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>> No. 28571 Anonymous
17th May 2019
Friday 1:05 am
28571 Minor Rants and Piss-Offs, Mark VIII
It appears largethreadmodlad has also locked the previous iteration of this thread; Mark VIII it is, then.

I take perfect care of my nails. I don't bite them, I cut in the standard flat formation every 3-5 days, and scrub under them in the shower. So why the actual fuck are my cuticles bleeding? Putting the plaster over to catch the blood means I can't play my bass properly, and that pisses me off.
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>> No. 30377 Anonymous
25th June 2020
Thursday 10:43 am
30377 spacer
Yes, but then the very first part of the URL would NOT be the product name, and that would make it harder for search engines to find, index and put at the top. Amazon recently spent a lot of time cleaning up their URLs.

Have bought ice pops.
>> No. 30378 Anonymous
25th June 2020
Thursday 10:53 am
30378 spacer
>As my Meaco fan broke and nowhere nearby was willing to touch it* I've had to buy a new one. £79 down the drain for what is in all likelihood a minor repair job with the fuse.

I discovered this morning that, after 2 weeks without a fan and taking the thing apart myself to find a fault, it was just the power-lead that had gone. This I only found out after buying a new one and trying the old cable.

I'm a fucking idiot. It might be sensible to return the new one and just buy another power-cable but I'm too embarrassed by my stupidity at this point. £80 down the drain. Maybe I'll pit my two fans against each other and see what happens. One hot air, one cold. I'll become tornado man, a defender of justice for all areas within easy reach of a power socket.
>> No. 30379 Anonymous
25th June 2020
Thursday 11:15 am
30379 spacer
>Delete tracking stuff in URLs
Will you elaborate? What does the tracking stuff look like - is it those % marks and random string of characters you often find?
>> No. 30380 Anonymous
25th June 2020
Thursday 1:57 pm
30380 spacer
Not % but anything that has a question mark. Remove that and anything that follows it.
>> No. 30383 Anonymous
25th June 2020
Thursday 3:14 pm
30383 spacer
Good luck sharing a YouTube video if you try that.
>> No. 30384 Anonymous
25th June 2020
Thursday 3:22 pm
30384 spacer
YouTube share URLs don't include a query string.
>> No. 30386 Anonymous
25th June 2020
Thursday 3:36 pm
30386 spacer

Annotation 2020-06-25 153522.png
It's extra clicks to use the share URL, I don't know why you'd ever use it on PC.

>> No. 30387 Anonymous
25th June 2020
Thursday 4:11 pm
30387 spacer
I just assumed you'd also use common sense.
>> No. 30388 Anonymous
25th June 2020
Thursday 10:01 pm
30388 spacer
It's 10pm and it's still fucking 30 degrees in my living room.
>> No. 30389 Anonymous
25th June 2020
Thursday 10:08 pm
30389 spacer
That'll teach you to live on a hill.
>> No. 30390 Anonymous
25th June 2020
Thursday 10:42 pm
30390 spacer
Landlords in London.

Half of the London graduate scene has gone back home to the parents and half of them are on furlough or being laid off.

I'm looking for a new flat with the girlfriend, landlords and agencies somehow think they can bluff us business is just fine despite the fact I'm sad enough to keep tracks of their specific properties on the markets and they're all going from 2-3 a time to well over 20-30. I also check the rentals in my area every day.

I've bumped into a few letting agents, one brutally honest, one retiring and very of the 'I don't give a fuck' variety and they've said how bad it is and we should low ball the landlord if we want the property, they can't do anything.

I did speak to one and they were so smarmy it pissed me off, we enquired about a room and suggested we might want to knock 20-30 quid a week off the rent and they said 'this isn't the kind of place that does rent reductions'.

Well good luck because you have a shitload of flats to fill in your development and if it's on the market for another two weeks you've lost more than it would have cost to give us a discount and get us in.
>> No. 30391 Anonymous
26th June 2020
Friday 12:13 am
30391 spacer
It's too fucking hot, and I've run out of ice lollies.
>> No. 30392 Anonymous
26th June 2020
Friday 1:06 am
30392 spacer
Still 30 here. I left the house at 11 and it felt like I was stepping out into daytime with not only the heat but also all the people about.

