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>> No. 20026 Anonymous
22nd October 2015
Thursday 12:04 am
20026 Star Wars: The Force Awakens




Almost there, lads. 18th of December. Original cast reprising there roles, lots of practical effects where possible and a story which looks to be Naussica: The Live Action Movie from the new trailer.

Share your thoughts, fears, hopes and expectations.
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>> No. 20270 Anonymous
29th December 2015
Tuesday 5:51 pm
20270 spacer
Why doesn't Han Solo eat Wookie meat?

Because it's Chewie.
>> No. 20275 Anonymous
31st December 2015
Thursday 4:31 am
20275 spacer
I've gone and watched it 3D. Worst way I spent £20 in 2015. This takes that prize. It was an awful mess, and I would have just turned it off if I were watching at home.

Maybe the story needs more than two hours and a bit because I just don't even know what I watched. Either that, or time skips on me.
>> No. 20276 Anonymous
31st December 2015
Thursday 5:09 am
20276 spacer
Well they were right. Didn't even recognise Pegg.
>> No. 20277 Anonymous
31st December 2015
Thursday 5:51 pm
20277 spacer

Bet you didn't recognise Daniel Craig, either!
>> No. 20278 Anonymous
31st December 2015
Thursday 10:02 pm
20278 spacer
Found it surprisingly enjoyable. I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, I've seen them all and played a lot of the games, but I don't have a soft spot for it. But it was fun. Bit plodding in the middle, and some spotty performances, but generally good. Kylo Ren was a bit non-threatening, even after he did The Bad Thing, but I'm guessing he'll become harder/more effective in the later films. Snoke seems like a less interesting Palpatine, but again maybe there'll be more development in the next two films. The ginger commander man was suitably loathsome. I liked Finn a lot, and Poe was fun but I'm glad he didn't get more screen time as he was a tad smug. Rey was okay, but her delivery was a bit wank at times. Harrison Ford didn't phone it in as much as I expected, but Carrie Fisher was a bit pointless. Mark Hamill is looking quite well, looks to have lost some weight and the beard suits him.

Biggest let down was Captain Phasma. For the past couple of years she was hyped as this strong female villain, she's already been lauded as a feminist icon, but she did fuck all. She got mad at Finn for taking off his helmet, she got mad at him being a traitor, and she got kidnapped and forced to disable the shields and disappeared. Useless bint.
>> No. 20279 Anonymous
31st December 2015
Thursday 10:25 pm
20279 spacer
>Carrie Fisher was a bit pointless
Yeah, Leia didn't do much. And you could argue that Leia has had her day, but then Han was bounding around having adventures for most of the film, so where the hell were her moments? Even Admiral Akbar turned up to deliver lines that by all rights she should have been.

I'd never heard of Phasma before, I must have missed
>For the past couple of years she was hyped
So when I saw the film I thought her role was perfectly fine. She functioned as a symbol that Finn could rebel against, so she didn't necessarily need to do anything else. I don't even recall her being addressed by name in the film. She was a throwaway character, a device. But now that I know people have been talking about her and making toys out of her for ages I'm surprised. She does need more screen time in the future if they are going to promote her in this way.
>> No. 20281 Anonymous
1st January 2016
Friday 1:22 am
20281 spacer
> She does need more screen time in the future if they are going to promote her in this way.

You always knew Boba Fett was a bad arse in the original trilogy and he has like 3 lines across 2 films.

