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>> No. 1728 Anonymous
22nd November 2010
Monday 12:26 am
1728 spacer
There was an idea a while ago about tarting a thread where we post our reading lists, what courses we are studying, etc and then try to find online copies of the texts mentioned. I think we should revive this idea and since I can't find the old thread to bump I suggest we start here. So has anyone got any reading lists to post and then we can go away and find the texts for free?
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>> No. 1729 Anonymous
22nd November 2010
Monday 12:29 am
1729 spacer
Doing medicine here:
Human Anatomy & Physiology, by Elaine N. Marieb and Katja Hoehn
Basic course book which describes how the body works in health basically.

Kumar & Clark's Clinical Medicine, by Parveen Kumar and Michael Clark
The other basic course book which describes diseases and how they affect the body.

>> No. 1732 Anonymous
22nd November 2010
Monday 11:54 am
1732 spacer

Most of the course information at Cambridge is "Raven Authentification" protected, except for the philosophy reading lists.
They're accessible here: http://www.phil.cam.ac.uk/u_grads/course_details.html
and also in a handy .rar file for you
>> No. 1755 Anonymous
24th November 2010
Wednesday 6:57 pm
1755 spacer
English & Creative Writing at Aberystwyth University
Here's a list of all the English modules. Click the links to see the reading lists.
>> No. 1756 Anonymous
24th November 2010
Wednesday 6:57 pm
1756 spacer
Letters at Universidad de Buenos Aires (Spanish)
http://www.filo.uba.ar/contenidos/carreras/letras/catedras/frameset.html (just click on "Programa" and then read "Bibliografía").
>> No. 1757 Anonymous
24th November 2010
Wednesday 6:58 pm
1757 spacer
Philosophy at Universidad de Buenos Aires (Spanish)
>> No. 1758 Anonymous
24th November 2010
Wednesday 6:58 pm
1758 spacer
Philosophy with Classical Civilisation at the University of Warwick (Term 1)
John Stuart Mill - Utilitarianism
Renee Descartes - Meditations
Jonathan Barnes - Early Greek Philosophy
John Locke - An Essay Concerning Human Understanding
Homer's Iliad
M.L. West - Greek Lyric Poetry
Sophocles' Ajax
>> No. 1759 Anonymous
24th November 2010
Wednesday 7:18 pm
1759 spacer
Overview of Autism reading list from Yale University:
>> No. 1760 Anonymous
24th November 2010
Wednesday 7:38 pm
1760 spacer
Masterpieces of Western Literature (Lit Hum)

Required freshman lit course at Columbia University.

Fall Semester:

Homer, ILIAD
Homeric Cycle, HYMN TO DEMETER
Aeschylus, ORESTEIA
Sophocles, OEDIPUS
Euripides, MEDEA
Aristophanes, LYSISTRATA
Holy Bible,GENESIS
Holy Bible,JOB
Holy Bible,LUKE
Holy Bible,JOHN

Spring Semester:

Virgil, AENEID
Dante, INFERNO (however when I attended we read Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso)
Boccaccio, DECAMERON
Montaigne, ESSAYS
Shakespeare, KING LEAR
Cervantes, DON QUIXOTE
>> No. 1761 Anonymous
24th November 2010
Wednesday 7:51 pm
1761 spacer
History, Swansea.
World History Module.


Kennedy, P.M., The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers (London: Fontana, 1989)
McNeill, W.H., The rise of the West (Chicago University Press, 1963, 1991)
Braudel, F., A history of civilizations (London: Penguin, 1995)
Black, Jeremy, Europe and the World: 1650-1830 (London: Routledge, 2002)
Elliott, J.H., The old world and the new 1492-1650 (Cambridge University Press, 1970)
Blaut, J.M., The colonizer's model of the world : geographical diffusionism and Eurocentric history ( New York: Guilford Press, 1993)
Fagan, Brian, Clash of Cultures (Oxford: Altamira Press, 1998)
Goody, Jack, The East in the West (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996)
Butel, Paul. The Atlantic, London: Routledge (1999).
Marshall, P.J. and G. Williams, The great map of mankind: British perceptions of the world in the Age of Enlightenment (London: Dent, 1982)
Pagden, A. (ed.), Facing each other: the world's perception of Europe and Europe's perception of the world (Ashgate, 2000)
>> No. 1763 Anonymous
24th November 2010
Wednesday 8:15 pm
1763 spacer
Contemporary Western Civilization at the University of Columbia
Required Sophomore year philosophy course.

