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first orange president.jpg
>> No. 64250 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 6:46 pm
64250 US elections 2016
This man is going to be the next President of the US and it's going to be fucking awesome.
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>> No. 82551 Anonymous
27th May 2017
Saturday 11:21 pm
82551 spacer
You clearly misspelled "alpha male".
>> No. 82552 Anonymous
27th May 2017
Saturday 11:31 pm
82552 spacer

Yeah, you can always tell who the alpha is by the insecurity beaming out of every pore.
>> No. 82557 Anonymous
30th May 2017
Tuesday 6:23 pm
82557 spacer
This video is doing the rounds at the moment but I'm sure it's fake. The cuff of his shirt suddenly getting a couple of inches longer gives it away.

>> No. 82558 Anonymous
30th May 2017
Tuesday 6:29 pm
82558 spacer
It is indeed fake.
>> No. 82559 Anonymous
31st May 2017
Wednesday 10:06 pm
82559 spacer
Such a shame, Trump is inexplicable enough without people making stuff up.
>> No. 82560 Anonymous
31st May 2017
Wednesday 10:55 pm
82560 spacer

It's just a joke m8. I think it's funny, nicely edited, gave me a chuckle.

But yes Trump is absurd enough that you hardly need fake covfefe to laugh at.
>> No. 82561 Anonymous
31st May 2017
Wednesday 11:02 pm
82561 spacer
I really like the music.
>> No. 82868 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 1:21 pm
82868 spacer


This guy. Playing Trump perfectly. I would like to see more world leaders do this kind of thing, only way to deal with him.
>> No. 82870 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 2:24 pm
82870 spacer
>I would like to see more world leaders do this kind of thing, only way to deal with him.

As much as I'd love to see the Tony Blair version I don't know what good former politicians rehabilitating their legacy would achieve.
>> No. 82872 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 4:07 pm
82872 spacer
>> No. 82876 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 7:37 pm
82876 spacer
Of course, the best part about all of this is that we can't be shot of Trump. Just look down the order of succession and see the cunts that would replace him. Remember that for any of those people on the list to reach the presidency, everyone above them has to come and go, and their jobs have to remain vacant. If Mike Pence takes the reins, only if nobody is appointed to replace him does Paul Ryan get a go.
>> No. 82879 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 7:47 pm
82879 spacer

Fast times
>> No. 82883 Anonymous
12th June 2017
Monday 1:11 am
82883 spacer
Yep, this youtube video sure will be what takes him down.
>> No. 86864 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 4:52 pm
86864 spacer
Not sure this man is going to be President of the US for that much longer.
>> No. 86865 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 4:56 pm
86865 spacer
... and it's going to be fucking awesome.
>> No. 86866 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 5:02 pm
86866 spacer
>>86864 >>86865
Even if impeachment proceedings start, they're definitely not going to succeed.
>> No. 86867 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 5:17 pm
86867 spacer

Screenshot_2019-10-03 Trump admits he pushed Ukrai.png
It might be less tedious at least.

I don't think they need to at this rate. He's stopped pretending the phone call didn't happen, I think, and is now doubling down on the idea that Big Biden and Diddy Biden did do something dastardly, but in the most insane way possible. This is Qaddafi level babble, almost anyway.
>> No. 86869 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 9:04 pm
86869 spacer
Might be less of an issue now that there's an election approaching.
I'd guess that there would be at least some support for getting Trump impeached now to clear the ground for absolutely any other candidate in 2020.
>> No. 86870 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 9:30 pm
86870 spacer
He's attempting to normalise the behaviour and stoke his cultists into defending him by any means once impeachment proceedings start.
>> No. 86871 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 9:33 pm
86871 spacer

You're right, but he's exceedingly good at it.
>> No. 86872 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 9:45 pm
86872 spacer
Is it that hard though? His fans are unironically thick as pig shit and would buy anything he says without a moment's hesitation. “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn’t lose any voters, ok? It’s, like, incredible.” to quote the great man himself. I don't even feel this way about no-deal IIIWWeers, in case anyone reading thinks I just hate right-wingers or something, but Trump supporters are something else.

