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>> No. 62754 Ambulancelad
20th March 2019
Wednesday 10:47 pm
62754 spacer
>A neo-Nazi terror suspect entered a "Miss Hitler" beauty contest in a bid to attract new members to a far-right extremist group, a court has heard. Alice Cutter is alleged to have won the competition organised by National Action after taking on the nickname Buchenwald Princess in reference to the Nazi death camp.


To be fair, I'd have voted for her. I'd preserve the future of the white race with her, IYKWIM.
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>> No. 62755 Ambulancelad
20th March 2019
Wednesday 11:18 pm
62755 spacer
>Alice Cutter
The name alone is the quintisenstial mental slag moniker. Amy Substance-Abuser would be worse, maybe.
>> No. 62756 YubYub
20th March 2019
Wednesday 11:27 pm
62756 spacer
Why doesn't National action just change its name to national tractor or summit so they don't all go to prison? They could still advocate killing about 20% of the population but would also restore old tractors which might chill them out a bit.
>> No. 62757 R4GE
21st March 2019
Thursday 1:45 am
62757 spacer
She looks like a lass I knew from a while back, who was legit mental and a bit of a slag.
>> No. 62758 Auntiefucker
21st March 2019
Thursday 6:37 am
62758 spacer

You can tell from the way her coat is bulging that she's got absolutely massive titties.

If she had one of those stupidly short fringes which finish above the eyebrows and a few naff tattoos then there'd be at least one lad here praying that she starts dating his son.
>> No. 62759 Crabkiller
21st March 2019
Thursday 6:54 am
62759 spacer

>The only reason I even decided to become active in the far right was National Action – without which I’d have absolutely no desire to be involved. The intelligence and whit of the members is of a high quality, the members are young, fit and focussed, the memes are magical and the goals are radical. Out of all of those though, I’d say it was the intelligence and anti-thug image of the group that really drew me – and of course, the energy the members draw from the strong possibility of revolution, it’s contagious. I despised other UK groups for giving such a noble cause an undisciplined, uneducated face… we are far removed from.


Oh she's a fruitloop alright.
>> No. 62760 Ambulancelad
21st March 2019
Thursday 7:41 am
62760 spacer
I'd exterminate millions all over her face IYKWIM.
>> No. 62761 Paedofag
21st March 2019
Thursday 8:01 am
62761 spacer

I've already got a big titty goth gf, but I never realised I wanted a big titty nazi gf.


Can confirm. Our lass wears the same sort of coat and she wonders why people in shops often suspect her of stealing stuff. I tell her it's because she looks as though she's trying to smuggle out a pair of watermelons.
>> No. 62762 YubYub
21st March 2019
Thursday 8:20 am
62762 spacer

She didn't even win the competition, some mental Scottish Slag did.

Anyway, I'd always assumed from the way national action are portrayed in the media that they're a sinister and violent organisation. I didn't realise it was a load of internet sperglords spamming memes who would almost certainly shit themselves if they ever had to face confrontation in real life.
>> No. 62763 YubYub
21st March 2019
Thursday 8:41 am
62763 spacer
I can't imagine groups like national action aren't full of if not entirely run by spooks. Any sort of extremist group in this country left or right is going to be infiltrated quick sharp, especially ones that advertise themselves.

Although most likely by undercover coppers who just want to get their nob wet.
>> No. 62764 Anonymous
21st March 2019
Thursday 10:35 am
62764 spacer
There are lots of cops in White Nationalist groups, especially over the pond.
>> No. 62765 Samefag
21st March 2019
Thursday 12:09 pm
62765 spacer

eva van housen.jpg
Neo-Nazi clunge looks top drawer.
>> No. 62766 Crabkiller
21st March 2019
Thursday 12:24 pm
62766 spacer
Between the Weight Watchers and the Football Lads Alliance rallies I'm going to be rolling in fanny!

I'm going to have to get fat and slap on a few swastika tats, but I suppose that's just the cost of doing business.
>> No. 62767 Ambulancelad
21st March 2019
Thursday 12:26 pm
62767 spacer

Don't they use fit birds for recruitment and marketing?

Anyway, there's a lack of Alice's tits in this thread.
>> No. 62769 YubYub
21st March 2019
Thursday 12:36 pm
62769 spacer
We promised Dadlad we wouldn't post her anymore.
>> No. 62770 Anonymous
21st March 2019
Thursday 12:47 pm
62770 spacer
Wasn't it only seeing his son's cock he had an issue with?

