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>> No. 5493 Anonymous
21st November 2020
Saturday 11:44 am
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Similar to /emo/, I think we need a minor ailments thread for queries and issues that don't really warrant one of their own.
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>> No. 5969 Anonymous
22nd December 2021
Wednesday 7:47 pm
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Then buy a new vape?
>> No. 6003 Anonymous
27th December 2021
Monday 7:50 pm
6003 spacer
The pain in my jaw came back, not as bad as before but enough that I couldn't sleep or concentrate all week. What it really felt like was something jammed right down between the hind teeth, out of reach of floss and too tight to dislodge with the waterpik. I did try to get to it with those but it just made my gums sore and inflamed. The dentist was closed and I can't afford to keep going there just to be told they can't see anything.
I did a cold water extraction on half a packet of paramol, drank that, got something tough to bite down on hard so the teeth would be forced apart then sprayed the waterpik in there. Almost blacked out from the pain and the whole area swelled up badly enough it's visible through my cheek but the sensation of something being in there went immediately and by the time I went to bed it had stopped hurting enough that I could sleep. 24 hours later the swelling is going down and I haven't had to take any painkillers since the act. Possibly a really stupid thing to do but it seems to have worked.
>> No. 6004 Anonymous
28th December 2021
Tuesday 6:03 pm
6004 spacer
Escitalopram is known to cause anxiety and (hypo)manic symptoms in people with undiagnosed bipolar disorder. If you notice any (hypo)manic symptoms such as less need for sleep, increased libido, sudden hyper-focused interest in new projects, increased extroversion, impatience, increased alcohol intake, etc then do make sure to talk to your doctor.
>> No. 6005 Anonymous
28th December 2021
Tuesday 6:54 pm
6005 spacer
>increased libido, sudden hyper-focused interest in new projects, increased extroversion
Maybe it's just me, but those would tell me that the antidepressants are working as intended.
>> No. 6006 Anonymous
11th January 2022
Tuesday 10:09 pm
6006 spacer
I walked too far early last month and ever since there's been no feeling in part of my sole. It's like cold rubber.
>> No. 6007 Anonymous
13th January 2022
Thursday 10:33 am
6007 spacer
Be careful with foot issues and numbness like that - it can be a symptom of diabetes. I walk a load for fitness - it's worth learning a few stretches, particularly calf muscles.
>> No. 6008 Anonymous
13th January 2022
Thursday 1:55 pm
6008 spacer
I feel like my body is falling apart quicker than I anticipated and I want to get an update on my health.

How do you go about getting a doctor to check you for all the big ones, like lung cancer, prostate cancer etc? Also I think my bladder or kidneys are a bit fucked. I can get private healthcare through my work if that changes anything.

I just don't want to die through complacency, especially when we're just around the corner from minor immortality.
>> No. 6009 Anonymous
13th January 2022
Thursday 1:58 pm
6009 spacer

You can get an NHS health check if you're over 40, but it's a fairly cursory checkup - blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and a chat about your diet.

Most private healthcare providers offer much more comprehensive checkups, so I'd suggest looking into what your employer offers.
>> No. 6010 Anonymous
13th January 2022
Thursday 5:34 pm
6010 spacer
Cheers, sounds good. My internal organs must be nearing 70 but I'm only 30 unfortunately. Will check in with employer.
>> No. 6011 Anonymous
13th January 2022
Thursday 6:32 pm
6011 spacer
Ta. I'll maybe do something more about it if it gets worse with no obvious cause but it seems like I just walked on a nerve funny that day.
>> No. 6012 Anonymous
19th January 2022
Wednesday 10:31 am
6012 spacer
Got the weirdest cold I've ever had. Lat flow says it's not the plague.

Whenever I get a cold I usually produce industrial amounts of snot, but I'm completely dry this time; the main feature is that my right nostril (and just my right nostril) feels like it's been superglued shut. It doesn't even do the thing of switching sides every hour or two like a normal cold. My left nostril is free and clear.

