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>> No. 13192 Anonymous
22nd January 2020
Wednesday 5:53 pm
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This is going to be our food review thread.
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>> No. 15202 Anonymous
28th June 2022
Tuesday 12:54 pm
15202 spacer

Simply dreadful.
>> No. 15203 Anonymous
28th June 2022
Tuesday 1:09 pm
15203 spacer

The clue would have been in the name.

Fake meat is always shit.

I want animals to live and die miserably for my dinner.
>> No. 15204 Anonymous
28th June 2022
Tuesday 2:17 pm
15204 spacer
I think I'd rather eat the veggie option if we're talking about six months out of date ready made chicken katsu. Or I'd just make it at home given it's fried chicken.
>> No. 15213 Anonymous
9th July 2022
Saturday 7:44 am
15213 spacer
I like the idea of a calzone, but I've never actually had one that wasn't underwhelming.
>> No. 15214 Anonymous
9th July 2022
Saturday 10:24 am
15214 spacer

I've never had one but the idea of a pizza where none of the toppings get crispy, just steamed in their own juices, seems off-putting.
>> No. 15215 Anonymous
9th July 2022
Saturday 11:25 am
15215 spacer

The calzone is just pizza fritta for cowards.
>> No. 15216 Anonymous
9th July 2022
Saturday 11:43 am
15216 spacer
I don't understand this at all. It's the exact same concept as a pie or a pasty. Nor have I ever considered it important that the toppings of a pizza be "crispy". You're just living in your own mad little world, trying to drag us all in with you! Well, I, for one, am not having it!
>> No. 15217 Anonymous
9th July 2022
Saturday 11:48 am
15217 spacer

You've got to get them somewhere that does "real pizza", nit the kind of place that will sell you one with kebab meat as a filling.

That said the merits of a donner calzone cannot be understated.
>> No. 15218 Anonymous
9th July 2022
Saturday 12:07 pm
15218 spacer

>the merits of a donner calzone cannot be understated
So if I said they immediately give you inoperable testicle cancer, that would be true?
>> No. 15219 Anonymous
9th July 2022
Saturday 12:54 pm
15219 spacer
Not sure about you, ladmate, but my testicles could quite easily be removed through surgery.
>> No. 15220 Anonymous
9th July 2022
Saturday 1:07 pm
15220 spacer

I think you've fundamentally misunderstood the meaning of the word "merit".
>> No. 15221 Anonymous
9th July 2022
Saturday 1:17 pm
15221 spacer

What do you think "cannot be understated" means?
>> No. 15222 Anonymous
9th July 2022
Saturday 4:18 pm
15222 spacer

These are an acquired taste. Seemed to be like a mixture between the cool original flavour and sour cream and chive. I don't think it helps that the flavouring isn't evenly spread, so some chips taste far stronger than others. Quite nice with salsa, though.
>> No. 15224 Anonymous
10th July 2022
Sunday 12:11 am
15224 spacer
They don't, though I'm worried that reading your post might have.
>> No. 15228 Anonymous
13th July 2022
Wednesday 7:04 pm
15228 spacer

Chewy gelatinous blobs of wheat in a vaguely beefy gravy.
>> No. 15229 Anonymous
14th July 2022
Thursday 6:12 pm
15229 spacer

Pleasantly porky.
>> No. 15230 Anonymous
18th July 2022
Monday 9:19 pm
15230 spacer

Ever fancied mini scotch eggs that are filled with Boursin instead?
>> No. 15231 Anonymous
21st July 2022
Thursday 12:48 pm
15231 spacer

I'm a sucker for special edition flavours of soft drinks. Coca Cola Zero with watermelon and strawberry. Initial taste nice, refreshing. Then you get the sickliness of the Coke flavour, completely ruining it. Not as bad as the Intergalactic flavour though. I'd say it's sort of on a par with Pepsi Raspberry.
>> No. 15232 Anonymous
24th July 2022
Sunday 2:34 pm
15232 spacer

Lidl's knock-off Percy Pigs are alright.
>> No. 15233 Anonymous
29th July 2022
Friday 12:55 pm
15233 spacer

