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>> No. 430053 Anonymous
31st August 2019
Saturday 8:53 am
430053 Literal "what are you feeling right now" thread
Shamelessly stealing the very excellent idea from >>/101/28964

Here is a place to post utterly inane observations about your current state of being.


I like birds but starlings are a massive noisy pain in the arse.
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>> No. 443505 Anonymous
29th April 2021
Thursday 1:01 am
443505 spacer
England's shit.
>> No. 443506 Anonymous
29th April 2021
Thursday 6:44 am
443506 spacer
I think people on twitter complaining about non black people wearing cornrows or dreads might finally be the thing that turns me racist.

Americans have no fucking perspective
>> No. 443507 Anonymous
29th April 2021
Thursday 7:20 am
443507 spacer
Says the idiot obsessing with them over some utter shite. You are an American, you waste of skin.
>> No. 443508 Anonymous
29th April 2021
Thursday 7:39 am
443508 spacer
What it should do it is turn you against reading twitter.
>> No. 443509 Anonymous
29th April 2021
Thursday 7:43 am
443509 spacer

Obsessing is a stretch for idly scrolling through a feed, but point taken. Yeehaw.
>> No. 443510 Anonymous
29th April 2021
Thursday 7:47 am
443510 spacer
Twitter should be for Vorderposting only.
>> No. 443522 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 10:01 am
443522 spacer
Flag weirdos down the street have lowered said flag to half mast again. I'm assuming it's in solidarity with Noel Clarke.
>> No. 443523 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 10:05 am
443523 spacer
I remember there being a lot of flags up around here during the football and the following year but none since lockdown.
>> No. 443524 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 10:09 am
443524 spacer

Maybe they're Jewish flag weirdos.
>> No. 443525 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 10:33 am
443525 spacer
Is it okay to design and propose a new national operation mostly because you decided when you were drunk that you wanted an HGV licence and work could pay for it since you'd have to do training for the rollout? It'll actually save us money and give us greater overall control of our scheduling, but it really is just because I want to buy a car transporter but didn't want to pay two grand to learn how to drive it. I think I'm in too deep. Why am I like this and why has nobody noticed I'm a child.
>> No. 443526 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 10:45 am
443526 spacer
It's okay - I also want an HGV licence and if I could figure out a way to get my work to pay for it, I would too.
>> No. 443529 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 11:09 am
443529 spacer

I do envy the older lot who have this all grandfathered in. I have to do a test just to tow a trailer over about a tonne.
>> No. 443530 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 11:24 am
443530 spacer
Yeah, I also want HGV and forklift tickets, and would happily organise business reasons for them if at all plausible. I can get training for all sorts of things, but there's just no reason at all for these.
You're doing a fine thing.
>> No. 443541 Anonymous
1st May 2021
Saturday 2:45 am
443541 spacer
I'm going to be offered my bosses job this month. Or rather it'll be coronation whether I like it or not. Not too happy about this. Think endless meetings, reading dry essays and long hours for money I don't really need at the cost of my work/wank balance. To top it off, while I lead on areas all the time and solve problems, I strongly dislike management hierarchy. I really just want everyone to fuck off and leave me alone frankly which is coincidentally when I do my best work.

Maybe that's how I'll swing it, I'll take the job but refuse to have any subordinates so I never have time. I'll power through the work through sheer force of rage and not having to deal with any accountability or office management. Despite my whinging I'd also resign if they tried to slot someone else into the spot above me. Being lazy yet competitive is a curse.
>> No. 443542 Anonymous
1st May 2021
Saturday 3:03 am
443542 spacer
I feel your pain.
>> No. 443546 Anonymous
1st May 2021
Saturday 12:54 pm
443546 spacer
I was lucky to get my work to organise my trailer license and I got my LGV as well. All because like twice in the past 5 years I have had to transport some equipment.

It's annoying because if I passed my test 3 months earlier I wouldn't need to do them. Instead I was among the first lot to do the theory test, which was just a pen and paper multiple choice test that took me 15 minutes to blast through.
>> No. 443589 Anonymous
4th May 2021
Tuesday 11:32 pm
443589 spacer
Just shat my sleep schedual through a bin bag by "having a nap" earlier in the evening. Five hours is way too long for a quick kip though, that's a full on sleep, men have won wars having slept fewer hours than that.

