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>> No. 15316 Anonymous
1st June 2014
Sunday 10:11 pm
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I think I've found the most pointless thing on Freeview. This only runs from 4-6am, and currently all the parent channel puts out from 3-5am is teleshopping. I can only assume they're squatting either to keep control of the LCN or to give them first dibs on any bandwidth freed up.
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>> No. 15317 Anonymous
1st June 2014
Sunday 11:01 pm
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m8 it's so that if you come home pissed at about 3am and see some utterly bangin steam cleaner or totally versatile multichop kitchen shit on the teleshopping, but you're too pissed to write the number down properly then you can just go to +1 and you get another chance at your dream purchase. Obvious really.
>> No. 15318 Anonymous
1st June 2014
Sunday 11:03 pm
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>> No. 15457 Anonymous
8th June 2014
Sunday 4:14 pm
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I don't have a Sky dish but every so often I house-sit at my folks' place where they do, and I always enjoy hopping around between the weird free channels. Last time I remember finding an Asian bridal fashion channel, for women, that was only on between 4AM and 6AM. How the fuck do they make any money?
>> No. 15459 Anonymous
8th June 2014
Sunday 4:20 pm
15459 spacer
They're launching ITVBe at some point, with the focal point being it'll be the new home for TOWIE, so they're probably hanging on to it for that.

They've just launched another channel which is for drama repeats, so I don't know how it's different from ITV3/4. Although to be fair, my only experience of these channels is when I watch the tennis, Minder or Sherlock Holmes.
>> No. 15516 Anonymous
9th June 2014
Monday 11:03 am
15516 spacer
Presumably like the old BBC Education stuff at 2am. The intention is for people to sky+/tape it and watch it later.

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