Fall Semester:

Plato, Republic
Marcus Aurelius, Meditations
Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics
Descartes, Discourse on Method
Aristotle, Politics
The Holy Bible, Exodus
The Holy Bible, Isaiah
The Holy Bible, Ecclesiastes
Epictetus, Handbook
Augustine, City of God
the Holy Qur’an
Machiavelli, The Prince
Machiavelli, The Discourses
Descartes, Discourse on Method and Meditations on First Philosophy
The Protestant Reformation
Hobbes, Leviathan
Locke, Second Treatise and Letter on Toleration

Spring Semester:

Rousseau, The Basic Political Writings
Smith, Wealth of Nations
Hume, An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
Hume, An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals
Kant, Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals
Burke, Reflections on the Revolution in France
Wollstonecraft, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman
Tocqueville, Democracy in America
Hegel, Introduction to the Philosophy of History
Mill, On Liberty and Other Essays
Marx-Engels Reader
Darwin, On the Origin of Species and Descent of Man
Nietzsche, On the Genealogy of Morals / Ecce Homo
Du Bois, The Souls of Black Folk
Freud, Five Lectures on Psychoanalysis
Freud, Civilization and Its Discontents
Woolf, Three Guineas
>> No. 1764 Anonymous
24th November 2010
Wednesday 8:27 pm
1764 spacer
Reading Literature at The University of Manchester
>> No. 1765 Anonymous
24th November 2010
Wednesday 8:37 pm
1765 spacer
Books you go through in Cellular & Molecular Biology Candidate and Master's degree (7 years or so so), University of Jyväskylä:

Campbell Biology (the basic book of everything)
Alberts Molecular Biology of the Cell
Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry (or lehninger's bible, considering that we're pretty much required to memorize it through and through)
Brock Biology of Micro Organisms
D. Sheehan Physical Biochemistry
Janeway's Immunobiology
Principles and techniques of biochemistry and molecular biology
Histology: A text and atlas with correlated cell and molecular biology (not all, just for one course)
Housecroft's Chemistry
Smith Organic Chemistry (about half)

Coupled with course-specific material, that's somewhere around ten thousand pages, give or take a few thousand. You lose track really.
>> No. 1766 Anonymous
24th November 2010
Wednesday 8:39 pm
1766 spacer
Didn't realise we had so many foreignlads in /uni.
>> No. 1767 Anonymous
24th November 2010
Wednesday 8:42 pm
1767 spacer
We don't, I'm crosspost/samefagging from two or three other places. Just thought it would be of interest.
>> No. 1771 Anonymous
25th November 2010
Thursday 5:11 pm
1771 spacer

I don't know.
>> No. 1772 Anonymous
25th November 2010
Thursday 7:30 pm
1772 spacer
You don't know what?
>> No. 1773 Anonymous
25th November 2010
Thursday 10:15 pm
1773 spacer

Well if I knew that, I wouldn't have a problem would I?
>> No. 1811 Anonymous
5th December 2010
Sunday 12:39 am
1811 spacer

Doing a masters in Preventive Conservation here. There's fuck all literature on what I'm doing my dissertation for, but I could surely do with, The Science for Conservators vol 1, 2 and 3, Managing Conservation in Museums, Organic Chemistry of Museum Objects and Museum Environment (Conservation and Museology).
I've tried looking for online versions of these texts before, but to no avail (rarely even to actually pay money for!).
>> No. 1813 Anonymous
5th December 2010
Sunday 1:43 pm
1813 spacer

>Managing Conservation in Museums

Couldn't find any of the others, I'm afraid.
>> No. 1853 Anonymous
12th December 2010
Sunday 10:23 am
1853 spacer


Holy fuck, you have done what I thought was impossible.
Are you... Jesus? (Or better yet, Santa?)
>> No. 1886 Anonymous
25th December 2010
Saturday 5:37 pm
1886 spacer
A big thank-you to all the contributors so far.

I've been speaking to some people involved in the runnings of higher education, and the idea of a wiki to aid in self-education seems to be going down well. The only problem is we have to get it going first.