Also do you need a car to go to the tip or can you just rock up with a bag of old crap on foot, like a tramp who just found out about Marie Kondo? God, that's a dated reference.
>> No. 443590 Anonymous
4th May 2021
Tuesday 11:50 pm
443590 spacer
My local tips don't need a car, but you do need to book at the moment; if you're on foot though, I doubt you're bringing that much so I'm sure you could blag it.
>> No. 443598 Anonymous
5th May 2021
Wednesday 3:14 pm
443598 spacer
I have visited my local tip on a bicycle that I then threw away at said tip.
>> No. 445507 Anonymous
6th August 2021
Friday 1:19 pm
445507 spacer
Could humans regularly be around 7' tall in a few hundred years?
>> No. 445508 Anonymous
6th August 2021
Friday 1:45 pm
445508 spacer
Not without some sort of genetic interference.
>> No. 445509 Anonymous
6th August 2021
Friday 2:30 pm
445509 spacer
or if we're all living on the moon / somewhere else low-G
>> No. 445510 Anonymous
6th August 2021
Friday 2:33 pm
445510 spacer
Let's hope not - people who are shorter appear to live longer.
>> No. 445701 Anonymous
15th August 2021
Sunday 4:14 pm
445701 spacer
People like mood lighting
People like music to go with a mood
People like to be comfortable when they go out
People like to be able to hear one-another talk

So why don't we see clubs trying to play more elevator-style music. I bet it would be ace and easy to dance to. You could approach a woman by talking about the weather and local traffic.

>> No. 445702 Anonymous
15th August 2021
Sunday 4:16 pm
445702 spacer
Drinks. You wouldn't buy that many drinks.
>> No. 445704 Anonymous
15th August 2021
Sunday 4:29 pm
445704 spacer
Exactly - most of these venues are just an excuse to get drunk/off your face - I would be happy to do that to normcore or elevator music, but it's an essential element of the dating and going-out process.
>> No. 445706 Anonymous
15th August 2021
Sunday 4:34 pm
445706 spacer

Yeah there are studies which show a linear relationship between music volume in bars and alcohol volume purchased. If you can have a conversation, you're drinking less.
>> No. 445707 Anonymous
15th August 2021
Sunday 4:38 pm
445707 spacer

Club owners do not care if you have a good time, they are looking to extract as much money as possible from you.
>> No. 445710 Anonymous
15th August 2021
Sunday 5:56 pm
445710 spacer

Agreed, but people tend to go to clubs in which they have an enjoyable time.
>> No. 445718 Anonymous
16th August 2021
Monday 11:32 am
445718 spacer

Totally agree, but I wish I could convince the owners of these venues that it would be a better long-term investment. I personally have no idea whether it's more profitable to try and fleece many people who roll in once for a shit night out, or to try and build up a clientele of regular customers, but I too would prefer the latter.
>> No. 445720 Anonymous
16th August 2021
Monday 1:35 pm
445720 spacer
I suspect if you do it will slowly turn into a bar/pub style affair but who knows, like you suggest there's no way of knowing. There are probably all sorts of novel ways of running a club and some that might actually be a really good night but we'll never see it because nightclub owners are scumbags who only want generic shagged out clubs and there's probably not the money for ideas from any honest characters.

It's a shame we can't run civilisation again and steal all their good ideas.
>> No. 445721 Anonymous
16th August 2021
Monday 2:17 pm
445721 spacer
Every nightclub or pub owner I have ever met is a cynical, grumpy bastard; I think it goes with the territory.
>> No. 445722 Anonymous
16th August 2021
Monday 3:05 pm
445722 spacer
I think that goes for every job. I don't think I've met a single person that actually likes their customers. When I worked for the council I think the people in the council tax team hated people on benefits more than the most ardent tabloid reader because dealing with those little scamps every day turned them incredibly jaded and cynical.
>> No. 445723 Anonymous
16th August 2021
Monday 3:50 pm
445723 spacer

