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>> No. 443472 Anonymous
24th April 2021
Saturday 7:58 pm
443472 New Weekend Thread
Alright lads, how's it going?
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>> No. 443473 Anonymous
24th April 2021
Saturday 8:06 pm
443473 spacer
Great! I built a new coldframe to put my agave in. I need to add another level to it in order to fit them all, potted up in, but I've reclaimed almost enough second-hand glass to do that with. How's yours?
>> No. 443474 Anonymous
24th April 2021
Saturday 8:14 pm
443474 spacer
Seriously I bought all this sim racing shit and I can't use it without getting really drowsy. I think it's sopite syndrome, fuck.
>> No. 443475 Anonymous
24th April 2021
Saturday 8:48 pm
443475 spacer

Forgive me, but doesn't this apply only to actual motion? I know that you can't simulate vection in a static sim cockpit, but I suppose that is a very specific thing.
>> No. 443476 Anonymous
24th April 2021
Saturday 9:30 pm
443476 spacer
I get the same thing on trains and buses, real ones. Less so in cars, but I don't actually drive because I'm a manchild. I remember falling asleep while riding a bike as a child too. I put the public transport down to being tired at the end of the day, but I get the feeling that my eyelids are getting heavier and heavier when I'm racing or watching footage in the first person. They can test for it virtually apprently so I think games could induce it. Regular motion sickness can affect people while they play games well.

Maybe it's all BS, but I was trying to drive at about noon today and after forty minutes I was ready for bed. I'm hoping it's an inner ear thing, because that's been an issue for some time, but I only thought about it in the sense of it being a minor irritation, not turning me into a hypnosis victim. If pharmacies are open on Sundays I'll buy some industrial strength ear wax dissolver and go from there.

I know this sounds silly, but it's like I've got an IV drip full of lager when I (pretend to) drive. Heaven for some, but I'd like a say in the matter.
>> No. 443477 Anonymous
24th April 2021
Saturday 9:51 pm
443477 spacer
I've asked my Dad want he wants for his birthday and all he wants is a bar of Dairy Milk. I can't just get him that but he's so difficult to buy for.
>> No. 443478 Anonymous
24th April 2021
Saturday 10:34 pm
443478 spacer
I thought everyone gets this to an extent. This is most worrying as like you I'm also a manchild who was planning on learning before covid hit.

At least you've got something that'll stop you ever having insomnia again. Some people would pay good money for that kind of tool - and if it stops working due to tolerance then problem solved.

Get him one of those gift boxes with foreign/retro sweets. Always a bit of a ripoff but he'll get some novelty out of it.
>> No. 443479 Anonymous
25th April 2021
Sunday 9:36 pm
443479 spacer

Get him the biggest bar of Dairy Milk money can buy, then. It's apparently 850g at the time of writing but I'm sure I got bigger ones at Christmas when I was a kid.
>> No. 443480 Anonymous
25th April 2021
Sunday 10:02 pm
443480 spacer
I reckon I could still end up accidentally eating one of them in one-sitting. You' know when you just have a nibble and then the next minute you're feeling very sorry indeed.

The chocolate that is. I'm not a pedo.
>> No. 443481 Anonymous
25th April 2021
Sunday 11:58 pm
443481 spacer

He might have meant the original Dairy Milk, before they ruined the recipe to taste like solid brown rectangles of grease.
>> No. 443540 Anonymous
1st May 2021
Saturday 2:31 am
443540 spacer
You almost certainly did, 1kg bars used to exist.
>> No. 443543 Anonymous
1st May 2021
Saturday 12:27 pm
443543 spacer
I'd completely forgotten that Monday is a day off.
>> No. 443544 Anonymous
1st May 2021
Saturday 12:38 pm
443544 spacer
Did you at least remember the exam revisits this morning? Can't fucking believe I had to get up at 0630 to do a fucking compulsory GCSE exam.
>> No. 443545 Anonymous
1st May 2021
Saturday 12:54 pm
443545 spacer
The what now?

In other random news, I found this - the driver has nuts of steel.

>> No. 443547 Anonymous
1st May 2021
Saturday 2:27 pm
443547 spacer
I was having a strangely enjoyable dream about cheating on my ex but then the person I cheated with turning out to be shit in bed, then sharing a nice intimate moment with her afterwards where I realised how lucky I was.

