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>> No. 452571 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 6:48 am
452571 spacer
New weekday thread: apocalyptic edition.
Expand all images.
>> No. 452572 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 7:58 am
452572 spacer
Good luck lads.
>> No. 452573 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 8:03 am
452573 spacer

Greetings from sunny Sheffield.
>> No. 452574 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 8:05 am
452574 spacer
It's a nice cool 26 degrees indoors at 8am, I got Mylar covering all the windows, freezer full of ice, fridge full of water, freshly shaved head, lets get it over with already.
>> No. 452575 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 8:14 am
452575 spacer
My girlfriend shut all of the windows overnight because she was paranoid that we wouldn't be up in time to close them when it went from being cooler outside than inside to being warmer outside. The end result is that the house is very stuffy and it's still cooler outside.
>> No. 452578 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 8:59 am
452578 spacer


Open windows. Closed Curtains. Is the optimal configuration for this weather.

Propping open your bedroom door with a fan and running it overnight will provide some relief.

Soaking in a cool bath (<37c) before bed will help lower your core body temperature and make sleep easier

Get plenty of fluids, but make sure you're replacing salts (lucozade sport is pretty good for this)

Wear a hat and high factor sunscreen. I wear factor 50 despite the label trying to shame me by saying the sunscreen is for 'infants and babies'

Better to stay out of the sun altogether lest you burst into flames.

I'm from the very top of Scotland and survived 4 years in Asia.
>> No. 452579 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 9:09 am
452579 spacer
Thanks, lad. She's not keen on fans either because she thinks they're too loud and "all they do is blow hot air around" but she's fucked off to work so I can get some peace.

I'm in a three storey house, with windows facing to the North-West and South-East, and I have a grand total of five fans at my disposal. How should I most effectively circulate air around the building? I'm guessing I should have fans pointing outside on the top floor North-West windows and pointing inside on the South-East ones downstairs, but I'm not a scientist.
>> No. 452581 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 9:17 am
452581 spacer

Put some bottles of water in the freezer and then leave them in your room round about the time you go to sleep.

And avoid Peterborough at all costs. It seems to be the epicenter of Sunmageddon
>> No. 452584 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 9:22 am
452584 spacer
Keep a spray bottle of water in the fridge and spritz yer nekkid body as necessary. Artificial sweat, saves on fluids and electrolytes innit.
>> No. 452587 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 10:19 am
452587 spacer
Not sure what all the fuss is about. I'm feeling quite cool. Got a Vimpto ice pop just in case.
>> No. 452588 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 10:29 am
452588 spacer
Just bought a 10 pack of Stella, home alone for a couple of days as girlfriend is housesitting for her parents, 2fans keeping me cool. Gonna wank and play mediocre games non-stop for 3 days.
>> No. 452592 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 11:26 am
452592 spacer

For its time, the special effects in Terminator 2 were nothing short of groundbreaking. But when you look at the nuclear blast scene now, it hasn't aged well. A similar scene at the beginning of Terminator 3 holds up far better after nearly 20 years.
>> No. 452593 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 11:34 am
452593 spacer
I sort of want to play a video game, but I reckon if my GPU gets hot enough for the fans to rotate even slightly the entire room will turn into a sauna. Also, I had a look and my CPU is currently the same temperature as London will be tomorrow evening, which probably means I need to play around with my fan curves.
>> No. 452594 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 12:39 pm
452594 spacer

This is why I did fuck all other than drink and sleep over the weekend. Even having the computer on would have put my room in the 40s, and turning on my amp to play guitar would have been a deathwish because I thought it was a good idea to get rid of my solid state amps in favour of valve amps that act like a space heater at the best of times.

