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>> No. 9430 Anonymous
26th January 2016
Tuesday 10:09 pm
9430 spacer
Huddersfield charity shop finally says goodbye to a shutter which lasted 26 years


That's it. That's literally it. A charity shop has replaced one of its roller shutters after having the same one for 26 years. It's all go in Huddersfield.

I challenge you lads to find a more pointless news story than this.
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>> No. 35179 Anonymous
27th August 2021
Friday 8:44 pm
35179 spacer
>>Concerns were raised over an image within the pole
Am I to be lead to assume offence was taken over the black man wearing a cravat?
What a crock of shit.
>> No. 35180 Anonymous
27th August 2021
Friday 10:43 pm
35180 spacer

I'd be miffed too if I saw that half-arsed attempt at Papa Lazarou. At least finish painting the eyes.
>> No. 35181 Anonymous
27th August 2021
Friday 11:52 pm
35181 spacer
I think I'd be miffed if one of my neighbours erected a naff totem pole regardless of what was on it.
>> No. 35182 Anonymous
28th August 2021
Saturday 2:37 pm
35182 spacer

Well you'll have to settle for the mere idea of being miffed at the possibility, won't you.
>> No. 35183 Anonymous
28th August 2021
Saturday 2:50 pm
35183 spacer
I'll miff you.
>> No. 35184 Anonymous
28th August 2021
Saturday 4:11 pm
35184 spacer

Don't you have a residential road outside a primary school to speed down at 50mph?
>> No. 35200 Anonymous
2nd September 2021
Thursday 11:39 pm
35200 spacer

Driffield divided over mural that 'screams welcome to our white town'

A new mural has left an East Yorkshire town divided after critics slammed it for failing to depict a single ethnic minority person.

The 'Wall of Fame' mural, recently put up in Middle Road North, Driffield, featured well-known local business owners as a tribute to those "ravaged" by the coronavirus pandemic. But some locals, residents and social media users took to Facebook criticising the project which one said "screams welcome to our white town".

The mural, unveiled in front of the former post office this week, features several local shopkeepers, restaurant owners and other personalities. All appear to be white. It followed the installation of decorative umbrellas and new hanging baskets designed to spruce up the town as it looks to attract more visitors in the wake of the pandemic.

https://www.hullPlease don't ban me.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/driffield-divided-over-mural-screams-5859938

I really wish that "a small handful of morons post something mindless on social media and it's reported on as if it's a widely held view" wasn't a trend. This is a big reason why we have a culture war.
>> No. 35201 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 12:13 am
35201 spacer
I used to go to a skatepark in Driffield quite regularly. It was an excellent park and extremely well-maintained, and only a few quid entry. I hope the owner is doing well, he had been strategically using the fact that insurance companies "wouldn't cover" micro-scooters to keep that lot out, but I'm sure that ship has long sailed.

There's fuck all else in Driff.
>> No. 35204 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 9:42 am
35204 spacer
Did you invite your black mates to join you or were you more concerned with keeping Driffield white?
>> No. 35205 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 9:48 am
35205 spacer
No such thing as a black person in East Yorkshire, maybe a Chinese person running a takeaway but that's your lot.
>> No. 35206 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 12:00 pm
35206 spacer
>"a small handful of morons post something mindless on social media and it's reported on as if it's a widely held view"

Isn't shoehorning in 'representation' what we do, even if we don't spell it out so clearly?
>> No. 35207 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 12:04 pm
35207 spacer
According to this census data Driffield is 98% White English/Welsh/Scottish/Northern Irish/British. (https://www.ukcensusdata.com/driffield-and-rural-e00065462/ethnic-group-ks201ew). The postcode coverage looks quite small for what I assume is a city - perhaps it doesn't represent the residential areas.
That's about the limit of research i'm going to do, someone else pick up from here.
>> No. 35209 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 1:36 pm
35209 spacer
I didn't have any black mates, just one Chinese mate, see >>35205
>> No. 35222 Anonymous
4th September 2021
Saturday 8:04 pm
35222 spacer

>Councillor’s ‘illegal’ shed used for romps

>A COUNCILLOR who built three sheds without permission in his garden and let his son live in one has been facing complaints from neighbours over amorous trysts. Brian Ayling, a member of Southend’s development control committee, built three wooden outbuildings in his garden on Eastern Avenue - without planning permission.

