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>> ID: 7389f1 No. 13515 Anonymous
10th December 2015
Thursday 8:44 pm

ID: 7389f1
13515 Silly Sausage Thread
Ban appeals, supplication and fry-ups.
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>> ID: f3b916 No. 15797 Anonymous
17th June 2021
Thursday 11:08 pm

ID: f3b916
15797 spacer
>Why is one of you being a tin foil fruit cake.
I'm afraid you're going to have to narrow this down, mate. I wear tin foil pants to protect my balls from zog beams.
>> ID: 615be1 No. 15798 Anonymous
18th June 2021
Friday 12:13 am

ID: 615be1
15798 spacer

I haven't had fruit cake in ages. A nice moist genoa is what I need right now.
>> ID: 79343b No. 15799 Anonymous
18th June 2021
Friday 8:21 am

ID: 79343b
15799 spacer

That I already knew but I assume only one of you auntie fuckers yesterday was informed by the little man living in you ear that a normal debating post was actually a chocolate pancake dog whistle and acted on that to give a year long ban.
>> ID: 48ded3 No. 15800 Anonymous
18th June 2021
Friday 8:26 am

ID: 48ded3
15800 spacer
And he's the one who's mad, yeah?
>> ID: ae594c No. 15801 Anonymous
18th June 2021
Friday 8:42 am

ID: ae594c
15801 spacer

Of course not I would never say a mod was mad or ever question the divine pure wisdom of the mods who decided our fates and are incapable of error. But perhaps the little man living in his ear was misinformed or misheard something over the sound of crinkling tin foil upon the mods head and mislead the mod during the relaying of information. And perhaps the mods could show mercy on the human world just this once, not as a admission of error but as a sign of their divine and infinite kindness.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> ID: 4a7459 No. 15802 Anonymous
18th June 2021
Friday 8:56 am

ID: 4a7459
15802 spacer
Is it silly buggers week? That /pol/ thread shows you've got a lot of pent up frustration to release. Is the heat still making you lads cranky?
>> ID: bbffb4 No. 15803 Anonymous
18th June 2021
Friday 10:33 am

ID: bbffb4
15803 spacer
I know I got banned for being an abrasive ne'erdowell, which was fair enough. Not sure what >>15796 refers to though.
>> ID: b94dd8 No. 15804 Anonymous
18th June 2021
Friday 12:34 pm

ID: b94dd8
15804 spacer

With access to two active moderators via DM, you chose to throw a teary and be passive aggressive on here rather than discuss this with someone who might be able to do something about it, in a more casual, some might say even friendly, environment?

Then you threw another wobbler on Discord about being banned on here, like we've been two faced or something by being your friend when there is no way to know who you are, and left. Nor did you make your feelings clear earlier, despite obviously not caring much about anonymity in making that post.

When you're done being self-righteous, we can talk. Then the mods will talk to each other about it to see if we were wrong, because moderation policy is set by consensus. One of those consensus policies is banning things people report to us if we agree it seems a bit dodgy, but maybe that's too vague. purps has been clear he doesn't want what people post here to be too restrictive, but some things are against the rules. We wont know unless you reach out in a constructive way instead of having a teary about it.
>> ID: bbffb4 No. 15805 Anonymous
18th June 2021
Friday 12:52 pm

ID: bbffb4
15805 spacer

>> ID: b94dd8 No. 15806 Anonymous
18th June 2021
Friday 12:56 pm

ID: b94dd8
15806 spacer
Audible mirth.
>> ID: f85312 No. 15807 Anonymous
18th June 2021
Friday 4:18 pm

ID: f85312
15807 spacer

Fine last post since you provoked a response.

>We wont know unless you reach out in a constructive way instead of having a teary about it.

I have seen every method of constructive criticism or inquiry attempted over the years and it has been met with "aw you having a teary" so don't gas light me now you cunt.