I can barely sleep or concentrate as it feels like there's a force pushing my nostril shut and it's very very distracting.
>> No. 6013 Anonymous
19th January 2022
Wednesday 10:40 am
6013 spacer
Do you know what, I had exactly that this time last year - like all my snot dried up. Obviously another weird bug going around.
>> No. 6014 Anonymous
22nd January 2022
Saturday 6:55 am
6014 spacer

I've been working long 12 hour shifts and frequent nights since the height of the pandemic, and I can start to feel it taking it's toll on my health. I'm pushed for time and resorting to fast food out of convenience, and just too tired when I get home to do any kind of exercise. I've kind of forgotten my old routine and I've forgotten the foods I used to enjoy or how to make them, it's all just drained out of my head as the days of the last couple of years have blurred together.

What can I eat that's both fast and easy, as well as relatively healthy? I don't want "easy" cheflad suggestions, I mean I want ACTUALLY easy, as in takes me five minutes or less with little to no prep; and ideally something that can be done in the microwave, because that's the only cooking resource I have when I'm at work. I'm going to commit to going for a walk/jog and get some weights to at least keep a bit of exercise up on my days off, and obviously make sure I eat real food those days too. The trouble is those 3/4 days where I'm on shift, and the fact that my actual shift patterns are all over the place. Is it a major problem if I can't keep an exercise routine consistent?

I mean like, it needs to be as simple as warming up some carrots, microwavable rice and some pre-cooked chicken, but I need more ideas and guidance on how to get all my needs out of food that simple.

I've even considered the fanny custard, but it's too rank, I can't stomach it.
>> No. 6015 Anonymous
22nd January 2022
Saturday 7:27 am
6015 spacer
Batch cooking. Do a load of mince and then you can have it separate days with rice, pasta, mashed potato, etc.
>> No. 6016 Anonymous
22nd January 2022
Saturday 8:18 am
6016 spacer

Nah, I've tried it before and I never stick to it because then my meals are too samey.
>> No. 6017 Anonymous
22nd January 2022
Saturday 9:38 am
6017 spacer

Depending on freezer size you could do a couple of different batches to alternate then break up the monotony by having something more raw; carrots, hummus and pita bread, maybe a salad if you have the time to chop. Raw stuff doesn't take long to prepare.
>> No. 6018 Anonymous
22nd January 2022
Saturday 10:33 am
6018 spacer
SSRIS, specifically escitalopram for me but I've tried many and they are all the same.

They work magnificently for mental well-being. But they've removed the pleasure from orgasms. I've lost that eye rolling pleasure, now, oddly, it feels at that bit when you're about to cum and fizzles out during actual ejaculation.

I've tried to find the answer to this, but WHY is that the case? Do they not understand why this is impacting orgasm for so many people?
>> No. 6019 Anonymous
22nd January 2022
Saturday 10:34 am
6019 spacer
Now, oddly, it feels good at that bit**
>> No. 6020 Anonymous
22nd January 2022
Saturday 2:05 pm
6020 spacer

>Do they not understand why this is impacting orgasm for so many people?

Not really - we understand SSRIs reasonably well, but we don't understand orgasm. There are at least 14 different types of serotonin receptor and we're not sure which are involved in orgasm.

Personally I quite liked the sexual effects of citalopram, but I've always been fond of edging. Still got the scars on my foreskin, mind you. Sertraline has no effect whatsoever on my knob, but for some people it's a boner killer. The brain is weird.
>> No. 6021 Anonymous
22nd January 2022
Saturday 8:20 pm
6021 spacer
Strangely that didn't happen to me with SSRIs but it did with SNRIs. When I was on SSRIs I could fuck for hours and had to basically shag the shit of the bird to get there, but when I did I actually had a proper orgasm.

SNRIs were the opposite: completely normal time to orgasm but absolutely no "brain pleasure" at all. I finally noticed that I wasn't getting any "brain pleasure" from anything at all; no warm tingling feeling in the brain after a few beers, no accompanying pleasure during exhilarating activities, basically it felt like the whole pleasure center in my brain had been turned off.

