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>> No. 62754 Ambulancelad
20th March 2019
Wednesday 10:47 pm
62754 spacer
>A neo-Nazi terror suspect entered a "Miss Hitler" beauty contest in a bid to attract new members to a far-right extremist group, a court has heard. Alice Cutter is alleged to have won the competition organised by National Action after taking on the nickname Buchenwald Princess in reference to the Nazi death camp.


To be fair, I'd have voted for her. I'd preserve the future of the white race with her, IYKWIM.
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>> No. 63044 Auntiefucker
8th April 2019
Monday 3:40 am
63044 spacer

She goes around in the night and is consumed by fire.
>> No. 63045 Auntiefucker
8th April 2019
Monday 7:33 am
63045 spacer

That's a palantir, dipstick.
>> No. 63336 Searchfag
21st May 2019
Tuesday 12:20 pm
63336 spacer

She's a bit of a munter without the lighting, make-up and mental slag camera angles.
>> No. 63337 Crabkiller
21st May 2019
Tuesday 1:51 pm
63337 spacer
Airbrushing and low-res images really can be a blessing for some. I swear I'm the fittest man alive (in 480p).
>> No. 63338 Auntiefucker
21st May 2019
Tuesday 2:10 pm
63338 spacer

They were doing it with women on TV in the 60s (you only need to watch an old star trek to see it). The common man or woman doing it and representing it as themselves in every day life is a microcosm for most of what is wrong with social media. Not because it is a thing wrong with the technology it self, but it turns out as a species we are competitive naracists.
>> No. 63339 Ambulancelad
21st May 2019
Tuesday 2:56 pm
63339 spacer


>> No. 63340 Paedofag
21st May 2019
Tuesday 3:04 pm
63340 spacer
New age racists.
>> No. 63341 Anonymous
21st May 2019
Tuesday 3:37 pm
63341 spacer
She's still cute, I would have sex with her.
>> No. 63342 Anonymous
21st May 2019
Tuesday 3:41 pm
63342 spacer
I recently rejoined facebook and am surprised to see that even old women have their pictures airbrushed and posed like emo kids from 15 years ago
>> No. 63343 Anonymous
21st May 2019
Tuesday 3:48 pm
63343 spacer

I feel like you and auto correct came up with a better word than I intended so let's go with that.
>> No. 63344 Paedofag
21st May 2019
Tuesday 4:01 pm
63344 spacer
Well it still works. New age racialists are obsessed with proving that their races are the best so use camera trickery to make them look as good as possible.
>> No. 63345 Auntiefucker
21st May 2019
Tuesday 5:16 pm
63345 spacer

kind of would.
>> No. 63346 Searchfag
21st May 2019
Tuesday 5:16 pm
63346 spacer

Kind of wouldn't.
>> No. 63347 Billbob
21st May 2019
Tuesday 6:01 pm
63347 spacer
>> No. 63348 Are Moaty
21st May 2019
Tuesday 7:53 pm
63348 spacer


Looks like she might stab you in your sleep


Looks like she might enjoy a day at the Castle Howard traction engine rally
>> No. 63349 YubYub
21st May 2019
Tuesday 8:04 pm
63349 spacer

Looks like she owns a lizard


Looks like she has a keen interest in the Tumuli of the Lizard Peninsula
>> No. 63350 Are Moaty
21st May 2019
Tuesday 11:44 pm
63350 spacer

Looks like she hates Jews


Looks like she believes they're inner-earth lizard people in disguise
>> No. 63351 Auntiefucker
21st May 2019
Tuesday 11:57 pm
63351 spacer

I look nothing like her, I'm not even a women or gay, and taken. But if you took me on a date to castle Howard traction engine rally I'd probably put out.
>> No. 63352 Billbob
22nd May 2019
Wednesday 12:43 am
63352 spacer
Don't know about fully put out, but I would certainly allow my (inappropriate) partner a crafty feel.
>> No. 63467 Moralfag
16th June 2019
Sunday 10:07 am
63467 spacer
>The jury in the trial of four people alleged to have been members of a banned neo-Nazi daft militant wog group has been discharged after failing to reach verdicts.

>The 11-member jury had been deliberating for more than 37 hours, but was unable to reach verdicts on any of the defendants. Discharging the jurors, the recorder of Birmingham, Judge Melbourne Inman QC, thanked them for their hard work in a trial that had reached its 11th week.