I'm not sure Phasma will ever have a meaningful role, I'm of the opinion that her bigging up is purely a product of the PR department, there are certain demographics they need to jack off to so they don't pull a tiswas over social media. Remember the bullshit about Jurassic World started by Joss Weadon because he saw a trailer and he didn't like it, I think this is the way you try prevent that sort of crap.
>> No. 20283 Anonymous
1st January 2016
Friday 3:11 am
20283 spacer
>You always knew Boba Fett was a bad arse in the original trilogy and he has like 3 lines across 2 films.
Yes, but Phasma also comes across as a badarse in Force Awakens (despite all the whinging about her doing what she's told when there is a gun to her head, shock horror) with a similar amount of lines. The difference, I believe, is that Boba Fett became a popular character organically, rather than Lucasfilm going 'Look look, this is Phasma, this is who she is and what she does and all this other stuff to make you interested in her'. Basically, if they're going to market a character they need to back it up with something.
>> No. 20288 Anonymous
1st January 2016
Friday 6:26 pm
20288 spacer
Every female character is a 'feminist icon' now, it's getting ridiculous.
>> No. 20289 Anonymous
1st January 2016
Friday 6:29 pm
20289 spacer
I didn't think she came across like that at all, just a useless and pathetic forced character.
>> No. 20290 Anonymous
1st January 2016
Friday 6:52 pm
20290 spacer
You can't write women characters any way else any more. A female version of Luke would have been called misogynist.
>> No. 20291 Anonymous
1st January 2016
Friday 6:55 pm
20291 spacer
>> No. 20292 Anonymous
1st January 2016
Friday 7:03 pm
20292 spacer
Weakness and character flaws would seem like an attack on womanhood, and hence, misogynist.

The only other option is make the woman character great at everything.
>> No. 20293 Anonymous
1st January 2016
Friday 7:05 pm
20293 spacer
I don't think that's true.
>> No. 20294 Anonymous
1st January 2016
Friday 7:09 pm
20294 spacer
Good for you.
>> No. 20295 Anonymous
1st January 2016
Friday 10:31 pm
20295 spacer
Just found out BB-8 is not CGI. Bloody hell, that's impressive.
>> No. 20296 Anonymous
1st January 2016
Friday 10:53 pm
20296 spacer

Yeah there's just a very dizzy midget in there.
>> No. 20311 Anonymous
23rd January 2016
Saturday 9:21 pm
20311 spacer
So is this still out in February or is it finished this month?
>> No. 20312 Anonymous
23rd January 2016
Saturday 10:07 pm
20312 spacer
Saw it a couple of weeks ago. Nostalgia hit hard seeing the falcon, the scrolling text and hearing the Star Wars theme.

It was a lot better than expected. Initially I was just finding reasons to hate it but it wasn't so bad. They borrowed heavily from the original trilogy and I mean heavily (BB-8 traversing desert Vs R2-D2, Kylo Ren being just a shitty version of Vader with a shittier voice. The super Weapon just being a better Death Star. Blowing up something big at the end to save the day. And many others I can't think of right now).

There was some really lame dialogue, attempting to be funny but failing and the fact that the twist had been ruined for me meant I didn't enjoy it more. The originals just had a different sort of feeling/intensity a je ne sais quois. Perhaps this is due to the weight of expectation.

I'd give it a solid 7/10. Kylo Ren being a spotty teenager didn't help. Though retroactively I'd change that to a 6.5 out of 10. So nothing terribly new in this film, feels like a reboot of A New Hope. I think Abrams would always fall into this trap, given the disaster the prequels were he stuck too close to the originals.
>> No. 20313 Anonymous
24th January 2016
Sunday 12:42 am
20313 spacer
Saw this film the other day, with all the 3D gubbins. Expected to hate it but thoroughly enjoyed it.

Opened this thread and scrolled down to where the posts were around the release date to see what people were saying. Saw >>20145 . I knew I could count on gs for decent commentary.
>> No. 20314 Anonymous
25th January 2016
Monday 5:40 pm
20314 spacer

Just look at the 2009 Star Trek for comparison.

Stick incrediblyclose to the originals but give it a sheen of paint, old star cameos and wink wink nod nod references, spot of slick action directing, and bob's your uncle.

This being a disney franchise now, though, don't expect the apparent injection of fresh quality to last. Now they know people were willing to shell out for it despite the stigma the prequels created, they definitely won't be afraid to milk it with by the number sequels and spin offs.