We need some sort of webspace, and someone capable of putting up a basic wiki from the source code; we can build from there.
If anyone is interested in helping, please let me know.
>> No. 1908 Anonymous
8th January 2011
Saturday 12:04 am
1908 spacer

That would actually be a wiki worth having. Interesting idea.
>> No. 1909 Anonymous
8th January 2011
Saturday 1:05 am
1909 spacer
it wouldn't work - it would boil down to the bare minimum necessary to pass the exam. People would be even shitter at general thinking than they are now.
>> No. 1910 Anonymous
8th January 2011
Saturday 5:38 pm
1910 spacer

>>a wiki to aid in self education.

I don't think such a site would be intended to replace the proper education process, but to be just a useful resource.
>> No. 1918 Anonymous
9th January 2011
Sunday 7:14 pm
1918 spacer

Even so.
>> No. 3275 Anonymous
24th February 2012
Friday 12:54 pm
3275 spacer

Now two years on, do we have any fresh unilads who can share their reading lists?

If you're having trouble finding any book in particular this would be an appropriate thread to ask for help in, too.
>> No. 3277 Anonymous
26th February 2012
Sunday 11:19 pm
3277 spacer
I've got a reading list of core textbooks which remain useful for more or less the entirety of a chemistry undergrad course, though I think the maths textbook is only necessary if maths isn't your strong point.

Organic Chemistry (Clayden, Greeves, Warren and Wothers)
Atkins' Physical Chemistry (Atkins and DePaula)
Shriver & Atkins' Inorganic Chemistry (Atkins, Overton, Rourke, Weller, Armstrong)
Chemical Structure and Reactivity (Keeler and Wothers)
Maths for Chemistry (Monk and Munro)
>> No. 3287 Anonymous
2nd March 2012
Friday 7:45 am
3287 spacer
Evening fellow chemistrylad, that list is exactly the same as mine, except I don't have Maths for Chemistry. Are you the lad at Nottingham?
>> No. 3288 Anonymous
2nd March 2012
Friday 9:19 am
3288 spacer
I am indeed. Are you the chap at Sussex?
>> No. 3289 Anonymous
2nd March 2012
Friday 9:36 am
3289 spacer
Yep, how's it going? I've done fuck all so far, and I hate myself for it. I wish I wasn't such a lazy shit. I'm at risk of not even getting enough credits to get through the year, that's hwo shit I'm doing.
>> No. 3290 Anonymous
2nd March 2012
Friday 10:54 am
3290 spacer
Which modules are you doing badly on? How are you finding labs? I'm a bit worried about my end of year exams, as I'm awful at mechanisms, and I think they account for about a third of my main two modules, so I need to spend the next couple of months going HAM on mechanism revision. Also for my second maths module (first was piss easy), I'm struggling with some of the more advanced calculus stuff.

So far I'm doing okay though. Already passed a module, and in all the exams for various modules I've done already, I've not got below 70%. Not sure how I'm doing in labs though, as I was mediocre at inorganic labs, atrocious at organic labs, but I'm currently doing physical labs which are pretty nice and easy.
>> No. 3291 Anonymous
2nd March 2012
Friday 11:06 am
3291 spacer
> Organic Chemistry (Clayden, Greeves, Warren and Wothers)
Good book, this. I knew a chemistry phd who used to take this book everywhere with him. He even read it while his missus was trying on clothes in debenhams.
>> No. 3292 Anonymous
2nd March 2012
Friday 11:21 am
3292 spacer
Its choc a block ith stuff buts its hard to concentrate on because of the bloody colour scheme. Everything looks identical.

My course is structured so i have loads of small modules and lots of end of term exams, i had a piss easy maths module and a stats one which i failed because i overslept on the exam haha. We do 120 credits worth, ive completed 36 out of 54 credits so far (failed a 12 credit course (mathematical symmetry) and my 6 credit stats course.) I need 90 to pass the year (i think), which i ill probably get exactly. Im a terrible student i really dont deserve to be here. MOTIVATION where does it come from...

