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>> No. 28571 Anonymous
17th May 2019
Friday 1:05 am
28571 Minor Rants and Piss-Offs, Mark VIII
It appears largethreadmodlad has also locked the previous iteration of this thread; Mark VIII it is, then.

I take perfect care of my nails. I don't bite them, I cut in the standard flat formation every 3-5 days, and scrub under them in the shower. So why the actual fuck are my cuticles bleeding? Putting the plaster over to catch the blood means I can't play my bass properly, and that pisses me off.
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>> No. 32346 Anonymous
11th September 2021
Saturday 11:19 pm
32346 spacer

She just fucking won the US Open.

Good for her.
>> No. 32347 Anonymous
11th September 2021
Saturday 11:31 pm
32347 spacer
Definitely British then.
>> No. 32348 Anonymous
12th September 2021
Sunday 12:36 am
32348 spacer
Alright, I'm whinging about YouTube again. On Monday or Tuesday it offered up a video called, and I don't recall either exactly so bear with me, "Voice Feminisation Training" by "Transitioning for Beginners" and I ignored it, for I was not transgender. Since then I've been getting insane right-wing American shite like Fox News and something called the Black Conservative Perspective. I'm not sure what this means, but apparently the algorithm thinks I need to become a racist, black, trans woman. I'm not sure I agree.
>> No. 32349 Anonymous
12th September 2021
Sunday 12:51 am
32349 spacer
But it's fine because it means YouTube gets engagement and ad views, and that's what really matters.
>> No. 32350 Anonymous
12th September 2021
Sunday 12:56 am
32350 spacer
It's throwing some sports betting in there too now, it's really trying to get me to ruin my life.
>> No. 32351 Anonymous
12th September 2021
Sunday 1:09 am
32351 spacer
I don't know why, but the same algorithm seems to recommend me women trying on pairs of tights.

Generally speaking I only watch electronics/radio channels, so I'm not sure what this is saying about me or my peers.
>> No. 32352 Anonymous
12th September 2021
Sunday 1:21 am
32352 spacer
The algorithm works okay for me. The only conclusion I can make from years interacting with American culture online is that you're a sissy-boi looking for a big black conservative to affirmative action your balloon knot.

You're only lying to yourself at this point, lass.
>> No. 32353 Anonymous
12th September 2021
Sunday 1:52 am
32353 spacer
I'm bored of having 11/9 dominate the headlines every year. Even by the late 00's it was getting old.

Fun thought: People compare it to Pearl Harbour but imagine if WWII didn't end until 1961. And ended up with the allies having a shambolic evacuation of Tokyo as the Tatenokai swoop in.
>> No. 32354 Anonymous
12th September 2021
Sunday 2:16 am
32354 spacer
Coverage has been minimal in the previous five years or so, I'd say. It's just because it's the big two-oh and the pullout in Afghanistan.
>> No. 32355 Anonymous
12th September 2021
Sunday 7:40 am
32355 spacer
I find it slightly odd how newspapers seem to still more or less continue to roll with the straight "How sad this all is, a time for remembrance of a tragedy" kind of line while the internet at large (admittedly, possibly just the nutters I pay attention to) seem to have long moved on to posting artifacts from what followed: America's moment of even greater insanity than usual. From the overtly political ridiculous propaganda headlines to the liberals who fawned over Bush to Disney's weird evangelist adverts to Freedom Fries to political cartoons which would, nowadays, pass for a grossly insensitive parody of post-9/11 patriotism but which are mind-bendingly contemporary.
>> No. 32356 Anonymous
12th September 2021
Sunday 10:01 am
32356 spacer

I haven't noticed much about it even with it being the 20th anniversary.

I do like a bit of 9/11 artwork though.
>> No. 32357 Anonymous
12th September 2021
Sunday 10:45 am
32357 spacer
I don't really care for the "everyone remembers where they were that day" angle. I went to school, and didn't find out till I got home. I only knew what the World Trade Centre even was because of that episode of The Simpsons. I was less shaken than I was when Princess Diana died. But when 3,000 people die, like you say, you can't really show any edge at all.

