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>> No. 68192 YubYub
8th March 2021
Monday 9:45 am
68192 spacer
My money is on Princess Michael of Kent.
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>> No. 68249 YubYub
12th March 2021
Friday 7:57 am
68249 spacer

Septic Vogue are claiming the word 'niggling' was deliberately used in a headline by the Mail to be racist against Meghan.

>> No. 68250 Anonymous
12th March 2021
Friday 12:57 pm
68250 spacer
Where have you been lad? The same complaint was made about that headline back when it was published.
>> No. 68251 Samefag
12th March 2021
Friday 1:16 pm
68251 spacer
I don't pay that much attention to the mail, the royal family or nigs.
>> No. 68252 Moralfag
12th March 2021
Friday 1:42 pm
68252 spacer
You read Vogue religiously though, apparently.
>> No. 68253 Billbob
12th March 2021
Friday 3:11 pm
68253 spacer
Who doesn't?
>> No. 68266 Anonymous
13th March 2021
Saturday 2:58 pm
68266 spacer


>> No. 68267 Searchfag
13th March 2021
Saturday 3:04 pm
68267 spacer

Charlie Hebdo really epitomises what centrist liberals think is edgy.
>> No. 68268 Ambulancelad
13th March 2021
Saturday 5:58 pm
68268 spacer

I don't why everyone is so determined to take at face value a carefully stage-managed PR exercise orchestrated by a multi-millionaire who acts for a living. It is a rare, rare thing for me to find myself agreeing with Piers Morgan but I'm with him on this - I don't believe for a second that she was driven to feeling suicidal at the palace. It's a claim anyone can make to give themselves an unassailable victim status and she did it with aplomb.
>> No. 68269 Are Moaty
13th March 2021
Saturday 6:01 pm
68269 spacer

They take at face value his dramatic storming-off stage, nobody has any credulity these days.
>> No. 68270 Crabkiller
13th March 2021
Saturday 6:47 pm
68270 spacer
They're both telly twats. Don't believe anything they say or do.
>> No. 68272 YubYub
13th March 2021
Saturday 7:21 pm
68272 spacer
You must be new here ladchap, we don't use that sort of language. I thought it was wordfiltered tbh.
>> No. 68273 Anonymous
13th March 2021
Saturday 7:29 pm
68273 spacer
It's filtered with auto-permaban on some parts of the site but not others. I have no idea why.
>> No. 68274 Anonymous
13th March 2021
Saturday 7:29 pm
68274 spacer
I'm sure there were a few allegations of bullying against her because she thought she'd be able be demanding with the help and treat them like shit.

As far as I'm aware, nigger results in an automatic one hour ban but you can still post it. I'll see what happens and let you know.
>> No. 68275 Billbob
13th March 2021
Saturday 7:30 pm
68275 spacer
Not banned, I guess /iq/ must be a special case where the normal rules don't apply.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 68277 Anonymous
13th March 2021
Saturday 8:05 pm
68277 spacer
>> No. 68280 Searchfag
14th March 2021
Sunday 3:22 pm
68280 spacer

These are quite sickly.
>> No. 68286 Crabkiller
15th March 2021
Monday 3:54 pm
68286 spacer
That's positively ghoulish. She'd been melted down in the Royal Furnace before Harry was even fertile.

Is this just how the Royal Family function, or do other non-monarchs view their family members as minor deities?
>> No. 68287 Samefag
15th March 2021
Monday 3:59 pm
68287 spacer
Am I supposed to think small children writing letters to their deceased grandparents is either 'ghouliush' or somehow an indictment of the Royal Family? They're just kids, lads, leave them alone.
>> No. 68288 R4GE
15th March 2021
Monday 4:03 pm
68288 spacer
Yes, it's ghoulish. What purpose does it serve? Is it popular? Am I one of the few people who never grew up writing letters to dead people?
>> No. 68289 Ambulancelad
15th March 2021
Monday 4:18 pm
68289 spacer
William getting his kids to write cards to their grandma that died, what, about 15 years before they were born in order to post pictures of them on social media for a bit of good PR and the whole Harry & megham shitstorm is certainly off.
>> No. 68290 Anonymous
15th March 2021
Monday 4:57 pm
68290 spacer

