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>> No. 430053 Anonymous
31st August 2019
Saturday 8:53 am
430053 Literal "what are you feeling right now" thread
Shamelessly stealing the very excellent idea from >>/101/28964

Here is a place to post utterly inane observations about your current state of being.


I like birds but starlings are a massive noisy pain in the arse.
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>> No. 450515 Anonymous
8th April 2022
Friday 11:34 am
450515 spacer
That could be anything from 21 up.
>> No. 450519 Anonymous
8th April 2022
Friday 2:10 pm
450519 spacer
I get ever more depressed as the sweet spot of around 17 sinks further away into the past. The days of MSN, Myspace, the PS2 and actually having friends in person rather than just the odd chat on Facebook.
>> No. 450522 Anonymous
8th April 2022
Friday 4:35 pm
450522 spacer
Have you tried taking up rock climbing?
>> No. 450523 Anonymous
8th April 2022
Friday 4:54 pm
450523 spacer

Straight from "teen" to MILF with nothing in between. I've occasionally seen performers alternate between the two.
>> No. 450524 Anonymous
8th April 2022
Friday 4:57 pm
450524 spacer

I know how you feel, but then again, I think there's a bright side to it all too. Though I'll grant it depends on your circumstances and your life decisions. I'm in my early 30s, I'm one of the single lads there seem to be a few of right now. But contrary to all my expectations, I seem to be batting well above my weight compared to the last time I was single in my mid 20s.

The impression I get is that the things I was insecure about as a younger lad have turned into advantages over the last few years. I was always very slender, never exactly the manliest of men, and I wished I was a bit bigger and 'arder because lasses seem to like that better. But nowadays, my lanky build and effeminate features puts me ahead of the pack, because while I'm turning into quite the handsome devil, most other lads my age range are starting to pack on the beer bellies and going thin up top.

And just beyond looks- I used to feel like I'd missed out on the whole settling down, buying a house, having kids, all that noise. Of course I'm still aiming to buy a house some time soon, but I'm glad I never got myself tied down earlier on. Nobody I know who went down that route so early on in their life seems properly happy about it.

Things just seems to have a way of working out if you don't stress too much about it all. I am often put in mind of the teachings of taoism. The way does nothing, yet nothing is left undone.
>> No. 450525 Anonymous
8th April 2022
Friday 5:07 pm
450525 spacer
I'm 36 but I still don't really feel "adult".
My son is 6 and I still dread having to talk to his teacher, or the people on the phone for Electric, Water etc.
>> No. 450530 Anonymous
9th April 2022
Saturday 3:42 am
450530 spacer
You are all a bunch of milquetoast faggots who never lived. I'd suggest killing yourself but there's nothing to kill.
>> No. 450532 Anonymous
9th April 2022
Saturday 5:02 am
450532 spacer
Go on then, big man. Show us how it’s done.
>> No. 450534 Anonymous
9th April 2022
Saturday 5:59 am
450534 spacer

I reckon it's fairly safe to say, given you're posting here, that I've taken more drugs than you would imagine possible and shagged fitter birds than you could ever dream of.

That might not fit what you consider a definition of having "lived" and dismiss it, but then, therein lies the philosophical problem with your statement. I might look enviously at the lads in the stocks and shares threads and wish I had been more responsible with my youth, instead of living the hedonistic lifestyle I did. If I'd been more like those lads I might have a nice semi-detached with a conservatory to wear my slippers and read the broadsheets in.

But nevertheless, I sleep quite soundly at night knowing I've slung my muck up more eastern European fitties without having to pay for it than any of them ever have.
>> No. 450535 Anonymous
9th April 2022
Saturday 7:44 am
450535 spacer

That's a very odd thing to say, particularly when at least one of us has shagged Connie Huq, and the rest of us are into obese women.

My number is bigger than yours, though
>> No. 450537 Anonymous
9th April 2022
Saturday 7:57 am
450537 spacer
Filipino crossdresser flaked out at the last minute. At this rate I'll never enrich anyone with my beefy loads.
>> No. 450538 Anonymous
9th April 2022
Saturday 8:27 am
450538 spacer

>I reckon it's fairly safe to say, given you're posting here, that I've taken more drugs than you would imagine possible and shagged fitter birds than you could ever dream of.

That's really not a safe bet to make on that basis.
>> No. 450542 Anonymous
9th April 2022
Saturday 11:35 am
450542 spacer
That's not really what I meant though. Getting older is one thing to come to terms with, even if I'd trade everything to be 19 again. What I don't like is seeing is my mates suffering from the machinations of Father Time.