It feels like we didn't have a proper winter this year. I hope the climate shits the bed and it snows tomorrow. Even a bit of heavy rain would be appreciated.

Fill a water bottle put it in the freezer. Put squash in there and you have a nicer slush puppy. Just don't leave it in too long or you'll have to wait for it to melt.
>> No. 30393 Anonymous
26th June 2020
Friday 1:12 am
30393 spacer
I thought the kids shouting and screaming earlier on were annoying, but now there's some skaghead having a full on withdrawal meltdown somewhere in the street because her boyfriend won't give her a tenner. Still too warm to shut the window.
>> No. 30394 Anonymous
26th June 2020
Friday 5:14 pm
30394 spacer
Fucking windows update installed MicroSoft Edge onto my computer without me realising.

"You can't remove it, for a very good reason: Without it, how would you download your preferred web browser?"

I've 'uninstalled' it from the programs menu but the process was way to fast and unusual. I suspect it's already done damage.

>> No. 30395 Anonymous
26th June 2020
Friday 5:19 pm
30395 spacer
>> No. 30396 Anonymous
26th June 2020
Friday 5:47 pm
30396 spacer
The number of lighters I've gotten through this past year is unbelievable, is it just me, or are the flints attached in an even flimsier manner than they were before, or have I become cack handed?
>> No. 30397 Anonymous
26th June 2020
Friday 5:58 pm
30397 spacer
Out of curiosity what sort of lighters? I have been scouring the Earth for a butane/torch lighter that doesn't die within 6 months. In this day and age, this technology apparently does not exist.
>> No. 30398 Anonymous
26th June 2020
Friday 6:10 pm
30398 spacer

Those butane lighters seem to always be made poorly. I think they melt themselves from the inside. The only one I've ever had that has lasted is a Southern Comfort branded one that is shaped like an alligator (or crocodile, I dunno).

I like a Zippo but they are a faff. There's apparently a butane insert for them made by another company, Thunderbird, that are supposed to be fantastic, but they don't seem easy to get over here.
>> No. 30399 Anonymous
26th June 2020
Friday 6:12 pm
30399 spacer
Regular flint disposables where the flint shears off before half the chamber's been used, a couple of clippers (yeah, I should really buy some more flints, though the opening of the spring chamber and sparking brace are for some reason harder to remove these days) that don't last 2 refills. I can even extend it to refillable electric lighters that only last a full chamber and an half, the sparking mechanism simply breaks really quickly. I used to be able to get a good 5 refills from an electric one before they went spongy.

I tend to smoke a pipe out of preference and despite people telling me to get a torch lighter, I don't like the heat, I like the process of the first light and then tamping down the char and having a solid half hour of good flavour. The smoke's supposed to be cooler from a pipe anyway, unless you're a heathen who actually enjoys the wet, horrible, red-hot burning cack like St Bernard, Condor, Clan and god forbid, Erinmore.
>> No. 30400 Anonymous
26th June 2020
Friday 6:53 pm
30400 spacer
Pipe tobacco is absolutely gorgeous.
>> No. 30401 Anonymous
26th June 2020
Friday 7:34 pm
30401 spacer

Rough shag, though.
>> No. 30402 Anonymous
27th June 2020
Saturday 3:36 pm
30402 spacer
Lads how the fuck do you get on benefits now? I've been out of work for almost 6 months, during this period I've mostly been staying with a friend and helping them out with a lot, got a letter in the post today saying my claim has been rejected even though I've had no earnings for those 6 months. I'm going to contact them an ask for an explanation as all they said was "the law says we cannot pay you" but seriously, what fucking hoops do you have to jump through now? All I need is a little bit of income while applying around but there's shit all going at the moment. Do I just go homeless again? It's warm enough at least.
>> No. 30403 Anonymous
27th June 2020
Saturday 3:43 pm
30403 spacer

Which benefit did you apply for? Unless you're not a British national or you have more than £16,000 in savings, you should be eligible for Universal Credit. I'd suggest giving Citizens Advice a ring, they're excellent on benefits stuff.

