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>> No. 3281 Anonymous
28th September 2011
Wednesday 10:58 pm
3281 spacer
Have any of you chaps stopped using shampoo and conditioner?

I'm considering giving it a go, but I've heard that before your hair starts to clean itself (which usually takes up to 6 weeks) it can be a greasy mess.
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>> No. 3355 Anonymous
1st November 2011
Tuesday 1:37 am
3355 spacer

I would, but I have a scalp complaint that I need to use coal tar shampoo on otherwise all of my clothes get covered in dandruff.

My mate Tam did it for years with just hot water, his hair was fine. Ginger, but fine.
>> No. 3356 Anonymous
2nd November 2011
Wednesday 8:17 am
3356 spacer
OP here. I haven't used shampoo in 5 and a half weeks now and my hair is definitely showing some improvement, although I'm going to have a look into shampoo alternatives rather than rinsing with hot & cold water. I've even had compliments that it smells nice, which I wasn't expecting. My hair isn't long enough for me to smell it, but I assumed it would smell rabbit-esque.
>> No. 3357 Anonymous
2nd November 2011
Wednesday 6:39 pm
3357 spacer
>>3354 here. I washed my hair with water only yesterday and it remained disgustingly greasy. I washed my hair with soap this morning and it's about as clean as it would have been with shampoo. I'll keep at it and see if my sebaceous glands will calm down.
>> No. 3358 Anonymous
2nd November 2011
Wednesday 6:57 pm
3358 spacer

Washing your hair with soap has the unfortunate side-effect of drying out your scalp. Prepare for dandruff.
>> No. 3359 Anonymous
3rd November 2011
Thursday 5:17 am
3359 spacer
Well what the hell am I supposed to do then? I can't use shampoo it gets greasy, I can't use soap it gets dry?
>> No. 3361 Anonymous
5th November 2011
Saturday 4:31 pm
3361 spacer

Just use conditioner after rinsing with hot water.
>> No. 3362 Anonymous
5th November 2011
Saturday 7:12 pm
3362 spacer
Isn't conditioner made of the same stuff as shampoo?
>> No. 3366 Anonymous
10th November 2011
Thursday 1:30 pm
3366 spacer
op looks like the little girl from ratchet and clank.
>> No. 3367 Anonymous
11th November 2011
Friday 6:23 pm
3367 spacer
How do you know? Are you his mate?
>> No. 3368 Anonymous
11th November 2011
Friday 10:38 pm
3368 spacer

No. If it was then you wouldn't have to shampoo it and then condition it.
>> No. 3370 Anonymous
11th November 2011
Friday 11:02 pm
3370 spacer
Shampoo uses cleansing surfactants, conditioner (unsurprisingly) uses conditioning surfactants. You can't really build up a lather from conditioner.
>> No. 3371 Anonymous
12th November 2011
Saturday 12:31 am
3371 spacer
I thought the point was that shampoo strips the scalp of its natural oils and I've stopped using it so the oils can remain? What will conditioner do that my scalp naturally doesn't?
>> No. 3372 Anonymous
12th November 2011
Saturday 2:17 am
3372 spacer
I started going to the gym and using the sauna & steam room 3/4 times a week. Due to showering there and forgetting/not being fucked to bring shampoo, I've only used it on my hair once or twice in 5 weeks, yet it looks, feel and smell as clean as ever.
Saunas and steam rooms are your friend.
>> No. 3378 Anonymous
12th November 2011
Saturday 11:22 am
3378 spacer
Conditioners generally have proteins and fatty acids in it, but they also tend to have things like silicone and lubricants to make hair glossy and less prone to frizz/static/getting tangled. It's mainly used for keeping hair moisturised.
>> No. 3478 Anonymous
6th January 2012
Friday 10:24 pm
3478 spacer

Can't believe no one's mentioned the bicarb method yet.

I've been washing my hair with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and rinsing with citric acid (cheap on ebay) for a few months now and it's totally awesome. Clean hair, no dandruff, no toxins, etc. I just put a heaped teaspoon of the baking soda in a quarter cup of warm water, rub it into my hair/scalp for 2 minutes, then rinse with water. Then I rinse with a half teaspoon of citric acid in a quarter cup water and again rinse out with water.

