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>> No. 14254 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 12:38 am
14254 spacer
Got a text from my girlfriend to pick her up at our local at midnight, which is 10 minutes away by car, so I drove half way and spotted a take away to which I quickly pulled over and got a large donner and some chips thinking that once I get home I will destroy this lovely gift from the turks with a bottle of beer from the pub.

I get there at 5 past and she is chatting with her mates with half a pint left, 15 minuites later this is still going on as she does the charade of getting slowly up only to sit back down.

Now here I sit at 12:35, eating a freezing donner and drinking a bottle of stella.

People who don't know how to tell their friends that they are going home now and goodbye but instead have to stay and nod along every time one of them remembers "something well funny".
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>> No. 14258 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 1:11 am
14258 spacer
Come on lad - what do you expect with a bird? They tell you 5 minutes, it's usually 30.

You're lucky you're not watching her being chatted up by some bloke completely unaware.
>> No. 14260 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 1:16 am
14260 spacer
In a related vein, friends who are completely incapable of actually turning up at the allotted and previously agreed-upon time for meeting, thereby making the whole group wait around like lemons in some godforsaken part of town for the best part of an hour. And they still get invited to things after this has become a known behaviour on their part.
>> No. 14266 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 5:07 am
14266 spacer
To be honest, you need to grow a backbone and a pair of balls. Why would you take that kind of abuse, you stupid cunt?

Also, how can I look like Chabal?
>> No. 14268 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 10:01 am
14268 spacer
Maybe your balls had fallen out of her purse and she was looking for them?
>> No. 14269 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 10:53 am
14269 spacer

Fuck off lads, I'm sure that barging in there and taking my girl by the arm as I tell her mates to fuck off would have been the lad thing to do but fuck off.
>> No. 14272 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 3:48 pm
14272 spacer
>would have been the lad thing to do but fuck off.

Why do you associate twattish behaviour with being a LAD?
>> No. 14275 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 4:06 pm
14275 spacer
Not OP but I haven't met a single #LAD who wasn't a twat.

>> No. 14276 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 4:07 pm
14276 spacer
Are you seriously asking that question?
>> No. 14277 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 4:09 pm
14277 spacer

Is it really LAD behaviour to expect prompt cooperation when you're doing someone a favour?
>> No. 14280 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 5:41 pm
14280 spacer
Have you ever had a girlfriend?
>> No. 14281 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 5:53 pm
14281 spacer

No but my I don't take no shit off my mum.

I find it interesting that people seem to be dismissive or reductive when you suggest they should be more assertive.
>> No. 14282 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 8:28 pm
14282 spacer
It has nothing to do with being a cunt or a "LAD." Just be more assertive, you stupid prick. I understand if she fucked about saying goodbye to all her mates and was about ten minutes late, but half an hour? Fucking half an hour? You eat your cold food in your car like the good, little boy you are. Utter twat. Honestly, I am not being rude, grow a fucking pair.
>> No. 14284 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 10:11 pm
14284 spacer
>you stupid prick
>Utter twat.
There's no need for this.

(I'm not the OP, before you start.)
>> No. 14285 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 10:18 pm
14285 spacer
>Honestly, I am not being rude

I'm not a racist, but...
>> No. 14287 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 10:44 pm
14287 spacer

You obviously thrive on confrontation and conflict. This would go some way to explaining why you are single.
>> No. 14288 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 11:25 pm
14288 spacer
Christ. It has nothing to do with conflict and confrontation. It is about self-respect. You simply can't let something like that happen, and come here and start a thread complaining about it like some 80 year old, senile woman. Honestly, it isn't name-calling, OP seriously needs to grow a pair, and stop being a doormat.
>> No. 14289 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 11:35 pm
14289 spacer

Have you ever struck a woman? You seem like you've struck a woman.
>> No. 14290 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 11:42 pm
14290 spacer
It's the only way to demonstrate that you have a pair and aren't a doormat.
>> No. 14291 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 11:53 pm
14291 spacer

It's amazing how quick people equate standing up for yourself in a relationship to being a violent woman beater.

The only way to have a truly healthy relationship with anyone is to communicate your annoyances and concerns directly and openly.

Feel free to imagine me towering over a cowering woman or something, but obviously it doesn't matter what gender you are, if you're bending over backwards for your partner to your own discomfort, then complaining to us about it, you're doing it wrong.
>> No. 14292 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 11:59 pm
14292 spacer

Yeah yeah, buddy.