Regarding algorithms, I keep scrolling past poorly-made left-wing points on Facebook ("Boris Johnson is a stinky poo-poo-face!!!!!" 14,000 laugh-reacts), and I have, on occasion, Liked a post by either of my right-wing friends just to smash against the walls of the echo chamber. Now it's decided I must be One Of Them, and I've started getting "suggested for you" posts of truly intellectually bereft American conservative posts about how only I am brave enough to love the world's greatest flag. The hundreds of well-argued Twitter screenshots I have Liked which support Remain, hate the Conservatives, and so on, have now been forgotten.
>> No. 32358 Anonymous
12th September 2021
Sunday 11:07 am
32358 spacer

A lot of the reaction to 9/11 depends on your personal experience - mine is that in the three-year period leading up to it, I visited Manhattan at least monthly; I frequented Windows on the World often, it was my favourite bar and many people on Wall Streets favourite place to go on a Thursday evening. I also spent a lot of time at Salomon Brothers at WTC7.

That building was absolutely fucking enormous - it is difficult to appreciate from pictures. It was always slightly scary entering the lift lobby, going up in the lift, and you tended not to stand near the windows too often (or look down) when you were there. It was a common topic of conversation on how you would escape the building - even in those days, people joked they would rather jump than face the stairs in an emergency.

So I don't feel trauma over the event, but I do feel the absolute horror of it all having been right there so many times. I do get angry at the conspiracists - anyone who had visited that would quickly understand what would happen if any building was affected by something like that.
>> No. 32359 Anonymous
12th September 2021
Sunday 11:37 am
32359 spacer
I agree very much agree with this. Channel 4 were umming and ahing over whether the post-9/11 fallout was a total disaster or not. As if there was any debate to be had, given the Pandora's Box that was unleashed in the aftermath.

This is all perfectly acceptable and I find the footage of the attacks very difficult to watch, despite having no link to NYC. What's frustrating is that the news analysis just shows planes hitting towers and goes "wow, horrible, 'innit?" and has basically done just that for two-decades now.
>> No. 32360 Anonymous
12th September 2021
Sunday 12:00 pm
32360 spacer
I actually didn't see the planes hit the towers in a single news report over the past week. I think they've decided to stop showing it now.
>> No. 32361 Anonymous
12th September 2021
Sunday 11:59 pm
32361 spacer
Using VSCode is actually pushing me over the edge. I can feel my sanity slipping.

Wildly different behaviour between different computers with no explanation. Googling is absolutely fucking infuriating as it seems of the literally dozens of problems a day I have with it I'm the only person to have ever had them. Endless JSON configs none of which seem to affect anything.

The main issue I have is that some feature will just... not work with no indication of why. There'll be nothing in the logs, and at best if you google it or ask a question on Stack Overflow you'll get nothing, and at worst it's fucking useless generic advice for a language you're not even using. An annexed issue to that one is that it's so fucking difficult to google exactly what you want. Like, today, IntelliSense mostly still works but now it's refusing to detect problems in the workspace.

The worst bit is on the rare occasions it is fully working it's just an absolute breeze to develop and debug remotely to the level that I haven't found anything even half as good, so I have to keep using despite the fucking daily levels of fucking mental torture it puts me through.
>> No. 32362 Anonymous
13th September 2021
Monday 3:00 pm
32362 spacer
Oh, hey, a fellow techlad. Nice to know someone might vaguely understand my gripe for the day.

A requirement for a data load is "bucket rows by 15 minute intervals". Excel supports Power Query, Power BI supports Power Query, and Data Factory supports Power Query, so I guess that's the way to go. I get a nice simple bit of Power Query that does the job working in Excel, copy it up to Data Factory. Turns out Data Factory doesn't support conversions to date/time types from ... well, anything. After a couple of hours manually getting the calculation to work, including rolling over hours and days, I find out that it also doesn't support constructing a time from hours/minutes/seconds either. So I figure I need to construct a string and deal with it later, which means having to zero-pad the values. Finally I get something that works and doesn't generate any warnings in Data Factory. Then I run it and find the actual output doesn't fucking match.
>> No. 32363 Anonymous
13th September 2021
Monday 3:23 pm
32363 spacer
>Oh, hey, a fellow techlad. Nice to know someone might vaguely understand my gripe for the day.