I decided to simply not take them any more and I take a whole different set of medications these days but at least my sex life is basically normal.

Sage for rambling nonsense.
>> No. 6030 Anonymous
6th February 2022
Sunday 5:14 pm
6030 spacer
Is it possible for escitalopram to fuck your stomach up? Have been taking it for a few months, missed a dose then stupidly doubled up the next day (still a low dose overall), and ever since I've had a bloated stomach, nausea, a mix of pebble shits and liquid. My stomach has never been great on them, but that missed dose seems to have done me over.
>> No. 6031 Anonymous
6th February 2022
Sunday 5:34 pm
6031 spacer

90% of serotonin receptors are in the gut. Gastrointestinal side-effects are quite common when starting or stopping SSRIs. The missed/double dose will have been a shock to your system, but things should settle down after a couple of days.
>> No. 6032 Anonymous
6th February 2022
Sunday 6:54 pm
6032 spacer
I went into A&E today because I twisted my lower back very badly last night while cleaning house, to the point that I woke up with excruciating pain in my bed this morning and almost couldn't move at all, let alone get out of bed, and was almost going to call an ambulance. I eventually managed to crawl out of bed quite literally on all fours and found some ibuprofen in the bathroom, and when that kicked in, I was able to drive to the hospital myself. I told them I suspected a slipped disc because the pain was similar to when I actually had one a few years ago, but the X-rays came back negative and the doctor said it was probably just a pinched nerve. I was sent home with some extra-strength 800 mg Ibuprofen and advised to do frequent heat treatments on my lower back, like taking a hot bath or a hot water bottle, and to go see an orthopedist by the end of the week if that doesn't help.
>> No. 6037 Anonymous
13th February 2022
Sunday 12:05 pm
6037 spacer

Jack in the pants.png
I've never needed to be aware of sexual health. Is it physically unhealthy to sleep in your own lovejuices? What if you're playing some kinky game where you don't wash for a few days (a week?) while continuing to interact with your partner? Is that what a 'dirty weekend' is?
Is this how STD/I's generate?
>> No. 6038 Anonymous
13th February 2022
Sunday 1:06 pm
6038 spacer
>Is it physically unhealthy to sleep in your own lovejuices?
Not especially. Not more than simply not washing is unhealthy.
>What if you're playing some kinky game where you don't wash for a few days (a week?) while continuing to interact with your partner?
>Is this how STD/I's generate?
You might increase your chances of a UTI or a yeast infection through cross-contamination but if you're having regular unprotected sex with them in the first place, chlamydia or gonorrhoea aren't going to spontaneously generate in your genitals.
>Is that what a 'dirty weekend' is?

You will get smelly very fast.
>> No. 6039 Anonymous
13th February 2022
Sunday 1:38 pm
6039 spacer

Good question. I'm not sure of the specifics here, maybe NHSlad can pop in with a more informed point of view. Insert a typical "not a doctor" disclaimer here, and if in doubt go to a GUM clinic or get a GP to check your junk.

As I understand it, leaving any area of your body unwashed leaves you more susceptible to infection, especially bacterial. I'm not sure if semen and vaginal secretions pose any unique threat, but bodily fluids generally aren't sterile and can encourage growth of pathogenic organisms.

I'm not sure of the length of time it would take to actually grow some nasties that might present as a skin infection, but I don't think sleeping overnight would present any danger if both partners have a healthy immune system and no open sores or anything.

One concern with general bad hygiene that also applies here is just transference from one area of the body to another. If you're not washing for days, including handwashing, then any pathogens you get on your hands (from your body or otherwise) are likely to get to an area more prone to infection, like the mouth, gut, eyes, etc.. To put it crudely, any wet hole.

>Is this how STD/I's generate?

Do you mean this in an evolutionary sense, like "where did syphilis come from"? Or in the sense of, "if I don't wash, am I more likely to catch an STI"?