Tell it to the judge.
>> No. 14294 Anonymous
25th April 2014
Friday 12:11 am
14294 spacer

Look, I'm telling you, I'd never hit a woman. I wouldn't be able to disguise my erection.
>> No. 14295 Anonymous
25th April 2014
Friday 12:14 am
14295 spacer
Is this a fisherperson troll thread?
>> No. 14296 Anonymous
25th April 2014
Friday 12:21 am
14296 spacer

I don't know but I just noticed that someone added a wordfilter to filter 'purple' to 'purple'. I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to understand that but I don't.
>> No. 14298 Anonymous
25th April 2014
Friday 1:11 am
14298 spacer
>I just noticed that someone added a wordfilter to filter 'purple' to 'purple'.
That seems like the most pointless wordfilter ever.
>> No. 14299 Anonymous
25th April 2014
Friday 1:16 am
14299 spacer
You're entitled to that opinion, but to go on at length about the OP being an "80 year old senile woman" needing to "grow a fucking pair", a "stupid cunt", "stupid prick" and "utter twat", makes me suspicious that you've got a pathological problem with women holding any kind of dominance in relationships. You sound like you think OP has betrayed all of malekind.
>> No. 14300 Anonymous
25th April 2014
Friday 1:23 am
14300 spacer

The person you're replying to is not the same as the person you're quoting. But nonetheless it's not really helpful to say something like "you're entitled to your opinion but it means you're mentally ill"
>> No. 14301 Anonymous
25th April 2014
Friday 1:26 am
14301 spacer
Hah, lad, no.
>> No. 14302 Anonymous
25th April 2014
Friday 10:19 am
14302 spacer

An opinion isn't valid just because someone happens to hold it. They are entitled to it, sure. This guy appears to not understand that despite being a bit miffed, causing drama over something your partner has done while drunk, while they were drunk, is just going to create conflict rather than resolution.

It is not unreasonable to assume he has a problem with being "disrespected" by women from the language he uses.

I would theorise he is a misogynist. I doubt he would use the same tactics on a man, instead internalising his angst at being a subservient member of the group only to return home to mercilessly beat his mother (he doesn't have a GF)
>> No. 14303 Anonymous
25th April 2014
Friday 10:35 am
14303 spacer

What a twist!
>> No. 14304 Anonymous
25th April 2014
Friday 10:41 am
14304 spacer

I can't speak for the other lad, but I'd expect the same courtesy from anyone I was giving a lift to.

And I'm only going from OP's story, but it sounds like he didn't even send her a "hurry up, love" text, he just sat in his car for half an hour watching her through the window. To me that warrants derision, no matter if he was waiting for his pal, his wife, his mum or his dog. There's accommodating and then there's daft. I chose to mock him because this is /101/ and I like to rant.

Every single time someone suggests you shouldn't tolerate loads bollocks from your missus, the guaranteed response, online at least, is to call them sexist. It's immediately assumed that the poster is quite happy to tolerate the same treatment from a man, and that they're just 'alphas' who think they're above women. All because they suggested a woman was being unreasonable. Most of the time, and certainly in this thread, nobody has ever said the line of thinking was specific to women, but for some reason it's assumed. I'm not fucking waiting for any cunt for half an hour when they presumably told me they'd be ready when I arrived. You can call me a dickhead all you like for that if you want (I'd still disagree though), but not a sexist.

If anyone in this thread had said "you have to show your woman who's boss" you might have a point, but all they've really said is "don't be a doormat". That is in no way gender specific. The "mens rights" bollocks that goes on over the web is pathetic, silly, and wrong, but I can absolutely see why people end up buying into it - responses like this. People try to stand up for themselves in a relationship, or don't think their girlfriend is treating them fairly, and they're immediately labelled an abhorrent woman beater. It's tragic and certainly not helping the progression of equality, as it fosters resent in otherwise well meaning people.
>> No. 14305 Anonymous
25th April 2014
Friday 10:54 am
14305 spacer

>just 'alphas' who think they're above women.

No lad, I'm saying you are most likely a violent sociopath.
>> No. 14307 Anonymous
25th April 2014
Friday 11:16 am
14307 spacer
I'm completely new to this thread and this is the most well-reasoned post so far.

I'm 90% sure this guy is just trying to troll (assuming it's the same poster who has been calling out people for being women beaters for no good reason).

OP, I can't help but feel that maybe a good middle-ground response would have been to go over, introduce yourself if you don't know the friends/say hi if you do and ask if she still wants a lift home right now. That way you're giving her a fair choice between going now or staying out and sorting another lift back.

No matter what fisherpeople say, it disgusts me when women treat their partner with disrespect and psychological control by withholding affection if they don't act like a complete mug. In many cases this can be as damaging as wife-beating, especially when we are talking about control of sizable assets (iykwim wait that wasn't what I meant).
>> No. 14308 Anonymous
25th April 2014
Friday 11:16 am
14308 spacer

How can you not see that assumption is even more outlandish? I'm wasting my time here, enjoy your cold kebabs.

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