Also yes mechanisms are arsefuckery, i have about forty to learn for a course i now have to pass. Labs are alright, i can write a good lab report

Im only just achieving forty percent, thats how wank I am.
>> No. 3293 Anonymous
2nd March 2012
Friday 5:36 pm
3293 spacer
>Labs are alright, i can write a good lab report
I can write a good lab report too, but I can't do the practical side of it for shit. I ended up spending 14 hours making aspirin. It was meant to take less than 4 hours, but I had to restart 4 times. First time I made something that wasn't aspirin, second time I got a yield of ~65% but then spilled the sample into an icebath and lost it, third time I got a yield of ~15%, fourth ~20%; shit yield meant I lost about 70% of my practical marks right off the back, so it was 14 hours wasted more or less. One of the other experiments I did resulted in an impure product. I added the solvent and filtered it to purify it, and it all dissolved into the solvent when it was supposedly insoluble and I got 0% for that experiment as I couldn't even write a lab report for it.

Thank god for physical labs which is just maths and data loggers.
>> No. 4100 Anonymous
24th January 2013
Thursday 10:06 pm
4100 spacer
Useful links:

>> No. 4101 Anonymous
26th January 2013
Saturday 3:14 am
4101 spacer
Also this for textbooks
>> No. 4102 Anonymous
26th January 2013
Saturday 9:04 am
4102 spacer
>Good book, this. I knew a chemistry phd who used to take this book everywhere with him. He even read it while his missus was trying on clothes in debenhams.


I'm a Chemistry graduate from Uni Nottingham. Doing another degree.
>> No. 4108 Anonymous
28th January 2013
Monday 11:53 pm
4108 spacer
I know what you mean. Spent 5 hours supposedly hydrolysing an ester - IR Spec of starting product had an OH peak which somehow disappeared in the finished product. I think I just broke chemistry.

Also I have yet to do a chemistry practical that ends with anything other than a white powder. Every. Single. Time.
>> No. 4808 Anonymous
3rd September 2013
Tuesday 10:07 am
4808 spacer
>> No. 4809 Anonymous
3rd September 2013
Tuesday 10:18 am
4809 spacer
Classical Studies at Reading finalist reporting.
I haven't checked for an official RL yet but I'm cracking on with my own speculative one:

Usual suspects (Tacitus, Suetonius + other Greek/Roman historians)
Vitruvius (architecture)
Natural History (Elder Pliny)
Wee Pliny's letters
Cicero's letters
Juvenal (for keeping it real - for god's sake classicslads give this a look-in if you've not already, it's basically the Roman equivalent of NWA).
Republic, plus some ancient commentaries if available.
>> No. 4810 Anonymous
3rd September 2013
Tuesday 10:18 am
4810 spacer

Ahhhh, but what flavour is the powder?
>> No. 4812 Anonymous
3rd September 2013
Tuesday 6:04 pm
4812 spacer
Anything on Philosophy?
>> No. 4814 Anonymous
3rd September 2013
Tuesday 6:13 pm
4814 spacer

What uni are you at? For a field so fucking broad and fraught with drama, you will need to give me a list of subjects.

Aside from that I am picking up my old philosophy book collection, and would be happy to give you a few titles that were worth it at the weekend.
>> No. 4816 Anonymous
3rd September 2013
Tuesday 6:20 pm
4816 spacer

See posts >>1732 >>1757 >>1758 and >>1763 for philosophy reading lists, use >>/lit/5122 to find the books and the links in >>4100 will lead you to some lectures.
>> No. 4817 Anonymous
3rd September 2013
Tuesday 7:40 pm
4817 spacer
I did an engineering degree but I loved philosophy. I was poor and needed a STEM degree to get somewhere in life. I loved my ALevel philosophy. If you could give me some the titles, I would really appreciate that. I need to catch up.

Well now I just feel stupid. Thank you very much.
>> No. 4818 Anonymous
3rd September 2013
Tuesday 7:48 pm
4818 spacer

I'd love to slip the willy in that "ionic pump". Phoooaar. Look at those lips.
>> No. 4819 Anonymous
5th September 2013
Thursday 4:56 pm
4819 spacer

