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>> No. 15199 Anonymous
18th May 2014
Sunday 2:43 pm
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Get out of my London you fucking tourists, you got no business being here. The tube should not be full on weekends.
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>> No. 15200 Anonymous
18th May 2014
Sunday 2:44 pm
15200 spacer
And put some fucking clothes on too.
>> No. 15201 Anonymous
18th May 2014
Sunday 2:55 pm
15201 spacer

Yeh, fucking people coming to our country, to spend their money and help stimulate our economy. Who do they think they are?
>> No. 15202 Anonymous
18th May 2014
Sunday 3:04 pm
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>> No. 15203 Anonymous
18th May 2014
Sunday 4:01 pm
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download (2).jpg
>> No. 15204 Anonymous
18th May 2014
Sunday 4:09 pm
15204 spacer
It's getting hot and tourists are coming. I need to leave.
>> No. 15205 Anonymous
18th May 2014
Sunday 4:12 pm
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>> No. 15206 Anonymous
18th May 2014
Sunday 4:28 pm
15206 spacer

actually banknotes are made of linen or plastic
>> No. 15207 Anonymous
18th May 2014
Sunday 6:26 pm
15207 spacer
Doesn't stop it being paper.
>> No. 15208 Anonymous
18th May 2014
Sunday 7:16 pm
15208 spacer
Ours are made of cotton too.

Plastic ones soon. I'll be able to put money in the washing machine.
>> No. 15209 Anonymous
18th May 2014
Sunday 7:18 pm
15209 spacer
Plastic five pound notes have been in circulation in Northern Ireland for years. I once tried to use one in England and the lad looked at me like I'd just shat on his till.
>> No. 15210 Anonymous
18th May 2014
Sunday 7:22 pm
15210 spacer

For some reason, only English notes are legal in England but English notes are legal anywhere in the UK.

It is the same money, it confused me greatly as a wandering teen camper and caused me to have an argument with an old italian women in a chippy because I hadn't eaten all day and I was grumpy. Luckily, some hero bought me a bag of chips because I was so visibly shaken by being banned from the chip shop.
>> No. 15211 Anonymous
18th May 2014
Sunday 7:36 pm
15211 spacer
There's really nothing in to do with legality to stop shops from accepting non-English banknotes, though. They're not legal tender, but they are promissory notes, backed by their respective banks arrangements with the Bank of England. If you take a Scottish or Irish note into a bank they will happily deposit it into your account or change it for a Bank of England note.
>> No. 15212 Anonymous
18th May 2014
Sunday 7:38 pm
15212 spacer
>For some reason, only English notes are legal in England but English notes are legal anywhere in the UK.
That's not quite right. Whether given notes are acceptable is a matter for whoever's accepting the payment. For example, lots of places won't take BoE fifties, and no amount of complaining will force them to take it. The banks in Scotland and Norniron have to hold the value of their notes in some combination of BoE notes (they issue special high-value notes for that purpose), BoE deposits, and coins.
>> No. 15213 Anonymous
18th May 2014
Sunday 8:09 pm
15213 spacer

The problem as I see it is that there are five different sets of Scottish notes - one from RBS and two each from BoS and Clydesdale, totalling 27 different notes.

It is hardly surprising that cashiers south of the border often refuse to accept notes that they do not recognise; Checking for counterfeits is impossible when you don't even know what colour the note is supposed to be, let alone what security features you should be looking for.

If Scottish people are aggrieved that their money is often rejected south of the border, then they need to lobby for better money. The current situation is farcical.

>> No. 15214 Anonymous
18th May 2014
Sunday 11:05 pm
15214 spacer
I once used a Scottish five pound note to get my fare on the bus and he was convinced it was monopoly money. Even had to use those little counterfeit marker pens because it was like he never seen one before.

I wouldn't normally pay for bus fares with notes but my fare was £4.
>> No. 15215 Anonymous
18th May 2014
Sunday 11:20 pm
15215 spacer
Being half-Scots myself, and spending a fair amount of time between Yorkshire and Scotland ever since I was a kid; I can honestly say I've NEVER had a Scottish note declined down here. Questioned maybe, but never eventually refused.

You lot must look like shifty buggers.
>> No. 15216 Anonymous
18th May 2014
Sunday 11:52 pm
15216 spacer
I'd never seen one before I went to Scotland, and I worked in a department store for five years. Only seen one fifty in my life.
>> No. 15217 Anonymous
18th May 2014
Sunday 11:52 pm
15217 spacer
Anyone else read that stuff in Private Eye some months back about the Bank of England holding a phony public consultation over switching to plastic banknotes because they already wanted to make the sweetheart deal with the manufacturer even though such plastic notes have been easily counterfeited around the world?
>> No. 15218 Anonymous
19th May 2014
Monday 12:10 am
15218 spacer
Having lived in the North and the South, I think that the closer you are to the border, the more they'll be accepted. It makes sense really.
>> No. 15222 Anonymous
19th May 2014
Monday 9:30 am
15222 spacer

This definitely scans.

My dad took me to Southampton while he was at University there and had a massive trolley full of shopping in ASDA and the check out assistant refused his money. He tipped the trolley on its arse and told her to go fuck herself, then calmly left and went to the bank and exchanged them and went to Sainsbury's instead.

My only good memory of my Dad.
>> No. 15223 Anonymous
19th May 2014
Monday 9:49 am
15223 spacer
If that's a good memory I hate to think what a bad one is.
>> No. 15224 Anonymous
19th May 2014
Monday 10:01 am
15224 spacer

He told me never to take shit from jobsworths, which is sound advice. My childhood wasn't roses, no. I'm not going to bitch about it, he was just generally an unhinged guy and I lost contact with him because he started a fight with me when I was 15 or so and I gave him a kick in and he threw me out the house.

Southampton was fun though, it is the only time I've ever seen him happy.
>> No. 15548 Anonymous
18th June 2014
Wednesday 3:36 pm
15548 spacer
>> No. 15549 Anonymous
18th June 2014
Wednesday 5:07 pm
15549 spacer


Careful lad, you wouldn't want to offend the patron saint round here.

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