Wait a minute, did he even have an issue with seeing his son's erect penis? I bet he didn't, the bloody pervert.
>> No. 62771 YubYub
21st March 2019
Thursday 1:36 pm
62771 spacer
IS it bad that i take more issue over the tattoo on her forehead than the massive swastika on her tit?
>> No. 62772 Crabkiller
21st March 2019
Thursday 2:51 pm
62772 spacer
I was so distracted by the length of her neck I didn't even notice. Evidently she believes herself to have superior genetics by her ability to eat leaves off high branches.
>> No. 62773 Billbob
21st March 2019
Thursday 2:54 pm
62773 spacer
I'd like to pollute their bloodline, IYKWIM.
>> No. 62774 R4GE
21st March 2019
Thursday 3:12 pm
62774 spacer
Think about it. When the apocalypse is brought about by the inevitable race war as resources become increasingly scarce it's the fashy-longnecks who will have the advantage. Darwin foretold of this.
>> No. 62775 Moralfag
21st March 2019
Thursday 4:02 pm
62775 spacer

I wonder if she'll use her long neck to fight other rival females.
>> No. 62776 YubYub
21st March 2019
Thursday 6:53 pm
62776 spacer
>> No. 62777 Ambulancelad
21st March 2019
Thursday 7:23 pm
62777 spacer
You know what they say about girls with big necks...
>> No. 62778 Billbob
21st March 2019
Thursday 7:43 pm
62778 spacer
Big scarves?
>> No. 62779 Searchfag
21st March 2019
Thursday 9:43 pm
62779 spacer

That they belong to the Kayan tribe of Burma?
>> No. 62780 Paedofag
21st March 2019
Thursday 11:17 pm
62780 spacer
> Amy Substance-Abuser

Oh, so you've met my ex then?
>> No. 62781 YubYub
21st March 2019
Thursday 11:50 pm
62781 spacer

I'm beginning to suspect that NA is just one big ironic shitpost that crossed into real life.
>> No. 62782 Anonymous
22nd March 2019
Friday 2:44 am
62782 spacer

I'm fairly certain based on the sample of this thread that it is just a t-shirt company pulling the 'United colours of benetton' shit, just from a different angle.
>> No. 62783 Anonymous
22nd March 2019
Friday 6:36 am
62783 spacer

From what I've read about them they appear to be a load of shut in teenagers larping as white supremacists.


Just look at the other dweebs on trial.

>Mr Jameson said Scothern's father thought he had been 'groomed' and 'brainwashed'.

>He added: 'News of the imminent ban parked an explosive exchange of texts between Scothern and his father. The latter warned his son he risked being stabbed or sent to prison.

>Scothern replied 'I'd rather [be] stabbed than submit to my enemies and allow my continent to be given to invaders where the fuck is your honour and pride'. His father responded 'you sound a bit brainwashed are you being groomed'.'

Look at him, the fucking flaccid cock.
>> No. 62784 YubYub
22nd March 2019
Friday 6:40 am
62784 spacer

Apparently he was in antifa, was transgender and going by the name Amelia, converted to Shamanism and then he joined national action.

They're all fucking headcases.
>> No. 62785 Crabkiller
22nd March 2019
Friday 9:50 am
62785 spacer

Sounds exactly the phases I would expect a teenager with a low sense of personal identity and validation to go through in the last few years based on the recent cultural climate.

When I was young people got there sense of self from becoming fanatical about music genres. I could easily see kids these days with the sheer heavy handedness of online articles going through 'what gender are you' and complaining about white people. Becoming a fascist seems like the natural rebound of an adolescent mind to go to the polar opposite when they question the validity of the first idea.
>> No. 62786 Ambulancelad
22nd March 2019
Friday 10:17 am
62786 spacer

There's not a lot left that will actually shock your parents. When I was a lad, you could just get your nose pierced and dye your hair green and you'd be pretty much guaranteed to make your mum cry. If you're currently in your late teens, there's a very real chance that your parents met while off their tits at the Hacienda, so dressing like a weirdo and listening to some horrible racket just isn't going to cut the mustard.
>> No. 62787 Paedofag
22nd March 2019
Friday 11:08 am
62787 spacer
If any of you are interested in the cause, join a local B&H group. Avoid NA and the like, they're honey pots.
>> No. 62788 Samefag
22nd March 2019
Friday 11:21 am
62788 spacer

Brighton and Hove?
Benson and hedges?
Bumming and homosexuality?
What on earth are you blathering and hollering about? Stormfag.