Postman woke me up with a parcel for my real girlfriend, and I have a craving for jammy dodgers now.
>> No. 443548 Anonymous
1st May 2021
Saturday 3:23 pm
443548 spacer

Just another day on the M1.
>> No. 443555 Anonymous
2nd May 2021
Sunday 7:19 pm
443555 spacer
I am trying not to be excited about the Line of Duty finale this evening, but I am failing.
>> No. 443556 Anonymous
2nd May 2021
Sunday 8:47 pm
443556 spacer
All good, drinking Bishops Finger and listening to my teenlad tunes.
>> No. 443557 Anonymous
2nd May 2021
Sunday 9:58 pm
443557 spacer

Screenshot_2021-05-02 Explore - YouTube.png
Obviously I've not watched this, and yeah, yeah, he's probably a millionaire and he has steak for dinner every night and he eats it off the nude body of his solid gold girlfriend who has diamonds for tits, but is my gut reaction that a lad who looks like a grown man doing this is embarrassing bullshit or not? Is this actually somehow much worse than Dick 'n' Dom in da Bungalow? Or, again, am I just being a miserable, old, twenty-something and even having an opinion on what is clearly kids entertainment marks me out as an irredeemable shit?

It's the last bit, isn't it? Yeah, it is.
>> No. 443558 Anonymous
2nd May 2021
Sunday 10:01 pm
443558 spacer

God almighty
>> No. 443560 Anonymous
2nd May 2021
Sunday 10:36 pm
443560 spacer
No that's fair enough - his money came at the cost of his dignity and self-respect much like a whore. Youtube should never have allowed people to make a living off producing content and it's our moral duty at this point to show the next generation how to use adblockers and SponserBlock.


For the love of God get off this website. Don't make the mistake we did.
>> No. 443561 Anonymous
2nd May 2021
Sunday 10:39 pm
443561 spacer
Is it illegal to make threats, in the abstract? Like, can I threaten a policeman that if I don't get what I want, I'm going to stand on one leg for thirty seconds? Hypothetically speaking him not using his discretion to ignore me for being a waste of time but if he was feeling vindictive, could I be lawfully arrested for it?
>> No. 443562 Anonymous
2nd May 2021
Sunday 10:53 pm
443562 spacer
Only if the policeperson found you standing on one leg threatening.
>> No. 443563 Anonymous
2nd May 2021
Sunday 11:16 pm
443563 spacer
Anyone can find anything "threatening", that can't be illegal in itself. Actively making threats though?
>> No. 443564 Anonymous
2nd May 2021
Sunday 11:25 pm
443564 spacer
No, you will even get off if there's no reason to suspect a threat of immediate harm and there's frequently cited precedent for this. So if you said "I'd kill you if it wasn't illegal" it wouldn't count. I'm sure they could still find reason to detain you for being a knobhead though.

I'd add that I fucking hated studying Criminal Law and this was many years ago so I wouldn't go out and actually do it.
>> No. 443565 Anonymous
2nd May 2021
Sunday 11:38 pm
443565 spacer
No I wasn't really planning to but that does remind me that I was wondering a while ago if it would be illegal to go around with banners that say "Introduce capital punishment for Priti Patel". It's not a threat to do anything illegal, in fact it's paraphrasing her with a personalised twist.
>> No. 443566 Anonymous
3rd May 2021
Monday 12:23 am
443566 spacer

I can't breathe ladm7
>> No. 443567 Anonymous
3rd May 2021
Monday 12:30 am
443567 spacer
Do you need a tracheotomy?
>> No. 443568 Anonymous
3rd May 2021
Monday 12:46 am
443568 spacer

Honestly I'm of the opinion that politicians should be an exception to the normal rules, and fair game for anyone.

In fact I think we should make a bit of a tradition of it. We could get kids in school to pick a politician and write them a death threat once a year, to get them engaged; like the book fair or sports day.
>> No. 443569 Anonymous
3rd May 2021
Monday 1:01 am
443569 spacer
If you've posted that opinion here before in the past couple of weeks, then I saw it and the more I think about it, the more I agree. I'm sure it's only all fun and games till some deranged maniac goes and stabs Jo Cox, but the threat of such a thing makes a good release valve which can really help our public servants to understand what their electorate want from them.
>> No. 443571 Anonymous
3rd May 2021
Monday 1:30 am
443571 spacer
I figure you'd be fine. So long as you're not actively harassing her and her family anyway. It's just a bit BRILLIANT like how "kill the bill" has a double meaning.

Sounds cuntish. I'm not saying that politicians haven't been babies lately when it comes to abuse but I don't think it makes for a healthy society either.