I suppose. I just don't know how you snap people out of this kind of delusion, meaning their devotion to Trumpism. I feel as though the only way this ends is if someone quite left-wing gets in and properly improves things for a lot of people, resulting in a major shift back towards the left in the popular consiousness of America. Otherwise I don't see how you can get more right-wing, not to mention bonkers, than Trump and still have a functioning society. He's like Stalin, not remotely as bloody or in his politics of course, but in the sense that whatever he says is now The Truth and you better be onboard for that, else he'll roll right over you.
>> No. 86873 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 9:59 pm
86873 spacer

Trump is actually seriously good at manipulation. If this is the first masterpiece you noticed I suggest you go over some of his earlier scandals and read through his responses. The man is a master of misdirection and redirection. Not a lot of people will understand what you're talking about though so keep it to yourself unless you want to be looked at like you have 3 heads.

The way he segues in to "I am comfortable with the course of action which you are implying is bad" from his babble distraction is honestly beautiful. I enjoy watching the man work though I offer no comment on his policies or affiliations.

You ask if it's hard, yes it fucking is. It seems easy but go ahead and find a political situation you're not familiar with, try to weasel your way out of it with words and see how you compare against the real response. For best results start with Trump, he's the best at it in living memory.

As for your response to otherlad I must confess to being an old style left winger myself. Unfortunately the old style left wing is dead. It's not cool anymore. If an old style left winger stands up and says that he wants to improve the working conditions of the working classes in his country he's tagged as right wing because he offers no comment on migrants, the climate or taxes on big business which literally no politician has control over. Then the right wing hate him because they've been conditioned to see people who want to help them as hurting their bosses and thus being bad for them. We're squarely in the nutters to the left of me, nutters to the right of me phase of history, nothing to do but find someone to be stuck in the middle with and ride it out.
>> No. 86874 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 10:03 pm
86874 spacer
Blame the utter fucking cuntrags at SCL/CA, who fucked those people up for a handsome fee. Trump really isn't a relatable person at all. He's just a dinosaur with very good marketing.
>> No. 86876 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 10:05 pm
86876 spacer
>If an old style left winger stands up and says that he wants to improve the working conditions of the working classes in his country he's tagged as right wing because he offers no comment on migrants

You're such an "old style left winger" you have no idea what the present day left actually wants. I'm sure you find transwomen and rap music very frightening or something, but you're just talking shite.

You're going to have to give me a hint there, because I'm not familiar with those acronyms and they're board enough to be search engine proof.
>> No. 86877 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 10:13 pm
86877 spacer

>you have no idea what the present day left actually wants

Or maybe I just don't give a fuck. Shrug fucking emoji. Enjoy your racial equality or trans bathrooms or whatever when you're all on 0 hours contracts with no pension contributions and living in 1 bed flats that eat half your wages you retarded shitbag carpet-bagger cunt.
>> No. 86879 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 10:20 pm
86879 spacer

Because the modern left actively, tacitly supports the status quo of neo-liberal capitalism, you dickhead.

It's perfectly fine that the CEOs earn more than a thousand times the wage of their average worker, as long as those CEOs have a better penis to vagina ratio. It'll be just fine when Disney owns your eternal soul as part of the terms and conditions of its media monopoly, just so long as it keeps putting #girlboss characters in its films.

Fucking sort your brain out mate.
>> No. 86880 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 10:26 pm
86880 spacer
Pie covers that sort of in this one

>> No. 86881 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 10:28 pm
86881 spacer

You know I completely forgot that CEOs now are on a ridiculous multiplier compared to their entry level workers. I was so focused on the lack of wage security wrought by 0 hours contracts and the psychological effects I've seen that have on people that the earlier fuckery they did completely slipped my mind.