>> No. 445724 Anonymous
16th August 2021
Monday 5:13 pm
445724 spacer
That's an absolutely excellent example of the genre.
>> No. 445727 Anonymous
16th August 2021
Monday 5:59 pm
445727 spacer

"It's a pity people coudnae just come in, gie you £40 and piss off" is peak grumpy landlord.
>> No. 445976 Anonymous
31st August 2021
Tuesday 8:14 am
445976 spacer
Years and years ago there was hysteria about deep vein thrombosis and it was always in the news but you never hear about it at all these days.
>> No. 445978 Anonymous
31st August 2021
Tuesday 1:05 pm
445978 spacer
I fully agree with this sentiment. 90% of the public are cunts when they've had a drink, which is an increase on 85% when they haven't.

Honestly nothing better than turning the telly and music off and sitting down with a pint without any shoes on after putting up with knobheads for 12 hours solid.

Never worked in a club before, but I can imagine that your dealings with the public are primarily serving booze and then people having blazing rows over the change from a fiver because they can't understand pound a pint doesn't extend to expensive brandies, but with none of the in-between of the mind numbing, inane shite people insist on sharing every single day that you get in a pub, just pulling pints and telling thickos they don't understand promotions.
>> No. 445984 Anonymous
1st September 2021
Wednesday 1:06 pm
445984 spacer

That's just because none of us are flying in planes anymore...
>> No. 446612 Anonymous
1st October 2021
Friday 10:23 am
446612 spacer

How long have M&Ms been using the same advert? It feels like I've watched the "now the biting makes sense!" advert for the best part of 20 years.
>> No. 446624 Anonymous
1st October 2021
Friday 12:15 pm
446624 spacer
The earliest references I can find to it are from 2016, so half a decade at least.
>> No. 446625 Anonymous
1st October 2021
Friday 12:16 pm
446625 spacer
I, for one, don't watch adverts.
>> No. 446634 Anonymous
1st October 2021
Friday 1:27 pm
446634 spacer
More importantly, why is the yellow M&M hiding in the cupboard? It must be a cuckoldry thing, but this is never addressed.
>> No. 446635 Anonymous
1st October 2021
Friday 1:47 pm
446635 spacer
I think he's a peanut M&M.
>> No. 446641 Anonymous
1st October 2021
Friday 6:46 pm
446641 spacer
I seem to think they had a bit of an ongoing storyline with them which just stopped.
>> No. 446915 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 6:45 pm
446915 spacer
If prices go up with inflation does this mean that in a hundred years or whatever a minimum wage salary would eventually reach £100,000 or would they decide to reset everything at some point to stop it getting out of control?
>> No. 446916 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 6:54 pm
446916 spacer
That's exactly how inflation works, and why the Bank of England are desperate to control it; the only tool they have is interest rates.
>> No. 446917 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 6:57 pm
446917 spacer


A hundred years ago, the average weekly wage was about £4.

Countries do occasionally "reset" their currencies, but usually only as an act of desperation when they're suffering from uncontrollable hyperinflation.
>> No. 446918 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 7:05 pm
446918 spacer

It's worth pointing out that a small amount of inflation is generally a good thing, hence most central banks targeting a rate of about 2%. You don't want people desperately getting rid of money as soon as they get it, but you also don't want people clinging on to money rather than spending or investing it.
>> No. 446920 Anonymous
13th October 2021
Wednesday 2:11 am
446920 spacer

Also, there is a bit of an inversely proportional relation between inflation and unemployment. Simply put, when inflation goes up, unemployment tends to go down. It has to do with producers of goods seeing an incentive to expand production when they believe prices for their products will continue to rise, because rising prices will mean bigger and sooner returns on their investment. An increase in production will generally mean you need to hire more work, which makes unemployment go down. More employment means people will have more money to spend on goods, which increases demand and again drives up prices.

Deflation, on the other hand, will discourage producers from increasing production or even keeping it at a steady level, which means an increasing number of people are laid off and become unemployed, with less money to spend, which can then cause prices to slip even further.

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