"Geek" stuff is in fashion just now, and disney have their finger so well and truly up that pie they could give it a prostate orgasm.
>> No. 21416 Anonymous
15th December 2016
Thursday 9:05 pm
21416 spacer

It was alright. I didn't think it was as good as VII, but if they can shit out something like this for Christmas each year I'll have no complaints.
>> No. 21417 Anonymous
15th December 2016
Thursday 9:08 pm
21417 spacer
>I didn't think it was as good as VII
That's really disappointing.
>> No. 21422 Anonymous
18th December 2016
Sunday 12:43 pm
21422 spacer
Saw it last night. Some pacing issues but otherwise pretty good. Some terrible lines, final act is fantastic and that sequence with Vader...
>> No. 21423 Anonymous
18th December 2016
Sunday 1:14 pm
21423 spacer
I've got my tickets.

Coming home for xmas and My dad and I always have watched Star Wars ever since the remastered editions in the 90s were released, so it's become bit of a tradition. I'm well excited for this movie. Trying to avoid spoilers as best I can.
>> No. 21424 Anonymous
18th December 2016
Sunday 2:23 pm
21424 spacer
>Some pacing issues
Agreed. I wouldn't be too surprised to see an extended cut released late next year, there's definitely room for certain parts of it to be fleshed out.
>> No. 21426 Anonymous
18th December 2016
Sunday 10:15 pm
21426 spacer
I saw it again today (took my little brother to see it) and enjoyed it a lot more. I had the same experience with VII, I think I go in with too many expectations and enjoy it a lot more the second time.
>> No. 21432 Anonymous
24th December 2016
Saturday 12:42 am
21432 spacer
Came back a while I go:

A bit of a disappointment really. Characters seemed 1 dimensional and irrelevant and the pacing was all over the show. I got my fix of robots and spaceships though, and the new witty android was by far my favourite, really enjoyed the look of him. As for the girl, just an annoying screeching bint that tried making herself relevant. While the other characters like that Spanish lad was a bit detestable. The gay Asian couple was kind of cool, but their demise was so lack-lustre. The Asian defector lad was kind of funny, I was expecting him to reply with a "yeah yeah boss man, dem space mandem wont no wot hit em".
Overall, meh - ok I guess.
I'd definitely go see it again.
>> No. 21434 Anonymous
24th December 2016
Saturday 4:41 pm
21434 spacer

From the trailers it looks like the woman's entire personality is "strong female character" without any humour or charisma. Is this accurate to the film?
>> No. 21435 Anonymous
24th December 2016
Saturday 5:00 pm
21435 spacer
Yes but they don't play up the fact she's female. Imagine a shit Ripley.
>> No. 21436 Anonymous
24th December 2016
Saturday 6:04 pm
21436 spacer

Yeah, basically this >>21435

She's a lot better than last year's bint who, lets be honest, was a bit of an amateur.

But to be fair, fuck the plot, fuck the human dynamics, wheel out the droids, aliens, space ships and gadgets. If they made an Attenborough-esque documentary about those things I'd jump at the idea.
>> No. 21437 Anonymous
24th December 2016
Saturday 6:17 pm
21437 spacer
>> No. 21438 Anonymous
24th December 2016
Saturday 11:10 pm
21438 spacer
They were gay? Wow I didn't get that, I thought they were just mates.
>> No. 21439 Anonymous
24th December 2016
Saturday 11:38 pm
21439 spacer
I got a vibe... There was a disturbance in the force.
>> No. 21440 Anonymous
24th December 2016
Saturday 11:59 pm
21440 spacer
I thought last year's lass was a much better actor, and a more interesting character. Different strokes, eh.
>> No. 21441 Anonymous
25th December 2016
Sunday 1:15 am
21441 spacer
Yep. Rogue One lass has fuck all emotional range and fuck all backstory.
>> No. 21442 Anonymous
25th December 2016
Sunday 1:00 pm
21442 spacer
Marginally - I saw some autist make a video about her and remark her acting ability consisting of widening her eyes in feigned surprise and acting shocked, when literally anything happened around her.
>> No. 21443 Anonymous
25th December 2016
Sunday 4:33 pm
21443 spacer
Really? I though the opposite, Daisy Ridley was utter shit.
>> No. 21444 Anonymous
26th December 2016
Monday 6:34 pm
21444 spacer
Rogue One was boring and miserable. I'm surprised no characters sat on the toilet and shot themselves through the mouth with a blaster.

