they don't go over-budget they just run out of money to pay themselves.
>> No. 20703 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 6:43 pm
20703 spacer
You need to look up what a scam is.

Double Fine did not buy a yacht and go sailing through an endless ocean of Moet as some people appear to think. They spent money making a game, and ended up needing more to complete it in a satisfactory state. It is not the first time a body has attempted to create a product and ended up requiring more money to complete it than they originally intended.

Situations like that actually happened before kickstarter was even conceived, believe it or not. Except most of the time, you have to report to investors when you're overbudget. Kickstarter backers are not investors, they are donors, even if a large number of backers don't seem to understand that.
>> No. 20704 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 7:29 pm
20704 spacer
Notionally I agree with you, the predictable failure arcs of overambitious Kickstarters and idealistic-but-inexperienced game developers are documented well enough by now that such things shouldn't be a surprise. With Double Fine I think it's slightly different, though - they have plenty of experience, and other development houses are making similar games for substantially less cash, so I think some degree of criticism is justified.
>> No. 20705 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 7:41 pm
20705 spacer

Thing is I can't find it in myself to feel any sort of dislike towards people like Schaefer. He's one of those people who has realised just how fucking daft gamers tend to be with their money, and he's exploiting it. Power to him.

I keep saying this and you're probably sick of hearing me saying it, but the problem is how fucking shamelessly exploitable gamers are as a consumer base. Take these generalisations with a pinch of salt because I'm in a ranting mood, but a large part of the problem is just that gamers tend to be fucking retarded man children with too much disposable income. They never had friends or a social life to spend their money on, and they ended up getting an above average paying job because they were the swots and boffs throughout school. They don't exercise any discretion or discrimination over the products they are buying because they simply don't see it that way- The companies who make and sell games are not the same, in the eyes of a gamer, as any other company out to make a profit, like, say, McDonalds or Apple. They simply need to participate. They need to have all the games and they need to play all the games so that other gamers know they are one of the biggest bollocked alpha motherfuckers in all of gamesdom.

People used to complain constantly about piracy "killing the industry", and that was just one of the biggest proofs that games are totally brainwashed, subservient beta-bitch pussy slaves for these companies. Gamers hungrily lapped up that thick, creamy jizz-load of a sob story, despite how achingly obvious the lie is to anyone with a functional brain. Gamers ostracise anyone who doesn't "support" the "hard working" devs- by throwing fucking money at them often for delivering a hilariously broken and sub-par product. Gamers need to learn that game developers are far from starving artists working on the next fucking Mona Lisa that the world will never see if you don't donate enough to get the third tier on Kickstarter, and realise that most of them are businessmen like anything else.

... Okay I feel better now.
>> No. 20706 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 8:14 pm
20706 spacer
Criticism, sure. They fucked up. It should be abundantly clear to anyone paying the slightest bit of attention that they didn't set out to scam anyone though.

Get help you weird fuck.
>> No. 20707 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 8:21 pm
20707 spacer
>They spent money making a game, and ended up needing more to complete it in a satisfactory state.
...which they didn't manage.
>> No. 20708 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 8:23 pm
20708 spacer
Agreed on both points.
>> No. 20709 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 9:27 pm
20709 spacer
A 75+ metacritic score and a "very positive" rating on steam with 3.5k positive reviews would seem to indicate otherwise. I wasn't all that impressed with it personally, but as an adult I can acknowledge that "I don't like it" is not the same thing as "it is bad".
>> No. 20710 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 9:54 pm
20710 spacer
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has an even better score on steam and metacritic, and it's still a shit game. That doesn't prove anything.
>> No. 20711 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 9:58 pm
20711 spacer
Neither of them are shit games, mate. Both of them were well received by their intended audiences. Perhaps you didn't like them. That's fine! There are loads of games! Not all of them have to have your stamp of approval to be considered satisfactory.
>> No. 20712 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 10:11 pm
20712 spacer
Lost my post twice now but let me summarise why it is a technical piece of shit alone.

No dedicated server support; this allows for maximum vulnerability to cheating and poor connection speed for all players. Also, do you want to browse a game list according to which gives you best connectivity? Tough fucking tits, you've got to use a now abandoned 'IWnet' function.

No field of view adjustment tool - you can mod one in, but for single player only. This makes games pretty much unplayable for many people, and nauseating for many others.

There were always game ruining exploits like the OMA noob tube combo, which were never balanced or patched. The devs and pubs just dropped support for the game once the new cash cow got released as far as I know.