There's nothing for it lads. Just lie there and accept your fate. Maybe if you have any retro consoles about you can just about manage, a PS1 or whatever never really gave off any heat as I remember.
>> No. 452595 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 1:08 pm
452595 spacer

I'm bewildered at your problem. Either you live in a tiny bedsit or you are running a supercomputer at your house. I've got a fairly recent desktop PC, not a fully specced out gaming behemoth but well capable, and I haven't noticed it having any kind of effect on the temperature in that room.
>> No. 452596 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 1:20 pm
452596 spacer
This heat feels very different to the weekend, it's like I'm wet as well. Just looked at the weather and things won't drop until 8pm and even then marginally, not sure I should risk walking to the shop.
>> No. 452597 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 1:26 pm
452597 spacer
The heat is supposed to build gradually until the highest point around 4pm

After that it'll drop slowly until 6am, then the same thing repeats tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be more "extreme", so a slightly hotter peak at 4pm, but it'll drop faster afterwards, being cooler by that midnight than the coolest point of the night before.
>> No. 452598 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 1:30 pm
452598 spacer
I don't think I've watched any of the Terminator films, apart from the first two proper ones, all the way through. I have little desire to change that.

I've just let the cat out because she wouldn't stop whining at the door, not sure how long I should leave it before getting her back in.

I'm feeling too hot to do anything, so I'm mainly just playing Football Manager while waiting to see if any important calls or emails come in.
>> No. 452599 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 1:41 pm
452599 spacer
3 is entirely decent enough.
Salavation is duff. Genesis was an attempt to reboot the series and was shit. Dark fate tells you to ignore everything after T2 and accept it as the official T3.
>> No. 452600 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 2:02 pm
452600 spacer
It really does - the air is a lot "thicker".

Not going to be a great nights sleep at this rate.
>> No. 452601 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 2:06 pm
452601 spacer

They should've stopped after T3. It was good enough to be the end point of the franchise, because, guess what, they didn't manage to prevent Judgement Day after all. End of the story. Case closed. Even with all its references to future events, there was no real need to do yet another sequel to follow up on those loose ends.

It was a bit of a disappointment back then that Linda Hamilton wasn't on board, because Terminator without her made about as much sense as Alien without Sigourney Weaver. Good thing though that she wasn't recast. That probably would have ended up being an even bigger disappointment.

Kristanna Loken as the T-X was a strong female part, which was an obvious and thankfully not entirely unsuccessful attempt to offset that drawback, but it just didn't feel the same. And bringing Linda Hamilton back only for Dark Fate was too little, too late.
>> No. 452602 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 2:16 pm
452602 spacer
I remember almost nothing of Terminator 3 up until the last 20 minutes or so, at which point it became my absolute favourite one. A lot of it was probably rubbish, but the closing scenes were fantastic.
>> No. 452603 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 2:18 pm
452603 spacer
This, the being unable to actually stop, only postpone events twist was great. I wonder if Arnie looks back and figures they should have stopped there too.

Salvation isn't too bad a film if you treat it as an entirely separate entity.
>> No. 452605 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 2:43 pm
452605 spacer
I remember when the lady robot makes her tits big when a cop pulls her over.
>> No. 452606 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 3:20 pm
452606 spacer
Private dentistry is absolutely sick. I went to the dentist today to get my filling replaced, furious that it would cost £300. The place I went to has three different TVs, all on different channels, all with the sound off and with music playing as well. I sat in the dentist's chair, watching one TV, then he tipped me back to look in my mouth, and there was another TV on the ceiling for me to watch. It was adverts, so I didn't actually enjoy it, but it's wild all the same.

You need to get a check-up before the dentist does anything; that costs £60. He dictated every single detail about what's wrong with every single one of my teeth to his assistant, but he thankfully spared me the fearmongering sales pitch about how most of my teeth are on the verge of crumbling to dust. And replacing the filling was actually only £130, so much cheaper than I had been expecting. I thought the whole procedure would take 2-3 hours, but my appointment was 1120 and I was out of there before noon. I even asked him, while I was there, if he could also file down my massively chipped tooth so I wouldn't keep slicing my tongue open on it. He did that for an additional £35 and it took all of three minutes. What a king. No wonder rich people always have such lovely teeth.
>> No. 452607 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 3:36 pm
452607 spacer


Interesting, and you don't remember that she was all nekkid just moments before?
>> No. 452608 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 3:41 pm
452608 spacer
Just saw a double decker bus plastered in adverts for Pratt & Whitney's F35 engine. You've gone too far this time, military industrial complex.
>> No. 452609 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 3:43 pm
452609 spacer
>Private dentistry is absolutely sick

Agreed on this. The last time I used NHS (back when that existed) the dentist even left a filling flush which picked up plaque and was impossible to clean, never again I said.