I reckon Harry and William are just a bit tapped. I've never known someone who lost their mother when they were young to not be unhealthy about it and parents are always eager to share their neurosis.
>> No. 68432 Are Moaty
31st March 2021
Wednesday 6:29 pm
68432 spacer


Tl;dw, Princess anne is the Royal who supposedly speculated on archie's skin colour, but it's a load of bollocks because her objections were about the cultural differences between British people and Septics and Meghan not really getting the royal family as an institution.
>> No. 68433 Anonymous
31st March 2021
Wednesday 6:38 pm
68433 spacer
>but it's a load of bollocks
Because if we can take anyone's word on this, it's that of someone who went on TV to defend Prince Andrew. Also, why are you watching some posh old lady talking for forty minutes about some pointless monarchy bullshit?
>> No. 68434 Samefag
31st March 2021
Wednesday 7:04 pm
68434 spacer

I thought you lads were into that sort of thing.
>> No. 68435 Auntiefucker
31st March 2021
Wednesday 7:20 pm
68435 spacer
They're usually finished in three.
>> No. 68436 Ambulancelad
31st March 2021
Wednesday 7:35 pm
68436 spacer
Depends how long you want to edge.
>> No. 68437 YubYub
31st March 2021
Wednesday 7:37 pm
68437 spacer
Yes, usually it's less.
>> No. 68438 Anonymous
31st March 2021
Wednesday 9:11 pm
68438 spacer
I always thought it had the potential to be much, much less outrageous than everybody thinks. Obviously, one cannot admit to such things, but if my sister fucked Stevie Wonder, I would ask her if the baby might be blind. It wouldn't matter either way if it was blind or not; I'd just be making conversation. And I certainly wouldn't bring it up with Stevie Wonder, because he's black and therefore liable to stab me. But that's what Princess Anne did, and Harry ran off to grass her up to his ghastly waifu and now everyone's seething mad.
>> No. 68442 Auntiefucker
31st March 2021
Wednesday 10:45 pm
68442 spacer
>Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has contradicted British royal Meghan’s claim that she married Britain’s Prince Harry several days before the official lavish ceremony at Windsor Castle in 2018.

>Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, told Oprah Winfrey in an interview earlier this month that she wed Queen Elizabeth’s grandson in a secret ceremony officiated over by the Archbishop a few days before the Windsor event, which was held in a glare of royal pomp and pageantry. “You know, three days before our wedding, we got married - no-one knows that,” she said. “Just the two of us in our backyard with the Archbishop of Canterbury.”

>But Welby contradicted that. “The legal marriage took place on that Saturday,” Welby was quoted as saying by Die Welt, adding that he personally signed the marriage certificate. “I would have committed a crime if I had signed something that was not true.” He said he had earlier had a “series of private and pastoral meetings” with Harry and Meghan, but declined to give details on the conversation. “If you talk to a priest, you can expect that conversation to remain private.”

>British media have previously published a copy of the wedding certificate showing the official marriage occurred at Windsor Castle, with the official who drew up the licence saying Meghan was either confused or misinformed, and the couple had perhaps exchanged some simple vows before the Archbishop.


It'll be a laugh if Meghan now comes out with proof and the Archbishop goes to prison for a crime he just reminded everyone of.
>> No. 69036 R4GE
9th June 2021
Wednesday 8:13 am
69036 spacer

Julie Burchill has been sacked by the Telegraph for joking that Harry and Meghan should have named their baby Georgina Floydina. Pc gone bloody mad, can't even tell a joke these days.
>> No. 69037 YubYub
9th June 2021
Wednesday 11:36 am
69037 spacer
But it's only funny because it's offensive. It's not smart of incisive or making a statement, it's just purely offensive and intended to piss off as many people as possible. It just seems like such a stupid joke to make. What did she expect?
>> No. 69038 Are Moaty
9th June 2021
Wednesday 11:43 am
69038 spacer

It's not even funny, you get better 'offensive' jokes from 12 year olds.
>> No. 69039 Moralfag
9th June 2021
Wednesday 11:54 am
69039 spacer
I get better blowjobs from them too, what's your point? We should all embrace our inner child now and then.
>> No. 69040 Anonymous
9th June 2021
Wednesday 12:11 pm
69040 spacer
I am writing to inform you of your immediate sacking from britfa.gs. Please gather your things and do not make any new posts.
>> No. 69041 Billbob
9th June 2021
Wednesday 1:35 pm
69041 spacer
Al I'm going to say is, don't say I didn't tell you do, when thirty years down the line we live in a cultural context where the anti-pc backlash has reached roll swing and open dolphin rape is once again entirely acceptable.