I think the best things on this list are already in the thread but I'm not going to double-check.
>> No. 4858 Anonymous
13th September 2013
Friday 2:24 pm
4858 spacer
http://www.textbooknova.com/ http://www.reddit.com/r/eebooks+mathbooks+csbooks+physicsbooks+econbooks/new/?sort=new http://bookboon.com/en/textbooks-ebooks http://textbookrevolution.org/index.php/Main_Page http://people.math.gatech.edu/~cain/textbooks/onlinebooks.html http://ebookee.org/ http://www.freebookspot.es/ http://www.free-ebooks.net/ http://www.getfreeebooks.com/ http://en.bookfi.org/ http://oerconsortium.org/discipline-specific/ http://www.gutenberg.org/
>> No. 5063 Anonymous
20th January 2014
Monday 3:46 pm
5063 spacer
oresteia - aeschylus
oedipus rex - sophocles
the medea - euripides
the histories - herodotus
history of the pelopennesian war - thucydides
lysistrata - aristophanes
the symposium - plato
genesis, job, luke/john - the bible
the aeneid - virgil
metamorphoses - ovid
confessions - augustine
the divine comedy - dante alighieri
essays - michel de montaigne
king lear - william shakespeare
don quixote - miguel de cervantes
faust - johann wolfgang von goethe
pride and prejudice - jane austen
crime and punishment - fyodor mikhailovich dostoevsky
to the lighthouse - virginia woolf
hymn to demeter - unknown
gilgamesh - unknown
the decameron - boccaccio

republic - plato
nicomachean ethics - aristotle
politics - aristotle
city of god - augustine
the discourses - machiavelli
the prince - machiavelli
leviathan - hobbes
second treatise - john locke
letter on toleration - john locke
discourse on inequality and social contract - jean-jacque rousseau
wealth of nations - adam smith
groundwork for the metaphysics of morals - immanuel kant
reflections on the revolution in france - edmund burke
a vindication of the rights of woman - mary wollstonecraft
democracy in america - alexis de tocqueville
introduction to the philosophy of history - georg hegel
on liberty and other essays - john stuart mill
on the genealogy of morals - friedrich nietzsche
the souls of black folk - web du bois
three guineas - virginia woolf
>> No. 5064 Anonymous
20th January 2014
Monday 4:42 pm
5064 spacer

Excellent thread. I'd be well up for contributing as much as I can to a self-education wiki as mentioned in >>1886, especially if we made it clear on the first page that it was more or useful starting points than a comprehensive guide to subjects.
>> No. 5065 Anonymous
20th January 2014
Monday 7:23 pm
5065 spacer
I edit a guide along with a few lads from the other place, you might want to have a look.
>> No. 5066 Anonymous
20th January 2014
Monday 7:43 pm
5066 spacer
I think I was getting a bit ahead of myself with that idea but thanks. Feel free to use any of the stuff in the thread for your google site. It looks like good so far.
>> No. 5067 Anonymous
20th January 2014
Monday 7:54 pm
5067 spacer

That looks really good. Thank you.

What I tend to do when looking for a specific book is open four tabs with Filestube, Avax, Amazon and eBay (and AbeBooks if it's super-rare) then see if there's a bootleg and how much a physical copy would cost.

I also visit Mobilism every day and I've raided a lot of Calibre servers.

>> No. 5068 Anonymous
20th January 2014
Monday 9:34 pm
5068 spacer

I do a fair bit of that. Have you had any good finds? I ripped a library of ~12GB, lots of science reference books and articles - mostly very specialised though.
Pic related
>> No. 5369 Anonymous
9th July 2014
Wednesday 10:55 am
5369 spacer
University of Auckland English Courses

Kings College Cambridge asked for these texts to be read before starting:

The Odyssey - Homer
The Iliad - Homer
Metamorphoses - Ovid
Aeneid - Virgil
The Bible
Bleak House - Dickens
Selected poems of T.S. Eliot
Shorter plays of Samuel Beckett

And these ones as well, which weren't necessary to finish before the start:

Shakespeare, as many of the plays as possible as well as the Sonnets
Paradise Lost - Milton
Pamela or Virtue Rewarded - Richardson
The Prelude - Wordsworth



graduate class in the contemporary novella


>> No. 5370 Anonymous
9th July 2014
Wednesday 11:07 am
5370 spacer

My favourite thing to find is wonderful trash like this


that you'd never come across any other way.

I didn't answer before because it's not very fitting with the theme of the thread.
>> No. 5371 Anonymous
9th July 2014
Wednesday 11:17 am
5371 spacer

There's a copy of that on libgen.