I feel truly sorry for people getting older who can't afford private and effectively never get a cleaning by a hygienist.

>And replacing the filling was actually only £130

He's pulling your pants down, I hardly go to a cheap one and yet a filling still only costs me £75. Although mine is definitely keen on the upsell for better or worse.
>> No. 452610 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 3:51 pm
452610 spacer
I mean, you would if you could.
>> No. 452611 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 3:52 pm
452611 spacer
I take back what I said, MEACO fans are absolute shite. It's the power supply that mostly lets them down - a cheap and flimsy USB connection, added to this is that my fan just died on me from what I suspect is overheating.

This is outrageous, I have no fan.

It's Farnborough this week. Feel free to wide up ecolad with all the new announcements.
>> No. 452612 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 4:04 pm
452612 spacer
You leave ecolad alone, you bloody carpet-bagger.
>> No. 452613 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 4:05 pm
452613 spacer

There are layers to the irony here.
>> No. 452614 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 4:17 pm
452614 spacer
My cheapo fan I got from Homebase years ago is keeping me nice and cool.
>> No. 452615 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 4:34 pm
452615 spacer
Does anybody else get ruined guts when it's hot like this? I've been having awful sloppy shits all day as though I've eaten a load of chillis or something.
>> No. 452616 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 5:12 pm
452616 spacer

>> No. 452617 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 5:12 pm
452617 spacer


Your computer must be either broken or from the future, then. Most processors idle at about 40 degrees before you even start doing anything with them, and as soon as you start playing games, even the most efficient GPUs run in the high 60s. That heat has to go somewhere.

And you've no idea how hot a quad of EL34s get. You could toast bread over an old Marshall.

Anyway I'm not sure why you find any of this bewildering, it's well known that British homes are typically quite compact, shall we say, and designed for keeping heat in. It's going to be noticeable, especially if we're talking about a little spare bedroom like most sensible people would establish their gaming and music producing man-cave in.
>> No. 452618 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 5:17 pm
452618 spacer

And there'll be people who'll still vote for Boris Johnson, what else is new?
>> No. 452619 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 5:22 pm
452619 spacer
I'm really concerned how many idiots are going to do themselves serious harm by trying to "stiff upper lip" their way through this kind of heat. There's definitely going to be a lot of people who've turned an alarming shade of red come Wednesday. She's also missing 2018 from her chart of Hell.

Can't wait for this shite to be over.

I bet it's that sod who crowed about having his PC in a seperate room to his actual office like it was the most normal thing in the world.
>> No. 452620 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 5:43 pm
452620 spacer

>She's also missing 2018 from her chart
It's missing a lot of things.
>> No. 452621 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 5:49 pm
452621 spacer
I tried ordering from Argos online and when I got the confirmation email they gave me a store collection date of tomorrow. So I cancelled and walked down to risk it and managed to find a standing fan that I've now got on my desk. A cheeky young woman tried cutting in front of me in the line and was shocked at then being told to go to the back like everyone else.

Treasure your fan. Someone on here will try and shill you a MEACO fan but you can tell them to jog right on.

My skin has decided to have an acne flair up to remind me of what it was like to be a young man again.

In fairness it will rain on Wednesday over here. And Friday as well. Hopefully that will be it for summer and we can return to our sensible jumpers.
>> No. 452622 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 5:51 pm
452622 spacer
>>452619 I bet it's that sod who crowed about having his PC in a seperate room to his actual office like it was the most normal thing in the world.

Nope, that's me, and I still do it. It's not 'noral, in that most people don't do it, but it's a fine engineering solution to an annoying problem. My office is tolerable, without air-con.
>> No. 452623 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 6:06 pm
452623 spacer

Just realised I could soak my sports top and wear that like a shitty stillsuit or something. It's baggy enough that I'm only slightly repulsed by how it clings to my vile body.
>> No. 452624 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 6:16 pm
452624 spacer

In fairness I've always thought that's a pretty respectable idea if the layout of your home will accommodate it. I used to live in a studio flat and had my PC at a desk just behind the partition wall for the bedroom, so all it took was a HDMI cable and a USB extension going round the bottom of the door frame. That meant I could game in the living room on The Big Telly without any fan noise or extra heat.

