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>> No. 13192 Anonymous
22nd January 2020
Wednesday 5:53 pm
13192 spacer
This is going to be our food review thread.
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>> No. 15076 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 12:26 pm
15076 spacer
Tyson Fury has released a range of energy drinks at Iceland. They're surprisingly good. The Original flavour tasted like generic energy drink, not interesting. Black & Blue Raspberry was a better take on blue raspberry than Reign or Rockstar, quite sour (which I like) but a light, easy drink. Sour Cherry Knockout, again, quite sour, but of all the cherry energy drinks I've had, this is the best. Not sickly sweet. I have Sour Apple Punch in my fridge, but I am putting that one off as I rarely like artificial apple flavour. Also of note, a 500ml can has 22g of sugar in. In comparison, a 500ml can of regular Monster has about 55g. I'm not paid by Tyson Fury to shill his products, I am just genuinely blown away by the quality of his product.
>> No. 15077 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 4:03 pm
15077 spacer

I saw that stuff when I was stood in the queue the other day, and I had to stop and think for a moment before I realised Tyson Fury is a sort of famous person, and "Furocity" is a play on his name; rather than my initial assumption that the internet is leaking so badly nowadays Iceland are marketing energy drinks at furries.
>> No. 15078 Anonymous
7th April 2022
Thursday 11:27 pm
15078 spacer
Mint flavour Penguins are shit, the cheapo Asda rip-offs are way better. Plain Penguins however, are superior to any of their imitators.

Can't quite put my finger on why but that's how it is.

(What did the penguin get from the genie? Three fishes.)
>> No. 15079 Anonymous
9th April 2022
Saturday 3:41 pm
15079 spacer
I'm stupid and get easily drawn in by mystery flavours. There's a new Intergalactic flavour Coke. It's a sort of dark pink colour, initially tastes like normal Coke Zero, then a horrible sickly sweet almost biscuity aftertaste. Anyway, I drank a can and threw up, so I can only give it 2/10.
>> No. 15080 Anonymous
9th April 2022
Saturday 7:46 pm
15080 spacer

These weren't bad. I got it reduced for 88p and they're nowhere near the supposed full price of £3.50. My main gripe is that there wasn't enough pancakes to go with the filling.
>> No. 15081 Anonymous
10th April 2022
Sunday 9:29 pm
15081 spacer

This stuff is lethal.
>> No. 15082 Anonymous
10th April 2022
Sunday 11:01 pm
15082 spacer

Well yes it's nearly three months out of date.
>> No. 15083 Anonymous
12th April 2022
Tuesday 12:32 pm
15083 spacer
Golden Wonder spring onion flavour crisps might be the best choice for a crisp sandwich.
>> No. 15084 Anonymous
21st April 2022
Thursday 1:32 pm
15084 spacer

>> No. 15100 Anonymous
27th April 2022
Wednesday 8:16 pm
15100 spacer

Annotation 2022-04-27 200829.jpg
These are almost certainly already in the thread somewhere, since you're all vegan hippies, but anyway.

Typically, I can't really tell the difference between a gelatin based or plant based gummy sweet, they both have a basically identical consistency. But this brand has, I assume deliberately, gone with a different texture entirely, and I find it deeply pleasing. It's very toothsome, I don't know if I can really describe the texture better than saying it's like an al dente York Fruit.

I predict everyone else will pile in to say how much they hate them, but for me it's the exact perfect mouthfeel for a gummy sweet. The flavour is fine, maybe they lean too heavily on grapefruit for their sour flavours, but the non-sour gummy bears are probably their best all-rounders.
>> No. 15101 Anonymous
27th April 2022
Wednesday 10:41 pm
15101 spacer

>jealous sweets

Things like this and "Innocent" smoothies can fuck right off. I want to see what Aussies can do with this nomenclature. I look forward to "SOUR CUNTS" and "CHEWY HUNTSMEN".
>> No. 15102 Anonymous
28th April 2022
Thursday 6:01 pm
15102 spacer

I can't really tell the difference between a gelatin based or plant based gummy sweet
Fruit Pastilles are noticably less chewy since changing to a vegan recipe. They also melt a lot faster, and the flavour feels a bit more intense, like undiluted cordial. This is from the type of person who eats a 4 pack in one sitting, though, so if you have self control you probably wouldn't notice.
>> No. 15103 Anonymous
28th April 2022
Thursday 6:19 pm
15103 spacer