>She swam quietly for the edge of Hudson Park, where she’d left all her clothes. She had to be naked; the lake allowed no barrier between her body and its touch. She luxuriated in the way the water stroked her as she moved through it. No human hands could ever mimic that liquid combination of caress and embrace—not that too many had tried lately.
>Suddenly something grabbed her and pulled her firmly underwater. She was startled but knew better than to struggle. She recognized the touch at once. Although it was unusual for the lake spirits to take her twice in one night, she was not afraid. Quite the opposite, in fact.
>As she slid deeper beneath the surface, the liquid sensation against her skin changed to something more solid. Hands made of water, but somehow firmer, touched her everywhere at once, gently squeezing and stroking. She was parted to allow the entrance of something warm and phallic, which filled her expertly and unerringly found her most sensitive spot.
>We love you, the voices sighed in her head. We want you to know it.
>Oh, God, I know it, she thought back. Take me, use me, I’m yours.
>We need you, the voices said. Often she’d tried to remember if they were male or female, or even if they spoke English, but the effects on her body kept any such in-the-moment analysis at bay. She understood them, and they, her; that was all that mattered.
>She was pushed gently down to the bottom and felt the soft silt against her back and shoulders. Her arms were pulled out to the side and held there, while her breasts were encircled and caressed. She undulated against the pressure, driving it deeper inside and moaning silently into the enveloping darkness. She clenched and opened her fists, straining against the gentle pressure holding her down, knowing she was both entirely helpless and completely safe.
>> No. 5372 Anonymous
9th July 2014
Wednesday 6:07 pm
5372 spacer
Ooh, I didn't know there was a thread for this.

I've been trying to find an ebook of Blue Rage, Black Redemption by Stanley Williams and just can. not. do it.

I bet you can't either. You'll find some links claiming to be it, but whatever you download never is.
>> No. 5373 Anonymous
9th July 2014
Wednesday 9:00 pm
5373 spacer
You're right, I can't - but the thread for that would really be >>5122
>> No. 5374 Anonymous
9th July 2014
Wednesday 11:25 pm
5374 spacer
That doesn't look like the right thread at all.
>> No. 5375 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 12:06 am
5375 spacer
Shit I meant >>/lit/5122 or whatever link format works.
>> No. 5376 Anonymous
10th July 2014
Thursday 10:45 am
5376 spacer

It's probably just not out there. If nobody bought a title and released it, or scanned and OCR-ed it, then you're not going to find it. In fact there is no retail ebook of "Blue Rage, Black Redemption".

I've been collecting bootleg ebooks for the last six years and black-interest stuff was always under-represented in what bootlegs are out there, although it's starting to change.

It's £5.39 + £2.80 p&p on Amazon Marketplace.
>> No. 5707 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 3:24 pm
5707 spacer

If you're still here, take a look at the biographies section of Mobilism today.
>> No. 5708 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 3:49 pm
5708 spacer
I was about to commend you in remembering a book I wanted to read a year later, until I went where you said and both download links tried to get me to download BlueRag.rar.exe

If you have a PDF copy of the book, and for some reason you can download it and I can't, please rehost it somewhere temporary. Otherwise, take your spyware and fuck off.
>> No. 5709 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 3:58 pm
5709 spacer
Not him, but you did remember to untick the "Yes, I'd like to suck your cock by way of a download manager" boxes, right?
>> No. 5710 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 4:01 pm
5710 spacer

You don't know how to download from download providers? Are you new to the internet?
>> No. 5711 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 4:02 pm
5711 spacer

Evidently not.
>> No. 5712 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 4:03 pm
5712 spacer

Where am I supposed to upload it to if you think you download by picking the biggest "download" button and leaving the box checked?
>> No. 5713 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 4:08 pm
5713 spacer

>> No. 5714 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 4:11 pm
5714 spacer
I honestly thought that this was common sense.
>> No. 5715 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 4:14 pm
5715 spacer
Tried again, this time I clicked download whereas last time I hit enter upon entering the captcha. It claimed it would serve me the rar file this time, then complained and said it couldn't read the source file. Tried again, it said I had used my downloads for this hour. Fuck these stupid cunting sites. I'm never going to read that book.