You know I miss that place. There's something to be said for living in a compact space with just what you need, everything practically at arm's reach, and no excess. The only annoying bit was being able to hear the fridge buzz all the time. Having more space never really gives you more space, you just find ways of filling it up, I've noticed. Or at least, your missus does
>> No. 452625 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 6:29 pm
452625 spacer
On Saturday I put my pyjamas on straight from the washing line whilst they were still ever so slightly damp. It was heavenly.

I don't think today has felt that hot. I'm sure I was more mafted last weekend.
>> No. 452626 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 6:46 pm
452626 spacer
Look, I'm not judging you, I'm just upset I can't do it, which is why I'm bringing it up probably two years after the event.

Maybe your girlfriend could put your PC in a mason jar or something. I don't have that luxury either!

It definitely feels unusal to me. There's something about how long it's going to be this hot too, all day practically. I might soak my other sports top and then put it in the fridge for a bit, but the shock might just kill me.
>> No. 452627 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 6:48 pm
452627 spacer

>Most processors idle at about 40 degrees before you even start doing anything with them

>That heat has to go somewhere.

Yes, but that doesn't mean they heat your room to 40 degrees in that state. My laptop's CPU is at 67°C at the moment with a few background applications running. That temperature may be considerable, and I can certainly feel the heat from my laptop on my legs right now, but the total amount of heat energy it gives off is really not that much. The same way you can't heat your room with a cigarette lighter, despite it burning at temperatures of up to 1900°C.

A top of the range desktop gaming PC will probably give off no more than 150 watts of pure heat energy even when you put it through its paces, according to https://smallbusiness.chron.com/average-heat-output-computer-69494.html .

Most electrical home heaters in the UK are rated for 10A at 230V, which works out to almost 2300 watts of heat energy (it's a little known fact that electric space heaters are among the most energy efficient home devices, as nearly 100 percent of the power they draw gets used for its intended purpose; even the heat from any circuit boards inside it is given off into the ambient air, and the mechanical energy that spins the heater's fans turns into heat via air friction).

So when you've got your PC running, you've got about 6.5 percent of the heat output of a space heater on full blast. I'm not saying it isn't going to contribute to your room temperature at all, but it's not as much as you would think.

At 300 kelvin, which is just over 27°C, the specific heat capacity of ambient air at sea level like in your bedroom is around 1 J/g*K. Meaning, to heat one gram of air by one kelvin, you need one joule.

150 watts heat output means by definition that your PC gives off 150 joules of heat per second. At sea level, the density of air is roughly 1.222 kilograms per cubic metre. Let's say you've got a slightly above average sized bedroom of about 15 square metres or 160 square feet. Standard ceiling height in residential properties in the UK is 2.40 m according to Google. That works out to around 360 cubic metres of air in your bedroom, which weighs 440 kilograms or 440,000 grams. If we plug that into our heat capacity of ambient air of 1 J/g*K, then you need 440 kilojoules to heat your room by one kelvin or degree celsius. If you divide 440,000 by your 150 watts or joules per second, it turns out that it takes your computer, again running on full blast, 48 minutes and 52 seconds to raise your room temperature by one degree.

This is a ceteris paribus model, i.e. we assume that all other factors of your bedroom temperature remain constant. If we introduce variables like heat loss through an open window, increased by the air flow of a running fan, or if your room is a bigger size, then the effect can be considerably less.
>> No. 452628 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 7:07 pm
452628 spacer

They've wrapped Hammersmith Bridge in foil to make sure it cooks evenly. Very sensible. I hope they've padded it with plenty of baking potatoes.
>> No. 452629 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 7:18 pm
452629 spacer

I've put my underpants, t-shirt and socks in the freezer for tomorrow. It won't work for long but the thought of putting on some frosty knickers to the theme song from Touch Frost is enough for me.
>> No. 452630 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 7:19 pm
452630 spacer

Do any of you recognise this bloke? He has a cameo in the new Resident Evil series (it's not very good). I want to say he's Rod Hull but I'm sure that's wrong. The IMDb listing for his character is given as an African American guy and while the CGI might be that good, the accent's clearly British.
>> No. 452632 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 7:35 pm
452632 spacer
My eBay air conditioner is certainly doing the job of cooling me, though it seems to have no hope of actually chilling the entire room.

