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>> No. 14692 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 6:46 am
14692 spacer
Talking about things isn't cool. Economics isn't cool. Buying stuff and drinking beer is cool. Buy stuff and drink beer or people won't like you.
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>> No. 14696 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 11:05 am
14696 spacer

Companies who want to sell you things in "Shut up and buy our things" shocker.

Related: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrkHslOfZ7k
>> No. 14699 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 11:29 am
14699 spacer
A scathing commentary on our materialistic consumer culture lad.
>> No. 14700 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 11:32 am
14700 spacer
I'm most uncomfortable with the one where the bloke calls up and says 'I'm in France, and the blokes are kissing each other, WHAT DO I DO' and they give him advice instead of saying 'fuck off you homophobic bellend'.
>> No. 14701 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 11:39 am
14701 spacer
I think that you've got the wrong friends. We're always talking about things, albeit not necessarily all that well. We have beer too, and cider, and wine, and all manner of drinks, but often as not they're just part of talking about things.
>> No. 14702 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 11:43 am
14702 spacer
I've found the bullshit for this bullshit:

>Gayle Harrison, brand director for Foster’s at brand owner Heineken, said: “The creative was inspired by research which shows that, as young men grow older and responsibilities increase, time spent socialising with friends becomes less frequent and more precious. They want to make the most of time together and they are genuinely horrified by the prospect of a mate wasting valuable time for pub banter by talking about subjects they regard as ‘serious, boring stuff’.”
>> No. 14704 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 11:51 am
14704 spacer
Nobody cares about your crusade, lad.
>> No. 14705 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 11:53 am
14705 spacer
Neither does anyone give a toss about your edges.
>> No. 14706 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 11:54 am
14706 spacer
To be fair it's not homophobic if you don't want to kiss a man and want advice on how to avoid doing so without causing offence.
>> No. 14707 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 11:56 am
14707 spacer
Any source on that? Truly a scathing image of Foster's demographic.
>> No. 14708 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 11:57 am
14708 spacer
It's not edgy. Nobody really cares about homophobia or homosexuality, get over it.
>> No. 14710 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 12:00 pm
14710 spacer
But why wouldn't you want to kiss another man?
>> No. 14711 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 12:09 pm
14711 spacer

That's not really what I was getting at. I just find it sinister when an advert commissioned by those who are likely to know a lot about economics actively discourages people from talking about it. Humour and advertising can be quite powerful tools in shaping how people behave around one another, and while I don't think it's conspiratorial, it does reinforce some shitty attitudes about political awareness.
>> No. 14712 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 12:57 pm
14712 spacer
What a strange thing to say.

(Not that lad, btw.)
>> No. 14713 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 1:01 pm
14713 spacer
Because I'm not a homosexual?
>> No. 14714 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 1:03 pm
14714 spacer

m7 kissin anuvva lad dont make u a bumder jus ask dem muzzies
>> No. 14717 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 1:59 pm
14717 spacer
>> No. 14718 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 2:49 pm
14718 spacer
So I don't want to kiss a bloke? I don't want to kiss old people or children particularly either. More importantly, why does it bother you who I do or don't want to kiss?
>> No. 14719 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 2:50 pm
14719 spacer
>> No. 14720 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 2:51 pm
14720 spacer
Because you associate it with being gay. Who made you the arbiter of which behaviours are gay and which aren't?
>> No. 14721 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 2:54 pm
14721 spacer
If you are dumb enough to be influenced by some shitty ad, then you should not talk about economics anyway.
>> No. 14722 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 3:56 pm
14722 spacer

I think you're really underestimating the degree to which we are all influenced by advertising.
>> No. 14723 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 4:01 pm
14723 spacer
It's ok mate, I'm sure that time you sucked 20 cocks wasn't at all gay.
>> No. 14724 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 4:13 pm
14724 spacer
>Talking about things isn't cool. Economics isn't cool.