I won't believe any of you have downloaded it until I see a link to it hosted somewhere that ends in .pdf posted.
>> No. 5716 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 4:16 pm
5716 spacer


Yep. I've not downloaded it. You got me.
>> No. 5717 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 4:18 pm
5717 spacer

http://www71.z i p p y s h a r e.com/v/QcjeLWCh/file.html
>> No. 5718 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 4:19 pm
5718 spacer

Obviously, delete the spaces.
>> No. 5719 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 4:20 pm
5719 spacer

It's the orange button.
>> No. 5720 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 5:36 pm
5720 spacer
Is that even on the bad link list?
>> No. 5721 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 5:39 pm
5721 spacer

I seem to remember posting it previously and it was. Anyone brave enough to try?

Could we maybe be told what the list contains? Would that help the spammers or anything?
>> No. 5723 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 5:45 pm
5723 spacer
I doubt it.
>> No. 5725 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 5:49 pm
5725 spacer
I remember talking about Guy N Smith here ages ago and I uploaded his books to some download provider then was unable to post the links here. Maybe it was DepositFiles.
>> No. 5726 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 5:57 pm
5726 spacer
Worst case scenario is having to come back in an hour and try again. The other place trend to crack down on anything other than a few mostly because people get paid for downloads (sort of). Given they have an absolutely massive userbase posting links on some boarda could be very lucrative.
>> No. 5727 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 7:04 pm
5727 spacer


That was the one.


I remember their defunct /rs/ function but maybe they just allowed rapidshare becuase it doesn't give kickbacks to the uploader. I imagine they pay chump change anyway unless you have a blog with 3000 bootleg albums on.
>> No. 5728 Anonymous
19th June 2015
Friday 1:28 pm
5728 spacer
You are a wonderful person. A thousand thank you's.
>> No. 5729 Anonymous
19th June 2015
Friday 10:05 pm
5729 spacer
You find in some communities that people use some really fucking awful hosts. In general, the worse the host, the more likely it is they're just uploading to get money or credit. If you see some sites where people post large files and haven't split them into small enough chunks, you get people complaining that "hey, this file can only be downloaded with a premium account" and the response will always be "go premium, it's totally worth it" by which they mean "go premium, preferably from the link on that error page, because then I get a substantial commission". Some of the more odious places advertise to downloaders about their high speeds and no wait times while at the same time advertising to uploaders about the commission they can earn on premium sales and rebills for users that go premium having landed on one of their links. You may remember old Rapidshare and Megaupload (pbut) had points systems so that uploaders could redeem their rewards for premium time or merchandise, but not usually cash (though Megaupload apparently did offer cash rewards on the hush-hush). Basically MU going under is what killed /rs/, since suddenly most of the links didn't work (RS were less passive when it came to IP complaints), and none of the alternatives were being indexed.

One of the regular uploaders on /co/ (now gone) would say how in a typical Wednesday to Friday he might get several thousand downloads between everything he uploaded in that time. At one point it was a standing joke that all you needed to earn all the points you'd ever need on e-hentai was to upload a gallery, post a link to it on /a/ and watch the points flood in. Understandably what is perhaps the largest message board on the English-speaking Web doesn't particularly want what is effectively people making money on copyright infringement at their expense.
>> No. 5730 Anonymous
20th June 2015
Saturday 10:08 am
5730 spacer
I've been worried about this post all night. I just can't tell if that apostrophe is meant to be there or not. I've stared at it on my mobile phone in bed, but couldn't post about it because Opera Mini is blocked here (in fact I have to use a web proxy via OM to view the place, which I certainly can't post from).
And of course I'm one of those arseholes who sets their browser to forget everything when I close it so I can't delete the post even if I wanted to.

It's wrong isn't it? It shouldn't be there. I kept refreshing the page in bed expecting the red text to appear.
>> No. 5731 Anonymous
20th June 2015
Saturday 11:47 am
5731 spacer

It is, but your frank and honest delirium on the subject has won me over you cheeky chappie. Run along, you scamp.
>> No. 6096 Anonymous
28th February 2016
Sunday 8:15 pm
6096 spacer
Use sci-hub.io

So for example, if you want to open


you add .sci-hub.io after the .org

>> No. 6097 Anonymous
28th February 2016
Sunday 10:39 pm
6097 spacer
Alternatively, just copy and paste the DOI into Sci-Hub. That stubborn little Russian lady is doing all of us a favour that work at shit universities with undersubscribed libraries. And non-academics, I guess, but they're not important.

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