There's a springy quality to gelatine sweets that nobody has managed to replicate. Gelatine sweets tend to give a little before breaking apart, but the vegan ones just squish. Fruit Pastilles are fairly passable, but vegan Fruit Gums or Starmix wouldn't work at all.
>> No. 15104 Anonymous
28th April 2022
Thursday 6:23 pm
15104 spacer
>Propper, sloppy, Yorkshire peas
I watched all of this and don't know why. I can't believe anyone actually talks like this, let alone an entire reason. I couldn't keep up with the energy for 5 minutes.
>> No. 15105 Anonymous
28th April 2022
Thursday 6:40 pm
15105 spacer
Have another.


>> No. 15106 Anonymous
28th April 2022
Thursday 6:53 pm
15106 spacer

It's strange to watch a man you quite dislike engaging in repeated acts of self-harm. I take no joy in it, just a peculiar sense that the crime is its own punishment. His missus died last year of a heart attack, which a lot of people would have taken as a wake-up call.
>> No. 15107 Anonymous
28th April 2022
Thursday 7:36 pm
15107 spacer
2 years ago he was a nobody. Now he's one of the most well known people in Britain. He has a choice - give up the channel and die an unknown, or embrace the gluttony and die of a heart attack but as a hero. The candle that burns twice bright lasts half as long.
>> No. 15108 Anonymous
28th April 2022
Thursday 7:46 pm
15108 spacer

The top rated comment on the last video is about his dead wife, people really seem to like bringing it up.

If you go on the Rate My Takeaway Facebook or Twitter pages it's largely people sending in pictures of their takeaways to be rated as the name suggests, you fucking thicko and most look quite nice, but I also saw this "curry" abomination.
>> No. 15109 Anonymous
29th April 2022
Friday 7:54 pm
15109 spacer

I'm starting to think I should pay more for eggs. Picked these up because they were reduced and, even though the box says they're medium, they're much larger than supermarket own-brand eggs and they had a rather nice large and slightly orange yolk.
>> No. 15110 Anonymous
30th April 2022
Saturday 2:12 pm
15110 spacer

They are definitely one of the staples that are worth splashing the cash on. Having said that, I have found that lidl have perhaps the best "cheap" free range eggs, their yolks are lovely and golden. Though maybe they just feed their hens a load of paprika, who knows.
>> No. 15111 Anonymous
30th April 2022
Saturday 2:42 pm
15111 spacer

The intensity of an egg yolk's colour does come from carotin. If you add plenty of it to your chicken feed, the yolk will assume an intense yellow golden colour.

The presence or absence of that isn't really a mark of quality or lack thereof. But permanently adding it to your livestock's diet probably costs 1-2p more per laid egg, so you're looking at 20p more per carton. Profit margins are small for Big Egg as it is, so it's an expense that many egg producers will be willing to avoid.
>> No. 15112 Anonymous
30th April 2022
Saturday 8:00 pm
15112 spacer
Chickpea pasta is a pure abomination. Never again.
>> No. 15113 Anonymous
1st May 2022
Sunday 1:41 pm
15113 spacer
I made a lasagne where for a layer I hardboiled and then sliced a load of eggs. It was great.
>> No. 15114 Anonymous
1st May 2022
Sunday 7:11 pm
15114 spacer

I think chicken is the only thing Linda McCartney are worse at than Quorn. This was another veggie offering where the first few bites were alright, but then the flavour started dissipating.
>> No. 15115 Anonymous
3rd May 2022
Tuesday 12:33 pm
15115 spacer
Just had a McSpicy. I'm sure it's not as spicy as it was last year when it was about.
>> No. 15120 Anonymous
8th May 2022
Sunday 8:29 pm
15120 Peak Supps - Pea Protein, Chocolate
I'm going to start reviewing protein shakes here because this one sucks and I want to remember not to buy it again.

It's not the worst thing ever but it's thin and bitty. There's no ideal water/powder ratio, something sucks about it whatever you do.
But at £14.99 per kilo that's not bad.