Imagine working for 11 weeks only for the jury to say "idk lol" at the end, so you'll have to do it all again.
>> No. 63483 Samefag
18th June 2019
Tuesday 8:59 pm
63483 spacer

Neo-naZis are weird. Gonna scratch a swastika on my phone casing, maaaayte.
>> No. 63484 Auntiefucker
18th June 2019
Tuesday 9:38 pm
63484 spacer
That'll show those darkies we mean business!
>> No. 63485 Anonymous
18th June 2019
Tuesday 9:48 pm
63485 spacer

That's a fucking shit phone BTW.
>> No. 63486 Moralfag
18th June 2019
Tuesday 10:09 pm
63486 spacer

One of the mad lads convicted today called ARE HARRY a race traitor. Which, as we all know, is nonsense. He can Nazi it up with the best of them.
>> No. 63490 Moralfag
18th June 2019
Tuesday 10:51 pm
63490 spacer
It still baffles me that you can go to prison for saying mean things on the internet. The Tory debate today even had ARE Rory mention hateful thoughts in his bid to win a blind date with the Shackleton.

Not that I'd call Harry a race traitor (American isn't a race) but...come on.
>> No. 63491 Moralfag
18th June 2019
Tuesday 11:00 pm
63491 spacer

It just seems a bit futile, given that Americans can say pretty much whatever they like thanks to the First Amendment. I don't see how locking up a couple of arseholes will make a blind bit of difference to the amount of racist bollocks on the internet. It's like arresting someone for pissing into a swimming pool full of piss, when there's a yank over at the deep end filling it up with a piss firehose.
>> No. 63493 YubYub
18th June 2019
Tuesday 11:29 pm
63493 spacer
i think what people fail to consider is what happens if the shoe ends up on the other foot.

it's all well and good locking people up for hate speech when you're under a largely liberal consensus where the hate speech is dolphin rape and homophobia. it's perfectly peachy right now to consider freedom of speech a luxury that can be compromised for the greater good. but what happens if we find ourselves under a different consensus, and suddenly those liberal progressive ideals are the exact things that will get you locked up? where will you find recourse when you already supported the precedent that freedom of speech can be safely ignored as long as you have public opinion on your side?

you don't have to look far back in time to see examples of progressive liberal cultures falling back in the opposite direction, and seeing that exact thing happen. it angers and frustrates me that people are so willing to ignore those historical lessons.
>> No. 63494 R4GE
18th June 2019
Tuesday 11:46 pm
63494 spacer

In fairness, I think there's a meaningful difference between political speech and direct incitement to violence. "Dwarves are a threat to the British way of life" is nasty but legal, while "kill all the dwarves before they rape your cat" is criminal. "Hate speech" is a really dodgy category that is open to abuse, but deciding whether someone is encouraging murder is far more clear-cut.
>> No. 63495 Anonymous
19th June 2019
Wednesday 12:28 am
63495 spacer
Yeah agreed totally - National Action weren't just posting bullshit on the internet.
>> No. 63496 Searchfag
19th June 2019
Wednesday 12:33 am
63496 spacer

>it angers and frustrates me that people are so willing to ignore those historical lessons.

It comes from an arrogance of the status quo. "The people in the past were wrong though we are right", and it is impossible to convince people the present will be looked back at another time we were wrong in our facts and dogma just as a default, because that isn't really arguing by the rules it is a factual and relativistic nihilism people won't accept even though everything about the past tells us it is the only thing that is consistently true.
>> No. 63498 YubYub
19th June 2019
Wednesday 2:15 am
63498 spacer
If we end up under a different status quo, why would they hold themselves to the same rules anyway?
The choice may not be between a liberal world with free speech maintained, and a liberal-turned-censorious-turned nazi world where people go to jail for saying nice things, and more between a liberal world that goes nazi but some annoying people go to jail today versus a liberal world that goes nazi but was at least principled about liberalism while it lasted. I'm not arguing we're inexorably heading that way, just that if we are it's probably of little difference where we stand on censorship - I'd argue culture flows from other factors more than vice-versa. Also, I'd note the case that liberalism could always collapse precisely because we didn't go out and jail popular alt-right type, even if they didn't mean it and were only doing it for the money.

