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>> No. 4253 Anonymous
18th February 2019
Monday 6:32 pm
4253 Car and bike official weekend thread but also weekdays
Okay might as well try and be polite and keep the oil out of the other megathreads.

Welcome to the motor one. In an attempt to actually get people to post in it, tell me about the car you really want and could feasibly afford. Right now I'm really thinking a lot about a big square 80s Merc as we've been talking about them. Even a Lada would be fun as fuck.
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>> No. 4312 Anonymous
8th April 2019
Monday 3:54 pm
4312 spacer

I've surely become a bit too fond of old Volvos. They are alright.
>> No. 4318 Anonymous
16th April 2019
Tuesday 10:48 am
4318 spacer
I've seen a few of them around recently. They're smaller than I remember.
Fucking minis have warped the world with their lardiness.
>> No. 4319 Anonymous
21st April 2019
Sunday 12:35 am
4319 spacer
I've noticed since turning 30 insurance quotes have dropped dramatically on a lot of motors, some of the sportier stuff dropping by half. It's a shame I had my midlife crisis at 25 as I've gone through most of the fun cars I've wanted anyway.

I did notice I can get a pre-1994 Land Rover insured for less than £150 a year now, though. That might actually offset the diesel it'll drink.

Am I going to end up commuting to work in a car that's barely younger than I am, again? Probably. Watch this space.
>> No. 4320 Anonymous
21st April 2019
Sunday 9:18 am
4320 spacer
>>4319 Get an LPG converted V8? Don't know how foul the running costs would really be. (I've just been looking for a towcar that'll do low miles, so I've been pondering slightly demented landys / rangies.)
>> No. 4321 Anonymous
21st April 2019
Sunday 10:10 am
4321 spacer

I haven't had direct experience with them, but most of the Landy nuts I've spoken to over the years claim that the Rover V8 is so thirsty that even running LPG it's more expensive than a diesel variant. There is a rough but solid looking V8 with the conversion already done on eBay right now but I don't know, having a big tank in the back of a 90 seems silly, there's not really that much room to start with, I'd want to fit a bike or two in the back quite often.

If I was going to be thrifty I'd probably get a TDI and look to install a kit so it can run on veg oil. I can get oil for free if I'm willing to clean it myself, plus hopefully there'll actually be biodiesel infrastructure one day.
>> No. 4322 Anonymous
25th April 2019
Thursday 7:10 pm
4322 spacer
I drove someone's Mini Cooper S today, I think I want one.

Never had a supercharged car before, that seems as good a reason as any to get a two grand-ish one.
>> No. 4323 Anonymous
26th April 2019
Friday 4:16 pm
4323 spacer
If I enter a pay and display car park without dedicated motorcycle parking, can I just park in an empty strip of space somewhere out of the way or do I need to pay to use a dedicated spot for a car? I see plenty of people park the former way but I'm wondering what the likelihood of getting penalised by a car park attendant is.
>> No. 4324 Anonymous
26th April 2019
Friday 8:55 pm
4324 spacer

I know this is a shite answer but it really does just depend on the car park, who runs it, and possibly how much of a cunt the attendant feels like being.

Logically the company should want you to park outside of a bay because that means they have room for another customer. I reckon as long as you're not blocking anything (I'm sure you're not) then you'll probably be fine, but really the only way to know for sure is to ring whoever runs the car park and ask.
>> No. 4331 Anonymous
28th April 2019
Sunday 11:45 pm
4331 spacer

I bought one. I think I was making clients nervous showing up to places in my rusty dodgy looking Micra so my internal justification is that a Mini always looks quite nice and normal and a car you'd expect a consultant to show up in at your place of business, but it's actually still almost as cheap as a Micra.
>> No. 4332 Anonymous
29th April 2019
Monday 1:24 pm
4332 spacer
> but it's actually still almost as cheap as a Micra.
Wait till you supercharger goes!
>> No. 4333 Anonymous
3rd May 2019
Friday 8:54 pm
4333 Fifth Gear Innuendo
- @14:47 Have you got it up yet?
- @31:57 Dick Seaman - Race Car driver.
- @38:48 I've been banged around enough on this show.
>> No. 4334 Anonymous
12th June 2019
Wednesday 11:05 am
4334 spacer