It's insane today's society, but people accept it because it's all they ever knew. One day you and I will be dead and this will be the new normal. We have to restore the unions, it's the only way to ensure long term generational damage to the worker/owner relationship is undone. It might take a century or more but it's the only worthwhile way I can see. Everything else is just window dressing. Power to the workers is all that matters.
>> No. 86882 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 10:29 pm
86882 spacer
>Shrug fucking emoji.
My word, I didn't realise there were characters from Life is Strange posting here.

You're both just talking utter nonsense. Vast tracts of left wingers oppose the things you just laid out. The idea that more equal gender representation is somehow in opposition to Disney's burgeoning media monopoly or soul-destroyingly high wealth concentration to the top is wholly absurd and I've come to expect better from you, Otherlad.
>> No. 86887 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 10:42 pm
86887 spacer

Or you could just accept that you have to prioritise things and that coloured trannies are lower on the list than acceptable living conditions for the working class.
>> No. 86888 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 10:49 pm
86888 spacer

The problem is you have it all backwards. Women and gays and racial minorities have it worse in society BECAUSE of the economic inequalities between classes and the artificial competition of labour. They're the symptoms, not root cause of the problem.

All the modern left is doing is inefectually painting over the top of a mould infestation that needs ripping out and rebuilding.
>> No. 86891 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 11:16 pm
86891 spacer
You can do more than one thing at a time, the idea that these issues detract from one another is blinkered and silly. I'd quite like loot crates banned, that doesn't mean I forgotten closing libraries is bad. Indeed, when the policies at hand relate to issues such as that, rather than women and ethnic minorities, I doubt you two find the suggestion I can hold two ideas, or more, in my head at once far less shocking.

You pair need to stop spending so much time on the 240 character limit website and talk to some actual people. Don't get all arsey though, people hate that, you seem like the types to get very arsey very quickly.

>coloured trannies
Gosh, you're so blood edgy I bet you're subbed to Count Dankula and everything. More importantly one of you two just posted a Johnathan Pie video, a man who's been doing the same sketch, over and over, for almost a decade, and until I figure out who it was I have to deem you both too contemptable for my attention.
>> No. 86893 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 11:19 pm
86893 spacer
That wasn't either of them that was me. If there are only three of us and I'm neither of the people you're replying to then clearly you posted it.

Also I contend the accusation that it's just the same sketch. He's playing the same character but the sketch is updated every time and seemingly well informed and researched to be relevant.
>> No. 86897 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 11:37 pm
86897 spacer
I necro-bumped this thread to talk about President Trump so I won't ramble on about this, but the only thing Pie does is be an unwitting pastische of the hair-trigger, always online, belly-feelers who think, and this could well sound very ironic given what I was saying earlier ITT, every issue they encounter deserves the same amount of frothing rage. He lacks self-awareness and is only a parody of himself.

It's basically a shit The Day Today knock-off with none of the bite too.
>> No. 86898 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 11:38 pm
86898 spacer

You're so dimwitted you failed to fall in to my trap. I'm going to bed soon so I'm going to unveil my master plan without you triggering it.

Coloured trannies are exceptionally likely to be working class you ultra spastic fool. Improving living, working and economic conditions for the working class includes improving those conditions for coloured trannies you massive gay spastic shite eating wanker.
>> No. 86899 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 11:42 pm
86899 spacer
That's not a trap, that's just stuff I'm aware of already so I didn't even address that you'd brought it up, like if you'd mentioned the sky's blue or ducks quack; it's a given. You're too daft and wound up to lay a trap.

Please use commas in any future lists, I'd hate for you to get banned.
>> No. 86900 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 11:53 pm
86900 spacer

It wasn't a list you massive gay spastic white eating wanker.

You are a wanker who eats massive gay spastic shites.