Also what's with all the stupid winks and nods to the actual Star Wars films? The weird faced bloke from A New Hope just travels around galaxy bumping into people apparently?
>> No. 21445 Anonymous
26th December 2016
Monday 7:05 pm
21445 spacer
Yeah that's terrible, as was Artoo and Threepio showing up.
>> No. 21446 Anonymous
26th December 2016
Monday 7:24 pm
21446 spacer
It was somewhat entertaining, the first 15 minutes, with literally ever 30 seconds jumping to a new planet - that fucked me off. Basically it seems like the script was for 2, if not 3 films, and they squeezed it int one.

I also am getting annoyed at myself for being wound up by this inconsequential, trivial shit.
>> No. 21447 Anonymous
26th December 2016
Monday 10:01 pm
21447 spacer

The plot was fine, you're an idiot. It was shit because it lacked anything that's actually enjoyable about a Star Wars film. It was like Attack of the bloody Clones all over again.
>> No. 21448 Anonymous
26th December 2016
Monday 11:06 pm
21448 spacer
Dry your eyes JJ.
>> No. 21449 Anonymous
27th December 2016
Tuesday 7:18 am
21449 spacer

What the fuck is a "JJ"?
>> No. 21450 Anonymous
27th December 2016
Tuesday 8:21 am
21450 spacer

JJ Abrams, the director.
>> No. 21451 Anonymous
27th December 2016
Tuesday 10:10 am
21451 spacer

Ohh, yeah, he directed A New New Hope.

Forgive me, but I don't understand his relevance to my criticism of Rogue One: An Oliver Stone's Star Wars.
>> No. 21452 Anonymous
27th December 2016
Tuesday 11:17 am
21452 spacer
What's all these enjoyable Star Wars "things" Rogue One completely lacked?
>> No. 21453 Anonymous
27th December 2016
Tuesday 11:36 am
21453 spacer
I'm not sure - but it seems like these arm-chair directors would produce a better film if only their world-shattering ideas were heard.
>> No. 21454 Anonymous
27th December 2016
Tuesday 11:38 am
21454 spacer

Charming and engaging characters and an investing plot. I'm aware these aren't unique to Star Wars and weren't included in the four billion dollar purchase of the franchise, but the plot's redundant (spoiler: the Rebellion wins) and the characters are basically a shitty, not terribly dirty, half dozen.

Rox MC just gets obliterated by a grenade. Why? Fuck him, that's why.
>> No. 21522 Anonymous
16th May 2017
Tuesday 3:32 am
21522 spacer

At least Jyn Erso had a clearly defined backstory and clear motivation and development throughout. Unlike Rey who could magically do anything the plot required...total Mary Sue.

Sorry but TFA was a veiled reboot and a very lazy one at that, far from adding to the 'Skywalker Saga' it actually detracted from it. ROTJ left us with a happy ending of sorts. TFA undid that in a really shoddy manner. Han and Leia split up, Han gets killed....what a fucking downer. Rogue One on the other hand was fucking awesome; sure we knew how it would end, but it was a nice change from the Skywalker Saga and it filled in a bit of the history. PLUS speaking for myself, even though I KNEW how it would turn out, there was a large part of my brain that honestly believed that things were going to go wrong for the Rebels and that everything we knkw for a fact happens in ANH onwards was about to be undone...that's how powerful that third act was, especially in the last twenty minutes. Rogue One is vastly superior to TFA in pretty much every way, anyone who claims differently is a fanboy who refuses to accept that the 'little side story' was better thank the main saga entry. Then again though after the prequels, fanboys obviously had lowered expectations and forgot what a proper Star Wars movie is supposed to be like.

Also, Daisy Ridley is a fucking atrocious actress

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