If you don't care that a politician has to spend all day reading peoples' anger management issues then you should consider that they also have staff who need to spend all day reading it again and again. It might feel good to say but that's usually the sign that you shouldn't have said it.
>> No. 443572 Anonymous
3rd May 2021
Monday 1:32 am
443572 spacer
I'm just going to come out and say it.

Priti Patel is a fucking coconut.

There's a difference between BAME folk adapting to a white supremacist system and proudly embracing it.
>> No. 443573 Anonymous
3rd May 2021
Monday 1:37 am
443573 spacer
Labour lost one last time, so it's only fair the next one is a Tory. The only problem is that there are so many deserving cunts in that party that it's hard to choose just one.
>> No. 443574 Anonymous
3rd May 2021
Monday 1:42 am
443574 spacer
Yeah. I'm not fundamentally aiming to get her executed, even if it can be made legal. Realistic or no. It's just to make the point back at her that what she's angled for can be pointed right back at her, in a fair system.
>> No. 443575 Anonymous
3rd May 2021
Monday 2:11 am
443575 spacer

You don't have to be white to be a supremacist. You just have to be one of the rich cunts sitting on enough power and privilege that its mechanisms don't affect you.
>> No. 443577 Anonymous
3rd May 2021
Monday 5:28 am
443577 spacer
It always tickles me when idiots expect all non-white people to think and act within certain parameters, usually without realising how racist they're being.
>> No. 443578 Anonymous
3rd May 2021
Monday 9:53 am
443578 spacer

I'm not sure "coconut" is the right term. It depends on whether she actually believes what she's saying, but I'm far more inclined to think that she's just another shrewd political opportunist who is good at playing the game.

It's inevitable that stuff like this happens in our system -- finding the right brown person to enact policies and say things that would be unacceptable coming from other people is a very predictable party tactic. Patel has very likely placed herself to become that person throughout her career, because ambitious people want to rise through the ranks. It's a perverse system of incentives to serve the powerful and punish dissenters.

I worry it'll still be true even if we attempt to pay attention to class again, because class can also be a part of identity politics. In the future I predict the politicians who are rewarded will be the ones who say, "I grew up on a council estate and I can assure you they're all scum and deserve to be shot", because it's okay when it comes from the right person.
>> No. 443579 Anonymous
3rd May 2021
Monday 10:40 am
443579 spacer
This is so obviously bait from some /pol/fag wanker. And in the weekend thread of all places. Get a clue, lads.
>> No. 443580 Anonymous
3rd May 2021
Monday 11:30 am
443580 spacer

abridged article.png
>In the future I predict the politicians who are rewarded will be the ones who say, "I grew up on a council estate and I can assure you they're all scum and deserve to be shot", because it's okay when it comes from the right person.
>> No. 443581 Anonymous
3rd May 2021
Monday 11:40 am
443581 spacer

Loads of British Indian people are natural Thatcherites. Their families really did start a successful business from nothing and they don't see why everyone else can't. As a demographic their household income and share of wealth is well above average. Shamanismophobia is rife in the British Indian community for somewhat understandable historical reasons, which is often veiled in a more socially-acceptable "we need the right sort of immigration and immigrants need to integrate" sort of rhetoric.

Priti Patel genuinely represents the views of a large proportion of British Indians. British laplanderstanis and Bangladeshis overwhelmingly vote Labour, but a lot of people on the left seem unable to tell them apart.

With that said, Patel is clearly a bit psychopathic - before politics, she did PR for British American Tobacco.
>> No. 443586 Anonymous
3rd May 2021
Monday 9:10 pm
443586 spacer

>Their families really did start a successful business from nothing

Not really, many of them were upper caste poshos by Indian standards. Coming to Britain that still puts you on the lower end of the scale, but it's not like they had nothing. That and it's easy to run a profitable shop when you don't follow any of the rules and you're using your twelve kids for unpaid labour.

But that's just like you say. Natural Thatcherites.
>> No. 443587 Anonymous
4th May 2021
Tuesday 9:55 am
443587 spacer

You're right, I was being naive. Of course this tactic is occurring now and has probably already been done in the past.
>> No. 443588 Anonymous
4th May 2021
Tuesday 10:59 am
443588 spacer

I would be interested to know in data whether the Indians who make a good living in the UK did so by accumulation of generational wealth, or whether they came here with a good amount of money, and to what degree established networks plays into it. But then, I'm >>/£$€¥/8631 lad and I seem to have a bloody hard time finding quantitative research on this stuff.
>> No. 443651 Anonymous
8th May 2021
Saturday 2:41 pm
443651 spacer
I might have a lass coming over this evening but I really need to clean my flat beforehand. When I was a teenager the place would already be gleaming but now that I'm in my early 30s with a full-time job more than ever I'd really rather sit in my own filth playing computer games at the weekend.