Also maybe I like sticking my dick in the honey pot did you think of that? That seems like the only possible reason I'd even pretend to agree with these ideas.
>> No. 62793 Anonymous
22nd March 2019
Friday 12:51 pm
62793 spacer

>> No. 62794 Are Moaty
22nd March 2019
Friday 1:02 pm
62794 spacer
Will do, GCHQlad!
>> No. 62797 Ambulancelad
22nd March 2019
Friday 5:50 pm
62797 spacer

Ya won't go down cuz ma dick can float!
>> No. 62799 YubYub
22nd March 2019
Friday 6:08 pm
62799 spacer

Bullying and Harrassment? Serious answer.
>> No. 62800 R4GE
22nd March 2019
Friday 6:08 pm
62800 spacer

iirc kids these days actually do go through identifying with various political movements. It's why we saw all the facebook memes a few years back.
>> No. 62805 Searchfag
22nd March 2019
Friday 9:13 pm
62805 spacer
Check out her Instagram page. Not my cup of tea.
>> No. 62806 Searchfag
22nd March 2019
Friday 9:42 pm
62806 spacer
That's her boyfriend's instagram, mark Jones. He's also on trial.
>> No. 62807 Samefag
22nd March 2019
Friday 10:15 pm
62807 spacer
Don't want to sound like 'that guy', but what has she actually done wrong?
>> No. 62808 Billbob
22nd March 2019
Friday 10:21 pm
62808 spacer
Not made it easy to find any trace of her jubblies on the internet.
>> No. 62809 Auntiefucker
22nd March 2019
Friday 10:37 pm
62809 spacer
Thanks, now I'm clued up on all the latest far-right workout hashtags, this is exactly how I wanted to spend my Friday.

She was a member of National Action and personally involved in their recruitment. NA are a prescribed organisation who advocate militant daft woggery in the UK.

Of course, it's all just banter and memes, so they're not really a thread, *wink wink* *nudge nudge*.
>> No. 62810 Crabkiller
22nd March 2019
Friday 10:44 pm
62810 spacer
>straight edge

Close the thread, we're done here.
>> No. 62812 YubYub
22nd March 2019
Friday 10:55 pm
62812 spacer

Is the organisation still a threat if they are indirectly advocating the genocide of countless zygotes? [5 marks]
>> No. 62911 Samefag
28th March 2019
Thursday 11:49 pm
62911 spacer

We finally have a cleavage shot.
>> No. 62912 YubYub
28th March 2019
Thursday 11:50 pm
62912 spacer


>> No. 62913 Billbob
28th March 2019
Thursday 11:51 pm
62913 spacer


>> No. 62914 Crabkiller
29th March 2019
Friday 1:18 am
62914 spacer
Even divorced from the whole "she's a massive Nazi" thing, she looks really boring. But you wouldn't even be able to do boring stuff like watch TV because she'd keep asking if the lads from Flight of the Conchords where Jewish. I don't know, it was nice of West Midlands Police to show us her boobs but she's just some tumblr girl with more swastikas.

And an air rifle apparently. Are they used for anything other than torturing cats btw?
>> No. 62916 Paedofag
29th March 2019
Friday 2:01 am
62916 spacer



Hers looks like a dirt cheap springer with a useless ten quid scope on it. I doubt you could hit a cat with it if you wanted to.
>> No. 62917 Searchfag
29th March 2019
Friday 6:42 am
62917 spacer
I dunno, lad. Every time I see that picture where you can see her boobs I'm fighting the urge to bash one out.

She reminds me of a girl I know from university who was incredibly chatty via text or instant messaging but painfully shy and quiet in person, unless she was drunk. She'd also do things like wearing face paint and cat ear headbands so a bet she shagged like a minx. Last I heard of her she was dating someone in his thirties who still acted and dressed like a 15 year old emo kid.
>> No. 62920 Samefag
29th March 2019
Friday 1:26 pm
62920 spacer
So you're saying I have a chance?
>> No. 62922 Searchfag
29th March 2019
Friday 1:48 pm
62922 spacer
Her name didn't begin with an S and end with an A did it?

If so, I am that thirties bloke and you're right, she shags like an absolute minx.
>> No. 62924 R4GE
29th March 2019
Friday 5:58 pm
62924 spacer

Depends on whether you've got a bit floppy fringe or not.

It did not.

So are these Brexit slags any different from the white supremacist slags or when the Israeli army keeps publishing pictures of fit female soldiers? Is using attractive women an inherently right wing recruiting tactic? Is this where Labour and the left are getting it all wrong. Where are the hope not hate slags? The slags of antifa?
>> No. 62925 Searchfag
29th March 2019
Friday 6:03 pm
62925 spacer
Fuck me she is fit.