You're all ruddy techlads.
>> No. 32364 Anonymous
13th September 2021
Monday 3:25 pm
32364 spacer
That's not true, I'm a sciencelad that offloads all the boring tech stuff to techlads.
>> No. 32365 Anonymous
13th September 2021
Monday 3:31 pm
32365 spacer
I thought we were a doctor, a lawyer, a homeless drug addict and me?
>> No. 32366 Anonymous
13th September 2021
Monday 3:34 pm
32366 spacer
As far as I'm aware most of you are computer nerds. There's that hairdresser that drives an MX-5, cheflad, me and at least one dolescum.
>> No. 32367 Anonymous
13th September 2021
Monday 3:34 pm
32367 spacer
Wait, that's four. That can't be right.
>> No. 32368 Anonymous
13th September 2021
Monday 4:18 pm
32368 spacer
An MX-5 driving cheflad who's also on benefits could easily be one poster. We shouldn't pigeon hole.
>> No. 32369 Anonymous
13th September 2021
Monday 4:28 pm
32369 spacer
Maybe he lost his mind after constantly revising the menu for Greene King pubs and having to devise new things to do with black pudding, deciding to become a hairdresser after his breakdown.
>> No. 32370 Anonymous
13th September 2021
Monday 6:37 pm
32370 spacer
At least one of us is a banker.
>> No. 32371 Anonymous
13th September 2021
Monday 7:05 pm
32371 spacer

There are at least two NHSlads here including myself, though we're probably just as popular as dolescum now to anyone with a tattoo of a three-masted sailing ship on their gut.
>> No. 32372 Anonymous
13th September 2021
Monday 7:17 pm
32372 spacer
Maybe cheflad does the food in a hospital. He's constantly starting cunt-offs on here because having his MX-5 in the carpark is costing more than he makes.
>> No. 32373 Anonymous
13th September 2021
Monday 8:06 pm
32373 spacer

You're pretty close, honestly.
>> No. 32374 Anonymous
13th September 2021
Monday 8:40 pm
32374 spacer
Uncomfortable truths right here.
>> No. 32375 Anonymous
14th September 2021
Tuesday 4:42 pm
32375 spacer

I'm a former NHSlad, turned to the private world because I wanted enough money to have things like a house.
>> No. 32376 Anonymous
16th September 2021
Thursday 2:10 am
32376 spacer
People who buy fuck loads of glassware in tiny flats and then when they move out they leave it behind. I had a red wine glass fall out the cupboard and shatter at half one in the morning and now I've got a cut on my thumb and can't hoover until midday tomorrow due to noise. There's 6 SIX wine glasses, 4 tumblers and 2 rocks glasses for a one-person studio - I think I can guess how much they were used.

You just fucking know the landlord has kept an accurate tally on all those glasses and will charge me that 80k value out of my deposit. From now on don't leave any kitchen stuff behind when you move house - as a species we can't handle it.
>> No. 32377 Anonymous
16th September 2021
Thursday 4:36 am
32377 spacer
Ikea is the cheapest place to buy good okay glassware.
>> No. 32378 Anonymous
16th September 2021
Thursday 11:19 am
32378 spacer
Hair transplants should either be illegal or free on the NHS, no half measures.
>> No. 32379 Anonymous
16th September 2021
Thursday 11:51 am
32379 spacer
They could be both, like prescription medication.
>> No. 32380 Anonymous
16th September 2021
Thursday 3:10 pm
32380 spacer
I initially took your post to imply that you'd asked for a pube transplant and been told you can only get head hair. I was impressed. Anyway, I'm pretty sure hair transplants fall out again after a few years, based on Wayne Rooney and a guy I used to work with.
>> No. 32381 Anonymous
20th September 2021
Monday 11:49 pm
32381 spacer
Bread mould can fuck off. It can fuck right off. If it's not ruining my weekend morning then it's ruining a sudden craving for toast before bed. The worst part is how it eats the good bread so quickly and even the healthier breads with no added sugar. Then I reach into the cupboard and only realise once it's toasted or I've cracked an egg.