>> No. 30404 Anonymous
27th June 2020
Saturday 4:43 pm
30404 spacer
I got excited about eating my Curly Wurly but I had already eaten it.
>> No. 30405 Anonymous
27th June 2020
Saturday 5:01 pm
30405 spacer
Cheers mate, I haven't claimed in many years, I tick all the boxes for that as well though so I'll give it a go.
>> No. 30406 Anonymous
27th June 2020
Saturday 6:23 pm
30406 spacer
Fucking friend hinting for me to wash her windows again. I just left the tools for her out back. Now I feel like a cunt.
>> No. 30407 Anonymous
27th June 2020
Saturday 7:46 pm
30407 spacer
You'll be up a ladder looking into her bedroom window and she'll be in there naked waiting for you.
>> No. 30408 Anonymous
27th June 2020
Saturday 7:53 pm
30408 spacer
Been there, done that. Her pussy is sour as dough.
>> No. 30409 Anonymous
27th June 2020
Saturday 8:27 pm
30409 spacer

I've just discovered the term 'acts of service' which is one of the 5 ways of affection in a relationship. I don't understand it and therefore I hate it. If I hold the door for someone or do the dishes (so long as they're not taking the piss) I do it because I'm supposed to do it, that's basic common decency, what the fuck.

There's a quiz:

I always assumed I would be a gifter. I'm like a sparrow in a relationship.

He was right to run away. I've watched enough raunchy comedies to know that he will only end up falling off the ladder - perhaps even getting the wrong window and catching Mr Friend in the shower.

Health and safety: it's not just for the workplace.
>> No. 30410 Anonymous
28th June 2020
Sunday 1:12 pm
30410 spacer
Okay Liverpool, you've had your fun now.

>> No. 30412 Anonymous
30th June 2020
Tuesday 6:53 am
30412 spacer
Gathering data so I can negotiate my VM price down again. Got the package almost to what I want, then removing the phone line adds £30 while downgrading the TV service and just adding bits I want adds £19.

I know I'm not good at maths this early in the morning, but I'm sure that would be paying more for less.
>> No. 30413 Anonymous
30th June 2020
Tuesday 8:21 pm
30413 spacer

Think my delivery driver got a bit lost.
>> No. 30414 Anonymous
30th June 2020
Tuesday 10:00 pm
30414 spacer

What a heap of shite he keeps spouting. Not even a hint of any useful green recovery options - not even funding for home heating and insulation retrofits? That would benefit people, create installation jobs, improve energy efficiency, help carbon targets...
>> No. 30415 Anonymous
30th June 2020
Tuesday 10:08 pm
30415 spacer
Yeah but he's going to build a bridge around London so we wont need to drive through the channel tunnel any more.
>> No. 30416 Anonymous
30th June 2020
Tuesday 10:15 pm
30416 spacer

Yeah, but he's the new FDR! It means fuck all unless banks are made to lend at rates to SMEs at amounts and rates to make it almost like government bonded money. Bounceback loans need to be granted, grants for businesses need to be massively extended. It's Keynes.

Piss all in that speech to suggest anything spectacular at all though, considering the Brexit and CV-19 slump, following a decade of record low interest rates for govt. borrowing, so therefore cutting every public service to the bone while still somehow outsourcing every fucking job at long-term 3 to 4 times the cost of in house, times we're in. House building for instance is mentioned, those blocks on building are only there because Thatcher centralised the hell of the fiscal independence of local authorities, so they had to suckle her teats for more.

>but under this government we also applaud those who make our NHS possible, our innovators, our wealth creators, our capitalists and financiers, because in the end it is their willingness to take risks with their own money that will be crucial for our future success.

Nothing's been learned. Nothing.
>> No. 30417 Anonymous
30th June 2020
Tuesday 10:18 pm
30417 spacer
Fuck the government.
>> No. 30418 Anonymous
30th June 2020
Tuesday 11:18 pm
30418 spacer
Seems a bit silly considering all the money the government is already investing for Net Zero etc. We had cavity wall and loft insulation 10 years ago and from what I remember it was a shambles.

I for one am sceptical of splurges in general. It might make the markets happy but big money is inefficient and gives tunnel-vision to macroeconomics - money should be sustained as a smaller revenue stream over a long period. That is what the economy needs to get shit done.