Again, I could be corrected on this, but the things we class as STIs are those pathogens that are so infectious that they take hold despite good hygiene practices. Having unprotected sex someone who has an STI then washing afterwards won't have much of an effect.
>> No. 6042 Anonymous
13th February 2022
Sunday 6:38 pm
6042 spacer

NHS microbiologylad here. You know it's me because I quote posts in reverse order because one of you once said it pisses you off.

The only real risk I'm aware of when it comes to this sort of thing is that women can be quite prone to urinary tract infections if they don't go for a wee after sex. All the motions of shagging tend to shove skin flora and vaginal bacteria up there, so urinating serves a natural process in flushing it out.

Men basically don't have to worry about anything. The penis is a lot more resilient to infection than the vagina, even despite all the foreskin-industrial complex's propaganda about "hygiene benefits". which is a dirty, nasty hole crawling with gribblies even in "normal" conditions. What causes issues is upsetting the balance of those organisms- Too high or low pH, excessive moisture/dryness, that kind of thing. Bacteria love nothing more than a warm, dark, moist environment, and that means your missus' ladygarden is a fertile environment in more ways than one.

However, while normal bacterial infections aren't something a bloke really has to worry about, they primarily affect women, you do still have to worry about things like the clap, treatment resistant super-gonorrhoea (I know we're all Beestonlads here and Leeds is rife with it), and the nastier ones like HIV. So do bag up if you're with somebody new or you have any reason to believe your partner is sleeping with anyone but yourself.

If you're leaving it longer than a week then... Jesus, get a shower, you scruff. But I can't see it causing serious trouble if you're not doing it regularly, as long as you're usually hygienic and you don't have any rashes, sores or eczema etc to provide a starting off point. Things can get very nasty if you give the wrong sort of bacteria a place to start.
>> No. 6043 Anonymous
13th February 2022
Sunday 8:14 pm
6043 spacer
NHSlad taking on Big Foreskin.
>> No. 6050 Anonymous
14th February 2022
Monday 2:27 am
6050 spacer
>Big Foreskin

I adore NHSlad and his posts, but I am struggling to see the angle on this. I think he's arguing the opposite; the foreskin-industrial complex is in favour of their removal in the name of spurious health benefits - but as ever I look forward to his clinical explanation and clarification on this point.
>> No. 6051 Anonymous
14th February 2022
Monday 12:04 pm
6051 spacer

Yeah I bungled that bit of the post because I added it in after the rest and meant to put it in more clarifying brackets; my point was that despite the supposed health benefits of circumcision there's really very little risk of infection with ot without it. It's vanishingly rare for me, personally, to see samples from a lad with a gammy knob compared to the dozens I see daily resulting from a poorly maintained gash.

Without wanting to stray into boo territory I think it's very plausible that the entire reason for the practice of circumcision in the West (ie the States) outside of necessary cases of phimosis, is because the material harvested is used in manufacturing skin grafts, and because they get to add extra onto the medical bills if they do it.
>> No. 6053 Anonymous
14th February 2022
Monday 7:11 pm
6053 spacer
I was eating soft sweets on Friday night and there was something hard in one that took out a filling and cracked the tooth. We're talking about a quarter of the tooth has chipped away, I'm not in pain and put in a temporary filling on Friday night

Anyway, I got in touch with my dentist today and they won't see me for 3 weeks! I've put a few leads out with other dentist but they've all been quick to say they don't take new NHS patients, despite the fact that I was clear I was paying private and needed to know how soon they could see me. So I probably won't get much better shopping around despite this liable to need a crown which is a relatively expensive treatment.