>The outbuildings were set to be used for overnight stays by relatives, but his son has been living in one for a year. Complaints to the council from a neighbour, said to be over the son’s amorous trysts with his girlfriend, resulted in the councillor being ordered to submit a planning application – which has now been rejected. A statement by Mr Ayling’s neighbour said: “I have to listen to them participating in sexual activities.” The neighbour also complained about “dodgy wiring” which he said was a fire hazard and stated that the application made “a mockery of the committee”.

>Independent St Luke’s ward councillor, Mr Ayling maintains he did not realise he needed permission for the sheds. Mr Ayling built the shed after his son – who had lost his job and had nowhere to live –was employed by NHS test and trace to work from home. Mr Ayling said: “I will be resubmitting the application again. I built the log cabin so my son could work from there and somebody complained. I didn’t realise I needed permission for a log cabin in my garden. The other person who complained was my opponent in the next election. I made an official complaint on councillor Dent because they all ganged together against me.”


Fortunately he won the appeal so we can now go back to our sex romps knowing we have the law behind us.
https://www. Please ban me/news/14592534/sex-shed-councillors-garden-approved-son-loud/
>> No. 35223 Anonymous
4th September 2021
Saturday 9:12 pm
35223 spacer
I wish I could use the word "romp" more often.
>> No. 35238 Anonymous
8th September 2021
Wednesday 9:39 am
35238 spacer

>Officials have been left red faced after a junior staff member was unwittingly let loose on approving and rejecting planning notices, with one applicant, a charity boss, told their scheme was turned down because: “Your proposal is whack”.

>The blunder came about when the Mid Kent Planning Support team, which handles the online submissions on behalf of Swale council, was trying to resolve software issues. In doing so, five ‘dummy’ decisions, used to test the website was working, were accidentally published.

>Among them was the sarcastic refusal to a desperate bid by Happy Pants animal sanctuary to stay on its site in Bobbing, near Sittingbourne. The charity received the response “your proposal is whack” and “no mate, proper whack”. Making good the mistaken planning decisions is now set to cost £8,000.

>Terry Rowse butchers’ change of use to a takeaway in Chaucer Road, Sittingbourne, was also turned down, with the official comments reading simply “no”, and “just don’t”, while the partial demolition of The Wheatsheaf pub in East Street, Sittingbourne, was granted, with the response “incy, wincy, spider”.

>Meanwhile, an application for the change of use for a barn to provide storage for seeds and crop protection products, precision farm services and office space in Bredgar Road, Tunstall, was granted, as was the fifth application, for the demolition of the Old House At Home pub in Sheerness High Street, to make way for flats. The latter's comment was “why am I doing this, am I the chosen one?”

>Swale council is now seeking to quash the planning decisions issued in error. It said that, on August 19, officers for the Mid Kent Planning Support team were trying to find a solution for issues with the software behind the public access site but, during the exercise, ‘dummy’ decision notices on five randomly selected Swale applications were published on the live system. After being alerted to the mistake, the decision notices were swiftly removed from the site, but legal advice has subsequently confirmed they are legally binding and must be overturned before the correct decisions are made.

>> No. 35259 Anonymous
9th September 2021
Thursday 7:37 pm
35259 spacer

In all honesty, it couldn't hurt if authorities were a bit more "street" like that sometimes.
>> No. 35261 Anonymous
10th September 2021
Friday 12:07 am
35261 spacer
Bruv you can't build a extension that blocks your neighbour's patio that gets bare sun, that's out of order
>> No. 35262 Anonymous
10th September 2021
Friday 12:49 am
35262 spacer
There are a couple of planning applications I wish I could have rejected with "Yeah, no, fuck off mate."
>> No. 35263 Anonymous
11th September 2021
Saturday 1:10 pm
35263 spacer
Please elaborate
>> No. 35266 Anonymous
11th September 2021
Saturday 7:12 pm
35266 spacer

One of these things is not like the others.