If you had any respect for me, or intent of resolving this you would have DM'd me directly or leave be instead since you obviously know who I am. Instead you have chosen to make this weird, hiding under the thin veneer of anonymity whilst publicly shaming and suggesting I should grovel to come back.. after I said I was leaving. you have chosen to make this a circus for all to see now and sneer at, you chose that to make this into a humiliation. maybe next time someone says they are leaving you shouldn't share the dirty laundry here and they might not know they are right to leave. If you have any spine left you won't just delete this post like so many other critical posts in the past
>> ID: 4a7459 No. 15808 Anonymous
18th June 2021
Friday 4:23 pm

ID: 4a7459
15808 spacer
I'm glad I don't associate with any of you outside of this website. Fucking clown shoes.
>> ID: b94dd8 No. 15809 Anonymous
18th June 2021
Friday 4:26 pm

ID: b94dd8
15809 spacer
You can't DM people you're not in a server with, I know this because I tried to DM you but you'd already left the server in a strop and the discord bot thing told me no. Then I sent you a friend request, which went ignored.

Ultimately, you can have just left without saying anything at all. Literally no one has mentioned grovelling apart from you, so I don't really know how to approach that, but except to reiterate that if you'd said literally anything this probably wouldn't be happening. .gs isn't a private server, you ensured anyone who uses it would be able to see what you posted when YOU posted it. I just screen shotted it so the mod who banned you could have a complete picture when deciding to unban you or not.

I'm still perfectly willing to talk to you about it.
>> ID: bbffb4 No. 15810 Anonymous
18th June 2021
Friday 4:35 pm

ID: bbffb4
15810 spacer
You've seen /emo/ before I assume? Let's not pretend that we're all bastions of stability. Most of us have had a bit of a breakdown over something trivial at some point, it's usually because there are bigger things or we've not had respite.
>> ID: 309043 No. 15811 Anonymous
22nd June 2021
Tuesday 3:15 pm

ID: 309043
15811 spacer
I suspect I'm dealing with the mod who deletes his own posts when it's pointed out to him to stop doubling down if he's in the wrong because it only makes him look worse, but I don't see why >>/pol/94144 warrants a 12 month ban whatsoever.

It's not "bringing race into it" when the government's own report is comparing poor white children with poor non-white children, particularly as the headlines are focusing on the recommendations within the report to avoid use of the term "white privilege", but my point all along has been that race isn't a significant factor and other things such as geographical location are far more influential.
>> ID: bb7c62 No. 15812 Anonymous
22nd June 2021
Tuesday 3:18 pm

ID: bb7c62
15812 spacer

This guy >>15803 gets it, why don't you?
>> ID: c783e5 No. 15813 Anonymous
22nd June 2021
Tuesday 3:24 pm

ID: c783e5
15813 spacer
So it's a 12 month ban because I hurt a mods feelings for telling them to use their brain and think when they didn't understand something because they were too busy being a kneejerking reactionary?

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> ID: bb7c62 No. 15814 Anonymous
22nd June 2021
Tuesday 3:25 pm

ID: bb7c62
15814 spacer
If you like.
>> ID: 48ded3 No. 15815 Anonymous
22nd June 2021
Tuesday 3:32 pm

ID: 48ded3
15815 spacer
Knowing when you've won is as important as know when you're beaten.
>> ID: 5f1773 No. 15816 Anonymous
22nd June 2021
Tuesday 3:42 pm

ID: 5f1773
15816 spacer
In all fairness I'm actually legitimately a bit ashamed of what I posted, as it was a crass, unimaginative attempt at inflicting offence. This poster was at least trying to drive at a cogent point, albeit with the savoir faire of a eejit.

This ban is jokes though, top .gs
>> ID: 58fe5a No. 15817 Anonymous
22nd June 2021
Tuesday 3:49 pm

ID: 58fe5a
15817 spacer
I made a post in the >>/pol/94144 thread which was eaten a moment ago (mistakenly, if I may dare to suggest?). Not the map picture, but shortly after it.