These things sways move in cycles, through permutations of right left, liberal puritan. We are currently in puritan left, the counterculture will be liberal right. After that it will be puritan right, to which the antidote will be liberal left; which will again devolve into puritan left and the cycle will repeat.
>> No. 69042 YubYub
9th June 2021
Wednesday 2:11 pm
69042 spacer

That's not really true though is it? Nobody in the Ming dynasty would understand any of this.
>> No. 69043 Billbob
9th June 2021
Wednesday 2:36 pm
69043 spacer
That's because they speak chingawinga and not English.
>> No. 69044 Samefag
9th June 2021
Wednesday 3:17 pm
69044 spacer
The counterculture has been liberal right since at least 2016.
>> No. 69045 Anonymous
9th June 2021
Wednesday 5:22 pm
69045 spacer
I'm pretty fucking sure the Ming Dynasty Daoist would be capable of grasping the Pendulum Effect as a grand historical narrative. It's less noticeable for us because the pendulum swings much faster now over election cycles and in the west we like our end of history.
>> No. 69046 Anonymous
9th June 2021
Wednesday 5:31 pm
69046 spacer
Sorry, let me rephrase for your pedantry: Nobody in the Ming dynasty would agree with such a simplistic dualistic and universalising depiction of history that, as it's used in this context, only applies very narrowly to the West as it is now.
>> No. 69049 Crabkiller
9th June 2021
Wednesday 11:46 pm
69049 spacer
there isn't really enough of a monoculture for there to be a counterculture to anymore. the self-conscious way in which people want to say "Oh, we're the new counterculture!" speaks only to the fact we've done a dismal job of finding a new direction after the 70s-90s, so instead we try to loop it in an increasingly shitty fashion.

if you want a vision of the future, imagine Blair and Oasis pretending they're Wilson and the Beatles, forever.
>> No. 69050 Billbob
10th June 2021
Thursday 12:08 am
69050 spacer

>if you want a vision of the future, imagine Blair and Oasis pretending they're Wilson and the Beatles, forever.
And if I don't want that?
>> No. 69051 Auntiefucker
10th June 2021
Thursday 12:09 am
69051 spacer
wtf I added that dog picture to a post I didn't make like six hours ago. Whatever.
>> No. 69053 YubYub
10th June 2021
Thursday 8:06 am
69053 spacer

But you're wrong.
>> No. 69056 Crabkiller
11th June 2021
Friday 10:25 am
69056 spacer

But it is a very good dog picture.
>> No. 69057 Auntiefucker
11th June 2021
Friday 10:41 am
69057 spacer

Is it though, or is it a deepfake of a dog?
>> No. 69058 Billbob
11th June 2021
Friday 12:04 pm
69058 spacer


The depth-of-field looks convincingly real.
>> No. 69059 Samefag
11th June 2021
Friday 12:49 pm
69059 spacer
She's not wrong though, BLM as long as it's outside the palace. Harry wearing a nazi outfit would presumably mark him as a hypocrite. Not sure what Meghan's done other than be generally annoying.

It just seems a bit weird. Imagine if a 18 year old Royal got pictured in that dashing regalia today, they'd be absolutely eviscerated. While I do remember the press having a field day with that, it was more of a 'We all know it's not that serious but it looks bad so let's ham it up', whereas now it'd be taken as an admission that one has a Zyklon-B button in the shower. So I'd say she's justified in her assessment.
>> No. 69060 Anonymous
11th June 2021
Friday 12:55 pm
69060 spacer
I saw it on Twitter. I think the post said the dog was on benzos after an operation. I am not qualified to prove its veracity one way or another.
>> No. 69061 Anonymous
12th June 2021
Saturday 1:15 am
69061 spacer
What a magnificent beast! I say, have you knotted it yet?

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