This one turned to be noticeably smaller than I expected.
>> No. 4335 Anonymous
12th June 2019
Wednesday 11:56 am
4335 spacer

Plymouth Barracuda fold down rear seat.jpg
Is there such a thing as a modern coupe you can sleep in relatively comfortably? I quite like the idea of going on road trips and saving on hotel costs but don't fancy getting a van or an estate.
>> No. 4336 Anonymous
12th June 2019
Wednesday 12:25 pm
4336 spacer

Not really a coupe but my Skoda Octavia was big enough to sleep two people this way.
>> No. 4337 Anonymous
12th June 2019
Wednesday 12:51 pm
4337 spacer
Not sure what you mean by "modern", but as long as you take the spare wheel out (or pad around it), you could probably get an alright night in the back of my Celica.
>> No. 4338 Anonymous
12th June 2019
Wednesday 4:11 pm
4338 spacer
If it was me, I'd just get a roof tent.
>> No. 4339 Anonymous
13th June 2019
Thursday 9:42 pm
4339 spacer
Yeah sleeping in a car for a night is fine - but any longer and an actual tent (even a small one) will be a far more comfortable sleep.
>> No. 4340 Anonymous
13th June 2019
Thursday 11:45 pm
4340 spacer
Lads. I have a license, and I finally have a job. It's all very confusing, should I buy some old beater for a couple of grand, or pay monthly for something else? Why is it all so confusing? £300 for a new merc doesn't sound bad, right? i'm deathly afraid of something going wrong with a second hand car, and some mechanic making me his slave.
>> No. 4341 Anonymous
13th June 2019
Thursday 11:54 pm
4341 spacer

Dear god, do not take on finance. Just don't.

It's absolutely not worth it, and if you damage the car (you will) or go over the mileage (you will) you'll end up bent farther over a barrel than any mechanic could ever bend you, even with his special mechanic bending tools.

Also, 'a couple of grand' will get you way more than an old beater. You can get an incredibly solid car for that.

How old are you, how many miles do you travel to work, and do you need anything specific? (room for a dog, a bike, etc)
>> No. 4342 Anonymous
14th June 2019
Friday 12:54 am
4342 spacer
Yeah - couldn't agree more - there are many of these monthly Personal Contract Hire/Lease/etc out there, and they are superficially attractive, but they are a terrifically poor way to buy a car. Buying a new car is no guarantee at all that it won't break - as it's new (and if you buy it on a contract), you'll probably end up taking it back to a main dealer for servicing, which is expensive.
>> No. 4343 Anonymous
14th June 2019
Friday 1:10 am
4343 spacer

It's not particularly exciting, but you can get an old Corsa or Micra with about 30,000 miles on the clock for under £2,000. A car with that kind of mileage will last you for years without any major trouble.

Even if you buy a dud and it's only good for scrap after a year, you've still spent £1,600 less than you would have paid to lease a Merc for a year. If (more realistically) you get four or five good years out of it with little more than routine servicing, you will have saved the better part of £15,000. If you're a young lad, it'll cost you an absolute fortune to insure anything vaguely nice. As >>4341 suggests, there are a lot of ways that leasing companies can screw you with unexpected payments at the end of your lease agreement.

Would you rather drive a Merc, or have a couple of very nice holidays every year? Would you rather drive a Merc, or live in a bigger house in a nicer part of town?
>> No. 4344 Anonymous
15th June 2019
Saturday 3:27 am
4344 spacer
Thanks lads. I try to stay grounded, and I think buying a car for a couple of grands sounds better. It's just weird how everyone gets a nice flashy car with the latest plates on finance. It's like a status thing, and maybe I was getting sucked in for that.