Try it ladm8s. You'll thank me.
>> No. 3479 Anonymous
6th January 2012
Friday 10:27 pm
3479 spacer

I heard of this recently and was thinking of trying it once I've used up the shampoo I have. Although the method I found was to use a rinse of apple vinegar instead.
>> No. 3480 Anonymous
6th January 2012
Friday 10:32 pm
3480 spacer
Yeah I think any weak acid will do. Lemon juice is ok too. I just use citric caus one packet lasts for months.
>> No. 3511 Anonymous
12th January 2012
Thursday 7:41 pm
3511 spacer
While we're on the subject of "no shampoo" tips: invest in a proper brush (one with bristles, not with tines) and use regularly. It helps clean your hair and keeps skin oils evenly distributed while also stripping off any excess, so your hair looks glossy but not greasy.

Wash that out with soap every now and then and it'll be a good companion for a long time.
>> No. 3516 Anonymous
15th January 2012
Sunday 1:32 pm
3516 spacer

this may help...
>> No. 3541 Anonymous
20th January 2012
Friday 7:55 pm
3541 spacer
Reddit? Lad.
>> No. 4260 Anonymous
1st February 2013
Friday 8:24 am
4260 spacer
Slightly related and I didn't think it was worthy of a new thread; when Original Sauce put 40 limes in a bottle of shampoo does it actually have an effect or is it just a marketing gimmick that wastes a lot of fruit? It sort of remind me of medieval times when people used to believe rubbing all sorts on would cure all kinds of ailments or bring them good fortune.
>> No. 4261 Anonymous
1st February 2013
Friday 9:24 am
4261 spacer
You know how (some) shampoos say 'if irritation occurs, discontinue use'?
A couple of weeks back, I thought that my head really wasn't always this scratchy. Stop using H&S, start using some hippy shit with a long list of 'doesn't contain'. As if by magic, no more scratchy, no more dandruff. What the hell?
It's not as foamy, but still washes the crap out of my hair (I sometimes work in really dusty gritty crappy places).
It almost makes a chap think that shampoo is an evil scam.
>> No. 4262 Anonymous
1st February 2013
Friday 1:35 pm
4262 spacer
You're probably sensitive to one of the perfumes or additives.

Shampoo is kind of a scam, it's just got conditioners and nice perfume stuff in it that makes your hair a lot silkier than if you washed it with dish soap (which is a perfectly valid way of washing one's hair). It's a bit like the difference between bar soap and liquid soap, but SLS is SLS is SLS at the end of the day.

It has the effect that you buy the bottle and it smells nice?
>> No. 4263 Anonymous
1st February 2013
Friday 11:25 pm
4263 spacer

Yeah, I was just a little taken aback that stopping using a dandruff shampoo stopped my dandruff... I'm OK with this.
>> No. 4264 Anonymous
8th February 2013
Friday 3:13 am
4264 spacer
been doing this for almost a month, only washing it with with hot water in the shower
it's fine, looks healthy as fuck and isnt as frizzy/wavy as it used to be
the greasiness for a few weeks isnt anywhere nar as bad as you're thinking it's going to be, just go for it you'll be pleased
>> No. 4267 Anonymous
25th February 2013
Monday 1:00 am
4267 spacer

I've not used shampoo since December. Or any shower gel, for that matter. All I use is shaving soap for shaving, and deodorant for not smelling like a tramp during the day plus occasionally a spot of hair wax.

The secret is to comb, in the shower and out. Exfoliates the scalp and untangles everything without rubbing unnatural chemicals into your skin.
>> No. 4269 Anonymous
25th February 2013
Monday 7:14 am
4269 spacer
Is there something in the background or is your right ear humongous?
>> No. 4270 Anonymous
25th February 2013
Monday 9:26 am
4270 spacer
I think that's his sideburn.
>> No. 4271 Anonymous
25th February 2013
Monday 9:31 am
4271 spacer
Or the door.
>> No. 4272 Anonymous
25th February 2013
Monday 3:24 pm
4272 spacer
>without rubbing unnatural chemicals into your skin.

So how's shaving with 100% organic badger sweat working out for you?
>> No. 4273 Anonymous
25th February 2013
Monday 4:27 pm
4273 spacer