Most historical lessons are false equivalences mind you. The problem about the present is that it's so consistently stupid. People model their dystopia on past negative regimes and Orwell's book about the year Apple released the Macintosh in a futile attempt to prove that the then current year would be nothing like the then current year. The minute you realise that O'Brien's fursona is a Fennec fox and his favourite anime is K-on! is the minute the whole atmosphere of the thing collapses. Rats to the face might be a little scary, but the complete evaporation of seriousness from public life is much scarier and market forces are far more willing-and-able to promote that than they are to promote idle torture. (Though of course, they'll promote fascism if it sells t-shirts and sticks... I guess if I have a point it's that demonetisation beats jail when it comes to the big guys.)
>> No. 63502 Searchfag
19th June 2019
Wednesday 9:48 pm
63502 spacer

Isn't this liberal consensus why we ended up with Brexit?
>> No. 63892 YubYub
13th August 2019
Tuesday 1:52 pm
63892 spacer

Fucking hell, I've heard the grant sisters speak for the first time.

They sound like insufferable horsey toffs.
>> No. 63893 Searchfag
13th August 2019
Tuesday 2:59 pm
63893 spacer

Girls who are insufferable horsey toffs.
sound like insufferable horsey toffs.
>> No. 63894 Paedofag
13th August 2019
Tuesday 2:59 pm
63894 spacer

They look computer generated, like that FaceApp gender swap thing.
>> No. 63896 Moralfag
13th August 2019
Tuesday 4:26 pm
63896 spacer

I knew they well off, but I wasn't expecting them to be so... Rah.

I mean, try to make it to the end of these videos without wanting to pull your hair out.


>> No. 63897 Moralfag
13th August 2019
Tuesday 5:31 pm
63897 spacer

The years have not been kind to Brian Sewell.
>> No. 63898 YubYub
13th August 2019
Tuesday 5:35 pm
63898 spacer

Still would, then contemplate murder suicide by throatsock
>> No. 63899 R4GE
13th August 2019
Tuesday 5:45 pm
63899 spacer
>"a destructive ideology, designed to control and oppress"
That's exactly what mad girls like her are into though, isn't it?
>> No. 63900 Moralfag
13th August 2019
Tuesday 6:13 pm
63900 spacer

I don't get why the fuck a 15 year old lass is so into this sort of thing. At that age I'm pretty sure my political leanings didn't go much farther than the mantra "don't be a cunt."
>> No. 63901 YubYub
13th August 2019
Tuesday 6:26 pm
63901 spacer

They get attention.

And at that age you can't tell the differance between drumming up drama, and making a differance.
>> No. 63902 Auntiefucker
13th August 2019
Tuesday 6:57 pm
63902 spacer

Neither can those XR lads and they're in their twenties.
>> No. 63903 YubYub
13th August 2019
Tuesday 6:59 pm
63903 spacer

Your post is a prime example of drumming up drama.
>> No. 63905 Moralfag
13th August 2019
Tuesday 7:31 pm
63905 spacer

Isn't part of the point of the XR to drum up drama so that the topic isn't ignored by those who are in a position to do something either 'our representatives' or companies looking to score some good press. They can measure their success in how many people respond. Because companies and MPs care about that shit.

This is distinctly different from teens declaring their manifesto for why everyone who doesn't share their daddies opinion that socialism is so dumb is wrong. Measuring their success by the amount of traffic they generate would not be a good metric. As it demonstrates nothing about winning hearts and minds which if you asked them would be the point of those videos. Although again I dont expect them to know the difference.
>> No. 63906 Are Moaty
13th August 2019
Tuesday 8:02 pm
63906 spacer

Depends. If raising awareness means inconveniencing people and impeding hospitals then they're going to lose sympathy. Sage because we don't need yet another thread derailed by this.
>> No. 63907 R4GE
13th August 2019
Tuesday 8:10 pm
63907 spacer
>inconveniencing people and impeding hospitals
Like Brexit or Tory policy?
>> No. 63908 Ambulancelad
13th August 2019
Tuesday 8:12 pm
63908 spacer
With such a snarky zinger I thought I was still reading comments on the Guardian.
>> No. 63909 Paedofag
13th August 2019
Tuesday 8:13 pm
63909 spacer
I don't see a "no" there.
>> No. 63910 Searchfag
13th August 2019
Tuesday 8:16 pm
63910 spacer

Brexit is good for the NHS. The bus told me so.
>> No. 63911 Billbob
13th August 2019
Tuesday 9:47 pm
63911 spacer

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