I sat down and had a good introspection. I don't need anything outlandish, just a car to help my mum with her shopping for when she gets rid of her car, to drive up to friends, and work (which is an odd 30 mile round-trip in heavy traffic). Maybe a small automatic hatchback would be nice. If I think back, the kind of cars I like are probably cheap now, such as all those Japanese cars in all the games I used to play in (1990s Polo, Civic, and anything Japanese really).

I have been looking at Autotrader and Gumtree. Are there any other places to try?
>> No. 4345 Anonymous
15th June 2019
Saturday 6:51 am
4345 spacer
You're probably doing the right thing.
I've always just bought something cheapish and run it for years - had some nice stuff but never new(er than 10 years).
Just taken delivery of a leased Merc A-class, while my proper company car gets sorted out. I'm not enjoying it (throttle response measured in weeks), and I don't like having to worry about mileage and kerbing the insanely huge, ride-destroying wheels. Satnav sucks, and I can't just mount a phone cradle to the dash with a few self tappers or glue, like usual.
This is just griping - but it really feels as if new cars, and leases, just aren't for me. I like shitboxes, and will be buying a battered landy to maintain equilibrium and sanity...

>>4344 - you haven't ruled out an MX-5, so I'm duty-bound to suggest one. Go on, they're nice, and fun to drive.
>> No. 4346 Anonymous
15th June 2019
Saturday 12:22 pm
4346 spacer
>I have been looking at Autotrader and Gumtree. Are there any other places to try?

If you can find a little bit more money, CarGiant - they buy ex-lease/finance/fleet cars, usually young, sometimes high mileage cars. Have bought a couple of cars off them (and about to buy another). A bit more than £2k, you'll need nearer 5, but recommended all the same and better than a contract hire/finance deal.
>> No. 4347 Anonymous
15th June 2019
Saturday 4:37 pm
4347 spacer

>anything Japanese really
Always fancied a Nissan Cube but the MPG and rarity of them puts me off, still, looks boss.
>> No. 4348 Anonymous
15th June 2019
Saturday 8:05 pm
4348 spacer
Eye of the beholder, and all that.
>> No. 4349 Anonymous
15th June 2019
Saturday 9:04 pm
4349 spacer

It doesn't get much more Desu Desu Kawaii Mr. Miyagi than that
>> No. 4350 Anonymous
16th June 2019
Sunday 1:45 pm
4350 spacer

Some say these were designed just like Saab used to design their planes.
>> No. 4351 Anonymous
16th June 2019
Sunday 5:16 pm
4351 spacer

They really were - tremendous vehicles.

Picture related, my first proper car.
>> No. 4352 Anonymous
17th June 2019
Monday 1:41 pm
4352 spacer
It's sort of rare. I wouldn't ever recall about it if I hadn't a 9000 parked nearby, with the 'on sale' sign.
I think it's been carrying that sign for about two years now, perhaps three. Not a bad car visually; I haven't been inside or driven it to form my own opinion fully though.
>> No. 4353 Anonymous
17th June 2019
Monday 11:52 pm
4353 spacer
9000's were okay to drive, but they're a bit big. The 900 light pressure turbos were a lot more fun.
>> No. 4354 Anonymous
18th June 2019
Tuesday 10:26 am
4354 spacer

That's alright, I fancy barges.
Speaking of which I can't help but post this.
>> No. 4355 Anonymous
26th August 2019
Monday 3:31 pm
4355 spacer

Saab 9-5.
I have a marked dislike of 9 to 5. 9-5, on the other hand, is alright.
>> No. 4356 Anonymous
26th August 2019
Monday 3:43 pm
4356 spacer

The 2011 9-5 is, IMO, one of the best looking modern cars ever made.
>> No. 4358 Anonymous
26th August 2019
Monday 7:33 pm
4358 spacer
Looks a bit bloated to me, though I admit I've never seen one IRL.
>> No. 4374 Anonymous
27th August 2019
Tuesday 7:32 pm
4374 spacer

I surely didn't know that Mazda produce pick-ups.
>> No. 4375 Anonymous
2nd September 2019
Monday 1:19 pm
4375 spacer

This little thing.
I'm told that it should stick to the road like glued because of low centre of mass.
>> No. 4376 Anonymous
2nd September 2019
Monday 2:37 pm
4376 spacer

I've always sort-of wanted one. I've had a Skoda VRS with the same 1.8t 20V engine that was in the most popular first TT models, and arguably is the car and engine that put Audi back on the map in the modern car world, which is saying a lot since they had to be recalled for being deathtraps initially.

