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>> No. 1795 Anonymous
27th May 2011
Friday 6:32 pm
1795 spacer
ITT: Workplace annoyances.

I'll get the ball rolling - having to bring in pastries on your birthday. I know it's cheaper if people bring their own in on their birthday instead of chipping in every time someone in the office has a birthday, but it's still fucking annoying having to fork out on your birthday.
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>> No. 13558 Anonymous
5th November 2020
Thursday 5:29 pm
13558 spacer
Unsolicited political discussions. Particularly ones that begin with "If Biden wins that'll be the end of free speech as we know it."
>> No. 13559 Anonymous
5th November 2020
Thursday 5:40 pm
13559 spacer
I love it when someone says something (stupid) like that - reveals everything you need to know.
>> No. 13560 Anonymous
5th November 2020
Thursday 5:51 pm
13560 spacer
He talked about, completely unprompted, how people on the left label people who disagree with them as far-right Nazis and fascists when Hitler wasn't far-right because he positioned the Nazi party straight down the middle, Trump's achievements and how Biden doesn't stand for anything, voter fraud, the IRA and the Barbary slave trade, amongst other things.
>> No. 13561 Anonymous
5th November 2020
Thursday 5:57 pm
13561 spacer

Annotation 2020-11-05 175647.jpg

Corriganlad, is that you?
>> No. 13562 Anonymous
5th November 2020
Thursday 6:03 pm
13562 spacer
I miss Corriganlad. I wonder whatever happened to him.
>> No. 13563 Anonymous
5th November 2020
Thursday 7:03 pm
13563 spacer
I once worked at a company where a member of my team admitted to voting for the BritNatParty ("for a laugh") which is helpfully wordfiltered here to BNP. Subsequent chat meant we discovered he actually supported them. About six months later I made him redundant, for a laugh.
>> No. 13564 Anonymous
5th November 2020
Thursday 7:04 pm
13564 spacer
s/BNP/Gay Racists/
>> No. 13565 Anonymous
5th November 2020
Thursday 7:10 pm
13565 spacer
The thing that annoys me about political discussions is they're all just so...political. Which is probably a sin of the world we now live in. Discussing underlying policy, even on a surface level, can be much more stimulating and where people can sometimes get away with being idiots. "What's your dream constitutional reform?" is a question everyone loves even if they don't know the answer and problems like intergenerational wealth aren't actually controversial as think when approach from a cold distance.

Yesterday I turned a tedious discussion over the potential of a Trump win to the Irish border and broader economic concerns. I felt it was much more engaging because at least there's underlying facts and you can look at problems from a clinical distance. It's also related to how you deal with a conspiracy theorist by asking them to explain it all in greater detail - there soon comes a moment where they realise they don't know what they're talking about and it all sounds pretty mad.
>> No. 13566 Anonymous
5th November 2020
Thursday 8:50 pm
13566 spacer

As a staunch leftist I strongly condemn your actions.
>> No. 13567 Anonymous
5th November 2020
Thursday 9:38 pm
13567 spacer

Dick move. Why would you do that?
>> No. 13568 Anonymous
5th November 2020
Thursday 10:28 pm
13568 spacer

Because you can vote for whoever you like as long as you don't vote for who I don't like, probably.
>> No. 13569 Anonymous
5th November 2020
Thursday 11:26 pm
13569 spacer
I can't speak for him, but I expect everyone on my team to acknowledge everyone else on the team as a legitimate human being, which means at the very least observing a "no fascists" rule.
>> No. 13570 Anonymous
5th November 2020
Thursday 11:55 pm
13570 spacer
Oh Simon!
>> No. 13571 Anonymous
6th November 2020
Friday 3:20 am
13571 spacer

Why did he fire a facist? Who knows.
>> No. 13572 Anonymous
6th November 2020
Friday 1:11 pm
13572 spacer
Were the BNP fascists? I can't even bloody remember, they were there and gone again almost overnight it seems.
>> No. 13573 Anonymous
6th November 2020
Friday 1:32 pm
13573 spacer
They simply didn't like people who weren't white British living here, but Nick Griffin rebranded them to become a bit more palatable.

I kind of wish they didn't go away. At least you knew where you stood with the BNP whereas their replacements like Britain First have been very adept at the granular radicalisation of people via social media. It was a bit more fun in those days, when it didn't feel like everything is going to shit and only getting worse.
>> No. 13574 Anonymous
6th November 2020
Friday 1:49 pm
13574 spacer

Let's not go there mate, the type of person who thinks it's okay to put someone out of a job for their personal beliefs is definitely also the type of person with a working definition of fascism that means anyone to the right of Obama.