If I'm trying to wind down then yeah. Same reason Family Guy does so well in its BBC Three timeslot.
>> No. 14725 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 4:24 pm
14725 spacer
>>14692 >>14700
Are we talking about an advertisement or an exchange OP had down t'pub? Some of us don't even own a television, don't you know.


I agreed with you in principle until I had a clue what was actually being discussed. Are you really suggesting there are many people who'd reconsider what they think is an appropriate topic of conversation because of a beer ad?
>> No. 14727 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 4:32 pm
14727 spacer
Ha, this highlights the difference in conversation at university and at home. The former being more subject/intellectual focused and the latter being more BANTAARRR focused.

I'm sure there's a happy medium, it's good to talk about interests that aren't work/study but if all you can think of to talk about is the footy/idle gossip then you should probably just shut up and let interesting people talk.
>> No. 14728 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 4:37 pm
14728 spacer
No. It wasn't. Because I'm not gay. Did you have a point?
>> No. 14729 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 4:37 pm
14729 spacer
Oh give over.

You fucks are so boring, and I say that as someone who'd happily discuss politics and economics at length.
>> No. 14730 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 5:00 pm
14730 spacer
Who are the 'fucks' you speak of?

There is really no need to be in the closet in this day and age lad.
>> No. 14731 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 5:05 pm
14731 spacer
You, you fuck.
>> No. 14732 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 5:35 pm
14732 spacer
Do you happen to take great pride in dressing smartly for every occasion? Are you thoroughly disliked by your peers? Are you considering taking up a career as a barrister or a similarly 'prestigious' field?

I'm just making a few educated guesses here, tell me what I am getting right.
>> No. 14743 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 7:45 pm
14743 spacer

False on all fronts, don't give up your day job mate.

I enjoy watching a good game of football if it happens to be on (it is the beautiful game after all) but I find the sort of people who are obsessed with talking about individual players, managers, transfer rumours etc. to be incredibly tedious and dull.
>> No. 14748 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 8:11 pm
14748 spacer
Sometimes I talks about ideas, sometimes I talk about things and sometimes I talk about other people. What a ridiculous image.
>> No. 14751 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 8:14 pm
14751 spacer

If more people were aware that Eleanor Roosevelt is being quoted in your picture, I think less people would use it in earnest. She was a very strange woman by all accounts, which doesn't exclude her from the annals of profundity per se, but it is interesting to see the type of people who share this stuff around on social media use it as some sort of silver bullet to get one over on "the haters" because I suspect was its original intention when she said it.

I wonder if I'll be quoted 50 years after my death. "You've burnt the toast again, you fucking tube!" Remember me well.
>> No. 14764 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 9:12 pm
14764 spacer
I'd posit that who said a certain quote isn't as important as how you as an individual interpret the meaning.

It's definitely a trend I've noticed. Sit around a department cafe and you'll hear people talking earnestly about research techniques and oppurtinities and other tangible 'ideas' and 'things'. On the other hand, sit around your local 'spoons and you'll mostly hear gossip about who's cheating on who or why Moyes is such a cunt. Not to mention those godawful glossy ladies/lads magazines.
>> No. 14765 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 9:12 pm
14765 spacer
*opportunities. Phone typing, not even once.
>> No. 14777 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 9:27 pm
14777 spacer

'Spoons is casteless; honestly you get all walks of life in there. At least in my local.
>> No. 14795 Anonymous
8th May 2014
Thursday 10:06 pm
14795 spacer
I would posit that it is just due to your limited social frame of reference that you assume that there are a certain types of people who only strictly talk about either ideas, things or people. It seems like an entirely false and naive assumption.

I'm going to assume you're at uni. Perhaps you'll find as you move through life that it's possible to engage with people who you would look down upon with disdain for talking about football or the people in their lives with all sorts of odd ideas.
You seem to have an incredibly rigid and limited perspective of "types" of people.