And I don't mean the skate park.
>> No. 35267 Anonymous
11th September 2021
Saturday 7:24 pm
35267 spacer
Goodness me, that is terrible. Have to ask why someone would want to build a big house like that, actually surrounded by other houses - if you have that kind of dollar, you find something a bit more rural.
>> No. 35268 Anonymous
11th September 2021
Saturday 8:47 pm
35268 spacer
Bus/train routes tend to be shit in rural areas, so it's better to live in a more urban/suburban area to make full use of public transport.
>> No. 35269 Anonymous
11th September 2021
Saturday 9:09 pm
35269 spacer
Do you think someone who builds/lives in a house like that, takes the bus?
>> No. 35270 Anonymous
11th September 2021
Saturday 9:26 pm
35270 spacer
I can assure you that the person who lives in that actual house owns a number of flash cars, and is in the business of buying and selling cars.

I should also add that the road in front of that house is basically the road in and out of that area, so even if he wanted to go out and about he's getting stuck in traffic with the rest of us.
>> No. 35272 Anonymous
11th September 2021
Saturday 9:41 pm
35272 spacer
How can you miss a joke that obvious?

But traffic is at its slowest while harassing him specifically.

>> No. 35273 Anonymous
11th September 2021
Saturday 9:55 pm
35273 spacer

Trade Centre Wales Boss Mark Bailey is trying to stop a children’s skatepark opposite his huge gaudy house on Mumbles road, Swansea. In protest against him, the people of Swansea beep their horn as they go by his house. The campaign used the hashtag #beepforthebellend to promote the beeping.

>> No. 35274 Anonymous
11th September 2021
Saturday 10:01 pm
35274 spacer
He has since backed down, and the beeping has stopped. It was glorious while it lasted, though.
>> No. 35275 Anonymous
11th September 2021
Saturday 10:09 pm
35275 spacer
You've posted a lot about this Welsh patriot, but you've never posted his story. He's got a skatepark opposite his house (by the seafront) that he and other residents lodged an appeal to the council over it's expansion - he'd even offered more money if they'd just put it elsewhere. The beeping started only after his wife filmed him confronting teenagers who were by then repeatedly chucking things at his car as he drove past.

Then the internet jumped on him and tried to ruin his life for it. I'm not defending his shit house but if someone put a skatepark opposite me I wouldn't be too happy either. Honestly putting a skatepark right by an A-Road is daft in itself.
>> No. 35276 Anonymous
11th September 2021
Saturday 10:11 pm
35276 spacer

Oh god I love that (and the video).
>> No. 35277 Anonymous
11th September 2021
Saturday 11:21 pm
35277 spacer
>You've posted a lot about this Welsh patriot, but you've never posted his story.
Fair enough, allow me to oblige.

His house is on the main route in and out of Mumbles, with prime seafront views. Across the road, on what is accepted to be public land, there is a metal halfpipe. Currently, throughout the county there are a number of basic outdoor facilities and one indoor skate park that closed because of the whole plague thing and still hasn't properly reopened. Some folk thought it would be nice to have a proper facility, scoped out some sites, and came to the conclusion that on a bit of public land on a vibrant waterfront would be a good place to put it. Then this absolute bellend who somehow managed to build a massively out-of-character McMansion on the road got indignant that other people might want to enjoy the view too, so he wrote to the council objecting to it, then went and paid for a judicial review when the council approved it. When that failed, he went over to the skate park and harassed the kids that were using it, and boasted about his Ferrari. He approached the developers and said he'd pay them a lot more money if they'd put it somewhere else, but didn't specify where he'd want it, or what he'd do if the residents in the alternative site didn't want it there either. Consequently, the people of Swansea quite rightly decided that they would make sure he knew everyone thought he was a massive bellend.

Knowing people that live in that particular area, most of the local residents do indeed think he's a bellend.
>> No. 35278 Anonymous
12th September 2021
Sunday 11:14 am
35278 spacer
What a cunt. I bet he's one of those who claims he hasn't changed since becoming rich and still lives in Mumbles etc.
>> No. 35284 Anonymous
12th September 2021
Sunday 1:33 pm
35284 spacer
So it's not even about the noise? I could understand that, maybe the sound of trucks clattering would get through the triple glazing in the indoor cinema, but just the aesthetic? That's bollocks.
>> No. 35300 Anonymous
14th September 2021
Tuesday 9:36 am
35300 spacer

I agree, I also know this area well and the road that this hideous mansion leads onto is absolutely rammed on any given sunny day. It's extraordinarily poor planning to build a house like that there, and as far as I remember, the little skatepark was there for longer.