I think I could actually wear my cock out in her.
>> No. 62926 Paedofag
29th March 2019
Friday 6:11 pm
62926 spacer

I'd negotiate a deal for access to Beatrice and Alice Grant's frictionless borders, IYKWIM.
>> No. 62936 Moralfag
29th March 2019
Friday 7:22 pm
62936 spacer

>Is using attractive women an inherently right wing recruiting tactic?

The right wing has been using this tactic for most of the 20th centrty, turns out for all the joking about "I'd swear my alligance to X for her IYKWIM" is genuinely true for a lot of men, or at least is enough to draw them in enough to get them to at least listen under, their own agenda that they might get their willy wet. As for use by the left? Used to The modern left largely finds the idea that a man would find one women more sexually attractive then another and might make decisions based on it disgusting, so they take the 'moral high ground' you get the occassional vegan trying to sell morals with their tits though.
>> No. 62937 Moralfag
29th March 2019
Friday 7:40 pm
62937 spacer

1479441648560 (1).png
Tits n arse.
>> No. 62939 R4GE
29th March 2019
Friday 8:07 pm
62939 spacer
wots her name?
>> No. 62940 Are Moaty
29th March 2019
Friday 8:23 pm
62940 spacer

I suspect Jimmy might have already got in there.
>> No. 62941 Searchfag
29th March 2019
Friday 8:26 pm
62941 spacer

They all look like they snort when they laugh.
>> No. 62942 Searchfag
29th March 2019
Friday 8:40 pm
62942 spacer

If only the name was mentioned in the posts you quoted.
>> No. 62943 Paedofag
29th March 2019
Friday 8:45 pm
62943 spacer
Ah yes, Dikdop Wwoaevuzj, how could I miss it.
>> No. 62944 YubYub
29th March 2019
Friday 8:46 pm
62944 spacer
Nevermind I just noticed it. I was a bit distracted iykwim.
>> No. 62945 Paedofag
29th March 2019
Friday 8:47 pm
62945 spacer

I'd give her a good dikdop.
>> No. 62946 Anonymous
29th March 2019
Friday 8:52 pm
62946 spacer

We've got another mission for you, lad.
>> No. 62947 Crabkiller
29th March 2019
Friday 9:03 pm
62947 spacer

Sorry lads but I don't get it. She's cute enough but not really that striking, and the teeth are on the wrong side of toff for me.

This is like the time when you were all on about that trainspotter's missus.
>> No. 62949 Anonymous
29th March 2019
Friday 9:09 pm
62949 spacer

She's absolutely stunning m8. Are you sure you're not a bender?
>> No. 62950 Auntiefucker
29th March 2019
Friday 9:10 pm
62950 spacer
You're probably one of the chubberchaserlads though.
>> No. 62951 R4GE
29th March 2019
Friday 9:17 pm
62951 spacer
>> No. 62952 Samefag
29th March 2019
Friday 9:28 pm
62952 spacer

Listen, Beatrice, I know your sister has stolen your thunder but this is no way to behave. Just fix your hair a little and sort the posture out in photos.
>> No. 62953 Paedofag
29th March 2019
Friday 9:29 pm
62953 spacer
I think part of the attractiveness stems from the fact she's actually doing something.

The most I've ever been attracted to someone in the flesh happened on a trip to Jorvik when I was talking to an Australian archaeologist working there. She was pleasant enough to look at but the fact she was an archaeologist and was passionately talking about her work made her irresistible to me. I was there with my girlfriend. She was livid. Similarly, I used to drive past a garage on my old commute where they had a female mechanic. The sight of her in overalls got me hot under the collar.

I suppose it's a highly patronising way to look at women, having very low expectations that they'll have a hobby or interest in something but it's a massive turn on when one of them actually does.
>> No. 62954 Crabkiller
29th March 2019
Friday 9:29 pm
62954 spacer
Think you need to have a word with yourself lad.
>> No. 62956 Anonymous
29th March 2019
Friday 9:51 pm
62956 spacer

your bird.jpg
Think you grew up poor and don't know how fucking awful these people are in person.
>> No. 62957 Crabkiller
29th March 2019
Friday 10:01 pm
62957 spacer
I don't think it's patronising, not neccesarily, but then I'm a bloke so I wouldn't. Regardless, something I both believe myself and think I've heard discussed here is that a good way to become more attractive is to have a genuine interest in something, and while the discussions here have been from a male perspective I think it holds true in the reverse too. I reckon one of the more unattractive things you can say to a woman is "I don't care" too.