This is how it's advertised. My curry contained three florets of cauliflower, two small chunks of squash, no green beans but shitloads of slop.
>> No. 15236 Anonymous
4th August 2022
Thursday 8:53 pm
15236 spacer
Cherry jammie dodgers are a bit shit.
>> No. 15237 Anonymous
8th August 2022
Monday 8:32 pm
15237 spacer

Try the banana ones. They're alright.
>> No. 15239 Anonymous
12th August 2022
Friday 1:00 pm
15239 spacer
Amazon's roasted peanuts a bit naff, but it was £1.35 for a 500g bag so I can't complain.

I've also tried Cadbury's almond 'plant bar' but it's not for me. It's like all the bad things Kraft/Mondelez have done to dairy milk intensified.
>> No. 15240 Anonymous
13th August 2022
Saturday 10:27 am
15240 spacer

Iceland have been doing a giveaway of free lollies with any purchase for just over a week now; it's meant to be for bonus card members but the barcode isn't account specific so if you just get them to scan in this image on your phone it'll work.

So far I've had drumstick squashies, parma violets and dib dabs. The dib dabs have probably been my favourite.
>> No. 15241 Anonymous
13th August 2022
Saturday 9:38 pm
15241 spacer

Annotation 2022-08-13 213803.jpg
I think this is probably the best place to ask this question :

Has anyone figured out how to make an electrolyte powder/drink that tastes nice yet?

It's been a few years since I tried any, I used to get the SIS ones and they were "fine" but still pretty bad. I really don't care if they're full of sugar, I'm not training for Le Tour, I'm trying not to die while roasting in the sun at work.
>> No. 15242 Anonymous
14th August 2022
Sunday 1:49 am
15242 spacer
Pinch of salt and a multi-vitamin fizzy thing from aldi per litre. Tastes a bit naff, but works great.
>> No. 15243 Anonymous
14th August 2022
Sunday 2:57 am
15243 spacer

>Tastes a bit naff, but works great.

This describes all electrolyte products I've tried. I'm looking for a not-naff tasting one.
>> No. 15244 Anonymous
14th August 2022
Sunday 4:43 am
15244 spacer
It's a utilitarian thing, it doesn't have to be nice. Just get it down yah!
>> No. 15245 Anonymous
24th August 2022
Wednesday 12:00 pm
15245 spacer
My review of the sausage sandwich I bought from Asda an hour ago is: NOT GOOD. First bite was okay, didn't make it to the second as the sausage had a chunk of blue plastic in it.
>> No. 15246 Anonymous
24th August 2022
Wednesday 12:01 pm
15246 spacer

Post a photo to Twitter, you'll get loads of free butties and that. Getting a lump of plastic in your dinner is like winning a scratchcard.
>> No. 15247 Anonymous
24th August 2022
Wednesday 12:45 pm
15247 spacer
Mushroom season is looking grim with all the drought we've had here this year. Normally I go out foraging every autumn, but I went to one of my favourite spots this weekend just to look around, and the ground is bone dry. Unless we get a lot of rain fast, I don't think it'll be worth bothering at all this year.
>> No. 15248 Anonymous
24th August 2022
Wednesday 12:48 pm
15248 spacer
Grow your own. Cheap and low-space hobby that's only mildly frustrating.
>> No. 15249 Anonymous
24th August 2022
Wednesday 1:02 pm
15249 spacer

Problem is, the tastiest varieties of wild mushroom like bay bolete or pennybun can't be grown.

Also, nothing beats the feeling of spending two hours in the woods, enjoying the scenery, getting plenty of fresh air and some exercise, and going home with a full wicker basket.