I will concede that some people tend to talk about certain things but it's a massive massive generalisation.
I've had discussions with what you would probably consider typical idiots because they like to talk footy, but the discussions have ranged through all sorts of madness, ideas, life philosophies, people, sports etc etc

It's possible to have a discussion about the football scores that goes on to encompasses all sorts of abstract ideas and "interesting" topics, sometimes it's just nice to just relax with a pint and talk footy though.
I honestly hope you don't proceed through life assuming that because you overhear someone talking football(or god forbid the people they know!) in a spoons that they're somehow inferior or inherently less interesting as human beings.

What an awful lens to view the world through.

Sage for mildly drunken rambling.
>> No. 14843 Anonymous
9th May 2014
Friday 1:40 am
14843 spacer
Just want to weigh in here and say fuck Foster's - shit flavourless pisswater and fuck their adverts especially. I seriously and honestly consider them an offensive misandrist misrepresentation of modern men as manchild-gorilla retards and I'd like it very much if everyone involved in making them was put through Nuremberg style trials and the worst offenders executed for their actions.
>> No. 14867 Anonymous
9th May 2014
Friday 1:21 pm
14867 spacer
I for one would be happy to hear someone talking on about economics. I wouldn't understand a lot of what they're saying but its all learning, init? If I come away with a greater understanding than I'm happy. Even the provocation to think upon new ideas is good enough for me.
>> No. 14868 Anonymous
9th May 2014
Friday 1:31 pm
14868 spacer
I'd chat with u m8.

The problem isn't 'talking about economics', so much as 'talking about things other people don't want to talk about'. Some of the people above are just as bad (if not worse, when taking their false sense of superiority into account) as those who deride talking about economics and politics in casual conversation. People want to talk about what they can talk about, by and large, they don't want to listen to D Camz and Milibottle discussing social policy, because they can't have a conversation in that sphere. There's nothing wrong with that.
>> No. 14872 Anonymous
9th May 2014
Friday 2:34 pm
14872 spacer
I don't believe that all people can be categorised as simply as the image suggests. I just consider talking excessively about other people to be a bit dull.
>> No. 14876 Anonymous
9th May 2014
Friday 2:54 pm
14876 spacer
Fair enough, but it doesn't make them objectively more dull than people who talk about "important" things.
I would also maybe suggest that it's not always to do with the specific subject but the individuals involved in the conversation. Some people can make the most tedious of topics interesting and engaging whilst some people turn an interesting topic into the dullest thing imaginable.

I was more taking issue with the image than what you personally find dull or not. Actually also maybe with the general attitude that some subjects are dull and others are not. I think it entirely depends on situation, context and the people doing the talking plus your own specific biases and whatever else.
>> No. 14877 Anonymous
9th May 2014
Friday 3:22 pm
14877 spacer
Yeah I suppose you are right, interest is a completely subjective thing.
>> No. 14878 Anonymous
9th May 2014
Friday 3:31 pm
14878 spacer
The irony being by pointing stuff like that out it pretty much always kills a conversation. Especially when people end up sort of agreeing with each other.

To go off on somewhat of a tangent I think it's partly why the majority of online discourse is often so adversarial. It's not interesting to just go "Yeah actually I agree/This/Indeed/etc" it's almost necessary to have opposing points of view in order to get a decent discussion going and if people do reach a consensus that tends to stop things in their tracks.
Having said that I do think it's possible to have debate without it degenerating into cunt offs, this being one of the rare places online where that occasionally happens.

I think it's a bit different in real life, people don't generally want to be involved in aggresive adversarial conversations(unless they're pissed maybe).
>> No. 14879 Anonymous
9th May 2014
Friday 3:35 pm
14879 spacer
Bollocks. The best online discussions are when common ground is established.
>> No. 14880 Anonymous
9th May 2014
Friday 3:55 pm
14880 spacer
Yeah I'd probably agree, I wasn't making a comment about the quality of conversation really. More that the general tone of most online discourse tends toward polarity. I could well be entirely wrong about that as well though.
>> No. 14885 Anonymous
9th May 2014
Friday 4:46 pm
14885 spacer

I knew this picture would become relevant sometime.
>> No. 15037 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 12:23 am
15037 spacer
Fosters is a terrible beer. The quality of their adverts reflects this.

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