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>> No. 15046 Anonymous
14th May 2014
Wednesday 8:27 pm
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Fuck's sake. I'm a workplace fire warden. Someone thought it would be a good idea to run a fire drill today. Naturally the whole thing kicked off while I was on the shitter. A few people fucked off during the warning alarm because I wasn't there to tell them to stay at their desks, and so when the evacuation alarm kicks in I'm telling people to GTFO and they're asking "What about X, Y and Z?", so now I have to go search the entire fucking section again to make sure they haven't been left behind. We are of course now due a bollocking for the evacuation taking too long, and also for the behaviour of one person who decided to pass up the chance to stand around in the sunshine at the assembly point in favour of fucking off to the coffee shop around the corner.
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>> No. 15047 Anonymous
14th May 2014
Wednesday 8:28 pm
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Well, go on then.
>> No. 15048 Anonymous
14th May 2014
Wednesday 8:38 pm
15048 spacer
Don't be posting on .gs then - go look for those fucking people!

Jesus christ you're an awful fire warden, I wouldn't put you in charge of a garden shed.
>> No. 15049 Anonymous
14th May 2014
Wednesday 9:05 pm
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>> No. 15050 Anonymous
14th May 2014
Wednesday 9:39 pm
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One of the idiots was a chap called Gordon. I think you all know where this is going but I'll carry on anyway. As he had decided like the idiot that he is to leave during the NO REALLY STAY AT YOUR DESKS phase while I was still hurrying back from the shitter, he had left before our crowd, become mixed up with someone else's crowd and consequently ended up at the wrong assembly point. We eventually caught him by chance while heading back into the building. At which point one of my colleagues remarked (all together now) ...
>> No. 15068 Anonymous
15th May 2014
Thursday 1:19 am
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>> No. 15074 Anonymous
15th May 2014
Thursday 3:06 pm
15074 spacer
I honestly don't know why some people take so long shitting, I'm in an out before the minute's up. OP must be one of the people I fucking hate who tell me "I'll just be 2 minutes" before 10 minutes pass and I'm still busting to shit and would've been done sooner.
>> No. 15075 Anonymous
15th May 2014
Thursday 3:12 pm
15075 spacer

..are the muscles a little lax down there?
>> No. 15077 Anonymous
15th May 2014
Thursday 4:01 pm
15077 spacer
Not at all, I just have deep mastery of my shitting technique and I watch my diet.

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