Slightly peeved, whinge ticked.
>> ID: bb7c62 No. 15818 Anonymous
22nd June 2021
Tuesday 3:55 pm

ID: bb7c62
15818 spacer
Yes, sorry about that.
>> ID: bb7c62 No. 15819 Anonymous
22nd June 2021
Tuesday 3:58 pm

ID: bb7c62
15819 spacer
I can't un-delete it but I've re-posted it for you.
>> ID: 58fe5a No. 15821 Anonymous
22nd June 2021
Tuesday 4:41 pm

ID: 58fe5a
15821 spacer

I wouldn't have minded nearly as much if it didn't take me about 10 minutes to type and re-type those few sentences. Fuck knows how the longpostlads manage it.
>> ID: bb7c62 No. 15871 Anonymous
10th July 2021
Saturday 7:11 pm

ID: bb7c62
15871 spacer

Who was it who was saying that the people posting pictures of that German anti-climate activist were doing so for legitimate reasons? Never mind, I don't care. Same user posted this.
>> ID: 3880e2 No. 15872 Anonymous
10th July 2021
Saturday 7:52 pm

ID: 3880e2
15872 spacer
It feels like it's been a while since we've had posts claiming it's scientifically proven that 14 is the optimum age for giving birth.
>> ID: 5f53cb No. 15873 Anonymous
10th July 2021
Saturday 9:49 pm

ID: 5f53cb
15873 spacer

I would imagine by this stage it's difficult for pedolad to find IPs where he isn't already banned.
>> ID: 068006 No. 15874 Anonymous
23rd July 2021
Friday 4:54 pm

ID: 068006
15874 spacer
I am the first of the two posters banned for antiSomali sentiment. I didn't intend to be racist, I thought was on the level of "Americans are fat" or "Germans are scat fetishists", but I appreciate it veered more into the area of dolphin rape so I am sorry.
>> ID: 38b023 No. 15875 Anonymous
23rd July 2021
Friday 5:12 pm

ID: 38b023
15875 spacer
>Somalis look like aliens they have big craniums and weak jaws, very skinny, disproportionately large head. They look very different from your Nigerians and your Jamaicans.

Seems a little racist to me, chief.
>> ID: 598c0b No. 15876 Anonymous
23rd July 2021
Friday 6:24 pm

ID: 598c0b
15876 spacer
It's only racist because you know Somalians are black. If he'd been talking about people from Wrexham or the Welsh in general, we'd all be fine with it. No double standards here, chief.>>15875
>> ID: 4a10d8 No. 15877 Anonymous
26th July 2021
Monday 2:19 pm

ID: 4a10d8
15877 spacer
>... or the Welsh in general, we'd all be fine with it

I am Welsh. I disagree.

Speaking of which, some cretin has gotten themselves banned from 3 of the 4 Opera VPNs available to me. Please don't nuke the last one, .gs is one of my very few connections to the land of my fathers.
>> ID: 024754 No. 15882 Anonymous
21st September 2021
Tuesday 6:35 pm

ID: 024754
15882 spacer
I got banned for a year for being a penis mutilator because I asked for advice about my second degree burns I got on my arm from getting something out of the oven. Please unban me, I've never mutilated my cock.
>> ID: bb7c62 No. 15883 Anonymous
21st September 2021
Tuesday 6:48 pm

ID: bb7c62
15883 spacer
>> ID: 330f3d No. 15884 Anonymous
21st September 2021
Tuesday 7:49 pm

ID: 330f3d
15884 spacer
Even if it was cock abuse lad, I don't think he should be banned during a medical emergency. As an imageboard we ought to be judged by how we treat how most completely bonkers users.
>> ID: 778c5e No. 15885 Anonymous
21st September 2021
Tuesday 8:05 pm

ID: 778c5e
15885 spacer
I bet he was putting his knob in the oven.
>> ID: 90bd8d No. 15894 Anonymous
19th November 2021
Friday 9:00 pm

ID: 90bd8d
15894 spacer
I'm banned for two weeks but the post was deleted and I can't work out what it was. Was I winding up ecolads too much?


And I can't post images on shed anymore.
>> ID: 6823c5 No. 15895 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 12:03 pm

ID: 6823c5
15895 spacer
We're heading into slippery slope territory. If someone can get a ban for finding Priti Patel sexually attractive then you're going to end up banning 90% of the userbase because everyone here has got very weird perversions.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> ID: 078ea8 No. 15896 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 12:24 pm

ID: 078ea8
15896 spacer
First they came for the Patel posters, and I did not speak out-
Because I am not into hatefucking.