The state of this shithole country aside, what can I do here. I'm supposed to call in for an emergency appointment if I'm in pain i.e. when it gets infected but "we'll see you when it hurts" is fucking stupid. Will my temporary filling last 3 weeks or what do I do here?
>> No. 6054 Anonymous
14th February 2022
Monday 7:30 pm
6054 spacer
I've had a bit of my tooth chip off before lockdown. You'll be reet.
>> No. 6055 Anonymous
15th February 2022
Tuesday 1:17 am
6055 spacer
Got to Google translate, and translate Dentist into either Bulgarian or Polish (or whatever eastern European language - Russian and Hungarian works too). Whatever you get, type it in Google Maps and find which ever one can barely speak English. It is private but at least you will be seen within this week and it isn't too pricy.

Welcome to Britain.
>> No. 6057 Anonymous
15th February 2022
Tuesday 12:48 pm
6057 spacer

There is some evidence to suggest that it became a routine procedure in America and elsewhere in order to allow Jewish and Muslim men to blend in so they can't ever be witch hunted ever again purely by being scanted and that used as evidence for them being semites.
>> No. 6058 Anonymous
15th February 2022
Tuesday 12:56 pm
6058 spacer

Is there? Where? That sounds like some Elder Protocols tier bullshit.
>> No. 6059 Anonymous
16th February 2022
Wednesday 12:18 am
6059 spacer

I would imagine, especially in a country where many people openly supported eugenics and eugenecist-adjacent ideas on genetics up until the whole Nazi business made it unfashionable, there are plenty of other ways people would be willing to use to tell if you're a smite other than looking at your willy. Perhaps starting with the colour of your skin. I don't know, I'm not a historian, I don't have any counter evidence, but I suspect that idea is completely and utterly full of shit.

What I would like to talk about however, since we're on the subject, is how a lot of American lads have a kind of hard, intense Stockholm syndrome for their mutilated knobs. They defend and argue in favour of the practice wherever the subject comes up because, I suspect, to do otherwise would feel like an admission that they are less of a man, and that they were appallingly abused with their own parent's consent. It is too existentially difficult to grapple with, and that is part of the reason the practice persists so stubbornly.
>> No. 6060 Anonymous
16th February 2022
Wednesday 12:25 am
6060 spacer
Absolutely yes, but you do sound like you care more passionately than you really need to. I see it more like parents smacking their kids: the world is full of both battered and unbattered children who are now fully grown up, and they both utterly insist that their way never did them any harm. They're right; it didn't, in most cases. But doing the opposite choice is fine too.
>> No. 6061 Anonymous
16th February 2022
Wednesday 12:55 am
6061 spacer

It's not, it's actually quite a sensible precaution considering America's history with anti-Semitism and anti-Jewish propaganda. America could have just as easily joined the war on the side of the Nazis if they hadn't lost the Eastern front, in the name of stamping out communism of course, but there was still a lot of anti-Semitic vitriol floating about America in the 40s and it wouldn't have taken much to tip the scales for Jews living there if America had decided to forge and alliance with the Reich. America's love affair with the Jewish peoples (i.e Israel) is a new thing even in the context of their very short history as a nation.


>there are plenty of other ways people would be willing to use to tell if you're a smite other than looking at your willy.
And yet, unfortunately, the Nazis did just that often with no other evidence other than "no foreskin".
>> No. 6062 Anonymous
16th February 2022
Wednesday 12:59 am
6062 spacer
I've got a mate who repeatedly frames his circumcision as having been necessary because "his knob was too big for his foreskin", as opposed to his foreskin being too tight for his knob. I'm sure it's six of one, half a dozen of the other when it comes to the actual geometry of the penis, but his choosing to view it as originating from an oversized cock rather than an undersized foreskin just strikes me as deluded.