Fuck off with your patronising attitude. It was a technical lazy piece of shit.
>> No. 20713 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 10:24 pm
20713 spacer
This list of technical grievances you have with the PC version of Modern Warfare 2 was really enlightening about why and how Broken Age was objectively not completed in a satisfactory state. Thanks.
>> No. 20714 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 10:38 pm
20714 spacer
I was responding to the claim that 'both were great games' you tedious shit eating cunt chute.
>> No. 20715 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 10:48 pm
20715 spacer
Nobody made that claim, though...

You are getting very emotional about video games.

You should not get so emotional about video games.
>> No. 20716 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 10:52 pm
20716 spacer
If you don't get emotional over video games then maybe you should fuck off from the video games board, which caters to people who like video games.
>> No. 20717 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 11:00 pm
20717 spacer
I don't think being an angry dickhead is a prerequisite for posting here mate. In fact, it's almost as if your posts are worse for it!
>> No. 20718 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 11:05 pm
20718 spacer
If you will wet yourself over some swearing then maybe you would prefer visiting a video game exchange where 'be excellent to each other' is enforced and minor problems like broken games are disregarded as 'well uh just your opinion man'.

You'll probably find plenty of fans of your pet scam studio elsewhere, too!
>> No. 20719 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 11:13 pm
20719 spacer
Your defects are much harder to remedy than swearing I'm afraid.

I think... I think you might be kind of an idiot. If you're still in your teens you might grow out of it. Otherwise I'm afraid it's potentially permanent.

I'm very sorry.
>> No. 20720 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 11:48 pm
20720 spacer
Could you be less of a dick, please? You're perfectly entitled to your opinions, but the manner in which you're voicing them is completely unnecessary.
>> No. 20721 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 1:07 am
20721 spacer

Please do add some substance rather than just taking a pot at the chap. I'm all for cunt offs but posts like these, where it just descends into childish insult hurling, are poor form.
>> No. 20722 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 2:36 am
20722 spacer

My favourite one is "You're clearly not very intelligent." while offering no opinion of their own. I seen a that Saskia lass from BB get that treatment once and the lassie might not necessarily be very well read, but she ripped the snobby bitch to shreds over it and it pleased me greatly.

That was probably 10 years ago or more, Jesus Christ.
>> No. 20723 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 7:13 am
20723 spacer
Fuck off with your tone trolling and lazy cliches.
>> No. 20724 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 8:48 am
20724 spacer

Why would anyone get emotional over video games? It's not like they're art.
>> No. 20726 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 11:50 am
20726 spacer
To be fair, Broken Age mostly got praise for Act 1, whereas Act 2 is all kinds of shambles both plot and puzzle-wise.
>> No. 20727 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 2:11 pm
20727 spacer
Have you been living under a rock?
The whole gamergate thing (please please please don't turn this into a cunt off...) has shown you can't trust ANY of the gaming press publications. It's like so many other industries, we all know the critics are bought off.

Oh, another thing about Schafer. He came out a supporter of Zoe Quin. Which if I hadn't already boycotted him over his shitty business practices would definitely make me do so.

> To be fair, Broken Age mostly got praise for Act 1, whereas Act 2 is all kinds of shambles both plot and puzzle-wise.
Exactly. He took the money and ran basically. Act 2 was just awful, and you could tell it was made begrudgingly. He'd obviously got bored of the project and didn't give a shit any more. He admitted while he was making it that he was writing the plot as he went along. The final plot wasn't finished till about a year after the entire game was supposed to be finished. As I mentioned earlier, I never even bothered finishing it because it bored me to tears, but I'd put money on it being some variation of "it was all a dream then they woke up".
>> No. 20728 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 2:37 pm
20728 spacer
>something something Zoe Quin
Stopped reading about there.
>> No. 20729 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 3:36 pm
20729 spacer
I'm guessing due to the use of polysyllabic words. Either way, I'm glad.
>> No. 20730 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 5:21 pm
20730 spacer
Yes, we all know the gaming press is entirely bought off. We know this because of the detectives of the gamer gate movement. Of course. How could I have forgotten these vital, self-evident facts?
>> No. 20731 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 5:32 pm
20731 spacer
Yeah, you'd have to be STUPID to not want to hear about Gamergate and Zoe fucking Quinn. As an endless font of intellectual discourse, the subject is unparalleled.
>> No. 20732 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 5:39 pm
20732 spacer
I get the impression that you might be employing sarcasm.
>> No. 20733 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 8:00 pm
20733 spacer
Oh yeah, because you come to a fucking video game board for 'intellectual discourse'. Fuck off you pretentious arse.
>> No. 20734 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 8:49 pm
20734 spacer
No, I don't. The fact that I apparently have to explain that that statement was a sarcastic and hyperbolic reaction to the implication that someone who didn't want to hear about gamergate and zoe quinn must object on the basis of their reading comprehension being insufficiently refined should attest to that.
>> No. 20735 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 9:11 pm
20735 spacer
You are a pretentious cunt and you can't string a sentence together for sixpence.
>> No. 20736 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 9:16 pm
20736 spacer
sixpence is no use to me now m8, we've gone decimal now.
>> No. 20739 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 10:44 pm
20739 spacer
>I'll just say some things I know are outrageously contentious but PLEASE PLEASE don't discuss them any further!!
>> No. 20740 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 10:52 pm
20740 spacer