Youth is wasted on the young.
>> No. 443652 Anonymous
8th May 2021
Saturday 2:57 pm
443652 spacer
It's raining. I've just got a drain rod stuck, probably irretrievably and the drain's still not flowing. My hands smell, I'm cold and wet, and not entirely happy.
>> No. 443655 Anonymous
8th May 2021
Saturday 6:13 pm
443655 spacer
If you want some inspiration:

>> No. 443656 Anonymous
8th May 2021
Saturday 7:09 pm
443656 spacer

That man is my hero, but I would not invite him round to dinner.
>> No. 443658 Anonymous
8th May 2021
Saturday 8:25 pm
443658 spacer

That's so grimly fascinating. I secretly kind of like doing work like this, albeit on a far smaller and less dangerous scale. Everything is just so clean afterwards.
>> No. 443659 Anonymous
8th May 2021
Saturday 8:38 pm
443659 spacer
I can hear the neighbours arguing.
>> No. 443660 Anonymous
9th May 2021
Sunday 11:55 am
443660 spacer
A strategy game or a racing game? No, Sopranos clips.
>> No. 443661 Anonymous
9th May 2021
Sunday 1:46 pm
443661 spacer
I went for a walk along the canal this morning. There was a man, I guess he was in his mid-forties, who had what I can only describe as techno-panpipe music blasting out of his rucksack.
>> No. 443662 Anonymous
9th May 2021
Sunday 3:04 pm
443662 spacer
Did you do the necessary? Did anyone see?
>> No. 443663 Anonymous
9th May 2021
Sunday 3:17 pm
443663 spacer
Was it better or worse than techno bagpipes?

>> No. 443664 Anonymous
9th May 2021
Sunday 4:55 pm
443664 spacer
The successful canal push requires darkness and either fast moving water or an inebriated victim. I had none of these.

Probably better but still awful.
>> No. 443665 Anonymous
9th May 2021
Sunday 5:19 pm
443665 spacer
Maybe so goa trance or some the like.
>> No. 443704 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 12:07 pm
443704 spacer
I need to get a tablet for work and I think I need to reign in what I'm looking to buy. At the minute I've got my eye on an iPad Pro for £600 from Costsco; as I'm self-employed I should be able to knock off at least 20% when I put it through my expenses. It's mainly going to be used for running a few apps and presentations during client meetings so all I really need is something that will have a decent screen, run smoothly and have quite a lot of longevity but now I've got it into my head if I spend a little more I'll be able to run things like Football Manager Touch to keep me entertained whilst I'm sat in my car in the middle of nowhere between meetings.

>> No. 443706 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 1:58 pm
443706 spacer
Yes, driving and playing games is an excellent idea.
>> No. 443707 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 2:08 pm
443707 spacer
I meant when I've parked up and have an hour or so to kill until my next appointment.
>> No. 443708 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 3:54 pm
443708 spacer
Yeah I realised that was probably the case as soon as I'd posted.
>> No. 443709 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 5:19 pm
443709 spacer
That's a surprisingly good price - I've seen all the Apple stuff in Costco obvs, but didn't know they actually discounted them.
>> No. 443710 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 5:24 pm
443710 spacer

I'd say go for it. I'm definitely more of an android person but I've yet to find an android tablet as nicely built as an iPad. Personally I'd also look at a Surface of some description but I think that's just because a windows device would play better with my existing work stuff. At that Costco price you can't go wrong.
>> No. 443711 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 5:43 pm
443711 spacer
The new iPad Pro launches later this month so you can get some older stock reduced. Currys and Amazon had the same model for about the same price but both sold out.
>> No. 443712 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 7:22 pm
443712 spacer

Who of you keeps crisps in the cupboard? I'm partial to Hot Dorritos, which I eat with chopsticks, but they're terribly greasy.
I am currently struck with nostalgia for Golden Wonder.
Holy shit I forgot about Tomato Sauce flavour.
>> No. 443714 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 8:15 pm
443714 spacer

I'm far too much of a crisp fiend/greedy fat cunt to keep crisps in the cupboard. If I buy a multipack it's to eat all of them in a day or two while sat on my sofa watching worthless youtube videos about rebuilding engines I don't own.
>> No. 443715 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 8:41 pm
443715 spacer

Why don't you just buy a work laptop? You can even get one with a touch-screen or one of those ones where you can close it and use at as a heavier tablet because it has a screen on the back.