Bit like catch and keep fishing really, which I also enjoy. It's not just about going home with a nice meal that evening, but about spending a day in nature.
>> No. 15250 Anonymous
24th August 2022
Wednesday 3:09 pm
15250 spacer
As I've gone to the mat to explain previously, I don't have one of those. I got my £1.70 back and I've been scared straight from ever eating from Asda ever again, not sure why I'd want a life time supply of carcino-wiches.
>> No. 15251 Anonymous
24th August 2022
Wednesday 5:45 pm
15251 spacer
I dunno, being the first person to discover how to grow them might feel pretty good.
>> No. 15252 Anonymous
24th August 2022
Wednesday 8:21 pm
15252 spacer

There is one thing you can try, and that is to put slices of a freshly picked pennybun cap under an oak, beech or pine tree in your back garden so that it can release spores into the ground. Like other wild mushrooms, pennybun forms a symbiotic relationship with certain tree species. Unfortunately, we don't have oak, beech or pine here, just hornbeam, Norway maple, English yew and a few fruit trees. And the success rate is said to be not great even if you have the right trees.

So yeah, pennybun, like some other wild mushrooms, are picky bastards. They want you to come get them in their natural habitat.

While deathcaps aren't bothered. I've seen plenty of them in the nearby park here, and one year, our neighbours even had some growing at the bottom of a hedge front of their house. They had no clue, but I went over and told them. Didn't want their little kids to find out the hard way.
>> No. 15253 Anonymous
25th August 2022
Thursday 7:14 pm
15253 spacer

They're like weird Twiglets.
>> No. 15254 Anonymous
27th August 2022
Saturday 7:14 am
15254 spacer
>weird Twiglets

Bit tautological, innit?
>> No. 15256 Anonymous
7th September 2022
Wednesday 11:55 am
15256 spacer

These aren't as nice as the regular curry Pot Noodles.
>> No. 15278 Anonymous
22nd September 2022
Thursday 12:20 pm
15278 spacer

These aren't bad, but I wouldn't go out of my way to have them again. A slightly pleasant warm mush.
>> No. 15279 Anonymous
23rd September 2022
Friday 4:26 pm
15279 spacer
Tell you what, Higgidy do really nice vegan pastries.
>> No. 15280 Anonymous
23rd September 2022
Friday 6:54 pm
15280 spacer
Had one of these the other day, won't be getting them again. Just stick to what you're good at Pot Noodle.
>> No. 15281 Anonymous
23rd September 2022
Friday 7:36 pm
15281 spacer
I like Higgidy stuff, but I can only justify getting it when it's reduced.

I've tried the chipotle pasty today, which was atrocious.
>> No. 15282 Anonymous
23rd September 2022
Friday 7:36 pm
15282 spacer

>> No. 15293 Anonymous
25th September 2022
Sunday 7:36 pm
15293 spacer

These are Goodfellas' challenger to the Chicago Town pizza. As they're stonebaked they're superior in quality, but when I want a mini pizza I want that sensation of biting into something squalid so the Chicago Town wins.

It's alright with a hit of balsamic drizzled onto it.
>> No. 15294 Anonymous
25th September 2022
Sunday 8:35 pm
15294 spacer

They look like they have a significantly higher bread to topping ratio, which isn't what I want out of a frozen pizza. Might as well just have cheese on toast with a splash of tomato puree the state of some frozen pizzas. The good thing about the Chicago Town is how they have that gooey ooze of cheese and tomato sauce when you bite in.

I'll have to give them a try before I pass judgement mind. Frozen pizza is a staple of my diet ever since I started working shifts and just don't have the inclination to cook when I get home.
>> No. 15295 Anonymous
25th September 2022
Sunday 8:59 pm
15295 spacer
The pizzas were quite thin. They weren't overly saucy but didn't feel dry.
>> No. 15296 Anonymous
25th September 2022
Sunday 9:41 pm
15296 spacer

The cheese and onion pasty they do is lovely. Or, at least, they use sharp cheddar which makes it seem far better than the competition.
>> No. 15297 Anonymous
28th September 2022
Wednesday 1:50 pm
15297 spacer

It should come as surprise to nobody that these are well tasty.
>> No. 15298 Anonymous
28th September 2022
Wednesday 2:40 pm
15298 spacer

Iceland chips are probably my favourite frozen chips, but I chucked them in the air fryer with some salt and it's taken them to a whole new level.

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