Of course, the show will absolutely never be on the other foot, so it's fine.
>> No. 13575 Anonymous
6th November 2020
Friday 2:09 pm
13575 spacer

Bollocks, you'd absolutely love to fire someone for their 'personal beliefs' about trans rights or gay marriage, wouldn't you, you little facist.
>> No. 13576 Anonymous
6th November 2020
Friday 2:19 pm
13576 spacer
He's not the one firing people for something that has nothing to do with the job m8.
>> No. 13577 Anonymous
6th November 2020
Friday 2:22 pm
13577 spacer

He's not wrong. Saying that you think other employees are subhuman or that they should be killed is pretty clearly not on, just because it's behind the veneer of being an ideology doesn't make it okay.
>> No. 13578 Anonymous
6th November 2020
Friday 2:29 pm
13578 spacer

I suppose that TalkSport and Merseyside Police are run by a bunch of lefty loons?


https://www.If I post a link to this website again I will be banned.co.uk/news/article-1163907/PC-named-BNP-membership-list-sacked.html
>> No. 13579 Anonymous
6th November 2020
Friday 2:38 pm
13579 spacer
But it IS something to do with the job. We're talking about it in the context of >>13558 - bringing your politics to work. If you have extreme views, of either wing, and you bring those politics to work, you can't be surprised if you lose your job.
>> No. 13580 Anonymous
6th November 2020
Friday 2:45 pm
13580 spacer

Nah I'm more worried about what happens if your corpo mates find out you have sympathies for socialist parties. I know it sounds silly because obviously the status quo will always be liberal, and there's never been a time in history where people were removed from jobs or positions of office because they were sociali-

Oh wait that happened constantly in the 20th century and probably still happens commonly in America.

Sort your views out fuckwit. A worker should have a solid concrete protection from dismissal based on their beliefs regardless which way they fall.
>> No. 13581 Anonymous
6th November 2020
Friday 2:58 pm
13581 spacer

>A worker should have a solid concrete protection from dismissal based on their beliefs regardless which way they fall.

If your beliefs are "send all the darkies back to where they came from" and your job involves interacting with darkies or making decisions about their lives, your personal beliefs are highly relevant to your ability to perform the job.

Check your own employment contract and you'll likely find a clause stipulating that "bringing the employer into disrepute" constitutes gross misconduct. Human rights are never fully unconditional, because your rights have to be balanced against the rights of other people. You have the right to free association under article 11, but so does your employer; their rights under article 11 are more constrained because of the power imbalance between employer and employee, but they still exist.
>> No. 13582 Anonymous
6th November 2020
Friday 3:04 pm
13582 spacer
What makes you think his "corpo mates" would go easy on him just because he went lenient on some fascists?
>> No. 13583 Anonymous
6th November 2020
Friday 3:07 pm
13583 spacer

I'm the union rep, I don't think they'd be that surprised.
>> No. 13584 Anonymous
10th November 2020
Tuesday 11:13 am
13584 spacer
>>13558 here again.

I had to give him a bit of training this morning. He told me about how the announcement of the coronavirus vaccine was timed for after Biden was declared the winner, what Biden was up to in Ukraine, how Hillary Clinton makes $20million a year doing speeches even though she's terrible at it and how Trump's days were always numbered because he's not a career politician.
>> No. 13585 Anonymous
10th November 2020
Tuesday 11:20 am
13585 spacer

Fire the cunt. Unless he's literally wiping the floor all day, his poor judgment is likely to cost the company money. In any case he may be contributing to a hostile working environment.
>> No. 13586 Anonymous
10th November 2020
Tuesday 11:25 am
13586 spacer

>Check your own employment contract and you'll likely find a clause stipulating that "bringing the employer into disrepute" constitutes gross misconduct.

Yeas, and it shouldn't. People should be able to post whatever the fuck they want on Twatter without losing their job. A division between someone's work and private life should be protected in law. There's nothing complicated about this: It would be better for everyone if your boss isn't allowed to sack you just because he suspects you of wrongthink.