I used to have them in the beforetime because I'd usually make myself a packed lunch. People in the office probably laughed at me but I saved money and making sandwiches is cheap and easy so it reminded me a lot of your mum.

Anyway my favourite are Kettle lightly salted. I don't do 'owt weird with them other than occasionally scratch my mouth because they're like eating glass.
>> No. 443716 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 10:51 pm
443716 spacer
I like those crisps, particularly in sandwiches.
>> No. 443722 Anonymous
15th May 2021
Saturday 3:33 pm
443722 spacer

rabble rabble, you lot with your fancy chips what's wrong with the chippy next door, support local workers yer get yer head kicked in.
>> No. 443723 Anonymous
15th May 2021
Saturday 3:34 pm
443723 spacer

Don't worry lad, we'll be the ones drinking wine an' eatin kettles when this revolution is done.
>> No. 443724 Anonymous
15th May 2021
Saturday 6:02 pm
443724 spacer

Today I have been to feed the ducks and there were a few little ducklings about. Then I went to the charity shop and I picked up Peter Crouch's bulk to bulk out what I'm getting my dad for his birthday. On the way home I went to Farmfoods and they had Linda McCartney mince for 99p so I bought shitloads of it.

I ruddy love ducklings.
>> No. 443725 Anonymous
15th May 2021
Saturday 7:59 pm
443725 spacer
I wish this winter would fucking end. It's hailing for the third time this week. What a piss take.
>> No. 443726 Anonymous
15th May 2021
Saturday 8:11 pm
443726 spacer
Don't give them bread.
>> No. 443727 Anonymous
15th May 2021
Saturday 8:20 pm
443727 spacer

>The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) said it was fine to feed small amounts of bread to ducks but people should also feed them sweetcorn, porridge oats, peas and bird seed.

>Swan Support, which rescues swans, ducks and geese, said many were starving because people had stopped feeding them bread in recent years. They blamed a campaign called Ban the Bread, which was started by a company selling bird food.

>"They wanted people to buy their food and that's where it all started," said Wendy Hermon from Swan Support. "We were picking them up dying everywhere."

>She said flocks of birds had become established in certain areas because of people feeding them and they had become reliant on this food supply. "It's absolutely fine to feed bread. Bread has been fed to swans, ducks and geese for hundreds of years," she said. However, she said people should only throw in as much as the birds ate, so there was no excess bread left behind to decay.

>> No. 443728 Anonymous
15th May 2021
Saturday 8:34 pm
443728 spacer

Let them eat cake!
>> No. 443729 Anonymous
15th May 2021
Saturday 9:06 pm
443729 spacer

Pret is counter-revolutionary.

>should also feed them sweetcorn, porridge oats, peas and bird seed.

They'll be wanting the quinoa next. Say no to duck pond gentrification.
>> No. 443730 Anonymous
15th May 2021
Saturday 9:34 pm
443730 spacer

I made a wee salad using greens from my garden today and it was quite nice.
>> No. 443731 Anonymous
15th May 2021
Saturday 9:49 pm
443731 spacer
Went for a long trek this afternoon. Was going alright until we got piss wet through on the way back to the train station, and subsequently spent about the next two hours freezing and miserable. Didn't even get to have a pint because the walk was a lot longer than expected, and that was the whole point of going on the train instead of just driving.
>> No. 443732 Anonymous
15th May 2021
Saturday 10:12 pm
443732 spacer
I'm positive this time last year I'd spent weeks just sitting in the sun in the garden, doing what wfh I could but mostly enjoying the sunshine and watching the plants getting bigger. This year, whenever it stops pissing down for more than an hour I just find slugs have eaten more and more of my seedlings.
>> No. 443733 Anonymous
15th May 2021
Saturday 11:12 pm
443733 spacer
Violently frustrated, I hope everyone dies, everyone everyone everyone. Fuck everything.
>> No. 443734 Anonymous
16th May 2021
Sunday 4:51 am
443734 spacer

What's up m8?
>> No. 443735 Anonymous
16th May 2021
Sunday 9:08 am
443735 spacer

Then I have good news for you about the nature of human existence...
>> No. 443736 Anonymous
16th May 2021
Sunday 2:45 pm
443736 spacer
How much poo can your body hold?