22.5g Protein per 30g (£0.45p)
>> No. 15121 Anonymous
8th May 2022
Sunday 9:32 pm
15121 spacer
Is that pasta with chickpeas or chickpeas formed into a pseudo-pasta like object?
>> No. 15122 Anonymous
8th May 2022
Sunday 9:40 pm
15122 spacer

Pasta made with chickpeas. It's too firm, has a funny taste and smells a bit like burnt rubber.
>> No. 15123 Anonymous
11th May 2022
Wednesday 12:49 pm
15123 spacer

Apparently you make houmous fancy by drowning it in oil. Tastes pretty bland to me.
>> No. 15124 Anonymous
11th May 2022
Wednesday 2:46 pm
15124 spacer
That is a disgrace, how can you think of making a dried pasta without semolina?
>> No. 15125 Anonymous
11th May 2022
Wednesday 2:51 pm
15125 spacer
It's for those unfortunate gluten intolerant souls. My girlfriend got it because she works at a charity with a food bank and not even the paupers want it, although they can be quite picky in general.
>> No. 15126 Anonymous
11th May 2022
Wednesday 8:15 pm
15126 spacer
I really like their stuff, but I think they're an Israeli company or manufacture in Israel so I'm boycotting them.
>> No. 15127 Anonymous
11th May 2022
Wednesday 8:54 pm
15127 spacer

I'll just buy more then.
>> No. 15128 Anonymous
11th May 2022
Wednesday 9:00 pm
15128 spacer
It had a slightly funny taste to it as well. I want to say something like Primula. Some form of cheese that's not your typical variety but I'm not entirely sure which one.
>> No. 15129 Anonymous
11th May 2022
Wednesday 9:05 pm
15129 spacer

Buying vegan food to own the wokies.
>> No. 15130 Anonymous
11th May 2022
Wednesday 10:01 pm
15130 spacer

I'm a vegetarian, just not an anti-Semite.
>> No. 15131 Anonymous
11th May 2022
Wednesday 11:46 pm
15131 spacer
What does being against Israel have to do with being an anti-semite?
>> No. 15132 Anonymous
12th May 2022
Thursday 12:37 am
15132 spacer
Careful now.
>> No. 15136 Anonymous
19th May 2022
Thursday 1:22 pm
15136 spacer

I enjoyed these, but they're 50% more expensive than the Lidl and Aldi equivalents and aren't worth that premium.
>> No. 15137 Anonymous
20th May 2022
Friday 4:38 pm
15137 spacer

Like a shit version of Maoam pinballs.
>> No. 15138 Anonymous
20th May 2022
Friday 4:59 pm
15138 PhD Smart Protein
phd smart protein.png
These are £16 a packet in Sainsburies, which is about half a kilo, so about twice the cost of the Peak Supps one, as well as having less protein per serving. They've changed the recipe and bag size since this image was made.

Thing is, this one is fully delicious. As good if not better than a real chocolate milkshake.

18g protein per serving, 20 servings so 80p each.
>> No. 15139 Anonymous
20th May 2022
Friday 5:31 pm
15139 spacer
Are you aware that a tub of Slimfast costs a fiver and contains 15g of protein per serving? 10 servings so 50p each.

>> No. 15140 Anonymous
20th May 2022
Friday 6:10 pm
15140 spacer

That's half the protein and 50% more expensive than the Peak Supps one.
>> No. 15141 Anonymous
20th May 2022
Friday 7:05 pm
15141 spacer

The first Heck veggie sausages I've had that aren't utter shite.
>> No. 15142 Anonymous
20th May 2022
Friday 7:58 pm
15142 spacer
They've done a good job at making them look like literal utter shite though.
>> No. 15143 Anonymous
20th May 2022
Friday 8:01 pm
15143 spacer

Eat less spinach.
>> No. 15144 Anonymous
20th May 2022
Friday 8:04 pm
15144 spacer

There's definitely worse out there. I can't even remember which brand they were but a while back I fried red ones that looked like I was cooking a pan full of used tampons.
>> No. 15148 Anonymous
23rd May 2022
Monday 11:47 am
15148 spacer

What I like about is this houmous is that it's quite dense, so you don't pick up as much when you're dipping something into it but you're still getting enough flavour.
>> No. 15151 Anonymous
24th May 2022
Tuesday 7:14 pm
15151 spacer
Had white pudding for the first time. Not really anything to write home about. Just tasted like a shit sausage.
>> No. 15152 Anonymous
24th May 2022
Tuesday 8:14 pm
15152 spacer

Shooter McGavin.jpg

You eat Shit Sausage?

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