I might just start buying the cheapest and whitest loafs I can find on a supermarket shelf. Even if the bread takes a few years off my life it will outlive me so I consider that 50/50.
>> No. 32382 Anonymous
21st September 2021
Tuesday 1:11 am
32382 spacer
Why does Facebook load so slowly? It loads at normal speed on other computers, but I can't imagine you could programme a website to use a computer's entire resources. Am I somehow mining Bitcoins for Zuckerberg's fortune when I log in? And why doesn't my computer get any noisier if so?
>> No. 32383 Anonymous
21st September 2021
Tuesday 1:29 am
32383 spacer
I just tried Windows Performance Monitor, and whatever my problems are, they seem to be a bunch of memory faults per second. Transition faults, demand zero faults, and cache faults per second all drop considerably when I close the Facebook tab and only look at functioning websites. But memory usage otherwise is unchanged. Clearly Facebook has been programmed to force me to buy a new computer.
>> No. 32384 Anonymous
21st September 2021
Tuesday 7:14 am
32384 spacer
Store a few emergency slices of bread in the freezer. Defrost as and when needed.
>> No. 32385 Anonymous
21st September 2021
Tuesday 7:31 am
32385 spacer

There's a lot of websites like this nowadays, and I suspect it's largely because they just don't really expect you to be looking at it on a desktop browser at all. I don't have any figures but I'm willing to be over 90% of Facebook usage is through the phone app.
>> No. 32386 Anonymous
21st September 2021
Tuesday 8:15 am
32386 spacer
Or just freeze all your pre-sliced bread, been doing that for years as I'm not a big bread consumer. Defrosts perfectly in a few minutes on the counter or straight in the toaster.
>> No. 32387 Anonymous
21st September 2021
Tuesday 12:53 pm
32387 spacer
Fine on this end. My hunch would be an extension clash.
>> No. 32388 Anonymous
22nd September 2021
Wednesday 12:58 pm
32388 spacer
Large books should come apart so I can just choose to take a portion out with me, rather than haul around a massive 450 page tome, which I don't want to do.

Also, dog walkers who treat their slightly barky dogs like the devil and then wonder why they flip their lid whenever they meet another dog. Because you're choking it out and shouting nonsense at it, you stupid old prick.
>> No. 32389 Anonymous
22nd September 2021
Wednesday 6:07 pm
32389 spacer
I think my energy supplier has gone bust.
>> No. 32390 Anonymous
22nd September 2021
Wednesday 6:43 pm
32390 spacer
Is your electricity free now?
>> No. 32391 Anonymous
22nd September 2021
Wednesday 7:02 pm
32391 spacer
Nope, it just means he'll be dumped with a supplier he doesn't want to be with who will charge him an arm and a leg for the privilege of being his bailout provider.
>> No. 32392 Anonymous
23rd September 2021
Thursday 5:24 pm
32392 spacer
I bought some pre-grated cheese because I felt like being lazy and not having to wash the grater, but the stuff refuses to melt. It's weird. It just sort of goes soft but retains its shape. I think the issue is it's too chunky. It's almost like french fries made of mature cheddar.

The whole point of crated cheese is to melt, is it not? Why would you have grated cheese that refuses to melt?
>> No. 32393 Anonymous
23rd September 2021
Thursday 5:44 pm
32393 spacer

It's anti-caking agent mate, stops it clumping in the bag but also stops it melting in your food.


Also, dissolving sodium citrate in cheese makes it extra melty/stretchy.
>> No. 32394 Anonymous
23rd September 2021
Thursday 6:30 pm
32394 spacer
>dissolving sodium citrate in cheese makes it extra melty/stretchy.
Does that same to your rectum apparently.
>> No. 32395 Anonymous
25th September 2021
Saturday 5:11 pm
32395 spacer
I have a mob of rollerbladers that like to go past my house while carrying boomboxes blasting out upbeat classics from the likes of ELO and Bill Withers. If that wasn't bad enough they always do this when I'm on the other side of the street with my shopping so I'm forced to wait for the parade of nobheads to pass.

It's just not British.

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