>I seem to be batting well above my weight

Average. AVERAGE.

You can invest in stocks and shares even on a modest income. Your risk tolerance will be different but the ups and downs will remind you of the ribcage on one of those greyhounds you've been shagging.
>> No. 450543 Anonymous
9th April 2022
Saturday 12:09 pm
450543 spacer
>Pica disorder
I used to eat long strands of thread until one day they must have tied a knot against my stomache, pulled and gave a pain so great i fell to my knees and fainted. It took a few minutes to recover - I thought I'd had a heart attack.

I've heard goats are pretty much a guaranteed profitable investment (at least in the US) and that banks readily hand out loans for goat farming. Any idea if this is true, and why? I wouldn't mind learning to run a modest homestead/farm by myself and wonder if this is a good way to get into it.
>> No. 450583 Anonymous
10th April 2022
Sunday 10:53 am
450583 spacer

>Average. AVERAGE.

Mixed metaphors are always amusing to me. But yes, you can punch above your weight in boxing or you can bat above your average in cricket or baseball.
>> No. 450584 Anonymous
10th April 2022
Sunday 12:52 pm
450584 spacer
I reyt need a poo.
>> No. 450589 Anonymous
10th April 2022
Sunday 5:04 pm
450589 spacer

My Golf skills will always be below par. Don't even bother asking me how shit I am at Darts and Snooker.
>> No. 450598 Anonymous
10th April 2022
Sunday 10:53 pm
450598 spacer

Latin: Per cent = for 100
i.e. 260 / 100 x 12 = 15.6 = 12 per cent ex 260
& = Et

Never noticed that before.
>> No. 450599 Anonymous
10th April 2022
Sunday 10:57 pm
450599 spacer

What's the percentage of Neon Tetras vs Guppies in your tanks Broh
>> No. 450600 Anonymous
10th April 2022
Sunday 11:57 pm
450600 spacer
Remember, "quidquid latine dictum sit altum videtur" is a motto to live by.
>> No. 450601 Anonymous
11th April 2022
Monday 11:56 am
450601 spacer
This Morbius film looks to be the cultural turn against Jared Leto I've been hoping for for so long now.
>> No. 450603 Anonymous
11th April 2022
Monday 2:19 pm
450603 spacer
Were you raised by wolves?
>> No. 450604 Anonymous
11th April 2022
Monday 2:24 pm
450604 spacer
It was good enough for Romulus and Remus, so it's good enough for any of us.
>> No. 450605 Anonymous
11th April 2022
Monday 2:57 pm
450605 spacer

According to this lad it's better than living among humans.

>> No. 450606 Anonymous
11th April 2022
Monday 4:01 pm
450606 spacer
It can't be any worse than his Suicide Squad Joker. In that instance he ruined a classic character. With Morbius, there are probably only 10 people in the world who give a fuck about Michael Morbius.
>> No. 450608 Anonymous
11th April 2022
Monday 4:41 pm
450608 spacer
Yeah, but he was still considered a worthwhile actor after that. I've disliked him ever since I watched him suck the air out of each of his scenes in Blade Runner 2049. He's a pants actor, he just has long hair and that seems to be enough to set you apart in the Reich of normalcy that is Hollywood.

I bet he's one of them sex perverts too.
>> No. 450613 Anonymous
11th April 2022
Monday 5:30 pm
450613 spacer

It's not about if you're any good of an actor or not. You can get by in Hollywood with all the acting abilities of a 2x4 as long as you have a market to appeal to.

Jared Leto is the kind f actor who's successful because a certain type of bird fancy him. For him it's women who were alternative/emos/goths as teenagers in the noughties; which makes sense when you consider his acting career spring-boarded from his success as the singer in the band Thirty Seconds to Mars.

I've only ever heard one song by them, which an American girl sent me over MSN when I was about 15, along with some pictures of her tits, and some kind of farming tool ( long rubber nipple thing for feeding calves, I think) she used to masturbate with. The song was shit.
>> No. 450616 Anonymous
11th April 2022
Monday 7:18 pm
450616 spacer

>I bet he's one of them sex perverts too.

He has his own island in Croatia where 'fans' join him for month stays where they call him 'prophet' as he sashays about in robes and totally doesn't have sex with all the women.
>> No. 450618 Anonymous
11th April 2022
Monday 7:50 pm
450618 spacer
He seems like the kind of wanker who would try to frame this is participatory performance art.
>> No. 451905 Anonymous
6th June 2022
Monday 5:14 pm
451905 spacer

I don't like dumping people. Everyone takes it well but I always find it makes me reflective and drained, you'd think it was just the opportunity loss but in reality I think it's because the people I'm dumping are almost never bad people and really it's all my fault that I'm hurting them because I don't see them as enough for a long-term relationship. I know of course the other road is worse where I continue in a doomed relationship for greed but I only become resentful in those situations.