Then they came for the Millican posters, and I did not speak out-
Because I am not a chubby chaser.

Then they came for the Vorderman posters, and I did not speak out-
Because I am not into excessive plastic surgery.

Then they came for me-
And there was no one left to speak for me.
>> ID: 13c32f No. 15897 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 12:56 pm

ID: 13c32f
15897 spacer
I agree. If you can't subvert a thread discussing something a woman has done by making lewd comments about said woman, then this is the beginning of the end for Britain's preeminant discussion forum, and I won't be renewing my membership.

Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells
>> ID: 223e0e No. 15898 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 5:00 pm

ID: 223e0e
15898 spacer
This isn't quite what this thread is for, but I was trying to post from the cinema (the film hadn't started, I'm not a monster) the other week, but I was perma-banned, so I was wondering, did one of you lot work in a cinema at some point? Or was it some kind of "range ban" which I don't really understand, but whatever.
>> ID: 13c32f No. 15899 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 5:01 pm

ID: 13c32f
15899 spacer
Well was it on the cinema's Wifi, or on your mobile data?
>> ID: 43608d No. 15900 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 8:45 pm

ID: 43608d
15900 spacer

>Then they came for the Millican posters

I must have missed that.
>> ID: 518eee No. 15904 Anonymous
22nd January 2022
Saturday 3:13 pm

ID: 518eee
15904 spacer
I don't know if I'm misusing Opera or what, but some nugget got themselves banned from every VPN on that browser in 2020 and I still find myself running into it. IP is

Any chance this could be lifted?
>> ID: 10fe9a No. 15905 Anonymous
22nd January 2022
Saturday 5:56 pm

ID: 10fe9a
15905 spacer
All of the bans that are coming from that range are for spam of some description, couple of virus links, that sort of thing. The range itself isn't banned, but 15 of Opera's proxies (presumably) are banned as a result of whatever knob was using them to avoid getting a ban on their home range, so I'm not really inclined to start unbanning them.

I use NordVPN and haven't had a single bit of trouble with .gs, it's mostly free public proxies that people struggle with and the aforementioned behaviour is usually why.

Sorry, lad.
>> ID: 57930b No. 15927 Anonymous
16th May 2022
Monday 3:44 pm

ID: 57930b
15927 spacer

Ran into this old ban while browsing on mobile the other day. No idea what it refers to. Could you lift it please just in case I get caught in it again?
>> ID: c08153 No. 15928 Anonymous
16th May 2022
Monday 4:04 pm

ID: c08153
15928 spacer
Careful, now. Knowing the mods they'll probably do you for ban evasion.
>> ID: 9e6fd4 No. 15929 Anonymous
16th May 2022
Monday 4:39 pm

ID: 9e6fd4
15929 spacer
I was banned for a year about a year ago. I'm still getting used to the novelty of being able to post without opening a different browser.

I'm homeless for the next week and staying on random sofas so good fucking luck brian, can't ban me lad.
>> ID: c08153 No. 15930 Anonymous
16th May 2022
Monday 5:10 pm

ID: c08153
15930 spacer
What did you do that was so bad it warranted a 12 month ban? I don't think it takes much.
>> ID: 9e6fd4 No. 15931 Anonymous
16th May 2022
Monday 6:07 pm

ID: 9e6fd4
15931 spacer
Well, it ended up that I said something about another banned poster to the effect of 'What that person said is fine because it made me laugh' and then the delicate mod banned me with 'Well banning you made me laugh so it's ok' or something.

I'm just happy that they agreed with me.
>> ID: eedc2f No. 15932 Anonymous
20th May 2022
Friday 7:39 pm

ID: eedc2f
15932 spacer
I know it's only a one-hour ban, but it seems unfair to fall foul of a banned link filter just because you wanted to tease someone.

I mean, what happens if you want to take the piss out of a libertarian loon for invoking medieval common law (which has been legislated into oblivion anyway)? Or if the Appleby Magna massive want to big themselves up by extending some vowels? Because Brian never learned regex, THEY CANNOT.

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