Considering how fucking rapid a half-decently tuned 1.8t in a Skoda Octavia was, I can hardly imagine the fun you'd have in a sports car package. "cheap, old, fun sports car you can get on ebay for a grand or two" is exactly my brand, and it's pretty much just about the only 00's-10's midmarket sports car I haven't owned yet. I hope you get one so I can live vicariously through you.
>> No. 4377 Anonymous
2nd September 2019
Monday 6:29 pm
4377 spacer

I doubt I'll ever own one.
Add having long legs into the mix, that makes driving smallish cars somewhat uncomfortable.
Picture attached is a car that arrived yesterday when I rang the taxi service. It looks as if it should be spacious, it isn't.
It's cramped inside. Bonus points for feeling the roof with your head - and sometimes with your jaw - when driving over the speed bump.
>> No. 4378 Anonymous
2nd September 2019
Monday 6:33 pm
4378 spacer

7th generation Toyota Hilux.
I'm unsure if I'm {d,}evolving into a redneck or simply fancy how these cars tend to keep on the more conservative side of the automotive production, emphasising easy maintenance and ruggedness.
>> No. 4379 Anonymous
2nd September 2019
Monday 7:10 pm
4379 spacer

It's a really cheaply built Mk2 Astra, of course it's going to be shit.
>> No. 4380 Anonymous
2nd September 2019
Monday 7:24 pm
4380 spacer
It drives alright, compared to old Ladas, for example.
It's just way too fucking tight inside.
It feels way less restrictive on the back seat of an old Skoda Favorit hatch.
>> No. 4381 Anonymous
4th September 2019
Wednesday 8:56 pm
4381 spacer

These wheels.
>> No. 4382 Anonymous
5th September 2019
Thursday 7:06 pm
4382 spacer

I am the KGB.
Get into the car.
Lots of leg space in there, at least.
>> No. 4383 Anonymous
9th September 2019
Monday 10:04 am
4383 spacer
I need to sell my old car and get something that meets London's ULEZ standards before I have to start paying £12.50 just to drive in my neighbourhood in 2021. Essentially it just needs to be something newer than 2006 so it meets the Euro 4 emmissions standards.

What's the most reliable post-2006 car you can buy for under £2k? It'll probably be something Japanese, but what in particular? I'm not picky and my only requirement is that it needs to be an automatic with 4 four seats.
>> No. 4384 Anonymous
9th September 2019
Monday 3:07 pm
4384 spacer
A Suzuki Swift would do you, but old automatics can be a nightmare. Can't cook or won't cook?
>> No. 4385 Anonymous
14th September 2019
Saturday 9:35 pm
4385 spacer

A Yaris. Super reliable and utterly boring.
>> No. 4386 Anonymous
14th September 2019
Saturday 9:36 pm
4386 spacer

I am a precursor to a Leon.
Get in the car.
>> No. 4387 Anonymous
15th September 2019
Sunday 10:29 am
4387 spacer
Maybe try looking for either Citroen C1, Peugeot 106 or Toyota Aygo. They are all the same car, with minor cosmetic differences. Though the 4 door models are quite a bit rarer than the 2 doors.
>> No. 4388 Anonymous
16th September 2019
Monday 2:48 pm
4388 spacer

Jaguar XK150, the one mentioned in Forsyth's The ODESSA File.
A fancy sports car, even more so if it's in the after-war FRG.
I like Octavias (and not only Octavias, Rapid and Superb are alright too).
Then again, never driven one myself.

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