I eagerly await my electric bill.
>> No. 452633 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 7:38 pm
452633 spacer

Your source unfortunately gives an extremely conservative figure for the power consumption of a high-end PC. Mine draws over 500w from the wall under load. A properly top-spec gaming rig (3090, 12900k) with a decent overclock could easily draw 800w.
>> No. 452634 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 7:50 pm
452634 spacer
That's actually not a bad show to watch in this heat. The colour palette's refreshingly grey and cold.
>> No. 452635 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 8:04 pm
452635 spacer

Sensible, elsewhere the train tracks caught fire. Should've wrapped those as well.
>> No. 452636 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 8:05 pm
452636 spacer
is it a split unit or one that dumps hot air out a window?
Either way, try to make the room air-tight, but if it's the latter, make cardboard constructions to block up any window gaps, and wrap the outlet hose in as much bubble wrap as you can. Those units are borderline shite, you have to give them all the help you can.
>> No. 452637 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 8:09 pm
452637 spacer

So you've gone to all that effort to prove otherlad right, in that playing videogames for just shy of three and a bit hours would push a room at 36 degrees (the temperature it's been over most of the country today), over the 40 degree mark. You're also "assuming a larger than average bedroom", so for anybody with the average (or in other words, MOST COMMON) or smaller bedroom, it'll be even faster.

Most of us didn't need you to do the maths, because we already know the heat from a gaming PC can and does have an appreciable effect on the temperature of a room. When me and my ex had our gaming setup (we both had gaming PCs) in our spare room we didn't even need to put the heating on in winter, in fact we sometimes still had to open the window, right through December and January.
>> No. 452638 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 8:23 pm
452638 spacer
>When me and my ex had our gaming setup (we both had gaming PCs) in our spare room we didn't even need to put the heating on in winter, in fact we sometimes still had to open the window, right through December and January.

You lads really do the weirdest flexes.
>> No. 452639 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 8:26 pm
452639 spacer

It's the latter. I wanted a split unit, but couldn't bear the thought of having to install something in this weather.

I already knew these units are a bit shite, I watched a Technology Connections video about it - but it does exactly what I need it to, which is blow 16 degree C air directly at my naked body as I lie in bed. The hose coming out the back is definitely radiating heat out and must be cancelling out any effort to cool the whole room, but for £150 I can't say I'm too fussed. It also doubles as a dehumidifier so that will be useful in the garage in autumn.

I reckon if I really could be bothered I could plumb the vent out into the wall and out the house that way, making it massively more efficient. But at that point I might as well just get a split unit.
>> No. 452640 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 8:30 pm
452640 spacer
Reminds me of James Cromwell.
>> No. 452641 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 8:47 pm
452641 spacer
Fair enough - but I'd still recommend wrapping that hose. Even a couple of towels will significantly (mathslad will be along in a moment) reduce the heat being dumped back into your room.
I don't suppose you've got an unused chimney / fireplace you could dump it into? Easier than trying to seal all those annoying triangles of an open window.
>> No. 452642 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 9:13 pm
452642 spacer

Just put it in a separate room, easy.
>> No. 452643 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 9:58 pm
452643 spacer
I think I can hear fireworks.
>> No. 452644 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 10:41 pm
452644 spacer
It's still fucking roasting.
>> No. 452646 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 11:34 pm
452646 spacer
Went out for some cheese. It's weird feeling the air still be hot, not just warm, but hot, at half-past-ten. I wish I were Glaswegian.
>> No. 452647 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 12:11 am
452647 spacer
How the fuck do so many people keep their windows open at night? I do it and my room's infested with spiders, moths and flies within the hour. I might as well just sleep outside for fucks sake.
>> No. 452648 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 12:25 am
452648 spacer
Mesh fabric and velcro tape around the windows m9.
>> No. 452649 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 1:20 am
452649 spacer