hello, handsome
>> No. 4274 Anonymous
25th February 2013
Monday 5:19 pm
4274 spacer
All about stoat musk nowadays m8.
>> No. 4275 Anonymous
26th February 2013
Tuesday 8:43 am
4275 spacer
If you've got a method of shaving that doesn't use chemicals or result in razor burn/rashes etc I'm all ears m8.
>> No. 4276 Anonymous
26th February 2013
Tuesday 11:38 am
4276 spacer
It really fucks me off how people talk about 'unnatural chemicals' and the like
>> No. 4277 Anonymous
27th February 2013
Wednesday 8:24 am
4277 spacer
Might as well ask this here. For most of the last decade I've had ling hair that didn't require much maintenance. I now have hair that is one, maybe two, inches long and I have absolutely no idea how I'm meant to style it or which gels, matt pastes or sprays I should be using. I don't want to waste money on products I won't need or use and I can't go to work looking like a 12 year old that has rubbed half a tub of his dad's Bryl cream on his bonce.
>> No. 4278 Anonymous
27th February 2013
Wednesday 10:58 am
4278 spacer
Wax is usually a safe bet. You don't need to use a lot of it at all.
>> No. 4282 Anonymous
27th February 2013
Wednesday 2:36 pm
4282 spacer
I bath once every 3 weeks or so and wash my hair in the same water. Most of the time i cant be arsed to use shampoo, but conditioner helps a lot when untangling.
>> No. 4283 Anonymous
27th February 2013
Wednesday 3:03 pm
4283 spacer

Are you a homeless?
>> No. 4284 Anonymous
1st March 2013
Friday 3:20 pm
4284 spacer
I've gone 14 months without washing my hair now.
At first I added nothing but water, but now I use conditioner once a week. I think it's worth it. My hair feels thicker and softer, and I get a lot of compliments on my hair.
>> No. 4285 Anonymous
6th March 2013
Wednesday 6:30 pm
4285 spacer
How is washing your hair with conditioner '14 months without washing my hair now'?
>> No. 4286 Anonymous
15th March 2013
Friday 12:26 am
4286 spacer

14 months without shampoo.
I did 12 months of nothing but water.
>> No. 6178 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 6:01 pm
6178 spacer
I haven't had my hair cut in several months and I'm showering less frequency. I kind of like my hair like this; what are some good alternatives to shampoo?
>> No. 6179 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 6:28 pm
6179 spacer
Just cut your hair off, its easier and better. Not washing it and keeping it is the worst of all worlds - protip: you end up smelling a bit like a sheep.
>> No. 6180 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 6:46 pm
6180 spacer
I've recently been using the method of washing it thoroughly in just water, and then using apple cider vinegar as a conditioner.
It's amazing, it does a pretty good at stripping out dirt and a little excess grease, my hair doesn't get any more greasy after a day without washing it, and it's super smooth and shiny.
My dandruff is completely gone, nothing I've ever tried before has done that, I was just able to minimise it my using a good quality and mild shampoo from from parabens and glycols.
I've even noticed my nose and forehead are getting less greasy through the day even though I've changed nothing else.

At the weekends after all this hot weather and after a couple of bike rides, I've been finding my hair is getting slightly too icky though, so I've been doing just one very light wash with shampoo once a week.
Instead of shampoo, some people use baking soda to wash their hair in before the vinegar, but I'm not convinced by this idea, it definitely doesn't remove much dirt and it might actually damage your scalp and hair in the long term.
>> No. 6181 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 6:48 pm
6181 spacer
I agree with this after experimenting with cold showers and conditioner. Your hair does get nicer and easier to style but the grease becomes a real problem which makes it a bit shit up-close. Now I just use shampoo once a week and accept that Saturday and/or Sunday my hair will be all too fluffy because there's no way to clean the grease out that leaves my hair unmolested.

Bollocks to cutting your hair at this point though. Better to hold out 2-3 weeks more rather than risk making a hash of it and damaging your hair.
>> No. 6182 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 7:53 pm
6182 spacer
I've been cutting my own hair once every couple of weeks since this thing began - and into a style too, not just buzz all over.

People haven't noticed on Zoom calls and even in person (one person commented on how my hair's looking about the same as it was in March), so I reckon I could have a shot at this barbering lark.

The only thing is getting a straight line round the back; that's a bit wonky since I'm doing it with 2 mirrors.
>> No. 6184 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 9:20 pm
6184 spacer

412jGMM mOL.jpg

>The only thing is getting a straight line round the back

I can't vouch for it myself as I went bald before I learned this trick, but apparently you can wrap a belt around your head to guide your neckline. I feel like you might just end up with a bowl cut look unless you're very good at fading, but I don't know, I keep hearing about it.

There's also this which I'm sure is fine and not an insane object to own at all.
>> No. 6186 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 10:30 pm
6186 spacer
>but apparently you can wrap a belt around your head to guide your neckline

Local Man Dead in Apparent Scissor Wank Fiasco

>> No. 6187 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 10:32 pm
6187 spacer
Soz, I didn't know h2 was that big.
>> No. 6188 Anonymous
8th June 2020
Monday 12:17 am
6188 spacer

That made it funnier somehow.

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