I'd like to complain about people putting too much optimism in SMEs, something politicians lap up. Brittelstand already exists but blokes in white vans don't build HS2 and when it's a family operations that is little capacity for growth. It's a silly way of looking at a nation's economy where you need a toolbox rather than a spanner.

Why are you lads putting this in the /101/ thread.
>> No. 30419 Anonymous
30th June 2020
Tuesday 11:27 pm
30419 spacer

>Seems a bit silly

I know it sounds silly, but it's about the only power I have as an individual. And I don't want to dump it on people in real life, I'd sound mad. Net Zero will be difficult so people have to keep the pressure up.

Admittedly it's out of self interest mostly - I like the natural world it's upsetting seeing old people (i.e. my mum's generations) getting to retire in a time of incomparable peace after they've shuffled massive environmental issues down the road since before I was born. I do try to enjoy myself but there's not many places to vent when you get to thinking a lot.
>> No. 30420 Anonymous
1st July 2020
Wednesday 12:48 am
30420 spacer
>Why are you lads putting this in the /101/ thread.

Can we not have a minor rant at the government here?

Many pubs and eateries across the country are facing closure due to ongoing premises costs not having holidays (some charges have, not all), most of those facing closure are SMEs. Businesses like those are almost surely guaranteed to generate god knows how much VAT for the government a year. I agree with the white van men, I know of some who were ineligible for a single penny of grant money for failing to submit full tax returns because their business account, often personal current account, couldn't be meaningfully accounted for. A one man band house improvement/roofing company doesn't really add much, but a larger firm that could do with extra plant to take on a larger role could.

Anyway, I was pissed off when I lived in a shared house of 4 and only me and one other guy left the shower head at a neutrally positioned height from which we all had to adjust and could comfortably reach, and the other guy who was a beanpole and some small lass would leave it at their respective heights. Being asked to reach the shower head for shortlass after repeatedly asking beanpole to reset the position didn't work just added a needless routine to check on the bloody shower head.
>> No. 30421 Anonymous
1st July 2020
Wednesday 8:33 am
30421 spacer
Fuck mini Babybel.
>> No. 30422 Anonymous
4th July 2020
Saturday 9:58 pm
30422 spacer
They've changed the start menu tile for Calculator and I hate it.
>> No. 30423 Anonymous
4th July 2020
Saturday 10:46 pm
30423 spacer
Virgin Media. Are talktalk or BT any good?
>> No. 30424 Anonymous
4th July 2020
Saturday 11:35 pm
30424 spacer

The tangible difference is roughly akin to getting a bloke who's fucking your arse to wear a different hat.
>> No. 30425 Anonymous
6th July 2020
Monday 10:37 am
30425 spacer
This fucking construction site is driving me off the edge. I've just caught myself standing at the window screaming at them. It's just a constant, deafening noise that goes straight through my ear defenders, wakes me up at stupid times, and doesn't FUCKING END.

I can't get any fucking work done.

The earliest I can move out is the middle of August.
>> No. 30426 Anonymous
6th July 2020
Monday 1:56 pm
30426 spacer
There's a book called The Monkey Wrench Gang you may enjoy reading, as you're up.
>> No. 30427 Anonymous
6th July 2020
Monday 5:24 pm
30427 spacer
Why can't any PPE or uniform supplier work out that when a trouser's waist size increases, at a certain point, you absolutely do not need to proportionally increase the leg width too. It is surely far more common to need a 46" waistband because you're fat, rather than because you're literally built like a series of tree trunks.
>> No. 30428 Anonymous
6th July 2020
Monday 6:37 pm
30428 spacer

I used to have the inverse problem; I couldn't buy jeans that'd fit my tree-trunk legs unless they had a waist a good 4-6" larger than I needed. I used to complain but I didn't know how good I had it. Now I'm just a fat cunt and I can't find clothes that fit my fat arse, my fat waist, or my fat fucking legs.
>> No. 30429 Anonymous
7th July 2020
Tuesday 9:29 am
30429 spacer

People hold their fat differently you might be all bulge in the middle but there are people who hold it in their thighs and arse. They need to hedge their bets to make clothes that have a reasonable chance of fitting people who are over weight.
>> No. 30438 Anonymous
11th July 2020
Saturday 2:22 pm
30438 spacer
People who are too effusive about the disabled and go out of their way to single them out for special treatment.

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