Remember you're also talking about a country where practically every teenager goes through orthodontics to ensure they don't go into adulthood bearing the shame of imperfect teeth and jawlines. Being a medical doctor in America must be a right laugh, you just make something up and tell people they simply must have it or their kid will be weird, then go home to your McMansion.
>> No. 6063 Anonymous
16th February 2022
Wednesday 10:53 am
6063 spacer
>It's not, it's actually quite a sensible precaution
You still haven't given any evidence, just repeated the hypothesis. One that requires either all of the US to decide out the goodness of their hearts to cut bits of their penis off, or to have been tricked into doing it by those sneaky Semites and their friends.
>> No. 6064 Anonymous
16th February 2022
Wednesday 7:15 pm
6064 spacer
Nope completely false, it was widespread in the USA long before then.
It took off mainly among American Christians in the late 19th century thanks to people like Kellogg who believed circumcision would stop boys from wanking. And it carried on through the 20th century mostly due to parents having it done because they already were with the hygiene myth supporting it.
>> No. 6086 Anonymous
16th March 2022
Wednesday 4:03 pm
6086 spacer
Is it normal for 5mg escitalopram to work magically for 2-3 months and then stop? I've read its a pretty low dose, but still. Never had that on an anti depressant before.
>> No. 6087 Anonymous
16th March 2022
Wednesday 4:13 pm
6087 spacer

Psychopharmacology is basically educated guesswork, but the obvious option is to just try 10mg and see how you go.

Has anything changed in your life that might have triggered a worsening of your symptoms?
>> No. 6088 Anonymous
16th March 2022
Wednesday 4:21 pm
6088 spacer
Not that I know of. I even had a psychiatrist tell me he was amazingly happy with my progress just a few weeks ago. All the fears and obsessions I felt I had gotten over, have just slowly come back. They are bad enough as they are, let alone when you feel you've rid of them, and tasted happiness/normality.
>> No. 6089 Anonymous
16th March 2022
Wednesday 5:36 pm
6089 spacer
Not escitalopram specifically, but I've been on many different antidepressants, and find with some the benefit of them dwindles over time. Not sure if this is due to difficulties in life or just tolerance to the drug, but if you feel it's not working there are shitloads of alternatives out there that might work.
>> No. 6100 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 9:20 am
6100 spacer
Think I might have the old peptic ulcer lads - had to leave work on Wednesday because I was burping furiously from the morning which developed into nausea in the afternoon, eventually managed to vomit properly in the evening, after which point my arse immediately decided it needed a piss and I felt a bit better, but it's been a baseline since then of getting gassy when I'm moving and having maybe 1 proper meal a day due to reduced appetite. Now the lass wants to go for a birthday pubcrawl and while I relish the idea of walking several miles and consuming half pints of water on the route, I'm not sure I should just stay in my wanking den.

But a few people have had a stomach bug at work recently so I'm unsure, should probably get a GP appointment right? Looks like ulcers are bacterial infection anyway so should be antibiotics either way. Chances of dying if I don't go to the hospital today?
>> No. 6101 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 11:32 am
6101 spacer
I fucked up my toenail again. Had it treated a few years ago after it'd been ingrowing for a long time.. slowly got used to cutting it across and never below the edge but it had started becoming uncomfortable again recently. I got frustrated and cut deep into the groove, can't even pull out the nail section as it's still connected somewhere. It bled a bit and the pain is sharper than usual, but It's not pus-y(?) anymore, which is a plus .. but i'm gonna pay for it.
>> No. 6112 Anonymous
17th July 2022
Sunday 8:29 pm
6112 spacer
What's the rabies protocol for having a bat collide with your head?

Shall I tell the doctor I'm 99% sure I have rabies? Last night I was in the park and something hit me in the head, felt like a massive fly and I saw some bats about so I think it was one of them wot did me in, and I didn't see any marks but you know how the tiny fuckers are.
>> No. 6113 Anonymous
17th July 2022
Sunday 8:50 pm
6113 spacer
Call 101, I've heard on the grapevine that rabies needs to be dealt with extremely quickly.
>> No. 6114 Anonymous
17th July 2022
Sunday 10:02 pm
6114 spacer
It's highly, highly unlikely you'll have contracted rabies, but given how serious untreated rabies is there's nothing to lose acting as if you definitely have rabies. But again, the chances of you becoming another rabies statistic are beyong tiny, subatomically so, smaller than the smallest thing ever and then half of that, that's right even smaller than your cock.

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