It's not weakness to admit when you're considering updating your world view you know. You can say "hang on a minute, you might have a point there mate" without losing face, especially on an anonymous image board like .gs. If you now recognise that coloured trannies are "us" because they produce value which is siphoned off by the ruling class then you can call yourself old left without a stain on your reputation, though your "friends" might consider it a stain on your character.

Otherwise keep calling coloured trannies "them" and let your cause fall in to oblivion like everyone else who has opposed the worker, including a king.
>> No. 86902 Anonymous
6th October 2019
Sunday 7:53 pm
86902 spacer

Elizabeth Warren is going to be the next US President.
>> No. 86903 Anonymous
6th October 2019
Sunday 8:32 pm
86903 spacer
It's going to be fucking awesome.
>> No. 86904 Anonymous
6th October 2019
Sunday 10:46 pm
86904 spacer
I am starting to think that too. I much prefer Kamala Harris personally, but for whatever reason the septics prefer her.
>> No. 86905 Anonymous
7th October 2019
Monday 1:49 am
86905 spacer

I think we know the reason. They can handle a woman president or a non white president, but not both at the same time.
>> No. 86906 Anonymous
7th October 2019
Monday 1:06 pm
86906 spacer
The Democrats or DemoRATS as I've seen some very smart and witty folk call them are going to fudge it so Biden gets the nomination and he'll lose because he's got all the charisma of a stick of chalk.
>> No. 86907 Anonymous
7th October 2019
Monday 5:52 pm
86907 spacer
But is America ready for a native American president?
>> No. 86908 Anonymous
7th October 2019
Monday 6:01 pm
86908 spacer

Screenshot_2019-10-07 Donald J Trump on Twitter.png

>> No. 86909 Anonymous
7th October 2019
Monday 8:53 pm
86909 spacer
Just when you think the limit has been reached.
>> No. 86910 Anonymous
7th October 2019
Monday 9:10 pm
86910 spacer
There's no bottom to his barrel. I thought we all realised this already.
>> No. 86911 Anonymous
7th October 2019
Monday 10:02 pm
86911 spacer

If a video emerged of Trump giggling like a schoolgirl while crushing kittens to death, I would not be remotely surprised.
>> No. 86912 Anonymous
8th October 2019
Tuesday 9:18 am
86912 spacer
He's betrayed a US ally just to protect his own material interests in Turkey. What a massive cunt. Who would ever trust the US again after his presidency?
>> No. 86914 Anonymous
9th October 2019
Wednesday 10:17 pm
86914 spacer
While he is in power, not many.
>> No. 86915 Anonymous
10th October 2019
Thursday 12:51 am
86915 spacer
Instead of trying to broker an agreement, even half-heartedly, he's allowing Erdogan to reestablish a Second Ottoman Empire of whom the fiercest fighters against the most debased terror group in recent memory, the Kurds, will be the initial victims. Besides, of course, the Turks themselves who already labour under Erdogan's crooked and heartless rule. I simply don't understand how a man so wretched, debased and without sense could become the foremost leader in the world. Donald Trump's claim that he will tear down the economy of Turkey can't be believed any moreso than his denials of impropriety when talking with Volodymyr Zelensky, nor will they count for shit for the thousands of Kurds who will die, be maimed and be yet more traumatised by conflict. Kurds who, seeing they can't hope to win a conventional war within their own territory, will enact bombings and massacres against Turkish civilians, which will in turn increase the ferocity of Turkey's campaign and so on for decades. Donald Trump and the enablers within his administration were simply too lazy and self-absorbed to make even the most meagre efforts towards avoiding this, an act so sinful and without merrit I believe it to be the worst thing this sorry excuse for a man has done in office. I have spent the best part of three years ignoring his blathering, his posturing and his misdeeds, but to not even try, at any level, to prevent this, is so shocking an event that I am having trouble accepting it as reality. It is as if the Devil himself were occupying the Oval Office.

What another four years off this will wreak upon the world is beyond my imagining.

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