I vape so aggressively that the air inside my house is incompatible with invertebrate life. I'm basically a crop duster that smells of summer fruits.
>> No. 452650 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 1:54 am
452650 spacer
Rod Hull is dead. Rene Auberjonois is also dead, and that's who I thought it was. James Cromwell, however, is still alive, but American.
>> No. 452651 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 2:06 am
452651 spacer
It's been hot, sure, but people were saying we'd smash the records and go above 40 degrees on Monday. I assumed we would, since suburban Manchester got to an effortless 36, but the country as a whole barely went past 38 in the hottest place. It will be hotter tomorrow. Much hotter.

Honestly, I actually really like it; there's not much humidity so it's all pretty survivable. The only problem is that I work in a datacentre which, as it turns out, promises everyone we'll keep all their servers cool and fresh, but struggles to do that if the outside temperature goes above 32. We had some problems today/on Monday. It might be comfy out there, and refreshingly novel, but there's every possibility I won't have a job by Wednesday, and that's not so good.
>> No. 452652 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 7:43 am
452652 spacer
I thought thousands were supposed to die?
>> No. 452653 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 7:58 am
452653 spacer
Remember the early covid death predictions? It's the boy who cried wolf all over again.
>> No. 452654 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 8:07 am
452654 spacer
How do you think people die in extreme heat? It's primarily elderly people being overwhelmed by the heat, but you were expecting something more like the climax of Scanners? It's not everyone else's fault you're daft, stop trying to make it our problem.

Ah, fuck, would you look at that?
>> No. 452655 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 9:00 am
452655 spacer

He's the barman at a pub that was introduced with loud rock music, I wondered if he was an old rock star of some sort.
>> No. 452656 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 9:01 am
452656 spacer
That study is saying that less than half of expert predictions were within their own confidence ranges. Whether they were more accurate than predictions from the general public is irrelevant.

What matters is the actual modelling by the likes of Imperial College London which influenced government decision making.

>It is only a fortnight since Ferguson told the BBC that it was “almost inevitable” that daily infection rates would hit a record 100,000 and could peak at more than 200,000 after restrictions were relaxed. In fact daily cases have barely topped 30,000. The professor admits his prediction was “off” and blames the football for messing up his modelling. As people congregated in pubs and homes to watch the Euro 2020 matches, “we had an artificially inflated level of contact during that period and then suddenly it dropped off”.


The official modelling was way off. That's all there is to it, no need to try and move the goalposts.
>> No. 452657 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 9:54 am
452657 spacer
I guess the government should have given even less of a shit then. Maybe waited until July to lockdown.

Can't really be arsed relitigating this.
>> No. 452658 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 10:11 am
452658 spacer
Lad. Don't be one of those people.

The official covid modelling was way off. That shouldn't be a controversial statement to make. It doesn't necessitate having a discussion about lockdowns or whatever other bollocks you want to bring up.

There is this thing called nuance. You do not have to view everything in black and white. It is very important to be able to understand the flaws and mistakes on the 'side' you support, rather than having blind and unwavering devotion where you automatically assume anyone who is able to point out those issues is the other and must be attacked. Nothing is infallible.
>> No. 452659 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 12:31 pm
452659 spacer
A model and a prediction are very different things. A lot of models were presented throughout COVID with very poor communication of what they were supposed to show.

As much as I like Chris Whitty, some of the PowerPoint slides from those TV briefings were atrocious.
>> No. 452660 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 1:02 pm
452660 spacer
The council sent out messages to put the bin out last night because they'd be collecting it very early in the morning to avoid the worst of the heat. They've actually done it much later than usual.
>> No. 452661 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 1:05 pm
452661 spacer
So like. Why is it actually this hot? What's actually causing it? I mean specifically right now, not just the long term trend of climate change.