The picture also reminded me that I'm mad that Seth casted another young woman he's screwing in his passion project. I don't know if he's doing it on purpose given the theme of the show but it's certainly unprofessional and odd.
>> No. 451907 Anonymous
6th June 2022
Monday 9:45 pm
451907 spacer
There was a program on Radio 4 as I was driving home, and because Radio 4 is literally nothing but highly privileged upper middle class women whinging about bollocks nowadays, there was a program about women bird watchers talking about how it feels to be a woman bird watcher going out bird watching alone as a woman who is female and a woman.

Normally that's fine but they honestly started to sound really, for lack of a better word, prejudiced, at points. I try to let idpol shite roll off my back and not get to me, but the way these women were talking about men was frankly exactly like a racist talks about black/Asian etc people. They spent the first ten minutes going on about how they love being alone in nature and the solitude and peace of it all, then unironically swerved into how uncomfortable and creeped out they feel when they encounter a man, on his own, presumably just doing exactly the same thing. They were talking about how he should behave to make himself appear the least threatening, saying he should smile "but not a creepy smile", saying men should consider crossing the road if they see a woman coming, so she feels less intimidated. That sort of thing. Just imagine saying that about black people.

Fuck right off. These kinds of women are just vile, prejudiced, hysterical neurotics and I really hate that they are given such cultural sway within our institutions and establishment. It really disheartens me, honestly, that I have grown up being taught to treat women fairly and respectfully and all that, and I try my best, but this is nevertheless how they think of you in return. And I know it's not all women, by any means, and I know the usual counterargument is "oh but if you're one of the good ones they don't mean you!" or "then that's why you should encourage other men to be more respectful!" or some other kind of mental pig slurry, but that doesn't stop it being a load of shite.

Anyway soz for the rant, it just got under my skin a bit because I like going for a walk, and there's nothing moaning bints like this won't try and make me feel guilty about is there.
>> No. 451908 Anonymous
6th June 2022
Monday 10:04 pm
451908 spacer

But she saw a penis! If strong, confident, capable women are to do something as dangerous as going for a walk, then it's the responsibility of all men to provide constant reassurance (but not too much reassurance) that they aren't going to flop their sausage out.
>> No. 451909 Anonymous
6th June 2022
Monday 10:21 pm
451909 spacer

I must have missed that part while I was ordering my drive through, what happened? Did a wild penis jump out of a bush at her in a national park and instill lifelong trauma?

Because if so then I retract everything I said (but instead I now think it's justified to hate asian people because of that time Abdul in my DT class gave me a black eye in year 8.)
>> No. 451911 Anonymous
6th June 2022
Monday 11:00 pm
451911 spacer
Can you think of some reasons why a lone woman in a forest coming across a strange man would make her a little bit irrational?
>> No. 451914 Anonymous
6th June 2022
Monday 11:38 pm
451914 spacer

She got flashed. Obviously that's not nice, but she wasn't physically attacked or threatened. She has every right to feel afraid, but it isn't going to help if the only thing we ever talk about is how women should feel afraid and there's nothing they can do to feel less scared.


At the time, of course. If the argument is that women are so absolutely terrified at all times that they can't be expected to maintain a rational discourse, then that isn't exactly a win for fishing.

I think there's a pseudo-fisherperson industry that relies on stoking fear and infantilising women, a sort of left-wing version of the scaremongering headlines in The Mail and The Express about cancer and hoodies and immigrants and wokery. Rather than advancing evidence-based policies to reduce crime and trying to improve the resilience of women, they're advancing the argument that any amount of crime against women is indicative of an intolerably whale poacheric society. Telling non-rapey men how to "make women feel safer" (i.e. signal to women that they aren't rapists) doesn't actually change the amount of rape and might just give tips to rapists.

Every lad I knew growing up got his head kicked in at least once, but there's not a constant barrage of scare stories about how young men can't walk the streets. The majority of murder victims are male, the overwhelming majority of people killed by the police are male, but nobody is arguing that the Metropolitan Police is institutionally misandrist. So much of contemporary fisherperson dialogue is rooted in the whale poacheric notion that women are fragile and powerless and need constant protection from any possible misfortune.

Both of my mums are completely bewildered at how fishing went from dungarees, Doc Martens and direct action at Greenham Common to whatever the hell this is.
>> No. 451915 Anonymous
6th June 2022
Monday 11:48 pm
451915 spacer
They might think less of you because you're cruising and spread rumours around the parish?