It applies to plenty of other areas. If my employers found out about my sexual escapades they might well think it brings their company into disrepute or whatever, and so like anyone else who knows how to play by the rules of the neo-liberal hellscape we live in I keep them "discreet". It would be a far happier life if one could be open about such things without fearing for their livelihoods. I'd imagine that's exactly how plain old gay people felt in the 50s, at any rate.
>> No. 13587 Anonymous
10th November 2020
Tuesday 11:31 am
13587 spacer
I'm not in a position to fire him. I'll just keep this in my arsenal until I can utilise it for a bit of shit stirring.
>> No. 13588 Anonymous
10th November 2020
Tuesday 11:40 am
13588 spacer
What exactly are you up to that you'd be as despised for as gays were in the 50's?
>> No. 13589 Anonymous
10th November 2020
Tuesday 1:07 pm
13589 spacer
My speech to him would go something like this -

"You have the right to a private life, and are absolutely allowed to hold these political views in private, but when you bring them to work and share them like this, you make them public, and others who might disagree feel at least uncomfortable, and a few might find them outright hostile. Personally I think you are peddling dangerous lies; please don't bring this stuff to work, else it becomes our shared problem, rather than some private views you hold."

And 100% this >>13585 - he displays extremely poor judgement by holding these views and, expressing them out loud at work. There are plenty of jobs/roles where those views, and that judgement could impact your customers; depends on your line of business, but if he continued to spout this stuff out loud, in my line of work I could, and would, get rid of him for creating/contributing to a hostile work environment, and the concern that he could also not be treating our customers fairly.
>> No. 13590 Anonymous
10th November 2020
Tuesday 6:01 pm
13590 spacer

Sounds like you have the drab boring workplace you deserve.
>> No. 13591 Anonymous
11th November 2020
Wednesday 6:41 pm
13591 spacer
Lads I'm at my fucking tether's end.

My assistant is absolutely doing my nut in, basically. I've wrote a long post and binned it before so I'll try to summarise. It's been three years we've been the Accounts Department together, and once we got over the initial curve it was alright, not to mention we get along well. But after this hell of a year it just feels like another thing in the pile on top of me.

My problems with her include
>verbal diarrhoea
>constantly distracted like a misbehaving schoolchild. Toilet breaks, cig breaks, tea breaks, complaining about the office temperature, generally sticking her head out of the window when there's a bang outside; it all means I probably only get 40 minutes work out of her an hour, unless it's a "panic day" where I make her do all the purchase invoices for a month or something because of a deadline
>forgets different parts of her role each week, or different stages of those roles, causing me undue stress having to remember and double-check basically the entire department's workplan at all times, when she should be the person alleviating me of this
>limited willingness to take responsibility or autonomy with minor jobs, again dumping the mental stress on me, meaning I have to do dumb shit like check she hasn't ordered £10k worth of ink for the wrong printer, or she has to involve me in basic stuff like sending the copy invoice Mr Smith requested a week ago. Meanwhile she does approach the weekly office sandwich order with aplomb and vigour I could only wish for when she's doing actual accounts work
>emotionally charged, not volatile and argumentative, but will get into a mood when she feels under pressure (from other departments rather than me usually), exacerbating the other issues

I can understand not giving a fuck about work, I know I will never achieve "self-actualisation" through it myself. But she wants to be here, she's told me before we're the best place she's worked; but it doesn't feel like she actually wants to get to grips with it. A month or so ago she rang me after 5pm in tears because she felt she was letting me and the whole place down; she must have just felt it because I've never ranted at her, it's not my personality and I know how she'd react badly. Selfishly I can't lose my only help at such a critical time either, I can't afford 3 months training someone new right now.

I wouldn't get her sacked, she's from a lower working class background and probably the first in generations to have a job in a slightly more professional sphere. Even shuffling her off to be a receptionist for someone else at the company feels like a betrayal.

I feel like I've been a fair manager and good tutor but it's just not worked out fully.
>> No. 13592 Anonymous
11th November 2020
Wednesday 7:21 pm
13592 spacer

First of all you need to stop covering up for her. Can't take action on someone without a fuck-up to take action on them for. After a few incidents she'll either learn you've stopped holding her hand and buck her ideas up or someone somewhere will notice she's shit at her job.

Just mind it's clear it wasn't your fault.
>> No. 13593 Anonymous
11th November 2020
Wednesday 7:26 pm
13593 spacer

Forgot the second half of what I was going to say, bloody hell.

It's understandable not wanting someone to get into trouble, but sometimes people are too insulated from the consequences of what their work entails and so they never quite put two and two together that they're supposed to take responsibility for it.