Is that shopped or is that one of those posh cunt breeders who ruin animals with a Habsperg-like mindset towards beauty?
>> No. 62958 Anonymous
29th March 2019
Friday 10:03 pm
62958 spacer
It's a real, inbred horse.
>> No. 62963 Billbob
30th March 2019
Saturday 5:17 pm
62963 spacer
He doesn't identify as a trainspotter.
>> No. 62964 Auntiefucker
30th March 2019
Saturday 5:59 pm
62964 spacer

Wait a minute... Just how old are those Brexit lasses?
>> No. 62965 Billbob
30th March 2019
Saturday 6:20 pm
62965 spacer
Not old enough to have actually voted Leave.
>> No. 62966 Anonymous
30th March 2019
Saturday 7:08 pm
62966 spacer
What are they old enough for?
>> No. 62967 R4GE
30th March 2019
Saturday 7:31 pm
62967 spacer
Nice try, Jim'll.
>> No. 62968 R4GE
30th March 2019
Saturday 8:17 pm
62968 spacer

wait a minute
>> No. 62969 Auntiefucker
30th March 2019
Saturday 8:23 pm
62969 spacer

I'm just trying to establish whether hitch is encouraging us to leer at underage lasses.
>> No. 62970 YubYub
30th March 2019
Saturday 10:09 pm
62970 spacer

With a bit of considered brevity, this aside could easily be a Letterbocks contribution
>> No. 62971 YubYub
30th March 2019
Saturday 10:29 pm
62971 spacer
Will we ever solve the mystery of why Hitchens' hog's eye keeps spewing Yakult?
>> No. 62991 Anonymous
2nd April 2019
Tuesday 8:32 pm
62991 spacer

The openly homophobic former face of BNP youth and member of national action has turned out to be a paedo who loves little boys.

>> No. 62998 Samefag
2nd April 2019
Tuesday 9:31 pm
62998 spacer
>a paedo who loves little boys
What did you expect? We didn't call them gay racists for nothing, you know.
>> No. 63000 YubYub
2nd April 2019
Tuesday 10:32 pm
63000 spacer
What are the BNP even up to these days? I can't remember the last time I heard about nick Griffin.
>> No. 63003 Anonymous
3rd April 2019
Wednesday 12:40 am
63003 spacer
Obvious joke incoming; how can you be a carpet-bagger if you're only 12 yourself?
>> No. 63004 Auntiefucker
3rd April 2019
Wednesday 12:42 am
63004 spacer
It's the default by law.
>> No. 63006 Samefag
3rd April 2019
Wednesday 7:15 am
63006 spacer
Yeah, when I was 12 I was attracted to other 12 year olds. That's pretty paedo, reflecting on it.
>> No. 63007 Ambulancelad
3rd April 2019
Wednesday 1:07 pm
63007 spacer
degeneracy in action
>> No. 63008 Paedofag
3rd April 2019
Wednesday 1:11 pm
63008 spacer
According to the person who blew the whistle on paedolad he wanted to kill his MP, even though he knew nothing about her, because he assumed she was a puppet of the Jews letting immigrants in to weaken the white race. He also wanted to kill a police officer because she was investigating him and planned to wear a fake suicide vest in the hope the police would kill him so he wouldn't have to stand trial for being a filthy paedo.
>> No. 63009 Paedofag
3rd April 2019
Wednesday 2:42 pm
63009 spacer
Best laid plans and all that, eh?
>> No. 63019 Billbob
6th April 2019
Saturday 8:58 am
63019 spacer

The one on the left is only 15.


Quick, lads. Burn your computers. Burn everything before the rozzers come for you.
>> No. 63020 YubYub
6th April 2019
Saturday 9:09 am
63020 spacer

So they didn't even vote, those fucking hypocrites
>> No. 63030 Are Moaty
6th April 2019
Saturday 11:47 pm
63030 spacer
Them being moronic teenagers makes a hell of a lot of sense, actually. Being right wing is the new way to get back at Dad.
>> No. 63031 Samefag
7th April 2019
Sunday 12:04 am
63031 spacer
A ton of underage voters in the US love Trump so it explains a lot really
>> No. 63032 Crabkiller
7th April 2019
Sunday 7:36 am
63032 spacer
They're public school kids and the granddaughters of Sir Alistair Grant. I think it's safe to say they're dyed in the wool Tories. Bit laughable of them to talk about parliament being out of touch with 'real' people, mind.

Teenagers these days are weird. When I was 15 I was out getting pissed on cheap vodka or getting stoned. I wasn't joining Jimmy Saville on marches or posting on Twitter about the will of the people.
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