All joking aside context matters and much like I wouldn't pick the urinal next to another bloke unless there was no other choice, there's a certain distance I would maintain and expect others to maintain. If we're both walking along a popoular canal, a well known public path, or a touristy town route them's then beans. We're both here, oh, isn't that awkward, polite hello, etc.

If I'm off the beaten path, or if I'm generally in a place where you have no reason to be near me, I'll assume you're here for the same reason I am: to be left alone so we should keep some distance, or at least hail from some distance with "Hullo!" and wait for a positive response (no response is "stay away") before approaching. If no positive response is received... don't approach. Similar applies in a built-up area. Yes, I know, it's 6am and we're both just trying to get to work, but you and I both know the distance to keep. And if you're with a friend, your distance from an individual scales linearly with the number of friends you are with.

So no, I cannot imagine why a woman would become irrational, I would argue that it would be a perfectly rational response given the risk/reward ratio. So as empathtic humans (I'm bad at that, but trying to learn) maybe giving the other person space if it's no real effort on your part is worth doing?
>> No. 451917 Anonymous
6th June 2022
Monday 11:58 pm
451917 spacer
I know it doesn't make any sense at all to us, but just assume that seeing an unexpected penis is the absolute most terrifying thing that can possibly happen to a woman. I don't know why they're like this, but they are. Unexpected penises are like that old gif of the Asian woman who yawns and a giant spider crawls out of her mouth. They're absolute day-ruiners, and there's nothing you can do. There are probably things men do which women don't understand either.
>> No. 451919 Anonymous
7th June 2022
Tuesday 12:23 am
451919 spacer
Men are overwhelmingly more violent and dangerous than women. You can pretend otherwise, but the entirety of human history points to there being something dark and almost totally unspoken within male sexuality. fisherpersons blame it on socialisation, but I do not think that is a rigorous enough explaination. Most of us control it, but there are a great many of us will beat our spouses, take sexual advantage of women we don't know, ignore pleas to stop or otherwise engage in menacing and mendacious behavior towards women. Given the mountain of evidence that men can and do pose a threat, it would be irrational and illogical for women not to feel defensive when confronted with an unknown man in an isolated location. I met two Liverpudlian lads who thought I was mad for happily walking down a pitch black country lane. Why? Because in a city like Liverpool walking into the pitch black was a riskier proposition than where I had grown up. I do not think they were prejudiced against other Scousers, it was simply a rational reaction based on their experiences. Most women have been sexually harassed (don't just take my word for it, ask them) and if they themselves have not been the victim of gender based violence, it is almost a certainty another woman they know will have been. Of course this does not mean every man is a threat, but when practically every woman has been victimised in some way, it is only sane to assume that she could be made a victim at any moment of vulnerability.

However, I too share your uncomfortableness at this perception. Just this weekend I walked by a teenager-ish aged girl in the late afternoon, on a path not many people use. Perhaps I am reading too much into the situation, but when I wandered by her and mumbled "hi", she did not exactly seem at ease with my presence, and even less so when I reappeared heading right after mistakingly taking a left out of the kissing gate at the end of this particular section of path. The possibility that I induced a sense of fear or nervousness within her is of no joy to me, indeed I find it faintly unsettling. But, without wanting to sound overly dramatic, I do not think that it is as unsettling as the thought that sexual assault is a constant threat. When I was 14 adult men didn't stop their car at the bus stop and photograph me, when I've been out drinking no bloke ever tried to bundle me into a cab to go to an unknown location before my friends stopped him, and I've never had a partner spring a "roid rage" induced beating on me only to then kick me out of my own home for several days, nor has any man I've known had anything remotely like that happen to them. However, women I've known have. I don't tell you this to shame you or score internet argument points, I can't offer you any advice on what we as individuals can do about it, but these are, some, not all, but some, of the realities of how interactions between men and women go.
>> No. 451920 Anonymous
7th June 2022
Tuesday 12:39 am
451920 spacer
This all makes perfect sense, but again, remember that if you talked that way about black people, it would be unacceptable. Come to think of it, I don't think I have ever been threatened or harassed by black people. eskimos, yes, but never black people. Of course, "black people" as a group in society aren't really the same sort of group as "men" are, so it's kind of a false equivalence, but nevertheless, a lot of the backlash against these discussions of privilege come from people for whom white privilege or male privilege really hasn't delivered what it's meant to (wealth, power, the ability to always get your way) while the conversations still assign them the downsides of privilege, such as blind hatred from sanctimonious bitches on Radio 4.
>> No. 451923 Anonymous
7th June 2022
Tuesday 2:06 am
451923 spacer

Well this is the thing. I grew up in the sort of place where it was, to put it mildly, ill advised to go for a wander by yorself after dark. Much like the often cited example where any woman knows at least one woman who has been assaulted, I can't think of a single lad from my peer group as a youth who hasn't had some kind of violent encounter growing up.