For context, the little rim of public land before you reach the cycling path and the beach has a few other facilities dotted along it, of which the skatepark is just one. A little bit further east along the road you have a children's park with water fountains, and a bit before that used to be a golf course (which I think has now opened up the greens to other sports).

It's been a few years since I've lived in Wales and God it's fucking weird to hear you lads talk about areas I know well.
>> No. 35314 Anonymous
15th September 2021
Wednesday 6:12 pm
35314 spacer


>> No. 35315 Anonymous
15th September 2021
Wednesday 6:24 pm
35315 spacer

What is Garand Thumb doing there?
>> No. 35316 Anonymous
15th September 2021
Wednesday 6:49 pm
35316 spacer
Won't somebody think of those poor defenceless arms dealers?
>> No. 35317 Anonymous
15th September 2021
Wednesday 7:10 pm
35317 spacer
Silly little children. We'll sell what we want and you can't fucking stop us.
>> No. 35318 Anonymous
15th September 2021
Wednesday 7:16 pm
35318 spacer

I think there was similar sentiment from certain people not long before their heads were separated from their bodies.
>> No. 35319 Anonymous
15th September 2021
Wednesday 7:26 pm
35319 spacer

This genuinely warms my heart.

I think anti-war sentiment is really strong in the UK, and people will find an outlet for that one way or another.
>> No. 35320 Anonymous
15th September 2021
Wednesday 11:14 pm
35320 spacer
>Kids have started emptying baked beans onto doorsteps as part of a bizarre TikTok trend - forcing police to ask shopkeepers to stop selling tins.

>Videos are being posted on the social media site under the hashtag #beanbandits, which show youths smearing the juicy breakfast staple onto driveways, doorsteps and even cars.

>West Yorkshire Police has now urged local shop workers to be aware of youths buying large quantities of cans of beans - in case of "beaning". In a statement, PCSO Michelle Owens said: "It has come to the attention of the police that a new trend has started by groups of youths called 'beaning'. This involves youths throwing the contents of a can of beans over properties, very similar to the trend of throwing eggs at properties. If you work in a shop, please can you be aware of youths buying large quantities of cans of beans, if you have children living at home, please be mindful if you see them removing cans of beans from the family home."

>> No. 35321 Anonymous
16th September 2021
Thursday 1:14 am
35321 spacer
>the juicy breakfast staple
Never in my life have I ever considered baked beans to be any of those three things.
>> No. 35322 Anonymous
16th September 2021
Thursday 4:53 am
35322 spacer
Heresy. A can of baked beans is a beautiful thing. I recently discovered that one of my teenage sons has been stealing cans and eating them cold while playing PS4. I'd like to tell him off in a way, but actually I'm very proud of his self sufficiency.
>> No. 35323 Anonymous
16th September 2021
Thursday 4:58 am
35323 spacer

That's either quite impressive or entirely worrying, depending on whether he's closer to 13 or to 19.

I remember a lass my age (14) teaching me how to make scrambled egg in the microwave. On reflection they were fucking terrible, but being able to make my own hot food felt incredible.
>> No. 35324 Anonymous
16th September 2021
Thursday 11:03 am
35324 spacer

Doesn't microwaving eggs just cause them to explode?
>> No. 35325 Anonymous
16th September 2021
Thursday 11:06 am
35325 spacer
I think it depends how much butter you use and how often you take it out to stir.

My girlfriend tends to make scrambled eggs in the microwave and they're nowhere near as nice as doing them on the hob. She also cooks most vegetables in the microwave rather than boiling or steaming them.
>> No. 35326 Anonymous
16th September 2021
Thursday 4:15 pm
35326 spacer

>> No. 35358 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 2:48 pm
35358 spacer

>A tormented mum claims she was attacked by a "sexually charged" ghost for two hellish years - before the birth of her daughter banished it for good.

>Charlene Smith, from Harlow, Essex, says she was first awoken by the deviant spirit touching her intimately and initially mistook it for her partner. However, over the coming months the mum-of-six says the spectre continued to attack her, forcing her to desperately turn to ghostbusters, mediums and even a priest to no avail.

>> No. 35359 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 3:37 pm
35359 spacer

>before the birth of her daughter banished it for good

That always does it.
>> No. 35363 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 4:56 pm
35363 spacer
>forcing her to desperately turn to ghostbusters

I'm so confused.

I wish I had a sexually charged ghost. So long as it doesn't start slamming doors and leaving all the lights on.

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