Because I've never really actually thought about it, but howcome it's this hot right now, but other times when it's really sunny it's not this hot? Are we getting a big warm draft from the Sahara or something? Is it because it hasn't rained in a while? What's going on?
>> No. 452662 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 1:10 pm
452662 spacer
I think I heard it was hot air from the Sahara and something called the Azores, which is like a hot Gulf Stream or something.
>> No. 452663 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 1:16 pm
452663 spacer

Azores High is playing silly buggers.
>> No. 452664 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 1:52 pm
452664 spacer
They said on the weather there's something called a heat dome, I think. Normally, hot air would gradually dissipate, but it isn't this time because of the heat dome holding the hot air in place.
>> No. 452665 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 2:00 pm
452665 spacer


Causing thunder and lightning too, the cunt.
>> No. 452666 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 3:15 pm
452666 spacer
The Forde Report came out and everyone's saying it confirms what they personally believed all along.
>> No. 452667 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 3:30 pm
452667 spacer
I've just had to venture outside for a bit. With the hot wind and the heat bouncing back off the ground it felt like being near a furnace. I can't remember it being intolerable like this when I've been to Florida in the summer.
>> No. 452668 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 3:40 pm
452668 spacer
Tomorrow will be 24c and I'm hard wired to think that is hot.
I can't wait to be freezing tomorrow, shame the house will take a few days to cool down.
>> No. 452669 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 4:12 pm
452669 spacer

Social media zingers at it again.

Open your windows overnight and in the morning so the hot air leaves.
>> No. 452670 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 4:19 pm
452670 spacer

Some Americans got slightly offended the other day when I said we're all sweating like a whore in church at the moment. I guess it's not a saying you use in light conversation over there.
>> No. 452671 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 4:37 pm
452671 spacer
fuck me it's toasty lads
i'm having to keep my main machine off because it just gets too hot
>> No. 452672 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 4:48 pm
452672 spacer
My top floor flat is currently unlivable, and aside from being uncomfortable this is fucking strange. I never thought I could experience that oven like temperature in this country. It feels surreal. Like watching snow in august or something.
>> No. 452673 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 4:57 pm
452673 spacer

A moment of thought for those affected by Dave's syndrome in these troubling times.
>> No. 452674 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 5:09 pm
452674 spacer
The one that tends to go down well here is "sweating like a black man on a rape charge."
>> No. 452675 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 5:20 pm
452675 spacer
Facebook Memories informs me that it is exactly one year to the day since I posted that I live in a ground-floor flat, and that single ladies should take note of how relatively comfortable my bed will be to sleep in despite the hot weather. It didn't work then, but it's hotter now. Perhaps I should try again.
>> No. 452676 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 7:11 pm
452676 spacer

Repost the "memory" with a cheeky "offer's still open", that way it'll seem like good humour and ironic self awareness within the current situation, if nothing else.
>> No. 452677 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 7:42 pm
452677 spacer
Offered to help someone move a load of hay in the most transparently "I don't actually want to help" way possible earlier. It felt amazing. At the last possible second to offer, as they spoke on the phone with someone else I go: "You won't need anymore help with that, will you?" and I was already walking away. Like a Jedi mind trick. I can see why some people just love being bastards, what a rush.
>> No. 452678 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 7:52 pm
452678 spacer

It's amazing what people will let you get away with when you are blunt, the only issue is when you run up against another arsehole, especially one with more experience than you. Then you either have to fight or fuck.
>> No. 452679 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 8:08 pm
452679 spacer


Why not both?
>> No. 452680 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 8:11 pm
452680 spacer
the wind... it comes..... sweet relief.
>> No. 452681 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 11:43 pm
452681 spacer
Why does it still feel unbearably hot? Or am I drinking too much?
>> No. 452682 Anonymous
19th July 2022
Tuesday 11:54 pm
452682 spacer


Because it still is.

That and your house/flat/whatever has been heating up over the course of three days, but because our homes are designed to keep heat in, it'll take a long time to dissipate.

Just keep having cool showers, and switch to something more appropriate like Corona or Desperados, instead of John Smith's.
>> No. 452683 Anonymous
20th July 2022
Wednesday 5:46 am
452683 spacer
Slept like shit again. I am such a sweaty bastard right now.
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