Thing is I don't even want to get into the discussion of why or how, if it's something genetically predisposing men to violence or we live in a society or just all the bollock juice running through our brain jelly making us act like savage apes, because that's not the point. It really isn't. Any human you meet in daily life has the potential to be a derranged psycho jukie who will stab you with a HIV needle, or escaped mental lunatic who will peel your face off, but you don't go about assuming everyone is. That would be no way to live. It would be nonsensical.

The reason we don't talk about how every lad (or at last one lad you know) has had an enounter with a group of thugs coming home from the pub at night is the same reason women shouldn't spend every moment in fear that any man they walk past might be a rapist. Beyond some point, you just have to accept and understand that it's a thing that can happen, and while you can take reasonable common sense steps to stop it from happenning, that's just one of the risks you're taking by choosing to open the door and go outside. Just like getting hit by a car or catching the latest pandemic.

That's not to trivialise the risk of it happenning, and I certainly empathise that it's a particularly traumatic and frightening thing to have happen to you, but you know. I supose all I'm saying is I really don't think it does them any good to obsess over it constantly like this, and it certainly doesn't help in terms of fostering better relations between the genders.
>> No. 451924 Anonymous
7th June 2022
Tuesday 11:54 am
451924 spacer
You know what would make women feel safer? Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Saudi Arabia has less violence against women in their society.
>> No. 451925 Anonymous
7th June 2022
Tuesday 1:12 pm
451925 spacer
Remember that any statistics like that are based on the crimes being reported, and if you can control and oppress any group of people enough, eventually you don't have to listen to them reporting crimes any more.

You're probably aware of this, of course. I just wanted to reply to see if the word that got filtered was Shamanism.
>> No. 451938 Anonymous
9th June 2022
Thursday 12:31 am
451938 spacer

I like to spend my time naked at home. I wouldn't say that I'm a nudist but if its warm enough to get away with it then I don't see why I should wear clothes - I bet everyone would do it if they could. Obviously I put a towel down on the computer chair to avoid any accidental skidders.

Can't believe it's going to be the longest day in a couple weeks. Christmas doesn't seem that long ago at all.
>> No. 451939 Anonymous
9th June 2022
Thursday 1:25 am
451939 spacer
I never get dressed on Sundays now. Sunday is the day I do all my washing and Monday is the day I get clean clothes out for the week, so if I wash my clothes on Sunday afternoon and don't wear anything, I am blessed with a brief time when I don't have any dirty washing at all. I wear a dressing gown, but I don't know how often you're meant to wash dressing gowns.

Maybe the filtered word was Sharia, or Sharia law?
>> No. 451940 Anonymous
9th June 2022
Thursday 4:02 am
451940 spacer

I live alone, I could definitely be naked 90% of the time I am home, but I just feel more comfortable woth clothes on. Don't get me wrong, I'll waddle about in a half open dressing gown with my cock entirely out, or just have boxers on, maybe just pj bottoms or a tshirt, but wandering about fully naked just makes me feel like I've gotten lost on the way to the shower.

I don't think it's a body image thing, either, I'm gorgeous.
>> No. 451941 Anonymous
9th June 2022
Thursday 10:42 am
451941 spacer

old men in the locker room.png
Home nudism, reactionary politics, revisiting all the music you listened to as a teenager, obsessing over large women, you lot are measurably turning into old men.
>> No. 451942 Anonymous
9th June 2022
Thursday 10:45 am
451942 spacer
Wasn't the discussions on balding, erectile disfunction and wetting the bed enough of a clue?
>> No. 451943 Anonymous
9th June 2022
Thursday 11:09 am
451943 spacer
Calm down granddad, reruns of The Young Ones are on.
>> No. 451947 Anonymous
9th June 2022
Thursday 4:16 pm
451947 spacer

Coupled with the rampant shed enthusiasm, it should have been.

>> No. 452151 Anonymous
21st June 2022
Tuesday 6:03 pm
452151 spacer
I turned off the age barriers on my dating profile and now I'm getting bombarded with likes from older women in their late-30s and 40s. Sadly I've now realised that it's not nearly as sordid as I like to think given I'm also in my 30s.

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