I was quite constipated for a few days last week, because I'd been working lates and over doing it on the cheese and carbs. Looking in the mirror one evening I looked like I had a real beer gut, dad bod going on.

After remedying the situation with an over-compensatory amount of fibre for the last few days, I've been shitting like clockwork, and the bloat has gone down. So luckily I'm not getting fat, I was just full of shit. But that must been a hell of a lot of shit.
>> No. 443737 Anonymous
16th May 2021
Sunday 3:17 pm
443737 spacer
I worked with a lass and she only pooed about once a week. I'm sure she said some of them were nearly the size of her forearm.
>> No. 443738 Anonymous
16th May 2021
Sunday 3:37 pm
443738 spacer

Poo capacity depends on the size of your colon and your diet. It's a good idea to keep a healthy flow as your body will stretch to accommodate.
>> No. 443739 Anonymous
16th May 2021
Sunday 3:38 pm
443739 spacer
A friend once advised me to do a huge shit and look at how big it is, then to take pride in the fact that I can theoretically take that much dick without injury.
>> No. 443740 Anonymous
16th May 2021
Sunday 3:51 pm
443740 spacer

Have you got her phone number?
>> No. 443741 Anonymous
16th May 2021
Sunday 4:36 pm
443741 spacer
I don't think you lads would be able to handle her.
>> No. 443742 Anonymous
16th May 2021
Sunday 4:43 pm
443742 spacer
Speak for yourself. After she's had my forearms she'll be calling me Popeye.
>> No. 443743 Anonymous
16th May 2021
Sunday 4:54 pm
443743 spacer
I took a bag of frozen veg to the duckpond at britfa.gs recommendation. They all turned thier bills up to it. I felt like a nutter, litering the floor with diced carrots and what not.
>> No. 443744 Anonymous
16th May 2021
Sunday 4:58 pm
443744 spacer
Lesson learned. Never take advice from this place.

What duck's really love is a crisp sandwich.
>> No. 443745 Anonymous
16th May 2021
Sunday 4:59 pm
443745 spacer

They probably knew it wasn't organic. They've all been gentrified now, if it isn't ethically sourced from Waitrose they don't give a quack.
>> No. 443746 Anonymous
16th May 2021
Sunday 5:27 pm
443746 spacer
It turns out I'm out of suet, so I've had to make dumplings with butter and self raising flour. I have the feeling they'll be a bit shit.
>> No. 443748 Anonymous
16th May 2021
Sunday 7:31 pm
443748 spacer

Anywhere in particular you lads would recommend getting a kitchen utensil set from? Apparently it's really important there's a matching potato masher.
>> No. 443749 Anonymous
16th May 2021
Sunday 7:33 pm
443749 spacer
procook have outlets in various places and aren't overpriced.

You can probably find a catering supply store somewhere near you where you can piece together a set that'll be matching.

I usually just mooch around TKmaxx and have a hodge podge of different things that suit me.
>> No. 443750 Anonymous
16th May 2021
Sunday 7:46 pm
443750 spacer
I thought I'd get a headstart on some work this afternoon so my Monday isn't such a joke. It hasn't gone well.
>> No. 443751 Anonymous
16th May 2021
Sunday 7:59 pm
443751 spacer
Costco have the Joseph and Joseph ones in a set for 20 quid at the moment. They're good because they don't mark non-stick.
>> No. 443752 Anonymous
16th May 2021
Sunday 10:59 pm
443752 spacer

Procook is also my go to, their knives are just as good as my Wusthofs and have survived similar hell in professional kitchens - I don't think I have any of their utensils other than a whisk, but if they can make good knives, they make good anything.
>> No. 443753 Anonymous
16th May 2021
Sunday 11:05 pm
443753 spacer
I now understand your pain. The weather waited until I was the optimum distance from home to start on something out of the bible. The worst part was how rain can give you an itchy cough so I'm walking along trying to suppress a cough so the people around me don't think I have the 'rona.

Complain ticked.
>> No. 443754 Anonymous
16th May 2021
Sunday 11:45 pm
443754 spacer
There are no good emotions it's all shit and I need to stop living.
>> No. 443755 Anonymous
17th May 2021
Monday 1:27 am
443755 spacer
No you don't. Stay alive. Ask a doctor if you continue feeling this way; they'll love to help you.
>> No. 443763 Anonymous
17th May 2021
Monday 3:09 pm
443763 spacer
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