I work in a sector where my fuck ups could cost someone their life. Accountability and transparency is therefore incredibly important, so bollockings happen when they need to- but everyone understands it's not just a bollocking for the sake of a bollocking. I think more workplaces could learn from that.
>> No. 13594 Anonymous
11th November 2020
Wednesday 8:08 pm
13594 spacer
She sounds childish, and you sound like you are too close to her. It is horizontal and not vertical anymore. Fix it. Bring these issues up with her during your one-to-ones, and ways to improve. And, obviously, set professional boundaries. You have to nip these sorts of things in bud early on.
>> No. 13595 Anonymous
11th November 2020
Wednesday 10:58 pm
13595 spacer
Agree with this fella, the real issue is that it's sounds like you're too friendly with her. You need to reset the boundaries of your relationship, and from now on make it clear the responsibilities that are truly hers, and what you expect from her. It's not 'mean' to do this, it's just your job. Make sure there's a clear record of what are her tasks so that the shit doesn't fall on your head if it all goes skewwhiff.
>> No. 13596 Anonymous
12th November 2020
Thursday 12:59 am
13596 spacer
>probably the first in generations to have a job in a slightly more professional sphere

I can hear that you care about this person, and unlike others in the thread, that isn't a bad thing in a professional environment, as long as you haven't tried to/actually shagged her.

Your expectations of her are too high, and you need to give her good feedback to help her change and improve. Her capacity for the kind of work you are expecting her to do right now are too great, which is perhaps why you are finding her performance disappointing. Focus on the positives - start finding, and giving her feedback on the things she is good at - give her a bit of confidence. That will allow you the space to then be able to tell her the things that she needs to improve on.

Try to be unemotional when talking to her about what she has done wrong, and learn some techniques for giving good, specific feedback, for helping her to improve. I know two feedback techniques that work - 1. Start, Stop, Continue. 2. Situation, Behaviour, Impact. There are tons of pages all over the internet that talk about those feedback techniques.


Talk to her.
>> No. 13597 Anonymous
18th November 2020
Wednesday 11:24 am
13597 spacer
The sun has been getting on my tits this week, which I'm assuming is due to it being at a lower angle. It's either too dark in my home office or it's glaringly bright; there's very little middle ground.
>> No. 13640 Anonymous
20th November 2020
Friday 9:25 am
13640 spacer
>home office
Alright, Priti, you know the drill. Tits or gtfo.
>> No. 13641 Anonymous
20th November 2020
Friday 9:33 am
13641 spacer
No-one wants that.
>> No. 13642 Anonymous
20th November 2020
Friday 10:01 am
13642 spacer
Exactly. With Priti it's her bountiful, bodacious buttocks or nothing.
>> No. 13672 Anonymous
4th January 2021
Monday 10:33 am
13672 spacer
I don't want to go back to work today.
>> No. 13673 Anonymous
4th January 2021
Monday 10:37 am
13673 spacer
Is that why you're still in bed when you should have been at your desk at 9?
>> No. 13674 Anonymous
4th January 2021
Monday 10:46 am
13674 spacer
I've stretched out "catching up on my emails" to almost two hours now.
>> No. 13675 Anonymous
4th January 2021
Monday 11:09 am
13675 spacer
Came to post the same. I have to email strangers at some point when all I really want to do is sit on a couch munching a tin of chocolates and watching Home Alone.

Oh well, 36 years to go.
>> No. 13676 Anonymous
4th January 2021
Monday 2:30 pm
13676 spacer
Good job I'm off for another week, otherwise I'd've been quite late starting this morningafternoon. I've regressed into my natural night-owl sleep pattern. I may have to push on through to get synced.
>> No. 13677 Anonymous
4th January 2021
Monday 2:54 pm
13677 spacer
Should've booked it off from Blue Monday. This week nobody wants to work but it'll soon start picking up.
>> No. 13691 Anonymous
12th January 2021
Tuesday 8:16 pm
13691 spacer
I was mildly rebuked today. I did a bit of work for someone last week, a bit of a favour as it's not my remit but this sort of thing tends to come my way because I'm seen as one of the most technical people in the company. The person I did the work for didn't actually do anything with it, which apparently is partially my fault as they're in senior management so I should have chased them up because of how busy they are. Nevermind the fact I had no way of knowing what happened next after my work was done as I have no further involvement in it and it's not like I have other things to do, like my actual job, and just sit there twiddling my thumbs instead.

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