If you honestly think it's 'outrageously contentious' that the 'gaming press' is fucking rotten to the core then you need to check yourself, fam.
>> No. 20741 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 10:56 pm
20741 spacer
Just fuck off, lad. Despite the tedium of your posts your wish not to have a cunt-off stands out as a worthy notion.
>> No. 20742 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 10:59 pm
20742 spacer
Your posts don't make any sense, angry lad.

I'm not even the same person who referred to gaming 'journalism' bullshit and sleaze.
>> No. 20744 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 11:04 pm
20744 spacer
Also it's worth going back to this euro gamer article, which came out well before gamergate or so on:


>I want to make a confession. I stalk games journalists. It's something I've always done. I keep an eye on people. I have a mental list of games journos who are the very worst of the bunch. The ones who are at every PR launch event, the ones who tweet about all the freebies they get. I am fascinated by them... I'm fascinated by these creatures because they are living one of the most strange existences - they are playing at being a thing that they don't understand. And if they don't understand it, how can they love it? And if they don't love it, why are they playing at being it?

>This club, this weird club of pals and buddies that make up a fair proportion of games media, needs to be broken up somehow. They have a powerful bond, though - held together by the pressures of playing to the same audience. Games publishers and games press sources are all trying to keep you happy, and it's much easier to do that if they work together. Publishers are well aware that some of you go crazy if a new AAA title gets a crappy review score on a website, and they use that knowledge to keep the boat from rocking. Everyone has a nice easy ride if the review scores stay decent and the content of the games are never challenged. Websites get their exclusives. Ad revenue keeps rolling in. The information is controlled. Everyone stays friendly. It's a steady flow of Mountain Dew pouring from the hills of the money men, down through the fingers of the weary journos, down into your mouths. At some point you will have to stop drinking that stuff and demand something better.
>> No. 20745 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 11:21 pm
20745 spacer
Wonderful, it is now clear to me why Broken Age was not completed in a satisfactory state, despite reviewers and consumers reporting satisfaction with it. Thank you to all involved in this totally relevant and worthwhile discussion of gamergate.
>> No. 20746 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 11:23 pm
20746 spacer
I preferred the days when we just devolved to calling each other cunts.

>> No. 20747 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 11:27 pm
20747 spacer

Oh yeah, god forbid I talk about something that isn't some tumorous little 'indie game' I don't give a fuck about.
>> No. 20748 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 11:44 pm
20748 spacer
He's the cunt .gs deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him. Because he can take it. He's a silent, er, a guardian, anyway. A watchful protector of journalistic integrity.

And a total fucking bore.

(So have they fixed the game yet or what?)
>> No. 20749 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 11:50 pm
20749 spacer
Nothing says 'I am not a bore' like recycling an internet meme from a batman film, and then asking for information which is easily available from the web.
>> No. 20750 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 11:51 pm
20750 spacer
Why are the red doritos labelled as nacho cheese, instead of the chilli heatwave we know and love?
>> No. 20751 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 11:51 pm
20751 spacer
You're a big bore!... for you.
>> No. 20752 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 11:52 pm
20752 spacer
Don't question the dorito pope, shitlord.
>> No. 20753 Anonymous
3rd July 2015
Friday 12:11 am
20753 spacer
Your thought process, from what I can tell:

"These people are talking about something I don't care about. Instead of just moving the fuck along, what I think I'll do is I'll start talking about something I do like to talk about, apropos of nothing. I know! I'll talk about gamergate, because like all people who like talking about gamergate, I am literally incapable of discussing or even thinking about any other subject."

Did I miss anything out?

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